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2011-03-08, 12:59 PM
Another custom I put together last week. Took about 8-10 hours total of building to get this guy done. Didn't really use any design aesthetics from any particular sets, just flew by the seat of my pants. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Enjoy!






2011-03-08, 07:37 PM
I really like this one. Any chance we could get a closer look at the throne in the back? I've never been able to build one from scratch and make it so compact. The whole mini-throne room is really nice, with the armour stand and the tapestries (?) in the back. Having the jail cells directly beside the throne might be a tad rough on your security guys, though. ;)

I like the way the gate is constructed. I wish I had a set of those doors, myself. And the catapult is cute...don't think I've ever seen a functional one that was so small. Does it have much firing range?

The only critique I have is that the black could stand to be broken up a tad more, either with some more red or with a bit of dark grey. That's more of a photographic issue than a real-life one though, I'd bet...I find that black Lego tends to blend together a lot, in pictures.

Now I'm tempted to fish out some of my old buildings and photograph them, and it's all your fault... :)

2011-03-09, 05:42 AM
Thanks for the input & comments! I debated on putting in more red, but since it's a dark red, I was limited on bricks. As I dig, I may find more of that color and might be able to spruce it up a bit. Dark grey was also another choice, but I'm using some of that for a 'good guys' castle, so I will probably wait until I'm done with that one before sacrificing bricks.

Ah yes, the jails. After I got it all together I noticed how close they were. I want to move them to the front, but that will put a window directly into the cells. So I might have to do some wall fiddling.

I got the catapult assembly in one of the Knights Kingdom sets a few years back, but I can't recall which one. Surprisingly the small catapult has about a 1-1.5 ft range! I guess it all has to do with the rubber band.

Here's how I made the throne:

All the pieces needed...
Both flat bricks and what I call 'headlight' pieces...
Snap the angled brick under the flat bricks and put the swivel piece on the bottom...
You can see the assembled backing and the angled arm pieces...
Connected and ready...
Full throne!

Hope that helps!

2011-03-11, 02:01 AM
Thanks! Now that I see what you did I might have to try something similar myself.