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Brave Maximus
2011-02-17, 08:07 PM
Can we have a thread/forum/small corner of the office where we can post profiles. A lot of mechs are kind of modified versions of their original - and it would be interesting to read and post our visions of them.

If it's not too much work... can we... please?

2011-02-18, 11:37 AM
I think it's a splendid idea. Most especially for the fanmade characters. That one, at least, needs some profiles so we know who we're interacting with. Not everyone knows how to PM the players, after all... and for not-exactly-G1 guys like, say, for my part, Obsidian and Sentinel Prime, we can state what elements are carried over and what is not. Ditto again for guys with multiple characterizations like Scorponok.

Also a handy place to state body designs and alternate modes that we've done in the other threads in one convenient little package. Especially would help when we update the RPG site to include the New RPG, no?

2011-02-19, 05:36 PM
Not a bad idea. Do you guys want a separate sub-forum, or do you think a thread will be good enough?

2011-02-19, 07:16 PM
A subforum with a thread for each player would be easier, probably. That way when you start interacting with someone it's all "What's this Nightbeat fellow all about?" and then you just go to Hein's thread rather than one abominably long list of everyone's stuff.

Brave Maximus
2011-02-19, 08:00 PM
I have to agree with Tahuk's logic...
The old profiles thread was a bit monsterously long and hard to find... even when you had a general idea where to look.

But deffinatly should just have one thread per player - could be a bit excessive if it was one thread per characters :D

Still think we should have a small corner of the office devoted to this... with some guy with thick glasses mumbling about his stapler though....

2011-02-20, 07:26 AM
May I suggest the RPG Wiki subforum? ;)

2011-02-20, 07:59 AM
Individual character threads please. Characters change hands.

2011-02-20, 11:09 AM
I agree with Blaster. Characters are dropped, taken up, change hands... Per faction won't work either, characters change factions as well.

Better to make one big thread as a stopping road before we upload it to the RPG Wiki, or make it one per character.

Aero Blade
2011-02-20, 01:19 PM
All of the above are neat ideas and have merit, but I have one question. Is it so hard to access the thread, type ctrl+F, and then put in the character's name? Hasn't failed me yet, and takes, at most, all of a minute to find a character even in a large thread.

Yes, it may be a bit tough to find characters if you're doing a manual visual search through a whole thread, but it won't be any less hard to find a character's name in a forum listing once all of the threads start going up. Trying to find a character's name in among a huge list of them will be just as hard as trying to find an old thread in the archive forum.

2011-02-20, 03:12 PM
I'm still all in favor of the one per player thing. When the characters change hands, the new player can write up a profile in his thread. If the old player's still here, he can edit it out of his. If he's not, then no one will be interacting with him and it doesn't matter.

Plus, ctrl-f doesn't work on mobile browsers. I use one quite a bit, but if no one else does then that's not really a factor, I suppose.

2011-03-08, 04:17 AM
After an outburst of senility, I remembered this conversation and created a new forum: Character Profiles (http://tfarchive.com/community/forumdisplay.php?f=83).

I like the idea of one thread per character, just because it makes it so much easier to find someone you're looking for. Plus it'll make the whole "applying for a fanmade" process easier for me. Also, if you want to post comments on someone else's profile or talk to them about a particular character, I figure having separate threads will make that a lot easier.

Brave Maximus
2011-03-08, 06:04 AM
Needs a "like" or "rate up" button :D

Thanks Warcry...

Speaking of Fanmades... I know I'm not going to introduce them yet, but I have 2 in limbo...