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2011-05-12, 07:00 AM
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It had been a world of peace, once.

The fifth of ten worlds in it's solar system, Xenaxis had no life of it's own. But significant amounts of metals, minerals and energy could be found there, and resources always attracted exploitation. And so, perhaps inevitably, the world was colonized. The semi-sentient mammal race that inhabited one of the system's inner worlds would probably object in the years to come, but they certainly weren't in any position to do it now. The inhabitants of Xenaxis made sure to scout them regularly to check for any sign of technological development, but they never saw any sign of the natives becoming a threat. Which was no surprise really...they were merely organic, after all.

The race that colonized Xenaxis were machine people, sentient mechanoids who had expanded into dozens of star systems without meeting any species in the same developmental league as they were. They became pacifistic, not out of any deep-seated philosophy but because they simply didn't have anyone to fight. Over the years they became so used to the idea of peace that they didn't even consider planning for war.

Then they came.

An armada from the depths of space, sweeping down on the peaceful jewel that was Xenaxis. They pillaged, they plundered, they killed...they corrupted. Their very touch was death. The lucky ones were destroyed utterly. The unlucky were infected, turning against their brethren and inflicting horrible violence on them even as their souls cried out in torment, horrified by what they were doing, helpless to stop.

The living soon came to envy the dead.

But the ravening horde pushed too far, too fast. They tried to inflict their corruption not only on the people of Xenaxis but on the core of the planet itself. Already a geologically unstable world, the invaders didn't have to push very hard. The planet's core, the spinning iron dynamo that powered it's stabilizing magnetic field, began to spin faster and faster, until the friction caused pieces of crust, mantle and finally the core itself to tear off. Invader and victim alike died helpless, their lives snuffed out as Xenaxis tore itself apart.

The energy unleashed by the death of Xenaxis was massive. The sheer amount of natural resources now laid bare in the resulting asteroid belt was even more so. Of course, the now-extinct people of Xenaxis were in no position to exploit either.

But resources always attracted exploitation.

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As the planet of Xenaxis exploded it sent debris of all kinds in all directions. Chunks of rock, chunks of metal, debris from ships, entire ships just on the outskirts of the explosion. Everything.

Some of it hit Xenaxis neighbour, a small red planet. The rain of fire from something so close by wiped out most of the life that had existed there, ruining the echosystem. More of it was absorbed into the large gas giant neighbour, creating a large and unstoppable ion storm near the planet's equatorial region.

Some went further and impacted on the third planet of the system. Seeding the planet with asteroids and meteorites made of highly valuable minerals that would attract the attention of scavangers and looters for millenia to come. And a ship. A single ship with a live, but badly wounded passenger. He was robotic like the beings from Xenaxis and their attackers but he was neither. He was unlucky to be there, but lucky to be, for the most part alive. His auto-distress beacon kicked in on impact into the planet. And there it would stay for atleast one of the planet's solar cycles.

One Year later. Quintesson Science Vessel: Bhorok

The vessel was of the Quintesson republic in name, but in reality it was mostly owned by one of the major Quintesson families. As was the case for most of the vast Quinessonian holdings, there was no real power in the politics only in the money of what would once be considered the "crime" families. This particular vessel was from the planet Quintock, which was the center for one of said families.

The captain of the vessel, Khyrix, wasn't much of a scientist but he got the job for his loyaldy. His fiery red eyes looked towards the lead scientist, "Well?" He asked impatiently.

The scientist, Pawllaxe, merely shook his head in astonishment. "I don't know what killed them off... but the resources are off the charts." He said, before getting a slap upside the head from one of Khyrix tentacles. "You're being paid to know." Khryix fumed, leaning over the scientist's shoulder.
"There are no signs of war. No nuclear readings. It looks like their planet just exploded." Pawllaxe surmised. "I'll need to get readings from some of the samples for thurough analysis."

Khyrix scoffed and spun away to his helmsman, a creature similar to him. "Which planet is best?" He asked. The helmsman paused. "The gas giant is unstable and the remains of the planet have too much energy interference. I suggest the third or fourth planets."

"The third planet has a currently more stable atmosphere, although the debris of the planet number 74521 has caused them to enter an ice age due to blockage of the local sun." Pawllaxe added.

Khryix nodded and turned to the helmsman. "Third planet."

"We're also picking up a general distress call." Pawllaxe added. "Third planet."

"Survivors, eh?" Khryix grinned. "We'll take them, their ship and their resources for the house of Ghryik. Ready an assault force to go down with the surveyors. This will finally get me promoted off this garbage scow."

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2011-05-13, 03:54 AM
The readings that then Bhorok picked up as they travelled through the large debris field were off the chart. The amount of pure energy being radiated by the chunks of the planet were nearly off the scale. Being the first ship there, they did everything they could to start masking the signature to other ships, venting radiation and plasma to throw off any one else, be they Quintesson or other.

"We're approaching the third planet now." The helmsman stated. Khryrix tentacles entwined as he watched a vid-screen. "Any life signs?" Khryix asked. "Some, but they're primitive. It would appear any metal or technology came from the nearby planetary explosion." Pallawax explained as he pressed down a few keys, "Survey and Assault teams are ready to land." he added.

