View Full Version : WTB: G1 Scorponok parts

2011-07-27, 06:56 PM
I'm looking for the following parts, in order of priority:

4 x Shoulder guns
1 x Silver leg plate/tower/thing
1x grey gun cover

If you're only selling the leg plates in pairs or the orange gun w/ the cover, I'm willing to buy those too...I'll look into the base mode parts later.

The Reverend
2011-08-05, 08:39 PM
I picked up the shoulder guns as a set awhile back for mine - $30, I believe. Honestly I'm not sure why they're a set of four, it seems to me you really only need two!

Did you ever hear anything back from the repro site?

2011-08-12, 10:08 PM
They're a set of four because there's two in the back, two in the front, two on both shoulders. Plus in scorpion mode, two remain on his shoulders while the other two attach on the orange ramp parts on his robot legs instead.

Also no. I opted to put that aside until I can get arms for my Fasttrack so he can actually hold his guns.

2011-09-02, 02:39 PM

I got an entirely new Scorponok, this one's almost complete but the body is in far less good shape than the one I already got, but I bought it mostly for the accessories anyway.

Now all I'm missing is two of the radar dishes and ONE of Fasttrack's guns. Here's the radars I'm still missing:


2011-11-18, 02:12 PM
Got a new chest hatch with slightly less chipped paint. Also got a KO gun for Fasttrack.

Still looking for those two antennas!

The Reverend
2011-11-19, 04:15 PM
So where'd you get Fastrack's gun?

2012-01-15, 09:24 AM
Bought it from someone in the TFW forums.