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2011-01-21, 11:24 AM
Abstaining from interfering in the Decepticon civil war, the Autobots rested upon their laurels, slowly returning Iacon to its former glory.

....Or so it would seem.

Underneath its thriving, pristine surface, the Autobot-centric nation continues to be hindered by a splintered government. Iacon is led by hopeful figureheads, discontent civilians and shrewd commissioned officers -- each voice contradicting the other, each who want a say in how the great city-state should be ran or defended.

With the arrival of Imperial forces in the neutral nation of Protihex, it is only a matter of time until the enemy spreads across Cybertron. Will Iacon be able stand together and defend the planet in this time of peril?

2011-02-18, 08:31 AM
Prowl's Office, Autobase

Prowl sat upright, facing the holographic projector that was built into the top of his desk. He was preparing a formal message that Springer, Prowl's newly dubbed 'ambassador', would pass on to Gigatron during his visit to Crystal City.

"Ahem...Begin recording," Prowl said into the lens of the projector. "Greetings, Gigatron. I am Prowl, Autobase Minister of Defense and General--" The chime from the nearby intercom system cut him off. "Yes?"

"Sorry to disturb you, sir," a communications officer said. "But we just received a priority transmission from the Steelhaven."

"From Protihex? Yes, of course, put it through."

When Prowl looked over to the monitor at his desk, he was puzzled to see Ratchet's face waiting on the other line rather than Cerebros'.

"This is unexpected," Prowl said dryly. "I hope that Cerebros is not once again indisposed. What can I do for you, Ratchet?"

"Sorry Prowl, I'm afraid this isn't a social call. We have an emergency," Ratchet said. "Cog put together a report for you, which I'm streaming to you now, but long story short; the Imperials are in Protihex."

"Imperials," Prowl repeated.


Had he not switched off that sub-routine long ago, Prowl would have felt the same slow, creeping dread that Onslaught and Cerebros - back in Protihex - experienced upon hearing the same news.

He pulled up the data that Ratchet sent him and skimmed through it. "Hm, the make and class of these vessels..."

"Yes, all signs point to the beginning stages of an invasion," Ratchet said.

"And where is Fortress Maximus?"

"On the field," Ratchet told him. "We're trying to concentrate on evacuation efforts and Onslaught's forces are doing what they can to repel them, but, honestly, there's only so much we can do. Protihex needs Iacon."

"Do you know if Onslaught has attempted to contact Gigatron?"

"I have no idea, though I'm sure he has."

Prowl pensively drummed his fingers on the arm of his chair. "This is quite the quandary," he said. "Mind you, I had foreseen this and have taken the necessary--"

"Prowl, please! This is an emergency!" Desperation was in Ratchet's voice. "These people are our responsibility. Protihex needs Iacon."

"And Iacon's aide they shall receive, but you must understand, Ratchet," Prowl calmly countered. "Is that policy has become far more complicated during your stay in Protihex. Needlessly complicated. But rest assured, Iacon will come."

"Thank you, Prowl. Do what you have to - circumvent the constitution if you must - just please hurry."

"I will...take that under advisement," Prowl said, darkly. "I will be in contact with you again shortly."

He looked away from the monitor and opened his com-link. "Optimus," he said. "We have a problem."


The Mezzanine, Border Regions

Blades paused to consider Doubledealer for the mission, then shook his head. "Yeah, I know someone who has toys like that, but nah, I don't think we'll need him," he told Firecracker. "I'm good to go. Got my own gizmos if we need 'em anyway."

"Well, I'm glad you two are hitting it off," Magnificus said. "Have fun, and try not to bump into anyone you once knew while you're there"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Blades answered, already moving towards elevator.

Magnificus looked to Firecracker. "We are done here, right?"

2011-02-22, 04:56 AM
Drift's Apartment

Sideswipe shrugged. "I can do that. Am I going to have a problem when he sees I'm working with you, though?"

Without waiting for Drift's answer, he keyed in a familiar comm code. "Jazz, it's Sideswipe. You there?"

The Mezzanine, Border Regions

"Yep, we're done," Firecracker told Magnificus. "You keep in touch with the boss-man, and he'll let you know if we need your help on anything else...or if we can help you. After all, back-scratching goes both ways, right?"

Heading toward the door, he waved at Blades. "I'm sure you know the way better than me. You wanna lead?"

Aero Blade
2011-02-22, 06:31 AM
Autobase Landing Strip

It was far from a perfect landing, but Wing Saber was just glad he hadn't crashed into anything, or fallen to pieces upon touching down. His passengers inside would have been jostled quite a bit, but he was most concerned about getting out of the air before any more of him came appart.

Once he had landed, Wing Saber taxied off the strip to make room for the Evac Shuttle, then openned the exit door for his passengers once there was enough space.

"Sorry for the rough landing," He spoke to Jazz, Ironfist, and Searchlight.

Dirge himself stayed clear of the landing strip, opting to transform and land feet first nearby to where Wing Saber had come to wait.

2011-02-23, 11:36 AM
Drift's Apartment

"Probably. I'll handle it, though." Drift told Sideswipe. "Might as well as warn you. See, when war first broke out I wiped out Jazz's entire team. Nearly damn killed each other too."

2011-02-24, 02:16 PM
Autobase Landing Strip

Highbrow came down and transformed beside Dirge. "Benefits of being a flier - the results of the landing are your own. You are not dependent on someone else for your safety."

Ironfist unbuckled and stood up. "We are alive. Not much more we can ask." He replied to WingSaber.

2011-02-26, 07:51 PM
Autobase Landing Strip

Jazz walked out of Wing Saber. "You got us here in one piece," Jazz said. "That's more than enough for me." Jazz looked over his shoulder towards Ironfist.

Ironfist, help Searchlight out of his seat so we can transport him to the IMR for his check up."

He then looked over at Dirge and Highbrow. "Good job back there guys." Which was also directed to Ironfist. "Next time we hit Maccaddam's, first round is on me."

Jazz complementing the others was cut short when he received an incoming transmission from a familiar mech. "Readin' you loud an' clear, 'Swipe! Wassup?"


"Repair cycle complete," the computer said as Springer stepped out of the CR-chamber. He looked down and saw the Autobot symbol shining bright on his chest again.

"Ahh, this feels good," he said. "Took a little longer than I thought and I need to get to Crystal City. I guess I'll visit Roddy later."

He walked down the hall and towards the exit.

2011-02-28, 04:23 PM
Autobase Landing Strip

"Don't say that too loud. We will take you up on the offer." Ironfist said in reply to Jazz.

Turning back to Searchlight. "Time for a medical unit for you." He said while loosening the restraints.

2011-03-04, 11:13 PM
Iacon, Underground

After what seemed like both an eternity and an instant, Sunstorm snapped back to normal. Dazed, he stumbled backwards for a few steps before collapsing in a heap on the floor. His optics refused to focus, but he looked towards where he thought Carrier was.

"I... did it." The seeker smiled weakly before collapsing back on the ground.

2011-03-07, 10:10 PM
Drift's Apartment

"I've stumbled into some trouble," Sideswipe told Jazz, smiling when he heard his old friend's familiar voice. "I'd rather not get into it on an open channel, though. I, uh..." Sideswipe trailed off sheepishly."I could use your help."

2011-03-11, 06:07 PM
Autobase landing strip

"You an' trouble kinda go hand in hand," Jazz replied to Sideswipe, "so no surprise there. But if you need my help, you got it. Hold on a sec."

Jazz looked around. Ironfist was helping Searchlight when the medics came on site to attend to him. "Ironfist! There's a situation that needs my attention. Gotta go. I'm leaving things in your hands."

Jazz turned back to his conversation with Sideswipe. "Send over the coordinates and I'll be on my way." Jazz transformed to vehicle mode and was on his way out of Autobase.

2011-03-14, 07:50 PM
Autobase landing strip

"Affirmative." Ironfist replied to Jazz as the latter sped off. "Let us know if you need backup."

Turning back to Searchlight, he finished taking off the restraints and motioned the medics to come help him. "They'll treat you. Fix you up." He said.

2011-03-18, 07:38 AM
Landing strip

Searchlight nodded weakly. "Thank you."

2011-03-19, 03:14 AM
Drift's Apartment

"You're my hero," Sideswipe told Jazz. "I'm shooting you an address. It's an apartment block in the old part of town. Gimme a buzz when you're getting close and I'll meet you outside."

Muting the channel, he turned to Drift and asked, "So...you figure I should tell him you're here before he walks in the door, or is he going to turn around the second I say your name?"

2011-03-19, 03:42 AM
Drift's Apartment

Drift shrugged. "Drift won't mean anything to him. Deadlock, though, will probably jolt back his anger. He knows how to keep his cool. Might as well warn him now, he won't want to miss a chance to bash my face in."

2011-04-04, 06:19 PM
Somewhere close to Drift's Apartment

Jazz came to a screeching halt and transformed. He opened up his com link and contacted Sideswipe. "Sideswipe, this is Jazz. I've reached the coordinates you sent me. Where you at?"

Jazz was wondering what could be so important for him to have to show up in person. Is Sideswipe is in big trouble or could it be something else?

2011-04-04, 07:04 PM
Drift's Apartment

"I'll be right down," Sideswipe told Jazz. Turning to Drift, he said, "Fingers crossed he doesn't shoot you as soon as I bring him up here..."

Heading downstairs, Sideswipe quickly caught sight of Jazz loitering around in robot mode.

"There you are!" he said, a friendly smile on his face. Extending a hand to Jazz, he said, "It's good to see you again!"

2011-04-05, 01:04 PM
Drift's Apartment

"Yes. That would be.... preferable." Drift told Sideswipe as the other mech moved to greet Jazz. Drift looked around the room, seeing the lubricious amounts of swords... and sighed. Should've have filled his room with so many sharp objects.

2011-04-05, 08:30 PM
Drift's Apartment

Jazz smiled. "Hope I can say the same thing, 'Swipe," Jazz replied to Sideswipe as he shook his hand. "Your message sounded pretty urgent. What can I do for ya?" Jazz looked around a little. "You live in this neighbourhood these days?"

2011-04-07, 04:25 AM
Drift's Apartment

"No, no," Sideswipe told Jazz. "Actually, I just got out of the IMR a few hours ago so I suppose I don't really live anywhere right now."

He pointed his friend toward the apartment building's door.

"I sort of...fell in with a couple of fellow ne'er-do-wells, I suppose. Went to a bar, stopped Crosshairs from getting his skidplate kicked, and found out that the place was up to no good along the way. We figured we could use some help from a guy with a good head on his shoulders, though."

Wincing, he added, "But I don't think you're going to like the other guy we're working with. He's an ex-Con."

2011-04-08, 09:04 PM
Drift's Apartment

"Thought a much," Jazz said in reply to Sideswipe. "Never took you for a guy that would have his crib in a place like this."

Jazz headed towards the apartment. "So you and two others got into a fight and now you want me to pull a few strings for you to get you off the hook? That it?" Jazz turned back around to face Sideswipe. "Gotta know what went down then." Jazz tilted his head a little. "Oh and an ex-Con huh? Anybody I should know off?"

2011-04-12, 02:48 PM
Drift's Apartment

"Pretty much, yeah." Sideswipe winced as Jazz asked him for the former Decepticon's name.

"Yeah, about that...promise me you're not going to try and kill him, OK?"

2011-04-12, 11:08 PM
Drift's appartment

"You are afraid that I might kill him?" Jazz was a little surprised at Sideswipe. He's not know for holding a grudge against Decepticons that switch sides and join the Autobots. He usually gives them a fair chance, but wat would make this mech so special?

Jazz had to search his memory banks for a while, but then it his him. There was only one mech that had such on impact on his life, changed him into the mech that he is now that it still left him a little scarred. Aborting his instictive command to grab his rifle, he turned and said: "that can mean only one guy. Deadlock. Can't make any promises when he's involved."

2011-04-15, 10:39 PM
Drift's Apartment

"He's...reformed," Sideswipe told Jazz. "I know that sounds ridiculous, but he's an Autobot now. He helped me pull Crosshairs out of a nasty situation."

Opening the door to the apartment, he gestured for Jazz to enter. "After you."

So that I can hold you back if you go for your gun again...

2011-04-16, 10:57 AM
Drift's Apartment

Drift stepped out of the shadows, standing in full view of Jazz, optics downcast. "Hello, Jazz." he said in a decidedly hoarser voice, the same voice that Deadlock had used in the past, before switching to his present accent. "I am so sorry. For everything."'

Drift's arms hung loose on his sides, palms wide open, and his optics narrowed for the punch that was surely to come. He deserved any blow that Jazz might mete out to him.

He deserved it a hundred fold.

He killed.

He deserved to die.

2011-04-18, 05:51 PM
Drift's Apartment

Jazz walked into the room and saw Drift standing there, ready to receive the punch of his life. Jazz subspaced his gun away, but his hands turned to fists. With so many emotions runing through his spark his arms started to quiver and it's clearly showed that anger was building up in his body.

Jazz knew that Sideswipe would try to hold him back if it ever came that far. It's why Jazz was allowed to enter the room first. Streetlight reflected off Jazz' visor and it was that moment that Jazz lowered his arms. "You have probably made me suffer the greatest loss in the time I've been online, but if you think just standing there, ready to take a hit is gonna make me wanna punch you" he said with a stern tone to his voice. "you obviously got no clue what kinda mech I am."

He kept his eye on Drift and noticed that he had been Autobranded. "Somebody in the Autobot army thinks that you have earned those," he said pointing to the Autobot symbol," and I ain't gonna trash a fellow soldier. Not when we need all the hands we can get."

Jazz took a few steps back, closer to Sideswipe and a kept his distance from Drift. "You make my spark glitch," he added. "If you're here for my forgiveness than you'll be dissapointed. You're not gonna get it. You may have earned the right to call yourself an Autobot, but you're gonna have to work very hard to make me wanna forgive you."

2011-04-19, 10:02 AM
Drift's Apartment

Drift remained silent as Jazz spoke, taking in every word, every syllable. When he was sure Jazz was finished, he looked up.

"I expected no more than that." Drift told Jazz. "Forgiveness is not something I can earn, least of all from you. Regardless of our history, I hope we can work together."

That went better than Drift could have ever expected, but he knew it was far from finished...

2011-04-23, 04:46 AM
Drift's Apartment

Sideswipe just stood back, ready to separate Drift and Jazz if it came to it, but not wanting to get involved in what as obviously a profoundly personal moment for both of them.

Crosshairs, on the other hand, had no such compunction.

"Ughhh..." he groaned. "My head feels like it's been hollowed out and used to store etching acid..."

"Yes," Sideswipe told him. "Going on a bender and getting tuned up by bouncers will do that to you." He winced. "Also, I knocked you out to make you easier to carry."

Crosshairs groaned again. "If I could move I'd shoot you in the face," he groused.

2011-04-23, 10:42 AM
Drift's Apartment

Drift's optics drifted from Jazz towards Sideswipe and Crosshairs and then back to Jazz again, waiting for his response.

2011-04-24, 03:09 PM
Drift's Apartment

(OOC: Springer?)

Sideswipe crossed his arms and glared down at Crosshairs.

"Look, I don't know you that well but I know that you're not the type to pick a fight with a bouncer. Drift and I know something shady was going on in that bar. Care to tell us what?"

"Lotsa things," Crosshairs slurred. "I dunno."

Sideswipe leaned in, glowering. "Don't lie to me, Targetmaster."

"Not a Targetmaster anymore," Crosshairs mumbled.

"Oh, so that's what this is about?" Sideswipe asked. "You get your little buddy killed so you think you need to do everything on your own now?" He cuffed the other Transformer upside the head. "Sober up and stop thinking like that. You're an Autobot just like the rest of us. We help each other out."

Unless one of us is named Sunstreaker, he thought bitterly.

"I don't remember exactly what happened," Crosshairs told him. "Too much to drink. But I do remember seeing a couple of mechs leaning together over a table looking all conspiratorial-like. Not an uncommon sight, but one of them had a fresh paint job with bits of grey-green showing underneath. Imp colours. So I staggered over to their table, just in time to see the green guy hand his buddy a pile of shanix and get a piece of paper in return. I wanted to get a closer look, so I , uh, tripped and knocked over their table. That's when the bouncers decided I'd had enough. It was worth it, though...got a good look at the paper."

"What was on it?" Sideswipe asked.

"An address, a time, and a string of numbers," Crosshairs told him. "An address inside Autobase." He glanced over Sideswipe's shoulder at the clock on Drift's wall among all the swords. "The time was less than an hour from now."

Sideswipe grimaced, then looked up at Drift and Jazz. "You two hear all that? Something bad's going down. You'd better kiss and make up, because we're the only ones who'll be able to deal with it in time to make a difference."

Ultra Magnus's Office, The Decagon

Ultra Magnus looked across his desk at Smokescreen and sighed.

"Why are you bringing this to me. I've been back on duty for, what, an hour? I'm not the best person to deal with this."

"Actually," the spy told him, "that's exactly why I came to you. Prime or Prowl are going to be preoccupied with a thousand other things."

"But I don't have anything else to worry about."

"Exactly," Smokescreen told him.

Magnus sighed. "Go over it again."

"Our communications links with all of our facilities in orbit have gone down. But before they did, we got some interesting visuals." Smokescreen tapped a button and a series of holograms appeared over the desk. "That's the Warworld, and those are a fleet of troop dropships. Our best estimate is that they were headed for Protihex, but I haven't been able to get a call in to Fortress Maximus to confirm that. My guess is that the Imperials are blocking all comms into and out of the city."

"So you'd like me to lead an expedition into Protihex to engage them?" Magnus shook his head. "You know as well as I that an invasion of a neutral city-state would need Senate approval -- even when we have their best interests at heart."

Smokescreen nodded gravely. "That's another reason why I came to you," he said bluntly. "Order is too important to Prowl for him to ever defy the constitution like that, and Prime would have to weigh the consequences and worry about what might happen in the future. But mechs like you and I...we don't have that luxury. We do what's right, what has to be done, and deal with the consequences as they come."

"I'm nothing like you," Magnus said sharply, "but you're right. If the Imperials are in Protihex they need to be stopped."

He keyed in his commlink, opening an all-Autobots channel but taking care not to include Prime or Prowl in the call. "This is Ultra Magnus to all available troops. Assemble a battle unit in the main hangar bay immediately."

2011-04-25, 11:51 AM
Drift's Apartment

"Yes. Without further ado, let's roll." Drift headed to the weapon racks, spun two of the shorter blades and sheathed them, before taking the greatsword that Dai Atlas had given him in the past. This was it, then... time to make a difference. Let's hope this one will be worth the fight.

"What will we be looking for?" Drift asked as he headed out of the door.


"You guys hear that?" Whirl asked as he all but dashed into the room. "It's time, boys and girls. Roadbuster, Revolution, Topspin, Scoop, Stepper- let's WRECK AND RULE!"

Without waiting for anyone's response, Whirl transformed and took out into the air, heading towards the hangar bay.

Flying backwards, of course.


Arcee heard the call, from Ultra Magnus' familiar voice. She turned to Hot Rod and First Aid. "Look, I wish I could be here. I really do, Rod... but things are getting out of hand. There's a call for arms. You can either try play Rodimus Prime again, or be who you really are. Be Hot Rod."

With that said, Arcee headed out of the room, gesturing at the other guards--Hardhead, Road Rage, Cliffjumper, Brawn and Hosehead--"You guys heard the call." Arcee transformed into her hovercar mode and shot away.

She sighed. Shouldn't have gotten so worked up with Hot Rod. But what else could she do? Her old cadre of friends is getting smaller and smaller. Perceptor and Blurr are in Protihex, Daniel is on Earth, Kup is gone forever, Hot Rod is having allusions of grandeur... Springer... god knows what's gotten into Springer.

Dinobot Shuttle

"We'll be right there, Magnus." Swoop told the former City Commander. "Well, Grimlock? Snarl? Striker? Let's bash some brains."

Saying so, Swoop transformed into his pteranodon mode and flew out of the shuttle.


Monocle watched as the Autobot insignia that doubled as a transmitter beeped inside his wrist compartment. Monocle sighed as he took out the old, tattered emblem, which was beeping due to Magnus' call. "Time to go back to the fold, then." Monocle whispered. "If the information I gained about Imperial sleeper agents is correct..."

2011-05-02, 09:22 PM

Topspin looked up as Whirl dashed in. "About time we get some action!" He yelled, running to grab his weapons. He grabbed his weapons and sent a message to Highbrow. "Looks like we got some fun headed our way. You in?" He sent, transforming and taking off after Whirl.


"I will be there momentarily." Highbrow replied to Topspin, transforming and lifting off. "I received the alert before your message came through. Let us see who can reach the coordinates faster."

Elsewhere in Iacon...

Ironfist received Ultra Magnus's call and transformed, ready for a fight. It had been awhile since the prison altercations, and he was ready to rumble. He took off as fast as he could to the coordinates.

2011-05-03, 09:22 PM

Scoop gathered his partners

"Wreck and Rule."


Overdrive grinned

"who you calling a girl."


Revolution looked serious

"Primus bless this mission."

Dinobot Shuttle

Striker punched the air.



Landfill stopped polishing his weapons a little disconcerting as it was also his targetmaster partner.

"Roger Magnus."

2011-05-04, 04:17 PM
Main Hangar Bay, the Decagon

Overdrive flipped his wings in and plummeted groundwards before spinning his wheels and performing a donut as he landed.

"Red in tooth and claw Wreck and Rule."

2011-05-05, 06:09 AM
Drift's Apartment

Sideswipe shrugged in reply to Drift's question. "That's sorta what Jazz is here for, isn't it? People like you and me don't have a problem knowing who to clobber, but the when and the how we leave to brighter lights."

Crosshairs chimed in as they followed Drift out the door. He was still walking a tad unsteadily. "I can spot the guy once we're in, but strategy? No matter how many times they promote me, it'll never make me leader material. So I agree: this is Jazz's show."

Main Hangar Bay, The Decagon

Ultra Magnus walked into the base's hangar and scowled. He hated this place. It was one of the additions that the Quintessons had made during their time in control of Cybertron, and it showed. The facility was fully-functional but it's aesthetic was so totally alien that he couldn't even walk through it without being slapped across the face by one of his greatest failures.

If only I'd been there to help Prime. If only I'd been there to help him deal with Thunderwing sooner. We could have reorganized. We could have been ready, and we could have fought the Quintessons off. But I wasn't, we weren't and we didn't, and hundreds of thousands of Transformers died because of it.

Shaking his head to banish the self-destructive train of thought, he barked out orders to the bay's maintenance crews to get as many drop ships ready as he could. He let Smokescreen direct the rank and file to some of the smaller ships, but reserved the biggest one for himself and his troops -- the biggest target, because they would be best-equipped to survive such attention.

As the comm chatter came in, he gave off quick responses. "Acknowledged, Swoop. It'll be good to have the Dinobots with us."

Then, "No, it's Ultra Magnus..." He shook his head in bafflement. "Whatever. Glad to hear you're on the team, Landfill."

2011-05-05, 10:53 AM
Main Hangar Bay, the Decagon

"Ultra Magnus! The Wreckers are ready to rumble!" Whirl called out as he landed. It looked as if he was going to land with his rotors facing the ground, thereby creating a terrible mess with twisted rotors and chewed-up concrete, but at the last possible moment Whirl transformed and flipped himself, landing on his ski-like feet. "Who do we need to kill?"

Whirl turned to Overdrive, presumably flying near him, and shrugged. "Well, you are the only one wearing bright, bright red..."

(OOC: Ack, forgot Overdrive.)

Swoop transformed and landed as well. "Striker, home in on my position and bring our shuttle in." He glanced at Ultra Magnus and Whirl, and shrugged. "We're among the first? Not often that happens."

Arcee zipped in and transformed, wordlessly stalking towards a ship and leaning against it. She kept her attention at Ultra Magnus, ignoring the rest of the people in the hangar bay. Magnus was the only one who knew her to any extent in here, and even then Magnus could get pretty scatterbrained...

Drift's Apartment

"True." Drift told Crosshairs and Sideswipe as he spun around, folding into his vehicle mode as he did so, not bothering to reply with a long sentence, for he was still thinking about what Jazz had said. "So, Jazz, pray tell... what do we do now?"

2011-05-05, 01:56 PM
Main Hangar Bay, the Decagon

Topspin pulled into the Hangar shortly after Whirl and Overdrive. "Looks like you're gonna have at least one more Wrecker - with our casualty rates, the more the better." He said to Ultra Magnus, transforming as he spoke.


Highbrow landed in front of the hangar bay and walked in. "How many troops are you expecting to answer the summons?" He asked Ultra Magnus.


Ironfist pulled in near Arcee, ready for a fight. "Made it out of Altihex safely. Good."

2011-05-06, 08:55 AM
Main Hangar Bay, The Decagon

"Don't joke about casualties, Topspin. Remember the last time we did that?" Whirl shook his head, but it was clear that the comment was still jovial in nature. He cocked his head when Highbrow arrived, and leant in to Topspin. "That stuffy kid with a brit accent a friend of yours?"

Arcee glanced at Ironfist and nodded, smiling softly. "I got separated from you guys during the fight. Sorry about that."

2011-05-09, 12:57 AM
Asteroid Belt, Sol System

He'd been stuck in Sol for cycles. His original goal of hitting Earth and getting the materials necessary to rebuild mold brother. It never happened. He'd yet to even get to Earth.

Things had changed, most of the planet had become militant towards Cybertronians, so his ship signature wasn't going to get through their installed World Government's planetary defences. The irony was, most of it was based on Cybertronian technology.

Something that didn't slip past him. He'd taken a more anti-human stance by the end of their stay on the planet. So he spent most of his time hiding in the asteroids where he'd be harder to track and impossible to attack. There was another problem though.

His shuttle rocked as a missile exploded just off starboard. He grimaced as smoke poured into the cock-pit as he input commands into the helm which caused the ship to kill its thrusters as it spun one hundred and eighty degrees.

Pirates. Human, Quintessonian, Skuxxoid. Didn't really matter, but with the Humans becoming Isolationist, the pirates moved in en masse.

He returned fire, slamming the opposition ship with one of the two volleys before re-engaging his thrusters and darting behind a nearby asteroid. There was a second ship when the attack began, but he'd landed a pretty solid blow at the get go. It wasn't destroyed though and could be everywhere.

"Where are you." He said to himself as he scanned his both his visual and scanner simultaneously. He didn't get much time though, the first ship came from his port side, and he quickly engaged thrusters again and pushing into a forty-five degree turn and firing off another salvo, not connecting this time. The pirate attack ship's momentum carried it below him and banked to come back at his rear.

He had to find that second ship before it got a chance to sneak up on him. He banked left and then directly down, weaving in and out of the asteroids. The attack cruiser was trying to get on his back, but he wasn't about to give them a clear target.

Once he'd cleared the last of the large asteroids he engaged reverse thrusters, pushing back. Because the pirates were forced to go at a higher speed to catch his small cruiser, the attack cruiser was forced infront of him. "Too aggressive." He said calmly and opened fire. Three blasts from the main cannons and two connected, impacting on the rear thrusters of the attack cruiser. They were disabled and likely going for the escape pods.

He quickly began looking for the second ship. It had to be there, he was focused on knocking them out of commission. Their ships were Human for the most part. They'd have some material and he had to have it. But as was the case for him more often than not he was too focused.

Through out the dogfight he hadn't taken notice to his science station flashing about unusual temporal readings. If he had he wouldn't be forced to come to the sudden conclusion that his ship was infact going in the opposite direction he now wanted. He quickly moved to reverse thrusters but the pull was too strong. By the time he looked at the science station and moved over to it, it was too late. He knew what had happened now, He knew what he had hit and he knew where the other attack cruiser had gone. A few more seconds at the science station as he absorbed what he was reading and then quickly back to the main console.

He manged to turn the ship away from the anomaly but when he engaged the thrusters he barely held still, continuing to inch towards the center. An escape pod would suffer the same fate. He was stuck. He stared at the screen for a moment. Remembering a similar helpless feeling the last time he was in a shuttle that was about to be destroyed.

"Slag." He muttered to himself as he became resigned to his fate and was pulled into the middle of the eddy. He had one last thought, about his failure to do what he'd set out to do and his rage boiled to the top once again.

The shuttle vanished as it hit the center mass, likely never to return to that point ever again.

2011-05-09, 07:12 PM
Main Hangar Bay, The Decagon

Topspin looked over at Highbrow, the bot Whirl had mentioned. "Don't worry about him. We did a few side missions here and there before I joined back up with you guys. He's good to have around. Not Wrecker material, but then again, few are."

2011-05-10, 06:54 AM
Main Hangar Bay, the Decagon

Whirl nodded. Any Wrecker's word is good enough for him. "Spinny, what about that other guy, the one beside Arcee? He looks much more prepared than your stuffy friend, but I don't recognize him." Turning to Overdrive, "Do you?"

2011-05-11, 03:44 AM
Main Hangar Bay, The Decagon

Ultra Magnus smiled grimly as Whirl set down. "It's good to have you," he said. "We have information that Imperial troops are landing in Protihex. We've been cut off from our own people and don't have any intelligence on what we might find. The Wreckers will have to be the tip of the spear that we thrust at the enemy."

As he was talking, he glanced over at Arcee and gave her a curt, welcoming nod. He was glad that at least one of the troops he'd served with for so long was going to be accompanying him.

After acknowledging Topspin's joking comment with a glance, he answered Highbrow. "Honestly, I have no idea. I issued a general summons, but our troop levels have been steadily dropping since the Quintessons were defeated. If we get more than two dozen I'll be pleasantly surprised."

2011-05-11, 06:04 AM
Hangar Bay, The Decagon

"But of course! Why wouldn't it be good to have me?" Whirl asked Magnus. "Imperials? Ah, so they have come. When do we leave?"

Arcee raised her hand slightly and waved at Magnus, regarding him with a smile.

Iacon Streets

"Springer, I have news of utmost importance to you." Monocle commed the former Wrecker. "There seems to be an emergency summons in the Autobot base, and I do think it is worth checking out. The last time something like this happened it was the Quintesson invasion."

2011-05-11, 06:25 AM
Main Hangar Bay

Overdrive shrugged. "Some techno geek weapons development guy I think."


Steelshot drew up and transformed.

He saluted Magnus. "Steelshot and Beacon reporting for duty, retirement was starting to bore us. I'd rather fight and die than just stagnate, never did want to live forever anyway."

