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2002-04-21, 05:12 AM
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Pointblank continued to look at the Defensive stats for Cybertron.

Pointblank: "I don't like this...not one bit..."

2002-04-21, 08:44 PM
Roadbuster: -pacing in medbay- "We need to do something, Springer. Anything! Just sitting here waiting is gonna drive me insane!"

Minerva: -takes duct tape- "Thanks, Rally." -starts using it to repair some of the wiring bundles in Sky Garry's engines- "Duct tape. It holds the universe together."

Chromedome: "We're waiting for a couple of this timeline's Maximus technicinas. They might know of some way to get Metroplex built faster."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-04-21, 09:18 PM
"We need to do something, Springer. Anything! Just sitting here waiting is gonna drive me insane!"

"Oh, we're gonna do something alright Roadbuster. We've gotta find Pointblank and Prowl for a start, then we start planning"

Springer stood up, almost now at 100% his urge to fight was coming back....

"C'mon, we've haven't much time...."

2002-04-22, 09:42 AM
Blaster replied to skylynx "There are no directions in space but I think I know where that is keep flyin' straigh you're almost home"

2002-04-22, 12:33 PM
Originally posted by Heinrad
Minerva: -takes duct tape- "Thanks, Rally." -starts using it to repair some of the wiring bundles in Sky Garry's engines- "Duct tape. It holds the universe together."

"Your welcome" Rally replied.

Chromedome: "We're waiting for a couple of this timeline's Maximus technicinas. They might know of some way to get Metroplex built faster."

"Ah, that explains it" Bandit started as he looked at his datapad.
"Um, guys. What is all this stuff? Myomer bundels, Gyroscopic stabilizer. I don't have the faintest idea what those are, when it comes to machines, I only know how to fix my car" Bandit said.

Lord Zarak
2002-04-22, 04:29 PM
"Blaster, before I come home I'm going to check out the planet. There seems to be a large crater which I observed on its surface. Just hope my energon holds out!"

"Timesplitter , have you recieved the co-ordinates of the stasis pods?"

Axer was getting bored of the inactivity. He set of towards Iocon, to see if he was able to rejoin his Decepticon brothers, and stay on Galvatrons good side.

2002-04-22, 05:29 PM
TimeSplitter landed as some of the purple lights on the ship twinkled.

"Received. Landing proceadure activated... Ramp and doors now available."

TimeSplitter transformed into his gigantic robot mode. A ramp opened from his chest.

Counter-Punch walked downard towards the pods.

"Strange. I remember Megatron like this back in Iacon, this would have made a swell place for his funeral!"

2002-04-22, 07:09 PM
Brainstorm: "The myomer bundles act as the equivalent to tendons and muscle fibers in your own human body, although in this case they act as more of a support mechanism for the hydraulics and servo systems that it will take to move a body this size. The gyroscopic stabilizers will act the same way as your own inner ear, providing a sense of balance-"

Chromedome: "Uh-oh. Better settle in for a nap..... This could take a while......"

Brainstorm: "It is a complex question he's asked."

Hardhead: -chuckles- "All we have to do is sick Brainstorm on the new Unicron. He'll talk his audio receptors off. Or bore all of the Leige Maximo's troops to sleep."

Brainstorm: -sarcastically- "Ha, ha."

Roadbuster: -following Springer-

2002-04-22, 07:36 PM
Originally posted by Heinrad
Brainstorm: "The myomer bundles act as the equivalent to tendons and muscle fibers in your own human body, although in this case they act as more of a support mechanism for the hydraulics and servo systems that it will take to move a body this size. The gyroscopic stabilizers will act the same way as your own inner ear, providing a sense of balance-"

"Ok, If you say so" Bandit said as he checked a big pile of parts.

Hardhead: -chuckles- "All we have to do is sick Brainstorm on the new Unicron. He'll talk his audio receptors off. Or bore all of the Leige Maximo's troops to sleep."

Bandit laughed at Hardhead's remark.

Lord Zarak
2002-04-22, 08:40 PM
Sky Lynx landed near to the crater he had observed from space. He looked around, and to him it appeared to be a satelite that had crashed. Though what a satelite was doing orbiting this diserted planet was beyond him. He was about to leave when a small movement caught his eye. He immediatle transformed into his Lynx mode, so that he could jump out of the way of any danger. Cant be too careful he thought. He went towards the site of movement, and when he arrived, he was totally unprepared for what he saw.
" By Primus himself!" he exclamed. For he had found an unconcious robot. An Autobot!

2002-04-22, 09:15 PM
The last thing he remembered was flying through space.

But he was in bad shape. He was not being propelled by jets of any sort, or a jetpack, because he could not fly. Heck, he always associated flying with those evil decepticons. But at the end of his journey he saw a bright light. He thought he was going to be re-joined with The One .

But, after being blinded by the bright light, the next thing he remembered was the pain. He thought to himself: I hope my shell has not cracked. Maybe I am not as lucky as I thought.

His optics fired up and he was not able to see much, really. Gravel and rock really smothered his body from head to boot. And he could vaguely sense that he was down within the earth. Perhaps the decepticons laid some kind of trap for me...but I don't remember being in battle. At least I am in robot mode. Hausa Macheinus always liked the black sheen of his body as he thought that was a sign of strength.

He was beginning to remember something about what happened to him, but then he noticed movement all around him. Something has landed! It must be a Decepticon!!...No, think rationally, Hausa Macheinus. Perhaps it is some native being. I should not always presume the Decepticons to be ready to pounce on me.

But as he shifted his weight upward to see what was atop the crater, he saw a cat before him.

"A lynx?...a robotic lynx?" Hausa Macheinus laughed as he stirred in the rubble. He tried rising up but his lowerback seemed somewhat damaged.

Hausa Macheinus raised his voice as he raised his blaster rifle. He knew he couldn't hit a thing but he refused to be destroyed without a fight.

"You better be friendly little kittie because my back aches...and I am not in the mood for Decepticon foul play."

Lord Zarak
2002-04-22, 09:28 PM
" You need not fear me, though I cannot say the same of myself.", said Sky Lynx in response to this hostile Autobot.
"I see we share something, a hatred for the Decpticons. So far that is your one remaining feature. My name is Sky Lynx, leutenant commander of the Autobots. And you are...?"

2002-04-23, 03:05 AM
Sky Lynx said, "I see we share something, a hatred for the Decpticons. So far that is your one remaining feature. My name is Sky Lynx, leutenant commander of the Autobots. And you are...?"

The Autobot loomed over the buried Hausa Macheinus. Hausa glared at the big lynx and simply smiled. Stranger things have happened, he thought to himself.

Hausa wanted to embrace this fellow Autobot but he was naturally cynical. He tried to rise but his left arm was lodged underneath gravel and stone.

"You are an Autobot?" Hausa almost burst out laughing again. Hausa was quite glad to see a fellow Autobot. "Lieutenant Commander, it is quite possible you have saved Death himself from going off-line."

Hausa lowered his blaster and leaned his head back against the earth. "I meant no disrespect, Sky Lynx. My name is Hausa Macheinus. I am the noble Paladin, the Keeper of the Great Spark...and a fellow Autobot, like you."

Even while his back pained him he realized that he could hardly feel his legs. He laughs again as more dirt falls upon his frame. "And you know, I would be honored to make your acquainance...could you assist me?"

2002-04-23, 05:13 AM
Blaster transformed and looked at swoop. "Sky Lynx is on his way" Blaster said looking at Sunstreaker "You better get some ammo I'm about to aswell".

Sunstreaker nodded "Way ahead of you Blaster but then again who didn't expect that?" he asked.

Jazz and Brawn re-approached Iacon at high speeds Jazz ahead of the Older and slower Brawn.

Lord Zarak
2002-04-23, 12:10 PM
"Of course I will asist you, Hausa Macheinus. A new-found Autobot is another added to the number fighting the Decepticons."
Sky Lynx transformed into his dino-bird mode.
"I think i may be of more use like this. Sky Lynx began to shovel the earth and debris from Hausa's arm.
"What is the spark that you refer to? I dont think that I have heard of it before. Is it like the Creation Matrix?" Sky Lynx asked.
"And how did you manage to land on thsi rock?"

2002-04-23, 05:28 PM
"ShockWave... These pods, some are not functional!"

TimeSplitter picked up an inactive pod.

"This stasis lock is a new form of energy. It must have bonded with something in Cybertron's air. We can use this as an experimental weapon. If unstable, it could prove useful. This sample i will take aboard, Counter-Punch, construct a morgue. The dead will live forever!"

Lord Zarak
2002-04-23, 08:26 PM
Originally posted by OptmusPrime2005
"ShockWave... These pods, some are not functional!"

TimeSplitter picked up an inactive pod.

"This stasis lock is a new form of energy. It must have bonded with something in Cybertron's air. We can use this as an experimental weapon. If unstable, it could prove useful. This sample i will take aboard, Counter-Punch, construct a morgue. The dead will live forever!"

"If the stasis lock energy IS unstable, surely a small, relatively harmless sample would suffice to test its usefulness, rather than taking our dead brethren, losing them and having no hope to resurect them. If the new energy is not unstable, it could power our dead brethren against Unicron. And when we defeat him, we can defeat the Autobots for eternity. I speak with logic, and logic is power. Remeber that, TimeSplitter.
Now I am returned from the brink of death, I have come to reclaim my position of Leader of the Decepticons in the absence of Megatron. Only he can relieve me, and if he cannot, then I will lead the Decepticons to ultimate victory.
Counter-Punch, help him with the sample, not the morgue. All available materials must be utilised for defeating Unicron, not illogical mouning."

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2002-04-24, 01:13 AM
Sky Lynx asked, "What is the spark that you refer to? I dont think that I have heard of it before. Is it like the Creation Matrix? And how did you manage to land on thsi rock?"

Hausa Macheinus could not recall when he crashed landed onto this rock or how long he lay dormant in its earth. Incredibly durable and damage resistant, Hausa Macheinus was able to absorb the damage of the crash landing and re-construct parts of his hull.

He clenched his fist for the first time as Sky Lynx removed rubble from his left arm. To be free! It is so nice! He felt obligated to answer this Autobot even if he looked odd.

"I think I landed here after some kind of temporal break or rupture. I think our Lord propelled me away from...from..." Hausa could not remember. He looked out at the crater in frustration as he tried to remember.

Hausa stared off into the sky and pondered his assignment as a
Paladin. "Yes, by Primus himself...somehow....somehow I was nearly taken off-line...in a battle, perhaps? I don't know...but I returned...Primus brought me back...I was wiped clean and lost hold of who I was..."

He trailed off trying to remember the past. I know I should not dwell on the past...but part of me yearns to learn of my former self...but by Primus, it was not his will.

"But he sent me to care for the Sparks of fellow Cybertronians. I
grant them passage into the eternal night. And I guard after the
Great Spark, the charge that unites all living things...Autobot and
Decepticon alike."

He looked on this triple changing Autobot a bit suspiciously as he was nearly freed from the debris. While gratious, Hausa Macheinus was naturally cynical and primed to do battle.

He looked upon his fellow Autobot and wondered aloud, "You transform with great ease Sky Lynx. You have great adaptability . . . but, Lieutenant Commander sir, since when do Autobots take the guise of earthen beasts?"

2002-04-24, 02:00 AM
Hatemunger smiled for some reason this was an intersting situation.

"Strange after enos of war, traitors and Unicron are doing what millions of years of fighting could not do. Bring the Autobots and Decepticons together." He said looking at a vid-screen.

2002-04-24, 06:41 AM
Blaster shrugged after retrieving some ammo "Time to call Skylynx back from his hi-jinx" Blaster said to Sunstreaker who nodded inreturn.

Blaster transformed back into tapedeck mode again and immdeatly began trying to get ahold of Skylynx. "Skylunx this is Blaster Blastin' at ya again if you read me respond we need you here yesterday we gotta re-fuel you and get on outta here"

Sunstreaker shrugged "I can pilot a shuttle better then he can fly himself anyways lets save some time and find one"

"Zip that Lip Sunstreaker we need every Transformer we can get" a voice said as Jazz drove into the room Transforming and flipping up to his feet as Brawn rolled in behind him transforming.

2002-04-24, 11:25 AM
Omega frowned.
This was going worse than he'd thought. They'd gotten the materials, but at this rate, Metroplex was going to stand here till judgement day... Or the arrival of Unicron, whichever was sooner.

"Omega Supreme to Jinrai. Workers at the Metroplex site, insufficient, more aid required."

Lord Zarak
2002-04-24, 01:24 PM
"Blaster, this is Sky Lynx receiving you loud and clear. I will be with you as shortly as I can be. But I will have a passenger. He is an Autobot, and his name is Hausa Macheinus. He's a little under a lot of debris from his crashed ship, and I am helping him to uncover himself. Hopefully, some energon wil be left from his ship so I can get back to Cybertron as soon as. Sky Lynx out"

2002-04-24, 02:56 PM
Hausa Macheinus listened to their discussion and thought back to himself: Blaster? That name sounds familiar...I think I know a Blaster! Is my memory returning?

"Sky Lynx," Hausa began, "I was hurled from my ship as I neared the planet's gravitational pull. But there should be a stasis chamber with Energon enough for the ship. I must have been planning a long voyage."

Hausa thought back to where he got the Energon yet could not remember. By Primus, this is rather frustrating. Am I feeble minded?

"Anyway, you should find it approximately several hundred yards from here," Hausa continued. "At least you will find pieces of it. I am not exactly sure how it landed."

For the first time in what seemed ages Hausa Macheinus was able to raise up on his elbows. Thanks to Sky Lynx's brisk work, the Autobot was nearly free. "I appreciate this greatly Sky Lynx. Your help will not go unrewarded. Any assistance you or your soldiers need on this quest will be backed by my efforts. Consider yourselves to have made a new friend."

Lord Zarak
2002-04-24, 08:52 PM
"Energon?! Excellent, I was almost out of the stuff."
Sky Lynx transformed to his Lynx mode, jumped to the site of the wreckage of Hausas' ship, landed, transformed again, and began sifting through the debris. He found what he was looking for, but was disturbed by what sounded like a gun being charged up.
A friend? If he shoots me in the back he is no friend, nor is he an Autobot Sky Lynx thought.


As he rode closer, Axer could not believe his optics.
What the......I'm not in another universe, am I? he asked himself. He stopped, got off of his bike and dropped to his knees.

(If anyone wants to here this scream, be my guest.)

2002-04-25, 03:40 PM
TimeSplitter's large head turned.

"I understand Commander ShockWave. Logic drives my circuits too, before Megatron i had no power. No life. He gave me life."

Counter-Punch walked over to ShockWave bringing out some equipment.

"Um, well we got the scanners, we got all of that stuff!"

TimeSplitter put the pod down. He thought to himself. MEGATRON.

"Megatron. He is still alive. Barely but he is alive. He is different from the Megatron you knew, but he is basically the same. Something must have affected him, he was going to join the maximo, Megatron wouldn't do such a thing. He is not himself, we cannot save him, this material might though. If Megatron was here, he would rely on you ShockWave. He knows all that has happened, through some different time zones. !"

TimeSplitter transformed.

"The science lab will be used for removing some of the substance!"

2002-04-25, 03:42 PM
Originally posted by Lord Zarak
Axer: "NOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm out of work! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!.

Bandit heard Axer's scream and headed over to see if he could help.

"And what work did you use to do? If you like contruction work, you can help use with a "little" project. If you're a bounty hunter you might get the chance to bag the biggest throphy in existance" he said to Axer.


"I'll go check up on Shotbomber" Rally said as she headed back to Shotbomber's room.

2002-04-25, 04:17 PM
Hausa Macheinus was left to clear the remaining rubble from his body on his own.

His back still hurt but he did not mind. It was the first time he had been alone since making the acquaintance of Sky Lynx. Sky Lynx had flown off to gather the remains of Hausa's ship several hundred yards away.

Hausa thought: This Autobot Lieutenant seems like an amicable Cybertronian. Perhaps I should stick with him for a while.

With his arms clear he quickly began to release his legs from the earth. It seemed like too much dirt was being scattered to cause all of this dust...but Hausa was uncharacteristicaly jubilant. It seemed like 2 score years since he had interacted with other Autobots. He hoped Sky Lynx would return soon as he had lots of questions for him.

There should be enough energon on board to suffice all of us," Hausa thought. I wonder who else has accompanied him. Sky Lynx mentioned...

!!! S M A C K !!!

The ground turned upside down, it seemed, as Hausa Macheinus spun completely around and flew up toward the top of the crater.

Stunned, it took him a moment to regain his senses. Sky Lynx?! If he struck me from behind that little Kittie Kat will be warmly regarded by my blaster!

Shaken a bit, more by surprise than anything, Hausa Macheinus glanced up and saw the vague forms of 3 hulking granite like creatures. They must have been submerged beneath the crater and awakened when Hausa was dug free. They shone in the light like diamonds and were easily twice Hausa's size. Nimbly they ambled out of the crevace and sprinted towards him.

This would be a good time for my optics to come into focus!

Without hesitation Hausa Macheinus twirled up to his feet and charged up his blaster.

Lord Zarak
2002-04-25, 08:40 PM
Originally posted by Ravage_mk2

Bandit heard Axer's scream and headed over to see if he could help.

"And what work did you use to do? If you like contruction work, you can help use with a "little" project. If you're a bounty hunter you might get the chance to bag the biggest throphy in existance" he said to Axer.


"I'll go check up on Shotbomber" Rally said as she headed back to Shotbomber's room.

I used to be a bounty hunter, though from what I can gather with Autobots and Decepticons working together it appears I can no longer hunt. The biggest trophy you talk about is Optimus. Nobody, no thing can be bigger than his head. Where is Galvatron? Where is Optimus Prime? And construction? Dont make me laugh. I'd rather be a glorified messenger boy for Primus than a party to scaffold raising."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-04-25, 09:48 PM
Roadbuster: -following Springer-

Springer noticed that Roadbuster had been unusually quiet since his re-awakening....

"Something troubling you ol' buddy?"

Springer was now walking backwards towards Pointblank....with a slight bounce in his step.....

"It's not like you not to be relishing for a fight...." Springer turned round, and stopped dead next to Pointblank

"What in the name of primus....."

2002-04-25, 10:31 PM
Roadbuster: "It's this treaty..... It's all wrong. We'e not supposed to be working with Decepticons. We're supposed to be demolishing Decepticons."

Minerva -finishes working on Sky Garry's engines- "There. All fixed."

2002-04-25, 10:46 PM
Blaster transformed back into robot mode again shrugging "It may seem we gotta keep waiting"

2002-04-26, 01:16 AM
The Spychangers and Dinobots were helping out with the construciton of Metroplex Mark 2, but weren't doing a good enough job. None of them were built for heavy construction work.

Lord Zarak
2002-04-26, 08:20 AM
The Spychangers and Dinobots were helping out with the construciton of Metroplex Mark 2

Swoop was straining under the effort of carrying heavy materials
"The sooner Sky Lynx gets here, the happier I'll be telling him where to go. This is just too much for us to do!"

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2002-04-26, 02:13 PM
I used to be a bounty hunter, though from what I can gather with Autobots and Decepticons working together it appears I can no longer hunt. The biggest trophy you talk about is Optimus. Nobody, no thing can be bigger than his head. Where is Galvatron? Where is Optimus Prime? And construction? Dont make me laugh. I'd rather be a glorified messenger boy for Primus than a party to scaffold raising."

"I share the oppinion of construction work, it's as dull as it gets. As for where Galvatron and Prime are, they are in the Sol system looking for beings called Minicons, in the hopes that they can help us against a dire threat. And as for the trophy, ever hear of Unicron? His head is larger then Optimus Prime's entire body. By the way, the name's Bandit" Bandit replied to Axer.

2002-04-26, 02:17 PM
Omega Supreme allowed himself a moment of satisfaction as the ore processing task was now complete. He transformed back into robot mode, and looked at the towering pile of metal bulkheads and support beams next to him. There was enough metal there to build Metroplex, and then some, and it was steadily being depleted as the Dinobots and Spychangers continued their building work.
He began assisting as much as he could, hauling the heavy beams into position for welding, and linking in various other buildings and walkways that had been taken whole from other parts of the city, and would form the main bulk of Metroplex.

2002-04-26, 02:19 PM
"Lord ShockWave. Counter-Punch has made the modifications to the science station. It is safe to proceed with containment of the substance."

Counter-Punch began to slowly come out, metalic sweat coming from his eyes.

"This was sure one hard job!"


Back on Iacon....

Megatron's arm was moving slowly but surely. His eyes were blinking. It seemed as if he was going into a state of Cybertronian shock!

Lord Zarak
2002-04-26, 02:48 PM
"Proceed with the extraction of the energy source. I agree that Megatron would rely on me during his absence. Once we extract enough of this energy, we shall proceed to Megatron. Logic dictates that a test must be conducted to determine the usefulness of the new energy. I recommend we choose Megatron as the subject of the test, as logic dictates that the strongest of any species survives. He is the strongest of the Decepticon Transformers. Do you agree, TimeSplitter ?"

Sky Lynx turned around and prepared for the sight of Hausa pointing a fully charged up gun in his way, but what he saw was three huge granite creatures attacking Hausa. He transformed into his Lynx mode, took a running jump, and in mid-air Transformed into his Dino-Bird mode. He climbed in the air, circled, chose his target and dived.

"Bandit , Unicron was the stuff of legend. Last thing I heared was that he was destroyed by Rodimus Prime, with the help of the Autobot Matrix.

2002-04-26, 03:01 PM
Bandit, Unicron was the stuff of legend. Last thing I heared was that he was destroyed by Rodimus Prime, with the help of the Autobot Matrix

"That's true, but some guy called the Liege Maximo has been rebuilding him and he's nearly finished too. And as soon as those 2 are defeated, assuming we can defeat them, Prime said the Matrix alone couldn't stop him this time. I'll bet that both sides start fighting again. Which is good for business aint it? Bandit replied.

2002-04-26, 09:23 PM
"Yes, but, you must repair his logic circuits. If we can do such a thing, we could be bring him back from the dead!"

Counter-Punch looked at the alive pods.

"Let's move these people out!"

2002-04-27, 02:42 AM
Hausa Macheinus had been shooting for his life. His back was still damaged, his eyesight was poor, and he was low on energon. He had been shooting fervently at these Granite Beasts but had yet to do much damage.

I am low on Energon! he suddenly realized. I better think of something quick!

He stumbled backwards and Transformed into a Hearse.

Just moments ago he thought he had to combat his new acquaintance, Sky Lynx. Hausa had just risen from the crater and was prepared to re-join his Autobots...but he wasn't sure if these were his Autobots. And his friend Sky Lynx was definitely an anomaly. He had never seen an Autobot who could Transform into an Earthen creature.

So after he was suddenly hit in the back he thought this Sky Lynx was revealing his true self. He was actually relieved that his adversary was an alien lifeform, native to this planet.

