View Full Version : [New RPG] Stop power gaming/god modding please

2011-06-15, 06:24 AM

The temple "fight" is a joke and a painful thing to read. I know because I just spent time reading it again, post for post. Rereading it there is roughly 15 attacks that are being directed at characters being used and played by posters. Of those the 15 attacks made by the players involved only one has managed to land and inflict damage on any of the characters. So far, the other characters involved appear to have not even taken a scratch. If this was all hand-to-hand it'd be slightly plausible but still ridiculous, but there are high-power and precision weapons being tossed around here that are being ignored and dodged with some of the most cliche'd and "Shark Repellant Bat-Spray" gimmickyness I've ever read.

I know there is a want to make this fight, and all fights in the future, more "epic" and "cool" but it is just dull. I've at this point given up posting in it because I know everything my character does (spray an open area with an automatic weapon which is obviously ridiculously easy to avoid, it's a wonder anyone uses an Automatic weapon, amirite?) will be magically dodged by a new power that will appear out of no where.

If this is the path that all fights are going to take, I guarentee any one with a text RP background will just laugh at the thought of joining up and find an RP that every character isn't ridiculously overpowered. If this is the path we're going to take then I'm sorry but I am going to go ahead and back out now cause it honestly isn't very much fun.