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2011-02-27, 11:28 AM
Here is some of my Lego stuff. I've been bitten by the building bug since I picked up the adorable red Lego tractor back in 2009 (still one of my favourite sets). I have a bunch of old castle sets from the 1980s (pretty much everything from 1984 - 1988 bar the slightly rubbish looking jousting tournament set from 1988).


I've still got a load of pics to take, but its a start :swirly: I have the city farm and shops which i love (in fact, i adore the farming sub-theme, its cracking!). i've been very impressed with the stuff Lego have come out with since about 2008. After years of simplistic sets and crude designs, its like they've suddenly found their mojo again.

2011-02-27, 01:13 PM
Mmm, the past couple of years of City have been superb... My only reservation is that the stuff's on a more realistic scale than Town and thus not hugely compatible (my parents got me the fire helicopter for Xmas, and it's beautiful... but longer than my jetliner).

Seriously thinking about sorting some space to get my Town stuff down and at least get better pictures of it ll, even if I'll never get round to doing the big Grand Prix Pirate Invasion With An Ironclad And Biggles And Batman And The Rocketeer webcomic I keep planning...

2011-02-28, 10:05 PM
This is true. I did buy a couple of older Town sets to beef up my rather sparse City...and they just looked silly. So I've just stuck with buying the modern City stuff now.

2011-02-28, 10:34 PM
I've had to relegate myself for only a few small sets here and there recently. The new City sets are awesome (I thought the farm equipment was rather spectacular) but monetary reasons have kept me from big Lego purchases. I've seen that City corner in stores (the one with the pizzeria) and wanted to buy it multiple times. Ugh! No cash is frustrating. Well at least we can pay our bills; toys will have to wait...

BTW, nice collection!

2011-03-01, 11:28 PM
I funded a lot of my lego collection by selling off chunks of my Transformers collection (my Euro Transformers pretty much paid for my entire City collection). The biggest set I've bought recently was my first star wars set and that was an impulse buy in tesco's 20% off toys thing (actually made star wars a more reasonable price!).

The city corner is a great set, but i wish Lego would have sold those sets piecemeal rather than as a box set. I really want the city bank set i've seen in lego's freebie product catalogue, but again, it's abit on the steep side at 40.

2011-03-16, 05:24 PM
I have managed to build up and get pictures of all my old-school castle sets! Squeee!






2011-03-16, 06:34 PM
Nice collection! :up: Apparently you've been keeping those in really good condition. I wish I had all of those sets, but I only have certain ones out of those sets. I've tried hunting down some of these oldies on eBay but their just way too expensive to make them worth it.

I'm still working on more custom castle sets. I'll post some up when I get them finished. We're in the process of moving to a new house so I think my building will go on hold for a bit. :(

2011-03-16, 11:10 PM
A few are childhood toys, and a few are picked up off ebay. I've been pretty lucky with the condition of the ones I got off ebay. Only Castle Lion has some horrendous sun-bleached bricks (some of the grey bricks have gone green!). The prices are mental on some of them. I did quite well picking a bunch of sets up from the US when the exhange rate was good a few years back.

I've always been interested in history, so the historical sets were the ones i tended to keep complete and look after when i was a kid (i had governor broadside's castle from the pirate line and kept that minty - box and everything - and looked after for years. i gave it to my nephew and it ended up trashed and scattered around the garden. now that he's older, i like telling him how much that's now worth on ebay!). I was quite lucky to have been given a few kilos of lego by a family friend when i was very young so that did me for my general creativity, and town and space stuff i was happy to mix up (and technic too). I remember getting Castle Draco for a birthday or Christmas, and that was my first major set so i took great care of that and it's still my favourite Castle set (with the Tavern not far behind!).

2011-03-17, 04:47 PM
Since the summer is coming up and we're moving into our house in a couple weeks, I may just tell my wife we need to do some garage sale shopping to pick up household items. Secretly I will use this as an opportunity to seek old Lego sets and Nintendo games. With any luck I can find a few gems in the junk, and maybe a couple castle sets mixed in. I found a copy of Contra for the NES for $5 that was in great condition a couple years back. Muwahahaha!

Hopefully it won't backfire on me and only find junk. It seems nowadays that a lot of people have found out about eBay and Craigslist for selling these items and getting much more money for them. Hopefully there's still some uninformed or just lazy people out there that want to sell it via garage sales. :swirly: