View Full Version : Transformers: DOTM Foundation #1

2011-03-06, 12:04 AM
Didn't see a thread for this, decided to start one the hell up.

This one took me by surprise. I'm not very much invested in the movie mythology and skipped Revenge Of The Fallen altogether, but this is a well put-together comic with a good mix of story sloshing around in there. It's also the best art I've seen applied to the movie designs - looks like a lot of thought has gone into each panel and character.

2011-03-14, 04:11 PM
I also enjoyed the book.
Nice characterization (that is maintained/evolved in Rising Storm).
Some attempt at a multi layered writing, even some bold metaphors (I just loved Shockwave complaining about how the new sun hurts his optics).
A strong knowledge of continuity (even if the introduction of all these news concept forced Barber to "stretch" it, but with good results and a crafty writing).
Respect for what came before (in both books, Mowry's and Furman's works are acknowledged... no need to retcon/destroy, when you are a good writer).
Some ideas are the same we used in our own comics: I like to think that they are universally shared because of their logic :P

Rising Storm even offered some sensible (and rare, these days) thoughts about how Autobots' behavior has drifted from their ideals, making them guilty as the Decepticons. Quite daring and distant from the usual rhetoric propaganda of perfection, goodness and so on.

Maybe the topic could be changed in "Foundation & Rising Storm": the books are set in different eras, but are strongly connected, thematically speaking.