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2002-04-21, 05:14 AM
(Earth Stuff here kiddies)

2002-04-21, 03:06 PM
Soundwave watched carefully. As though expected, he had automatically defaulted to overseeing the Constructicons' work on Scorponok. Granted, Soundwave himself very well could have helped; but that would not very well serve his image as the leadership element of the city. His thoughts were snipped by Scourge's announcement.

Hmm... The forces are running thin. Too much work to do, not enough manpower.

Soundwave took a few steps away from the table and turned to open his chest. Frenzy popped out, followed by Buzzsaw and Ravage.

"Go help Scourge if you would, boys. I'll send Rumble over when he's done recovering."

Ravage nodded somberly and began to stalk off. Frenzy watched slyly, before diving through the air and onto Ravage's back. He yipped a few times, as a bullrider, before Ravage smashed the robot's head against a nearby wall and threw him off. Frenzy stumbled to his feet and scrambled after his colleagues; Soundwave palmed his face. Trying to forget the charade, he turned his attention to Rumble, a few tables over, still below concious. Next to him were the Reflector brothers, in the process of helping Spectro from his table.

"Excuse me, you three. Would you be kind enough to follow my associates there and help Scourge with his project? He seems short on troops."

The brothers glanced at each other, moreso Spectro. His arm was only half-functional presently. Spyglass turned his head to Soundwave.

"But he's --"

Soundwave showed no compassion.

"Ready to help," Viewfinder chimed in. "That's what he is."

The three shuffled off after the cassettes.

2002-04-21, 03:12 PM
Scourge nodded curtly to the seekers and Insecticons as they entered the command centre. He was still unsure as to whether the jets could be trusted, but seeing as the matter at hand was so important, he had no choice.

"Now," he started, "as you may know, we're modifying Metrotitan to enable flight in his battle station mode - the form that he's currently in."

He tapped a console, bringing up a schematic on one of the monitors.

"One main thruster will deliver thrust while in space, while microthrusters will control direction. Currently two units of Metrodrones are working on these, with more to join them soon. However, inside an atmosphere, we will be using the anti-gravity pods already installed inside Metrotitan, that let him fly in robot mode. However, these will need to be rerouted and modified so that they can be used in his current form. This is what I want you to do. The 'Drones can't handle this sensitive work. Questions?"

Quick Switch
2002-04-21, 07:21 PM
Dirge and Thrust nodded.

"Nope," Dirge crossed his arms. "Let's get to work."


Scrapper commented absently to Soundwave:

"The process is almost complete...Scorponok is converting easier than expected."

Hook snorted.

"Not that this is unusual, in and of itself."

2002-04-21, 07:53 PM
Scorponok was mentally adjusting his files...his transformations sequence was completely updated and now all that needed to be finished was the Zarak body.

Soon...my vision will be complete and my position within Galvatron's forces shall be assured!

Scorponok smirked...for once this was completed he himself would be complete for the first time.

2002-04-21, 09:10 PM
Scourge nodded as the new arrivals entered the Ops room.
"Ah, more help. Frenzy, you and the cassettes will assist with constructing the main thruster rocket, and you Reflector will work on the microthrusters."

Without waiting for a reply, Scourge turned around to the console.
"Spinister and Needlenose, report to the Command Centre at once."
"Right away boss man."
"At once."


Spinister smiled slightly, as he headed for the command centre. Finally, no more guard duty - and hopefully a slightly more interesting task to come.

Needlenose smiled at Lastrites.
"You heard the boss, I have to go now. See you around."
He whirled around, and left the room, whistling as he left.

2002-04-22, 01:18 AM
Originally posted by Sixswitch
Scourge nodded as the new arrivals entered the Ops room.
"Ah, more help. Frenzy, you and the cassettes will assist with constructing the main thruster rocket, and you Reflector will work on the microthrusters."

Without waiting for a reply, Scourge turned around to the console.
"Spinister and Needlenose, report to the Command Centre at once."
"Right away boss man."
"At once."


Spinister smiled slightly, as he headed for the command centre. Finally, no more guard duty - and hopefully a slightly more interesting task to come.

Needlenose smiled at Lastrites.
"You heard the boss, I have to go now. See you around."
He whirled around, and left the room, whistling as he left.

Lastrites gets up, a tad surprised.

Obviously they didn't consider her as big a threat as they did originally for she was, for the first time without having anybody watching over her.

She was sooo going to take advantage of this situation, finishing up her programming in the staff.

She was almost done anyways....there completed

Now to jack it into herself, to shield and cloak her mind...completed.

Now since they wanted to bring her to the control room, who is she to argue with their destination?

She also kept one ear opened in case this was some sort of test and she is being watched.

2002-04-22, 03:30 PM
Ramjet and the Insecticons looked at Scourge.

"No", he said. "We don't have a problem."

2002-04-22, 07:16 PM
Razorclaw glanced at Onslaught, grinning behind his mask. "I ordered my team to help with the constructions to get this mountain of steel ready for spaceflight, though it is more than likely they do more harm than help."

"As for Astrotrain... I still can't believe he was smart enough to get himself to command this monstrosity of ours... Aah... it is not important. The question is how we get our plans to motion..."

2002-04-22, 07:34 PM
Scourge nodded at Ramjet.
"Excellent," he told the seeker, "begin at once."

He looked around the Command Centre. This room was very busy now... Too busy.

"You have your orders Decepticons. Clear the deck as soon as you can."

2002-04-23, 12:27 AM
Reflector nodded to Scourge militarily and trotted off. The cassettes glanced at each other, then back at Scourge, before heading out through another door. They stopped just outside the command center; Frenzy looked around to make sure no one would be listening in on him.

"You, uh... You guys know anything about construction?" he wondered.

Ravage shook his head slightly, somewhat embarrassed. Buzzsaw, now set on the ground, cocked his head up at Frenzy and humphed.

"It can't be all that difficult. We're Decepticons!"

Frenzy shrugged in unargumentative agreement. (Ravage merely rolled his eyes.) And the three Cassetticons headed for the rear of the battlestation.

2002-04-23, 01:24 AM
Ramjet and the Insecticons walked off, Thrust following them.

Quick Switch
2002-04-23, 03:05 AM
Dirge and Thrust silently followed Ramjet and the Insecticons. Construction and modifications weren't their forte, but they'd do as ordered.


Onslaught's optics flashed slightly. Had he been without a faceplate, the Combaticon commander would also have betrayed his emotion. Razorclaw was more engaging that Onslaught had originally thought. Working together would be interesting and enjoyable.

"True. We'll simply present our plans. Astrotrain should be in the command center. Shall we take our troops and present our plan?"

2002-04-23, 11:51 AM
Once the room was clear, Scourge turned to Astrotrain.
"Commander, much as it pains me to say this, I have a feeling that we'll need more energy in the upcoming war than Fadakki alone can provide. I believe that we'll need to somehow garner the support of all the Earth nations to prevent this threat. However, we are still Decepticons, and I'm not sure if the Earth people would give us the energon willingly."

He paused a second.

"I'm not adverse to taking it by force, but the Autobots may be, so we'll need alternatives. I believe that there are some Autobots in this system at the moment, who may be able to help?"

At that moment, Spinister and Needlenose entered.

"Ah excellent. My task for you two is thus. Hopefully soon, we will be recieving more materials and energy from Earth nations other than Carbombya. Your task will be to co-ordinate this effort, and to collect the energon personally if nessesary. You may use my office."

"As you order, Scourge," Spinister said quietly, but secretly he was elated. Finally an important task to complete, one that demanded trust from his commander.

"We won't let you down boss," Needlenose affirmed, thinking more or less the same thoughts.

"See that you don't," Scourge replied, "now go."

The two Targetmasters quickly left the room, and Scourge turned back to the City Commander.

"Now, as we were discussing..."

Quick Switch
2002-04-23, 03:10 PM
Astrotrain steepled his fingers, and silently watched Scourge converse with the Targetmasters. He spoke after hearing the Huntsman's proposal.

"I trust your judgement on this matter. I believe you are correct. But I am loathe to go to the Autobots to fuel our own war machine. A simple plea should be sufficient: broadcast our message to the Earth Defense Command-or whatever Earth body is in charge at the moment, and tell them exactly what is going on."

He shrugged.

"The time for deception is over, Scourge. As the humans say, "Talk is cheap." By demonstrating our frankness, perhaps they will be convinced. If they will not give us what we require, I want you to take your minions and extract from them by force what we require. But I think the humans will realize this manuever will save most of sentient life in the Universe from Unicron and the Liege."

2002-04-23, 11:19 PM
Scourge frowned.
"I'm not one for diplomacy Astrotrain. You know that. How the slag do I sway a world once held prisoner over to our point of view? And how do I prove it to them?

2002-04-24, 01:17 AM
"Perhaps I could be of service, gentlemen."

Lastrites entered the room in a surprisingly direct manner.

"I have been told I can be very convincing, and you need my light touch in dealing with these fleshies."

"More importantly, I have not been involved in many of the plots that might make the fleshies...apprehensive."

"You said you need to verify if I was sincere...well this looks like a good a test as any."

"Besides, decepticon warriors needn't sully their hands with politics."

Quick Switch
2002-04-24, 01:27 AM
Astrotrain was about to reply to Scourge when Lastrites appeared.

Ah. The elusive Lastrites appeared. She has spunk, that's for sure. I'll hear her out.

"Lastrites, is it? Very well, elaborate your idea. Scourge, feel free to interject questions to her proposal."

2002-04-24, 01:50 AM
"Why its rather simple really."

"The first thing we need to do, is extend some sort of olive branch, get them something they want, but in such small quantities that they beg for more."

"We then use this position to get diplomatic talks going and explain our position. We let them know about the great threat and how without our help they don't stand a chance...which is pretty much true."

"We then use their good will and slowly begin to milk the resources we require in return for this product. We slowly up the addictiveness of this product until we have everything and they have nothing."

"As for this product, I believe we have both the solution to our energy and diplomatic situations."

"I was reading some of the fleshies bio-files and read about a plant called CANNABIS INDICA. It seems to make its imbiders very complacant. More importantly, it can be used to generate methanol in high enough quantities to generate sizable amounts of energon for our own purposes. The plant is resistant and appears to be able to generate an extremely high yield over time, for long term energy use."

"With a little genetic tweaking, I believe we can provide them an offer they can't refuse. We'll increase the addictive qualities and increase the potency to make them docile and compliant... into sheep to be used and discarded at will."

2002-04-24, 01:53 AM
Ramjet and the Insecticons approached the position of the anti-gravity pods.

Ramjet, Kickback and Ransack grabbed some tools.

"Let's get to work", Ramjet said, approaching one of the pods.

2002-04-24, 01:56 AM
Skyblade and Screapheap were walking with the rest of the Aerialcons and Crashticons.

"I don't know Skyblade, I think we would all be better off getting ready to fight Unicron!" Scrapheap said.

"Bah don't worry about the fight with Unicron yet, sides we will prolly be fighting as Dominator to allow our men in, frankly I'd like to have us take out Jhixaus that piece of trash. But I can't wait to really fight along side all the Deceptions again, too bad its agianist Unicron." Skyblade said.

"Heehee, your little reunion with Onslaught might be short arck" Scrapheap was cutoff as Skyblade grabbed him by his neck.

"Watch what you say Scrapheap, Onslaught has fought in more battles than you have and if you were not leader of the Crashitcons you'd be collecting dust somewhere in some space junkyard." He growled.

Suddenly Hit and Fearmaker ran in.
"Whoa guys chill, we are all buddies, Scrapheap was just joking." Hit said.

"Yeah Skyblade, we are all uptight about the fight with Unicron so let's just relax and do what we need here." Fearmaker smiled.

"Your both right, just I hope we don't lose too many good men in this fight." Skyblade said walking.

"Umm also what are we suppose to be doing guys?" Hit asked.


Skystalker, Darklark and Stealth were loading weapons into Skystalker's ship.

"You know old Astrotrain is gonna be mad when he sees we are just loading extra weapons into my ship." Skystalker said.

"Bah more guns the better!" Darklark laughed.

"Yeah and if Astrotrain or Soundwave need us to help he can just com-link us." Stealth said.

Quick Switch
2002-04-24, 02:03 AM
Astrotrain mulled the idea, but remained silent, and turned to Scourge to get a tactical opinion on the situation.


Dirge and Thrust picked up some tools, and also began work on the pods.

