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2002-04-21, 05:08 AM
"Come to my my Cybertronian Decepticons...come before me now and look upon the face of he who has created you all!"

The Decepticons gathered around with Jhiaxus leading the group. From the confines of a gestalt sized vault, and ancient and massive figure emerged. All the Decepticons, save for Jhiaxus gasped at the figure before them.

Jhiaxus: "Behold, the Liege Maximo...."

"My Children have no reason to fear their maker...for I am the one who shall lead you to glory!"

Jhiaxus: "Unicron is complete...shall we unleash him my Lord?"

"Yes...he will need to feed..."

Jhiaxus strolled past the still stunned Decepticons and walked over to a control panel near the Liege. With a smirk he pushed a button and several thousand support and connecting wires snapped free from Unicron and began to float outward into space. The massive jaws opened and enery began to flow throughout the massive creature. Launching from the Hub, Unicron began to move outward into space.

Jhiaxus: "Board the shuttles...the High Command will ride aboard Unicron along with the Liege. Move quickly...Unicron launches at once and the Autobots and Decepticons soon perish!"

2002-04-21, 07:17 PM

It is a black tomb, a steel coffin, a gullet of astronomical proportions.

This place is a nowhere and, perhaps, the final destination for all Transformers, Autobot and Decepticon alike.

She opens her eyes and she see glares around franticly because she can't see a thing. Maybe this is some kind of prison. She remembers awaking the first time and trying to look around. And that voice!

She begins to wonder. Have I been off-line? I feel so...anew. Like this is the beginning of something. She tried standing but was bound by the same debris that held her the first time. And she could hear that droning thunder again.

What am I not remembering? . . . perhaps my memory chips are damaged. There was something else. What was it? . . . oh! That voice. Maybe I should call out to him again. She hesitated, though, because he sounded so odd before. Last time the voice said, "Help me...Help me with your Spark."

It disturbed her. It really disturbed her to her core. To call out again might put her in danger...and she couldn't move. But what else can I do? I can't just see here helplessly. I gotta take a chance.

She called out, "Who's there! You wanted energon?" Desperately she tried to restrain the panic in her voice. Whoever this is has got to answer me. "Hello! Hey, you there?!"

The voice was slow yet eager. It seemed to rise up out of this utter darkness with a scratchy metallic din. "Energon?"

She waits on him, allowing him to make the next move.

"You have energon?"

"No...but maybe I can get some. Where are we?"

The male chuckles a bit. A deep sardonic laugh. "You don't know where you are?"

"No, where am I." She couldn't restrain herself anymore. She hated being at the mercy of someone else. She waited impatiently as she listened to his gears grind wearily in the darkness.

"Why, you are inside of the dark lord. The God of Darkness and all that is chaos. "


"The destroyer of worlds," he interupted. "You are inside of He that is pure and without thought. The one. The Unicron. "

2002-04-21, 07:47 PM
The group followed Jhiaxus and the Liege to the massive shuttle which soon became dwarfed as it docked with Unicron. The crew then exited and made their way to a bridge of sorts that gave them an open look into the world as Unicron would have seen it.

"Commence launch Unicron..."

The monster planet pushed forward and behind it, sections of the Hub broke off and began to follow the planet...the course had been set, the mission was at hand...the Extinction Agenda was operational.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-04-21, 08:54 PM
Skywarp moved quickly as Unicron began to move...

"Oh great, this is just what we need. Redstreak, you ready...?"

Skywarp manouvered away from Unicron's hull slightly and teleported inside the giant planet.

The internal workings groaned under it's own pressure and gears grinded together, it was a sight to behold.

Skywarp opened his cockpit.

"We gotta move fast kid..."

2002-04-21, 09:46 PM
"Fast...you got it." Redstreak hops out with the generator in tow. After a moment, he places it where he feels the most damage can be done, then sets the timer. "All right," he says, climbing back in to Skywarp. "We got two minutes before this thing blows and we become toasted circuits. Get us outta here."

2002-04-22, 04:27 PM
Adeara stood there, looking at Maximo. Something in her mind told her this being was....*blackness in her mind, hiding a figure, hiding the memory* Adeara shook her head, then she followed Jhiaxus and the others towards the shuttle.

Why can't I remember the other being who was there? Does it have to do with Maximo? Or was it the High Praetor? Will I ever know? Adeara's eyes held confusion, clear for anyone to see. Great Maker.....Why me? Why was I chosen?

They docked with Unicron, and Adeara followed Jhiaxus and the others again to the bridge. Once there, she took up her normal position of leaning against something, waiting....

2002-04-22, 10:27 PM
"Who's there! You wanted energon?"

What was...

"Hello! Hey, you there?!"

Oh no... Redstreak cringes. One time hearing incorrectly would be a stretch for him. Twice was nearly impossible, especially when two different things were said. Someone was within the chaos bringer. "Skywarp..." he says. "It appears we aren't alone...someone else is in here, somewhere."

Then it comes again...

"No...but maybe I can get some. Where are we?"

Gotcha...coordinates secure

Red: "I have the location...it's definitely female. But we've only got two minutes before this thing blows and kills us all. Think we can go get her and get out in time?"

2 minutes...1:59...1:58...

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-04-22, 11:46 PM

"go back? Are you crazy......."


"we've less than 2 minutes"


"We can't leave another Cybertronian to die here, we need all the help we can get."


"Help be damned, if we don't get outta here ourselves...."


"You can teleport, can't you? I'll drop the coordinates in and you can zap us right there, can't you?"


"I.....I.....yeah, sure....co-ordinates........"