Hausa Macheinus, now in the form of a vehicle, drove into the leg of one of his adversaries and toppled him over.

But there are three of them! he thought. If I just had some energon I could use my defensive schemes!!

In the distance he could see Sky Lynx soaring through the air and coming down to help. He has the Spark of a warrior, Hausa thought. Sky Lynx is indeed noble. He...

!! W H A C K !!

Another Granite Beast rose from the ground and tossled Hausa back into the crater. There were now 4 of them.

"Enough of this!" Hausa spat as he Transformed into robot mode. He summoned his scythe from subspace and charged after another Granite Beast.

It did not pause and attempted to strike Hausa down. This time Hausa's shields absorbed the blow and Hausa readied himself. "You have no Spark!...Sleep, now!" Hausa drew up his weapon and sliced through the midsection of the Granite Beast.

The other three creatures circled around him and prepared to take advantage of their superior size and numbers.

Hausa Macheinus glared about blindly as he felt his energy levels begin to deplete. At this time Sky Lynx had transformed into Dino-Bird mode and dived toward an unsuspecting Granite Beast.

2002-04-27, 06:47 AM
Sky Garry woke slowly... finding his body in better repair than before was a good feeling. Most of the aches were gone, but that wasn't the first tihng he took note of. As usual, his attention first went to Shotbomber's room, a mental smile coming from the huge transformer as he found his small partner sleeping peacefully, the wounds and scars of his imprisonment healing slowly, but surely.

We have been through so much together...

The mech then turned his attention to other things, runing a systems diagnosis and seeing who else was about in the hangar and bay area.

God Jinrai
2002-04-27, 04:50 PM
"Blast it!" Jinrai muttered. The construction was going... but nowhere near fast enough to be on schedule... The leg sections of metroplex were barely skeleton work... and the upper body... Primus almighty...

Moments after those words escaped his vocalizer, a deafening roar could be heard in the distance. Louder and louder it grew, the source comming into view... and moments later... was practically on top of them.

Landing and switching to city base mode, a section of the maximus class ship detached from the main body, and slid over to the work area wia retractable tank treading beneath it. It slid into place just next to the skeleton of metroplex, and several dozen worker units emerged as the section opened into a full blown construction bay. A familiar, yet strangely different figure emerged from the ship...

"Well, seems I got here just in time, huh?" spoke Cerebros.

His optics glowed bright blue and he approached the dinobots and others at work...

"I have to appologize for my delay... the ship was not flight capable after the last ordeal we had... as such, we needed time to repair... but now that I'm here, the construction attachment can give its support in the building of the mark 2 metroplex."

2002-04-27, 05:35 PM
Omega Supreme glanced up as Fortress Maximus arrived.
"Finally," he said aloud, but talking to no one in particular.
"Your arrival, welcome," he told Cerebros.
"Assistance, appreciated."

Transforming into tank mode, he began hauling the construction supplies over to the huge Fortress Maximus construction unit.

2002-04-27, 08:10 PM
"This is blasphemy Hatemunger! I don't care if Unicron kills us all but I can't stand working with these Autobots much longer!" A deep, angry voice echoed in Hatemunger's head. The speaker was Trypticon... the enormous dinosaur shaped Decepticon assault base standing lonely near the Autobot coty Iacon.

"Look at us! We are helping them to build more weapons from themselves! Wasn't it enough that they have those two Maximus class dolts! Do we really have to help them building new Metroplex! Where is the justice the Autobots claim to believe in?! If Unicron falls the Autobots have an upperhand against us again! I hate this!" Trypticon complained through his numerous communications channels to the Decepticon general that was in charge of the Decepticons on Cybertron.

"You could at least be upgrading my weapon systems instead of helping those Autoscraps..." The giant snorted and glanced angrily at Iacon from his location.

2002-04-28, 09:45 PM
Rally entered Shotbomber's room and saw that he was sleeping peacefully.
("good, he's sound asleep. I should get some shuteye too") she thought as she left the room yawning. She moved to a room directly opposite Shotbomber's. She returned her exosuit to subspace and retrieved a suitcase and a sleepingbag from it. ("Subspace the best way to store luggage") She thought as she placed the sleepingbag on the bed. She quickly changed into a nightgown and got inside the sleepingbag. She was asleep in no time.

2002-04-29, 12:49 AM
Hatemunger heard Trypticon.

"Hmm I know it is odd, we are helping the Autobots to build more weapons, but in my honest opinion they can lead the charge against Unicron."

He looked to Quake, Wierdwolf and Skullcruncher (OOC NPCs just cons that were on Cybertron so hey may as well bring them here :) ).

"But what would be required to upgrade your weapons while we have time?" Hatemunger asked.

2002-04-29, 02:02 AM
Brawn looked around "perfectly good decepti-morons to bash and this alliance prevents it"

Sunstreaker nods "Yeah who am I supposed to practice my sharpshooting on"

Jazz shrugged "there is always drones, besides peace is good I hope even after Unicron is dealt with we can just sit back and relax, no more war"

"Speak for yourself, these decept-creeps can't be trusted" Brawn replies to Jazz

Blaster shook his head "Man Brawn you and Sunstreaker have gotta chill out, Decepti-creeps can;t be trusted yeah but so far so good with the alliance"

Jazz nodded to Blaster getting up and walking across the room to a console turning it on as human music blares through "Besides we can actually listen to our music without worry of being attacked now"

Blaster nodded his head to the music Brawn and Sunstreaker both covering their audio sensors "TURN IT OFF" sunstreaker cried.

2002-04-29, 06:43 AM
Sky Garry watches Rally slip in and chekc on Shotbomber. He dims the lights in her room as she falls asleep, shutting the door for her to keep anyone out unless its urgent. He too, settles down for the night with a tired mental sigh, allowing the other Autobots access to his repair bay, should need be, trying to forget his frustrations at being so useless in this fight. He should be out there... but orders were orders, and he would obey.

2002-04-29, 04:35 PM
Megatrron's body stopped. The wires cackled and flung off as the power metre went down to zero. Megatron's eyes dimmed slowly, but light faded from them....


TimeSplitter's eyes became a bright blue.

"Megatron... something has hapened to him!"

2002-04-29, 07:16 PM
"What would be required? Are you telling me you don't have any extra weapons at all that could be installed to me? Typical." Trypticon frowned.

"It was a mere suggestion Hatemunger. I pretty much think my firepower is still second to none after the Constructicons rebuilt me into this new form, that makes me as large as those Maximus class Autobots. They even enchanged my reptile mode... it is more agile and devastating than before... Scrapper babbled something about that they made my structure to resemble the true Tyrannosaur design instead of lumbering oaf I was..." Trypticon continued tiredly.

"Can you imagine how boring it is to be a battlestation who can't do nothing more than wait for a battle to begin. When left alone to rust here back on these hills? I doubt you can..." Trypticon sighed, giving a glance full of hatred towards the massive form of Fortress Maximus.

2002-04-30, 01:03 AM
Siren: -looking uneasily over towards Trypticon- "So who built Mecha-Godzilla over there?"

Hosehead -looks- "From that emblem, I'd guess the Decepticons."

Brainstorm: -looks over- "Does anybody remember Trypticon being that big?"

Chromedome: -looks- "He's as big as Scorponok's ship......."

Hardhead: "And I never thought I'd say this, but twice as ugly as well."

Siren: '"Has anybody told you guys that you're way too calm sometimes?"

Chromedome: -shrugs- "It's the way we are."

Brainstorm: -grins- "Completely, totally insane."

Hardhead: "I've always thought it was a lack of common sense, myself....."

2002-04-30, 02:00 AM
Hatemunger thought.

"Hang on Trypticon I believe we can give you some weapons upgrades." Hatemunger though and got onto a long range com-link to Earth.

"Scrapheap this is Hatemunger come in." He said.

On Metrotitan.
Scrapheap the Aerialcons, Crashticons, Stealth Darklark and Skystalker were all sitting bored. Suddenly Scrapheaps com-link beeped.

"What the Hatemunger! Please get us off this bored rock!" The crashticon leader moaned.

"I can't do that right now Scrapheap, but I need to question you about your lab, would there be enough matierals to give Trypticon an upgrade?" He asked.

"Yeah I am sure there is more than enough high energy cannons and missile launchers around that you could mount onto him along with other stuff. You know my passcodes to get in, but give us something to do here!?" Scrapheap moaned.

"Talk to Onslaught and company they must have something you can do. Hatemunger out."

He talked to Trypticon again.
"Well we can upgrade you, if you so desire." Hatemunger smiled.

2002-04-30, 07:59 PM
"Well, well... perhaps you have something to give to me after all." Trypticon muttered and flexed the enormously powerful neck area slowly.

"Truely Hatemunger... what I really need is more energon effiecient power transformers to my fuel chamber. With this consumption rate I'll burn my fuel storages down within half an hour if my full firepower is used after vertical take-off. That is something to work on." Trypticon explained to Hatemunger.

The massive Decepticon battlestation began then to walk towards Iacon lazily, groung trembling under his every step.

Whilst moving towards Iacon the gigantic T-Rex opened his massive jaws like he was yawning and contacted Hatemunger again. "I'll relocate myself closer to Iacon now."

Lord Zarak
2002-05-01, 02:13 PM
Axer agreed with bandits point.
"Yeah, you're right. I think that working together now will only bring about the end of Unicron,and therefore, the resumption of business. Can you find me something to do?"

Sky Lynx dived down towards Hausa Macheinus.
"LOOK OUT BELOOOWW!" he shouted as he dove, and picked up Hausa.
"Fancy a bit of aerial target practice?"

2002-05-01, 04:19 PM
"Like I said, the only thing to do right now is rebuilt this or fortify that. As for other stu..." Bandit started before he was interrupted by a steady rumble. Bandit turned to see what was going on. He saw the looming form of Trypticon move closer to Iacon. He turned back to Axer.
"As for other stuff, you might want to check with who ever controll that thing" Bandit says as he points to Trypticon.
"By the way, does your bounty list include human targets?" he asks Axer.

2002-05-02, 01:41 AM
The Spychangers and Dinobots continued to work on Metroplex Mk2, managing to complete the steel framework of the body.

2002-05-02, 05:43 AM
Hausa Macheinus flailed his legs as a Granite Beast reached up for him. Sky Lynx snagged him by the shoulder and lifted him up into the air beyond the reach of the native rock creatures.

"Fancy a bit of aerial target practice?" Sky Lynx said.

"One thing I can guarantee you, Sky...this will not be practice!" Hausa spat. He summoned his blaster from subspace and took aim at the group.

My energy levels are low, but I will not be denied! Hausa Macheinus suddenly thought back to another battle, long ago it seemed, where he fought with the last bit of energon in his oil.

But he could not recollect the specifics. And why did he have this nagging feeling that somehow things were not quite right. That, perhaps, he had changed some way.

Hausa let loose with wild shots as a Granite Beast buckled and collapsed. The others scattered and headed back into the crater.

"You have no spark...you have no life," Hausa spat as the last burrowed back into the ground.

His arms tightened up as he noticed the sky growing dim. What is going on?...Oh no, I am shutting down! Hausa realized that he needed some of that energon that remained from his shuttle.

But he dared not ask for help. He had imposed himself already on his new Autobot acquaintance. He would wait until they prepared to leave the planet before asking for help again.

Hausa looked around at the remains of his shuttle...he looked out at the crater formed from his crash landing. Whatever importance the past held for him, he would abandon for now.

"I believe our work is done on this planet, Sky Lynx." Hausa Macheinus spoke confidently as the Lieutenant soared through the air. "We can finally leave, now."

2002-05-02, 12:39 PM
Omega Supreme transformed, and stood up to his full height.
"Good work," he rumbled to the Spychangers and Dinobots.
"Project is going well now."

He turned, and moved some steel into the huge construction bay of Fortress Maximus, which was even big enough to accomodate him. Drones scurried all over the surface of Metroplex, welding, moving sheets of metal, and wiring in circuitry. Omega smiled, as he realised that this would be one city that he would NOT have to defend.

"Fortress Maximus," he spoke to the huge city.
"How soon before Metroplex is now completed?

2002-05-02, 04:00 PM
Hatemunger flew to Scrapheaps lab with a shuttle craft and began to load up on various guns tools, parts and other stuff to use to upgrade Trypiticon.

God Jinrai
2002-05-02, 04:43 PM
Cerebros spoke as he looked up at the behemoth..

"Well, Omega... the rate we're going, we should have things ready before Optimus returns... as you can see, the infrastructure for the legs and main body are nearly complete... all that remains now is the installation of the transformation cog, his core consciousness, and the remaining computer systems... and of course... the main weapons mounts need to be interfaced"

Cerebros gazed over at the now near finished mark 2 metroplex... it s silverish white color shone brightly.... A titanium white gleam shone as the maximus drones continued work on the exterior, and several larger droids carried computer interface equipment inside...

Lord Zarak
2002-05-02, 06:56 PM
"Well Hausa, lets get going, it'll be good to be home again, if only for a short time.
Blaster , this is Sky Lynx reporting that Hausa Machienus and I are on our way, and will be with you shortly. Sky Lynx out."

2002-05-03, 04:03 AM
Sky Lynx was in space shuttle mode and had taken off from the planet. Hausa Macheinus, aboard the massive triple changer, eagerly anticipated going home to Cybertron. He wondered how it would look after a millenia of Civil War.

Hausa said, "I must confess, Lieutenant, that I am not completely myself." Hausa thought back to his re-formatting by Primus, the One.

He was unsettled by a brooding sense of ineptitude. Hausa did not know anything about Sky Lynx's struggles nor the state of Cybertron. He thougth to himself: How long have I been out of action?

"I fear that I do not know entirely what is going on. What is the purpose of your mission? The last few memories that I can recollect are of some great battle between 'Bots and 'Cons. I am not sure how much help I will be on your mission."

Hausa looked out of a window watching the planetoids pass by; or, rather, watching Sky Lynx pass by these planetoids. Despite his feelings of uncertainty, Hausa was satiated by his fill of energon and was feeling like his old self.

"I can see now why you are indispensible to the Autobot resistance, Sky Lynx. By the way Sky Lynx, how did you come to Transform into an earthen beast? There is no such mechanoid as a lynx on Cybertron."

2002-05-03, 02:07 PM
Minerva: -working on the wounded-

Nightbeat: -assisting-

Chromedome, Siren, Hosehead, Brainstorm, and Hardhead: -working on Metroplex Mk2-

Roadbuster: "All I'm saying is this, Springer. How do we know we can trust the Decepticons? They're going to do everything they can to ensure that as soon as we defeat Unicron and the Leige Maximo's forces, they'll come out in a stronger position than we will be in. Nobody seems to be taking that into account. How do we even know they'll stay on our side through the whole battle? As soon as it appears obvious that we'll win, how do we know the Decepticons will make this fight a two front battle for us?" -paces away, paces back, pounds fist into open palm- "We need to make plans for this, not trust that this so called truce will last!"

2002-05-04, 04:32 AM
Sky Lynx voice came through Blaster's chest as he looked up "Someone bettah find Swoop and tell him skly lynx is coming, anf right when he gets here we gotta fly"

Jazz nodded "Keep your engines ready I'll be back in a jiffy" he said getting up and walking back into the med bay looking for the flying dinobot Swoop

2002-05-04, 08:08 PM
Rally's dreams were all but peaceful. She was dreaming of a battlefield, littered by the bodies of hundreds if not thousands of transformers.
"Where am I?" she whispered.
"Rally!!" a familiar voice called.
"Huh? Bean! Where are you!?" she called.
"Over here" the voice replied.
Rally turned around to see Bandit running towards her. As he approached a green light shot straight through him. Bandit collapsed. Rally ran to where Bandit had fallen, she saw Bean lying next to the charred transector.
"BEAN! NOOO!!" she shouted as she looked up to where the light came from. She froze. In the sky above the form of Unicron floated. She would have fainted there and then, if she wasn't frozen with fear. For the titan was looking right at her. Rally felt as though she was looking at death himself. She could hear his voice pounding inside her head "You are the last, now prepare to die". At that moment his eyes lighted up and the same light that struck down Bean was descending upon her. Suddenly she felt herself being knocked to the ground. She looked up to see a being out of legend. "A Gargoyle.." she whispered. She turned her head to see the gargoyle heading towards Bean's prone form and bend down. "Get away from him!" she shouted. The being ignored her and instead lifted Bean upright. The next moment the being split into several parts which attached themselves to Bean's exosuit. Bean now headed over to her, kneeled and looked her in the face."Bean? Is that you? What was that thing?" she asked.
"Yes It's me Rally, and that thing is our salvation!" Bean replied as he flew off towards Unicron.
"BEAN! COME BACK! NOOOO!" Rally shouted.
At that moment she woke up. She was breathing heavily and cold sweat was running down her face.
("Thank goodness it was all a dream. No, not a dream, a nightmare") she thought as she got out of bed. ("I'd better go check on Shotbomber") she thought as she quickly dressed into her clothes. ("I don't think I could sleep anyway") she thought as she headed for Shotbomber's room.

Lord Zarak
2002-05-04, 10:00 PM
"Humans?", Axer replied to Bandit . "Hardly worth my talents, but prey all the same. Got any you want rid of?"

2002-05-05, 04:05 PM
Got any you want rid of?"

"Get rid of em? Now why would I want to do that?" Bandit said as he pulled his head from his torso, placed it in his hand and held it in front of Axer. "After all, I'M human" he continued as Bandit's head reverted to Bean Bandit.

2002-05-05, 05:06 PM
TimeSplitter's engines stopped ince more, as ShockWave, didn't answer.

CounterPunch looked at him.

"Anyone in there Shockwave!"

2002-05-06, 11:02 PM
Omega nodded his head once, to indicate that he heard Cerebros.
"Omega will speed construction as much as possible."

The huge Autobot grabbed several panels and hauled them over to the outer hull of Metroplex, before swivelling his head cannon, and beginning to weld the panels to the skeletal structure.

2002-05-07, 01:03 AM
The Autobot clones Cloudraker and Fastlane helped each other bring in another support beam for the rebuilding of this new Metroplex, and they were they first to spot Ultra Magnus. "Ultra Magnus!"

"Ya Ultra Magnus..."

Ultra Magnus shook his head, "I did all I could at Iacon, now I better see to this." Magnus smiled, "You know I thought I'd never see Metroplex again... here let me help you guys with that."

2002-05-07, 06:45 PM
Jazz looked around Iacon "Yo Swoop Where are ya man are rides comin in and you organized this whole thing" Jazz called through the halls of Iacon looking for the Dinobot.

Blaster Brawn and Sunstreaker sat in Ratchets office in the Med Lab getting ammo and weapons together getting ready for the battle.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-05-07, 07:06 PM
"We need to make plans for this, not trust that this so called truce will last!"

"I don't trust it for one moment old friend - that's why we need to talk to Prowl and Trailbreaker, and be quiet about it..."

Springer walked over to Roadbuster and placed a re-assuring hand on his ally's shoulder, pulling him closer....

"Wreck 'n' Rule ain't just a gimmick y'know..."

2002-05-07, 08:19 PM
Trypticon stopped next to the outer walls of Iacon after finally reaching them and yawned loudly. Then the gigantic Decepticon dinosaur lowered himself to the ground, causing an small earthquake that rocked the Autobot capital.

The massive assaultbase began then scratch his snouth against the ground near Iacon's main gate like an enormous dog as he waited for Hatemunger's Decepticons to start their work.


2002-05-08, 02:08 AM
Metroplex's construction continued smoothly...well, as smoothly as it could when six spies and three warriors work together.

"Hey!", Snarl shouted, as Hot Shot accidentally swung a girder in his drection.

"Sorry", the Spychanger leader said.

Slag and Sludge had not better luck with R.E.V and Counter-Arrow, constantly criticizing their work, only to have their lackluster work thrown back at them.

2002-05-08, 01:25 PM
Roadbuster: -chuckles, gives Springer a thumbs-up- "Wreck 'n Rule."

Brainstorm: "Well, that's the left leg completed. Just need to put the dermal plating on it now and test the servos for calibration."

Siren: "Only one leg, two arms, and a head to go."

Hosehead: "What about the body?"

Chromedome: -watching the Dinobots and Spychangers work on the body- "Best not to think about it right now."

Minerva: -overhauling Sky Garry's control consoles-

Nightbeat: -somewhat out of his element, handing tools and parts to Minerva- "So what's on the agenda after this?"

Minerva: "Weapons systems." -sighs- "It's a pity Megaton's offline."

Nightbeat: "What? Why?"

Minerva: "We all know he's got that fusion cannon, right?"

Nightbeat: "Yeah."

Minerva: "And it's believed he can use it to tap into some source, get a small amount of anti-matter, bring it into contact with matter, and channel the destructive blast the matter/anti-matter explosion would cause from said cannon."

Nightbeat: "In theory."

Minerva: "So why don't we build one."

Nightbeat: "What? Build a fusion cannon?"

Minerva: "It's biggest drawback would be the energy required to fire it, and there may be a way to design it so it literally powers itself."

Nightbeat: "You've been hanging around Wheeljack again."

Minerva: "It's still a good idea. Imagine what that would do to Unicron. Heck, if we could get it to fire a magnetic stabilizer bottle filled with anti-matter......"

Nightbeat: "The explosion caused by the bottle's breakdown on impact would blow Unicron up and Cybertron out of it's orbit.... if Cybertron survived the explosion at all, that is."

Minerva: "We'd have stopped Unicron."

Nightbeat: "The term 'Pyrrhic Victory' comes to mind."

Minerva: "So why not just build a large scale version of the fusion cannon?"

Nightbeat: "Darn it, Min, I'm a detective, not an engineer!"(Sorry about that. It just sprang to mind...)

Minerva: "So go find Wheeljack, or contact Brainstorm."

Nightbeat: "Wheeljack it is. He's probably the only one crazy enough to build it." -leaves Sky Garry, goes looking for Wheeljack-

(Uh, where is Wheeljack, anyway?)

2002-05-08, 03:04 PM
Omega nodded again.
"I am not much help any more. Too big to go inside the city in robot mode," he glanced down at Jinrai.
"What are my orders now?" he asked the Autobot commander on Cybertron.

God Jinrai
2002-05-08, 06:01 PM
Super Jinrai sat in silence... trying to keep his mind from drifting back to the past... and overlord, black zarak and the disasters of his world... hearing omega, he sprung back to reality...

"Honestly, Omega Supreme... I'm at a loss for orders at the moment... Best to likely revert to your tank and base mode for now... you're a little more manuverable in that form... and it'll conserve your power as well... or.. ...ah who am I kidding... I highly doubt a guardian robot would find it in himself to tell his commanding officer about the past... "

Jinrai disengaged his trailer, and reverted to vehicle mode... the engine sprung from the transector, and the godmaster reverted to his armored human mode...Bowing his head, letting out a deep sigh, he thougth to himself...