"How do you feel, fellas?" Thrust asked the Insecticons. "Back to fighting strength?"

2002-04-24, 02:43 AM
Shrapnel nodded.

"Yes, yes", he said. "We're back to full power, power, and ready to kill, kill."

Quick Switch
2002-04-24, 03:40 AM
Dirge grunted.

"Good to hear. We'll need all the help we can get. Specifically, your clones Shrapnel. Who knows how many fighters we'll be going up against supporting Unicron."


Fakkadi scratched his head nervously, and stood with Snake in the command center, watching Astrotrain, Scourge and Lastrites converse.

"After they finish, we'll ask what we need to do to prove our worth," the dictator remarked to Snake. "We can't be overshadowed by the Earth Defense Command!"

2002-04-24, 11:22 AM
"Well..." Scourge began, "While I'm no expert, I believe that the Earth Governments disapprove of the use of such substances, and those governments are the very people who we'll need on our side."

He moved over to a console, and began to tap it quickly.

"Ah, interesting," he paused, and turned to Astrotrain.

"At the start of the war here on Earth, the Autobot were aided by one Spike Witwicky, and his father, Sparkplug. Our intelligence shows that he has since retired from the Autobot cause, and resides here on Earth. His aid would be invaluable to us. If the Earth population saw him voluntarily helping us, then it would be a good sign of our intentions."

He frowned.

"The problem is, that the reason he left the Autobots in the first place was because of the near death of his wife at the hands of our forces. That might make him hard to convince, unless we can provide evidence that we speak the truth."

2002-04-24, 03:02 PM
"Yes", Snake said. "That is so true, friend."

Quick Switch
2002-04-24, 03:50 PM
Astrotrain nodded.

"Interesting. I remember Spike. And his pentulant son also."

He waved a hand.

"The drugs idea is impratical. It will take too long. If Spike is not willing to come forward, find other humans who will. I believe a computer expert named Chip Chase was also a valuable ally of the Autobots on some occasions."

Astrotrain frowned.

"Even that idiot doctor, Swafford, might have his uses. The simple truth is, Scourge is correct. We need stuanch allies to come forward and support this venture. I don't care what it costs in resources, just do it."

2002-04-24, 04:04 PM
"I guess then I have my orders then. allies first, exploit later."

"Well then, I guess our first objective is to make contact with this Spike Witwichy and let him know how big the stakes truely are."

"I will require a small shuttle, but other then that, I believe I can handle this personally, if you'll let me."

Quick Switch
2002-04-25, 01:58 AM
Astrotrain nodded.

"I suppose a shuttle could be dispatched for this mission...and Lastrites..." the Triple Changer pointed a finger at the fembot, "no torture. No disintegrations. Use only your feminine wiles."

2002-04-25, 05:00 AM
Lastrites smiled and raised her right hand.

"I promise...no physical torture and no disintegration."

"I will be the perfect diplomat and get the fleshies alliance on our side."

"Just let me know when the shuttle is ready."

2002-04-25, 07:49 PM
Razorclaw turned towards Onslaught and nodded. "Yes let us do so."

OOC: I'm little lost here... and pretty busy as well so... :D if I my Preds are needed badly, Sixswitch or Quick Switch... you can use them to get the story flowing...

Quick Switch
2002-04-25, 10:03 PM
Astrotrain nodded.

"Report to the hangar bay...but before that..." Astrotrain keyed in a channel on the vidcom.


Dirge put down his wielding tools for a moment, the pod he was working on was coming along nicely. The Seeker moved to the beeping wallvid, and activated it. Astrotrain's face peered back.

"Train! What can I do for you? Before you ask, the work's going a little slow..."

Astrotrain smiled slightly.

"I need one of you to accompany Lastrites on a little mission. The work detail can spare it; Mixmaster's reported the Space Bridge is nearly fifty percent complete. Who do you recommend?"

Dirge thought.

"Well, boss, Ramjet's coordinating this whole thing, so probably not him. The Insecticons are still getting over their shock treatments...and I'm no good at diplomacy. Do you just want someone to watch her?"

"Yes. To make sure she doesn't deviate from her objective."

Dirge smiled.

"Thrust's your bot, Train. I'll volunteer him for you."

"Excellent. Have Thrust commandeer a shuttle at the hangar bay for himself and Lastrites. Astrotrain out."

The feed terminated.

Thrust, having overheard the conversation, simply nodded and went to the hangar bay.


Astrotrain flicked off the vidcom, and looked at Lastrites.

"You understand, of course, that I'm relatively unfimilair with your style. Thrust will accompany you for support in case the humans do anything foolish and yes, to keep an eye on you for me. Now, report to the hangar bay. Thrust should have a shuttle cleared by the time you arrive. Do not fail me."

2002-04-26, 01:15 AM
Ramjet looked at the departing Thrust, then turned to Dirge.

"Where's he going?", he asked.
Snake looked at the Metrodrones as they hauled the Carbomya oil across Metrotitain's cargo area.

Turning, he headed towards AStrotrain's office.

Quick Switch
2002-04-26, 03:48 AM
Dirge returned to the half-finished pod, and began working on it.

"Eh, Astrotrain's got a mission for Thrust. No problem."


Fakkadi accompanied Snake to Astrotrain's office.

The Decepticon leader looked down from his desk, and saw the two humans returning.

"Gentlemen? What can I do for you?"

2002-04-26, 11:58 AM
Needlenose was in high spirits as he and Spinister walked towards Scourge's office.
"Hey man, finally the boss has given us an important job to do," he told Spinister.
"Yes, it is a large task, and I'll admit to a certain satisfaction."
"So you should man! We do well here, and we'll be moving up the ranks like no one's business."
"I doubt that."
"Aw c'mon, a guy can hope can't he?"
Spinister looked at his partner - and sometimes friend for a moment.
"Yes Needlenose, a guy can hope," he conceded.


Deep in the bowels of Metrotitan, an Alpha Drone was overseeing construction of the main rocket thruster.
"Units: One and Two, Task: Begin coupling rocket into main power supply."
The two drones in question clicked and whirred in response, before heading off to carry on with their tasks.


Scourge almost smiled as he saw the progress reports for the thrusters. At this rate, things were going well...

2002-04-26, 09:49 PM
Ramjet looked at Dirge.

"What kind of a mission?", he asked.
"Well", Snake said. "For starters, you can tell us how we can help? I'm feeling very underappreciated."

Quick Switch
2002-04-27, 08:12 PM
Dirge shrugged.

"Keep watch over Lastrites, I guess. Makes sense, I don't really trust her that much. Sure, Thrust might be infatuated with her, but he want mess up, considering Astrotrain call still throw us in the brig if he feels like it."

He wiped some lubricant from his chin.

"So, how much more work do we have to do on these pods?"


Astrotrain frowned.

"Good question," the Triple Changer sat back.

"Snake, your terrorist connections might still prove useful. If any vocal EDC officials disagree with this alliance, I'm authorizing you to assasinate them, through your former allies. We don't have time for any pacifists or liberal-minded dissenters jeopordizing the entire operation. And if you come up with any more ideas, feel free to ask me."

Fakkadi looked up also. Astrotrain adressed the dictator.

"I also wish to thank you, President Fakkadi, for your assistance. After Unicron is dealt with, expect Carbombya to recieve maximum prestige and status for treading in other Decepticon colony worlds. And a lobbying effort to put more Carbombyian delegates on the EDC, for a start."

Fakkadi bowed slightly.


Onslaught and Razorclaw, with their respective teams, clanked from the mini conference room to Astrotrain's office, and stopped at the open door.

Onslaught held up his hand, signalling the Combaticons and Predacons to stop. They did.

"We'll wait a moment," the Combaticon leader murmurred. "Astrotrain's dealing with the humans. After he's done, we'll head in."

2002-04-27, 08:47 PM
Needlenose sat behind Scourge's desk, his legs kicked up, hands folded behind his head. Spinister stood idly at the window, overlooking the skeletal form of the Black Zarak project.
Needlenose cast a glance at the ceiling.
"Metrotitan, when can we expect results from Lastrites's efforts?"
"She is due to leave right away, flight time to Witwicky's residence is two hours."
"Quite a while, then."
"Man, this is boring..."

2002-04-27, 11:44 PM
Snake nodded, then went off to make the call.
"About a bit more", Ramjet said. "We want these things in top condition."

2002-04-28, 01:23 PM
Scourge frowned. Time to get a report.
"All engine construction teams, I require a progress report."
"Alpha Drone 135 reporting, construction project: Antigravity recalibration. Status: Complete."
"Excellent," Scourge said.

Metrotitan was now capable of Atmosphering flight, whether it be on Earth, or on Cybertron.

Drawing his gun, he dropped Fracas who transformed before landing on the floor below.
"Take some time off, I'm going to check the progress of the Black Zarak project."
"Yes boss," Fracas replied happily, before scooting out of the room. Scourge didn't really want to be burdened with the loud-mouthed Nebulan any longer than he had to. However, he took a pistol from the locker by the door, as an afterthought.

Exiting Metrotitan down the main ramp, he strolled over to the area designated for the construction of the new base, and flew up to a tower, where Soundwave was directing the operation.
"How is the work going?" he asked the communications officer.

2002-04-28, 03:54 PM
"Smoothly, at least," Soundwave commented idly. "The modifications on Scorponok's body are nearly finished, but the Black Zarak shell will take some time to complete yet. Still, we are on schedule to be finished within two cycles of Metrotitan's refittings."

He looked back to the project for a moment. The Constructicons still labored busily over Scorponok, making positive that the changes would not affect his operations.

"Speaking of which, how goes it? No unforseen problems arising, I assume."

2002-04-28, 04:11 PM
"Nothing to delay the plan. However, the originally suggested modification. The massive atmospheric rockets proved unusable. We decided to use Metrotitan's anti-grav system instead, and tests show that it should be a success. This of course, took less time than building the actual rockets, which although on schedule, are not yet finished."

He looked over the shell of Black Zarak.

"Lastrites has left, to try and persuade the humans to aid us. I'm unsure how successful she'll be in this, though."

Quick Switch
2002-04-28, 06:10 PM
Mixmaster put down his tools, and communicated with Scourge via commlink. Scavenger, Bonecrusher and Long Haul also stopped work. A space bridge stood, gleaming, in the sun.

A fan of Metrodrones also stopped, and admired the structure.

"Mixmaster to Scourge! Construction of the space bridge is finished, finished, finished! We'll need to test it of course, but everything should function..."


Scrapper and Hook continued to work.

"Soundwave is correct. The shell will take time to complete, but not much," Hook sniffed.

"This has been a most interesting experiment," Scrapper agreed. He wiped his brow. "Modifications to Scroponok are complete. We are ready to proceed to the Black Zarak shell."


Onslaught and Razorclaw entered Astrotrain's office.

"Astrotrain," Onslaught nodded. "We have a strategy," the Combaticon leader indicated Razorclaw as well as himself.

"Tell me your plan," the Triple Changer replied. Onslaught proceeded to do so...


Thrust waited at the hangar, a shuttle already commandeered. He crossed his arms, and muttered a little ditty.

"Nothin's gonna stand in our way...not tonight..."

2002-04-28, 08:26 PM
Ramjet said to Dirge, "Go find Thrust, and tell him that he;s going to get some help", pointing to Shrapnel and Bombshell.
Snake returned and said to Astrotrain, "All taking care of, Commander Astrotrain."

2002-04-28, 08:38 PM
Inside Metrotitan, all was chaos as drones skittered to and fro, busily building the rockets designed to propel the ship into space. The huge city himself was occupied with ajusting and absorbing new information, about his new flight capabilities, as well as the upcoming battle and the history of the minicons. Spinister and Needlenose sat in Scourge's office, boredly awaiting the arrival of supplies from Earth.

Scourge nodded and responded to Mixmaster's call.
"Excellent Mixmaster, requisition a drone or two from Metrotitan for the testing. This will be most useful in delivering supplies back to Cybertron."

He made to close the communication, but paused.

"Good work Mixmaster," he said quietly, then closed the communication.

Quick Switch
2002-04-28, 08:56 PM
Dirge nodded, with Shrapnel and Bombshell in tow.

"Right, let's move," the Seeker growled, and set off for the hangar bay.


Astrotrain nodded at Snake's reply.

"Excellent. You have proven your worth many times over..." and he looked back at Onslaught and Razorclaw.