Redstreak inputs the coordinates. "Let's roll, less than 1:40 to go!"

Goodbye cruel world......



*re-appears infront of a female transformer, that bears the autobot insignia*

*Redstreak hops out of cockpit, and sees the mess of debris and wiring*



*Redstreak and Skywarp waste no time and start clearing rubble*


Skywarp - "You do realise this is crazy"

Redstreak - "Sometimes crazy works..."


*Lifts some debris away*

Redstreak - "Too much energy...gotta lose the cloak or we'll never get her out..."


*Drops cloak, lifts more debris away*

"They'll pick up on us now, it's only a matter of time. Hopefully, we'll be gone and they'll be dust by the time they do."


Skywarp - "then maybe....." *lifts more debris* "....This'll give them something extra to thing about....."

Skywarp removes cloaking device and teleports to another part of Unicron, as the internal workings shudder and explosion is heard and Skywarp re-appears...


"That should put them off....."

Redstreak - "I dunno what you did..."


"But I hope it does it!"
*Lifts a large piece of debris off*
"Think I can get her out now."

*Skywarp transforms*


Skywarp - "And get ourselves outta this place before it......"

"...Becomes one with the great void..." At least that's what Redstreak was going to say.

Instead; KA-BLAM!

"Holy s**t!" Redstreak shouts. "It blew early, we gotta go, and we gotta go now!"

*Tosses the femmebot into Skywarp, jumps in himself.* "Hurry!"

*Skywarp burned his thrusters at full power to get a good speed for travel, not realising he'd caught the second cloak device in the afterburner*

"okay......here we.....go...."

*vanishes as the cloak explodes*

2002-04-25, 05:56 PM
It was just seconds ago that Fulani was covered in wires and metal. A strange voice kept asking her about her spark and energon. Fulani assumed that, eventually, she would either help this robot or--worse case scenario--she may have to defend herself against him.

Then suddenly she felt herself snatched up and there was an explosion.

She thought to herself: I was aboard something called a Unicron, right? Where am I? Aboard a ship?

Momentarily blinded, she focussed her optics on an Autobot in front of her. An Autobot? But I sense a Decepticon! She sensed one; she knew her enemy was nearby.

But before summoning her blaster she took another look at this Transformer before her. She was struck still, shaken nearly as she reflected back.

Then, just as suddenly, she smiled and attempted to touch his face.

"You're alive!?!?!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-04-25, 09:36 PM
*burning his thrusters at full speed, Skywarp had used an incredible amount of energon, his teleportation had occured just soon enough to leap them clear of the blast*

"Well, that was a close call......"

Skywarp cooled off the thrusters, checking the long range scan Unicron and The Hub were no-where to be found....addressing the femmebot they'd picked up along the way Skywarp began...

"...so kid, what's yer name? Where'd you come from.....And if Unicron was just re-built, how'd you end up inside him....?"

He paused then, setting his internal guidance systems towards Cybertron, the place they called home, not knowing how much or little time their excursion had bought them....

(The Hub/Unicron)

Sixshot rolled sideways.....

"An explosion, Jhiaxus, these workers are FOOLS...."

Sixshot barely had time to pick himself up when a second and third explosion planted him firmly back to the floor, heavily.

"....no mere workman's error, I feel......sabotage....."

2002-04-25, 11:06 PM
Redstreak took Fulani's hand before it got to his face. "Yeah, we're alive, all right. Take it easy, save your strength."

Then to Skywarp: "Hope that worked well enough. If they follow us, we should be all right...my power limitations are such that I can use however much I want, but I have to allow a recuperatory time afterwards if I sap my allotment. My indicators have me at 90 percent right now.

"But surely Prime and Galvy won't suggest a full-on assault...right?"

2002-04-26, 04:22 AM
Fulani could not believe it.

She had reached out to Redstreak as if he was a relative or an old lover. Redstreak took Fulani's hand before it got to his face. "Yeah, we're alive, all right. Take it easy, save your strength."

She could not believe it...he simply cast her hand away. Fulani just stared at him. It's all she could do.

She ignored the presence of the Decepticon that had been nagging her ever since she came aboard. His name was Sky Warp...she thinks he may have helped to save her life. He was polite enough to ask Fulani who she was and where she came from. She could not remember. Fulani was completely unable to focus on him.

She ignored the idiocy of suddenly appearing inside of this thing called a Unicron and then, just as suddenly, being whisked away. She could only stare and try to make sense out of this Autobot that seemed to look like Redstreak.

Fulani tried to grab his attention as he seemed busy dealing with other things. "Maybe you don't understand. Redstreak...you're supposed to be dead."

"Redstreak," she implored, "I remember...I saw Galvatron blow you away...you were the last Autobot!"

2002-04-27, 06:11 PM
"Last Autobot?" Redstreak was definitely lost by this time. "What are you talking about...I've barely met Galvatron."

And here I thought things couldn't get any weirder...

"I also don't know you. Just take it easy, it looks like you've had a tough time of it. We'll get you some energon, and maybe then you can explain this whole thing."

2002-04-27, 07:08 PM
"Die, Autobot, Die!!"

Galvatron took aim and tried to blast Redstreak. The blaster mounted on his right arm shot a blinding laser as Redstreak dove into the refuse.

Fulani looked up with her cracked optics and was only able to see shadows and distorted prisms of color. Redstreak was firing somehow with his remaining arm as the vortex was tearing away everything around her. Fulani dug her fingers into the floor yet found herself being sucked in. She passed by the lifeless bodies of old friends as she began to lose hold of the floor.

Swoop...Grimlock...Sky Lynx, not you too!? Swoop was the first of the remaining bodies to be swallowed up by the well of energy.

Shots were being traded back and forth as Fulani glared around trying to discern what was going on. Overhead lights and crates were torn assunder as they were swallowed up by the vortex.

Redstreak was blasting away from the floor as the armor on Galvatron's chest burst open. Neither Redstreak nor Galvatron were too weak to be swallowed up, though.

"Awwww!" Redstreak fired again as sparks flew from the Decepticon leader. Galvatron stumbled backwards and fell to the ground, snarling.

"This is over, Autobot!" Galvatron hollered as he rose to his knees. He Transformed into Cannon mode and took one final shot.

As she struggled to hold on she saw the great light make impact. Galvatron cackled as Fulani simply shook her head. Redstreak nearly shattered as his torso flew away from his head.

Fulani awoke aboard Sky Warp, shaken. That's what she remembered. It was real. She remembered. So how did she get here? And how is it that Redstreak was alive?!

2002-04-27, 07:44 PM
Jhiaxus: "Explosions? Sixshot...move to minimize any damage in the west wing...I'll take the east, the rest of you remain here and monitor the situations..."


"Ah...I see you are awake my new minion!"


"Take this course...you can feed here"

Jhiaxus: "That...is one of the Nebulon moons...highly populated...bwa-hahahahahaha...what a way to send a message!"

The monster planet changed its course and made its way to the Nebulonian moon...

2002-04-27, 08:28 PM
That voice!!!!! Adeara put a clamp on her normal reaction-fear. She'd heard that voice for too long. Great Maker....HE's awake....

"My lord," Adeara spoke to Jhiaxus. "While...Unicron....feeds, what shall we do?" She made damned sure any fear she felt was not in her voice. Showing fear about an over-grown planet muncher while inside said being was not a good thing.

2002-04-28, 06:36 PM
Jhiaxus turned: "We watch...it should be entertaining at the very least."

The planet was now a speck on the horizon...in a few more hours it would be there and the first shots of this deadly war would be fired.

2002-04-28, 07:11 PM
Adeara closed eyes that threatened to show her immense disgust of that idea. She did not like the idea of watching Unicron feed. It touched on her immense honor, and the fact that the people on the moon Unicron was to consume had no chance to defend themselves. It went against all her honor and her nature to not let a people have a chance to survive.

Damned honorable raising. I need to break that training enough to be a true Decepticon, but still keep my warrior's honor. That way I can fight and not feel bad about killing, but so I can handle things like what Unicron does. Damned planet-muncher....

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-04-28, 09:57 PM
"What of the fools that dare to sabotage our order?"

Sixshot was un-nerved...though remaining calm throughout...his only joy in life was to destroy autobots...

Must I be forced to stand idly by whilst we watch the mass destruction of a planet. Must we all spend hours in this vessel, left with nothing but watching existence be eradicated as this creature - some might say "god"- devours all in it's path...

"Jhiaxus how long must we be non-participants in my favourite kind of sport ..... slaughter?"

2002-04-30, 12:32 AM
Jhiaxus pondered.

Jhiaxus: "You have a point Sixshot...any survivors or escapees...we destroy...Cybertronians...prepare for battle."

2002-04-30, 02:00 PM
Adeara pulled herself out of her thoughts, instantly prepared to fight. Fighting...One of the few things left to her from her planet's destruction. When a fight came, she often threw herself in with such abandon one would think she was suicidal. That isn't the case with Adeara. She rarely loses a fight. If she does lose, the loss isn't fatal...for her.

Of course, if this battle was going to take place in the vaccum of space, Adeara would have to use her firebird form, for as a fleshling, she needed air to breathe, even in her Cybertronian form. The only form that did not require air was the firebird form, simply because they came from the vacuum of space, created from the explosion of the first sun of the universe.

Enough of that, silly girl. Think of the upcoming fight, if there is one....

2002-05-01, 01:28 AM
"So what are we going to tell them, Skywarp?" Redstreak says. "We're coming back with a new bot, without destroying Unicron, and with a ton of bad news. You're a Decepticon...any way we can get through this without your boss going ape on us?"

2002-05-01, 07:11 PM
The skies were clear as young Malakar ran through the fields hoping to catch sight of his father returning from a days labor. His father, tired from the long day would greatly appreciate the surprise. It was a good day...

Then, the skies grew black as a large shadow moved across the planet. The child looked up towards the sun to see only a massive orb covering the once brilliant star. An instant later, the ground began to shake and the very earth he stood upon began to lift towards the sky. A red glow appeared and all around him began to rise up towards the Orb. In the distance he saw his father and began to run to him...just a few more feet and his father would protect him...

Thats when it happened, the orb...the monster...the chaos bringer...the ultimate weapon...Unicron opened its massive jaws and began to pull in massive amounts. The chunk of ground upon which Malakar's father stood was tore into the sky and quickly brought into the monster's mouth. Malakar stood, with tears streaming down his Nebulonian face. Then the ground under his feet tore away and the entire planet shifted. The massive jaws began to close down on a portion of the planet...Malakar muttered silent prayers as the ground toppled around him...praying the gods would forgive their transgressions which had caused this fate to befall them...moments later...he was no more...

Elsewhere on the planet ships launched both to attack the monster and to escape. Piece by piece the world was being ripped apart. With several dozen ships in the air, the last of the homeworld was ingested...and a horrific fate awaited those who thought they had escaped.