"Drop them just outside of the beacon. Once they deal with that, have them split up and explore where they can." Khryix grinned, showing a full array of sharp, fang-like teeth. "We'll set up an outpost on the planet's moon. It appears to have taken a few hits of its own." Khyrix glided along the ground to the exit of the bridge. "Pawllaxe, you're incharge until my return. I expect good news."

"Oh, ofcourse sir."

Third planet, System 8472

The ship wasn't hard to find and was surprisingly in good shape considering where it had come from. The ship looked as though it had escaped most if not all of the real explosion and was merely propelled by the shockwave. The assault team approached it first, encircling and then laying some suppressive fire into the hull. Once they deemed it to be safe, the science team moved in to check it for traps and improvised explosives.

“What is it?” Khyrix’ raspy voice asked over a comm-link. “It’s..... Cybertronian.” Pawllaxe responded from the surface, the surprise evident in his voice. “You’re sure?” Khyrix replied. “I.... yes there is no mistaking it... this ship is certainly from Cybertron. The metal is too unique to mistake it.” Pawllaxe responded with a sort of awe. “Where did they get technology this advanced, They’re behind us as far as spacefaring vessels are concerned last time I checked.” Khyrix was referring mostly to the house he represented, who currently held the lead in the tech and power race that the Quintessons were permanently pitted in with eachother. “Is there any chance it was stolen tech?”

Pawllaxe ran a hand and a tentacle over the obvious door at the side of the shuttle, looking for a way to pry it open. “Not stolen... most of this tech appears to have its roots in what we’ve seen from the Cybertronians... just... more advanced.” He sighed, “We’re going to need to remove the door... the control panel is fused.” Pawllaxe moved back as two large hulking creatues covered in cybernetic enhancements moved in and punctured through the thick plating using only their hands which were three-pronged claws obviously enhanced for strength and sharpness. As they worked at removing the door Pawllaxe continued to give a report that was more gushing than reporting. “From what I can tell the weapons alone will give us a huge advantage for cycles to come if we can reverse engineer them. But this weave in the plating... if the equipment inside is as advanced we’ll be able to propel Quintock to control the entire empire.” Pawllaxe finished as the door was torn off.
“I’d become one of Ghyrik’s generals for sure.” Khyrix surmised with an obviously happy tone. “If I may be so bold, you could likely conquer and take Ghyrik’s place with this.” Pawllaxe replied off-handedly. “Even better.” Khyrix muttered.

Pawllaxe moved inside the smokey interior of the shuttle, the two larger Quintessonians behind him. “It’s amazing... almost everything is intact... still no signs of life. Moving to the cockpit.”
“Hurry it up, Pawllaxe. Long range sensors just detected a small fleet coming our direction from Quintellar, you know that means a group from Quintessa won’t be far behind.”

“Settle down, Khyrix. We’ll be long gone before they get here and our claim is already staked. They won’t be willing to chase us and go to war.” The scientist calmly pointed out, but wasn’t really sure he cared. The door to the cockpit was forced open for Pawllaxe who slipped in and saw the slumped over transformer in the command chair. He ignored the corpse for now and moved to the science station. “If we get out of here with this ship... this ship is the beginning of a new Golden Age, Khyrix.” Pawllaxe observed as he moved to the main system, gently pushing the transformer out of his way before pausing a moment and looking at this hand-scanner.

“You talk as though this ship will be quickly picked apart and replicated.” Khyrix responded, “You might be right, but for right now I am more concerned about me and the promotion I get for recovering it, which if you don’t hurry we might not.” Khyrix added. After a few moments of no response Khyrix spoke again. “Pawllaxe?” He asked. “I am here... Khyrix... this Cybertronian... he’s not... Cybertronian.” “What?” “He’s... his parts are only fifty percent Cybertronian... the rest of it are alloys and metals I’ve never even seen... they have a particle resonance with this planet... this... this Transformer was built on this planet.” Pawllaxe responded with shock, he began searching the chest of the transformer, finally popping open the chest plate.

“How is that possible?” A panicked Khyrix asked. “Is there a colony here we didn’t see? That our scans missed... if they detect us they’ll surely attack!” Khyrix said obviously moving as he spoke now. “It’s not possible, if there was a colony they would have come by now. Khyrix, this Cybertronian is the key to one of the oldest research projects in Quintesson history. He is... he is still alive in some form of shutdown self-preservation mode. He’s badly damaged but functioning. If we can keep him functioning but non-operating, he is what we need to reverse engineer the Cybertronians. We’ll be able to create an army of sentient, self-thinking robots... the ship is secondary Khryix. We’ll be able to reverse engineer what we could not from the inactive bodies we’d tried before.”

“You’re sure?" Khyrix asked. “Never have I been more so. Send the shuttle and tow ship. We will be ready for you upon your arrival. Khryix, we’ve just delivered this galaxy into our grasp. We’ll be reviled as Gods.”



The Bhorok recovered both the shuttle and the transformer onboard with very little incident and made the long way home to avoid the incoming fleets, sent by the other two great Houses in the Quintessonian Republic. Khyrix was assassinated upon their return home after a sound-bite of him reveling in the though of replacing Ghyrik as the boss and leader of the family. Pawllaxe was promoted into his command and eventually beyond for his part in finding, identifying and preparing for the recovery mission.

The tech recovered was immediately moved to top-secret facilities and the reverse engineering immediately begun.