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2011-04-27, 01:54 PM
Takara/Tomy is releasing MP-10 in September. Not a retool of Convoy, but a new version altogether (including a driver that can sit in the front seat).


2011-04-27, 02:35 PM
seriously? of all their available options . . .

The Reverend
2011-04-27, 03:30 PM
AWful high price tag, wonder what they're doing (if it isn't just gouging, ha).

Big Daddy
2011-04-28, 01:41 PM
I'm not sure what the point of a scaled-down Masterpiece Convoy would be. Surely the best thing about it is that it dominates a display?

2011-04-28, 04:07 PM
Speculation is ranging from Human Alliance scale to Powermaster Prime with Ginrai to Star Convoy. A Masterpiece Powermaster Prime would be best to my liking. There's also indication that it will be a more "Japan-styled" Convoy. But I don't really know what *they* mean by "Japan-styled."

Big Daddy
2011-04-28, 04:51 PM
I didn't think anyone in Japan liked Ginrai or Star Convoy; I'd be surprised if it was either of them. A Human Alliance figure with Season 1 Spike I could see, though - the size would still be impressive now I think about it. I do think it's a shame that market forces in Japan limit Takara to simply making new versions of Optimus Prime, though - it would be nice to see a wider range of characters get this sort of treatment.

2011-04-28, 05:54 PM
Personally I hope to see a Powermaster Prime, always did like the original figure. I don't see the sense in Starconvoy, it is hardly well known to be honest and I'm not sure what Takara's take on Human Alliance is, but in my opinion that's still linked heavily with the movies and I don't think they will directly link the Masterpiece Line with that and since they did not mention it to be Movie Prime...yeah.

Powermaster Convoy makes more sense in truth since it's suitable for repaints (Nucleon Quest Prime anyone?) and we all know that Prime is linked to having repaints and reissues to any known mold of him. Though...least now they can't repaint him into Magnus...

As for Anime style... http://tfwiki.net/w2/images2/8/8d/Robotmasters_prime_vs_megses.jpg

Jap Prime in manga was always a bit...edge and pointy, so that might be a possible thing.

Also...I can not see in why Takara would make a whole new Prime mold just to cram Spike in it.

2011-04-30, 06:04 AM
Go God Ginrai/Powermaster Prime.

The Reverend
2011-04-30, 08:40 PM
Did they even actually release MP-1L??

2011-05-01, 02:09 PM
How about they don't do another prime and release Soundwave, Galvatron, Shockwave, or any other of the really obvious choices for the Masterpiece line...

2011-05-02, 03:54 AM
How about they don't do another prime and release Soundwave, Galvatron, Shockwave, or any other of the really obvious choices for the Masterpiece line...

That would be preferred, but Prime = Money.

Big Daddy
2011-05-02, 09:46 AM
Galvatron isn't very popular, though, and personally I think an 11-inch Soundwave would be overcooking things (when Music Player and even the original do the job so well), and my big worry about Shockwave would be that he ends up the same as Megatron did *shudder*

2011-05-02, 11:26 AM
and my big worry about Shockwave would be that he ends up the same as Megatron did *shudder*

Well, to be honest. The original Shockwave was quite more sturdy then the original Megatron, I think this would count the same for a MP version.

2011-05-08, 10:54 PM
That, plus the original Shockwave toy was pretty damn accurate to his animation model already so I suspect he would be more in the line of Grimlock as far as MP quality is concerned; the only big issue is the barrel, really.

2011-05-10, 11:09 AM
I am disappointed.

MP 10 Convoy (http://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=4234&osCsid=ecpnfgcde1rp0dtoiev1ir3444)

Very disappointed....why, oh why are we getting yet ANOTHER G1 Optimus Prime, why not Powermaster Prime? Why not Galvatron? Why not Shockwave? Why does it have to be yet another G1 Prime that looks, despite it's changes, still similar to the original Masterpiece Prime, and we get a little Spike figure, oh joys, I loathed the G1 cartoon Spike, he always got in the way.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am disappointed.

We could have gotten something else, something better...instead we get this.


2011-05-10, 11:40 AM
Pre order price of 179.99 delivered from Kapowtoys.
Spike looks just like the old Mask figures. They've even gone as far as not bothered to paint his face.

I love how they promote the new storage feature for the convoy gun (now we know how transformers magically get their weapons to appear from nowhere). Made me chuckle a little (Convoy gun stores in his backside).