2002-05-06, 05:41 PM
Adeara watched as the shuttles fled from Unicron.

"Lots of shuttles, my Lord....Think they stand a chance?" With that, the shapeshifter turned to Sixshot and bowed.

"After you."

2002-05-06, 07:54 PM
Fulani had shutdown for what seemed like hours. But with that respite everything was confirmed. Her dream was actually a recollection of the past. Fulani hadn't just seen these things, she was there.

She saw Redstreak die...and it was Galvatron who did it.

She felt unnerved as she thought back to Galvatron's cackle. He laughed mercilessly, aimed, and fired one final shot. The Autobot leader Redstreak fell to the floor as Fulani was sucked into the vortex.

Her dream was as real as that voice...that voice...the voice she heard in that prison named Unicron.

The voice had said, "Help me...Help me with your Spark."

It was all so confusing. So surreal.

But now, in her presence, was the greatest Autobot leader she had ever known. Redstreak. Strong and proud. But he did not seem like himself. And he claimed not to really be acquianted with Galvatron.

"Skywarp," Fulani suddenly called out, "how long until we get to Cybertron?

2002-05-06, 08:19 PM
Cryhavoc watched silently as Unicron finished devouring the world that had been its target.

"Those shuttles... let Unicron take care of them. Why to bother." He muttered and leaned against the wall behind his massive frame.

2002-05-06, 10:06 PM
Adeara turned and stared at Cryhavoc. "Where's the fun in that? It'll be a time till we arrive at Cybertron, and we need the entertainment."

He has no imagination....Why even bother speaking to him? The unmistakable analytical part of her mind was working again, and she hated it. Let him be the cynic, while you and the others take care of business....

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-05-06, 10:38 PM
Sixshot watched the shuttles spill from the planet that Unicron had happily already half destroyed.

those fools think their escape would be as easy?

"After you"

Sixshot peered at the Decepticon form infront of him....

"With pleasure...."

Sixshot leapt out into deep space transforming into his Starfighter mode...

"...let's have us a party...."

2002-05-06, 11:29 PM
Adeara watched as Sixshot transformed and started the attack. Quickly shifting into her firebird form, she followed right behind him. Once in space, she grew a bit larger, and went after the closest ship. Folding her firey wings about it, she began raising the tempurature inside by tens, until she could hear the occupants screaming as they slowly baked to death in the oven of their escape vessel.

This is kinda fun....Hmmmm.....What other deviltry can I come up with?

2002-05-07, 09:41 PM
A new piece enters the game, an incoming craft know as the Keeper of the Dusk Apples, a stange name and holds even stranger cargo.

Javelin did little during the journey staring at his captive, Lockpick. He didn't say much either just stareing... then he finally spoke, "Unicron is completed, how good is the stealth on this ship? You better hope it's good, your life depends on it."

In another section of the ship three captured Minicons scrambled out of thier confusion, they were the Military team. Wreckage broke down the enclosing cage with his missles, "Auggg! They are going to pay!"

2002-05-08, 02:02 AM
Lockpick's optics flash "There is no stealth on this ship. It wasn't meant for infiltration." she says flatly, slowing down as Unicron shows up ahead on her screen.

She keeps an eye on the militians in the cages below as well, not reacting or telling him as on eof them get out of the cage. oO(That's it. Break free. Get loose and save yourselves)

2002-05-08, 05:03 PM
Javelin narrowed his optics, "That means we can go much father in this thing...pity." Javelin slowly moved his hand toward Lockpick's face, running a finger on her cheek, "But I still need you..." He took his hand away and used it to hold the staff. "...as you can get me through any security sytems Maximo has." He pionted the staff once again at her, "Come we must find our Minicon guests first, then we leave this ship..."

2002-05-09, 12:15 AM
Lockpick doesn't move, glaring at him as he touches her extremely scarred faceplate, hardly feeling it under the layers of fused metal, but she knew it was there. A shiver goes through her at the sensation. She flinches again as the staff is aimed her way. "What do you mean?" she asks, playing dumb "Security systems? You're crazy.. I'd get caught in a minute..."

Her hands quivered on the controls. One second at lightspeed and they'd be dead, impaled in unicron's head. But with her an Javelin's death would be three other deaths on her head...

2002-05-09, 04:18 PM
Javelin was starting to get annoyed at Lockpick's resistance, but what would he expect, she is an Autobot, and still noone like being held captive. "Don't play the fool with me, you're a theif, that much I know." He made his way to the door, "But suit yourself, you've done enough. But I have to keep you in my site as I get the Minicons, so come on! Then I'll leave."

2002-05-09, 11:57 PM
The planet now gone...Unicron was at full capacity.

Jhiaxus: "perhaps we should send a real message and eat the main world!"

No...there is no need. We have sent all the message that our foes will be allotted. Set our course...for Cybertron!"

Jhiaxus: "As you wish."

Jhiaxus plotted in the coordinants for Cybertron...but in fact Unicron already knew the way and had altered his path to head there...

2002-05-10, 02:05 AM
Lockpick didn't move. She seemed in a daze of some sortr. In reality she was staring at the readouts the ship was giving her. Unicron was moving away. And fast. She had to make a decision and minute points of pressure on the controls did the job as she stated firmly "I'm NOT a theif. I haven't broken the law in nine million years." she states proudly.

Then the lights flickered and went to the red of backup, the engines going silent as they started to drift, Unicron passing by "And our engines just died. Why? Because they weren't ready to go interstellar yet. Happy?"

One thing is for sure, she couldn't let him get the minicons.

