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Brave Maximus
2011-03-01, 05:51 AM
The old RPG had a thread like this, a long time ago.
But, how do you hear your characters - who's the voice behind the Bot?

For me:

Alpha Trion - Morgan Freeman
Skyfall Omega - Brue Lee (specifically Big Boss Brue Lee, but speaking english)
Pryde - Kaley Cuoco
Ginrai - Rain (he's Korean I know, but it works....)
Godbomber - Sam Worthington (It's honnestly a better fit)

2011-03-01, 06:46 AM
Ironhide, Orion/Optimus Prime: Peter Cullen

Nightbeat: Pierce Brosnan

Hot Rod: Will Friedle

Roadbuster: Toby Longworth(specifically his Judge Dredd voice)

Tracks: Mike McConnohie

Straxus: James Earl Jones

Bludgeon: Alan Oppenheimer

2011-03-01, 08:08 AM
(Subject to change when Blackjack hears someone with a cool, suitable voice)

Scorponok — David Kaye, undoubtedly. Specifically a deeper version of his BW Megatron voice. With a slight British accent. Or maybe Clancy Brown (aka Lex Luthor).

Obsidian — Paul Dobson, his original VA. Although in my head Obsidian's voice is closer to Dobson's Sideways voice than his Obsidian voice.

Skywarp — I've always disliked G1 Skywarp's voice. It's too deep and baritone for a joker like him. Tom Kenny would work, I think, for the bubbly crazy Skywarp.

Sixshot — Always thought Scott McNeill in his Dinobot II voice would be what Sixshot sounded like. No growling, obviously, and more metallic. Charlie Adler as Starscream's voice, specifically the deep growl of the first movie, not the higher pitched whine of the second, would work too.

Sentinel Prime — Townsend Coleman, the TICK. He can't ever be replaced!

Warpath — Alan 'BLAM POW' Oppenheimer. Either that or Jess Harnell (Movie Ironhide).

Gunrunner — Michael Bell, in something close to his Scrapper voice.

Grimlock — Since he's talking in the cartoon speech, he's going to have his original voice, Gregg Berger. Although he's probably not going to talk as slow as the cartoon. The Pretender shell's designed after Berger, after all.

2011-03-02, 05:44 AM
Thundercracker:Tim Curry, oh come on is there a better animated movie villain voice.

Onslaught: Kiefer Sutherland, specificaly his military general voice.

Swindle: Fred Willard, I just love how he played him in Animated.

Thunderwing: Michael Wincott specifically his prophet of truth voice from Halo 2

Blastoff: Michael Dobson, he did a really good job of making Starscream self centered during Cybertron.

Dreadwing: Andrew Chandler, doing his Cooler final form voice.

2011-03-07, 12:31 AM
I know, I've posted these before, but after playing them a bit, I've some changes to make anyway.

Deathsaurus- David Bowie. Subdued Bowie, however, not full-on Labyrinth more-accent-than-words Bowie.

Astrotrain- Jeff Bridges, still. I like his Obadiah Stane voice.

Sky-Byte- Cam Clarke, in his Liquid Snake/Thor voice.

Rad- David Tennant

Blaze- David Hayter, Solid Snake voice.

Sunstorm- Keith David, in a normal tone for now. Full 'angry Goliath' later.

Hardtop- Topher Grace.

Camshaft- Neil Patrick Harris as Spider-Man/Nightwing

2011-03-08, 05:53 AM
I've done my best not to read anyone else's post yet, so that my choices won't be influenced by everyone else.

Omega Supreme: Omega's an interesting case. As a citybot, he'll have the obligatory bevy of drones attached to him. I figure the drones will be voiced by Jack Angel, doing the same voice he did for G1 Omega Supreme. The core robot, on the other hand, I'd figure would be a bit more eloquent. Maybe he'd have the Animated voice and mannerisms instead?

Red Alert: As much as I love Cartoon Red Alert, I don't plan for him to be quite so obviously insane this time around. Less "paranoid schizophrenic" and more "dour and suspicious". And who does "dour and suspicious" better than Rene Auberjonois?

Smokescreen: Because he's a psychiatrist first and foremost, I have a hard time seeing this Smokescreen being voiced by anyone but B.D. Wong, who plays a similar shrink on Law and Order.

Jetfire: I genuinely have no idea, other than that he's not going to sound like he did in the cartoon.

Lugnut: Considering who he is, he's got to have the voice that David Kaye gave him in Animated.

Megatron: With Megatron, I have to admit I'm torn. I absolutely love David Kaye's Beast Wars Megatron, but on the other hand Corey Burton gave us a very good one in Animated as well. My Megatron has elements of both, so I'm having a hard time deciding which one suits him better.

Predacon: He's a cheerful, eager scientist who delights in doing things just because he can. I think Adam Savage off of Mythbusters would suit him nicely.

Soundwave: I think it's the law that Soundwave has to be voiced by Frank Welker, no? In person, I think he'd have the Doctor Claw-ish voice he had in Revenge of the Fallen. But when he's communicating in secret, he'd probably filter his voice so it sounds like it did in the G1 cartoon.

Brave Maximus
2011-03-08, 06:12 AM
Red Alert: As much as I love Cartoon Red Alert, I don't plan for him to be quite so obviously insane this time around. Less "paranoid schizophrenic" and more "dour and suspicious". And who does "dour and suspicious" better than Rene Auberjonois?

Ummm Jeffery Combs? Oh wait... that'd be all 4 of them (A dour and suspicious paranoid Schizophrenic....)

2011-04-04, 05:43 AM
Combs' characters all sound like Jeffrey Combs, though. It's weird enough dealing with a Ratchet that sounds like Liquidator Brunt every week without trying to wrap my head around him voicing Red Alert.

And speaking of DS9 alumni, I've finally settled on a Megatron. Instead of using one of the previous voice actors, I suddenly realized that the perfect choice would be Marc Alaimo. After all, my version of Megatron has more than superficial similarities to Gul Dukat.

2011-04-04, 08:22 AM
Prowl will be voiced by Leonard Nimoy! No, not in Galvatron-mode, of course, but in Spock-voice. Not so much Vulcan as Michael Bell, though.

2011-04-04, 02:25 PM
The Gul Dukat for Megatron - Never thought of it before, but can see it now. Definitely approve!