2011-05-11, 12:10 PM
(ooc: Hope this is alright, been outta this one for a while.)

Close to the Main Hangar Bay

"Thanks, buddy," Springer replied to Monocle. "I actually received the emergency call. Believe it or not, Prowl had me autobraned so I'm an Autobot again. I'm on my way there now."

Springer transformed to helicopter mode and made his way to the Main Hangar Bay.


Drift's Apartment

Jazz looked over at the mechs in the room. "You think there's going to be an attack on Autobase, Crosshairs? I'll need more details on the location. Standard procedure would be to inform Ultra Magnus or Prowl. However, judging from the call we just got, I'm guessing that they have their hands full with something else right now."

Jazz walked to the exit. "The four of us need to get close to the location ASAP. We can formulate a plan there so lets roll."


Main Hangar Bay

Cliffjumper and Brawn made their way to the Main Hangar bay and transformed to robot mode, awaiting instructions.

2011-05-11, 03:35 PM
Main Hangar Bay

Whirl waved at Brawn, recognizing the beefy little Minibot from his time working alongside the Wreckers back when they blew up Metrotitan.

Arcee sighed, giving Cliffjumper and Brawn curt nods as they arrived.

A familiar sound seemed to come from the distance. A very distinctive whupwhupwhupwhup...

Arcee glanced up, and her mouth hung open. There, flying down into the Main Hangar Bay was...


Arcee quickly covered the distance between her and Ultra Magnus, the only Autobot in the room she knew long enough. "Magnus. Is that Springer?" She asked, her optics glimmering in confusion.

Drift's Apartment

"So the attackers -- the Cybertronian Empire judging by Crosshairs' description -- are trying to use whatever crisis Ultra Magnus has his hands full with as a distraction while they level the Autobase?" Drift asked Jazz, as he revved his engines. "We cannot waste any time, then."


"It is truly relieving to hear such news, comrade." Monocle told Springer. "I myself am en route to the Autobase."

2011-05-12, 07:02 AM
Main Hangar Bay, The Decagon

"We leave immediately," Magnus told Whirl. "All Autobots, board your ships! That includes you two," he told Steelshot and Beacon. "Consider your retirements officially revoked, at least for the duration of the attack."

He squinted into the distance, then nodded to Arcee. "It is indeed. Come with me."While the troops started to board the shuttles, he made his way toward the hangar entrance to intercept the triplechanger.

Drift's Apartment

"I think it's the only possibility that makes sense," Crosshairs told Jazz as he transformed to vehicle mode. "Got to check it out anyway, right?"

Sideswipe followed the others out, keeping his mouth shut. He wasn't big on planning either, and liked it a lot better when someone pointed him at the enemy and set him loose.

2011-05-12, 12:56 PM
Main Hangar Bay, the Decagon

Topspin walked over to the Wreckers. "So since we get to do the heavy lifting, does that mean we get the best shuttle?"

Ironfist and Highbrow both boarded another shuttle, ready to get underway.

2011-05-17, 01:02 PM
Streets, outside Drift's apartment

In vehicle mode, Jazz made his way towards Autobase as quick as he could. "Gotta work up a plan on the fly, I guess," he said to no one in particular. "Drift? Are your stealth skills as good as they were back when you were Deadlock?"

Jazz sped up a little more. "We got no idea of the threat level, so we need to establish what we're dealing with first, but quick. Also gonna need somebody that's a good shot. Who of you has the best sniping skills?"


Dinobot Shuttle

"So we gonna pound something or what?" Snarl said impatiently.


Main Hangar Bay, The Decagon

Springer saw two very familiar figures in the distance standing in the entrance to the Hangar Bay. Ultra Magnus and Arcee. Two mechs that he considered to be among his best friends. Until he abandoned them.

This can't go well, he thought as he transformed to robot mode and landed in front of them, chest forward and proudly showing the Autobot symbol on it. That pride faded quick however as he realised that this could become just a painful conversation like he had with Roadbuster.

"So, ahh," he scratched the back of his head, avoiding eye contact. "You have room for one more?"

2011-05-18, 02:04 AM
Main Hangar Bay

"Tch." Whirl made a derisive snort at Overdrive's identification, keeping his voice low enough so only the two of them (and Topspin, who was nearby) would hear. "I think I remember him. Someone tried to get him hooked with the Wreckers, but it wasn't meant to be. Weapons development guy... does he even have combat experience?"

Turning to Topspin, Whirl shrugged. "What, we ain't going to use the ship I bought just now? Well, the more for us to crash anyway, which one strikes your-"

Whirl's single optic caught Ultra Magnus and Arcee moving, and saw what they saw. "Mother carrie's chickens..." Whirl muttered when he saw Springer. "He's got the gall to show his mug around here..."

Monocle arrived at the scene and transformed, strolling in, his old Autobrand gleaming where it had been re-attached to his chest. "Reporting for duty, sir." He told Magnus, but was cut off by Arcee's murderous glare. Monocle then saw who the officer was walking towards, and said a simple "Ah."

Swoop's wings unfurled and he flew in robot mode towards the Dinobots' shuttle. "Snarl, Striker, let's make Grimlock proud of us."

Arcee made a low, uncharacteristic growl at the bottom of her throat as she stalked off beside Ultra Magnus, face contorted by rage, blue optics shining wildly as he glared at Monocle, who tried to catch Magnus' attention. (OOC: Think one of her angry expressions from the earlier IDW material. Without the lipstick and mascara.)

When she got close enough, she regarded Springer from head to toe. Still the same body configuration. Still the same cocky look in his eyes, like he can do whatever he damn wants and get away with it.

So if he dies he can do whatever he wants? Kup died! Optimus Prime died!

And worse, Springer had abandoned them. Left them. Left her. Kup is dead, Daniel is gone, Hot Rod's head is filled with crazy schemes (although having been a Prime, Arcee doesn't really blame him), who knows where Blurr and Perceptor are now...

But Springer, he left them under his own free will. He left them behind.

Arcee allowed Springer to say one of his one-liners, then whipped her right arm in a savage backhanded slap at Springer's face.

Drift's Apartment

"Better." Drift told Jazz when the other Autobot addressed him. It was nice to be on speaking terms, if not exactly friendly ones. "I am trained in those arts. What would you have me do?"

"The best sniper among us would be Crosshairs, I think."

2011-05-19, 05:16 AM
Main Hangar Bay, The Decagon

Ultra Magnus nodded curtly. "We...do."

His head snapped to one side and he glared at the femme who had accompanied him. "Arcee! You're an Autobot soldier. I expect you to behave like one, and not like a hysterical housewife on one of those horrid 1950's sitcoms Wreck-Gar is always watching. Springer is a fellow Autobot and if you can't treat him with the respect the badge entitles him to you can stay here to keep Prowl company. Am I making myself clear?"

Without waiting for Arcee to reply, he turned to Springer and said, "I for one am glad you're here. I have a strong feeling that Gigatron's Decepticons will be involved in the battle, and your connections should help us coordinate the battle more easily."


"Yeah, I think I've got claim to that," Crosshairs admitted. "I might not be as sharp as I was when I worked with Pinpointer, but I still know how to handle something with a scope. What do you need me to do, Jazz?"

2011-05-23, 09:21 PM
Main Hangar Bay

Striker followed the other Dinobots.

"We really need some kind of tag like Wreck and rule, hmm Dinobots attack? Dinobots Demolish?"

2011-05-25, 01:09 AM
Main Hangar Bay

Arcee looked at Ultra Magnus, expression shifting from contorted-with-rage to calm-bottled-up-anger. "I am not hysterical, Magnus. Whatever gave you the impression of that?" She said slowly with utter and deliberate calmness.

"Dinobots kick butt always worked for Grimlock..." Swoop told Striker. "The old Grimlock anyway."

2011-05-26, 05:49 AM
Main Hangar Bay, The Decagon

Ultra Magnus gave Arcee an icy, unblinking glare.

"Assaulting a fellow Autobot is never acceptable, soldier," he snapped. "Doing it in an emergency situation when we're about to ship out into combat is completely out of line. But if you did it because you were emotionally overwhelmed, I can look the other way and pretend it didn't happen. The alternative is that you just committed a premeditated assault on a comrade-in-arms, and I have to get someone to drag you off to the brig and keep you locked up until one of Deftwing's lawyers has time to deal with you.

"You have two choices right now. You can say 'I was overwrought, I apologize and it won't happen again.' Or you can say absolutely anything else. In which case you can consider yourself under arrest, I need to have an MP drag you off in irons and you won't be able to help us in battle. We're about to go into battle and I don't have the time or the inclination to try and iron out whatever problem you've got with Springer right now. You're a veteran Autobot soldier and I expect you to act like it, no matter how much you dislike your teammates. Either you can do that or you can't, and if you can't I will be very, very disappointed because Kup and I trained you better than that."

2011-05-26, 01:51 PM
Main Hangar Bay, The Decagon

Arcee returned Ultra Magnus' glare with one of her own. However, she had no doubts that Magnus would go through with his threat. "I was overwrought. I apologize. It won't happen again." Arcee said mechanically.

She glared at Springer, then looked back at Magnus. "You are right. This can wait."

2011-05-29, 05:54 AM
Main Hangar Bay, The Decagon

"Good," Ultra Magnus told Arcee. "See that it doesn't."

As he led the duo aboard their ship, he sealed the hatch and barked toward the cockpit, "Get us in the air!"

As the shuttle's thrusters fired, he turned to address his troops.

"Fellow Autobots, comrades and friends...we've seen dire times more often than I'd like to admit, and we've always come through them. This may not be our darkest hour, but it stands even with them. A force of Imperial troopers have landed in Protihex. We have zero intelligence on what we're heading into. We don't know how many troops they have, what their goals are or if there are any friendlies left alive in the city. I'm loathe to charge into the unknown like this, but we don't have any choice. I need all of you to be careful, and watch each other's backs out there. This mission is dangerous, but I have no intention of seeing it become a suicide mission. Any questions?"

2011-05-29, 06:32 AM

Arcee did not reply to Ultra Magnus' reply save for a brief nod, and marched towards the rear of the shuttle, settling in on a lone seat.

"So it's just normal Wrecker business, then, only this time we have company?" Whirl's voice cracked in through the intercom, for the Wreckers had taken a different shuttle. "Impossible odds, zero intel, outnumbered god-knows-how-many to one, almost certain death... this is the life we all love!"

2011-05-31, 09:51 PM

"Hope we don't get bogged down babysitting. Hard to be a strike force when watching everyone's backs." Topspin said to Whirl. "Hard enough to watch our own sometimes."

2011-06-10, 06:51 AM
Wreckers' Shuttle

Whirl switched off the output comms (although he kept the input from the other shuttle on just in case Magnus or somebody else spoke) and turned to Topspin, "That's why Magnus came along. He can babysit those rookies. Springer is along for the ride, though..."

Dinobot Shuttle

"Let's do this." Swoop told Snarl and Striker.

2011-06-20, 04:29 AM
Main Hangar Bay, The Decagon

Ultra Magnus listened to Whirl's rejoinder and only just managed to keep himself from cracking a smile. "Just as long as you continue living that life for a long time, soldier, that's a good attitude to have."

With no one else speaking up, the trip to Protihex passed far more quickly than he could have expected. But soon their ships were putting the Rad Zone behind them, coming upon the desolated towers, abandoned buildings and ruined housing that characterized far too much of Cybertron these days, but exemplified Protihex in particular.

"Autobots, disembark!"

(OOC: To the Proihex thread!)

2011-06-20, 09:02 PM
Wreckers Shuttle

Striker punched the air. "Hoooo raaaaaaahhh."

2011-08-06, 08:13 AM
Quintesson War Memorial - Across the street from ISS HQ

Blades sat at a bench on the far east side of the memorial, acting out his part as casual observer. From where he was positioned, he could see the Iacon Security Service HQ and the adjoining building where the holding cells were located.

The former-Protectobot's optics zoomed in on the compound, infrared switched on. He slowly swept the site and silently took note of the personnel. "Weird being this close to ISS HQ," Blades said. "Not that I miss the joint, it's just...weird."

He then zoomed out. "Okay. Looks like standard security detail to me. Not seeing anything out of the ordinary," Blades told Firecracker. "Yeah, I think we can pull this off. What do you need me to do?"

(OOC: I have no clue who else would be with them)


High Council Pavilion

(EDIT: Slight revision, elaborating just a teeny bit on what this 'footnote' Prowl added to the treaty was. Don't know why I didn't mention it originally.)

"This was your doing," Prowl privately mused as he drove down an Iaconian highway. "You are artful in your deception, Smokescreen, I am willing to give you that much. Appealing to Ultra Magnus - one of my own peers within the military complex - was, I will begrudgingly admit, a skillful move. Your timing, however, could not have been at the worst of times."

"You are a valuable ally, my production brother, but I grow weary of your games...Still, I have taken your measure. And I intend to play by your rules."

He stopped at a traffic signal, waited, then turned.

"Bringing a military force into a neutral nation like Protihex is, as the colloquialism goes, tricky business. Is it any wonder that you opted for the easier route? But, like you, Smokescreeen, I am too excel at circumventing law. It was how I was able to build up our defenses despite rising public animosity. Though, admittedly, it helps having a hand in the creation of said laws, a luxury few have. It was why Optimus Prime requested that I handle this task."

Coming to a stop in front of the High Council Pavilion, Prowl transformed.

"...While the senate holds some sway over military matters, its power nowadays lies within the civilian division of Autobot government. This includes task forces like the ISS, Red Alert's department...or the SIS, Smokescreen's department. These are his bosses. The military, my division, is often at odds with the civilian branch despite my attempts to form bridges between the two. It is with the senate that I seek an audience..."

Moving through the courtyard, the chief strategist started up the flight of stairs that led to the main entrance of the building.

"To use an analogy, when appealing to the council it is best to be properly armed. There is plenty of evidence to verify how real a threat the Imperials pose, but I will require a little extra armor to convince this rather stubborn, though influential few. The Convention of The [insert year] Cycle - The Iaconian-Protihexian Treaty. Guarantees that the neutrality and independence of Protihex remains recognized by Autobot and Gigatronian nations. That is the sum of it. Polyhex, and other Megatronian nations were excluded from the treaty. This was intentional, aside from the obvious reasons of doing so. Similarly, at my recommendation, a footnote was also added to that section, more or less stating that any military force not recognized in the treaty - i.e. those that did not participate - found entering Protihex would be in direct violation of international law. Foresight on my part, considering the history of our race. Hmph, pacifism indeed."

"This artifice, morally grey as it may be, just may save us all. I regret nothing."


Prowl soon entered a large circular-shaped auditorium. The room was adorned with decorative pillars and statues, mostly of the Prime dynasty with a few notable exceptions, which encircled the room. From both corners came Primon, Guardian, Nova, Nominus, Sentinel, and Zeta Prime, some of which Prowl once served under, with statues of Optimus and Rodimus lining the walls with them - no doubt at the chagrin of both. This trail of homages ended at the front of the chamber meeting with a larger statue of a sword-wielding Prima, which stood proudly behind the raised bench where the senators would reside.

As no deliberative assembly was currently underway, the room was almost entirely empty, evidenced by the empty seats and echo of Prowl's foot steps as he made his way down the main aisle to the podium. Several senators were in attendance, though certainly not all, gathering today at Prowl's behest. They all sat behind the long raised bench, silently judging the Autobot chief strategist as he approached.

Prowl took his place at the podium. "Thank you for assembling this emergency meeting at short notice."

"Hmm," one of the senator's curled his lip at the Autobot. "I believe those who have chosen to participate in this assembly have arrived." He glanced back to his colleagues. "Shall we commence, then?"

"By all means," Prowl replied.

2011-08-10, 03:29 AM
Quintesson War Memorial - Across the street from ISS HQ

(OOC: I don't remember if they were going to have company or not. I'm going to guess that they're alone, then -- more goons means more trouble breaking in, right? Now, to get back into Firecracker's loathsome character...)

"Well, I've got a sorta vague gut feeling that just shooting them might attract some unwanted attention," Firecracker told Blades. "So, as hilarious as it might have been, I think we'll be better off sneaking in. And since the skis and rotor blades might make it a tad tough for you to do the old 'crawling through the repair shafts' thing, we're going to need to get past the guards and through the door without anyone seeing. But that I'll have to leave in the capable hands of Graze McFakeName. You know the lay of the land and the security procedures -- what do we need to do to get these mooks looking the other way long enough to get past them?"

2011-08-11, 08:44 AM
Quintesson War Memorial - Across the street from ISS HQ

"I can handle the tricky stuff," Blades told Firecracker. "Check this out..."

From the compartment on his hip, Blades produced a small, chip-like gadget and slapped it onto his chest.

"This gizmo will send out an electrical current when I switch it on. It'll respond to this DLD crap I'm coated with. Mimics texture patterns, ambient light, something like that, I dunno," he said. "A friend gave it to me while we were on some caper in Tagan Heights. It ain't Mirage-level optic camo, but I've not had problems with it aside from the occasional ripples."

Blades looked back across the street.

"Once we're inside, we should head for the security booth, first (OOC: or whatever those rooms are called). They're usually manned by two mechs. I'll take them out and switch off the surveillance. Not gonna bother trying to switch off the security grid, though - it's got a built in fail-safe and it'll alert the entire ISS if someone's tampering with it. Holding cells are past that. Figure there'll be, oh, three mechs on detail. Standard patrol, so all you'll need to do is sneak past them, or knock 'em out when their backs are turned."

2011-08-12, 06:33 AM
Quintesson War Memorial - Across the street from ISS HQ

Firecracker cocked his head to one side when Blades mentioned 'Mirage', surprised that his new partner had run in such lofty circles before his fall. To cover his reaction, he let off another of his smart-ass quips. "Well, that's damn shiny and all, but it's not going to do a thing for me. Rapid Assault Training didn't exactly have a 'bluffing your way into guarded buildings' class for me to take, so how do you plan on getting me inside to start with? Once we're in, sure, we can be sneaky. But I can't just walk into a high-security building without someone asking questions, or club the guards over the head and hope that no one will notice until we're done. You got any ideas?"

2011-08-13, 11:37 PM
Quintesson War Memorial - Across the street from ISS HQ

(OOC: His brand of stealth usually involves 1.) taking out the guards; 2.) blowing up the joint ;))

"Maybe," Blades answered Firecracker. "Sure, I've picked up a thing or two over the stellar cycles to help me ninja my way around places, but it's not what I specialize in. But I can tell you that aside from ventilation on the roof, there's three ways we can get in. Each have different degrees of surveillance."

"The front's one of 'em, obviously. Three cameras," Blades held up three fingers. "One above the door, one in the courtyard, and one pointing down from the roof," he said. "Second is along the side, facing ISS HQ. Probably not a good idea getting in that way. Third is the parking garage. Lowest level surveillance, in my opinion, and probably the way to go. It's under the building. It's fairly small, meant only to accommodate staff (OOC: there'd be paddywagons and the like being parked down there). Plenty of places to find cover - between vehicles and the support columns. Three cameras. Two of them are just as you enter - one on the far left column, one on the right. The left one moves in sweeping motions, while the right is stationary. The other is above the elevator. That one's stationary, too."

Blades paused to scratch the top of his head.

"Mmm, guess that'd work," he mused out loud. "Okay - we move with the camera, hiding behind the columns or whatever's parked down there as it makes its sweep, staying out of range of the camera on the right column. Once we make it across, we can either risk it - or wait for some one to come down on the elevator, at which point I switch on my camo and get in before the door shuts. Then I'd do what I said earlier. If you're comfortable giving me your com frequency, I'd signal you when it's clear. It'd be via silent transmission."

2011-08-15, 09:42 AM

(OOC: I knew I was forgetting someone)

"Remind me what we're doing again?" Drift asked Sideswipe and Crosshairs.

2011-08-17, 05:44 AM
High Council Pavilion

After some rather long-winded debating and the usual exchange of insults on both sides, Prowl's emergency conference with the senate drew closer to its conclusion.

"...And Ultra Magnus?" said one senator, looking down at the chief strategist from the bench. "For the record, regardless if he had the best intentions in mind, you can testify that you did not sanction this action?"

"I can," Prowl nodded.

The legislator then lifted up a datapad and glanced over it, "Hmm. You do present us with a rather compelling case, General..."

"Hmph, aside from the rather unscrupulous tactic of citing the Iaconian-Protihexian treaty," another senator interjected, glowering down a Prowl. "That is NOT why these treaties were..."

"Enough," the first senator calmly raised his hand, returning his gaze to Prowl. "And you are able to form this army that you propose?"

"More like a legion," the other statesmech silently grumbled.

"Yes," Prowl nodded once more, coolly ignoring the derision of the others. "By the end of the solar cycle."

"Mmm...very well," he looked to his colleagues. "If you would excuse us for one moment while we deliberate."

"Of course," the chief strategist bowed. "I trust that you will make the appropriate decision."

(OOC: Will wrap this up in my next post :))

2011-08-19, 05:49 AM
Quintesson War Memorial - Across the street from ISS HQ

"Yeah, sure," Firecracker said as he burst-transmitted his frequency to Blades. "That sounds like a plan, Oh Nameless One. You wanna lead the way for us?"

As he was talking, he pulled out his thermal blaster and double-checked the ammunition charge.


"Try and keep up, sword boy," Sideswipe told Drift, "or we'll have to replace your fancy blades with rubber safety-tipped ones."

Crosshairs, still dealing with a splitting headache, sighed in disgust. "What he means to say is, we're trying to find an Imperial spy before he manages to blow up anything important inside Autobase."

2011-08-19, 11:10 AM

Drift chuckled at Sideswipe's little barb, before turning to Crosshairs, "What's our game plan?"

2011-08-20, 12:41 AM
High Council Pavilion

"I have laboriously spent the last two stellar cycles augmenting our resources, fortifying our defenses and planning for this precise moment. Meticulous consideration has been taken. Could there have been any other outcome from this meeting?"

Prowl pushed his way through the tall double-doors of the High Council chamber and strode down the stairs to the courtyard below. As he descended, he opened his com-link.

"Optimus Prime," he said. "We now have senate approval." (OOC: Heinrad, I'm borrowing Prime until you return. I needed him for at least this post.)

"Thank you, Prowl," Optimus commed back. "It is a regretful, but ultimately necessary maneuver."

"Indeed...regretful," Prowl said dryly.

The chief strategist's cold indifference did not fall deaf to Optimus, but opted to feign obliviousness, "Has anyone successfully been able to contact the Steelhaven?"

"No. Their communications are still out...It may be an unwarranted conclusion, but we may have to consider the possibility that-"

"Until that claim can be verified, I prefer we avoid drawing such conclusions, Prowl," Optimus quickly interrupted.

Reaching the apron connecting the pavilion to the street, Prowl converted to vehicle mode. He was mindful of the oncoming traffic as he pulled out onto the main avenue and headed off to Autobase.

"My hope is that we'll be able to turn the tide before the threat spreads further," the Autobot Leader said. "If recent reports from our surveillance network is anything to go by, our time is limited. I trust you have seen it?"

"I have," Prowl replied. "Do I have your permission to proceed, then?"

"Consider it granted."


Parking Garage, ISS Holding Cells

(OOC: Hope I'm not being presumptuous that Firecracker will be following. If I am, let me know and I'll make the appropriate changes )

"Really? Okay," Blades shrugged. "This way then," he motioned Firecracker to follow. "But, just to be on the safe side, we'll keep a fair distance away from the ISS HQ, wrapping around until we reach the rear of the holding cells building. The walkway near Autobase Security should keep us outta range."


Heading north, Blades led Firecracker along sidewalk between the memorial and the ISS, until the street split off in two directions. To their left, the route continued along the memorial, eventually leading to the Command Centre, while the right's path led between Autobase Security and the back of the ISS. The latter was the obvious choice.


As they were led away from Autobase Security, the shadow of the perimeter wall cast down on Firecracker and Blades.

The road soon deviated, eventually curving to the back of the ISS Holding Cells building. Blades motioned to his partner to halt while he performed a quick visual sweep of the site, plotting an appropriate course - albeit hastily.

"Okay, Day-Glo Red, there it is" he directed his partner's attention to the entrance and exit ramps into the basement. "Don't think that barrier's gonna be a problem. Just keep your eyes on me and the cameras, alright? Hope you can keep up," he blurted, leaving little room for commentary. "C'mon!"

Blades then started for entrance, stopping first to duck behind a dumpster. Deeming it clear, he sprinted over to the outer wall (right of the entrance), sidling along it until he caught a glimpse of the inside - and the first camera.

Magnifying his optics, he impatiently watched as it slowly made its sweep. When the opportunity arrived, Blades slipped in, just barely staying out of range the second camera on the opposite end of the garage, and found cover against a support column. He repeated the same process again, this time concealing himself behind a parked paddywagon.

"<Watch the camera, annnd...>," he silently transmitted to Firecracker. "<GO!>"



"Autobots, Autobot Artillery Corps, Iaconians, Urayans, Altihexians, Regionites. They will all come."

Prowl soon arrived at the Command Center building, striding down the maze of corridors back to his office. All was eerily quiet in this sector of Autobase, as tensions were high. Apprehension pervaded the thoughts of all the functionaries silently going about their tasks. War was coming and they all knew it. Prowl's return from the High Council Pavilion reaffirmed their fears.

It was the eye of the storm.

The various subroutines he had implemented upon himself over the years kept Prowl unmindful of the mood of his peers. He was completely focused on the task at hand. The situation, he felt, required that he be unencumbered by emotion. It did little to ease the tensions of his colleagues, however. An Autobot that practically doesn't feel remorse, who doesn't feel anything - it's tragic, many of them thought.


Back in his office, Prowl situated himself and immediately worked the terminal affixed to his desk, readying to send out a public announcement.

"This is General Prowl," he began "I hereby make the following proclamation: The Cybertronian Empire has invaded Protihex. By order of the Autobot Military, the Iaconian Senate and allied representatives you are being called to service. Make it known to all Autobot held territories, to all that are enlisted and to our various armies to conscientiously fulfill your duty. You are to report to The Decagon at 0700."

(OOC: Most, if not all of these will be NPCs, but if you're interested, go for it :))

2011-09-01, 04:15 AM
Quintesson War Memorial - Across the street from ISS HQ

Firecracker followed Blades into the facility. He didn't move quite as smoothly as the other Transformer, who was obviously intimately familiar with the building from his old life. But the smaller Autobot's economy of motion, quick reflexes and careful observation of everything they moved past would put the lie to his "arrogant street tough" act if the other Transformer was paying attention. Moving through the parking structure, he followed Blades' movements almost step by step, jumping from one cover to the next at the ex-Autobot's instructions with a serious expression on his face.

When he turned to look at Blades from his newest hiding spot his face had a big (but not quite genuine, compared to the way he'd been moving) grin on it. "You know, I could learn to enjoy this. What's next?"


Sideswipe shrugged. "Well, on the way here I ran the address that Crosshairs got off of our invader," he told Drift. "And surprise, surprise, it's the main power generator. Our friend's obviously going to try and blow the place up. We need to find him and shoot him."

"Right," Crosshairs said flatly. "Because that's going to do us a whole lot of good if he's already planted the bomb."

"You've got a better play?"

"Sure," Crosshairs told him. "We take him alive and make him tell us where the bomb is."

"And how do you suppose we'll do that?"

Crosshairs shrugged. "I suspect that a few minutes alone with a fearsome Decepticon war criminal will convince him that talking to you and me will be good for his health." Glancing sidelong at Drift, he said, "That is, if you think you can revive your alter ego for a little while."

Autobase: Aerial Training Annex

"They're not ready," Skydive was saying. "A handful of them, maybe, but the class on the whole are too green to send into battle. Have you read our latest scorecard summaries? It'll be like sending two entire squadrons of Fireflights into battle. One or two of them we can protect, but that many novices...they'll be taken to pieces, Silverbolt."

"I know," Silverbolt said. The Aerialbot leader was studying the surface of his desk, unable to summon the courage to look his long-time friend in the eye. "Trust me, I know. But Prowl's orders were clear -- we need every body we can muster."

"Even bodies who can't do anything but absorb bullets for the veteran fliers?"

"Even them." Silverbolt finally looked up. "But it's up to you and me to make sure that that doesn't happen. They're rookies, but you've done a good job training them. Now you just need to do a good job leading them, and if we're really, really lucky they'll come out of this in one piece."

"Wait," Skydive said. "Back up. You mean..."

"I mean," Silverbolt nodded. "You've earned this, Skydive. You earned it a long time ago. I'll be leading Squadron One into battle, but Squadron Two is yours to command."

"I...I'm not sure if I can," Skydive admitted. "How can you be sure I won't get them killed?"

"I can't," Silverbolt told him. "But I have faith in you. And you'll have Air Raid to back you up when things get tough. If anyone can lead them back safely, it's you two."

"Fireflight's going with you?" Skydive asked, not even trying to segue gracefully as he changed the subject. When Silverbolt nodded, he asked, "What about Slingshot?"

"I asked," Silverbolt shook his head. "They're not letting him out. Whatever he did, they're taking it seriously."

"Do you think..." Skydive looked at the ground for a second, ashamed that he was even entertaining the thought that he was about to give voice to. "Do you think the rumours are true? That he killed those people?"

"I don't know," Silverbolt admitted. "I just don't know. But right now we can't worry about that. Get the cadets together. I'll meet you in the squad room. I'd like to say a few words before we report to Prowl."

2011-09-01, 06:25 AM
ISS Holding Cells

From one pillar, Blades weaved his way over to a parked armored transport, crouching behind it as the camera made its sweep.

He waited for Firecracker to follow and said, "Think this is fun? Wait until we get inside, you're gonna love it," he impishly grinned.

He peered around the corner of the vehicle and pointed to the camera positioned over the elevator, now a mere 40 feet away from them. "What's next? The boring part, that's what. We wait," he silently transmitted. "They're watching who comes and goes from this place. I may have this optic-camo, but the elevator suddenly heading up to the main floor with no one on it is gonna raise brows. We wait for the next rotation, which isn't too long from now."


Barely a breem had passed when, coming in from the entrance ramp, a security officer arrived. Blades sat up on his heels to ready himself - but rather than pounce, he anxiously searched the grounds. "C'mon, c'mon. There has to be something 'round here I can use," he muttered.