2002-05-10, 07:36 PM
Javelin clenched his fist, "You little..." He held his staff in both hands and slowly made his way toward Lockpick, "You have caused enough trouble!" Javelin raised the blade, and suddenly dropped it away from Lockpick, he grabed her shoulders, gently, quite out of character, "Lockpick..." he said in almost a whisper, the lights on his neck slowing... perhaps he was breaking down, "...Don't do this to me... stop resisting... for you... please." his face showed of desperation, at least the part visible, his eyes sheilded by a visor. A moment passed then the lights on his neck started to speed up, Javelin got up and stared at the femme like nothing had happened. He picked up his staff, and turned to leave, to hunt the Minicons.

2002-05-10, 07:46 PM
Adeara saw Unicron begin to shift his course, and returned to the bridge, shifting back to her Cybertronian form. She didn't want to accidentally melt something, or someone. A part of her mind began to consider her background. She'd been bred as a slave to Unicron, been altered for some unknown purpose, then sent to recreate her race on a new world, recreate a race of slaves. Now she was involved in the destruction of a race, with the help of Unicron, and she had no real fear, save of Unicron deciding she was a failure to his plot of ages ago and destroying her. She knew she could not really die. The firebird she joined with prevented that. She'd just keep coming back. Adeara sighed as only a fleshling could. Her life had been so long, and so....bizarre.....Now it was getting even stranger..........

2002-05-11, 12:33 AM
Lockpick moved to her feet as she tries to get away from Javelin, but the headset's cord kept her from getting to far. Her body tenses as she's grabbed, staring with expectant terror into his faceplate, optics flickering as they watchede the lights along her peripherial vision. Despite the gentle clutch, she doesnt break away.

As Javelin moved to go get the Minicons, she stands there several long moments. Then she sat down.

She put the headset on, talking into it quietly into the room where the Minicons were hiding.

"Follow the lights on the side of the wall to the bridge. You'll be safe there, with me."

Then she carefully started the ship up, making it seem like the systems were struggling to come online as it turned, moving like a red arrowhead after Unicron.

2002-05-11, 05:25 PM
Javelin looked hard as he exited the bridge, he expected Lockpick to try something to save the Minicons. Which mean he had the element of...

"Ahhhggg!" Javelin suddenly got hit from the side.

"Military Team never hides!" Bonecrusher shouted as he jumped on Javelin's arm, the sudden force caused him to drop his staff. Knockout started to fire from a distance, and Wreckage stood by waiting for his turn. Bonecrusher started to hit Javelin in the face.

"You little! Now see why I kidnapped you in the first place." Javelin used his free arm to grab Bonecrusher, "Minicon powerlinx activate!"

2002-05-12, 06:14 AM
Lockpick doesn't know about the scuffle as she sits back and watches the stars go by, feeling anxious. Unicron... she'd never heard of him or Liege Maximo. She wondered exactly what she was going to do... but she did vow, if Javelin was lying to her, she would steal everything in his body excpet his exahust system so fast he could blow smoke rings out of his mouth.

2002-05-12, 08:14 PM
Javelin's arm started to glow with an odd energy, being now powered by the Minicon Powerlinx, it almost felt... magnetic. With this force at his command he caused Knockout to fall back, then he reached out to his rod. In an instant the rod flew back to his hand. Javelin smiled, success, "Lets see what another would do to me..." Javelin with his magnetically powed staff started to run toward Wreckage, the Minicon was no match for the magnetic force as it pull him in. Wreckage fired but with one motion the missles were deflected by a magetic force. Javelin thrust the side of the staff into Wreckage and the Minicon was out cold. Javelin picked up the Minicon and inserted him into his back with the missles poking forward. Suddenly jets slid out of his armor, "excellent the power of flight and I still have use of his missles launchers." He then put the staff in this other hand, and streching out the magnetic hand, Knockout was brought to him. The last Minicon started to struggle, but Javelin decided not to try and insert him, he turned and enetred the bridge again.

"Lockpick! Here, take this Minicon, they work with all Transformers. Increase your power..."

2002-05-13, 12:49 AM
The reply comes in the form of a growl as Lockpick steps out, her new, hardly used airgun in one hand as she glares at Javelin, optics flashing red and white... angry colors for the femme as she stares at him.

"Let them go. They will help us willingly, or we go without them, or not at all. I will NOT condone using someone against their will, the universe at stake or not!"

She was accepting before... but this was beyond her abilities to accept. She couldn't do it. The femme's very nature of being alive said "No" to the use of the minicons. Her hand tightened, but the gun remained aimed at the floor "And beleive me when I say that the disarming scanners in this ship can take you out. I've been hit by them... many times."

((sorry for all the balking Phil! Its just how Lockity is...)

2002-05-13, 11:17 PM
(ooc: Well Javelin hasn't been too nice to her...)

"Well I know how you feel darling." Javelin snarled at her, "But don't be so naive... we all are being used in one way or another. We are all slaves but most don't realize that, I aim to finish that once and for all, you may not under stand now... but just lower that gun." Javelin smiled and inserted the third Minicon into his other arm, Javelin wasn't sure if his systems could handle another but it looked good so far, a solid laser popped out of his arm, like a thin yet wide blade. The power systems have been maxed out, he knew he couldn't link any more Minicons.

2002-05-14, 01:54 AM
OOC - Not only that, but she abhors forcing others to work.

Lockpick growls almost ferally as Javelin inserted the third Minicon, her weapon lifted to point at him. "Release them. You need me to pilot the ship, and I won't unless they help willingly, or not at all! And I DARE you to try to pilot the thing!"

