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2011-03-16, 11:11 PM
Usually, my love for anime in the back of my mind, but lately its becoming a dominant power in there as lately I've been on an Anime spree, watching Dragon Ball Z, Ruroni Kenshin, and Naruto, more specificaly the latter, as I've takin a liking to the Akatsuki. My fav being Zetsu

Any Thoughts ?

2011-03-29, 12:30 AM
I've been watching Dragonball Z Kai with my son. I can say I'm enjoying it a lot more then the original run, mostly because a lot of the pointless filler is gone. It was the one thing about DBZ I could never stand, was the 2 episodes of puffing and posturing before the 3 episode long fight even started.

My own mini-revival is going on with Trigun (Netflix Streaming ftw) and Record of Lodoss War (all of it in the proper order). I'm also considering a sit down couple of days of watching Bubblegum Crisis over again, as in Parasite Dolls, A.D. Police Files, Crisis, Crash, then starting over with 2040 at A.D. Police again.

2011-04-12, 10:12 PM
I've been re-reading Marvel UK's hoary olde Overkill comic that had quite a few features on the then-emerging Anime releases in the UK. I have thus far tracked down Project A-Ko (which I enjoyed a lot more now I'm older than when I owned this when I was young), the animation on which is stunning. I've also got Dominion Tank Police Acts I & II. One of these days, I'll get around to giving Perfect Blue another watch (awesome film). I've also got Battle Angel Alita and Appleseed (the latter a bit disappointing) and have Venus Wars yet to watch.

I also have Ghost In The Shell. I got through the first film, SAC series one & two, but have still to watch GITS 2 & GITS Solid State Society. I've also been very slowly watching Gonzo's take on Witchblade and er, Battle Vixens (confusing and purile nonsense).

Probably not very high on the quality barometer, but I'm enjoying them nonetheless!

Brave Maximus
2011-04-13, 05:59 AM
I'm working my way through Street Fighter II V...

long over due, I know.

I actually bought DBZ, and have been working through the seasons (almost done season 7...) - I actually find it fun and enjoyable, but that's because I watch it while doing other things...

I'm waiting for my copy of Gundam Unicorn Volume 3...

That's about it.

2011-04-13, 07:11 AM
I is watching Robots in Disguise. Does that count as an Anime revival?

2011-04-21, 05:59 AM
A while back I bought a GenLock to import video which I convert to .avi files.

I've got LOTS of anime. But there are some I wish would come back such as Wolf's Rain, Trigun, Outlaw Star, The Big O (only have season 2), and so forth.

I was really liking Black Cat until Sven turned hyper emo....

2011-04-21, 10:42 AM
So, I checked Netflix, and I'll say I'm actually pretty impressed with their anime selection at the moment for streaming. My wife actually went "squee!" when she saw all 5 seasons of The Slayers (which if you haven't seen is a must).

Brave Maximus
2011-04-21, 11:09 AM
5 seasons?
Revolution and Evolution-R are the same season... just split... and cost an arm and a leg here..... ><

I am quite impressed with Netflix Anime Selection in the US...

In Canada it's crap. How they expect to compete when they can't sort out their licencing agreements... I'll never know

2011-04-21, 02:40 PM
I am quite impressed with Netflix Anime Selection in the US...

I hope they will have Record of Lodoss War soon. Loved it so much when I was watching it almost 20 years ago. Gee! Almost 20 years. Am I really that old? Shouldn't throw my old VHS away.