His eyes stopped on an empty can of some variety of energon-based beverage with a cartoon graphic (http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Image:Kremzeek_yum.jpg) emblazoned along the side. "...That'll work."

He snatched it up, then glanced over his shoulder at Firecracker, "Hold tight here for a klik."

His attention returned to the approaching officer. Blades watched his movements closely now, watched as he approached the elevator, watched as he pressed the switch -- watched as the elevator door slid open. Now, every polymer sinew in his body told him, then tossed the can over the armored truck and across the basement.

The officer's head perked up and followed the faint 'tink, tink' of the canister. As he turned to investigate, Blades switched on his optic camo, stood up and sprinted over to the open elevator. The door shut behind him.

"Huh? Aw, damn it," the officer grumbled, opening a com-channel. "Uh, yeah, sorry about that, guys. That was me. Was zoning off or something and missed the lift. Didn't mean to spook any of you."


As soon as he arrived on the first floor, the now-invisible Blades proceeded onto his first order business; take out the surveillance. The security booth was located just down the hall, dividing the holding cells from the rest of the building. He'd have to hold off on the officer waiting for the elevator in the garage until he was finished.

Inside the observation chamber, the two-mech surveillance crew sat at their stations, listlessly looking over the multiple windows on the large monitor. They were so immersed into the monotony of their work that they hadn't noticed when the transparent form of Blades entered the room until it was too late.

One of the functionaries turned just in time to see a seemingly intangible force lift his colleague up off the floor, violently twist his neck and then fling his unconscious body across the room like a ragdoll. Before the remaining officer could respond, he felt a quick, sharp pain along the linkage between his head and shoulders.

Optic-camo still activated, Blades moved to the terminal and worked the console. In succession, the individual windows on the overhead monitor went black, signifying that all the surveillance equipment in the holding cells were off line. He then flicked a nearby switch, unlocking the door between the booth and the entrance to the holding cells.


When the officer from the basement soon found his way onto the first floor, he immediately detected that something peculiar was afoot. Common sense naturally led him to observation booth, where he found the unconscious bodies of his colleagues.

"What the...?"


Blades dropped the patrolmech's limp body to the floor, then opened his com-link. "Hey. The surveillance is out," he told Firecracker. "Come on up a get your anonymous mech."

2011-09-12, 06:27 AM


For so long now, for seemingly countless breems, orns, vorns, his mind was a chaos.



The Twilight Zone.

The Outer Limits.




All his shortcomings, all his failures, his miserable, pathetic FAILURES, splattered out across the tapestry of his subconscious in an arterial spray of hate and loathing.

But he'd fought his way through them. A lot of it was happenstance or accident. By rationally going through each and every one of them, by analyzing the events, he managed to assuage his guilt.

And with that soothing, healing balm of self forgiveness.... came peace.

A chance to rest. Finally.


Exterior, IMR

"Sir? You'll have to leave that here."

Optimus Prime rolled to a halt, feeling the heavily-beweaponed trailer rocking in it's mooring behind him(and the slight SCREECH of tires on metal as Ironhide and Nightbeat tried desperately not to plow into him from behind). "Leave what here?"

The hospital sec-mech pointed at the trailer. "That."

Prime transformed to robot mode, willing the trailer to stay in place. "Why? If you haven't noticed, we're being invaded."

"Rules are rules."

Ironhide, with a slightly dazed looking Nightbeat in tow, stormed up to the entrance doors and strode through as they opened.

Prime's optics narrowed as he followed the other two in. "You didn't say anything to them."

The sec-mech shrugged. "Rules apply to level headed Cybertronians. Getting my head punched off because I tick off your bodyguard isn't in my job description."

Prime smiled grimly beneath his faceplate. Having my bodyguard be feared does help..... I think.


IMR Recovery Ward

He can sense them, standing around his bed. His optic shutters opened, and he winced as harsh, actinic light replaced the soothing darkness. "Urrrr....."

Nightbeat looked at the datapadd he'd taken from a somewhat annoyed head nurse. "According to this, he's fine. Just been offline." He offered the padd to Prime, who scanned the data with a critical eye.

"Just didn't.... feel like waking up. Wanted.... to rest....."

Ironhide snorted. "Now ain't th' tahme to rest, kid. We gotta go kick some Imperials off'a th' planet."


Then he felt the hand on his shoulder, and looked up.

Hot Rod smirked down at Tracks. "C'mon. They descrambled my brain a while ago. Let's get out of here. The nurses are seriously uncute."

2011-09-12, 02:13 PM

Drift raised an eyebrow at Crosshairs' suggestion. "That is stupid, crazy, insensitive and goes against every reason that I quite the Decepticons."

Then his voice dropped an octave lower, and he leaned forwards so the shadows from his head crest were cast over his optics. "Let's do it." It was Deadlock's voice.

Drift's stance was changed a little as well, leaning slightly forwards to give the impression like he'll pounce at you any moment.

Old habits never die.

2011-09-13, 04:05 AM
ISS Holding Cells

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"Nice work, Captain Whiteout," Firecracker quipped at Blades. "Say what you will about ol' Maggy, but he sure knows how to pick his goons."

The small Autobot slid his blaster out of it's holster, ready in case he ran into a guard or two that Blades had missed. Then he took a quick glance at the map that his sponsor had provided to him, refreshing his memory of the police station's layout.

"It'll take me four and a half minutes to get to the cells," he said as he started to move, "plus two to break him out. Factor in another four and a half to get back here. Do you want to meet me at the cells, or are you going to secure our exit?"


Crosshairs nodded a bit. "That's exactly what I was hoping for," he told Drift. "I'll need you to stay here, and stay out of sight. Sideswipe and I will do the finding and the dragging, so that he doesn't know what to expect."

Sideswipe grinned. "What are we waiting for? Let's get this story on the road!"

2011-09-13, 05:38 AM
Main Gates, Autobase

Shortly after Prowl's 'proclamation' to the masses, mechs began to slowly arrive at the main gate. They came from Altihex, Uraya, the Border Regions and the city state itself, their numbers gradually increasing by the hour.

There would be a big turnout.


ISS Holding Cells

"Captain White Out, eh? Beats 'Graze', I guess," Blades shrugged. "Think I'll stay in Predator mode and keep an eye on things. Already had one straggler poking around. Gotta make sure our exit is secure," he told Firecracker. "Just keep a lookout for anybody patrolling the aisles between the cells. You never know. Give me a ring if you need anything, okay, Day-Glo Red."


Prowl's Office, Autobase

(OOC: Another loose end needing tying up, is all :))

Red Alert lifted up a small abstract sculpture sitting at the edge of Prowl's desk and quizzically examined it. "That bad out there, huh? It must be, what with a big, grand announcement like that," he said. "I guess this is your moment of glory, isn't it? Just like you planned."

"I do not thrive on public approval, Red Alert," Prowl raised his chin.

"Of course you don't," the ISS security director 'rolled' his eyes.

Prowl glanced sideways at his guest. "Mm, perhaps it is time that you were venerated."

Red Alert cocked his left brow in response.

"I have allocated the necessary manpower and resources to remain behind and defend Iacon's borders," the Autobot general continued. "But it is to you, the ISS and the rest of the civilian branch, that the nation will look to."

Red Alert silently looked back at Prowl for moment, then shook his head, "Wow. Well, heh...that's a lot to put on someone."

"That is why we endorsed the Guard City Project," Prowl said. "After all, is it not what you always wanted ever since the inception of your department? The reason for all the incessant bickering? The hardly subtle demands for autonomy that ultimately compelled you to relocate to the civilian branch? Please, by all means, do correct me."

Red Alert grinned. "Something like that."

"Let us place this dissidence aside for now," Prowl said. "I have made you a reasonable offer. It is now up to you to make the next decision."

2011-09-14, 03:21 PM

"Hide. Right."

Drift transformed into vehicle mode and pulled into reverse, screeching away to find a hiding place...

"This is the Decepticon shuttle Fearless contacting Optimus Prime. Gigatron wishes an audience."

2011-09-14, 08:22 PM
Main Gates, Autobase

Buffer marched up to the gate at the head of a formation of veterans.

"TROOP about wheel , TROOP eyes right, TROOP at ease."


Highbeam swaggered forward leading a small group of sherriffs officers.

2011-09-18, 04:06 AM
Approaching the Decagon:

The small convoy of vehicles headed for the mustering point. Prime in the lead, with Ironhide, Hot Rod, Nightbeat, and Tracks following.

All Optimus Prime could think of as he headed for the Decagon, though, was not the impending fight. Wasn't facing down a mad, overpowered rampaging Decepticon. Wasn't even the fact that he might die again.

It was what Prowl had wrought.

The Autobots had a reputation, deserved or not, of overcoming impossible odds through courage and determination. Yes, at one point that had gotten them pushed off of Cybertron by the Decepticons, but by and large, courage had seen them through. And some admittedly oddball schemes on Megatron's part.

And even looking at everything Prowl had commissioned and comparing it to the superior technology of the Imperials, it would still, probably, require courage and determination to win.

But the cost....... How many more lives would have to be lost, how many more would weigh down his spark? How many more innocents had to risk their lives to save the world from some madman's folly?

Prime was shaken out of his reverie by the message from the Fearless, and he activated his commlink. "I read you. I'm en route to the Decagon. He can meet me there."

2011-09-18, 05:01 AM
Enroute, The Decagon

With his last bit of business with Red Alert concluded at the Command Centre, Prowl once again departed.

As he drove to the Decagon to oversee the final assembly of the army he spent the last two years building, he privately reflected on those that made this accomplishment possible.


"To my astonishment, I have had little trouble maneuvering the civilian branch. Strangely, I find that I am not at all disconcerted by this discovery."

"Red Alert becomes quite malleable with a simple conciliatory offering - hand-outs to his department, for example - or, like today, shameful cajoling. His feud with the military branch, while initially bothersome, I have come to recognize as beneficial. In fact, in a fashion, I helped propagate his petty dissension and stood by as it garnered ISS support. It kept him grounded, thus maintaining the people's trust and adoration. It is better to divert the people's gaze to the ISS, to whom they trust the most. Red Alert; you and the ISS will protect Iacon well. And to so, the people must remain unaware that the military arbitrates their actions."

"The senate -- stubborn in their ways, balancing an outmoded spiritually-minded system with the more current democratic legal process. Hardly a pragmatic dichotomy. Fortunately, I am quite fluent in legal speak. Or rather, I have the patience for it. Working closely with the Prime lineage over the millennia has also allowed me to hone my understanding of the...less-practical and far more impulsive aspects of Autobot government as well. I do not deny its necessity, all the same. Or its uses. When I cited the Iaconian-Protihexian Treaty, the council had little choice but to listen - and comply. It is in their nature to so...

"And then there is the SIS -- Thank you, Smokescreen. Without your duplicities, I would not have had as strong of a basis as I do to act. Perhaps that was your intention all along."

"Contrary to what they all doubtlessly believe, it is not glory that I seek. I simply intend to win this war. Nothing more. In the end, are not their own ambitions fulfilled?

I suppose everyone benefits."


Prowl soon arrived outside the Decagon. He transformed and made his way through the courtyard to the main entrance.

"You all played a integral part. Now, it is time to look within the military complex," he pondered. "I have aptly played my role; my army is ready. It now goes to Optimus Prime himself. How will he perform?"

2011-09-19, 04:01 AM
ISS Holding Cells

"Will do, Picket Fence," Firecracker quipped back to Blades. "I'll be in touch."

As he walked through the building, he was surprised by how well-designed the facility was. Strategically mounted mirrors let him see not just around corners, but into all of the cells and adjoining rooms turning the building into a panopticon even with the security cameras out. Because of that, he was able to walk openly down the hall without fear of being ambushed. Most of the cells on this level were empty, which made sense. His paymaster was well connected, and he'd done his best to make sure the operation would run as smoothly as possible. Firecracker liked it that way. Although he didn't have any qualms about killing, he had the feeling that if he'd had to plug a few dozen convicts to make sure there were no witnesses to the break-in, the ISS might take it a tad more seriously than what he was doing now.

Arriving at the cell, he smiled when he saw a familiar -- if only from the dossier he'd been given -- face looking up at him. "Slingshot?"

"Who's asking?" the Aerialbot demanded defiantly.

"Name's Firecracker."

"Really." Slingshot took one look at the thermal blaster in his hand. "I'm guessing that's for me. What, you're buddies with one of those 'Cons I put down?"

Firecracker scoffed. "Not hardly. Actually, I think that was a nice piece of work."

"What, I've got fans now?"

"More than you might guess," Firecracker admitted. "What you did...it was a good start."

"What do you mean?" Slingshot demanded.

"Exactly what it sounds like. There's still a lot of 'Cons out there. Some of us don't like making nice with 'em while they're busy planning to gut us and drink our energon."

"So what, exactly?" Slingshot asked. "You bust in here to tell me what an inspiration I am?"

"Not exactly." Firecracker leaned in and dropped his voice.. "Like I said, some of us think the same way you do. We're tired of seeing purple badges every time we walk down the street and we're going to do something about it. And so we figured, a guy who's as good as you at making corpses out of 'Con scum, that's the kinda guy we want on the team."

"What, this is a job interview?"

"Sort of. Unless you're just a big ol' softy who only got wound up because he had too much drink in him."

"You really think insults are going to make your offer more tempting?"

"Not really," Firecracker admitted. "They're just funny. Besides, we both know you're not going to turn me down. There's lots of killing to be done and you want in on the ground floor. Admit it."

Slingshot shrugged. "If you say so."

"It doesn't hurt that I'm the only way you'll ever see the outside of that cell again. We both know that you're headed for spark extraction unless you come with me. Not a career choice I'd recommend, personally."

"Well, when you put it like that..."

"I thought so." Firecracker raised his gun and fired, a quick blast that lanced through the locking mechanism of the cell door. "Follow me."

Activating his comm, he said, "Yo, Mr. Looseleaf! I've got the package and I'm headed for the extraction point."

The Decagon

Silverbolt transformed to robot mode and dropped to the ground outside the main entrance, doing his best to ignore the queasy feeling that lingered for a few moments after he'd touched down. The rest of his troops would be arriving shortly, but he was alone for now and had a few moments to collect his thoughts.

When he'd met with the troops, he'd given them all the usual lines. Duty, honour, loyalty, faction. He'd told them to be careful, to stick with their wingman and keep close to their flightmates. And then he'd told them just how proud he was of each and every one of them. But none of it made a damn bit of difference. He was leading them into danger, and he knew that most of them were going to come back home in pieces.

The Aerialbot leader saw Prowl, cutting through the throng of dozens of Junkion soldiers that were milling about outside the fortress as he made his way toward the entrance. When his eyes fell on the strategist he couldn't help his expression from turning into a withering glare. He looked away almost immediately, but didn't feel the shame he expected to come. The only thing he felt was anger, anger at Prowl for forcing his cadets into action, anger at whoever had forced his hand.

Ducking his head, Silverbolt stalked inside without a word.

2011-09-19, 01:07 PM
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ISS Holding Cells

"You got him? Not too shabby, Crackers. I'm heading over that way now," Blades told Firecracker. "Still got the camo switched on in case anyone spots your fluorescent colored skidplate. Don't worry, I'll be watching and waiting for you."

(OOC: Not sure where the extraction point is. The front entrance? The way they came in? I'll go along with whatever. PM me if you need Blades to do something first and I'll get to editing)

The Decagon

As Prowl climbed the stairs to the entrance of the fortress, a member of the compound's staff, having seen Prowl arrive, trailed closely behind the General as he relayed his report.

As they walked, Prowl looked ahead, not once turning to give eye contact to his subordinate. His subroutines were clearly in full swing, completely focused at the task ahead.

"...424* have checked in so far," the functionary said. (OOC: * Arbitrary number. It could be bigger, it could be smaller)

"Mm-hm, yes," Prowl answered as the doors to stronghold slid open for him.

"...The Calabi Yau, Integritas, Mirror-Manifold, Veracitas, Vigilare are fueled and have been moved to the Spaceport," he continued. "GADEPs 01, 02 and 03, along with Galaxy Shuttle await on the 2nd basement level for final inspection, sir."

"Good. I will attend to that right now," said the General. "Thank you, officer. Dismissed."

"Sir," the staff officer stiffly saluted before sprinting off.

Upon entering the fortress, from his peripheral vision, Prowl espied Silverbolt attempting to shy away from the chief strategist.

"Silverbolt," he called out in a somewhat parental tone. "Care to accompany me?" He motioned to a nearby lift, oblivious to the Aerialbot's mood.

(OOC: Up to you if he will. He may be "busy", after all. Mind, all Prowl needs is a report from him. Depends if you were wanting to develop 'Bolts and/or for him to see what's been cooking in the basement all this time. Just putting that out there in case if you were interested. If you're not, don't worry.)

2011-09-20, 11:03 AM
"It's just a conversation, Optimus Prime. Lord Gigatron just wishes to talk to you." Barricade's voice came over.

2011-09-22, 04:31 AM
ISS Holding Cells

Slingshot frowned when Blades' voice crackled out of Firecracker's comm.

"Is that who I think it is?" he asked.

"Damned if I know," Firecracker admitted. "Pseudonyms are all the rage for you 'on the run from the law' types. Dude calls himself 'Graze', but the name's about as real as Hubcap's resume, am I right?"

Slingshot shrugged. "If you say so."

"We're headed out through the parking garage," Firecracker told him as they retraced his path. "He'll meet us there. Then we'll jack a paddywagon and be on our way to my boss's super-secret hidden base that absolutely isn't an abandoned part of the sewer system, I promise."

Slingshot sighed. "I don't think I like you."

"Yeah, I get that a lot," Firecracker shrugged. "Whatcha gonna do? Life's hard and then you die, right?"

The duo walked out into the garage, and Firecracker looked around. "Yo Graze! You wanna turn off Spook Mode for a sec and say hi to our new friend here? I've got some delicious motor vehicle theft to get up to."

The Decagon

Silverbolt waited for a beat, doing his best to compose himself before he looked over to Prowl.

"Of course," he said. His voice was steady -- too steady, a sure sign that he was keeping his emotions in check. But then, Prowl being Prowl Silverbolt thought it doubtful that he'd pick up on that, or understand it if he did. "What can I do for you?"


Shadow Striker walked casually down the generator building's main hall, heading for the exit but in no hurry to get there. Her expression was one of utter boredom, making it look to a casual observer that she had just finished one more in an interminable series of boring, spark-crushing shifts at the facility.

Of course, she'd actually just finished planting a bomb on the generator's main power regulator, so appearances to the contrary she really needed to get out of the building. That's why, when she heard an unfamiliar voice yell "Stop!" in her direction she didn't waste time asking questions. She just pulled her acid blaster, sprayed the hall with fire and took off at a run.

"That's our mech, alright," the voice said. "Sideswipe, take her down!"

"With pleasure."

The second voice came from in front of her, and Shadow Striker barely had a chance to duck before a fist sliced through the air where her head had just been at what seemed like the speed of sound. Not one to take chances, she stabbed forward with the sharp edges of her gun, driving it into the torso plating of the robot who'd attacked her.

The bigger robot reeled back, and Shadow Striker took the split-second reprieve as a chance to draw her missile launcher and take aim. But she heard a gunshot a split second before she pulled the trigger and watched in shock as her weapon was blasted from her hands. Two more shots and her knees gave out, their servos blasted apart with surgical precision.

Before she could think of her next move, the Autobot that she'd knifed was looming above her. His fist dropped down toward her face and her world went black.

Crosshairs holstered his pistol and joined Sideswipe, standing above the fallen Imperial spy.

"She, uh, doesn't match your description very well," Sideswipe noted.

"She must have had some cosmetic work done, then."

"Or you must have been so blasted out of your mind that you weren't seeing anything but blurs."

"Or that."

"Well, lucky for you," Sideswipe said with a grin, "I really would hit a girl."

"With a bit more enthusiasm than was strictly necessary," Crosshairs noted. "We need her awake and ready for interrogation."

"It was just a tap," Sideswipe shrugged. "She'll wake up in a few minutes. Besides, the slag knifed me. She had it coming." Looking down at his torso armour, he checked out the wound and said, "Thankfully, it looks like she just did cosmetic damage." Then he pulled out the blade and said, "Although I have to admit, this knifegun of hers is pretty neat. I think I'll keep it."

"I'm glad you've got a new toy," Crosshairs said tartly, "but we've got work to do. Grab her legs and start dragging. You've got to get her back to Drift."

"What about you?"

"I'm staying here," Crosshairs told him. "Once she tells you where the bomb is, someone will have to be here to turn it off."

"All the dirty jobs..." As Sideswipe dragged the unconscious femme out of the building, he commed Drift and said, "We've got our spy. I'm on my way."

2011-09-22, 06:04 AM
The Decagon

"A status report, mostly," Prowl answered Silverbolt.

The General approached the elevator and punched a sequence of keys on the nearby interface. After a brief wait, the tiny screen on the pad lit up in a welcoming green, followed by a mechanical voice announcing that lower level access had been granted.


The double doors to the lift slid open and Prowl stepped inside.

"...And, of course, to consult with my sub-commanders. It is important that we remain on the same page, after all," the Chief Strategist continued. "I trust your squadrons are ready?"


ISS Holding Cells

Blades waited in the parking garage of the basement, leaning with one leg propped up against a support column. Still cloaked, he kept watch on the entrance ramp, periodically glancing over toward the elevator for Firecracker, along with his "package", to arrive.

When the lift door eventually did open and Firecracker stepped out, Blades was amused, if not pleasantly surprised, by who followed him. (OOC: A whole lot of "elevator" stuff going in this post, huh?)

"Yo Graze! You wanna turn off Spook Mode for a sec and say hi to our new friend here?"

Blades straightened himself up and slapped the magnetized device on his chest to deactivate it. Tiny electrical bolts rolled off his body as he reappeared.

He chuckled as he stepped forward. "Ha! Well, I'll be damned. It's Slingshot. Small frickin' planet. So, this is your anonymous flyboy."

2011-09-22, 09:52 PM
Entering the Decagon:

Prime rolled to a halt and transformed, the others following suit. "Hot Rod, with me. The rest of you, check on the status of preperations."

Ironhide, Tracks, and Nightbeat moved off as Prime and Hot Rod moved deeper into the Decagon.

"Kind of strange, isn't it?"

Prime nodded. "It's a strange situation." Then he kept looking forward. "Which is why I want you to stay here."

Hot Rod almost stopped. "I was talking about the fact that you sent Ironhide off. Although I have to wonder why."

Prime slowed his stride. "There is a very real chance that Thunderwing will target me, Ironhide, Magnus, Grimlock, and the others. What reports I've been seeing indicate that he could well kill all of us." Then he turned his head. "I believe that Thunderwing will be stopped this day, but I fear the cost will be very high. If that happens, if the worst happens....... I want you here, in Iacon."

Hot Rod looked puzzled. "What good can I do here?"

"Lead our people."

Hot Rod's optics widened. "Uh-uh. I don't think I'm ready-"

Prime shook his head. "Nor was I, when Alpha Trion rebuilt me. And if you're about to say something about not being any more ready than you were last time, remember there is a difference between us. My friends were butchered by someone we admired. In that instant, the youthful blinders were ripped from my optics. In your case, you felt that my death was your fault, and added to that was the fact that you were forced into the role of Rodimus Prime before you were mentally ready for it. But you have the experience now.... and the knowledge that you don't have to be me, or act like me..... but be yourself."

Hot Rod stood speechless for a moment, and Prime stopped to wait for him.

Prime started forward again. "I do have one piece of advice, though. Pick an advisor that balances out your weaknesses. There are times you may curse the decision, but it will work out well." Then he activated his commlink. "Very well, Barricade. Put him on."

2011-09-24, 11:44 AM

(OOC: Shadow Striker!)

"Acknowledged." Drift told Sideswipe, voice still deep and slightly growling. "I'm on a short distance slightly off Autobase's entrance. We'll get right onto the interrogation part. We need this as quick as possible."

Primus, I'll hate myself in the morning...

Drift's Autobot insignias were covered with Decepticon ones, panels that he had not thrown away but rather kept in subspace. Not for sentimentality reasons, but rather in case his former allegiances could be useful. Drift hated the purple face and all it stood for... yet remembered how, as Deadlock, he had joined the cause so readily.

He sheathed his Greatsword -- no need for such a beautiful weapon to be stained by this task -- and pulled out one of the shorter daggers sheathed on his hips, and waited in the shadows.

"Optimus Prime, Gigatron is on." was Barricade's reply.

(OOC: copied from the CC Thread) ""Good day Optimus I thought it was time to set aside our differences to face a common enemy much as we did when we reconquered Cybertron.""

2011-09-28, 05:17 AM
ISS Holding Cells

Firecracker had wandered off, and was busily rewiring the inside of a police transport vehicle that he'd broken into.

Slingshot was surprised for a second as he stared at the newly-reappeared Blades. "I, uh...good to see you too, uh, Graze."

Dropping his voice low enough so that he wouldn't be overheard, he added, "Blades, what are you doing here? Don't tell me you're working for this 'Firecracker' psycho."

The Decagon

"No, Prowl," Silverbolt hissed, "they're not ready. Their training has barely started and you're already sending them into action."

He stepped into the lift and crossed his arms, taking some petty satisfaction with how thoroughly he loomed over the other Autobot.

"They're all going to die, Prowl, so I hope you've got a damn good reason for throwing their lives away."


(OOC: Even better -- Movie Shadow Striker!)

Sideswipe dragged the unconscious femme to the spot that Drift had indicated, then tossed her face-first on the ground. She let out a low moan, so Sideswipe gave her a swift kick in the chest to help her return to full consciousness.

"Wakey, wakey," he said cruelly. "We need to talk."

"I've got nothing to say," Shadow Striker told him, impressively not showing the slightest hint of grogginess at all. "And you don't have the brains to make me talk, so forget about it. Why don't we just cut to the chase, where you start the frustrated macho beating and I pretend to be intimidated?"

Sideswipe clenched his fist and looked like he was going to backhand her, but he held himself back. "Don't be so impatient," he told her. "We'll get to that. But my boss wants to talk to you first."

"Your boss? You mean a dimwit like you can actually hold down a job? Oh, they must have low standards around here."

"We'll see," Sideswipe told her, stepping out of her field of view so that she'd have an unobstructed view of Drift.

2011-09-28, 09:56 AM

Drift stalked out of the shadows a little, keeping his face obscured, but the Decepticon insignia on his shoulder clearly visible. He spoke, and his voice was a deep rasp. "Hello, whelp. My name is Deadlock."

More importantly, his optics were glowing in the Decepticons' shade of blood red.

Another leftover from his old body that Drift had kept locked in subspace.

The Autobot twirled his dagger in his hands. "These Autobots are too soft to even think of making a Decepticon like you talk. But I'm different. I know ways to make you talk, girl. I know you're not going to break easily, but you will break."

Drift knelt down on one knee, so he was on eye level with Shadow Striker. "Now, the Decepticon high command isn't really happy with you knockoffs trying to blow up Autobase -- that's our job. And being currently in Iacon, well, I met the Autobots and offered to help make you talk."

Drift brought his dagger up in front of Shadow Striker's face and touched the tip to her lips. "You can open your mouth now and save us a whole lot of effort and pain, or I will make you talk."

Drift stopped talking, ready for the tough I'm-not-fazed-by-your-threats reply that the Imperial would surely give him.

2011-09-28, 04:33 PM
The Decagon - Mustering Area:

Ironhide looked over the assembling troops, keeping his face neutral.

Nightbeat and Tracks walked up to him, Nightbeat's face wearing a weary look and Tracks' wearing a nervous one.

"Ain't that bad, Tracks." Ironhide's 'backpack' disconnected, his battle platform transforming and deploying. "Ever'thing'll work out." He tapped a couple of keys on the virtual keyboard behind the phaser rifle mounting unit.

Tracks shrugged. "Easy for you to say. You're not the one who spent the last few months getting braindanced back to sanity."

Nightbeat smirked. "Sanity's overrated. Besides, all we need to defeat Thunderwing is a shuttle with a harpoon cannon." Then the smirk died a little. "Of course, to pull it off, we also need to be in deep space....." He trailed off, watching Ironhide work on the hovering keyboard and the image unfolding on it, and the text hovering beside it. "Particle cannon..... lasers..... What is that?"

Ironhide scowled. "Som'thing Ah'm really hopin' Ah don't have ta use......"

The Decagon, en route to Prowl's location:

Prime nodded as he strode through the corridors. "Yes, Gigatron. Perhaps after we take care of our common foe, we can achieve a lasting peace."

2011-09-29, 04:39 AM
ISS Holding Cells

"Who? Crackers? Nah, I work for some other guy," Blades told Slingshot. "Long story why I'm even working a gig like this to begin with, but I'm here more or less as a favor. Ooh, and maybe out of boredom, too." He shrugged.

"Him and my boss have some sort of arrangement, some kind of Anti-Con coalition," He jutted his thumb at Firecracker. "But, hey, while we're asking questions, you'll have to tell me what you are doing here once we're clear from this place."

Lower Basement, The Decagon

The lift began its decent to the basement level as Silverbolt launched into his tirade against Prowl. Though he attentively listened, the Autobot General blankly looked forward, not once giving the Aerialbot eye contact.

He predicted such a reaction - it comes with the turf, after all - and it certainly would not be the last he heard before the day was through. Though it was a matter that Prowl felt was not up for debate, for the sake or morale - shaky enough as it was - he deemed it necessary to pander to Silverbolt's base emotions.

"So...you then can appreciate the gravity of the situation?" Prowl dryly said. "Or, perhaps you do not. Permit me to further elucidate the matter, then. We estimate the number of Imperial troops that have so far assembled in Protihex to have reached approximately ______*, the renegade Thunderwing, of course, being among them. More dropships are expected to arrive within the solar cycle. Take into consideration that an Imperial dropshot carries roughly 100* troops each. Furthermore, the Warworld - an Executor class starship equipped with a large hypermatter-based weapon, incidentally - entered Cybertronian orbit only several solar cycles ago, knocking out several of our relay network stations. This is no longer an isolated incident."

(OOC: * Again, arbitrary numbers. They could be bigger.)

When elevator slowed to halt, the double-doors yawned open.

Prowl stepped out onto a balcony that overlooked an immensely wide and open area - the platform itself hung several hundred feet above the facility floor. Below, the basement-level bustled with activity as the facility staff rushed about, while troops marched nearby in neat formations.