"This... is worse than what happened in my universe.... I'm...likely better off dead as things stand..."

2002-05-08, 06:38 PM
Rally walks into Shotbomber's room.
("The guy is still sleeping. I hope he doesn't have any nightmares") she thinks as she walkes over to a table. Pulling up a chair she sits down and pull a pack of cards from subspace. ("Nothing calms me down more than a nice game of solitair") she thinks as she shuffles the cards and starts playing Solitair.

2002-05-09, 03:24 AM
Nightbeat: -walks up to Jinrai, thinks for a moment that he's looking at Hi-Q, then sees the Godbomber trailer, shakes head- "....tired....." -transforms to vehicle mode-

Muzzle: -pulls helmet off of Headmaster armor, gets out of Nightbeat's passenger compartment, yawns, stretches, looks over at Jinrai, cracks his back- "Ya know, if anybody'd told me a year ago that I'd get to be human oragami, I'd a laughed in their face." -sits on Nightbeat's front bumper- "You look kinda beleagured there, bubba. Want to talk about it?"

Nightbeat: "What about Wheeljack?"

Muzzle: "Try the commlink. If he wants to build what Minerva's suggesting, he can go right ahead. Long as he's not anywhere nearby."

Nightbeat: "That goes without saying." -activates commlink- "Wheeljack, come in."

Muzzle: -refocuses on Jinrai- "Well?"

Minerva: -transforms, disengaging from her transector, pulls her helmet off- "I'm getting stiff." -starts stretching, runs through a brief kata- "So, Garry, what do you think of my idea?"

2002-05-09, 11:53 PM
Pointblank collected Prowl and Trailbreaker and met with Springer.

Pointblank: "I take it you had something you needed...by the way, its good to see you in one piece again."

2002-05-11, 01:35 AM
Snarl walked towards Pointblank

"We've almost got the body finished", he said. "We should probably start working on the computer systems."

Lord Zarak
2002-05-11, 12:11 PM
"My apologies Bandit , had I realised, I would not have said such a thing. Allow me to rephrase my question- do you have any humans you would want rid of to ensure the smooth operation of the alliance between the Transformers, and our battle against Unicron."


Swoop was helping the the rebuilding of Metroplex with the dinobots when Blasters communication.
"Sky Lynx is on his way, I need to go and get ready,Grimlock ." And with that, he dropped his materials and flew off to meet Blaster


Shockwave heard CounterPunch, but he did not listen, for he was looking upon a Transformer he thought he had seen the last of. All that was going through his logic circuits was How? How? How?...


"Well Hausa, it was a long time ago that I was able to transform into a lynx", replied Sky Lynx."And as for our mission? It appears that Unicron is back in these parts, and I am needed for a mission to retrive materials for a fallen colleague. Fancy joining me on it? That is if Optimus allows you.

2002-05-11, 04:39 PM
"My apologies Bandit. Allow me to rephrase my question- do you have any humans you would want rid of to ensure the smooth operation of the alliance between the Transformers, and our battle against Unicron."

"Apology accepted. I can't think of any humans that could possibly endanger the alliance. That's something for the Decepticons" Bean said to Axer as he transformed back into Bandit's head and placed himself atop his transector. "There are probably a few humans on earth that I wouldn't mind getting rid of, they deserve it, but i'd prefer to do that myself" he added with a smile.

2002-05-11, 08:41 PM
Pointblank: "Well done Snarl...proceed. We have some matters to discuss with Springer, contact me if you need anything."

2002-05-11, 09:00 PM
Slag and Sludge grabbed some of the computer equipment and hauled it to Metroplex's almost finished body.

God Jinrai
2002-05-12, 01:26 AM
Jinrai slowly glanced over at Muzzle...

"No... thank you, but... no.. It's one thing... to have seen what I've seen... and gone through what I've gone through... but to dare even try to talk about it... much less the inner torment that haunts me day to day... no. that would cause even more pain..."

2002-05-12, 05:15 AM
Jazz made his way to the Metroplex Construction site spotting the two dino bots Slag and Sludge His breaks it on withj a screech is it looked like jass was going to toppel over onto his roof but he transformed and flipped to his feet walking to the Dinos.

"Hey any of you guys seen the dino-bozo swoop? He organized a part to attack then split"

Blaster Brawn and Sunstreaker stood awaiting Swoop and Jazz's return saddeling up weapons and other such things.

2002-05-12, 06:30 PM
Slag put down the computer equipment and grabbed a electro-driver.

"Don't know", he said to Jazz. "We've been too busy here."

Lord Zarak
2002-05-13, 08:34 PM
With being excited about Sky Lynx's imminent arrival, Swoop forgot to ask where Blaster was
"Blaster, this is Swoop, where are you?"

2002-05-13, 10:49 PM
Blaster recieved swoops message "Iacon Confrence room, Is Jazz with you we sent him to find you" Blaster replies.

At the Metroplex construction site Jazz had taken up assisting the construction as he looked around for swoop.

2002-05-14, 02:09 AM
Hausa Macheinus paced while aboard Autobot Sky Lynx. He walked back and forth so many times it must have irritated his newfound acquaintance.

"So much has changed. If my memory chips serve me well, in my time we did not Transform into those kinds of shapes. But back on that last planet your forms served us well. "

Hausa stood still for a moment, and stammered,"So much is....so different."

Hausa thought about those names Sky Lynx mentioned. Optimus? Unicron? Maybe this one called Unicron. But what of Primus?

Hausa sat for a moment and tried to remember his last moments being on-line.

"So many names..." Hausa stammered. "I wish I could remember. Unicron might be a name that I remember..." Hausa thought back to no avail. He could not recall what life was like in his former self.

"I have never heard of an Optimus. Who is he?"

When he was reformatted by Primus, it seemed that Hausa's memory was wiped.

But glimmers of an image began to linger. Hausa Macheinus was stuck on the name, the image, really, of a female robot.

"Sky Lynx, I would be glad to join you comrade. What needs to be done?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-05-14, 09:39 AM
Springer motioned Prowl, Pointblank and Roadbuster to one side...

"Look guys Roadbuster and I have been talking, neither of us believe for one second that this fragile alliance with the deceptigoons will last - we take out Unicron and the Liege - they TRY to take out us... we need options - and fast"

Lord Zarak
2002-05-14, 10:12 PM
"Youve never heard of Optimus? Optimus Prime is the greatest leader of the Autobots. Im amazed you havent heard of him. And as for Unicron, hes almost as famous, but for nearly destroying Cybertron. You talked of "your time". What was your time like?"

"CounterPunch" Shockwave said eventually, "Come here and tell me I am seeing who I am seeing."

"Jazz? No, Ive not seen him, I must have flown over him. Wnat me to tell him Im on my way to meet you?

"Bandit, I applaud you for doing your own dirty work as and when it needs doing. You seem reasonable... for a human.

2002-05-15, 01:36 PM
"Thanks for the compliment, I think. Your not so bad yourself... for a bountyhunter" Bandit replied.

2002-05-15, 05:02 PM
Hatemunger arrived back at Trypiticon.

"I am sorry I took a little longer than I expected." He smiled.
"However you should be more than happy with what I found in Scrapheaps lab." He smiled as a small army of maintance drones began to carry out the cargo in the shuttle.

"First I found several new energon transistors these are to replace the old outdated ones inside of you now that alone should help your energon capacity. Next I took several new erergon containment units to increase your overall energon holdings. The drones will begin to work on you now to install these systems as they seem to your primary desire." He looked at the drones as they began to climb over the massive Decepticon and were already begining to work away.

"Now for your weapons upgrades, I like what you have now and decided more is far better especally with your now great energy efficanicy and supply I found a large stockpile of weapons to have the drones in stall on you, first I took 4 fusion cannons systems, these should allow you to at least make Unicron notice you." Hatemunger laughed. "Along with the fusion cannons and several high power laser turrets I also found about 150 micro missle launchers with conventional and homing capablity." he puased for a moment and then spoke again.

"Finally, there is the problem of defense on you, I also found several tons of Galvantium plating I have several drones melting it into slag now they will then afix the metal onto you this should make you an even tougher cookie to crack than you already were." He looked at Wierdwolf, Quake and Skullcruncher (Remember these guys are NPCs) and spoke.

"You three whatever Trypiticon needs you help him! There are about 100 drones milling about now, with this number of drones working on 24/7 I expect that your upgrades should be completed within the next few days." He started to walk away now I have business of my own to take care of.

He walked into a command station in Iacon and tried to communicate to Earth.

"Metrotitan commander Astrotrain this is Hatemunger on Cybertron, I am just giving you an update on the situation on Cybertron. Trypiticon is here and is getting a rather large overhaul on his offensive, defensive and energon capablities. Also, I have found the Decepticons Shockwave, Wierdwolf, Skullcruncher and Quake as well as the out of our time Decepticons of Timesplitter and Counterpunch are now helping us as well. Do you know if there are any more Decepticons on Cybertron that may help us?" He asked and waited.

2002-05-15, 09:40 PM
"Aah... some attention at last." Trypticon chuckled to himself.

"Seems that you have quite good connections to our weapon developers... or might there be a chance that you have found several more questionable ways to acquire these components?" Trypticon asked from Hatemunger amusedly as the drones began working.

Lord Zarak
2002-05-15, 09:57 PM
"Thanks for the compliment, I think. Your not so bad yourself... for a bountyhunter" Bandit replied.

"Youve heard of me then, I take it?", said Axer in reply to the humans compliment

2002-05-15, 11:41 PM
"No" Hatemunger replied to Trypiticon over the din of the drones working with the headmasters and targetmaster.

"I have close connections to a Decepticon engineer I don't he will mind that I used those compoents given the fact that none of us may even be around after this battle with Unicron and the rogue cons." Hatemunger smiled.

2002-05-16, 02:04 PM
"Youve heard of me then, I take it?"

"I've heard your the best bountyhunter on the planet. As someone who runs jobs on both sides, I always attempt to find out a bit about possible allies/adversaries. At least that's how me and my partner Rally worked on Earth, before we moved here" Bandit replied.

Lord Zarak
2002-05-16, 03:49 PM
Axer asked Bandit "Why did you move from your planet to Cybertron? Were you forced by Galvatron?"

2002-05-16, 04:36 PM
"Galvatron didn't force us, though the Decepticons did have a hand in it. They occupied our hometown of Chicago and made my job as courier almost impossible under their rule. So when Rally and me heard about a convoy leaving for a place that wasn't in Decepticon hands we joined it. Little did we know that the convoy was going to Cybertron. When we got here, we tried setting up our old business as couriers. But as humans we didn't exactly have a good chance for defending ourselves, after a few jobs for the Autobots we convinced them to turn me into a Headmaster and my car into the body you see before you. I don't have much in the way of weapons, just a pair of energized battleclaws. I'm good at close combat, but guns are a problem. Rally is the marksman or rather markswoman of the team. But Cybertronian weapons are just a tad too big for humans to wield, so we convinced the Decepticons to make her my Targetmaster. That's basicly how we ended up here" Bandit explained.

2002-05-16, 05:07 PM
"Nah I'll radio him Swoop jucst get on over here Skylynx is bound to arrive at any time" Blaster replied nodding to Brawn and Susntreaker.

"You Two go Wait for Skylynx and bring some energone cubes he is gonna need to be feuled and cooled before we split" Blaster says to the other two Autobots.

Brawn nodded "Aslong as I get to bash some heads eventully" He replies turning and walking out of the room Susntreaker nodding. "Ehhh I know I'm gonna need a new wax job after all this" He said following Brawn out.