She takes a step forwards, optics still a firey orange.

2002-05-15, 02:01 PM
Adeara yawned a little. My, how this trip hasn't been too eventful....

"My lord, how long till we reach Cybertron?" She was getting bored....

2002-05-15, 03:19 PM
Javelin knew hw was not getting off on the wrong foot, Lockpick definatly had some strong veiws on his capturing of Minicons, but the three Minicons gave him the power he needed, he retracted the powerblade on his arm and realised Knockout. The minicon hit the floor completely tired out, Javelin angerly stared at Lockpick. "I offered this one to you, so he's yours to free if you wish." Javelin then looked at his other arm, the one with the magnetic power given to him by Bonecrusher. "As for the other two, I will let them free only under one condition... you come with me to Unicron." Javelin smiled, "You talk a big game, but how much does this stand really mean to you?"

2002-05-15, 11:59 PM
Lockpick watched Javelin with narrowed optics after glancing to the exhausted Minicon. Her reply was immediate, cold and calculated, but determined. "I will. ONCE you release the other two. THey can stay on the ship after we go, or come with us of their OWN free will. But I swear, doublecross me and you'll find yourself missing important bits and peices before you realize it."

He voice growls, but she lowers her weapon to the floor, not shunting it away until he released the minicons.

2002-05-16, 03:48 PM
Javelin figured he had just as much chance with Lockpick as he had with the Minicons attached to him. Javelin let go of the remaining two and they dropped the the floor, tired as well. He lost his back jets and his magnetic power, and with that he took a seat. "Lockpick, you will get me to Maximo, and once I meet him you are free to leave along with the Military team. And... I keep my word."

Knockout slowly started to regain energy, he slowly opened his eyes, "Why you... punk... done with us huh?" he tried to scramble up, but he was still running low on power.

Javelin looked down on him, "Looks like you have a sympathizer. She thinks you should join us on your own free will..."

"Ya right." Knockout mumbled, trying to draw his strength

2002-05-17, 01:43 AM
Lockpick lowered the weapon as he sat, shunting it away finally as she moves towards the Minicons, neeling to help them up "You don't HAVE to help. There's fuel and such on board this ship, more than enough until we've returned from this mission." she explains. "For now, I'm bonded to help this... person."

She turns back to said person, optics flashing "Let's get going then. I'll need as much information as possible on his security system, the layout... anything, down to how many rivets are in the front door."

The theif slouches into her seat, replacing the headset as she focuses and turns the ship, heading after Unicron again.

2002-05-17, 07:01 PM
Javelin was struck hard by Lockpick's question, he had a familiority with Unicron, more then and one that was not allied wth Jhaxsus. But he was still little prepared, but he was just used to it. "The bridge no dought is located at the center. The way in is through it's mouth, in planet mode its that round thing with the... pincers on either side, we have to aviod the digestive process and we could make it to the core, other then tha your going to have improvise, I just want to get to Maximo, undetected."

Knockout rubbed his head and sat up, "We don't have to go, huh, just like we don't have to destroy you punks that stole us!"

Javelin snarled at the small bot, "All you know is brute force, get this strait I wouldn't have let you go if she wouldn't have argeed to help me, get it!"

Knockout looked up at Lockpick, "What? Join this guy, I say you dump him in deep space!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-05-17, 07:53 PM
"Just a few more thousand miles to go..."

Skywarp had grown weary from the travel, the teleportation and various explosions, he hoped to return to Cybertron soon to re-generate, before telling Galvatron the news that they failed in their mission....


Sixshot flew around Unicron shooting the few remaining shuttles that we being drawn into the gravity Unicron produced.

Sixshot returned to Unicron's bridge area and transformed to his winged wolf mode, evidently not wishing to be disturbed he prowled to a darker corner and lay down, his red eyes glowing dully.

2002-05-17, 10:23 PM
Lockpick flinched during this agument, biting her lip slihtly before she says "STOP arguing! I didn't mean to steal you okay? I didn't really have a CHOICE " her optics flicker blue momentarily, then return to normal. "Look, are you guys gonna help us? If not, Just head into that room there and wait till we get back. Once I'm done getting Javelin what he wants, I'll take you home kay?"

she then turnsto Javelin "What's a GOD need with a petty theif anyways? ETA is ten minutes."

The ship approaches Unicron.

2002-05-17, 11:38 PM
Javelin sat back and put away his blade, "A God... you misunderstand, I was chosen to be a god, but I'm not one yet. I tasted my destiny once, and shall do so against. And Unicron, he is once peice to getting it back again." Javelin looked away, "I'm not doing this because I wanted it's just that, your own god, Primus, I am Primus....in a way, and yet I am not Primus... in a way... You can't possibly understand." Javelin looked back at Lockpick, "You probably think I'm insane, but the truth is hidden within the Matrix, that's why i must have it. But that is not your concern, Unicron is your concern."

2002-05-17, 11:51 PM
Lockpick replies crisply "My concern is MY concerns, and they haven't included Unicron till you came about poking me with your stick."

The ship continues to approach Unicron and she turns to the minicons "So... you want to come along and help save the universe or stay behind?"

2002-05-18, 07:22 PM
"So I see you left your fear behind, that's something we don't need." Javelin looked out the window, "We're getting close, since this ship has little stealth it would be best to try an EVA exit, I can mask our life signs but that's about it. Come on Unicron's gravity will pull us in, and your hovercraft mode will land us safely." Javelin stood up and prepared to leave.