2011-05-10, 02:17 PM
The gunstorage is apparently something they picked up out of the Dreamwave and IDW comics, where Prime would indeed pop his gun out of his back. And Spike just looks like crap really.

Despite my previous rant, I will admit, I love this Prime already, he looks great, even more cartoon accurate then before and he comes with a trailer right away, no sudden "Oh hey guys, buy this MP Prime with trailer for more money then the one without." All in all, apart from Spike, it's a damn good looking Prime.

I am just sorely disappointed that they go along this road, the Masterpiece line is filled with Primes already and no doubt this one will get his repaints as well like Magnus, Black Prime and what not. And if they go along the line of remolding figures, will Megatron get the same treatment? Or Starscream, or Grimlock and so on. Though...Megs could use a better mold, point remains.

2011-05-10, 03:18 PM
Hmmm... Given I bought MP-04 (Convoy with trailer) at 90 years ago, why on Earth would I want to shell out twice that on a smaller, less detailed version?

TakaraTomy really shouldn't dream up their high-end product marketing schemes after partaking of the Steve Irwin drinking game (which I naturally assume is the cause of this quite bizarre move).

The MP line has really lost its way... I think some recent mainline movie figures hit the mark better (although TakaraTomy like to release these as MP figures, naturally...).

I would like to say I would like to see some more characters given the MP treatment instead as well, but frankly the debacle of MP Rodimus has really put me off.

(There's a personal challenge Takara! Go on, put loads of resources into proving a single low spending very particular fan wrong, and pull me back in. It wouldn't be far off the recent marketing plans of late... Transforming shoes, bizarre sexual links with almost pornographic girl characters associated with top notch transforming scale cars, Disney transformers...)

Oh, I'm tired, have a headache, and a bit grumpy. So that's all a bit harsh for me, I think. Sorry Takara!

2011-05-10, 10:50 PM
Actual product looks fairly nice, but as others have stated, why should I pay twice as much for something smaller than what I already have?

At least it comes with Roller.

2011-05-11, 12:50 AM
I'm such a tool for even wanting this.

But the big question is, will there be a Megatron at the same scale as well? Because if so, I probably won't mind selling both my MP-4 and MP-5 in favor of the "new" scale versions.

2011-05-11, 01:01 AM
Though while I hate to say it, and will somewhat dislike the fact...I kind of hope so, MP Megs is one of the MP's that should get a better retooled mold that can actually STAND without fiddling for hours while he's aiming his Fusion Cannon.

I just hope they wont retool the whole MP line now, it's already filled with dozens of repaints of Prime and Starscream. Out 9 MP's and lord knows how many sideline repaints, there's only 5 actual molds...which is kind of sad for such an expensive toyline.

2011-05-11, 06:27 AM
Are there not 6 actual MP moulds now, plus 2 HFTD figures released in Japan as part of the MP Transformers line?

1. Convoy
2. Seeker
3. Megatron
4. Grimlock
5. Rodimus
6. New Convoy

MP Movie:
7. Starscream (released as HFTD Leader Class by Hasbro)
8. Bumblebee (released as HFTD Battle Ops Bumblebee by Hasbro)

The new MP-10 is not a retool, but a new (smaller) mould.

And, I do agree that MP-10 looks nice. Thing is, MP-04 is nicer in my opinion.

(I hope not to be proven wrong, as I can't justify that pricetag anyway!)

And - is it actually possible to get MP-05 Megatron to stand normally (i.e. not lopsided) with his fusion cannon aimed or not? I do love that figure, but he's a pain to display and transform, and has so many QC issues.

2011-05-11, 07:58 AM
I didn't count MP 10 yet since it's not out, that and he was not part of the point because, despite being a new mold (which is still a heavy retool considering they most likely used the original mold as example due to the heavy similarity it still has), he's still pretty much the same G1 Prime.

And yes, you can get Megatron to stand and have him aim his fusion cannon without any support, but it's (for me at least) very hard to do so, the cannon is simply too heavy to have him properly aim it. Also, if the arm joints get a little worn out, then good luck to ever getting him to hold it up.

Also, I am tempted to get this Prime despite my disappointment in the MP line, I never had MP-04 and the Prime I do have is the 20th Anniversary edition with that silly stand that says some iconic lines yet doesn't use Cullen's voice or anyone sounding close to him. Also, my Prime has damaged paint apps due to having been knocked over a few times by my cats.