"Your plan is interesting. I will type up a report my self, and send it to Galvatron so he is aware of the plan. I'm sure he will appreciate it on the merits."

Onslaught and Razorclaw nodded and left.

Astrotrain set to typing on his console...


Mixmaster nearly burst out in joyous laughter as Scourge ended his transmission.

Scavenger clapped his hands pleased.

Bonecrusher gave Mixmaster a high five.

"That's two compliments from the druid!" Bonecrusher chuckled.

Long Haul put down a box of bolts and grunted.

"Well, I guess," he crossed his arms. "You gonna start the test now?"

"Yes, yes, yes," Mixmaster nodded eagerly. He pointed at two drones. "Get ready to go through," the chemist ordered.

The two drones stepped onto the dais.

Mixmaster stepped to the controls and began fiddling with controls.

"Let's get the show on the road," he commanded.

2002-04-28, 09:04 PM
The two Insecticons fllowed Dirge towards the hangar bay.
"Thank you, Commander AStrotrain", Snake said. "If I may be so bold, what is this 'Plan' that Onslaught and Razorclaw suggested?"

Quick Switch
2002-04-30, 01:26 AM

My lord:

Onslaught and Razorclaw have recently approached me about a plan to infiltrate and destroy Unicron.

The attack would involve a team of Decepticons (one of the combiner squads) and Autobots working together, entering through Unicron's eyes- or another open target.

Once inside, the covert group would target Unicron's transformation cogs, central processor, computer brain, and fuel conversion stations rendering Unicron powerless.

The mission is not without risk, and the teams involved have made that fact known to me. Further, a definitive plan of attack which maximizes team cooperation to dispel Jhiaxus and his minions and stave off Unicron's attack.

Prospective team members (Autobots): squad of Junkions-easily expendable- or naive ones such as Hot Rod, Bluestreak Goldbug, et. al.

Onslaught and Razorclaw have presented the idea of eliminating the Autobot squad members inside Unicron have carried out in conunction with the attack, if and when hostilities resume after Unicron and Jhiaxus are destroyed.

My lord, I await your thoughts and response to this proposal.

The conversions to Metrotitan are nearing completion and the auxillary space bridge is undergoing trial testing; construction is finished.


Astrotrain sent the message and received a confirmation signal.

"Galvatron should receive this message at any time," he murmurred.

He looked at Snake.

"A plan to attack Unicron and eliminate troublesome Autobots. I will say no more."

2002-04-30, 02:03 AM
Skyblade took the lead and got onto his com-link.

"Anybody, what can the Aerialcons, Crashticons, Stealth, Darklark or Sky Stalker do? Right now we are al sitting here rusting becuase everyone else is having no problems working on Black Zarak, Metrotian or planning for our inevitable battle with Unicorn."

2002-04-30, 11:11 AM
"Scourge to Skyblade. When Lastrites completes her diplomatic mission, we shall be recieving energy and other supplies from the Earth nations. It will need to be loaded onto Metrotitan, and Black Zarak when it does arrive. That will be your job - report inventory details to Needlenose and Spinister."

Scourge smiled as he looked around, and saw signs of Decepticon power and millitary might all around him.

"This is a good sign for the Decepticons' future Soundwave. Once we beat Unicron, our new fortresses will bear the brunt of our war against all who may oppose us."

2002-04-30, 11:50 AM
Skyblade nodded.
"Can do, we will talk to Needlenose and Spinster when matierals arrive."

2002-04-30, 02:12 PM
Snake looked at Abdul Fakkadi, then back up at Astrotrain.

"Fine", he said. "I will accept that explanation...for now."
Bombshell and Shrapnel approached the hangar bay.

"Hey, Thrust", Bombshell shouted. "Wait."

Quick Switch
2002-04-30, 10:52 PM
Astrotrain nodded.

As if Snake had any other choice in the matter.


Thrust looked up as Dirge, Bombshell and Shrapnel approached.

"Hey guys. What's going on?"

Dirge indicated the Insecticons with his head.

"They're coming with you too," the Seeker replied.

Thrust shrugged, smiling.

"Sure. Don't worry. Lastirites hasn't gotten here yet. I'm not leaving until she does."

2002-04-30, 11:39 PM
Soundwave nodded to Scrapper with a silent "proceed." His eyes stayed on the pair of Constructicons, scuttling to their next bit of work, as he spoke to Scourge.

"Of course. We are among the brains of the Empire, you and I. Moreover, we are Decepticons - why ever do our own work when we have soldiers such as these at our disposal? Under the assumption that they survive the battle with Unicron, anyway..."

Soundwave turned his head to Scourge, but nothing more.

"Which worries me. You are originally of his creation, once under the influence of his control. I understand that this is a different Unicron in certain ways, but I would hope he hasn't found a way to reclaim his old servants..."

2002-05-01, 12:00 AM
Scourge shuffled uncomfortably.
"I had already thought of that, and to be honest, I am unsure. I never understood the nature of his hold on Galvatron - I can only assume that he had the same hold on me, although during that brief time, it wasn't needed."

He paused in thought.

"Perhaps the bond I share with Fracas will help to loosen any mental grasp he may have, but I swear this. If I exhibit any signs of betraying our cause, I will deactivate myself."
He glowered.
"We've come too far to be stopped by a weak mind."

Quick Switch
2002-05-01, 04:41 PM
Hook snorted as he and Scrapper lifted the Black Zarak shell and placed it on Scorponok, and began to delicately fasten it into place.

Scrapper picked up a soldering iron and set to work, but not before commenting:

"You place too much trust in that Nebulan germ, Scourge. How will you know to deactivate yourself when the time comes? Won't that be an indication that Unicron can manipuate you?"

The Constructicon leader experty began to meld the pieces into place. Hook laughed, agreeing with Scrapper's comment.

2002-05-01, 04:46 PM
Scourge glowered at Scrapper.
"Fool, I don't trust him. He's an organic. I don't trust organics. My point is, that a bonded mind may be harder for Unicron to control. He did used to be of the Nebulan Hive after all. Their mental powers were extraordinary. I'm hoping that I'll be able to stay self-aware through him. I'll be damned if I give him complete control, or if I allow that oversized spitball to take control of me again."

The thought obviously brought back painful memories. Scourge rarely, if ever insulted someone as flippantly as that...

Quick Switch
2002-05-01, 04:56 PM
Scrapper put down his soldering iron, and stared back at the Sweep leader.