Prowl waved the Aerialbot leader to follow him down a flight of stairs. "I am open to suggestions, Silverbolt, extraordinary as that invitation may be, but we are limited on time and a enemy military force that considerable cannot be ignored or allowed to spread farther than it already has. It must be contained. I am sorry, Silverbolt, but we have little choice."

At the bottom, the Autobot Chief Strategist moved along a fluorescent marked path. To his left, a group of ramp agents carefully guided two shuttles to a large industrial lift. To their right, a team of technicians tinkered over an armored transport.

"Fortunately, in spite of the senate and the civilian division preventing us from addressing this matter sooner - which you are more than welcome to take up your grievances with them - we are prepared. As well as we can be, all things considered..."

From the opposite direction, thirty infantrymechs quick-marched in single-file past them, a sergeant at the head barking orders loudly.

"Rest assured, Silverbolt, that you will not be fighting alone," Prowl said. "And, that all our forces - both ground and air - will not be dispatched to the same location. Rather, our forces will be divided into three regiments, each varying in size and, hopefully, experience. Naturally, they will be moved as the situation dictates. The first will remain behind in Iacon. They will serve as our reserve -- and to assist the ISS, AAC and our own in the event that the Imperials - or anyone else for that matter - feel bold. The second detachment - larger than the first - will be sent to Protihex. They will approach from the southwest border, assess the situation and move in. The third is contingent on the inevitable agreement between Optimus Prime and Gigatron."

Prowl led Silverbolt to a large cargo elevator, sectioned off from the rest of the underground facility. The area was cavernous, with no visible ceiling, save the blast doors several stories up.

"Preferable as the option may sound, we cannot rely solely on the Autobot perseverance that our kind is renowned for to win the day," Prowl's voice echoed. "Aside from the fleet of retrofitted shuttles that will be accompanying your squadrons, the situation necessitated that we enlist...a little extra muscle."

As if presenting them to the Aerialbot leader, Prowl extended his hand out to four gigantic forms standing side-by-side -- Galaxy Shuttle and three rebuilt GADEP units, or 'Guardian Robots' as they are colloquially known. They stood inanimately, staring coldly across the elevator shaft like vigilant sentries.

2011-09-30, 07:31 AM
Decagon, Mustering Area:

Nightbeat took a good look at the battle platform that Ironhide was programming. "Boss?"

Ironhide, still scowling at the display, growled, "What?"

"You ever actually use this thing?"

Ironhide looked up, then shrugged. "'Mebbe a li'l more'n Ah used it b'fore Wheeljack's lab gave me a overhawl. Why?"

Nightbeat peered down at a hardpoint indicator on the right side panel. "You know this can mount weapons, right?"

"'Course it can mount weapons. Awlready got weapons on it."

"Not what's built in." Nightbeat moved over to the display screen and tapped a few of the controls, information coming up and scrolling across. "Virtual hardpoint system? What's a virtual hardpoint system......" He scowled as he read the information. "Energon-based solid holographic weapons system?"

Ironhide sighed. "Some kahnd'a thing Wheeljack was tinkerin' around with b'fore th' 'Cons locked his lab up. Give somebody a energon boost an' they could come up with awl kahnds'a extra weapons." Then the old Autobot chuckled. "Only two problems with it. One, activatin' whutever weapon ya picked drained more energon then the boost give ya, an' two, he never figgered out if the bugs got worked out of it 'cause the planet kahnd'a ran dry. An' there ain't no way Ah'm gonna activate it. One shot'd prob'ly drain th' deck."

"So why not mount normal weapons to the hardpoints?"

Ironhide blinked. Then smiled and transformed to vehicle mode. "Don't let 'em leave without me. Ah gotta hit th' weapon store!" Tires squeeling, the old Autobot took off down the corridor.

2011-10-01, 09:01 PM
ISS Holding Cells

"Nothing to tell," Slingshot shrugged in answer to Blades. "I killed a couple 'Cons, but some nickel-plated, shanix-chasing lawyer thinks we shouldn't do that anymore so he wanted to make an example of me."

His face twisted into an expression of contempt.

"If this is what happens when we let the civilians have a say, give me all-out war any day."

Seeing that Firecracker was coming back in their direction, he asked, "You got any idea what this freak wants with me? He said something about killing 'Cons, but there's got to be more to it than that."

The Decagon

"You've got plenty of choice, Prowl," Silverbolt snapped. "Choice number one would have been to keep half of the army from retiring thirty seconds after the last Quintesson was gone from Iacon. But you couldn't do that. Choice number two would have been to laugh at Protihex and it's naive communist fantasies and do what had to be done to defend the city whether they liked it or not."

"Choice number three is one that you could make right now. But you won't, because keeping your job is more important to you than saving Autobot lives. And when it's all over, you'll hang the blame on that ridiculous farce of a senate, like your type always do."

Silverbolt was getting worked up, now. He stepped in front of the other Autobot and shoved at him, trying to knock the pompous jackass to the ground.

"You and I both know that when Metroplex died, we recovered over fifty kilos of antimatter from his weapons batteries. We both know that it's locked in a secure vault under the Decagon, and we both know that even a tenth of it would be enough to wipe out every single Imperial soldier in Protihex. Just like we both know that you'll never even think of using it, because it's more politically expedient to throw away the lives of countless half-trained cadets than it is to end a few traitors and deserters who are finally getting what they'd had coming to them from the start."

(OOC: Just so it's clear -- yes, he is suggesting that they blow up the whole city.)

Moonrock walked into the meeting area, dodging awkwardly around the ankles of the much-larger robots who made up the bulk of the Autobot forces. Ignoring the occasional annoyed Junkion TV quote (which always seemed to involve mice or other insulting comparisons), he weaved his way through the crowd until he caught sight of a familiar face.

"Phaser!" he said with relief. "Glad to see you. Where's the rest of the gang at?"

"On the upper balcony, with all the other Micromasters," the Astro Squad's second in command said wearily. "You know, the place where the the big, flashing signs that said "Micromasters this way" were pointing? The place we always go during briefings so we don't get stepped on?"

"I...uh...I didn't notice," Moonrock admitted.

"I know you didn't," Phaser told him. "That's why I came down here to find you. That's why I always have to come down here to find you. Now follow me and don't get distracted by anything shiny."

"Jeez...no need to be so harsh, Phasey," Moonrock told him. "I was just distracted, is all. It's not like I actually missed anything."

"Yet," Phaser grumbled. "Yet. Now try and keep up." Looking over his shoulder, he saw that the other Autobot had already started to wander off. He grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him along.

"I swear," Phaser told him, "the next time we have a stopover on Earth I'm buying you a leash."

"That's mean," Moonrock told him. "I pay attention when it counts, don't I?"

Phaser laughed. "Right. Good one." He gave Moonrock another tug, adding, "And don't call me 'Phasey' ever again."


Shadow Striker scoffed. "What this is the best you can do? You think that if you threaten the poor, meek girl with a pointy stick she'll collapse into a blubbering mess and tell you everything you want to know?" She smiled at Drift. "I've been cut up by professionals, sword boy. They couldn't break me. You think a pissant throwback like you can do better?"

"Well, there you go," Sideswipe said to Drift, trying to make the sword-wielding supposed Decepticon look like the reasonable one. "I told you she wouldn't. Can I kill her now?"

2011-10-02, 03:17 AM
(OOC: @ Optimusskids - I really, really, really don't want to sound even more naggy than I already do, but...I'm not sure if you've checked in on this thread recently, but we're kind of depending on Optimus and Gigatron's discussion to get this army up and moving.)


ISS Holding Cells

"Wasn't really forthright with the details. Pft, big surprise, right?" Blades told Slingshot. "All he said was that there's some important job that his boss absolutely had to have you on. Haven't a clue who this guy would be, but it's supposedly someone high up in the Autobot hierarchy."

Blades looked to Firecracker as he returned. "We ready to go? Probably shouldn't be hanging around here much longer. Someone from next door at ISS HQ is bound to come snooping around."

Lower Basement, The Decagon

(OOC: Just in case you already read this, I made some revisions here and there. They were important to the overall tone of this argument.)

Prowl stumbled back one step when Silverbolt shoved him, but quickly regained his footing.

"You will not raise your hands to me again," Prowl stated in a matter-of-fact fashion. There was no evidence of anger in his tone, let alone upon on his face.

Prowl straightened his posture and continued. "Aside from being grossly unethical, what you propose would violate dozens, if not hundreds, of armed conflict and international welfare laws." Prowl looked up undaunted at the Aerialbot. "Indeed, what price for a clear conscience, but I cannot willfully endorse an act that is, for all intents and purposes, mass murder. These are not simply a scant few "traitors" or renegades that you are suggesting, but also hundreds of non-aligned civilians and fellow Autobots currently stationed in Protihex."

Prowl wasn't particularly mindful of these individual's lives, though he certainly gave the illusion that he was. In fact, he felt that there was a degree of truth in Silverbolt's statement, emotionally charged and reckless as it was, though Prowl would never admit that outright. Appearances, after all, must be kept up and at the end of the day, Prowl still answered to Optimus Prime.

Nevertheless, laws were designed to be obeyed*. Circumvented when necessary, yes, but generally obeyed.

(OOC: * Especially when they're Prowl's rules.)

"A basic tenet of Autobot doctrine; we do not forfeit the lives we are obligated to project to save our own. Even if we did, Silverbolt, we certainly would not do so based on the misgivings of a single individual. Your cadets swore an oath upon induction into the Autobot military - which does not bear repeating as you should know its passages intimately. They know their duties. As do I... You, however, do not."

Prowl shook his head.

"I realize now that I may have erroneously chosen you as a squadron leader. Clearly you are not mentally fit to serve," Prowl said. "You are hereby relieved of duty, Silverbolt."

2011-10-02, 08:27 AM

An expected answer. Drift had given those replies himself when he was captured by both Autobots and Decepticons.

"I am not threatening you."

Drift's red optics narrowed. He knew he wouldn't be able to wake up with this in the morning, he knew he would doubt his self-control forevermore, that the likes of Sideswipe or Crosshairs wouldn't look at him the same after this, but Iacon is at stake.

The entire army, heck, all of Cybertron, is at stake.

Hang the rules.

Drift let out a sigh as he pulled his dagger away from the Imperial's face... then, in one, fluid motion, stabbed his blade onto Shadow Striker's eye, attempting to gouge out the eyeball.

"If you threaten, you won't go through with the threat. Tell me where the bomb is!" Drift growled, putting her face close to Shadow Striker's other eye.

In his head, Deadlock laughed.

2011-10-03, 11:37 AM
Prime's com link crackled with Gigatron's voice.

"A fine dream Prime and one perhaps the survivors can discuss. Now what can we do to give them that opportunity? What say you to a coalition for the duration of this fracas?"

2011-10-04, 07:37 AM
Decagon, Armory:

Ironhide stood next to his deployed battle platform, the storage section panels open, looking at a padd marked 'INSTRUCTIONS'. Then he typed a command into the holodisplay on the battle platform.

The display showed a wireframe representation of the battle platform in standard deployment mode, arrows pointing at two hardpoints, one on the left, one on the right, aft of the particle cannons. Then the display image changed to a wireframe representation of himselfan arrow making the hardpoint mount on the plate extending over his left shoulder.

Then the display changed again. The new image, identified as 'Demolotion Mode', made him wince. Then the pain of looking at the image died a little as he realized that there was a new hardpoint opened up, behind one of the demolition mode's heavy laser cannons. Switching the display back to it's normal imaging mode, he moved over to the shelves. "Lessee whut we got......"

Decagon, almost at Prowl's location:

"I say a coalition is a fine idea, Gigatron. I will be leaving Iacon shortly to join you in the field.'

2011-10-04, 09:09 AM
Gigatron replied

"I can only speak for my own Decepticons. I will see you in the field then. Good luck Prime."

2011-10-04, 10:25 AM
The Decagon, Mustering Area

Searchlight rubbed his neck.

Being nearly killed, left as a head, and then sewn back on to a body that was not his... it gave the Throttlebot quite a lot to think about. How career as a security guard isn't really his thing.

How, in retrospect, lucky he was to be alive after that stupid stunt of trying to blow himself up with his own spark energy.

He was back in his own body (well, a recrafted one, thanks to some string-pulling and calling out of old favours by Windcharger, Primus bless him).

Windcharger himself was walking a short distance ahead. For lack of anything better to do until Optimus Prime gives orders, the withdrawn Searchlight trotted after the now-taller Minibot, who himself seems happy with his new body. A near-death experience had not been good for Searchlight's

Damn Wheeljack and his inventions, Searchlight mused. He took in the sight with his observant optics. There were so many new recruits and cadets that were even greener than Searchlight. There were a few familiar faces, though. Nightbeat and Tracks were talking in one part of the area, the massive Broadside transformed and landed, scowling.

Briefly Searchlight wondered why Broadside was not with the Wreckers dispatched to Protihex, then decided it was none of his business.

Windcharger was evidently walking towards Nightbeat and Tracks, so Searchlight followed behind the former Minibot.

Windcharger opened the conversation. "Hey, guys. Heard anything about how we're going to save the world?"

Searchlight was observing Windcharger's back that he nearly tripped on Moonrock and Phaser. "Pardon me." Searchlight mumbled as he sidestepped away as he followed Windcharger.

A red firetruck whose rear half was painted in yellow with black stripes pulled into the Decagon's mustering area. This rear portion disappeared into subspace as the frontal red part transformed... into Optimus Prime.

If Optimus Prime was a firetruck.

If Optimus Prime was red with gold and black highlights.

If Optimus Prime was a lowly Autobot captain named Pyro.

Pyro sighed, as he gazed around the Mustering Area. He liked the sense of all the Autobots gathering together like this, waiting for the great, mighty Optimus Prime to give a speech, to lead them into the fray to deliver justice and freedom. Freedom. It's the right of all sentient beings. Every Autobot must have known that. And to give oneself utterly for that cause, even to death...

Pyro nodded to everyone that looked at him, walking to find someone he recognized. Altihex was pretty bad, but it really was nothing compared to what Optimus Prime and his original crew had been through.

2011-10-05, 06:34 AM
ISS Holding Cells

Slingshot frowned as Blades gave him a non-answer. "Right," he said, changing the subject once Firecracker was within range. "Anyway, us both being fugitives we should probably keep in touch. You wanna give me your comm code?"

Firecracker scoffed. "Not that I wanna break up this adorable love-in or nothing, but the Bleached Whirlybird has a point." He pointed toward the transport he'd been working on. "Stow your yapping and climb in."

Slingshot did as he was told.

The Decagon

Silverbolt's face twisted with rage.

"Relieve me of command?" he said incredulously. Then his voice grew hard. "No, Prowl. I don't think I'm going to let you relieve me today. In fact, I think it's you who doesn't understand what his duty his."

The Aerialbot leader's hand disappeared behind his back for a second, only to reappear holding his electrostatic discharger rifle.

"I think you're the one who needs to be relieved of duty, and I think I'm just the one to do it. By force, if necessary. Scum like you and Smokescreen have thrown away enough Autobot lives. It stops today."

Artfire walked in, taking a seat near Broadside.

"Always good to see another ex-Wrecker," he said conversationally.

Moonrock didn't even notice Searchlight tripping over him. Phaser, meanwhile, grumbled, "Stupid bulks..." as the two of them left the main room and climbed up the ladderway leading to the Micromasters' level.


Shadow Striker did something that Sideswipe didn't expect when Drift attacked her -- she laughed.

"Haha! There's that throwback barbarism I came here expecting! Do it again, I dare you! You can stab me as many times as you want, but it won't make a difference. In less than five minutes we'll all be dead anyway." She laughed again. "Or did you think I was hurrying away from the generator because I felt guilty?"

Then she smiled and asked playfully, "Tell me...just how long was I unconscious for, anyway?"

2011-10-05, 07:16 AM
Mustering Area, The Decagon

Broadside shifted a little on his seat, which creaked under his weight. He chuckled. "Ex-Wrecker, Artfire? Hardly. Once we're in, we never quit." The triple-changer pulled out his vibro-axe and began fiddling with the melee weapon's vibrational crystals. "Besides, all I did was take a bit of vacation after doing that stint of going aircraft carrier in the middle of Iacon. That's the last time I let Whirl plan anything."

Broadside sighed as he gave his ax an experimental swing. "Knowing my track record, I'll have to do it sometime soon again... but enough about that. How's the ISS treating you, Artfire?"

"Sorry." Searchlight mumbled at the two Micromasters.


Drift scowled, and glanced at Sideswipe and Crosshairs in turn. Shadow Striker gave them what they wanted from her blathering, which was either a diversion or just overconfident gloating.

Bloody Imperials.

"The generator. We need to get there. Right now." Drift hissed. "Anyone here have Trailbreaker's number? No?"

2011-10-05, 09:30 AM
ISS Holding Cells

"Sure thing," Blades answered Slingshot. "Keep your channel open, I'm sending it over to you now."

While he followed Firecracker inside the transport he appropriated, Blades trailed along side Slingshot, looking the Aerialbot up and down.

"Hmm, yeah, it's probably a good idea we stay in touch." He nodded. "You're gonna stick out looking like that, especially after today. Lucky for you, there's a place I know that'll wipe your ID and re-pigment that armor plating of yours."

Lower Basement, The Decagon

Prowl, naturally, remained unmoved and poised when Silverbolt pulled a gun on him.

"Disappointing," Prowl said. He glanced down at the weapon gripped in the Aerialbot's hand, then moved his eyes back up to Silverbolt's face. "And, quite foolish."

At that instant, one of the nearby Omega Sentinels - which Prowl presented to the squadron leader only moments ago - stirred awake and stomped one foot heavily forward, vibrating the metal floor beneath them and reverberating throughout the cavernous room. Its joints groaned and clicked into place as it pointed its massive cannon arm down at Silverbolt.

"ARTICLE 90 VIOLATION. LETHAL FORCE ENABLED," the Guardian's voice boomed out in a perfunctory tone.

Prowl calmly raised his hand. "That will not be necessary, Zero-Two. Stand down." His eyes remained fixed on Silverbolt.

Seconds later, a dozen soldiers stormed the cargo lift and formed a half-circle behind the Aerialbot. In unison, they raised their rifles at Silverbolt.

"Hands in the air!" one officer barked.

2011-10-05, 04:53 PM
Mustering Area, Decagon:

Nightbeat nodded at Windcharger and Searchlight. "To be honest, not a clue. Lots of shooting, probably."

Tracks nodded morosely in agreement.

Ironhide came rolling back up, transforming back to robot mode.

Lower Basement, Decagon:

"And to you, Gigatron."

Prime deactivated his commlink as he stepped out of the lift, and stopped dead. Guardian Robots, shuttles being modified, what he thought was Galaxy Shuttle...... Silverbolt holding a gun on Prowl....... a bunch of guards aiming their guns at Silverbolt. "Everybody! Stand down!" Then he motioned for Prowl and Silverbolt to join him.

2011-10-06, 07:26 AM
Mustering Area, Decagon

Windcharger shook his head. "Typical. Where are your Headmaster buddies?" Turning to Tracks, he asked, "Something the matter, Tracks?"

When Ironhide arrived, Windcharger waved at the older Autobot.

Searchlight remained silent, just watching as these... veterans, these legends, talked to each other.

Pyro walked up to Ironhide, saluted, "Reporting for duty, Ironhide, sir!"

2011-10-07, 04:07 AM
ISS Holding Cells

Slingshot gave Blades a sour expression. "I just got this paint job, you realize that? So many shanix flushed down the toilet..."

Firecracker cut in from the driver's seat, after they'd started to roll.

"Don't get hasty," he said. "My boss, he's a big mech-about-town, yaknow? He pulls a couple strings, and bam! The paintwork's paid for." He looked over his shoulder at Blades. "Offer stands for you too, if you ever fancy not looking like you're walking around in your primer."

The Decagon

Silverbolt twitched, looking for all the world like he was going to take a shot at Prowl anyway.

"That's right, coward. Hide behind a new batch of innocent soldiers. I'm sure they'll serve you well right until you throw their lives away for expediency's sake, you waste of metal."

Ignoring Prime's entreaty, he aimed over the head of the nearest trooper and fired a lightning blast at Prowl's centre of mass.

Skydive walked in, reading from a data slate and only occasionally looking up to make sure he didn't run into anyone. He caught sight of Silverbolt in his peripheral vision and headed toward him...only to stop dead in his tracks when he saw what Silverbolt was doing.

"Don't do it!" he entreated his commander. "Don't..."

He trailed off as the shot was fired.


"Well enough, I suppose," Artfire told Broadside. "Right up until I quit so that I could reenlist, anyway. I might not be as in love with the action as Stepper, but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't step up to fight when my skills are needed."


"I do," Sideswipe told Drift, "but we might not have time for that."

Shadow Striker cackled.

"You idiot! Do you really think I would say a word to you if you had the slightest chance of stopping it? The bomb was on a ten-minute fuse. Your goons intercepted me one and a half minutes after I set it. Our fight took thirty seconds. It would have taken at least three minutes to drag me here, and I've wasted your time for another two."

She smiled, an expression made sick by her missing optic. "That leaves you with three minutes, maximum. It takes seven minutes to defuse the bomb's firing mechanism, and four and a half driving at my top speed to get out of the blast radius. Do the math, moron. You're dead. No one's saving you, and you can't save yourself."

Sideswipe screamed into his comlink. "Crosshairs, did you hear that? You need to find the bomb!"

"I just did," Was the other Autobot's response. "She's telling the truth. There's no time to escape, and even I can't defuse the bomb in time."

Shadow Striker laughed again. "Enjoy the Pit, throwbacks!"

2011-10-07, 09:12 AM
Leaving ISS Holding Cells

Blades pulled his head back and narrowed his left brow. "Tuh, look who's talkin', you neon-clad optic strain," he quipped back at Firecracker . "Besides, I've sported three different paint jobs within the last three years. At the rate I'm going, it's bound to become a running gag. Not changing this one unless I need to*."

(OOC: * Does your story need him to?)

The former-Protectobot moved to the back of the transport, plopped himself down into a seat and kicked his legs up onto the chair in front of him.

He rolled his head to the side of the head rest and looked to Slingshot. "So, uh, you shot up some 'Cons, huh?" he said casually. "That doesn't sound too bad to me. Not in a 'life sentence, shipping you off to have your spark extracted' kind of bad, I mean. I heard that the ISS had gotten even more pious since my little stint with them, but you must've really pissed off someone at the top." Blades grinned widely. "Was it Red Alert? Please say it was Red Alert. You'd SO be my hero if it was."

Lower Basement, Decagon

Despite its notable perks, the title Prowl held is not as prestigious as one might assume. With great power...comes disgruntled subordinates; a fact he has long come to accept.

Though many a solider have taken up their grievances with him during his long tenure, be it an exchange of words or an exchange of fists, few have ever gone so far as to attempt to take his life. A possibility he has always considered, however rare an occurrence it was.

"A Prime has addressed you," Prowl told Silverbolt, though it was unmistakeably clear that he was beyond negotiating.

Prowl had been watching the Aerialbot closely since he pulled his gun out -- studying his erratic, twitching movements and the subtle (or not so subtle) contortions of his face.

They practically telegraphed Silverbolt's intentions to the General well before the trigger was pulled.

It also served as a reminder to Prowl why he himself chose to abandon emotions. After all, look what it has reduced a once-upstanding commander of a decorated unit to.

A split second before Silverbolt's rifle set off, Prowl tossed up his hand and generated a small barrier in front of it*, narrowly blocking the electrical blast by the slimmest of margins. But while the shield had absorbed the blunt of it, it was still most certainly felt.

(OOC: * No, not a force field. More like the one Megatron used to deflect Starscream's null ray in MTMTE Part 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nweNm43sjuk).)

The surrounding officers - who had initially lowered their arms at Optimus's behest - swung their rifles back around when Silverbolt shot at the chief strategist and instinctively fired paralyzing EMP charges at the Aerialbot.

As he massaged his smoking hand - left grey by the electrical damage it took in - Prowl's only regret was that Autobot Leader had to bear witness to this.

2011-10-07, 11:03 AM
The Decagon, Mustering Area

Broadside chuckled. "As I said, once a Wrecker, always a Wrecker. So far Springer's the only one of us that's able to take a post outside the Wreckers, and even then it's because of his old buddies Hot Rod, Arcee and Magnus."

Broadside finished working on his vibro axe and clamped it onto his hip. He pulled out his plasma pulse gun and began disassembling it with ease. "Stepper's likely there shooting up the Imperials alongside Roadbuster and Whirl and Overdrive and the rest... does your gun talk back like his?"


Drift nodded at Sideswipe, then glanced at Shadow Striker. Crosshairs found the bomb, no use listening to her noisy, noisy voice...

"Shut up, bitch." Drift swung his blade around so the flat side was facing Shadow Striker, and with one swift move slammed the flat side so it would knock out the glitch.

"What do we do?" Drift asked Sideswipe and Crosshairs? "Short of lobbing the bomb into a spaceship and flying it into the low atmosphere..."

2011-10-10, 06:32 AM
ISS Holding Cells

(OOC: No, Firecracker's just a cock. :) )

Firecracker feigned outrage. "Why, I never. Optic strain? Neon-clad? Why, you...have me pegged completely, actually. It makes it a lot harder for witnesses to remember my face or body style when they're all distracted by OH THE COLOURS!, you know?"

Slingshot shook his head. "Nah, not Red Alert," he told Blades. "I busted your buddy Hot Spot's face, though. And spat on that funny-looking First-Aid wannabe he has following him around these days."

Then, as if belatedly realizing that Blades might not take well to one of his old colleagues being thrashed even if things hadn't ended well, he added, "Buggers had it coming, though. They were totally threatening to shoot me."

The Decagon

Silverbolt dropped his gun as he fell to the floor, twitching and spasming from the stun barrage.

His mouth still agape from seeing the end of the confrontation, Skydive strode over to Prowl. Unable to articulate his thoughts as well as he'd like, he he simply let out a baffled, "Uh...what the hell?"

Artfire chuckled, but before he could answer Broadside a boisterous female voice piped up.

"That's a stupid question. And 'his gun' has a name, you overgrown dinghy! It's Burnout. We've only been introduced, what, four times?"

Artfire gave Broadside an apologetic-yet-amused look before saying, "Calm down, partner. You meet a lot of people when you're a Wrecker."

"Right." Burnout transformed to robot mode, then tossed her head in disgust. "More than we meet as police, though? I doubt it."

"We're snipers," Artfire told her. "So yeah, probably."


Shadow Striker lunged at Drift when he swung the blade at her. Instead of clobbering her in the head, it clanged off of her shoulder as she drove her head toward his midsection.

Jumping into action, Sideswipe drew his photon rifle and waited for a clear shot.

"Actually," Crosshairs said thoughtfully, "I have an idea. I don't have a spaceship handy, but..."

He quickly checked the bomb to make sure there weren't any tremble sensors, then picked it up. He was surprised by how heavy it was...and by how much radiation it was throwing off.

She's not trying to blow up the generator, he realized, just use it's reactors to mask the bomb's radiation signature. There's got to be enough plutonium here to vaporize the whole base.

"...I've got just over two minutes," he continued. "And there's a nuclear-hardened bunker just under two minutes away."

Transforming to vehicle mode, he tore off away from the generator building.

"If I don't make it," he said, "tell Roadbuster and the rest that I'm sorry about wrecking their stuff."

2011-10-10, 08:12 AM
Mustering Grounds, the Decagon

"I had to ask." Broadside chuckled as Burnout re-introduced herself. "I'm supposed to complain about you calling me an overgrown dinghy, but I reckon I did that four times before earlier."

Broadside shook his head. "Believe it, girl... you meet more people as a Wrecker. And then you put a bullet in the heads of, oh, eighty per cent of them..." Broadside sighed, "Nice outlet for anyone's frustration, anyhow."


Bumblebee blinked his optics, waking up to a hospital room.

"What's the- who's the-"

Bug Bite? Hound? Optimus Prime? Afterburner?



God, what a mess. After the whole Bug Bite fiasco... all the clone business and that crazy Beefang and being so overwhelmed that he thought he killed Optimus Prime... all the stupid decisions for the sake of capturing Bug Bite and showing that he too can take down a major Decepticon... all the idiocy in jail...

Prowl's pissed, Bumblebee was sure of that. He blew up a shuttle in Iacon, he took the battle to the neutral state of Protihex... what was he thinking?

Oh, damn it, his life had been hell ever since the Quintesson battle.

Might as well as change his name and face to Goldbug again, Bumblebee thought darkly. Start off fresh. But that'd be cowardice.

He did help out during the Altihex prison break, right? That had to count for something. Ah yes, the Altihex prison break. Fighting the Seekers. His Pretender Shell and the Sheriff... the blackout. Well, never liked the Pretender shell anyway.

He sat up, and noticed something... different. He felt different. He looked at his body, a new, upgraded form. Still similar enough to his original Earth-form body... heh, so he did get the upgrade after all while he was knocked out. Sweet. (OOC: Henkei Classics, for those wondering, because really poor guy tried to do this at least three times already)

But... what the heck is happening outside?

Reminding himself that he was still a criminal, Bumblebee raised his voice. Time to set things right, then.

"...Ratchet? First Aid? Yoo-hoo? I need to speak with Optimus Prime, with Prowl, with Ultra Magnus... somebody!"

(OOC: ziggy, if you please :))


Drift altered his course. Now that the blade laid with the flat side on Shadow Striker's shoulder, he swung it to the side so it would catch the Imperial on the head... with the sharp edge.

Also, he attempted to knee Shadow Striker on the chin to knock the wind out of the Imperial... though that didn't stop some of the pieces on Shadow Striker's head from piercing Drift's stomach.

"Wait, Crosshairs- don't-" Drift tried to say (in his normal voice) to the other Autobot, but Shadow Striker's attack took the wind out of him.

2011-10-11, 09:45 AM
En route (?)

When Slingshot mentioned Hot Spot, Blades stared blankly back at the Aerialbot for a moment. A maelstrom of memories swirled around in his head...

Of his time in the military before high command attempted rein him in and assign him to, of all things, a unit that specialized in search and rescue.

Of the bizarre, and rather confounding, teaming of the personalities of Hot Spot, Groove, Streetwise, First Aid and himself.