2011-05-11, 08:18 AM
Righty-ho. Sorry for my confusion. Finished work at 00:00 yesterday and started at 03:00 today, so brain's a bit scattered!

Sadly, my MP Megs came out the box unable to support the fusion cannon with the arm aiming it (loose shoulder joints off the bat) and while he does stand with it attached (pointed down) without support, his hip joints are so loose (again, straight out the box) that he slouches heavily to one side (and only remains upright at all with some careful leg placement). Because of this, he looks like a staggering drunk whenever he's displayed with the cannon. He spends more time on show with his energon mace because of this.

Shame - he would be my second fave TF if only his joints were stiff, his paint not so easily scratched, and his metal not prone to rusting. Overall, I feel the design [I]is[i/] a masterpiece.

That said, I for one would love to see a larger scale figure (perhaps Voyager would be right) following the RTS Legends Megs design - that would be the perfect G1 Megatron homage!

I'll look forward to reading reviews of MP-10. He does look nice. Just not nice enough (or price right) when you already have MP-04.

2011-05-11, 08:22 AM
(And, of course, I have failed to mention that the new smaller scale Convoy will not have the greatest feature / display possibility of the larger original - as shown in my current avatar!)

The Reverend
2011-05-11, 03:04 PM
Well, well, now we know what it is. Big SFW for me. I don't need another Convoy... ugh. I think I'm firmly in the "don't bother buying MP" camp now, after so many pointless repaints and just plain flops :)

2011-05-11, 06:30 PM
New Convoy looks killer....but is very expensive to boot. Suffice to say they kicked Igear's ass with their smaller MP-1 Convoy.

To be honest, Rodimus did look very, very promising as well but his first release is plagued with various QC issues of varying degrees. Had he been free of most of these he'd truly be the king of MP figures. Apparently, the re-issued version fixes all those problems.

So in all probability, wait around for a re-issue of this Convoy. You all know this one will have leg panel joints that snap by looking at them, fitting issues in truck mode and his awesome looking hands won't be able to hold his riffle...

The Doctor
2011-05-11, 07:39 PM
I have to admit that his truck mode is better and his articulation seems more advanced but they are not big enough improvements to warrant the cost. Plus he looks to be in 2 inches smaller than MP-01 and I just know that he has far less diecast metal. It's a easy pass.

2011-05-14, 09:09 PM
Just had a monthly newsletter from one of the online stores I buy from. They are taking pre orders for this new version of Convoy and also a Masterpiece Rodimus version 2. Anyone know anything on the new Rodimus? Retool or an improved version of the current one ?

2011-05-15, 12:35 AM
From what I know, it's an improved version that fixed several of the issues that MP Roddie had.

2011-05-16, 08:18 AM
From what I know, it's an improved version that fixed several of the issues that MP Roddie had.
Aye, Robot Kingdom list it as 'Modified MP-09' and say that a lot of the quality issues have been corrected. Out September apparently.


2011-05-16, 05:57 PM
And Takara will be taking straight exchange on the defective ones, right?

What the **** am I talking about.

inflatable dalek
2011-05-16, 06:44 PM
How are they going to deal with the big problem that the Transformation is ****ing stupid without making a whole new toy? I know I go on about this a lot, but the fact it's not just a case of slipping the Hot Rod toy into the Winnebago is insanely stupid and annoying.

2011-05-17, 01:33 AM
...if that is your biggest gripe with the figure, you've some bizarre sense of priorities.

inflatable dalek
2011-05-17, 05:51 AM
...if that is your biggest gripe with the figure, you've some bizarre sense of priorities.

Not being stupid enough to buy the over designed piece of crap I can't comment on any more serious flaws that are only apparent when you have the thing in your hands.

2011-05-17, 06:35 AM
And also the other problems are most likely (at least partially) due to the stupid over-complication.

2011-05-17, 03:45 PM
Actually the transformation itself is reasonably simple, I'd say it's only slightly more complicated than, say, Cybertron Megatron - the probolem is that it's just really damn fidgety. Also some of the fragile bits probably could've been re-enforced somehow, like molding them as separate pieces made from metal.

I also think calling me stupid was a bit uncalled for. :|

2011-06-24, 04:13 PM
Video of robot to truck transformation:


More pics as well:


2012-07-11, 10:02 PM
More pics. Looks like a US release in the fall near Christmas. MSRP ~$100