"Well, it's a fine time leaving things in the hand of an organic, isn't it? Perhaps you should ask your Nebulan friend what the extent of his abilities are, then. Better to know now then be forced to pay for that "spitball" comment later, eh?"

Hook silently thanked himself he hadn't been on that ridiculous expedition to Nebulos in the first place...

"Shell process forty percent complete, Soundwave," he intoned, trying not to chuckle.

2002-05-02, 01:37 AM
Ramjet had been waiting for a long time. Finally fed up beyond belief, he went to the wall comm unit and signaled Lastrites.

"Where are you?", he asked. "We've got a mission."
Kickback, meanwhile, also went to a wall comm unti and signaled Astrotrain.

"Those pods are finished, Astrotrain", he said.

Quick Switch
2002-05-02, 02:23 AM
Astrotrain flicked on his comm unit on his desk and responded to Kickback.

"Very good. Report to Scourge for your next assignment."

2002-05-02, 12:34 PM
"Better to know now then be forced to pay for that "spitball" comment later, eh?"

Scourge growled, deep in his throat. He had been exercising immense self control (for him) up until now, but this Constructicon was coming very close to overstepping his limits.

"You're becoming dangerously close to being insubordinate, Constructicon," he snarled at Scrapper, "I'd suggest you get back to your work."

He turned, and whispered to Soundwave.
"He does have a point though. I'd like to undergo a psychoanalysis test once these construction projects are complete. Arrange one for Fracas too, just in case."

He turned back to look dead ahead, confident that no one had overheard the conversation.

"Mixmaster, report on the Space Bridge testing," he called over the comm, then immediately switched channels to Astrotrain's office.
"Commander, why hasn't the shuttle departed yet? We're going to need those supplies of energy soon."

Quick Switch
2002-05-02, 02:25 PM
Scrapper chuckled, but picked up his soldering iron and continued his work.


Mixmaster received Scourge's message, just as the two Metrodrones were sent over the Space Bridge.

"Mixmaster to Scourge. Test is a complete, complete, complete! The Space Bridge is functional!"


Astrotrain also received Scourge's message.

Scourge seems annoyed. Hm. Unlike him....

The Triple Changer flicked on his comm unit again.

"Evidently Lastrites has not arrived at the hangar bay. Dirge, Thrust, Ramjet, Shrapnel and Bombshell are all awaiting her arrival. If you feel compelled to speed up the timetable, dispatch someone to look for her." He terminated the feed.

2002-05-03, 03:30 AM
Soundwave nodded approvingly to Hook, but waved his fingers to usher the engineer back to work. Again he spoke blindly to Scourge.

"As you like it. I usually don't get volunteers, but... well, I'm always up for an educational experience. Whenever you're ready for the procedure; just try to make it some time before the attack begins, eh? Of course, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to have any effect if Unicron does have control of you. A mind of that proportion would be out of my reach..."

2002-05-06, 02:58 PM
Ramjet and his two companions walked in Metrotitain's corridors when they heard a ship lift off. He ran to the hangar to see a ship lift off.

"Evidently, Lastrites has decided to go without us", Bombshell said.

"Well, let's follow her", Ramjet said.

He and the bugs ran to another ship and fired it up, heading off in the direction of Lastrites shuttle.

(OOC: TBC in "Tainted Peace")
Kickback and the remaining Insecticons, meanwhile, approached Scourge's office. Ransack knocked on the door.

"Hello?", he asked.

Quick Switch
2002-05-06, 03:13 PM
Hook nodded absently and returned to work on Scroponok/Zarak.


Dirge strolled off from the hangar bay, watching Ramjet and the Insecticons clamber on to another ship. Nodding to a few Metrodrones on the way, the blue Seeker headed to Astrotrain's office, and sat in a small chair off to the side, his feet up on a small table.

The Triple Changer looked up.

"Well, good to see you Dirge. It's been a while, since all this craziness started."

"I hear that," Dirge nodded. "Congrats on being named Leader."

"Ah, it was my duty," Astrotrain waved a hand, and put down his stack of papers. "Although Galvatron hasn't yet responded to my communiques...I think he still believes Soundwave commands."

"Maybe that's not such a bad thing?"

"True. Soundwave has been really effective as a subordinate, as has Scourge."

"I don't trust either of them personally; but what can you do? I mean, Soundwave's Soundwave, but Scourge? He's just Unicron's puppet, waiting to be reactivated."

"We don't know that," Astrotrain interjected. "Soundwave's looking in to it."

"Where are Thrust and Lastrites off to?"

"Ah, yes. Her mission...off to find Spike Witwicky, and convince him to convince Earth to provide more resources. Fakkadi and Snake can't do it alone. The EDC has to be manipulated, and Spike's the man to do it."

"Yeah well, he may be important but his son's sure a piece of work."

"No argument there," the Triple Changer went back to his papers. "Stay and lounge. I might need you here."

Dirge nodded, and settled back in his chair.

2002-05-06, 06:21 PM
(OOC: Metrotitan is still an NPC, I'm just looking after him for a bit)

"Lieutenant Scourge," Metrotitan's voice came over the comm.
"The upgrade to the anti-grav systems are complete. I'm now able to achieve flight within a planetary orbit."

Scourge nodded absently.

"And the thruster rockets?"
There was a pause as Metrotitan checked his systems.
"They are 65% complete. Estimated completion time, 48 standard Earth hours."
"Good, keep me informed, Scourge out."

The Hunter turned back to Soundwave.
"We shall run the test once the two city robots are complete. I cannot afford the time right now."

He looked out over the new city project. A large proportion of the building work was complete, but some areas remained skeletal, and the computer relays inside the city still needed work.

"Scourge to Metrotitan, begin production of the nessesary computer components for the Black Zarak project."
"Construction will commence now," Metrotitan replied.

2002-05-11, 06:22 PM
Bombshell and Shrapnel returned to Metrotitain, and met up with the other Insecticons, who were still waiting to talk to Scourge.

2002-05-18, 04:59 AM
Observation tower...

Soundwave nodded again.

"Much to do now, of course; the journey to Cybertron is long and, hopefully, uneventful. I only hope Unicron wouldn't have an appreciation for ironic humor..."

He stepped up to the window next to Scourge and crossed his hands at the small of his back.

