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2011-04-17, 12:26 PM
Now this is a prequel, not what Alliance was. Alliance was entertaining but pointless. This, this really sets up things for DOTM, whilst tying up every single open plot thread from Reign of Starscream and Nefackingrious. Every. Single. Open. Thread. So the convoluted comic shite would be over by the time DOTM comes out.

Poor Dune Runner and Knock Out doesn't stand a chance of surviving, and most likely most of the toy cast will be wiped out as well, but in one or two panels John Barber gives a guy like Dune Runner more personality than Furman did in six ****ing issues. Before he died, anyways.

I like this. You don't have to have an A+ degree in Transformers Movie Toylines to enjoy it; the Decepticon troops are mostly treated as generics bar the major players (Starscream, Soundwave, Megatron and Shockwave), but if you do know the toys they are recognizable and it's kind of fun.

No, not like Reign of Starscream where a nobody like Dreadwing hogs all the show. Here show characters hog the show.

Nice retcons and killing offs of on-screen characters. I won't name names for fear of spoiling anyone who doesn't want to be spoilered, but at least two characters in ROTF apparently won't be coming in for DOTM, and that doesn't include Mikaela and Arcee. Ah, Arcee... she'll die, won't she? Pity, I like what Mowry and Barber did with her.

Also, new characters that will presumably appear in the movie get entire scenes to themselves, unlike Alliance and Defiance where Soundwave only appears for a couple of panels.

Pity the art is not up to notch, although it's a high step up from Nefarious. (considering that AHM is a step up from Nefarious, it isn't much of a compliment)

Excellent, I say. And was I surprised at the identity of the new Autobots...