Knockout ran in front of him, "No way, hold on, We're not letting you and her just go like that! If you think we're going to allow you to hurt her after she made this sacrifice for us you're nuts. We'll powerlink with her, then..."

Javelin laughed for a moment, "Then nothing her body couldn't take the streff of three Minicon, maybe one... but."

Knockout was getting quite mad, he knew what this meant, "Ok OK! Fine you can use Bonecrusher and Wreckage you stand a better chance getting to Unicron with those jets. I'll stay with Lockpick, I link with her when she wants!"

"Ha! what about Wreckage and Bonecrusher, don't they get a say?" Javelin tried to anticipate what Lockpick would ask.

Knockout scoffed, "They're just stong dopes, I'm the smartest... I think. And the only one awake."

Javelin looked at Lockpick, "Does that please you?"

2002-05-18, 09:03 PM
Lockpick glared at Javelin "I can take more physical and mental stress than you think." she counters, scars flashing in the light, looking to the Minicon again then back to Javelin "No it does not. The more that come with us the more our chances of being detected. But I have a feeling I have no choice this time."

She glances to the minicon "Fuel up then, and we'll head out. And thank you for wanting to come along." she slips the headset back on, giving the seeker very careful instructions once they EVA her ship.

2002-05-18, 09:38 PM
Javelin installed Wreckage and Bonecrusher once more, Wreckage to form the rockets and Bonecrusher for the magnet, "No need for me to obtain more fuel. Minicon you better." Knockout didn't like getting ordered around by some low-grade punk, but he was going to do so anyway. Javelin felt the power of the Minicons once more, Maximo would pay, not for something he did but for something he represented. The thief herself represented it as well, and Javelin wonder how close, "Lockpick, how old are you... were you directly built by the Quintissons?"

2002-05-18, 10:02 PM
Lockpick glanced behind her to Javelin then looks back "Fifteen million years ago before the begininng of the last War I think. I've been away a long time. Why? As for who built me, I never got to meet my creator." She replies finally, steering the ship a bit closer.

2002-05-18, 10:16 PM
"That goes back quite away..." Javelin was still not quite sure if she goes back far enough, "Did you have to have learn to Transform?" javelin looked back at his blade still in deep thought, "Still I dought you go back as far as I did... I dought there is an actual Transformer living that does."

2002-05-18, 10:20 PM
Lockpick eyes him carefully, suspicious "What does it matter to you?" she asks, turning back "We're almost there anyways. A few rules whenever I have someone tagging along: Shut up, Wait up, Keep down and Look out. Remember those and we'll survive. MAYBE."

she finally stands, removing the headset and placing it on the hook before heading for the corridor and slapping the first door open. She dissapears inside, coming out a moment later without anything in her hands. "Well? Let's go get killed."

2002-05-18, 10:27 PM
"Just a few more thousand miles to go..."

Skywarp had grown weary from the travel, the teleportation and various explosions, he hoped to return to Cybertron soon to re-generate, before telling Galvatron the news that they failed in their mission....

"Not soon enough," Redstreak mumbles. "But as long as we get there before Unicron, I suppose it doesn't matter. Though I'd hope we arrive with enough time to prepare a defense against the chaos bringer...without a plan we are in serious trouble. Plus, I'd like to find out what she's been talking about over here."

Soon, Skywarp is within communication range of Cybertron, and Redstreak sends a message to Prime and Galvatron: "Scout mission successful, Unicron is complete and is coming...we tried to slow them down, but I don't think we succeeded."

2002-05-18, 10:36 PM
Javelin stood "Argeed." He then quickly corrected himself, "...not about the getting killed part."

Knockout finished his refueling quickly and joined the two, he heard a little of what they were talking about, "You know it would be nice to know why we're going to all this trouble."

Javelin readied his Minicon powerlinx back jets, "I intend to tell Maximo everything... mostly."

2002-05-21, 01:10 AM
"...Everything...?" she turns to look at him again and sighs "Do I want to know? If you're giving away PRime's plan to get the Minicon's help, you KNOW I have to stop you...."

2002-05-21, 03:13 PM
"No no... I mean about me, I'll tell Maximo about me. Likely he won't be able to guess why I'm after him. I won't waste my vocalizer energy on telling of Prime's plan..." Javelin decided to also sneak in a comment about Prime's mission. "...Prime's mission, yes, not only does it have any more chance to succeed then our mission, but Liege Maximo probably knows they're coming. Optimus Prime's plan is too narrow." Javelin looked at Lockpick, serious in his tone, "...If he wants any chance he would have to rebuild the Armada... are we ready to leave yet?"

2002-05-21, 10:13 PM
Lockpick listened, then nodded slowly as she removed the headset with a final command. "As ready as we'll ever be... Knockout?" she asks the Minicon, to ensure he was ready. ARound her waist she had clipped a metal-mesh belt, snugged tight to avoid snagging or scraping, buckles and pouches firmly closed and fastened.

She leads them to the airlock and stops, allowing Javelin to go first.

2002-05-22, 03:19 PM
Javelin didn't care much for manners so he took Lockpick's offer, ihe figured if she wanted to try any thing she would have already done it. He turned on his jets, they ran sliently, just as he thought they would. He steped out, kept steady by the rockets and waited for Lockpick and the Minicon to follow.

Knockout nodded his head, "Ready sure, just remeber the only important thing now is surviving, if that guy takes us too far, it's not worth it..."

2002-05-23, 06:41 AM
Lockpick nodded grimly in response, kneeling ot offer the Minicon a lift before following Javelin, floating a bit before righting hrrself. The Keeper's door shuts, and the ship moves off on its preset course. Back to Hot Rod.