"Hm... Tell me something, Scourge. Are you aware of another Autobot six-changer? Beyond Quick Switch, that is. There is a second, but I am not familiar with his nomenclature."


Spectro's inferno...



Spectro coughed a few times from within the left rocket's cone, dropping his spanner. Spyglass slid his face out of the above rocket, strafing his head in the futile attempt of gaining a better vantage of the error.

"What did you do?!"

Spectro looked around, pointed at himself innocently, and tried to force a reply.

"Wha? Me? I... uh, nothin'."

Spyglass humphed and slid back into the tube.

"Pretty dang loud for a nothin'," he grumbled, drilling away at a few errant bolts. "Hey, V.F.! We done?"

From the ground, Viewfinder studied the build of the structure carefully. From the rear of Metrotitan's battle station mode, two enormous, parallel, black exhaust cones jutted off stout white fuel tanks. Above, another identical of design but slightly smaller of scale wielded the blue Reflector.

"Looks good to me!" Viewfinder shouted back. A telecomm slid from his right shoulderpad, and he wiped his brow. "Viewfinder to Scourge. Construction of Metrotitan rocket thrusters is complete."

Quick Switch
2002-05-19, 12:43 AM
Scrapper put down his soldering iron, Hook his blowtorch.

The Constructicon Leader pressed an internal button, then closed the open hatch.

"Arise, Black Zarak," he rasped.

Hook marveled.

"Our finest work yet, Scrapper."

"Indeed," Scrapper nodded.


Meanwhile, the other Constructicons were milling about, Space Bridge completed, and other ancillary aspects of Metrotitan's construction finished.

Mixmaster commed the observation tower.

"Mixmaster to Tower. I say again, Space Bridge is ready, ready, ready! All other work details report complete success! The other Constructicons are reporting back inside Metrotitan."

2002-05-19, 01:16 AM
Scourge folded his arms, and leant back against the supporting rail.
"In a way. My Targetmasters fought him at the battle at the Ark. He was able to best them both in combat, and Needlenose was severely damaged. I don't know his name, but I do know that he was good enough to beat two Targetmasters."

He listened as the communication from Viewfinder came in.

"Excellent timing, Reflector. It will soon be time for the field testing. You're free to do as you please for a while. Scourge out."

He glanced down at his wrist, where a red light was blinking. Flipping a switch, an image of the outside of his office door flicked onto the monitor, revealing the Insecticons.

"Scourge to Bombshell. I'm at the Black Zarak observation tower, what is it?"

Quick Switch
2002-05-19, 06:03 PM
Astrotrain activated his comm unit inside his office.

"Scourge, I want an update. Mixmaster just finished his report- the Space Bridge is ready. Are all the repairs finished? I want to get Metrotitan to Cybertron as quickly as possible through the Space Bridge.

Mixmaster stood before him, beaming. Dirge was quitely conversing with the other Constructicons with the work detail.

2002-05-19, 06:05 PM
Bombshell tapped the intercom unit on.

"We were ordered to report to you for new orders", the Insecticon replied.

2002-05-21, 08:49 PM
Soundwave looked out over the proud new battlestation. It was sleek, shining beautifully as freshly painted metal does. Its surfaces were mostly black, but accentuated with hints of gold, silver, and red. In the rear and facing Soundwave's vantage point was the command tower, where a bold and deep Decepticon symbol stared vigilantly over the expanse.

Hope you like it, Scorponok.

Soundwave took one final glance at Black Zarak's impressive weapons array. Satisfied, he turned slowly and quietly away from Scourge and toward the observation tower's lift.

"Seems everything's prepared then. I'm heading back to the command center to help oversee things, if you need me."

2002-05-21, 10:46 PM
"Scourge here. I'm pleased to report progress, Astrotrain. The modifications to Metrotitan are complete. All that we need to do now is the final field tests. I am heading to the Command Centre now, to oversee them. We are still waiting on news from Lastrites's group, regarding getting energy and supplies from the people of Earth."

Finishing the communication, Scourge nodded and turned to Soundwave.
"That is my place also. Soon, we should hear from Lastrites regarding the raw materials and energy from Earth. The supplies must be loaded aboard Metrotitan before our voyage home."

Scourge caught himself. Home? Was Cybertron truly his home? He was created by Unicron, to fight on behalf of Galvatron, and gain the Matrix. He shook his head. No, his creator abandoned him, when he attacked Cybertron. That planet was now the one he called home, whether the doubtful Decepticons liked it or not. He had proven his worth to the cause, many times over.

He stepped onto the lift alongside Soundwave.
"Spinister and Needlenose will coordinate the supply efforts. I hope we have enough time to stock up before Astrotrain orders Metrotitan through the space bridge."

The lift stopped, and the two Decepticons stepped out, walking towards the entry ramp of Metrotitan.

Quick Switch
2002-05-22, 02:18 PM
Scrapper and Hook ambled into Astrotrain's office, reuniting with the other Constructicons.

"Our work for Soundwave is finished," Scrapper nodded at the Triple Changer.

"Good. You all have done very well. Wait with the Combaticons and Predacons in the small conference room a few doors down from here. I'd like to keep the combiner teams in one place." Astrotrain smiled, and acknowledged Scourge's incoming message.

Scrapper quitely motioned for his team to leave, and they shortly thereafter settled themselves with the other Decepticon combiners.

"Excellent, Scourge. As soon as Lastrites returns and boards Metrotitan with the raw materials, I will order the transformation, and Metrotitan shall enter the Space Bridge. Keep me informed." Astrotrain went back to his paperwork. Dirge quietly interrupted him.

"It's all coming together, isn't it 'Train?" The Seeker was still sprawled in his chair.

"Hopefully, Dirge. Hopefully."

2002-05-22, 03:14 PM
"BORED!!!!" Hit sighed smashing his fist into a wall.

"Hey calm down." Scrapheap yelled sitting in a room with the Aerialcons, Crashticons, Steath, Darklark and Skystalker.

"But this is ridculous!" Hit growled, "we should be doing something anything!" He yelled.

"I agree with Run." Fearmaker said standing up.
"All they are doing is constructing another headmaster, they seem to forget that all he will be is a massive target on the battlefield, not the greatest supersoilders ever created." he growled.

