View Full Version : FS/FT:Transformers Titanium Soundwave and Laserbeak MIB

2011-05-13, 04:21 PM
As title. Have got the following for sale or trade.

Transformers Titanium Soundwave w/Laserbeak

Figure is MIB. Was bought new by me. Has been opened and transformed just once. Has been boxed since. Soundwave is 100% complete and includes his weapons, Laserbeak, Basestand, instructions etc.



Open to offers. Looking for items below which could be traded with.

Classics,Universe,Henkei figures (let me know what you got to trade :) )
United Megatron (Classics/Henkei repaint) & Rumble/Frenzy
Fansproject City Commander Trailer (not KO)
Fansproject Blesser (sidearm repaint)
Perfect Effect Scouting Force X set

Possibly others. Mainly collecting Classics,Universe,Henkei and Fansproject items.
Can add money to any trades if needed.

2011-05-16, 05:18 PM
Pics of Kup added. Others coming soon

2011-05-17, 06:32 PM
Kup now sold. Others are still available.
Might also add my Legends Thrust,Ramjet,Sunstorm and War For Cybertron Starscream to the list. Depends if anyone would be interested in them ?

2011-05-18, 02:28 AM
More Items Added :)

2011-05-18, 09:00 AM
Hi - I'd be interested in WFC Legends Starscream - PM me with details of what you're after for it.

(Have a look at my trade list - link in signature - but cash is fine by me too.)


2011-05-18, 04:27 PM
WFC Starscream now sold to the man above :-)

Any offers on the rest before they're put on the Bay ?

2011-05-26, 01:04 PM
Pics Finally Added :)

These will be going on Ebay soon if theres nobody interested on here.

2011-06-11, 04:20 PM
All sold now

2011-06-25, 10:24 PM
Titanium Soundwave now for sale :)