2002-05-23, 04:03 PM
Where is that ship going, how does she intend to escape Unicron? It's not my problem, I wasn't leaving on that ship. Javelin extended a sort of signature masking field over Lockpick and Knockout. "I masked our signatures, Unicron should detect nothing." Best do this quickly, lest she discover... he stopped, just in case she could read minds or something, he had to be careful. "We'd better hurry."

2002-05-23, 04:56 PM
(I have asked Philcom permission to sense Javalin and the minicon with him)

Adeara was waiting for a response as to how long till they reached Cybertron when she sensed a pair of thought patterns, one of which was...scrambled, in a sense. The other, she couldn't get much from, save that it was annoyed. She couldn't tell where they were, nor who they were, but they were near.

"My lord Jhiaxus...I sense a pair of minds nearby. I don't know who they are, nor their exact location, but they are near enough. What shall we do?"

2002-05-23, 06:05 PM
Cryhavoc overheard Adeara's words from his position and crossed his arms, turning to look at the Ta'kaal.

"Pair of minds? Can you make out if they are cybernetic or organics? Perhaps... we should terminate them to prevent them telling out our current location?" He asked, his opticband flashing.

2002-05-23, 06:32 PM
Adeara turned to Cryhavoc. "I can't tell....they might be too far away, or are shielded enough that I can't pick it up. If I try any harder to find out, I could end up hurting myself...."

2002-05-23, 11:51 PM
Lockpick nods and keeps close to him, optics narrowed slightly as she has him lead the way forwards... I hope the ship finds Rod okay. Its a good ship, but not exactly Vector Sigma or anything.

there's a flicker of light behind them as the Keeper enters hyperspace.

2002-05-24, 04:37 PM
Javelin and Lockpick were fast approaching Unicron. Javelin eased a bit on the engines, so he could be more easily seen, he pionted to his destination, the top of Unicron's ring. "We're taking the back door, the ring should lead right to the energy collection compound, witch should lead to the center."

2002-05-25, 04:24 AM
Lockpick nods a bit, and says almost silently "When do I come into play?" she asks as they float nearer, her eyesight filled with Unicron's bulk.

2002-05-25, 04:21 PM
"There has got to be some security, once we get near the center." Javelin eased off on the jets and aimed his feet for the top of the ring. And slowly he touched down and cut the jets, he looked over the ring, "Here's an exast shaft."

2002-05-25, 05:06 PM
Lockpick landed beside him and nods again, wondering how she got into thsis situation for the Nth time. "Alright. Let's go." she says, examining the grate.

2002-05-27, 03:08 AM
Javelin figured he could perhaps just use his magnetic hand to open the grating, seeing that he was already getting anxious. But he simply refocused his mind on his upcoming task. It seemed like Lockpick had already looked it over, so Javelin went ahead. "This isn't the hard part anyway" then remebering what Lockpick said earlyer about not saying anything he just lifted the grating with his magnetic force, "Ladies first..."

2002-05-27, 03:22 AM
Lockpick smirks a bit in sarcastic, silent thanks and she peers down, optics scanning for any sensors of all sorts on the inside of the metal, before she drops down into it, feet first, of all things. She moves easily, hardly brushing the sides as they enter Unicron.

2002-05-27, 04:02 AM
Javelin looked down the shaft wondering how she did that so easy. But he was sure he could do the same so, after waiting a bit he followed. Sliding down the shaft as Lockpick did, advoiding the edges. He dropped down on the floor, right behind her. "Keep going until you find another shaft, that shaft will lead strait down and will be a long drop. Until then, lead the way." Javelin looked around, almost forgetting about Knockout.

Knockout dropped in a moment later and followed by Lockpick. "Looks like there's no turning back now."

2002-05-27, 04:22 AM
Lockpick nods, then shakes her head at Knockout as she scoots in total silence to the next vent, her metallic armor actually blending in with the shadows, turning black almost as she opens an drops through the other shaft, moving slowly towards the inside of Unicron, hardly remembering how dangerous this was, she only had a challenge, and this was that challenge.

Suddenly she freezes, locking into position....

Only to relax a few moments later and continue on. Explanatinos will come later.

2002-05-28, 03:28 PM
Knockout and Javelin follow behind, doing everything Lockpick did, even to the freezing thing. Javelin wondered why, but he guessed it was nessary. Furtur and futhur into Unicron they traveled, and Maximo was going to come up soon, Javelin could hardly wait to fulfill his programing.

2002-05-28, 03:39 PM
Just then, Adeara felt the two minds growing closer to the bridge. She could just barely make out the thoughts of the one, but his mind was too.....jumbled.

"My Lord Jhiaxus, Lord Maximo, the two minds I sensed are growing closer to our location. What shall we do?"

Adeara waited patiently for a response.....

2002-05-28, 06:24 PM
Jhiaxus was unsure about this inquiry...and his reaction was to attack. the Liege had other ideas...

We will not attack them...we are within range of Cybertron now. Adeara, take Cryhavoc and lead the Cybertronian fleet ahead of us and launch the first wave of the attack against Cybertron...the Transformers are still scrambling to get back and assmeble their defenses...we will be on your position momentarily.

2002-05-28, 06:45 PM
Adeara bowed slightly, pleased that Lord Maximo had such faith in her. It showed that Maximo would be willing to show a great deal of faith in a fleshling in the future.

"Thank you, Lord Maximo. If I fail you, I will not survive the failure to tell you of it." With that, she turned, looked to Cryhavoc, then hurried to begin the launch....