Once outside of the room Brawn transformed into jeep mode and drove ahead to the energy storage a yellow lambourghini pulling up beside him after a few seconds. "Wonder if Skywarp and that Redstreak guy did their mission" Brawn wondered aloud "Hope not may take away the head bashing fun though there are a few 'cons around here who would like a nickle knuckle plated sandwich" he said to himself. "Well if I was there that mission would be done astro hours ago" Sunstreaker retorted to Brawn.
"I'm sure Sunstreaker, definatly alot faster if an Autobot went not some mis-fit 'con" Brawn finished.

Back inside the confrence room of Iacon Blaster was on a chair in tape deck mode. "Yo Jazz Come in Swoop is on his way here you should be too" Blaster said.

Jazz was now asssisting on the construction of the new Metroplex welding something down with his Flame Thrower. "Hey Blaster this is Jazz I'm gonna stick back and assisst with Metroplex now, get this big guy up and runnin' faster then maybe organize some back up for you guys"

"Alright Jazz see yah when we get back" he Transformed back into Robotmode walking out the same exit Susntreaker and Brawn used a few minutes earliar.

2002-05-17, 05:10 AM
Conciousness returned slowly to the massive transformer called Sky Garry. The first thing he was aware of was the alrt state of his body... no pain, no stiffness or numbness. His body was finally repaired. He does a complete systems check and stops, satisfied. Then he checks on the sleepers within, not wanting to move until they were awake. Shotbomber was starting to stirr... and so he movse on to the girl...

Lord Zarak
2002-05-18, 12:57 PM
"Right", replied Swoop, "I'll fly accross to Iacon and meet you there Blaster"

Axer, slightly confused, said to Bandit
"So the Autobots in effect made you, and the Decepticons made Rally? Why?"

2002-05-18, 03:49 PM
"Why? Because we planned it that way. They didn't "make" us, they only converted us. You may have noticed that I don't bear the Autobot symbol. Rally doesn't bear the Decepticon symbol either, we didn't want to take sides. Like I said, on Earth we worked for both sides of the law, most of the time we made sure "cargo" got where it was supposed to be. Here we needed something extra to ensure each job we had wasn't a near suicide mission. We had the Autobots convert me and and my car, because they are the most proficient with that sort of vehicle. The Decepticons know the most about weapons, so we convinced them to convert Rally into my Targetmaster. And we made sure neither of us got bonded to an Autobot or Decepticon, mainly because we didnt want to pick sides or become dependant on anyone but ourselves" Bandit explained.
"For the most part, our moving to Cybertron was for the best. The only thing I really miss is my old "buddy" Percy" he added with a slight sigh.

* * * * *

Rally had finished so many Solitair games she had lost count and was about to start another one when she heard Shotbomber stir.
("I hope it's not another nightmare") she thinks as she heads over to Shotbomber's bed.

2002-05-18, 05:49 PM
Shotbomber was awake! He stirrs and yawns, flinching at the stiffness as he sits up "Garry?" THen Rally appears and he jumps in startlement.

"Its okay Shotbomber. Its Rally." Garry's voice emits from a wall soothingly. The micromaster calms and looks around blearily "Wh... what time is it?"

2002-05-19, 12:10 AM
Muzzle: "Something bad happened. We've all been through bad stuff. But you can't let it keep you down. Especially when you're center seat for this. You're in command, Jinrai. We might all know what we're doing, but it's the guy in charge that we all take a cue from. You keep this doom and gloom stuff up, and we're all gonna be feeling that way. And if we start thinking that they're gonna win, we're all done for." -chuckles- "And with the Autobots distrusting the Decepticons, and the Decepticons distrusting the Autobots, Unicron might not have to do a whole lot to wipe us out."

Minerva: "Sky Garry? Do you know anything about weapons systems?"

Nightbeat: -on commlink- "Wheeljack? Respond please."
(Where the devil is he?)

God Jinrai
2002-05-19, 04:06 AM
Jinrai almosted glared at nightbeat, but refrained from an outburst... it wouldn't be right to let out his frustrations on the headmaster commander... glancing about, he could see that the majority of the work needing done was being completed by the maximus drones... feeling that perhaps now would be a good a time as any for revalations, and perhaps... getting to know his troops... Jinrai issued an order...

"All autobots working on fortress maximus, with the exemption of the maximus drones, cog and cerebros, finish what you're doing and report to my location. Jinrai out."

..."perhaps some lore and tales of these present may get me to understand better those that I command... as well as where this wide span of autobots are from... as well as...WHEN... they are from..." he thought to himself...

2002-05-19, 04:25 AM
"Hmmm?" the large mech replies as he shifts a few peices to work the kinks out "Depends on what types. Why?"

2002-05-19, 05:29 AM
Minerva: -leans back against her vehicle mode transector- "Could we build a large scale version of Megatron's fusion cannon? One big enough to knock out Unicron with one or two hits? I think the hardest part of it would be getting it to access the anti-matter and channel the explosion into a blast of energy." -shrugs- "Knocking Unicron out before he can attack or deploy any troops would give us an advantage."

Chromedome: -over commlink- "Acknowledged, Jinrai." -shuts down commlink- "C'mon, guys."

Chromedome, Brainstorm, Hardhead, Siren, and Hosehead: -transform to vehicle mode, start driving(or in Brainstorm's case, flying) to Jinrai's location-

Quig: -stretching in Siren's driver's seat-

Siren: -skids slightly as Quig manages to hit both the brake and gas pedals at the same time- "Watch it, bookworm."

Lug: -stretching in Hosehead's seat-

Hosehead: "I was hoping they'd start getting along by now."

Lug: -chuckles- "Not gonna happen, man. But they are getting used to each other. Quig and Siren may never be the greatest of friends, but they need each other to counterbalance their own faults if no other reasons."

Hosehead: "That's true. Siren's nowhere near as loud as he used to be."

Nightbeat: -transforms to robot mode-

Muzzle: -transforms to Nightbeat's head, connects to Nightbeat's body-

Chromedome, Brainstorm, hardhead, Siren, and Hosehead: -arrive-

2002-05-19, 07:37 AM
Sky garry was silent several long moments as he listened. "An Antimatter cannon large enough... to knock out Unicron?" he says, sounding both shocked and wel... a bit uncertain "I'm... I'm not really sure. Its probably possible, although HOW youd' do it is beyond me. I'd set up some sort of defense grid of lasers or something around teh possible attack sites of the planet to take down as many dropships as possible before they hit the ground."

"Aside from that... I don't really know. "

2002-05-19, 05:41 PM
Springer was correct, the decepticons would never keep the peace...they were not to be trusted.

Prowl: "My only thought is this...we expect the worst and the second Unicron is defeated we attack."

Pointblank: "No...we can't attack like that. It would make us no better than the decepticons...Springer...have you any thoughts on this?"

2002-05-20, 01:24 AM
Minerva: "Maybe we should do both.... Remember, Liege Maximo and his guys will be fighting to hold a beachhead landing point, trying to grab and maintain a foothold on a planet where everybody's against them. That's probably why they're rebuilding Unicron. Make him a combination planetbuster/troop carrier. If it wasn't for the fact that Nightbeat is probably right, I think we'd be better off using pure anti-matter and magnetic bottles..... although blowing Cybertron apart might be a bit much to go to stop them."

Roadbuster: "They're Decepticons. We know they won't fight fair. Is there anything written down that says we have to?"

Chromedome, Brainstorm, Hardhead, Siren, and Hosehead: -transform to robot mode-

Chromedome: "What's up, Jinrai?"

God Jinrai
2002-05-20, 01:32 AM
"It...may be strange, but... I want... no, need to know everyone that's present here... consider it my way of trying to become a better leader... The maximus drones have everything under control, and metroplex's completion grows closer by the hour... now would be a time to step out from the chaos comming... and reflect upon...and discuss... our past... that perhaps it may affect positively our future."

Jinrai spoke in almost a whisper... feeling almost humiliated... Prime would have likely never done this... he thought... and for that very reason, he slowly felt more and more inferior to the others around him... even as leader of the remaining forces.

2002-05-20, 03:53 AM
Hatemunger stood in a room and watched the construction on Trypiticon.

"New energon systems are in yes. Begining to install new weapons we are." Wierdwolf said over the din of the drones and the few decepticons that were around.

"Excellent continue the work and keep me informed." Hatemunger rubbed his chin.

"I need to talk to some of the Autobot leadership on this planet before Unicron gets here." He got onto his com-link.

"Any availble Autobot leadership, this is Hatemunger Decepticon leader on cybertron until Galvatron returns. I need to discuss a possible plan of attack and defense for the immient arrival of Unicron. Please responde."

2002-05-20, 09:23 AM
"Hmmmm," Omega Supreme rumbled, placing the huge piece of sheet metal he had been working with onto the ground as he heard Jinrai's summon.

Turning away from the hull of Metroplex, he strode over to the small group of Autobots.

"Omega Supreme reports as you asked," he told the group.

Lord Zarak
2002-05-20, 11:27 AM
"Jinrai, I am on my way to meet Blaster in the Iacon Conference room because Sky Lynx is supposed to tramsport me and some other Autobots to a planet for materials to help with the rebuilding of Metroplex." replied Swoop.
"Do you want me to come to you or to carry on with preparing for Sky Lynx?" he asked.

2002-05-21, 12:49 AM
Chromedome: "Hardhead, Brainstorm, and I are from Master Star. We were all part of a group that Commaner Fortress lead away from Cybertron not long after the Ark left and was believed lost."

Brainstorm: "We designed these transectors to be our bodies. Nomally, we're human size."

Hardhead: "They really came in handy, too, once Scorponok ad his group decided that living in peace was impossible. We lost a lot of good friends when Scorponok and his troops attacked our cities."

Chromedome: "We pushed them from the planet, then Fortress lead a small group of us after them. Unfortuntely, they caught up to Galvatron and his troops before we could catch them." -narrows optics, balls hand into fist- "And before all is done, Sixshot will die by my hand..... no matter the cost....."

Brainstorm: "Chromedome, it's a different Sixshot here. We might not even be able to get home."

Chromedome: -growls-

2002-05-21, 01:14 AM
Sky Garry thought a long time before answering "I admit I'm not much of a tactician or weaponist, but that sounds like it could work. Problem is finding the Anti Matter to throw against him I think."

2002-05-21, 11:34 AM
As Extreme Kup picks up jinrai's comm link he thinks, "Hmm...I better go there right now before the old fart gets mad at me again" Then he finishes what hes doing and transforms and rolls out to go and report back to jinrai.


As he enters the room, he sees the other autobots are finished listening to jinrai's orders and leaving for somewhere.

Then he approached Jinrai who is listening to swoop.

"Um...sir?", Extreme Kup said nervously at jinrai "eh...did i miss anything?"

Then he thinks, "OH NO! IM DOOMED!!!!"

2002-05-22, 01:03 AM
Jazz welded something into place with his flame thrower looking around. "Man this thing would be potent if we could get the real metorplex back and make a new brain component" he said to himself turning back to his work.

Blaster reached the energon storage where Brawn and Sunstreaker had ten energon cubes stacked up waiting back for Blaster and Skylynx. Blaster opened a comm-line to Swoop

"Hey Swoop new meetin' point Energon storage 5-6-4-0-J we're waitin on Skylynx to make his appearence"

Blaster looked back at Jazz and Sunstreaker giving them the thumb up "Now we wait"

2002-05-22, 03:41 PM
Cloudraker was busy when his hyper sensitive comm system picked up a general Autobot transmission, it was addressed to an Autobot leader, he approached Ultra Magnus and Fastlane followed. "Ultra Magnus! Hatemunger Decepticon leader on cybertron until Galvatron returns needs to discuss a possible plan of attack and defense for the immient arrival of Unicron."