And, much later, of the Reclamation, when Hot Spot dragged him along to join up with a then-fledgling civilian task force.

Slowly, Blades' deadpanned expression grew into a smile, then stretched into a wide grin.

"Heh...heh, heh," Blades quietly chuckled at first. "Haw! Ha ha ha! You - heh, heh - you clocked Hot Spot?! Yeah, that's pretty high-up on the ISS food chain, alright! There's been countless times I wanted to do the same to him, believe me." He leaned forward in his seat and patted Slingshot on the shoulder. "You did good, Slings, you did good."

Blades' smile disappeared when he eventually registered the other piece of information Slingshot divulged. "Whoa, hold on a klik. Did you just say 'First Aid wannabe'?"

Lower Basement, Decagon

Prowl soberly looked on as the Decagon's security personnel scooped the unconscious Silverbolt off the floor.

He was marginally disappointed. Not necessarily at the Aerialbot commander's little outburst - though the threat on Prowl's life was certainly not a matter to be taken lightly - it was that he would have to assign a new leader to the first squadron.

On cue, a baffled Skydive, who arrived moments before the conclusion of the General and Sivlerbolt's altercation, approached Prowl.

"In short; what was intended to be a simple tactical consultation, developed into a...disagreement," he told Skydive. "I do not deny his concern for his pupils' well-being, but his proposed alternative was, to put it lightly, far more unethical in contrast and was duly censured. I relieved him of his command; he responded with violence."

(OOC: Can I assume Optimus is part of this discussion, or at least listening in?)

Averting his gaze down to his hand, grey with electrical burns, Prowl attempted to close his fingers to form a fist and discovered that there was no sensation. Damaged receptors, he silently concluded. The barrier that the chief strategist had tossed up did its job, all things considered, otherwise the damage would have been far more extensive.

"I apologize if this has caused you any distress, Skydive," he said formally.


Iacon Medical and Research Institute

When Bumblebee stirred from his rest and called out, the attending nurse, who was preparing some glowing concoction on a nearby work station, placed his tools down and moved to the Autobot's side.

"Oh, good, you're no longer in stasis," he said. "Ratchet? Mm, no, he's been on leave for, geez, how long has it been now? The past three stellar cycles, I think? First Aid, however, may be available. Assuming he isn't busy."

The attendant tapped his audio receiver to open his comlink. "Doctor First Aid? Hi, this is Nurse Salix. I'm in Recovery Room 301 on the west wing. There's a patient here asking for you....His name? It's, uh, one moment." He pulled out a dossier tucked in a compartment at the side of the bed and quickly skimmed over it. "It's C-11-56. Bumblebee...Uh-huh...Okay, thank you, Doctor."

Nurse Salix placed the datapad down. "Bumblebee, huh." He looked the former Autobot over suspiciously. "Yeeeah, I totally know who you are. You're one of Optimus Prime's old crew-mates, right? That's pretty cool -- but, hey, listen to me rambling on here. Doctor First Aid will be right down to see you."

2011-10-11, 09:59 AM
Iacon Medical and Research Institute

Bumblebee shook his head as nurse Salix spoke to him. Nice to see a friendly face that's not Hound or Hubcap after everything that's happened. "Ratchet's on leave? I... didn't know that." Being in prison would do that to you.

He shook his head, optics downcast. "Yeah, one of Optimus Prime's old crew...."

Did he deserve to be associated with the rest of them anymore after what he did?

2011-10-11, 10:51 PM
Iacon Medical and Research Institute

Nurse Salix* frowned when it dawned on him that he just might be treading on a sensitive subject. Though, what that was, he hadn't a clue.

"Oh, hey, I'm sorry," he told Bumblebee. "I don't know when to keep my big trap shut sometimes, you know. Force of habit. I guess it's my way of being accommodating and making folks feel a comfortable while they're here."

(OOC: * Huh. Okay. I usually don't name generics, but I guess that's what I'm going with. In fact, the word "Nurse" will be part of his name.)

The attendant glanced over the screen of the diagnostic equipment situated at the head of the bed. He nodded in approval. "Well, looks like everything checks out." Nurse Salix then began to disconnect the various wires feeding into Bumblebee and reeling them back into the machine.

The door to recovery room soon slid open and First Aid walked in, his visor immediately falling on Bumblebee.

"Bumblebee. Good to see that you are awake," he said. "I intended to check in on you sooner. How are you feeling?"

2011-10-12, 12:04 PM
Iacon Medical and Research Institute

Bumblebee shrugged and gave Nurse Salix a sad smile. "Nah, it's not your fault. I appreciate it."

It's mine. All the blame lies on me.

Bumblebee nodded appreciatively as Nurse salix disconnected all the wires that connected to him. Everything checks out... physically, at least. How was he going to explain this to Optimus Prime? To Prowl, to Red Alert, to everybody else?

He looked at First Aid as he entered and the yellow Autobot shook his head. First Aid would know what he had done... he knew. He knew. He can't cover it up... which is just as well. "I'm well, doc... physically at least. Thanks for the new bling. How did my trial... or whatever became of it... go, doc?" He glanced around the room. "And, uh, how long was I out?"

2011-10-13, 03:31 AM
ISS Holding Cells

When Blades started to laugh, Slingshot joined him. Nervously at first, worrying that the Protectobot was playing a cruel joke on him and that he'd take a swing at Slingshot once he guard was down. But after a few seconds that worry passed, and the laugh turned into a full-throated roar. It went on longer than it probably should have, as the last few days' stress bled away if only for a moment.

"Yeah," he said at last in a breathless sigh. Then again, louder. "Yeah. It looked like he had a whole team of Fake Protectobots with him. There was Fake First Aid, Fake Hot Spot and Fake Streetwise for sure, and I think I caught a glimpse of Fake Groove and Fake You too. Kinda creepy if you ask me."

The Decagon

Skydive frowned. "That...that doesn't sounds like Silverbolt at all," he said in a confused tone of voice. He missed out on the implied promotion evident in Prowl's words, so focused was he on trying to figure out what he'd just seen. "I mean...you didn't...provoke him or anything, did you? Not that I'm saying you would, that's not like you. But I've never seen Silverbolt fly off the handle like that before."

He shook his head as if trying to shake out the confusion. Silverbolt was his leader and friend, but he considered Prowl a role model as well -- everything Skydive himself aspired to be as he studied to become a better strategist. To see the two of them in an altercation like this wasn't something he'd ever expected.

"Only three times, actually," Burnout told Broadside. "We were getting shot at the other time, so I didn't get a chance to insult you."

Artfire chuckled dryly. "See, it's the 'killing everyone' part that got us to lead. So naturally, I work as a sniper now."


When Drift's knee hit Shadow Striker, she fell back from the Autobot and away from his blade. She tried to get back up and charge again, but Sideswipe shot her in the head before she could move more than a few paces.

"Right," he said. "Note to self: don't mention this part when we report in to Prime."

"If there was another choice," Crosshairs told Drift, "then believe me, I wouldn't. But we don't have time to argue about it. Anyway, don't worry. I plan to be safely on the outside of the bunker when the bomb goes boom."

There was something in his voice, though, that made it seem like he wasn't so sure.

He tore down the road for a few seconds more, then slammed on the brakes and came to a stop just outside of Debris.

2011-10-14, 08:31 AM
The Decagon

"See? Everybody hates me." Broadside whined at Burnout's comment jocularly, a funny sound with his voice. "Nobody loves big ol' Broadisde." Turning to Artfire. "I suppose it's all well and good, but snipers don't get to hack people with axes."


"Agreed." Drift muttered as Shadow Striker fell down to the ground. "Crosshairs!"

Drift transformed into vehicle mode. "He's going to get himself killed, Sideswipe, let's go! Either one of us is faster than him, he won't be able to get out in time!"

2011-10-14, 08:37 AM
The Decagon

The militia relaxed as Flypast dismissed them to parade rest.

Flypast wandered over to Broadside.

"Hi there Broadside. Remember me it's Flypast. Was part of your naval air wing during the Great war."

2011-10-14, 10:10 AM
The Decagon

Broadside gave Flypast a lazy salute as he flipped his gun around his index finger. "Of course I remember you. How's life treating you nowadays, Flypast?"

2011-10-14, 11:16 AM

Flypast shrugged his four shoulders

"Can't complain although retirement can be a bit on the boring side. Thats why I thank Primus for the Militia. It gave me a focus. Plus of coures i'm an honorary member of the Mariners club. Course can't be a full member without a hull but I do have the option for floats. They do a lot of good work round the city. Do you remember tht mission in the Rust Sea . When we suprised the Con fleet in harbour and torpedoed 4 or 5 of their big hitters.

2011-10-14, 12:19 PM
The Decagon

Broadside chuckled. "Retirement is whacko, Flypast... good to see you involved in military still, and better, back in gear again."

The Triple Changer patted a piece of his aircraft carrier kibble. "Trust me, mate, being a boat is overrated." The Wrecker then chuckled as Flypast recounted their Rust Sea mission. "Ah, good times. You, me, and Sandstorm took down that giant ship Decepticon. What was his name? Shockfleet? Shock Wave? Tidal Wave? Something like that... oh, that expression when he realized we sunk all of his backup, that's hilarious!"

Broadside glanced at Artfire. "Where're my manners? Flypast, this is Artfire and his little partner Burnout. Artfire, Burnout, this is Flypast.

Pyro walked up to Broadside, Artfire and Flypast, and said, "Greetings, fellow Autobots. My name is Pyro. I believe we will be battling the Imperial invaders together, no?"

His voice, a very uncanny impression of Optimus Prime.

2011-10-15, 01:11 AM
En route (?)

Blades curled his lip. "Are you serious?" A whole team? And there's a fake me running around with them?!" He shook his head. "Rrr, what hell, Hot Spot. What the fraggin' hell. There's gotta be some sorta psychological term for that. Must be an abandonment issue or something. It still ain't right, though, and I swear, Slingshot, if I ever catch this cheap knock-off of me out an' about, I'll slam his frickin' head into the sidewalk."


Blades raised his head and looked to the front of the transport.

"Hey, Crackers," he bellowed out. "Where're we off to anyway? We heading back to the Mezzanine, or are we fraggin' off to some place else?"


Basement, Decagon

"Nor have I," Prowl answered Skydive. "The Cybertronian experience is sharpened in times of conflict. It is not terribly uncommon for Autobots to react in a manner they normally would not under such strenuous circumstances. Though, this is certainly an extreme case. Rest assured, you will have the opportunity to question him of his behavior yourself when this is finished..."

"With that said," the General then shifted the subject. "At the risk of losing subtlety, Silverbolt's...flare-up, you could imagine, presents a conundrum. We are now one less squadron leader." He glanced sideways at the Aerialbot. "I do not wish to burden you, but we are limited on time and I would rather entrust the First Squadron to you. If need be, Sky Lynx can be repositioned -- but you are next in the chain of command, are you not, Lieutenant Skydive?"


Iacon Medical and Research Institute

(OOC: @ Blackjack - I've made the changes in my previous post as we discussed. A couple here as well.)

"Nurse Salix," First Aid said temperately. "Would you please excuse us."

"Um, yeah, sure thing, Doc." Nurse Salix waved. "Back to work then. Nice to meet you, Bumblebee."

First Aid's eyes followed the attendant as he exited the room before returning his gaze to the shorter, yellow and black Autobot.

"Ahem, yes...you have been in stasis for about two deca-cycles. At least, that is my understanding," he eventually answered Bumblebee. "I'm glad you are pleased with the upgrades, though. I handpicked the surgical team that worked on you and I personally oversaw your reconstruction..."

"And yes," he added. "The costs have been covered."

The Doctor lowered his brow. "Though, not by the IMR. You have a...benefactor, I suppose you could say. This may alarm you, but..." First Aid sighed. "It would seem that High Command has taken an interest in you. Your body was commandeered by the Autobot Military the moment the Altihex Unit's shuttle touched down in Iacon. I was specifically commissioned to oversee your repairs -- along with a few other instructions. This room is being monitored as we speak." He motioned to the camera hanging on the wall at the opposite end of the room.

2011-10-15, 06:55 AM

For lack of a key, Crosshairs simply blasted Debris' outer locks with a laser and pushed the door open manually. As he lugged the bomb inside, he forced himself not to look down at the timer.

Either I'll make it or I won't, he told himself. But I don't have time to worry about it.

He charged through the inner doors, then through the three sets of open 'bunker' doors that were mounted in the hall that led down to the main room. He didn't stop running until he was in the antechamber. Then he let himself look at the timer.

Twenty seconds.

It would take longer than that for him to reach the bunker's outer seal controls, on the other side of the three emergency doors.

Not enough time. It was a lament that reflected not just the current situation, but his life as a whole. Too much time wasted hiding behind a desk when he could have been out helping to make the galaxy a better place. To much time wasted on hate and fear, when could have been concentrating on all the things that filled him with wonder and joy. Too many old friends left behind, and too many important things left undone, unsaid. Not enough time for any of them, now.

And so he made his decision. He could try to reach the outer doors and maybe, just maybe he might make it. But if he couldn't, a lot of good mechs were going to die. Was a one in fifty chance to save his own sorry chassis worth risking hundreds of other Autobots, when his death would win their safety for sure?

"Thanks," he said to Sideswipe and Drift. "I couldn't have done it without you."

Crosshairs reached out one hand and closed the doors from the inside, locking himself inside the bunker with the bomb.

"Tell Pointblank he was right about me after all," the ex-Targetmaster said wistfully.

They were his last words.

When the bomb went off, Crosshairs let it's warm glow wash over him with a small, peaceful smile on his face.

Sideswipe nodded in agreement with Drift.

"I know," he said sadly. But he didn't move. A few seconds later the ground shook under his feet, and a cloud of smoke started to rise from where Debris used to be.

"Rest in peace," he whispered softly.

Secret Rebel Base

Slingshot chuckled. "Can't say that I blame you, Blades. If Silverbolt decided to tart up...I dunno, Airazor or Storm Jet as a replacement for me I'd be mighty pissed too."

The vehicle ground to a stop and Firecracker turned around to address them.

"We're not off to anywhere," he said at last. "Because we're here. Slingshot, you'll need to follow me. IvoryChopper, you're welcome to come too. But if you do, understand that you'll be one of us from now on."

The Decagon

Skydive nodded, still numb from the whole experience. "Yes, sir. I am," he admitted to Prowl. "And I'll do my best."

He was quiet for a minute, silently rearranging the two squadrons of Aerialbots in his head so that they would have the best chance of survival without Silverbolt to protect them.

"Our combat usefulness is decreased by 32% without Silverbolt," he told Prowl at last. "Simply because he was that much more dangerous than most of the cadets. I would suggest assembling all of our best fliers in First Squadron and assigning them to engage the enemy fighters. Second Squadron would have the less-proficient Aerialbots, and would be more suited to ground-troop support or aerial scouting."

The analytical part of him recognized that he was throwing himself into his work to avoid processing what had just happened. But he didn't care. Right now, the Aerialbots would need a leader who was absorbed in his work if they were going to survive.

Artfire chuckled. "Not unless I've been doing it wrong all these years," he agreed with Broadside.

He gave Flypast a friendly nod. Burnout just grunted. Then he smiled at Pyro. "I like your alt-mode," he said with a wry smile. "You can stay."

Then the entire building seemed to shake around them. Artfire quickly grabbed a guardrail for support with one hand, and grasped onto Burnout's midsection with the other.

"What was that?"

2011-10-15, 07:47 AM
(OOC: Ta, ziggy :))

Iacon Medical and Research Institute

Bumblebee nodded absent-mindedly at Nurse Salix. "Yeah. See you around."

Then he turned to First Aid. "Two deca-cycles." He repeated. Quite a long time. "High Command... how strange. I'd swear they wouldn't want anything to do with a fallen soldier like myself. I mean, if it were Optimus or someone else..." He narrowed his optics at the camera. "Of course it's being monitored, I'm a fugitive."

Then, he sighed again. "I'm tired of all this, First Aid. What does High Command want with me?"


"No. NO!" Drift transformed into robot mode, optics wide in horror as the bomb detonated and a cloud of smoke rose from Debris. Undoubtedly taking Crosshairs with it.

Drift composed himself, and nodded, bowing slightly in respect.

A selfless death, to protect others...

"Sideswipe, we need to call this in." Drift muttered under his breath.

The Decagon

Broadside turned to Pyro, "What are you, an Optimus Prime cosplayer?"

Pyro shook his head. "My name is Pyro. I am hardly fit to be compared to our great leader Optimus Prime." He turned to Artfire and nodded. "Thanks, I-"

The ground shook as the bomb detonated. Pyro barely had the time to pull out his rifle, but Broadside, a Wrecker, had leapt out of his seat and transformed into his jet mode. "Artfire, Flypast, Pyro, follow me! Follow the smoke!"

Without waiting for answers, Broadside shot towards said explosion site.

Pyro folded into his vehicle mode, the truck trailer appearing from subspace, and with a loud honk charged towards the site on the ground.

2011-10-16, 05:31 AM
Iacon Medical and Research Institute

"High Command gave me only the bare details," First Aid told Bumblebee. "And by High Command, I of course mean Prowl. Make no mistake, the charges against you have not been dropped, regardless if there has been no trial. But, you're being shown leniency. Something to do with aiding the Altihex Sheriff Department, I believe. I don't know what exactly transpired there, so, please, do correct me. As for what Prowl wants with you, I honestly don't know -- Though, as vexing as these string of vague non-answers are, I suppose you will find out soon enough."

First Aid looked sympathetically to Bumblebee. "You must understand, I'm not particularly pleased that I was, essentially, forced into doing this -- I was told to contact Autobase Command Centre when you woke. A unit will be by shortly to escort you to see Prowl." He then ruefully lowered his head. "I - I strongly recommend you comply. Against my better judgment, I was also 'instructed' to implant a deterrence chip within your neo-cortex. It will send out a powerful electro-convulsive prompt if you attempt to escape. As far as the military is concerned, you're still a criminal and will be treated as such. I'm sorry."

(OOC: I'm not sure how I'm going to squeeze this meeting in with everything else, but we're gonna try :|)

Secret Rebel Base

"I dunno," Blades answered Firecracker. "I don't wanna ditch out on Magnificus." He shrugged. "Mm, depends who 'us' is. 'Course, I'm not expecting you to be forthright, just give me something to work with -- what kind of operation are you running here?"


Basement, The Decagon

Prowl nodded in agreement with Skydive's proposal. "Allocating your less-experienced fliers to the second squadron is a feasible plan. See to it, Skydive," he said. "As for this '32%' projection you speak of -- Sky Lynx and his squadron is more than sufficient to make up for that loss. His forces can be dispersed between the first and second squadrons, and Sky Lynx - while admittedly high-handed - is formidable as he is experienced. He would certainly lessen any encumbrances you might have."

Prowl extended his hand out to the four titans towering behind them. "Also, if you wish to further bulk up your forces, you are free to chose between one of these three Omega Sentinels or Galaxy Shuttle."

2011-10-16, 08:47 AM
Iacon Medical and Research Institute

Bumblebe remained silent as First Aid explained things to him. He wanted to be angry at High Command for doing it, for planting the deterrence chip, for not trusting him to comply...

But he just couldn't bring up the strength to get angry.

After all, this whole mess was this fault.

"Leniency." Bumblebee repeated. "Better than nothing, at least. And dealing with Prowl, well, at least we know each other." Prowl was probably the only reason Bumblebee was not in a spark extraction facility somewhere. "Don't worry, doc, I'm not blaming you for anything. I'll comply... I expected no less. After what I did..."

Bumblebee sighed, shaking his head. Such a mess. "I just want this mess to be over. One way or another."

(OOC: Um, we'll probably going to have to make it short. :|)

2011-10-19, 04:56 AM

Sideswipe nodded grimly. "Yeah," he agreed with Drift. "Yeah."

Secret Rebel Base

Firecracker winced. "Look, I'll be straight with you," he told Blades. "You know who I am and you've already seen me do things that'd get me locked up for vorns on end if you squealed. Frankly, the boss probably expects me to frag you and drop you in a gutter somewhere. But I'm not going to do that because you're a good mech and I trust you not to go running to the brassies. But I'm already out on a limb here and I'm not going any farther unless you give me something in return. I don't even know your name, 'Graze'. I'm not gonna just start spilling out our fiendish master plan to someone who won't even stick his neck out that far."

The Decagon

Skydive considered Prowl's offer, but shook his head. "I don't think so. As much firepower as they would add, the larger fliers are giant, lumbering targets. If my Aerialbots needed to keep in formation with them, it would negate our biggest assets -- our speed and agility. I'd recommend using them for ground troop transport and long-range tactical support instead."

'My Aerialbots', he thought worriedly. I certainly hope not.

Artfire grabbed Burnout by the scruff of the neck and headed out the door. When he saw the pillar of smoke, he immediately transformed to vehicle mode and accelerated toward it.

"Stay back," he told Broadside and Flypast. "Pyro and I are equipped for emergency situations like this, but you're not. Until we know what happened, we'll need you two to keep passerby from wandering in."

2011-10-19, 06:49 AM
Basement, the Decagon:

Prime watched.

On one level, he was shocked. Stunned. Prowl had never been this cold before.

He knew he should say something. He knew he should stop this.

And yet........

And yet he couldn't. This wasn't about not being like the Decepticons. This wasn't about not descending to the depths of then enemy to fight them.

This was about survival. And Primus help him, Prime couldn't say anything.

And with that realization, Prime knew he'd made the right decision. After wiping out the Imperials, creating a lasting peace was going to be easy.......

2011-10-19, 01:40 PM

"Optimus Prime, Prowl, this is Drift." Drift spoke into his communicator, voice flat and emotionless1. "That explosion just now... Crosshairs gave his life to stop an Imperial bomb planted in the Autobase from detonating. He... he just saved all our lives."


"That's Debris!" Broadside snarled, transforming into robot mode and landing on the ground next to Artfire and Pyro, paving small drag marks on the concrete as he screeched into a stop. "If the bomber is still around I swear... get out of there, shoo! Scat!"

The sight of an axe-wielding giant shooing them quickly drove the passers-by from crowding around.

Pyro's water cannons clicked onto place. "Great Primus... What happened here?" The Autobot quickly sprayed Debris with water, putting out the small flames that the explosions had caused. "Looks like a bomb..."

"Impossible. Roadbuster took the armory with him to Protihex. The entire armory." Broadside shook his head. "That does not make sense..."

Windcharger zipped like a red bullet towards the crash site, followed some distance by Searchlight. Windcharger transformed into robot mode, palms glowing with purple energy. "Broadside. Artfire. How can I help?"

2011-10-19, 10:23 PM
Basement, The Decagon

"Agreed," Prowl answered Skydive. "I had similar intentions for them. It seemed appropriate that I offer, all the same...

"Moving on, then. Your input would be appreciated -- As I had discussed with Silverbolt, our forces will be divided into three regiments, each varying in size and experience. The first, being the smallest, will remain behind in Iacon along with Omega Sentinel 01." He motioned to the Guardian towering nearby. "They will serve as our reserve -- and to assist the ISS and AAC if need be. The second will be sent to Protihex. This regiment will, of course, be considerably larger. It will approach from the southwest and east borders, assess the situation and move in. The second squadron and selected members of the third*, as you suggested, will be divided accordingly and will be deployed as tactical support."

(OOC: * The 'third squadron' being Sky Lynx's. Yes, I'm definitely going with him.)

"Also, regarding to the crew of the Steelhaven and the refugees they doubtlessly are safeguarding." Prowl glanced over at Optimus Prime. "The 2nd and 3rd squadrons objective will also be to assist the ground forces and Omega Sentinel 02 - with 03 being moved as the situation dictates - in escorting the Steelhaven, along with any remaining refugees, out of the city-state."

"As for the third regiment..." The General faced his superior. "Optimus Prime, sir? Have you spoken with Gigatron? Does he require our assistance?"

At that moment, Prowl, along with the Autobot Leader, were alerted to Drift's incoming call.

"Crosshairs?" Prowl pondered. "Dead? Hm. Tragic -- and also curious. I had not realized he returned from Protihex. "

"An Imperial agent operating in plain sight? I should have known*," he eventually answered. "Thank you, Drift. I will send a unit to investigate the site and will contact the ISS to join them. Has there been any other casualties?"

(OOC: * Seriously, he totally should have ;) I just didn't have him say anything because I didn't want to disrupt your guys' story. Honest. )

Secret Rebel Base

"It's nothing personal. Past experience and all that," Blades told Firecracker. "But, okay, fair enough. You've been straight with me. In a vague sorta way, yeah, been then so have I -- So whaddaya need from me? A name? A résumé?" He shrugged. "Okay, fine. It's Blades. Don't know if that means much to you, maybe it does, but Slingshot here can vouch for me. In short, I've been an Autobot, a solider, a Protectobot, an ISS officer, a pit fighter, a corporate bodyguard and enforcer, and currently-acting muscle for mine and your pal, Magnificus. I've been around." He smiled. "There. Satisfied?"

Iacon Medical and Research Institute

"Just be patient, Bumblebee. I'm sure it'll work out in your favor in the end," First Aid said consolingly. "Consider yourself fortunate -- though I'm sure you don't want to hear that right now. Few mechs in your position rarely, if ever, have a chance at redemption. In my experience, anyway. Someone clearly believes you are worthy of it...

"Still, it's hard to believe that someone is Prowl."

2011-10-21, 04:10 AM

"None." Drift told Prowl, glancing at Sideswipe and gesturing at Shadow Striker's body. "Except maybe for the Imperial agent herself."

He waved one of his smaller blades around irritably, spinning it in an arc around his hand and catching it again.

Iacon Medical and Research Institute

"Let's hope so." Bumblebee shook his head. "Yeah, doc, a chance for redemption is the least I could hope for..." Although, knowing Prowl, there would be something he has to do in return. Well, at least it's Prowl and not somebody else he doesn't know...

Bee tilted his head. "So... when does Prowl's people come to get me, First Aid?"

2011-10-22, 05:03 AM

Sideswipe decided it would be best if he let Drift deal with Prowl. After all, the strategist knew Sideswipe all too well, and would pick up right away that Sideswipe was unhappy with how things had gone. Mistakes had been made, but that wasn't a conversation Sideswipe wanted to have now -- if ever. At least, not with Prowl.

But Jazz? He and Jazz were going to have a good talk as soon as he could arrange it.

Artfire sprayed the remains of Debris with his water cannon, but the water simply turned to steam in contact with the smoking ruin. On a hunch, he turned his sensors on it...and immediately threw himself into reverse.

"Back!" he said to everyone. "Back! I'm reading serious radiation coming off of the bunker. If you get too close, it'll fry your circuits. Windcharger, we need something that will soak up the radiation. Lead, gold...anything dense and metallic will do, and we can't go close enough to apply it by hand."

Secret Rebel Base

Firecracker looked askance at Slingshot, who just shrugged.

"He's good people," Slingshot told him. "Believe me or don't, but if it was up to me he'd be on the team."

Because I need someone I can trust to watch my back... Slingshot thought.

"That's good enough for me," Firecracker told them. "Welcome to the fold, Blades. Follow me and you'll meet the boss soon enough." He smiled. "Although Slingy here already has. He just doesn't know it yet."

With that, Firecracker trotted into the building. A slightly bemused Slingshot lingered at the curb for a few seconds, taking in the sight of the run-down, nondescript block that the rebels were apparently using as a base before shrugging and following behind him.

The Decagon

Skydive nodded along as he heard Prowl's strategy, but didn't feel like he had anything else to add. Not wanting to seem like he wasn't suited for the job, though, he felt obliged to pipe up anyway.

"It doesn't sound like we know much about the enemy's forces or disposition. I have a few very good recon fliers in Squadron Two. If you'd like, I can sent them ahead of us to Protihex to assess the situation, then meet with our transports en route to report back."

The Aerialbots' new leader was painfully aware that he would have been leading that mission if Silverbolt hadn't had his meltdown, but tried not to dwell on that.

2011-10-23, 06:51 AM

"How the hell did that happen?" Broadside snarled, swinging his vibro-axe around, discouraging any onlookers.. "Get the frag away from here! Damn it. Prowl, we have uh, a situation in Debris."

Pyro followed Artfire, throwing himself into reverse. Part of him wanted to go into the building, see if there was any hapless Autobots that needed to be rescued... Optimus Prime would do that, radiation be damned... "There could be someone in there!" Pyro yelled, transforming into robot mode.

"No. Debris is under lock and key. Every other Wrecker is in Protihex, aside from myself and the reserves." Broadside told Pyro. "Still, whoever blew up whatever the nuke was..."

"Good thing I'm around." Windcharger said, tense, as he raised his hands, the purple swirls of energy picking up on any metal around him. Lead-iron alloys, preferably, so his magnetic powers can affect them. It was a good thing that the Autobots used alloys of almost any kind of metal available, so Windcharger pulled anything with iron in it and slammed them onto anywhere in Debris that looked exposed. Doors and everything.

Searchlight yelped as his gun was pulled along with the random objects Windcharger was funneling into Debris.

"Sorry, Searchlight."

2011-10-23, 08:56 AM
Iacon airspace

Flattop's tumbled end over end getting lower as it fell towards Iacon.

2011-10-24, 07:52 AM
Iacon Medical and Research Institute

First Aid glanced at the clock on the wall. "They should be along soon*," First Aid replied. "Don't worry, Bumblebee, it'll be all right."

(OOC:* My next post, I'm thinking :))

Secret Rebel Base

Blades silently took note of this new and unfamiliar site as he followed Firecracker and Slingshot into the nondescript building. While it was curiosity that compelled him to enter, he had no illusions of the potential danger he quite willingly put himself into.

Basement, The Decagon

(OOC: Is Optimus Prime part of this discussion??)

"Good. If the Imperial agent's body remains intact, transmit me its coordinates and I will send someone to retrieve it," Prowl told Drift. "If any information can be gleaned from it, however unlikely, we would be remiss if we did not try. Notify me if there are further developments."

The General looked to Skydive. "It would appear that--" Prowl began, but was once again cut off by another incoming transmission. "One moment -- Yes, Broadside, it has been brought to my attention. I will dispatch a unit to join you at Debris. The ISS explosive ordinance and the fire brigade have already been contacted."

Prowl disconnected and resumed his discussion with Skydive. "As I was saying -- it would appear that an Imperial operative was able to pass through Autobase security and plant a bomb. The threat has, of course, been neutralized. We have Crosshairs to thank, I am told, for narrowly avoiding a critical situation. He was reportedly the only casualty..."

