View Full Version : [New RPG] Commander Modesty

Lady Quickswitch
2011-06-27, 12:27 PM
Or just Sky Lynx.

I'm not sure how to intro him into the new RPG or just what his background should be. Can't decide between War Hero of the First War, a mighty force of nature sighted when he's needed most and from time to time. Either created a long time ago or to be created soon as the Vector Factories' response to the severe unbalancing by the Triple Changers and especially Sixshot. I don't want to wreck RP with Quick Switch though.

What do you think Commander Modesty should be doing and from whence did he come?

2011-07-01, 03:25 AM
Deep-space exploration.

2011-07-01, 05:59 AM
Commandant of "Top Gun" type air training programme I can image him and Sentinel rubbing each other up the wrong way.

2011-07-01, 08:48 AM
I like all the relationship potentials with Sentinel :up:

War Hero of the First War

I like this edge, it gives Sky Lynx some fuel for his boasting, and adds to the fact that some people (not just old fogies like Kup and Ironhide and Obsidian and Omega) actually fought in past wars.