Ultra Magnus looked down at the two, "I have to supervise the rebulding of the city..." it didn't take long for him to think it out, "I guess that's not much huh." He opened his comm panel to respond to Hatemunger, "Hatemunger, this is Ultra Magnus responding to your call, shall we discuss this over the comm or shall I meet you somewhere?"

Lord Zarak
2002-05-22, 05:34 PM
Sky Lynx commed Blaster about his imminent arrival upon Cybertron.
"Blaster, this is Sky Lynx requesting landing clearanc and co-ordinates"

"On my way Blaster" said Swoop in reply to Blasters relaying of meeting co-ordinates.
"Can you also assemble the volunteers for the mission please?" Swoop asked of Blaster.

Lord Zarak, don't forget that sigs aren't allowed in this area, and you must un-check the sig box, thanks - Skywarp

2002-05-22, 06:02 PM
Hausa Macheinus was so excited he was in mid Transformation when he heard Sky Lynx.

I am going back home! Hausa was overjoyed as he peered out of Sky Lynx's window. Cybertron!.

Hausa sat for a moment and thought back. "I do not recall too much of my life...after Primus reformatted me my memory chips were nearly erased. But I do recall some great battles. I get the impression we have more battles ahead of us."

"Sky Lynx, I am looking forward to meeting this Optimus Prime
of yours," Hausa said. "You know, I have never heard of him.
You say he is the greatest leader of the Autobots? I have never heard of him. The greatest Autobot leader of my time was a warrior named Grimlock."

Hausa Macheinus wondered if he would ever learn more about his prior life. He thought: Unicron is here...does my reformatting have anything to do with Unicron's return?

2002-05-22, 06:13 PM
The three Dinobots began to install the computer systems, as the Spychangers got out sheets of metal to cover Metroplex's skeletal body.

2002-05-23, 01:05 AM
"I read ya loud and clear Skylynx were ready and gonna re-fuel you before we take to the stars"

Blaster then replied to Swoop "Too late for that now Skylynx is here he'll land any second and to be honest not many around to ask" Blaster looked up spotting skylynx "Cept my casettes we got no one to bring"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-05-23, 09:39 AM
"Only one....we gotta be ready for anything...."

Springer glanced sideways at the giant Trypticon.

"I reckon that weapon's upgrade's not just intended for Unicron, we need to be thinking on our feet and be prepared to counter attack at any moment.....there's just too many variables..."

2002-05-23, 12:54 PM
The drones working on Trypiticon whirred away suddenly one of them buzzed Hatemunger.

"Weapon and energon upgrades completed. Working on adding addition armour systems."

2002-05-23, 05:49 PM
Even though the Decepticons working on Trypticon's upgrades had been forced to disable most of Trypticon's function the giant had his massive scanning arrays functional. And as he really didn't have much else to do, he had focused his attention to listen at the communications traffic at Iacon. This far onlyt few messages had not been noticed by the big lizard.

Hah. Indeed Springer. You may as well be me next target after Unicron has been annihilated. Trypticon thought as he overheard Springer's words. Hmm... what is this? A message directed to Hatemunger... hah. Seems that our vigilant leader missed it, perhaps I should redirect it to him...

Trypticon activated his comm-link connection to the highest ranking Decepticon currently on Cybertron. "Trypticon to Hatemunger! Autobot Ultra Magnus has asked for audience with you."

2002-05-23, 10:52 PM
"Slag, thank you Trypiticon." He got onto his com-link.

"My apologies Magnus. I didn't mean to miss your communication. What would you like to do, I can meet you as well basically I feel some form of stratagy would be a wise idea to minimize the losses on both sides."

2002-05-24, 04:43 PM
Ultra Magnus look at the Autobot's project, he wouldn't meet here too much noise, and would the workers want a Decepticon poking his nose around. He responded to Hatemunger's transmission, "Ok meet me outside Iacon." Stratigy against Unicron... this is going to be a hard one.. Ultra Magnus transformed and started on his way out of the tunnels.

Lord Zarak
2002-05-24, 04:51 PM
"Percy is an odd name", said Axer to Bandit ."I must leave now, because I must find something to do. You may be Autobot affiliated but you have my respect. See you around"


"Grimlock was leader when you were around last?!" said Sky Lynx in shock. "That was eons ago!"

2002-05-24, 06:14 PM
"For humans Percy isn't that odd a name. And you got my repects as well. Till we meet again" Bean replied as Axer left.

Bean then noticed 2 things: that he was near Jinrai and that Firebolt was tailing him.

"Shall we go see Jinrai and ask if he has any jobs for us?" he asked the Targetmaster. "By the way, aren't you supposed to be with Hot Rod?" he added as he headed towards Jinrai.

2002-05-24, 06:53 PM
"Like Jinrai going to have much for a Targetmaster to do, unless he plans on useing the Plasma Energy chamber soon." Firebolt then addressed the other question, "Hot Rod, Yeah, but he told me to hang around you, help where I can." Firbolt smiled for a moment, "I think he just wanted to be alone with the lady. If I'm annoying you I'll leave." Then something hit Firebolt like a ton of bricks, "The Plasma Energy Chamber! I'm such an dolt! That's the perfect way to destroy Unicron... of course we would have to evacuate all the Transformers off this world... but it just might work, JINRAI!" Firebolt shouted to get his attention.

God Jinrai
2002-05-24, 10:07 PM
Stirring from his somewhat stuporous state, the temporary leader glanced over toward firebolt, approaching him slowly...

"What is it firebolt... I'm hoping that it's not yet ANOTHER scheme on how we can destroy unicron..."

he sighed heavily at the thought.... first minerva with her anti-matter fusion cannons... which would likely blow cybertron to kingdom come if the reaction occured too close to the planet.... what next...

2002-05-25, 12:55 AM
Jazz walked over to Spychangers nodding to them "Need any help with that guys or you got it under control?" Jazz asked keeping his Flame thrower out.

Back at the Energon Storage the three bots waited on the arrival of their transport Skylynx and the missions organizer Swoop

2002-05-25, 04:11 AM
Brainstorm: -thinking over Minerva's cannon idea- "It won't work."

Chromedome: "Why?"

Brainstorm: "We could build it to be self sustaining in power, but we lack the resources to actually start the cannon's powering up procedure." -sighs- "And it would take several years to build all the cannons we would need for an effective defense. The Liege Maximo will have been here and gone by the time we'd have even one of them ready."

Chromedome: "So we'll have to fight them up close."

Brainstorm: "We'll have to fight Unicron up close. That makes it a whole different matter."

Hardhead: "He was destroyed before, he can be destroyed again."

Brainstorm: "I admire your confidence, but we should face facts. This will not be easy."

Chromedome: -chuckles- "Afraid, Brainstorm?"

Brainstorm: "No. Just worried. Unicron will be much harder to destroy, or even disable, than Scorponok's crusier was."

Hardhead: "Bigger they are, the harder they-"

Siren: "-Hit."

Hosehead: "I thought it was 'fall'."

Siren: "Not with our luck."

Nightbeat: -sighs- "I suppose it would be too much to hope that Unicron and the Liege maximo's troopships take a wrong turn and fall into a black hole?"

2002-05-25, 04:17 AM
"I... I really don't know. I'm not a weapons expert nor a tactitian. Just a guardian." Sky Garri admits.

2002-05-25, 04:31 AM
Hatemunger got onto his com-link to Trypiticon.
"I am going to go talk to Ultra Magnus, the drones and other Decepticons will complete your work. I will return soon." He flew out of the room and out to where Magnus wanted to meet him.

Lord Zarak
2002-05-25, 10:08 AM
Swoop was nearly at the co-ordinates for the Energon Storage sent by Blaster. He was fying through Cybertronian arispace when something caught his eye. Thats him he thought, thats Sky Lynx!
"Swoop to Blaster , I can see Sky Lynx flying in now. MAke sure you are ready for both him and me!"

"Hausa , we are nearly there. Look at my monitor and you can see Blaster, Jazz and Swoop flying in. It's gonna be like the good old days!"

Sky Lynx circled the area twice and landed.

2002-05-25, 02:16 PM
"Hatemunger... keep the channel open. So I can record your discussion with Magnus. We might have use for any info the Autobots give in the future... and it would be a shame if the information is lost." Trypticon replied to Hatemunger's transmission and focused his attention back to listen the transmissions traffic at Iacon territory.

2002-05-25, 04:40 PM
"Excellent idea, I will keep the channel open." Hatemunger replied to Tryititicon.

2002-05-25, 11:43 PM
Hot Shot looked at Jazz.

"Yeah", he said. "We do. Thanks."

He pointed to the computer equipment.

"That needs to be hooked up and scanned for virus."

2002-05-26, 12:32 AM
Jazz nodded "Will do guys" he ssay turnikng walking over to the computers not wanting to hook them up into the system if there is a virus.

He attaches the computers to a side of a near by building to get them on-line as he begins to check them over.

Back at the Energon storage "I read ya Swoope and we've been ready for Astro-Seconds so come on"

2002-05-26, 02:11 PM
Hatemunger arrived outside of Iacon to see UltraMagnus.

Hatemunger had to admit he was impressed, Magnus was an Autobot warrior, built to last as some might say not the typical whiny Autobot whose continued existance amazed some. He looked at Magnus and spoke.

"So what should we do about our problems that will be arriving shortly?" He asked.

"Also, something needs to be done about the alliance itself, your Autobots are more worried about us attacking them and not Unicron, this is foolishness, Yes Trypiticon is being updated in your city but we are not going to attack anyone of you. I won't attack at least until I know if this war is going to continue after the battle with Unicron and our rogue Decepticons since there may not even be enough of us left to continue this excessive war!"

2002-05-27, 03:29 AM
Firebolt looked up at the... to him... gaint robot and basically shrugged, "Well I was just thinking of the encounter with the Plasma energy chamber. I mean that thing almost made Earth's Sun go Nova... It might just be able to destroy Unicron, and this Leige Maximo." Firebolt used his sceintist training to figure out this possiblity, it wasn't the result of youthful excitment as some may think. "But however Cybertron would be safe, I mean in the last encounter Cybertron didn't seem effected at all by the chamber for some reason. Of course we would have to completely evactuate Cybertron expect for organics... Of course Unicron's resulting explosion... well that's would be a problem."


However just outside Iacon, Magnus wasn't haveing a great amount of creative ideas, he was kinda hopeing Hatemunger had some. When Hatemunger talked about the Autobot's fear of the Decepticons, he had to nod his head. "Well, I must admit it's hard for me to trust any Decepticon. But in times like these, I just have to suck in my torso plate, Worrying about Decepticons is not the important thing here, surviving is."

Magnus started to rub his chin for a moment, "As for ideas... I always wondered, why don't we just use the Matrix again? I mean we now have two of them..."

2002-05-27, 03:48 AM
Hatemunger nodded.
"I must follow orders myself, and sadly hearing the Autobots constant worring is not helping me." he paused and thought about Magnus's idea.

"Hmm could be intersting to see what happens, but I feel this time around Unicron is different. All Unicron is now is a massive Transformer having been rebuilt by Maximo and the rogue cons, he is not an evil diety that the matrix could just wipe out being pure goodness or evil in the case of the Decepticon matrix.
Also, while Prime may be willing to use the Autobot martix to kill Unicron, I doubt that Galvatron would be as willing." He looked at Magnus.