Though Crosshairs worked directly under Prowl, there was no trace of distress in his voice when he announced the Targetmaster's passing to the Aerialbot.

All the same, it's timing couldn't be more perfect...

And such a beautiful sacrifice, too. Prowl would be moved if he were capable of it. But, at least, in stressful times as this, it would inspire the troops.

"His sacrifice will be duly commemorated," said the General. "All the more reason that we mobilize now. Send your scouts ahead, as you proposed. Unless it is absolutely necessary, advise them not to enter the city-state. We cannot risk them being detected."

2011-10-24, 11:59 AM
Iacon Medical and Research Institute

"I hope so." Bumblebee replied to First Aid, leaning back against the wall. "Considering what things are, I'd happy if I got off with not needing to go back to jail."

Although Bumblebee secretly wondered, what would Prowl want with him?

It's not like Prowl didn't have other people that are more talented or eager to do work for him. Sideswipe, Hound, Jazz, Trailbreaker... all of them were better than Bumblebee, were smarter. Heck, not even Sunstreaker would be brazen enough to crash a shuttle into Iacon. Well, maybe not Sunstreaker, but most of the others wouldn't break the law like that. They'd find a way, they'd...

They would have called for help. They would have called Optimus or Prowl or Ironhide or Jazz or any of the other gazillion Autobots in Iacon for help instead of braving a maniac like Bug Bite with a small squad of inexperienced, brash Autobots.

And therein lies his fault.

Pride. And the attempt to prove that he could handle such big, grand battles by himself. The Nurse was right. He was part of the Ark team. Without each other, each of them was just another Autobot.

The Decagon

Broadside nodded, though he wasn't happy with the vague non-answer Prowl gave him. "What happened- nevermind. Is Prime safe, Prowl?"


Drift glanced to Sideswipe, raising an optic brow, before replying to Prowl. "The body is here, near the Autobase. Transmitting coordinates." Drift doubted that Prowl would mind the death of Shadow Striker... this was, after all, war-

No. Stop thinking like that. Casualties and cold stuff and murders.

He was not soft, no.

He was not soft.

But he was not Deadlock either.

He will never become Deadlock, ever again.

The ex-Decepticon shut off the commlink, and blinked hard, deactivating the red LED lights in his optics. Drift then faced Sideswipe, as he tore off the Decepticon insignias on his shoulders and tossed them away at Shadow Striker's body. "What now, Sideswipe?"

(OOC: I think so, yeah. Drift reported to both of them.)

2011-10-24, 03:43 PM
Above Iacon

Flatop tumbled down his pod out of control.

nervously he spoke into the distress channel.

"This is Flatop my shuttle was damaged attacking the Warworld I mean you no harm I am not a bomb or an Imperial anything ,Help SOS, Save Our Sparks, can anyone recieve me."

2011-10-25, 02:12 PM
Near Debris

"Huh." Pyro said, receiving Flattop's distress signal. "It's a Decepticon."

"Attacking the Warworld? Brave. Stupid, but brave. Sucks to be him right about now, you know? I could relate, falling out of the sky..." Broadside sighed, and continued waving the others away from Debris.

"What do you mean, sucks to be him?" Pyro asked, optics narrowed. "You can fly up there, we can't. You have to save him."

"Why would I? That little 'Con pipsqueak would kill many more of us if this is said and done." Broadside shook his head. "I'm not complaining or anything, but heck, I've spared 'Cons before, and I regretted it."

"He was on our side!" Pyro yelled, something that stunned Broadside momentarily. Pyro stalked towards Broadside, his Optimus Prime-esque voice reverberating as he pointed a finger at Broadside's face. "He's on our side! How dare you!"

"Well, in that case, one of the Aerialbots can get him then." Broadside shrugged, unfazed by the sudden outburst.

"No. You will fly out there, and save that Decepticon." Pyro growled.

"You don't get give me orders, punk."

"No, I don't. But you are supposed to be an Autobot." Pyro pointed his fingers onto the Autobot insignia emblazoned on the larger Broadside's chest. "You are no better than the Decepticons if you let him die like that. You are no better than the little Decepticon. At least he was altruistic enough to attack the Warworld."

"Oh, bull. He was following orders."

"Ask yourself, Wrecker. Can you live with yourself in the morning?"

"Yup. Yup, I can. It's why I'm a Wrecker."

"Then you are no better than a Decepticon. Real Autobots only kill when they have to. Optimus Prime would have found a way to save that helpless 'Con, and I will too." Pyro huffed, and turned around. "Anybody here got a jetpack I could borrow?"

"Look, the guilt-trip thing won't work, kid. I just don't want to save a 'Con's life."

"I'm not trying to guilt-trip you." Pyro told Broadside. "Fate does not call you at a moment of your choosing... but it would seem that despite wearing the badge of the Autobots, you really never have a choice. You're just too cold-blooded."

Broadside's arm lashed out and gripped Pyro, lifting him up until they were face-to-face. Searchlight walked up to them in alarm, "Guys! Guys!"

Pyro met Broadside's glare with his own... and laughed. "You win this one, kid. You'd make a fine Wrecker." Broadside transformed into jet mode and shot towards the sky. "Flattop, this is the Autobot Broadside. I am inbound."

2011-10-26, 05:35 AM

Sideswipe wasn't sure exactly how to answer Drift's question. He'd only been back online for a few days. He didn't even have a place to live yet and he'd already had to rush headlong into battle, gun down an enemy and watch a friend die.

It's not like I mind the fighting, he thought wearily, but I was hoping to at least get some time off before jumping back into things.

"I guess we're done here," he said at least. "So I guess we'd better get over to the Decagon and get ready to ship out."

The radiation from the bunker steadily lessened as Windcharger did his thing, and Artfire transformed to robot mode. After Broadside flew off, he walked up to Pyro and asked, "Was that really necessary?"

Secret Rebel Base

Firecracker gestured grandly at the dump that he'd led Blades and Slingshot into.

"Isn't it lovely?" he said sarcastically. "Such atmosphere. I'm thinking of turning it into condos once the whole 'secret conspiracy' thing is over and done with."

He walked over to the back of the room, then stopped and rested his hand against a single brick. Nothing happened.

"Of course, we'll have to do something about the basement first."

After a few seconds, the brick that he was touching clicked and a section of floor (which Slingshot just happened to be standing on) slid aside. The Aerialbot jumped aside with a yelp.

"Sorry 'bout that, Goldie," Firecracker said with a big grin. "Didn't see you there."

With a wave, he told them, "Come on. The boss is waiting downstairs."

Then he led them down, into a well-furnished, clean space that was the polar opposite of the dingy warehouse that stood above it. There were a few Autobots milling about, but Firecracker led them toward one in particular -- a blue and grey flier who was sitting alone at a table in the corner.

Slingshot looked at him for a few seconds before recognition set in.

"You," he growled.

Deftwing looked him straight in the optics and smiled.


The Decagon

(OOC: Prime was listening but I don't know if he was going to say anything. Either way, we really should get the Autobots moving before we run out of Imperials to fight.)

Skydive frowned when Prowl gave him the news. "Crosshairs?" he repeated. "That's a shame. He was a good Autobot."

A good Autobot he was, but not one of the Aerialbot's close acquaintances. Because of that, it was easy for him to push the knowledge of his death aside into the same part of his brain that distantly analyzed the outcomes of ancient battles.

Raising his left arm, Skydive spoke into his built-in communicator. "Fireflight, I have a job for you. Take Sonar with you and scout the situation in Protihex. We need to know were the enemy forces are, and how many of our people are still alive. Don't enter the city unless you have to, and absolutely don't get involved in the fighting. Once you've gathered all the information you can, head back and rendezvous with the rest of the force as it's coming into the city."

"I, uh...sure, Skydive," Fireflight's confusion was obvious. "But I, uh...usually you'd be coming with me. What's up?"

"Prowl needs me here," Skydive told him, not wanting to explain Silverbolt's breakdown just yet -- assuming he ever could. "How soon can you be in the air?"

"Sixty seconds after I find the rookie," Fireflight told him.

"Good," Skydive acknowledged. "And thanks. I'll see you on the other side."

A couple minutes later, a red F-4 Phantom and a blue and white X-33 VentureStar blasted off the tarmac outside the Decagon.

"You excited?" Fireflight asked the younger pilot.

"A bit," Sonar admitted. "Actually, a lot. This is my first...well, real mission, you know? It's a great opportunity. I just don't know how to properly thank Squadron Leader Skydive for giving me this chance. It's a big deal, you know...getting picked over so many other new Aerialbots."

Fireflight adjusted his flight path, haphazardly steering away from a cargo hauler that he hadn't noticed until he was right on top of it. "Yeah," he said. "Just don't let it go to your head too much, OK? It's a dangerous job and we need to be on our toes."

"Oh, of course, Lieutenant," Sonar assured him. "You can count on me."

Fireflight resisted the urge to sigh dramatically.

Was I ever that young? he asked himself rhetorically, knowing perfectly well that the answer was yes.

2011-10-26, 05:49 AM

Flatop spun round and round

"oh wow Broadside, the Wrecker Broadside that is so... I mean like wow. I studied your carrier operations and tactics in training. I've always well , just wow... I've got my own carrier, it's a transport nothing like you obviously and there's never really been a chance to test it . By the time us micros had been created all the big naval battles were over I don't know what they were thinking. Wow like thanks."

2011-10-28, 10:54 AM

"Mmm." Drift said, as he transformed into his drift race car mode. "Back into the fray, then, Sideswipe?" Drift sighed. "One of these days this war needs to end."

"Yes, Artfire. That was... necessary. Even in the darkest hour, you must not forget who you are. We are Autobots, defenders of freedom and peace." Pyro told the former Wrecker. "Even with death all around us, if you sink to the level of the enemy, then you are no better than them. Nobody ever said making choices was easy... but you have to make the right ones."

Optimus Prime would.

Broadside sighed as Flattop spoke to him. No doubt trying to sugar-coat him so he wouldn't shoot the silly little Decepticon down.

"You know, shortie, I'm just here because we're supposed to be allies for the moment. If it was up to me I'd let the atmosphere fry you. But since you put it so nicely, well..." Broadside transformed to robot mode and scooped the pod out of the air. "Still, you're welcome."

2011-10-28, 11:38 AM
Mid air

Flatop sighed with relief

"seriously thank you, I always found it fascinating reading all about those huge naval battles in the history books. How you overcame your fear of the water to help defeat cruiser squadron 34 at the battle of Bottle bank. I mean our history books were a bit biased but Tidal Wave was a second rater compared to you. The way you towed Flightdeck back to port single handedly after he was crippled. When you sank Man o' War with your air strike , they're some of my favourite parts of Naval history. I can't believe it was you who saved me. Now you're a Wrecker despite being so old. I mean Kup was never a Wrecker."

2011-10-28, 01:00 PM

Broadside chuckled at Flattop. "Now, are you saying these things because I'm saving you? Still, all things considered... well... lemme tell you in on a little secret. I was never afraid of water. It's just that, well, I'm afraid of sinking. Used to be... but you've got to protect the civilians, you know? You Decepticons aren't exactly big on taking prisoners."

"Tidal Wave's a great enemy, all things considered... but Man O' War, well, that's one hell of an idiot." Broadside shook his head. "Kup, well... may his spark rest well."

2011-10-29, 04:54 AM

Sideswipe shook his head. "Not in our lifetimes," he told Drift as he transformed and drove off. "It's not a war anymore, not really. It's a way of life. It's all any of us know how to do. Face it -- as long as old warhorses like us are around, we're going to be fighting. The only question is, against who?"

Artfire groaned as Pyro missed the point the way Aimless would miss the broad side of Omega Supreme.

"We're not a band of scruffy rebels anymore," he clarified to the other Autobot. "We have actual emergency services crews. I should know -- I was one of them. You didn't need to bully a fellow Autobot into saving Flattop when there's a perfectly good Iacon Air Guard who we pay to do exactly that."

2011-10-29, 07:57 AM

"I'd be stupid not to keep on your good side but I have always admired you. Carrier operations is a specialised field and one with increasingly fewer practitioners. I've always admired you. Have you ever considered having a hover conversion to your carrier mode. There were some experiments carried out bu our R&D people as Naval warfare died out. But when tidal wave was gone they kinda died out."

2011-10-29, 10:50 AM
Mustering Area, Decagon

Only a few hours ago, the number of troops that assembled in the courtyard ranged in the hundreds -- Now, they numbered in the thousands.

It was a sight rarely, if ever, seen among the Autobot forces. And a frightful one at that.

Wide rectangular formations began to crop up throughout the mustering area, each spaced neatly from one another, organized according to division and experience.

A wide aisle cut through the crowd leading to a podium, strategically placed in front of the entrance into the fortress where all eyes were now fixed -- and waiting.

Basement, Decagon

(OOC: @ Warcry - Oh, I agree. I've been wanting for them to head out for awhile, but this has been a fun little diversion. I'd be nice if Optimus would speak up, though :))

"Thank you, Skydive," Prowl said. "Hopefully we will be able to formulate a far more effective approach..." Prowl abruptly stopped to randomly signal to a nearby officer milling about. "You -- Prepare the cargo lift for the Omega units and Galaxy Shuttle." And just as abruptly as he paused, Prowl then continued. "We have used up most of our allotted time. If there is nothing else you wish to add, Commander Sky Dive, then assemble your men. I will instruct Sky Lynx and his squadron to meet with you."

(OOC: Just so it's clear, Sky Lynx would rank slightly under Sky Dive.)

"Shall we head topside?" Prowl looked expectantly to Optimus Prime.


The ISS, accompanied by the fire brigade and the Guard City Unit, soon arrived at the smoking remains of the Wrecker's now-former base of operations. Several Autobots were, of course, already present.

Hot Spot clapped his hands. "Alright people, let's get this area cordoned off -- Safety; crowd control, please. Fire Chief; you and the fire brigade start setting up the decontamination equipment. And someone get me a radiation read-out*, pronto!"

(OOC: * That could be a cue for Artfire to speak up :))

"On it, Spots." Safety turned toward the onlookers gathering near the explosion site and proceeded to make shoving gestures at them. "Okay, folks, show's over. You know it ain't safe here."


Having received Flattop's distress signal, four fighter jets soon intercepted him and Broadside.

"Iacon Air Guard* Control Tower to pilot of Decepticon vessel. You have entered restricted airspace. You will be escorted to a landing site. Do not deviate from the flight path."

(OOC: * Thanks, Warcry. Was trying to figure out what to name 'em.)

Iacon Medical and Research Institute

First Aid and Bumblebee passed the next few minutes with small talk when the doctor's receptionist contacted him.

"Yes?" First Aid answered the call. "...Mm-hm...Of course, I'll let him know, thank you."

He closed out his com-link and looked to Bumblebee. "They're here and are on their way up."


A few moments later, there was a knock at the recovery room's door.

"Come in!" First Aid called out.

The door slid open and two mechs stepped inside. While both were similar in stature, one was slightly heftier in build than the other and fashioned in orange and black plating. His smaller associate, meanwhile, was armored in orange and red, and most notably sported a yellow visor.

Their eyes immediately fell on Bumblebee.

"Looks like we're in the right room. Bumblebee, I presume?" the orange and black mechanoid said. "I'm Road Ranger and this here is Smallfoot." He jutted his thumb back to his partner.

"Nice to meetcha." She smiled. "We're here to escort you to the Decagon. You ready to go?"

Secret Rebel Base

Blades quietly chuckled when Firecracker nonchalantly revealed the path to the underground facility.

"Ah ha, there we go. Was waiting for that. It may as well have been a rotating bookcase," he thought.

Blades followed him and Slingshot down into the sterile and well-furnished basement.

As he trailed behind, the former-Protectobot took in his surroundings. "Eh, not too shabby." He nodded approvingly. "Sure, it ain't a fancy high-rise boardroom on top of a skyscraper or a lavishly decorated penthouse above a night club, it's still a pretty spiffy secret base o' operations."

Firecracker soon led them to a table where the lone Deftwing sat.

Blades tilted his head as he studiously regarded the blue and grey Autobot. Deftwing looked familiar, Blades supposed -- at least, he thought Deftwing looked familiar. Maybe...

It didn't matter, at any rate. He was clearly more interested in Slingshot.

Instead of speaking up and announcing his presence, Blades said nothing. He was no longer in his element, after all. Better to look and listen, first, he weighed over.

2011-10-30, 12:16 PM

Drift didn't say anything, as he followed Sideswipe as they drove towards the Decagon.

You're wrong, Drift wanted to tell Sideswipe, but he kept his mouth shut. After Crosshairs' death it did not seem... appropriate to speak out of turn.

They entered the Decagon, and Drift transformed into robot mode, nodding, impressed. "There must be a thousand Autobots here... we're pulling all the stops on this one, aren't we?"

Pyro shook his head as Artfire missed his point.

"It wasn't the fact that the Decepticon was not being saved. Far from it. There are lots of fliers, but the point was that Broadside was willing to let the Decepticon fall down to the ground without the slightest hint of even wanting to help. It is that mindset that have plagued the Autobots. We cannot lose sight of who we are."

Searchlight raised his hand meekly at Hot Spot's suggestion. "I can get a radiation read-out..." The Throttlebot transformed into his vehicle mode and used the scanners inside his front lights to scan the radiation. "About, oh, five astro-rads, yeah."

Windcharger turned to face Hot Spot. "Spots, do I keep lobbing metal around Debris, or do I stop now?"

Broadside chuckled. "Good thing about that, then, Flattop. I disliked swimming. Gets rust up unmentionable parts... I tried attaching hover extensions, but- eh?"

The Iacon Air Guard hailed them just then, and Broadside answered. "This is Broadside. The vessel is unable to fly and I am assisting it. Which landing site do I drop him?"

Iacon Medical and Research Institute

Bumblebee smiled at First Aid, who had been a rather accommodating host and conversationalist. He appraised Road Ranger and Small Foot, noting their resemblance to Gears and Huffer but did not say anything.

"Yeah, I'm Bumblebee." the yellow Autobot rapped his chest, somewhat happy to meet someone who doesn't immediately recognize him as an Ark crew member. "In case you missed all the news about my capture and stuff." he added bitterly... then remembered he had a new body, and mentally kicked himself. "Yeah, I'm Bumblebee. Nice to meet you guys... the sooner we get this over with, the better."

2011-10-30, 07:24 PM
Mid air

Flattop nodded unaware that Broadside would be unable to see him.

"I don't suppose I could go along with you when you go to attack the Imperials, I mean I was knocked out of the fight just as we were getting started. Maybe..."

Flattop's voice filled with eagerness.

"Maybe I could you know be your wingman I mean as long as we're working together."

2011-10-31, 05:03 PM
Basement, Decagon:

Prime had watched all of it.

He'd seen a lot over the years. They'd all been through a lot. But they'd never sunk to this. Never in their darkest hours, the most lost days......

What had happened to the Autobots, to HIS Autobots......

All that was outwardly apparent of the inner turmoil roiling through his mind was a slight narrowing of his optics.

"Before we go up, Prowl, I'd like a word. In private."

2011-11-02, 05:11 AM
Basement, Decagon

"As you wish," Prowl answered Optimus Prime.

He was about to send Skydive away when the Iacon Air Guard contacted him. "Hm? Forgive me, Optimus, this will only take a moment."

Prowl turned away and took the call. "Yes?"

"Sir, we just intercepted a Decepticon vessel entering Iaconian airspace," an IAG operator said. "Designation: 'Flattop'. Claims to have survived an encounter with the Warworld. His vessel is damaged and he is seeking asylum. Your orders?"

"Fortuitous timing," Prowl mused out loud.


"Nevermind. Escort him to the Autobase Spaceport. I will have someone by to meet with him shortly."

The General closed out his com-link. "Skydive," he looked to the Aerialbot Commander. "It would appear that we now have another visitor -- one that could potentially be of strategic significance. A Decepticon vessel has just entered Iaconian airspace seeking asylum. The pilot goes by the designation of 'Flattop', who purportedly encountered the Warworld. He is being escorted to the Autobase Spaceport as we speak. If you would, Commander, rendezvous with this Flattop when he arrives*. He may have information that could prove advantageous. I would see to this personally, but there is a matter I must attend to before we head out." He flashed a look to the Autobot Leader standing nearby. "Keep me informed -- Now, if you will please excuse me..."

(OCC: * Or send an available Aerialbot if you have other plans for Skydive. Air Raid maybe? Pretty, pretty please? It'll help get things moving if Prowl isn't having to multitask. He can't help that he's so popular.)

Prowl moved away from the Aerialbot and rejoined Optimus Prime. "Again, my apologies. This past solar cycle has been...eventful, to put it lightly."

The chief strategist glanced around the vast underground facility for a more private place to discuss. "Will this do?" He extended his hand out toward a less-occupied corner of the basement.

"What is that you wish to speak to me of?"


"Standby." The IAG operator answered Broadside, then quickly placed him on hold while he went of to explain the situation to Prowl.

...This exchange was surprisingly brief.

"Iacon Air Guard Watchtower to Broadside -- You will follow the escort to the Autobase Spaceport. A runway has been cleared for landing. Do not deviate from the flight path."


"No, keep at it," Hot Spot told Windcharger. "We won't be able clear much rubble away until we've cooled it down a little bit more than the figures Searchlight just gave to me."

Iacon Medical and Research Institute

"Well, all right then, let's getta move on!" Small Foot motioned Bumblebee to follow her out of the recovery room.

Road Ranger, following procedure, trailed from behind.

"Take care, Bumblebee," First Aid called to the three Autobots as they exited the room.


After taking a lift down to the ground floor, Smallfoot led Bumblebee through the lobby and out the main entrance. They made their way down a small ramp to the driveway below.

Small Foot transformed into an orange and red pickup truck when they reached the bottom, where she sat idle while revving her engine. "You be sure to stay close, you hear?" she told him. "Road Ranger will be behind us."

The Autobot then pulled out and slowly made her way down the hospital driveway to the intersecting street. Road Ranger, naturally, stood by and waited for Bumblebee to do the same before following.

2011-11-02, 05:53 AM

Artfire looked over at Hot Spot, nodding to acknowledge his former ISS comrade-in-arms.

"Things are under control," he told him, "thanks to Windcharger's timely assistance. I wouldn't recommend anyone go into the ruin without protective shielding, though, and in the long run we'll need a HAZMAT team to scrub the site."

Then he turned back to Pyro.

"No," he said. "You sound a lot like Optimus Prime, but you don't understand what you're saying the way he does. Part of what we're fighting for is the freedom to be yourself, to make your own choices. Broadside chose to leave the Decepticon for the proper authorities to handle. He had every right to do that and you should have respected his decision."

Secret Rebel Base

Firecracker hung back, for once keeping out of things as Slingshot talked with Deftwing. Instead, he restricted himself to answering Blades. "Well," he told him, "as nice as Maggy's place is you couldn't run a setup like ours out of it for long. Too many people would start asking questions."

"So, what, this was all a big setup?" Slingshot asked. "You get me arrested on trumped-up charges and threaten me with jail time so that I'll go along with whatever crazy scheme you're cooking up?"

Deftwing sighed. "No, Slingshot. You gunned down an innocent civilian in cold blood. You got yourself into this mess. I'm just offering you a way out of it -- a way that will help me achieve my own goals, yes, but I don't think you'll..."

He trailed off as he saw Blades among them. Looking at the ex-Protectobot as if noticing him for the first time, he said, "Do I know you?"

The Decagon

Sideswipe joined Drift in robot mode, and he shook his head. "More than a thousand," he told him. "A lot more. If I had to make a guess, I'd say the entire army is here. Or at least, all of it that we could get on such short notice."

Skydive's eyes widened as the magnitude of the promotion Prowl had given him sunk in. A part of him wanted to object, wanted to point out that there were other, better candidates for Wing Commander out there. But he didn't, because the cold, rational part of his mind knew that it wasn't true.

"I'll make sure Flattop is taken care of," he told Prowl, all business in spite of his inner turmoil. There was no point burdening the senior officer with any other worries than the ones that must already be weighing on his mind. Then he gave the senior Autobot a nod of acknowledgement and turned to walk away, speaking into his comlink as he did. "Air Raid, assemble the rest of the Aerialbots as a group. Sky Lynx and his men should be joining you too. I'll be joining you shortly, but I need to make a stop at the spaceport first."

Air Raid acknowledged, but by then Skydive's mind was busy trying to figure out how he was going to deal with their new Decepticon visitor.

Transforming, he flew off toward the spaceport.

2011-11-02, 02:22 PM
Out of the way corner, Basement, Decagon:

Prime stood, staring at Prowl. Old friend. Trusted advisor.

Now so cold and indifferent.

"What is winning this war worth? What are we, should we, be willing to sacrifice to defeat the Imperials? Or even just the Decepticons?"

2011-11-03, 09:26 AM

Broadside shrugged his massive shoulders at Flattop's words. "Not for me to decide. As much as I would like to have another ally as we're sent to Primus-knows-where, what happens to you is not my call. You won't be harmed, of course. I think. But politically I have no idea what my superiors would do with you."

The IAG operator replied to him just then. "We're about to find out, I suppose... Broadside to the Watchtower. Acknowledged."

Broadside adjusted his flight, the jet engines on his feet and back moving with his body as he moved towards the spaceport, landing in a crouch as his feet screeched to a stop on the runway.


Searchlight hopped back into robot mode and nodded, optics taking in the view of Debris. "This is a whole mess..."

Windcharger nodded at Hot Spot. "If you say so." The Minibot continued to lob more metals, anything containing iron, really, onto the Debris. Pretty soon the bunker looked like a chunk of the planet of Junk, something that the Junkions would've built. And Windcharger kept lobbing in more objects into the mix. "The Wreckers are going to be pretty pissed about this."

Pyro looked at Artfire in the optics defiantly.


The value Optimus Prime held in such high regard.

Was Artfire right? Did telling Broadside to rescue the helpless Decepticon a violation of the Wrecker's freedom? But what about helping others in need, helping those who can't defend themselves? What about showing mercy to your enemies?

Pyro wanted to argue. Wanted to say how wrong Artfire was...

But he couldn't say a word.

Optimus Prime would've considered what Artfire had said, and it's what Pyro did now. Mulling over the words.

The Decagon

Drift let out a low whistle. "I do feel underwhelmed, Sideswipe."

Iacon Medical and Research Institute

"And you yourself, doc." Bumblebee told First Aid as he followed Small Foot. He tried not to think about what Prowl had in store for him as he followed Small Foot out of the IMR, and transformed into his refurbished vehicle mode when Small Foot did so.

-The doc's outdone himself again-, Bumblebee thought. -The alternate mode isn't my old Volkswagen Bug, it's a much faster model, but the transformation still feels identical and right as my old body.-

"Yeah." Bumblebee told Small Foot. "I got you."

With no intention to escape whatsoever (what good would that be at this juncture, anyway?) Bumblebee trailed behind Small Foot.

2011-11-05, 06:16 AM
Basement, The Decagon

Prowl stared blankly back at Optimus Prime. "I...I am uncertain how to answer that question. All of the technology and weaponry that we managed to cultivate over the last two stellar cycles -- and even all those that amass here today, though assemble at my command, has always had your approval first. You are...dissatisfied?"

En route, Leaving IMR

When Bumblebee departed with Small Foot, Road Ranger transformed - his vehicle mode being a black semi - and followed, keeping a 4-car distance between himself and the yellow Autobot.

"Sorry if it seems like we're taking too many measures with you," Small Foot commed Bumblebee. "Just following procedure. And, well...you are Bumblebee, after all."

"Thanks for being a good sport, though," Road Ranger added.


"Thought as much. Fire Chief and company are already setting up the decontamination equipment," Hot Spot answered Artfire. "But, yeah, there's not a whole lot we can do right now, expect cordoning the area off until things have cooled down a bit."

Spaceport, Autobase

When The Iacon Air Guard escort arrived above the Spaceport, they guided Flattop's vessel down to a runway that had been cleared for them beforehand.

(OOC: That can be Skydive's cue.)

Secret Rebel Base

Blades shrugged. "I dunno, do you?" he curtly answered Deftwing.

"I'm Blades. Magnificus recommended this gig to me, what with me being an ex-ISS officer -- among other things. How do ya think I helped get Slingshot here out of the holding cells."

2011-11-05, 11:34 PM
En route, Leaving IMR

"No worries." Bumblebee replied to Small Foot and Road Ranger. "I figure, I'm already lucky to be given a second chance like this, after the whole mess I've made out of Protihex and Bug Bite and everything... I don't suppose any of you guys could tell me what Prowl wants with me...?"

Yeah, Bumblebee would probably find out what Prowl wanted with him in due time, but that doesn't mean he can't be curious.

Spaceport, Autobase

With Flattop's vessel in hand, Broadside turned to ask one of the Iacon Air Guards with him. "So who am I supposed to hand this fella to again?"

2011-11-06, 12:06 AM

Flattop interruoted

"you could just put me down rather than using me to play pass the parcel."

2011-11-06, 12:58 AM
Spaceport, Autobase

"Don't. Run." Broadside told Flattop as he set the Micromaster's shuttle down on the ground, then pulled out his gun. Just in case.

2011-11-06, 02:09 AM

Artfire smiled a little bit and clapped Pyro on the shoulder.

"Don't worry," he told him. "It's not meant to be an easy answer. No one ever said being a hero was easy, after all. If we wanted easy, we'd be dressed in black and wearing purple badges."

He smiled a bit more.

"Now, why don't we head back to the Decagon and rejoin our comrades? The emergency responders have things well in hand."

He nodded to Hot Spot and said, "Thanks for getting here so quickly."

Secret Rebel Base

Deftwing frowned slightly. "Blades...Blades." Then he snapped his fingers. "Right, Blades. I do remember you -- how could I forget, with all the police brutality cases I had to sweep under the rug when you were on the case?"

He straightened up and said, "I'm Deftwing. I would have just been a prosecutor, but I'm the Autobots' JAG now." He chuckled. "Oh, and the leader of a secret conspiracy to drive every single person who wears the Decepticon badge out of Iacon for good, but I'm sure you guessed that. I appreciate your help just now, but tell me...does cleansing our great city sound like a job you're interested in?"

He looked over at Slingshot. "Or you?"

Slingshot grinned. "If you had to ask I wouldn't be here. Of course I'm in!"