Skyblade fired a blast from his megacannon into the floor blasting a rather large hole into it.
"Everyone stop now!" He yelled then noticed the hole "opps... hmm well one of those Construticons can fix it."
He looked at everyone in the room.

"This is foolish, if we want to help lets just go talk to Soundwave, I don't understand how Astrotrain managed to take over as leader on Earth but it does not matter.
Besides the fact that we only really need to listen to Deathzuarus, Galvatron or Hatemunger." he added.

The assembly of sixteen cons left the room and looked for Soundwave, Deathzuarus, Astrotrain or anyone that could give them something to do.

Quick Switch
2002-05-23, 12:51 PM
Dirge got up and glanced out the door as a cavalcade of Cons came tramping down the hallway.

" 'Train," he pointed. "Some disgruntleds to see you."

Astrotrain looked up from his comm screen.

"If they want admittance, they'll have to ask for it. I may not be Galvatron, but damn it- I lead the Earthside Decepticons!"

Dirge nodded, then walked behind Astrotrain's desk, and stood slightly off to one side, arms crossed.

2002-05-23, 12:58 PM
Scrapheap walked right up to the door and started yelling.

"We wish to speak to whoever is leading this Earthside escapade into ughhh!" Suddenly Skyblade reached around him and pulled him aside.

"Sorry about my partners rashness, we wish to speak to someone in charge. Frankly, if we are not going to be asked to help in fixing Metrotitan or building Black Zarak, we should help out with the planning of our strike at the rogue Decepticons." Skyblade said.

Quick Switch
2002-05-23, 06:57 PM
Astrotrain opened the door, and the other Decepticons piled in.

He listened to Skyblade.

"I understand your sentiment. Receive your assignments from Scourge and Soundwave, in the observation tower. If all work is finished, wait with the other combiner squads in the conferece room. Now, go."

Dirge moved out from behind the desk and beckoned to the doorway.

2002-05-23, 10:48 PM
Skyblade looked at Astrotrain.

"Understood, Aerialcons, Crashticons to the conference room. Darklark, Stealth Skystalker, you guys go talk to Soundwave and Scourge."

2002-05-27, 03:35 AM
Soundwave nodded to his walking partner.

"I'll send my cassettes to assist your Targetmasters. Though, in honesty, I find this new energy gathering mission a bit... excessive. Our reserve of super energon will be enough for the trip. And the Autobots no doubt had amassed a great amount in the time they'd had without our presence, which should still be on-planet. Still, if the Commander wants to waste his time on the humans..."

Soundwave did not bother with a conclusion. Besides the simple implications (which Scourge should have little trouble decoding), he noted three Decepticons crowding the hall ahead, and heading in their direction. He eyed them up, but decided not to bother interacting, and tried to force his way around them.

2002-05-27, 03:52 AM
Stealth being the talker of the 3 cons saw Soundwave and called to him.

"Soundwave, we were send to assist you by Astrotrain." Stealth walked over with Skystalker and Darklark following.

"Granted I am not too fond of following that triplechangers plans myself, but either way we are here to help you. Darklark and myself are capable workers and Skystalker here has a ship so I guess we are yours to command."

God Jinrai
2002-05-27, 02:35 PM
Deszaras emerged from a darkened chamber deep within metrotitan's form... glancing at leozak, he started down the hall...

the breastforce second in command acknowledged his leader's silent request, and with the remaining members in tow, followed deathsaraus outside...

"Well now.... It seems the legends were quite true... But this one... this one does not seem to posess the maniacal insanity that devil z posessed... but no matter... a black zarak... is a black zarak.... Come. We shall board the craft and if necessary, assist in any final preparations."

with those words, the seven breastwarriors headed off toward black zarak's massive form...

2002-05-30, 08:26 PM
Soundwave stopped. He raised a brow, listening carefully to Steath's report, and glanced at Scourge when it had ended. His optics settled back on the three newcomers, and he shrugged.

"I have no need for more troops," he declared, beginning to walk again. "Unless Lieutenant Scourge has something he'd like you to do, you may assist in the energon shift once our shipment arrives."

Not bothering to wait for a response from Stealth, he continued on and into Astrotrain's office. No knocking - no time. Unusually casual, he plopped comfortably into a chair on the door-facing side of the desk. He crossed his legs and leaned back smoothly; very Soundwave.

"Everything seems to be prepared, Commander. Black Zarak is finished, and Scorponok is waiting on your order to move out. Metrotitan's refittings are complete, though we've not had time to test yet... I don't suppose Lastrites has returned with the energon."

2002-05-30, 10:39 PM
Scourge shrugged.
"You can help with loading the supplies onto Metrotitan when... If they arrive. Yes, I know it's boring, but there will be time for fighting later."

He walked on into Astrotrain's office after Soundwave, and sent a signal for Fracas to meet him there. Entering the office in the middle of Soundwave's report, he stood by the door and waited.

2002-05-30, 11:58 PM
Scorponok beemed like a proud father as he sat in the control booth for his new Zarak. All he needed was the word...which soon came.

Galvatron: "Galvatron calling earth forces...for those who can, deploy the space bridge and head to Cybertron...if you cannot utilize the space bridge depart immediately and use every possible warp gate to get there...time is fleeting...you have done well Soundwave...Galvatron out!"

God Jinrai
2002-05-31, 12:06 AM
Deszaras made a mad dash back from black zarak's command center, opening a comm on all available frequencies...


Arriving moments later in metrotitan's command chamber, he glanced around... to no avail, no superiors were around... save he... Taking matters into his own hands, he placed his clawed hand on the massive switch that would activate the giant's core consciousness... and pulled...

"Metrotitan.... ONLINE!" the giant boomed....

"Initiate flight configuration, and initiate immedieate takeoff... we return to cybertron! NOW!" Deathsaraus boomed back...

the giant quickly complied...

"Antigrav units... online.... prepping main reactor for primary thrusters... primary propulsion units... online.... initiating takeoff... prepare for breakaway acceleration!"

The massive battlefortress roared from its place nearly imbedded in the ground, skyward it rocketed... achieving escape velocity with little problem...

"Soundwave... follow with black zarak immedieately. Grand Maximus is set to leave the system.... we shall accompany Prime and Galvatron back to cybertron... a fleet of three city and fortress class transformers would fare better against a strike than a lone fortress class ship..." spoke deszaras...