"As much as I hate to say we need to battle a planet sized Transformer it looks like this is what we will have to center our staretigy around."

2002-05-27, 02:23 PM
then Extreme-kup left the building and goes somewhere..

"Darn....i got another stinkin lecture from the leader again, i should try to be more responsible this time"

then he forgets he is driving and he hits a side of a building.

"UGHN!", extereme kup said as he hits the building and falls down unconsious

2002-05-27, 05:27 PM
"Grimlock was leader when you were around last?!" said Sky Lynx in shock. "That was eons ago!"

Hausa Macheinus shook his head in disbelief as he listened to him. "I...I do not recall when that was, Sky Lynx. Maybe it was a long time ago. I do not remember." Hausa thought back for a minute and was quiet.

Hausa paced a bit and began again. "But he was incredible. A powerful warrior was he. Grimlock was...is...strong and resolute. So were all of the Dinobots if my memory chips serve."

As Sky Lynx soared downward Hausa Macheinus' optics lit up. His sensors tickled as he keenly felt the planet's gravitational pull.

"Hausa , we are nearly there. Look at my monitor and you can see Blaster, Jazz and Swoop flying in. It's gonna be like the good old days!"

Hausa peered at his companion's monitor and recognized a Dinobot.

"Swoop!" Hausa Macheinus laughed. "I recognize him...that is Swoop! He was an old Dinobot friend of mine!!"

As Sky Lynx landed Hausa Macheinus sat himself down and wondered if that were indeed the Swoop he used to know.

"Sky Lynx, I hope I have a place here amongst your Autobots. I must confess that I am rather anxious. Would you introduce me to everyone?"

2002-05-28, 01:32 PM
Minerva: -sighs- "Probably wouldn't work, anyway." -chuckles- "Blowing Unicron up in orbit would be a bad thing, no matter what. If the explosion doesn't reduce him to small pieces of shrapnel, we'll wind up like the Ewoks after the Battle of Endor. Squished by falling big chunks of superweapon." -anticipating the next question- "Somebody wrote a paper on it once." -transforms back to robot mode- "Need any more repairs, Sky Garry?"

Roadbuster: "So what do we do?"

Chromedome: "Now where would the fun be if Unicron fell into a black hole?"

Nightbeat: "Unicron and the people who are manning him aren't the only problem. It will either take all those who are aboard to run Unicron, or they'll have to delay to actually offload troops when they get here. If they do that, it'll be under fire, and we can mass our forces to wipe them out as they disembark. If they land dropships filled with troops, and have Unicron tearing into the planet at the same time, our forces have to split to face them. We're probably going to have all the fun we want and more even if Unicron falls into a black hole."

Siren: "You've been reading 'The Art of War' again, haven't you."

Nightbeat: -smirks-

Chromedome: "So how do we destroy Unicron?"

Nightbeat: "Best guess, take a strike team aboard and wipe out the command or engineering sections."

Chromedome: "Sounds like a plan. I'm all for it."

Hosehead: "Erm......Why do I have the feeling that this would fall under the heading of a suicide mission?"

Nightbeat: "Because, at a guess.... It would be." -looks over at Jinrai- "What do you think?"

2002-05-28, 02:27 PM
"ooooohhh....where am I", Extreme Kup asks himself as he gets up again.

Then he sees a couple of autobots infront of him.

"I wonder if they know what this place is", Extreme Kup thought as he approached his fellow autobots to ask where he is.

2002-05-28, 03:40 PM
"Seems that you're right, we will have to resort to battleing it. But we're going to have to be senceable about this..." Magnus then remembered the last battle with Unicron and how he devastated the Decepticon forces, in robot form, "We can't let Unicron transform, if he does so we're doomed. He doesn't have as much firepower in planet mode and Cybertron is plainly just too big for him to eat. Of course, the problem simply is, how do we keep him from transforming?"

2002-05-28, 04:17 PM
"That is the problem, but we also know how to battle him this time around, or we at least know his offensive capablities far better than we did in 2005. I say if we cannot keep him in Planet mode we must continue to attack him on the move we cannot give him time to counter attack."
He then looked at Magnus and frowned.

"Also, we do not know what other offensive capablities Jhiaxus gave him. I am willing to bet that he made sure that Unicron is far more capable in planet mode than he was before. Personally, I feel our best way of combating him will be with the help of the minicons get a commando force of Autobots and Decepticons inside of Unicron to do the following 1- take out the rogue cons and Liege Maximo 2- Continue a sustained and massive strike inside of Unicron to damage him internally while the Heavy hitters and remainers of both Autobot and Decepticon forces strike him from the out side by heavy hitters I mean The Maxiumes, Tryipiticon, Dominator, the Gestals etc etc."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-05-28, 08:33 PM
Springer looked up from the huddle, hearing's Skywarp's return (ooc - other thread)....

"We hope they managed to do something of significance, other than tickle Unicron's belly...."

2002-05-29, 12:27 AM
Redstreak steps out of Skywarp's cockpit and sees the gathering before him. "We're back," he announces grimly. "But Unicron is on his way...we set off the bomb in a good area, but to this point I still don't know what went wrong, other than it blowing early, which is a question Wheeljack should answer I reckon. Point is we couldn't stop him. The chaos bringer is on his way." Redstreak hangs his head.

2002-05-29, 02:07 AM
(OOC: Borrowing B_86's guys.)

Jazz completed the scan of the computers. There were no foriegn programs present.

He went up to Slag. "The computer's are clean", he said.

"Good job", he said. "Now we've gotta cover the skeletal frame. Go grab some metal sheets and a welder."

"Right", Jazz said, running off.

2002-05-29, 12:26 PM
"I don't know what time it is Shotbomber" Rally replied to the Micromaster.

"Shall we go and see if we can help fix Sky Garry?" she asked.

2002-05-29, 03:56 PM
One of the drones buzzed.

"Upgrades to subject Trypiticon complete." The drone chirped as the rest of the drones hopped off the massive Decepticon.

Trypiticon looked noticably different with the new armour shining in the light, with the new weapons added he looked far more intimidating than before with additional missle racks, plasma and fusion cannons, lasers and gattling guns all on him.

"Complete work it is yes." Wierdwolf said lookeding at him.

"Just image the stuff he could blow up now!" Quake smiled.

"Hold on one sec." Skullcruncher said removing an energon hose from the new energon containment units that were added to Trypiticon to address his power consumption probles.

"There now he should be ready to kick tail and take names." Skullcruncher said.

"Someone talk to Hatemunger we should?" Wierdwolf asked.

"Nah let him be surprised." Quake smiled.

2002-05-29, 04:02 PM
"Well, sounds like a plan. But I would just like to know one thing..." Magnus gazed up for a moment seeing a flickering light approaching, no dought that was Unicron. "Is that really Unicron Maximo is useing, or just a copy without the soul?"

God Jinrai
2002-05-30, 01:49 AM
"It's the real deal, Ultra Magnus..." A voice came from not far away...

"Before Optimus departed for the sol system, he made SURE that it was established just what it was that I'd be preparing the planet to be fighting against... Granted... it seems I'm causing more problems than help... I may as well be talking to brick walls anyway... "

The sillouette faded as the massive form of God Jinrai could now be made out not ten feet from magnus and hatemunger's position...

2002-05-30, 02:10 AM
Nightbeat: -hears Skywarp's reentry, still half waiting for Jinrai's answer- "Right. Gonna need more guns. Chromedome, call wossname... Mr. Orange and Green. Hates Decepticons."

Chromedome, Hardhead, Siren, Hosehead, and Brainstorm: -chorus in unison- "Roadbuster."

Nightbeat: "Yeah. Him. Find out if he can round up any more of the Wreckers. If any of them are packing as many guns as he was....."

Siren: "Oh, goody. Maniacs with assualt weaponry."

Nightbeat: "True. But the more firepower we can put out, the more enemy we mow down, thereby increasing our chances for survival."

Siren: "Aren't we supposed to be pacifists? We are Autobots, after all."

Hardhead: "Pacifist, schmasifist. I want to stop these guys. Holding a peace rally ain't gonna do it."

Siren: "I know. Just wanted to point out that some people do tend to try the peaceful solution first. Especially if they're going up against something the size of a planet.-*

Chromedome: "Wouldn't work. He'd just step on the sit-in." -activates commlink- "Roadbuster? Come in, please."

2002-05-30, 04:42 AM
Hatemunger looked to see Jinrai behind him.

"Jinrai what is the current situation?" he asked the massive Autobot.

2002-05-30, 02:36 PM
Roadbuster: -activates commlink- "What?"

Chromedome: -over commlink- "Hello to you, too."

Roadbuster: "I take it this isn't a social call."

Chromedome: "Nightbeat's decided that the best way to deal with the approaching Unicron problem is to get a strike team aboard to take over either the command or engineering sections. Given Unicron's design, there may not even be an engineering section, so command's probably the best bet."

Roadbuster: "That's insane. It's sucide."

Chromedome: "That's what Hosehead said. Anyway, Nightbeat wanted to know if you and any of the other Wreckers wanted to join the party."

Roadbuster: -looks at Springer- "Springer, Nightbeat's just volunteered to take himself and his team andanybody else who wants to go along into Unicron to try and take over their comand section." -clicks back to Chromedome- "We're getting new intel. Try to keep him from doing anything rash."

Chromedome: "He's never rash. He's just not a team player. Besides, Unicron isn't here yet. Maybe we can come up with a better plan."

Minerva: "I wonder what the others are doing......"

2002-05-30, 04:30 PM
Magnus was surprized to see Jinrai standing there, "Hatemunger asked for any Autobot Leader to respond to his call. I thought you already responded, figuring that we all need to put our heads together. I mean of course what ever the Autobots decide is up to you, and I would have asked for your authorization before doing anything..." Ultra Magnus wanted to make himself clear, he did things by the book, and if Prime ordered Jinrai in command, Jinrai was in command.

God Jinrai
2002-05-30, 09:38 PM
"It's not a problem, magnus... lately... I've...I don't know, it seems as if I've been phasing out of touch with reality... but that's likely the last thing either of you want to hear... Metroplex is nearly completed, the last I checked... a few more finalizzing adjustments, and all that'll be left is to initialize his core consciousness, and trigger the initial transformation..."

With those words, he brought on his private commlink...

"Nightbeat... listen to me and listen good... I'm all too familiar with your disposition on teamwork... but an assault force insertion into unicron isn't going to work... at least not until Prime's plan is firmly in motion... Give him one more day to get back here... and I'm rather sure it'll ALL become clear as to what's going to need to happen..."

2002-05-30, 10:02 PM
"You mean the Minicons." Magnus experiance first hand the destrution that they caused with the Armada, "Normally I disargee with a decision to regain contact, but now... it's different. The best thing to do if prime is returning with the Minicons is simply fight Unicron to a stalemate, not actually try and defeat him. And hopefully Unicron won't expect Prime and the Minicons."

2002-05-30, 10:49 PM
(OOC is God Jinrai the same height as Omega?)

Omega stepped up to God Jinrai and the group, and looked down at the other leaders.

"Cybertron defenses, improved. Resistant quotient is greater than that in 2005."

He paused to sweep his gunarm over to point at the very nearly complete Metroplex, and Fortress Maximus.

"We also have two more city robots once they arrive. I say again, resistance is greater this time. Also, Omega can help. If we delay long enough, Optimus can form a plan with the Minicons."

He looked directly at Jinrai.

"As for now, I await your orders."