The Decagon

Sideswipe chuckled. "That's an interesting choice of words, Drift. This many Autobots, I'd be more likely to feel overwhelmed. I'm used to there just being a couple dozen of us on the Ark."


Skydive streaked overhead, still moving at above the speed of sound when he entered the port's airspace. But with a deft application of reversed thrust, he touched down squarely in front of Broadside.

"Hey," he said to the Wrecker. "You've got someone for me to talk to?"

He looked down at Flattop's mangled vessel.

"That's him, I'd wager."

2011-11-06, 10:34 AM

Flattop struggled with the hatch.

"It seems to be stuck, hold on I'm gonna try something and well It might or might not work but here goes. Don't be alarmed, please don't shoot me or anything. It is definitely not running or evening walking fast or anything. I don't want to go down in history as the Decepticon who ssurvived attacking the Warworld to be shot to death trying to get out of his shuttle. Of course even getting out of the shuttle might kill me."

The shuttle transformed into it's part of base mode which without the other half was a well armed tangle of metal canted over to one side..

Flattop meanwhile was catapulted out of the shuttle. He shot through the air awkwardly before doing a somesault and the hovering using his ankle jets.

He looked up and then up some more and then up further.

"Hi Broadside. They say your heroes always look smaller in real life, guess when you're a micromaster that's not always the case."

Lady Quickswitch
2011-11-06, 05:14 PM
(OOC: Continued from the Protihex thread.)

Skies. Iacon-bound

Quickswitch flew in the direction of Iacon. The familiar landscape below offered some renewed comfort to the sixchanger. Or would have, were it not for the unexpected 'passenger' clinging to-of all things--the hilt of the sword that stuck him.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Quickswitch called out to Arcee, "Get off!"

Nevermind that he was climbing miles in the air.

2011-11-07, 09:48 AM

Pyro nodded at Artfire, returning the smile with a grateful look. "You are wise, friend... yes, indeed... we are needed elsewhere."

What would Optimus Prime do, now...

Pyro nodded at Hot Spot as he followed Artfire away. Searchlight, after exchanging a look at the still-working Windcharger, tottered off after Artfire and Pyro.

"Um, I know I sound a bit silly, but, I don't think we've met..." Searchlight spoke up.

"I'm Pyro." Pyro said, tapping his chest. "You're Searchlight, right?"

The Decagon

Drift chuckled. "I mean, I'm underwhelmed what we hoped to accomplish, just the four of us, when there was a massive army like this at the beck and call of the Autobots... doesn't really matter now that the job is done, really, but still..."


"Decepticon Micromaster, name's Flattop." Broadside told Skydive. "He's just got shot down by the Warworld. He's a friendly, Skydive, so, uh... don't court-martial him or anything, not until we deal with the Imperial problem, anyway."

Broadside shook his head and looked down as Flattop extricated himself from the shuttle. "You know, you could've asked and I could've torn the thing into two for you, kid."


"I'm trying not to fall to my death!" Arcee yelled at Quick Switch. "Why the hell are we going back to Iacon? Thunderwing is in Protihex!"


Quick's acting like a confused little child. Arcee... understood, somewhat, considering that she had been very unsure about things until very recently. "Optimus Prime! Optimus Prime!" Arcee yelled into her commlink, hoping that someone would patch her in. "Quick Switch is here to see you, it's very, very urgent!"

Now, how would she get the message across that Quick Switch has gone nuts without the hexchanger hearing...

2011-11-08, 06:08 AM

Artfire transformed, rolling back toward the Decagon in fire engine mode and keeping a wary eye (well, rear-view mirror) on Pyro the whole time.

The Decagon

Sideswipe shrugged and said to Drift. "Sometimes an entire army can't do as much as one mech in the right place at the right time. If not for Crosshairs, this massive army would be nothing but a radioactive smear on the landscape."


Skydive shook his head. "As happy as it would make Deftwing if we could, I can't actually court-martial a foreign national, Broadside. He's not a part of the Autobot military, after all. Arresting him and holding him as an enemy combatant, that I could do." He smiled down at Flattop. "Not that I'm likely to do that to someone who's got useful information to share. You say you were fighting the Warworld? Were you with Gigatron's troops, or Megatron's?"

2011-11-08, 07:09 AM

Flatop looked up at Skydive

"I serve with Gigatron."

2011-11-08, 11:35 AM
En Route back to the Decagon

Pyro moved silently towards the Decagon, following Artfire. Searchlight, knowing that he had seen Pyro in Altihex, observed the Optimusesque robot as they made their way back to the Decagon.

The Decagon

"Hmm, you're right." Drift replied to Sideswipe, nodding solemnly. "May Crosshairs rest in peace..."


Broadside raised part of his optic ridge when Skydive mentioned Deftwing. "Who?" then, Broadside decided he didn't really care, and decided to listen to Skydive as he interrogated Flattop.

Oh, it was civil, but an interrogation nevertheless.

2011-11-08, 04:34 PM
Basement, The Decagon:

Prime gave a weary sigh. "The problem, old friend," he said to Prowl, "is something that we've all lost sight of. We should never EVER view our forces as 'acceptable losses'. As soon as we start thinking like that, it's just a short slide to deciding that whatever we want to do is acceptable." In his frustration, in his anger, he grew more animated. "We walk a fine line all the time, Prowl. A very fine line. As soon as we start thinking like the Cybertronian Empire. Do you think the Liege Maximo or Thunderwing care about their army? No. All they see is fodder to fuel their Empire. If we lose sight of that, if we lose our ability to empathize, to think of our troops as well..... we start the slow slippery slide to becoming like them."

2011-11-09, 06:45 AM

"OPTIMUS PRIME!" Arcee yelled over the commlink. "You need to talk to Quick Switch, he's lost it!"

2011-11-10, 04:08 AM
(OOC: Mmm, do we actually have the room/time to stop and address this Arcee/Quickswitch plotline on top of everything else? )

Basement, The Decagon

"Though 'acceptable losses', as you put it, is an inevitability of war," Prowl told Optimus Prime. "Speaking as one who is quite aware of our regrettably limited resources, I can assure you that I do not - contrary to commonly held belief - consider my troops as expendable. But, with all due respect, Optimus, we cannot rely solely on the usual Autobot resolve this time if we intend to survive this. What would you have us - or rather, what would you have me do then?"

En route

"He didn't really say," Small Foot told Bumblebee. "All we were told was to pick you up..."

"And to treat you with the 'utmost respect', regardless of 'past transgressions'," Road Ranger jumped in.

"Yeah, those were pretty much the words Prowl used, weren't they?" said Small Foot. "Hey, whatever. Who am I to question it?"

Secret Rebel Base

Blades feigned disappointment. "Oh...is that all? So nothing sinister or anything like that?" he asked Deftwing.

"That's good. Both Crackers and Maggy hinted at some kinda anti-Con organization. Was kinda sorta doing something like that already, just, you know...on a much smaller scale. But, yeah, that sounds like a great job opportunity, so I guess I'm in too.

Anyone in particular you've been targeting?"

2011-11-10, 06:05 AM
The Decagon

Sideswipe nodded his head. "Damn right," he told Drift. Then he looked around. "You see anyone here that you recognize?"

Artfire rolled up, transforming to robot mode and rejoining the crowd of Autobot troops.


"Mmmhmm," Skydive nodded, all business. He noticed the attention Broadside was paying, of course, but pretended not to. "And what can you tell me about the situation in orbit?" he asked Flattop. "We're sending ships up there to join the battle, and any information you can give us would help."

Secret Rebel Base

Deftwing shrugged. "We intend to kill everyone who wears the Decepticon badge and won't leave the city, eventually. But first we need to send a message by taking down someone who'll get noticed. Someone with a high profile, someone who will be missed by the 'Cons and the traitors who accept them with open arms."

The lawyer rose from his seat and grabbed an expensive decanter of energon. He poured four glasses, handing one each to Blades, Firecracker and Slingshot before partaking of his own.

"At first we had our sights set on your employer," he admitted. "Or employers, I should say. But Banzaitron ran afoul of the Wreckers before we could get our hands on him, and Magnificus is more useful as an ally than a corpse. That leaves one choice."

He switched on a nearby viewscreen, which was tuned to a 24-hour news station. On the screen they could see a blaze-orange condor cassette giving a speech to a crowd of his supporters.

"Meet Sundor. According to the latest opinion polls, his party is running neck-in-neck with your old friend Hot Rod's in the election that's going to happen next week. Sadly for him and luckily for every true Autobot, he won't live to see it."

2011-11-10, 07:16 AM
(OOC: Make it quick, I guess? Prowl still has Bumblebee to deal with, Prime can deal with Quick in the meantime... or we could do it en route... :glance:)

2011-11-10, 07:21 AM

Flattop nodded.

"I monitored the situation as I came down."

He looked up at Skydive

"My mission with Skystalker was to take the Warhammer and attempt to penetrate the Warworlds shielding. We were sucessful and the ram was embedded in the Warworlds hull. What I'm not sure is if the explosives the Warhammer was packed with have detonated yet. We hoped the Imperials would think our tactic was simply to ram them. (think the St Nazaire raid)

He paused for thought.

"As I came down I saw the Decepticons in Polyhex fire some kind of powerful weapon at the Warworld which impacted several times. Also from the comes chatter i'm picking up Skorponok has somehow boarded the Warworld.

2011-11-10, 07:35 AM

Skydive nodded. "That's good news, Flattop, and much more information than we had before," he told the Micromaster. "If you're agreeable, I would like to send you up with one of our starships to help coordinate our attack with your Decepticon comrades." He took a second to consult his vague memories of who made up the Autobot Starfleet, then said, "I believe we've got a Micromaster crew you could join, actually. Have you ever heard of the Astro Squad?"

2011-11-10, 07:42 AM

Flattop nodded

"rings a vague bell, an astronomer and some kind of space cadet and like a control freak. I mean thats probably just our propaganda right. They're probably completely different."

2011-11-10, 09:33 AM
En route

"Nnn..." Bumblebee muttered at Small Foot and Road Ranger's words. "Past transgressions indeed. I'm just curious what Prowl wants to do with me and my past transgressions..."

Let's just hope, for once, it would be something relatively simple. Just stay out of view or something. No Decepticon breakouts, no mad scientists... just a simple order he could follow. Surely he deserved a break after all he's been through?

Yeah, right.

The Decagon

"Nightbeat. Tracks." Drift said, pointing at the two Autobots when Sideswipe asked him if there was anyone he recognized. "Is that Optimus P- no. Not him. That ISS Inferno lookalike. A Throttlebot, the white one is... Searchlight, no?"

Searchlight, meanwhile, spotted Sideswipe (if not Drift), and gave the red Autobot a wave.


Broadside nodded thoughtfully. He hated to admit it, but these Decepticons were good at what they did. Which was destroying things.

A weapon in Darkmount, two separate boarding parties... the Wreckers would've probably done the same.

He decided listening in would be beneficial, first-person reports are always more reliable than receiving the information second-hand in the middle of a battlefield.

Lady Quickswitch
2011-11-10, 05:52 PM
(OOC: @Zigzagger, I should have sent Quick to Iacon last week. This is very bad timing on my part.)

Skies, enroute to Iacon

Quick responded to Arcee's panicked attempts to reach Iacon, "Optimus will grant an audience when Optimus is ready." There was no questioning the tone in the sixchanger's vocorder.

He marked the horizon and flipped over.

"I can't have you falling to your death like this...Hang on...This will all be settled once we reach Iacon,"

Quick Switch was ridden with doubt as he neared Iacon airspace.

I hope...

2011-11-11, 02:20 PM

Arcee let out a growl from the back of her throat as the hexchanger flipped over, letting her have a stable foothold on top of the jet. "Now you talk sense, Quick Switch. Can we talk like civilized beings now?"

Not waiting for Quick Switch's reply, Arcee said, "Attacking Ultra Magnus like that, that's a mighty big offence in and of itself. But what did you hope to accomplish by flying to Iacon? Except denying the Autobot-Decepticon alliance a powerful warrior that could've made a difference fighting Thunderwing?"

Lady Quickswitch
2011-11-11, 03:38 PM

The sixchanger was stung by Arcee's words, and they were--or would have been--truth. He had just committed a terrible offense to his badge. Cutting shame, deep embarrassment and bitter loathing flared within him.

I won't answer! If this is a complex ruse of some design, the less spoken the better.

Quick remained defiantly silent and pressed grimly forward.

2011-11-13, 07:11 AM
The Decagon

Sideswipe returned Searchlight's wave. "Yep, Searchlight. And Albino Inferno over there is called Artfire."

He looked around the room himself, but quickly gave up and cast his optics down toward the ground. A pang of regret stabbed at him as he thought, Sunstreaker should be here. It's not right that he left.


Skydive chuckled. "No," he admitted to Flattop. "That's a pretty accurate description of them."

The Aerialbot commander made a few notes on his datapad, then looked back down to the Micromaster.

"Is there anything else you think we need to know before we send troops to reinforce your lines?"

He put a slight emphasis on that last bit, to make sure that Flattop remembered that the Autobots were allies coming to his friends' rescue and not rivals or enemies.

2011-11-13, 10:03 AM

Flattop considered

"Lets think Skystalker's still up there somewhere. Hmm nah it wouldn't work. What if I could put you into contact with some of our forces up there give you live intelligence. If I can open a com link I can relay what they tell me."

2011-11-14, 12:13 PM

Arcee, unaware that Quick Switch had actually understood her and still working on the assumption that the hexchanger is still... crazy, added, "You tell me, Quick Switch. What do you hope to accomplish by coming to Iacon? Don't you think Optimus Prime knows about the Protihex situation? For all we know he's mobilizing the entire... Autobot... army..."

Arcee watched as, indeed, in the distance, the entire Autobot army was present.

The Decagon

Drift nodded and gave Searchlight a slight wave. "Artfire." Drift said, raising an optic at the... unconventional name, but otherwise saying nothing.

Searchlight sauntered over. "Hey, Sideswipe. You must be the defec- oh, I'm so sorry. You must be Drift, right?"

Drift nodded, smiling slightly. "Yes, I'm Drift, former Decepticon."

"Yeah, sorry about that. Because, uh, you know..."

"Don't be, Searchlight. I'm a former Decepticon. It's fact, and I can't go around denying it." Drift glanced at Sideswipe, and noted the glum, downcast look on Sideswipe's face. Drift placed a hand on Sideswipe's shoulder, understanding what had happened to his newfound friend's brother. "It's not your fault, Sideswipe."

Searchlight wanted to say something to console Sideswipe as well, but all he could manage was a nod and a "True."

Windcharger looked at Hot Spot, gesturing at the metal-covered Debris. "Is that okay? Will that do it?"


Broadside looked at Skydive, "Not interruptin' or anything, Skydive. But I think we could get that Deadlock feller to work with these 'Cons. Make conversations much easier."

Broadside nodded at Flattop's words. "Live intelligence would be good, Flattop... but if it's all the same, frankly speaking we should relay it through a different Decepticon than Skystalker. I think Carnivac told me he's like a miniature Starscream."

2011-11-14, 12:35 PM

Flattop nodded.

"oh he's worse much worse. I'm sure I can get hold of someone else up there."

2011-11-15, 02:54 PM

"You can get worse than Starscream?" Broadside asked with a little hint of amusement in his voice. "I think I need to see this little midget with my own eyes."

2011-11-16, 06:23 AM
The Decagon

Sideswipe bristled at Drift's attempted consolation. "I don't know what you're talking about," he said sharply. "And neither do you."


Skydive considered what Flattop had to say. "It's a good idea," he told him, "but we've been picking up a lot of static since the Imperials showed up. We'd need to use the comms systems back at Autobase to have a chance at reaching your ships. Would you come back with me?"

He looked over at Broadside and shook his head emphatically. "No. The last thing we need to do in a situation like this is throw their defectors back in their faces. Drift and Dirge should be kept as far away from the official lines of communication as we can manage."

2011-11-16, 07:54 AM
The Decagon

"If you say so then." Drift said, shrugging and looking away from Sideswipe, leaving the seemingly angry Autobot alone. He was not the type to console others, and anyway Sideswipe will have to find his own path, to get out of the sinkhole he's placed himself in because of the loss of his brother.

Searchlight, no idea what to say or do, wisely kept his mouth shut.


Broadside shrugged. "You're the boss, Skydive. Just saying, is all." The Wrecker shuffled slightly. "You know, Skydive, could you ask Silverbolt if they needed me anywhere? I'm technically part of the air force- the air force and the navy, but that's hardly important at the moment- and, well, I want to know whether Silverbolt wants me in Protihex or in the Warworld. I can't seem to reach him."

2011-11-16, 08:21 AM

Flattop nodded.

"Anything to help."

He looked towards Broadside

"I'm sure they've lined up some kind of special mission for a great warrior like yourself."

Lady Quickswitch
2011-11-16, 09:55 AM

Iacon came into view as an expanse of sprawling metal and towers looming over the peace of a starry, dark landscape. The Army was a welcome sight, and indeed, Quickswitch's mood was buoyed by the sheer size and formation.

I'm doing what Ultra Magnus couldn't....even if it means bringing Prime there myself.
I just wish it was under different circumstances, I--

Other emotions churned at the edges of his mind, such incredulous rage and deep, bitter--

"Are you callin' me a coward?" He snapped at Arcee and thereby ended his silence toward her. "If you want to persist at blind faith in a leader who deceived us with craft and lies, then you can have it!" he spat out. He then radioed Iacon, "This is Autobot Quick Switch entering Iacon airspace. Requesting permission to land."

2011-11-16, 02:42 PM

A leader who deceived us with craft and lies...

Blind faith...

To hear these words coming out of any Autobot she knew would've stunned Arcee. To hear them coming out of Quick Switch, who is the loyal to Optimus Prime to a fault, bordering- nay, deeply rooted in- fanaticism...

The only words that Arcee managed to spit out after an awkward moment of silence is a barely comprehensible "What?"

Oh, this is not going to end well...

The Decagon

Broadside shrugged. "They could have me doing, oh, I dunno, evacuation duties and I'd be happy. Scratch that. I'll be complaining so loud Unicron might return back to life, but I'll do it anyway. So long as I'm doing something instead of standing around."

2011-11-17, 04:59 AM
Secret Rebel Base

Blades observed the broadcast of Sundor's speech for a moment, vaguely interested in what the so-called former-Decepticon had to say.

"Mmm, Sundor...Yeah, I've heard of the buzzard. Alliance for Peace, right? Magnificus mentioned him a few times.*"

He looked away from the monitor and back to Deftwing. "That's a pretty high profile target you got there -- So how're you planning on doing this? This ain't no simple hit operation. And it'll be hard making something like this NOT go public.

Blades made a dismissive noise. "I mean, we're not wanting Sundor being made into some kinda martyr, right?"

(OOC: * (http://tfarchive.com/community/showpost.php?p=697079&postcount=656)Thought Maggy was originally going to be involved in this. (http://tfarchive.com/community/showpost.php?p=697079&postcount=656) Change of plans or is that still happening? Won't object either way. Do whatever works for you and I'll play along.)

The Decagon

Small Foot soon arrived at the Decagon - Bumblebee and Road Ranger not far behind, of course. Since the fortress was currently bustling with activity, with soldiers and compound personnel alike mobilizing, entering the Decagon inconspicuously was no simple task - especially with the likes of Bumblebee in tow.

"Sorry about the detour," Small Foot said. "Things are kind of hectic around here right now. What with all that bad business happening in Protihex."

She stopped at a security booth and transformed, motioning Bumblebee and Road Ranger to wait while she transmitted her ID to the officer sitting in his compartment.

The functionary leaned out of the booth and looked Road Ranger and Bumblebee over suspiciously. "Is that Bumbleb--"

"Shh!" Small Foot placed her hand over the security officer's mouth. "Trying to keep a low profile here. Me and Ranger over there." She pointed back to her partner. "Are escorting Bumblebee to see General Prowl. 1st Floor, A Ring, Room 118. Got the order right here." Small Foot handed the functionary a small datapad.

The officer quickly skimmed over it. "Mm-hm, that's Prowl's signature, alright." He handed the pad back. "Take the right road to the south entrance. You have VIP clearance, right?"

"For this task we do. Thanks." Small Foot then looked back at Bumblebee. "Right this way." She motioned. "Be sure to stay close. Security's tight around here, as you probably know."

Basement, The Decagon

(OOC: Heinrad? Pretty please.)

2011-11-17, 02:07 PM
(OOC: Thinking up this speech hasn't been easy.....)

Basement, Decagon:

Prime stood there, weariness etched on his whole being. "Make things go back to the way they used to be. Too much has happened, and part of me is wondering how much of me is still...... ME. How much have I, and in turn how much have I made all of you sacrifice to survive? I've tired of it, Prowl, I'm tired of having to function in a world where the answers aren't black and white but just varying shades of grey. I'm tired of ignoring my moral compass." Then he looked at Prowl. "And look at what it's done to you. You're much colder than you used to be." He turned to head towards the lift. "It's time, Prowl. When this battle is over, I'm stepping down as the leader of the Autobots."

2011-11-18, 04:59 AM
(OOC: You too, eh? Was having the same problem earlier :))

Basement, The Decagon

When Optimus Prime announced his resignation, Prowl's processor's converted the appropriate emotional responses into simple algorithms -- confusion, surprise, sorrow, sympathy listed among them.

...None of which he was capable of enacting properly without it coming across as forced, but he nonetheless took them into consideration to better address the situation.

"Colder?" He reiterated flatly. "A fair assessment, one that I cannot argue. But, please, do not blame yourself. While I will not deny that some of our choices -- my choices could be defined as morally ambiguous, however justified they are, I am capable of carrying that burden. I am 'colder' not only because the Autobot Military or this perpetual conflict requires that I be, but also because I wish to be."

"...And because I know that you would never ask Ironhide, Fortress Maximus, or Ultra Magnus to make the 'hard decisions', let alone myself," Prowl silently mused.

"I am...sorry hear that you will be stepping down," he said calmly. "But, I understand. I have, after all, been with you since the beginning. I would entreat to you to reconsider, but there would be no sense in persuading you, would there?"

2011-11-18, 08:53 AM
The Decagon

Bumblebee nodded at Small Foot as he remained in vehicle mode, unresponsive when the guard spoke up. Best not to transform or make a scene. In his new vehicle mode, while he was still yellow, he wouldn't be as conspicuous as he would be in robot mode. At least, not as many people will recognize him...

Oh, damn...

They gathered every single Autobot in Iacon...

Bumblebee felt even smaller than before, surrounded by so many Autobots. How could he feel that he could be better than any of them?

He knew he recognized some faces in the crowd. Guys from the Ark were there. Sideswipe, Tracks, Trailbreaker, Gears... and Bumblebee tried to make himself as small as possible as he mewled an affirmative to Small Foot and rolled in the direction required.

"What's everyone doing here?"

2011-11-19, 04:53 AM
The Decagon

An uncomfortable Sideswipe wandered off from the group, no longer particularly interested in talking.

Artfire saw him go and asked Searchlight and Drift, "What's eating him?"


Skydive gave Broadside a funny look. "Silverbolt won't be answering anyone for a while," he told the Wrecker. "I assumed you would want to join your fellow Wreckers in Protihex, but I can send you up to the Warworld if you want. Space is at a premium though, so you'll either be riding shotgun with a crew of Junkions or crammed into the Astro Squad's cargo hold."

Turning to Flattop, he said, "In that case, we should get going!"

He transformed to jet mode and took off, expecting the other two fliers to follow.

Secret Rebel Base

(OOC: Oh, I forgot about that. I don't think we'll have time to RP the whole thing, sadly, so some of it will need to have happened off-screen if that's OK.)

Firecracker piped up. "Well," he told Blades, "if your Boss Microscope is doing his job he should be weaseling his way into the Alliance's good books right about now. If he offers to get someone like Slingshot -- a poor, benighted wreck of an Autobot who's life has been destroyed by the system -- to publicly denounce Hot Rod, then...well, Orangebird won't be able to say no."

Deftwing nodded. "And to be honest, we're not too worried about him becoming a martyr. We've gathered a lot of dirt on him -- and some of it is actually real. We've been leaking bits and pieces of it for months...nothing incriminating, sadly, but once a few key elements are added to the picture he'll become a villain in the eyes of the public overnight."

"And those key pieces are...?" Slingshot asked impatiently.

"He'll be consorting with known gangsters like Magnificus and wanted fugitives like you, Slingshot," Deftwing told him, "on top of his ridiculously close ties to Decepticon Intelligence in general and the people who carried out the recent coup in Polyhex in particular. Once our operation is done, the people of Iacon will call us heroes for killing him and anyone openly wearing a Decepticon badge on our streets will be taking their lives into their own hands."

2011-11-19, 12:43 PM
The Decagon

Drift shrugged at Artfire. "I have no idea what we were talking about." Sideswipe's problem was not his to share around or flaunt around. Besides, he didn't fancy Sideswipe shoving his fist down his throat.

Searchlight shook his head. "Personal problems, I say."


Broadside decided it's best not to ask anything about Silverbolt. "But Junkions give me a headache and I don't think I can fit in a shuttle built for Micromasters. So Protihex it is for me. Ground zero. Oh, goody."

Broadside transformed into jet mode and followed Skydive as he took off.

Lady Quickswitch
2011-11-20, 12:16 AM
Iacon, Decagon

Quickswitch could wait only so long for a response. Finding none, he flipped back over abruptly and transformed into robot mode as he landed. Whatever happened to his hapless passenger, Arcee had to wait.

He moved through Iacon's gates, once again impressed by the Autobot Army.

It warms my core to see the Autobots assembled like this. Disciplined and ready to lay down their lives if it comes to that. But where's Optimus Prime?

He looked around, troubled, then entered. The halls moved with memory, and Quick Switch was suddenly seized with increasing pain and weakness.

He looked down at his chest and saw the sword hilt sticking out of it, directly above his Autobot symbol. Oil dripped from the wound.

"Where did this come from?" he wondered aloud, to no one in particular.

He grabbed the small sword by the hilt and pulled it out, producing a gush of oil and the crackling of energy. His head pulsed with the numbness of that blown fuse. He focused past it.

Just need to find Prime.

2011-11-20, 08:31 AM
The Decagon

Arcee let go of Quick Switch once he was close enough to the ground for her to land without being turned into a pink pancake, hitting the ground running to bleed off the momentum. "Quick! Wait!" Arcee yelled, hoping that Optimus Prime would appear and defuse the situation...

"Bloody hell. That's Quick Switch." Searchlight's optics went wide. "What's he doing here? I thought he went missing or somesuch."

Drift moved so that the larger Pyro and Artfire would hide him from Quick Switch's view. "I don't think, considering his track record, our resident fanatic would take very well to a Decepticon defector..."

Pyro shook his head. "Rubbish, Drift. He's loyal to Optimus Prime, and like him he understands that freedom is the right of all-"

"-Sentient beings. Yes, Pyro, we know." Drift finished the Autobot motto. "But you do know Quick Switch. He's a little nutters."

Lady Quickswitch
2011-11-22, 03:17 AM
The Decagon

Quick Switch heard Arcee in the distance as he marched resolutely, searching for Prime. A thin but constant trail of oil leaked from the wound in his chest.

As he moved past the four Autobots, he turned. The ex-Security Director looked downward at the much smaller units, the way they shifted in panic at the sight of him.

2011-11-22, 06:31 AM
The Decagon

"Hmm," was Artfire's only reply to Drift and Searchlight. But he could infer the answer to his question easily enough from what they didn't say -- Sideswipe was still upset about Sunstreaker's disappearance.

But he didn't get a chance to pursue that, if he was inclined to do so. When Quick Switch arrived and Arcee fell out of the sky, Artfire's paramedic training kicked in and he ran over to the femme's side.

"Are you alright?" he asked her. "You took quite a fall just now."

There was something about Quick Switch's body language that Sideswipe didn't like one bit. The injuries that he was ignoring combined with the single-minded relentlessness with which he was moving through the crowd practically shouted "psychotic break!"

Then again, this is Quick Switch we're talking about. He's a walking, talking psychotic episode...

Still...showing up like this, with a visibly upset Arcee in tow and one of her swords buried in his armour, didn't speak well of his intentions. Not after he'd been gone for so long.

"Where are you going, Quick?" he asked, putting himself squarely in the other Autobot's path and not even trying to be subtle about it.


Skydive nodded. "It's your call," he told Broadside. "I'm sure Roadbuster and the rest will be glad to see you when we get there."

2011-11-22, 07:57 AM
The Decagon

"I'm fine." Arcee told Artfire, putting her hand over the claw wound from Quick Switch during the fight. "The fall didn't hurt me, at least. He had the clarity to drop me at a safe height."

Searchlight shuffled up. "You should see a medic."

"No time to. People are dying all around Protihex. Whirl's dead. Slag's dead." Arcee gritted through clenched teeth. Searchlight squealed a little at the reports of deaths.

She watched as Sideswipe barred Quick Switch's path. The brawler clearly stood no chance if Quick Switch flipped out like he did in Protihex. "Sideswipe! Don't antagonize him!" Arcee yelled.

The poor guy's brain is fried...

"He just wants to talk to Optimus Prime!" Arcee shouted, doubting the wisdom of the words that just came out of her mouth.

While Searchlight and Artfire spoke to the wounded Arcee, Drift saw that Pyro was more interested in the massive presence of Quick Switch. "Pyro, don't... you're dressed up all like you-know-who..."

"I know." Pyro told Drift. "But if he's going to go..." Pyro leaned down and whispered, "beserk..."

"You can't fight him." Drift snapped back, keeping his voice low enough so Quick Switch won't shoot the two of them out of irritation, "He's a six-changer. He's Quick Switch, for Primus' sake! Let Optimus Prime handle this. You know, Optimus. Prime. He's the only one he listens to."

"I know." Pyro said again as he pulled back to his full height and strode away from the group. "But sometimes, one must be made to see that Optimus Prime isn't the answer to everything..." He walked up beside Sideswipe, and nodded at Quick Switch, voice all too similar to Optimus Prime's own voice... "Hello, Quick Switch. What seems to be the problem?"

Drift made a low growl as the silly Pyro attempted to resolve this, and his hand reached down to the swords sheathed on his hips...

Windcharger swerved into the complex again, and transformed into robot mode, watching as Quick Switch, Quick Switch, of all people, stood in the middle of the courtyard, the main force giving him a wide berth. Sideswipe and Optimus Prime- no, wait, Pyro- was standing in front of him, in what looked like it would easily turn into a fight with the slightest provocation.

Drift, Artfire and Searchlight were surrounded around... Arcee? What was she doing back here?

Windcharger did what any sane Autobot would do. He pulled out his commlink. "Prime? Prowl? We have a, uh, a situation here."

"Is that..." Bumblebee muttered under his breath as Quick Switch showed up. "Quick's back with us? Just, uh, just what did I miss while I was conked out?"


"Yeah." Broadside told Skydive, pulling up beside the Aerialbot. "When are we heading out, Skydive? I'm pretty anxious to back up Roadbuster and Whirl and the rest. Should've gone with them when Magnus first summoned us, but nobody called me."

2011-11-22, 09:49 AM
Secret Rebel Base

(OOC: Makes sense. Was there any particular point you wanted to jump ahead to?)

Blades narrowed his optics at Deftwing. The prospect of Magnificus being implicated in any way didn't sit well with him. He had grown quite attached to the mobster...

Magnificus, after all, had done so much to pull Blades out of his self-imposed rut when he didn't have to, offering a genuine opportunity to atone for some of the more regrettable decisions the former-Protectobot had made during the last few years.

"Uh, yeaaah...that's a elaborate smear campaign you got goin' there. Sounds like you've given this a lotta thought," he said. "So, when do we start? And where do you need me? Once we strike, I mean."

The Decagon

"You...don't know?" Road Ranger bewilderedly answered Bumblebee.

"Aw, cut him some slack, Ranger," Small Foot jumped in. "He just woke up from being in stasis lock for the last deca cycle, remember?"

"Oh, right...Sorry about that."

"Annnyhow," Small Foot continued. "Yeah, it's like I said earlier -- The Imperial's have decided that Protihex would be a great place to stage a full scale invasion..."

"Word also has it that they've assembled in some of the Decepticon territories," Road Ranger added.

"Heard that, too. Folks from all the Autobot territories have been called in on this one; Altihex, Uraya, The Border Regions...Well, okay, probably not Kalis. You know...'cause of the zombie-mutant thing."

"I'm guessing High Command wants to contain this before it spreads out farther and turns into a repeat of the Quintesson Invasion. Still..." Road Ranger shifted to a more solemn pitch. "I understand the reasoning...I don't know, it's awfully excessive, don't you think?"

Small Foot, who had been personable and chatty up to this point, said nothing.


Small Foot led Bumbleebee around the fortress until they arrived at a fork that ramped and curved underneath the main pathway. As she made her way down the incline, Small Foot reduced her speed and stopped in front of a wide blast door.

She transformed, Road Ranger following suit, and approached the console next to the large entrance. The Autobot escort pushed the necessary sequence of keys, then stepped back as she waited for a response

"State your business," a voice said over an intercom speaker.

Small Foot looked up at the camera affixed above blast door and jutted her thumb back at Bumblebee. "Dropping him off to see Prowl in Room 118."

An awkward pause followed as the camera lens examined the former-Autobot before the functionary answered. "Proceed."

The large door divided and yawned open. Small Foot entered first, waving Bumblebee to follow.

Inside, the trio found themselves in a sterile corridor with a high ceiling, stretching out in both directions and seeming to move circularly. Road Ranger drew Bumblebee's attention to this by pointing overhead. "This is Ring F. We need to head to Ring A. The intersecting hall is just up ahead."


Road Ranger quietly counted down the rings until they reached the 'A' ring. They paced through another curving corridor, not too unlike the one they saw upon entering, until they arrived at their destination.

"Here we are," Small Foot sung out.

The door slid open and she stepped inside. "Now sit tight. As you'd probably imagine, Prowl's been awfully busy today. So don't be surprised if he ends up running late. Priorities you understand. Oh, speaking of which," She looked to Road Ranger. "Give Prowl a ring, would you. Let him know Bumblebee here is waiting to see him."

(OOC: Yeah, what Small Foot just said; just sit tight for a bit. Don't know when Prowl will drop by, just know that he will. I promise.)

2011-11-22, 10:05 AM
The Decagon

Bumblebee likewise said nothing about the excessiveness. This is a show of force, and it reminded little Bumblebee of the missions he had been sent off to. Espionage, and the like. Decepticons do this massive parades and show of forces, not Autobots. It just sounded so wrong to him. But he kept quiet. He was the one that blew up a chunk of Protihex, who was he to judge others?

He did, however, wince when Small Foot and Road Ranger mentioned Protihex.

They went through the big door in the ramp, going deep into the Decagon. "I've never been in this part of the Decagon before." Bumblebee muttered.

Bumblebee nodded and took the seat, putting his head on the table, waiting for whatever Prowl wanted for him.

There was so many questions he would've asked, so many. But Bumblebee knew this was one time that he had to keep his mouth shut.

Trailbreaker arrived and transformed into robot mode beside Windcharger, looking around. "What's all the commotion?" Trailbreaker asked, then noted Quick Switch. "Quick?" Trailbreaker asked, surprised.

He saw the wound on Quick Switch, saw the wounded Arcee, saw the angry expression on Sideswipe and Pyro's face, and put two and two together. Quick Switch was probably in one of his moods.

The Autobot had been... on friendly terms with Quick Switch before. And unlike Sideswipe, at the very least Quick Switch would be... able to listen to him.

Trailbreaker then proceeded to jostle through the crowd, making his way towards Quick Switch, calling out the hexchanger's name, even though the crowd probably drowned out his voice.

Lady Quickswitch
2011-11-24, 06:17 AM
(OOC: I'll make a post soon, guys!)

2011-11-24, 11:23 PM
The Decagon

Artfire's expression grew hard. "She is seeing a medic," he told Searchlight, "and she's not going anywhere until I've checked her out."

He rested a hand gently but firmly on Arcee's shoulder. "Sit down. The sooner you let me scan you the sooner I'll let you go."

Sideswipe glared at Arcee, but didn't back down from Quick Switch.

"You know, girlie, yelling 'don't antagonize him!' doesn't exactly help things. You're talking like the poor guy is some sort of nut job. This is Quick Switch we're talking about, for Primus's sake. He's not like that." It was all blatant lies, of course, but he wanted to keep Quick from blowing up in the face of Arcee's hugely unsubtle outburst.

He turned back to the sixchanger. "Let's have a seat inside, Quick. Optimus will be here in a few minutes, so we might as well get comfortable. I'm sure Pyro and Trailbreaker will be happy to join us."


"No one called me either," Skydive told Broadside. "I think Magnus was trying to keep it hush-hush. From what I understand he didn't exactly have permission to be there."

He pondered the Wrecker's other question.

"I'm not sure," he admitted, "but the sooner the better. Even if Prowl isn't ready to move out the whole army, we should be able to start deploying strike forces and forward recon units."

Secret Rebel Base

(OOC: Why don't we have Magnificus let them know that he's made contact with Sundor's crew off-screen? We can just assume that that's what he's been doing while Firecracker and Blades were off on their caper.)

Deftwing shrugged. "As soon as you and Slingshot are ready, we can go. Although that reminds me...you," he looked at Slingshot, "probably aren't going to want to go outside unarmed right about now. Why don't we leave Firecracker to make some calls and I'll show the two of you the armoury and give you a quick tour of the rest of the base?"

Slingshot shrugged. "I wouldn't be opposed to packing some heat," he admitted. "Show me the way."

Deftwing nodded and keyed in a command on a nearby remote. A hidden door in the wall behind him swung open and he said, "Right this way."

Firecracker stayed behind, dialling Magnificus's private call line and waiting for an answer.

2011-11-25, 04:45 AM
The Decagon

Arcee glared at Artfire, but finally relented. "Fine. You know, 'until you've checked me out'... that's not exactly something you want to say to a human female, unless you want a hard slap on your face."

"But we're robots." Searchlight said.

"Which is why Artfire still has his face." Arcee glared at Sideswipe, but quickly caught on the Autobot's attempt to calm Quick Switch down. Yes, that outburst really wasn't very professional of her... but then, she had been blown up almost twenty times that day, and she was not thinking straight.

Pyro looked slightly surprised that Sideswipe would ask him to join in, but didn't say anything. Sideswipe! Trailbreaker! Two of Optimus Prime's most trusted troops. Pyro nodded, but said nothing.

Trailbreaker pushed his way out of the crowd, optics looking up at Quick Switch. He had been one of the few Autobots that dared call Quick Switch his friend, and the black-coloured Autobot flashed a genuine smile. "Quick! Damn, isn't it nice to see you again. Where've you been?"


"I'm hurt, though." Broadside told Skydive. "Wreckers didn't exactly have permission to do half the things we do."

Broadside would've shrugged at Skydive's question had he been in robot mode. "Yeah. Better to back up Magnus and Roadbuster's little squad, right? Although I'm sure, as far as recon units go, that you have already sent a couple of guys on to Protihex."

2011-11-27, 03:55 AM
Secret Rebel Base

"Been ready since I got here," Blades told Deftwing.

He followed the other Autobot's lead and trailed behind Slingshot into yet other secret passageway.

The Mezzanine, Border Regions

(OOC: Edited. Mostly for errors.)

In the lounge of his penthouse suite above the night club, The Mezzanine, Magnificus sat in a recliner with his legs kicked up, absentmindedly swirling a glass of some supposedly 'rare' potation in one hand and holding a datapad in the other.

He was looking through various CBC news feeds when Doubledealer sauntered in from the VIP elevator.

(OOC: He's baaa-aack!)

"Hey Maggy!" the mercenary cheerfully announced himself.

Magnificus did not look up from the small screen. "Dealer," he listlessly replied. "And where have you been?"

"Oh, you know." The mercenary grinned sheepishly. "A little here, a little there...Oh, and this one gig I had in Tagan Heights. Nothing special, really."

"Riiight." Magnificus smirked. "Tagan Heights, eh? Hope you were paid well."

"Not really. Was able to pay off a few things, though." Dealer moved over to the built-in bar across from the lounge and rustled around the cabinets. "What about you? What've you been up to?"

"Oh, you know -- tending to things, 'a little here, a little there'," Magnificus snidely answered. "Actually, I just got back from...an important meeting."

The mercenary quietly chuckled. "Heh. You all but added quotations to the 'important' part." He selected a bottle from the cabinet, skimmed over the label - 'Nebulos, 189 Cycle' - and flicked open the cap with his thumb. "Now I'm curious. Was this a club related meeting? Or something to do with that shady military crowd you've been hanging around with lately?"

"Shady? That's hilarious." Magnificus dismissively waved.

Doubledealer glanced sideways at the club owner. "Listen, I won't lecture you, Mags--"

"And yet, here we are."

"I don't know -- something about all this just doesn't sit right with me. You know I'm all about taking risks, but these people..." Doubledealer brought the bottle to his mouth and took a long swig. "You know what, forget it. You seem to know what you're doing. So..." He feignedly glanced around the penthouse. "Where's Blades? On patrol? I haven't heard from him."

Magnificus narrowed his eyes. "My, aren't we inquisitive today."

"Oh, quit it. I'm just wondering."

"Yes, I'm sure that's all it is." The club owner placed his datapad down and glanced over at Dealer. "But if you must know, Firecracker had need of Blades' expertise on a certain matter -- Don't bother asking what, though."

Dealer didn't require any specifics to know what that meant for his friend. But, against his better judgement he said nothing. "Firecracker?" He frowned. "After all he's been through, you really want to get the kid mixed up in all that business?"

"I assure you that no one coerced him. He did so willingly -- and quite eagerly, I might add."

"Yeah, I bet," the teal-clad merc muttered. "A little advice; these types don't give a flying frag about us Border Region folk. Don't think for an instant they'll ever accept you. You're little more than a means to a--"

"I am not naive, Dealer, don't insult me," Magnificus hissed.

"Fine, whatever. But, this little hobby of yours..." Dealer obscured his eyes. "It's going to get him killed."

Before Magnificus could properly respond, he was alerted to an incoming transmission - from Firecracker, in fact. "Hm. Well, speak of the devil." He directed his attention back to Doubledealer. "As gripping as this discussion is, I have to take this call. If you would excuse me..."

Magnificus stood up and walked away from the mercenary still standing at the bar. "Firecracker? How go things on your end? Has Blades been behaving himself?"


Dealer silently looked on as his employer - or rather, friend - move toward his office. And, quite possibly, to his demise.

He then took one last swig from the bottle he had selected, quietly placed it down onto the counter-top, and made for the elevator.

2011-11-27, 06:55 AM
The Decagon

Artfire made a disdainful noise. "You do realize," he told Arcee, "that jokes will only make this take longer."

He pulled a medical scanner out of subspace and let it work, putting together a picture of her system status.

"Also, in case you've forgotten my gun turns into a human female. And one that's a lot less prickly than the women you seem to have spent time with, by the sound of things."

From her perch on his shoulder, Burnout grunted. "Damn right."

"Fireflight's there, and one of the rookies," Skydive told Broadside. "Or they were. They should get back here with a status update any second."

He touched down on the tarmac outside the Decagon (OOC: the opposite side from Quick Switch), transformed to robot mode and headed inside. Activating his comm, he said, "Prowl, I'm back and I've brought a Decepticon with me. He's got first-hand information about a battle with the Warworld. I'm going to get him together with our space troops. After that, if it's all the same to you I'd like to start rolling units out."

Secret Rebel Base

Deftwing gestured toward the first door they passed. "Our observation room is through here," he said. "We're tied into the city's traffic cameras, which makes it easy to keep tabs on our targets when they're out it public. There's a few offices off to the right, and a holosuite for training exercises. The armoury is just down here."

He ran his hand across a security pad, and the door he'd indicated slid open once it recognized his ID. He led Slingshot and Blades inside, gesturing expansively.

"It's not quite as big as the one you'd find in an Autobase, but we're pretty well stocked. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that's to your liking."

"That'll depend on whether or not you've got a neutron blaster," Slingshot told him as he started to rifle through a rack of guns.

"Feel free to look around yourself," Deftwing told Blades. "If there's anything you want, by all means help yourself to it."

Firecracker responded to Magnificus in a patently false friendly tone.

"Maggy, buddy, old pal! How you doin'! Yeah, our buddy Bladezes's been good, fer sure. Though it took me our whole op to even drag his real name out, can you imagine? Some people are just so paranoid. Like, say, that funny orange turkey we chatted about before. You had any luck getting in touch with him?"

Lady Quickswitch
2011-11-27, 07:04 AM
Decagon, Courtyard

Oil flowed thicker now into a pool at his feet.

The fists clenched and unclenched arrhythmically. The optics, clouded by weariness, pain and determination barely registered the swarming units, but saw Sideswipe's insolence, Arcee's frantic pith, and as Drift reached for his sword hilts--

Quick Switch's features twisted and he felt a sudden spate of dark ire and scorn at the perpetually frightened units. Then, as now, it was no different. Pathetic. All of them were cowerds masquerading as true fighters for truth.

Typical, what gall, how miserably typical. I've put up with this long enough!

The photon blasters were suddenly in his hands and pointed at Drift, ready to blast a giant hole larger than Drift's own chest, through it.

His central processor surged, and acrid black smoke rose even thicker from his form, and the stench of failing curcuits with it.

If anyone so much as flinches I'm gonna blast em from here to the Pit!! Now where is PRIME???

The digits trembled precariously over the triggers. All that stood between Drift--and the others--and imminent death could be seen in the unfocused optics and the quivering face roiling with conflict. It was two, in the space of one, each superimposed, yet blended and writhing, fighting for dominance, and paralytic indecision being the end result. And this was the only thing keeping the damaged Six Changer at bay.

The nanoseconds blurred so rapidly that, to the Sixchanger unit, everything else stood still--Drift, Sideswipe, Arcee, Searchlight, Artfire, and--

It was Trailbreaker!

But the all too brief smile for his friend vanished as quickly as it had come. Wonderment and fear played over his features. His optics cleared. He was actually registering each of the units now.

"Optimus Prime?" Quick asked Pyro, so softly. He trembled, suddenly anxious, loathing that reverent fear. The blasters remained in his hands, but lowered now. There was a constant quivering to his face and he set his jaw. He swallowed, his optics wide.

2011-11-29, 02:40 PM
The Decagon

"You sent Fireflight into a combat zone with a rookie?" Broadside asked Skydive. "I would've sworn Slingshot or Air Raid would've been the wiser choice, not with Fireflight zoning off all the time... but you know your team better than I do, I guess."

Unsure of what to do (and unaware of the Quick Switch situation) Broadside moved into step beside Skydive and Flattop.

"Considering that I was initially constructed to appease feminists who had nothing better to do than to complain about how alien robots from space doesn't have women, you can't really blame me." Arcee told Artfire and Burnout. "Because, oh, I dunno, Chromia and the others were having a girl's night out or something at the moment."

"So Optimus Prime whipped out the Matrix to appease a bunch of human feminists?" Searchlight asked, incredulous, optics still transfixed at Quick Switch. The loner Throttlebot had absolutely no idea what to do at the moment, especially when Quick Switch raised his weapons at Drift.

Searchlight's arm reached for his laser blaster, but he wasn't sure what good he would do against Quick Switch.

When Quick Switch pulled out his weapons and pointed them at Drift, in one fluid motion Drift pulled out the two smaller daggers strapped onto his waists, holding them in a defensive position. He could so easily lunge forwards and slice off the barrel of Quick Switch's sword.

Drift saw Trailbreaker's force field generator starting to flare to life, Drift saw Windcharger elbowing his way through the crowd, the Minibots' optics and hands glowing softly with purple energy, Drift saw Pyro charge towards Quick Switch....

But Drift saw the inner tumult within Quick Switch's optics. "Be your own master. Control the beast within." Drift muttered under his breath. "Control every aspect of yourself."

Deadlock howled with laughter from behind Drift's mind.

Quick Switch lowered his weapons, and Drift sheathed his own swords, face unreadable.

Trailbreaker gave a sigh of relief as Quick Switch smiled and lowered his weapons. He was ready to throw a forcefield around Quick Switch, to stop him from killing Drift (and to stop Pyro or Sideswipe from hurting Quick).

"Calm down, big fella!" Trailbreaker said, voice full of jovial laughter. "You're among friends now!"

Windcharger stumbled up beside Trailbreaker, looking up at Quick Switch. This was not good, the Minibot decided.

"No, I am not Optimus Prime." Pyro told Quick Switch, halting in his tracks as soon as Quick lowered his weapons. "My name is Pyro. I am a loyal Autobot, Quick Switch. Just like yourself."

2011-11-30, 06:28 AM
The Decagon

Burnout scoffed. "That's the dumbest origin story I've ever heard."

Artfire shook his head. "Calm down, please. I don't need you upsetting my patient." Then he said to Arcee, "You're pretty banged up, but none of the damage is life-threatening. Normally I'd recommend CR time, but since I know you'll just ignore me I'll give you an injection of medichines instead. They should speed up your natural healing process."

He started to prepare a hypospray.

Sideswipe's right hand twitched, and he wished strongly that he had a weapon in it. But no -- Quick Switch was a fellow Autobot and enough of them had died lately. He wasn't going to settle this with violence, not if he could avoid it.

Skydive gave Broadside an unreadable look, as if he was angry but trying very hard not to show it. "Fireflight is the most experienced recon pilot in the Autobot Air Wing," he told the Wrecker. "And Sonar is no slouch either. Air Raid is a soldier and Slingshot is going to be spending the next fifty vorns in jail, so I wasn't particularly awash in choice."

ISS Holding Facility

Several hours and one lengthy stretch of unconsciousness later, Silverbolt was still fuming as he glared though the bars at his jailer.

"How long is this going to take?" he demanded.

"I don't know." Clampdown didn't look up from the newsfeed he was reading, which only annoyed Silverbolt more.

"In case you hadn't noticed," Silverbolt told him tartly, "there's a war going on. I need to get out of here so that I can be there beside the rest of my team."

Clampdown grunted uncommunicatively.

"What?" Silverbolt demanded.

"You remember what you did, don't you?" Clampdown asked. "You're being held for attempted murder, sir. I think you're going to have to make peace with the idea of your Aerialbots going into battle without you."

2011-11-30, 07:35 AM
The Decagon

Arcee snorted at Burnout. "Not everyone has 'the Chosen One' as an origin story."

She nodded at Artfire as the Targetmaster sprayed her with medichines. "So, when do we move out again? Thunderwing's basically killing everyone in Protihex, and they need us. They need the Autobot army."

"Like I said, you know your team better than I do." Broadside told Skydive. Obviously there was something wrong, probably about Silverbolt. But Broadside knew that the Aerialbots were a far more close-knit group than the Wreckers, so Silverbolt's... whatever happened to him... would've hit them hard.

Impactor did hit them hard.

2011-12-01, 01:08 PM
Secret Rebel Base

Blades politely nodded while Deftwing led him and Slingshot through the underground facility, mildly impressed by the various conveniences and gadgetry...

Until they arrived at the armory, that is.

"Like I said, I came ready, " Blades feigned disinterest. "Then again..."

The former-Protectobot struggled to hold back the smile that was playing at the corner of his mouth as looked upon the aisles of weapon racks before him.

"You -- you have a really nice collection. Guess it wouldn't hurt picking up a thing or two."

The Mezzanine, Border Regions

Even with his attention diverted, Magnificus was aware that Doubledealer had left - curiously almost as soon as he arrived.

"Strange," he silently pondered.

If his lasting association with the mercenary over the past few stellar cycles has taught him anything, it's to instinctively suspect that every word Dealer's utters has an underlying meaning, no matter how genuine they seem on the surface.

Still, Dealer's words stung with a brutal truth, one that Magnificus couldn't truly deny.

This thought lingered in the back of his mind; a thought that would have to be addressed at a later time, however. Firecracker, waiting on the other end of his comlink, required his undivided attention.

"No, not quite, but I was able to meet with the AFP's spokesperson," Magnificus answered. "The pop-singer, Rosanna. She's as vapid in real-life as one would expect." He shuttered as he recalled their conversation. "She's enthusiastic, I'll grant her that. And, our meeting wasn't a complete and utter waste of time. I was welcomed, rather ecstatically, on board - in no small part to the 'donation' I made to their cause, no doubt - and have a scheduled meeting with Sundor himself."

Basement, The Decagon

(OOC: If you're busy with life, Heinrad, would you mind if I went ahead and moved Optimus?)

"Agreed," Prowl answered Skydive. "We have delayed long enough. Optimus Prime and I shall join the troops topside momentarily. Inform Sky Lynx to prepare his unit for departure -- he will be sub-commanding our space-bound forces. Have you received word from the scouts you sent ahead to Protihex?"

(OOC: Where is Skydive going, by the way? Protihex or space? FYI, Prowl's going to Protihex.)

Iacon Security Service HQ

With the safety of the entire nation being uncertain, a feeling that is further exacerbated by the recent call-to-arms, anxieties, as one would expect, are at an all time high. It is felt by all Iaconians, with some managing to cope better than others, from the civilian to the civil servant.

During this time, it is to the Iacon Security Service to act as the mediators to those that are unable to cope. A far from enviable role that has quickly taken its toll on the officers of the ISS.

When Red Alert arrived in the lobby of the Iacon Security Service HQ, he was surprised to find a throng of ISS personnel and officers anxiously waiting for him near the entrance.

"W-What's all this?"

The Security Director took one step back as the crowd swarmed upon him. Their voices reverberated throughout the spacious lobby as each person attempted to make their case to Red Alert be heard first.

"Just received an update from Hot Spot at the Debris bomb site..."
"Good news, sir! I just spoke with the IMR! The three downed officers - from the Holding Cells incident - they're going to make a full recovery..."
"...break-up an anti-war protest in the Tyrus District. The crowd started harassing the residents and caused..."
"...Just in case, we sent out a riot suppression unit to the High Council Pavilion and the Autobase Gates. Though, the demonstrations have been peaceful so far..."
"...West Iacon Institute demonstration contained, with only a few minor injuries..."

"One at a time." Red Alert let out an exasperated groan. "For Primus sake, people! ONE AT A TIME!"

This seemed to only briefly silence the crowd - who quizzically looked to each other, waiting to see who would speak up first - before simultaneously starting up again.

"This will only take a second, sir."
"Just a moment of your time, I promise."

The ISS Director had opened his mouth to chastise the small mob, when Streetwise cut through, grabbed Red Alert by the arm and quickly pulled him away.


Streetwise chuckled. "Wow. Heh heh, are you all right?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's been like this ever since Prowl -- oh, wait, my mistake," Red Alert mockingly placed his hand to his mouth. "General Prowl made that damn proclamation of his. It's affecting everyone..."

He wearily smiled. "Oh well. At least you're not harassing me like the others."

"Actually." The detective slunk his head down. "I'm sorry, but this really is important." Streetwise then produced a datapad and handed it over to the ISS founder.

"Et tu, Streetwise? What could possibly be so important that this couldn't wait?" Red Alert sighed and took the tablet. He quickly skimmed over the heading and impatiently said, "What is this?"

"A notice of transfer. Normally, I would've just passed this along to the Prison Bureau and be done with it, but it was marked classified and addressed specifically to you. Surely you recognize the ID on the file?"

"Sigh, all right, let's have a look here and..."

The Security Director stopped dead in his tracks. His expression grew sour as he read through the notice. "ID: 0A1-C50. Designation...Silverbolt? Another Aerialbot? At the Holding Facility? Right now?!"

"Yes, to all of the above." Streetwise coyly glanced sideways at Red Alert. "So...What did he do?"

He held his finger up to the detective. "Shh. Hold on a klik." Just as abruptly as it had shifted before, the Security Director's demeanor became far more severe. He stood as still as stone with his eyes firmly planted onto the screen of the pad. "I don't believe it..." He whispered.

"What? What is it?"

"I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to say at the moment." Red Alert shook his head. "Still...I'm confused why the military is dropping him in our laps -- after all, it is a military offense. And, I must say, I serious one at that." He looked to Streetwise. "Who's currently on detail at the holding facility?"

"Clampdown, along with a few mid-level security officers. Six, I believe."

The Director gave a affirming nod. "Do me a favor, would you, and see what you can do about sending a few more over there. It's been awhile since we've had a high-profile prisoner, so around 15 officers would be preferable."

"And lest we forget, the last time we held an Aerialbot, we had to send three officers to the IMR," Streetwise added.

"Mmm, yes, that as well. Better make it 20."

"And what will you do, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Not quite sure yet." Red Alert pensively tapped his chin. "I need to make a few calls first, but let Clampdown know that we'll be tightening security and that I'll be by the Holding Facility later to pay our latest arrival a visit."

Lady Quickswitch
2011-12-02, 03:54 AM
Decagon, Courtyard

The Sixchanger looked, disbelieving at Pyro.

"Why d-do you resemble P-Prime?" Quick Switch asked in a wavering whisper. He tensed and trembled visibly. The unit retained his weapons and kept a very vigilant eye on the other units present. At least Trailbreaker was there now.

2011-12-02, 03:59 AM
The Decagon

Pyro tilted his head. He could tell Quick Switch the truth -- that he upgraded himself to look like Optimus Prime. But then the fantical hexchanger might take it as a slight against Optimus Prime and kill him.

On the other hand, he could lie and say that he was constructed that way, but that might also have the side effect of destroying what's left of Quick Switch's fragile mind, by possibly implying that multiple Optimus Prime lookalikes exist or something or somesuch.

What would Prime do?

Prime would tell the truth.

Drift raised a cautionary hand at Pyro, mouthing something, but Pyro ignored Drift. "I look like Optimus because of some physical upgrades." Pyro said

2011-12-02, 04:54 PM
(OOC: Not so much busy as being hectored.......)

Basement Lift, Decagon:

Prime hit the call button and the lift doors WHOOSHED!!! open. "No, Prowl. You can't talk me out of it. It's a time for younger minds, fresh ideas. A time for peace." He stepped into the lift with a harsh chuckle, one full of irony. "Alpha Trion didn't plan for peace. And as his creation, it's time to do what he rebuilt me for one last time. War."


Aw, great. This' th' last thing we need.......

Ironhide leaned against the wall near the lift doors that Prime had gone through. There were enough other Autobots gathered around Quick, he'd be insane to attack.

Unfortunately, Quick was insane.

The question was now, simply, go after him before he causes trouble, or wait until he actually does something. He looked over to catch Nightbeat's optic, only to see that the detective wasn't where he'd last seen him.



Nightbeat moved up near Pyro quietly, not calling attention to himself. Until he spoke up, anyway. "He probably did it to honor Prime, Quick."

2011-12-03, 08:25 AM

Flattop scurried along trying to keep up with the large mechs.

"lets go get em."

Lady Quickswitch
2011-12-04, 04:16 AM
Courtyard, The Decagon

--Another effigy!

Wide and staring eyes took in the perfectly duplicated form. Body and vocorder, it was Optimus! But unlike Magnus, this was open and bare, for the world to see.
Pyro had forsaken his own likeness for that of Prime.

It was as much a heresy as Ultra Magnus's own hidden likeness. For a fraction of a second, rage was behind his eyes, and there was no way of knowing by sight if that anger had left him.

"And Prime didn't mind it?" Quick found himself saying. This whole business was pointless and trivial. There were far more important issues than this and if the Autobot leader wanted to whore out his appearance, nothing surprised the Six Changer anymore.

I don't even care if this is a giant coup. They can settle their own damned affairs without my involvement. I gave up fanatical idolatry when I saw it for the farce it was.

"That's a bit much, eh?" Quick Switch said, and laughed nervously realizing his own fanaticism in the image of Prime right in front of him. The tension in his voice was audible, and he smiled once more, "Good to see you again, fellas."

A nervous, tense look remained in his eyes. The blasters remained.

2011-12-04, 06:01 AM
The Decagon

"Yeah, but those folk usually have the good sense not to talk about it," Burnout told Arcee.

Artfire finished injecting Arcee, then shrugged. "Well, you're not going anywhere for at least half an hour," he told her, "since the medichines need at least that long to work. Oh, and since I knew you wouldn't agree to that I mixed in a little sedative too." He chuckled. "Well, actually, quite a lot."

Sideswipe cocked his head to one side, confused by Quick Switch's suddenly odd tone of voice.

I liked it better when he sounded like he was going to snap, he thought. At least that's something I know how to deal with. This, though?

Seeing Ironhide standing on the edge of his field of vision, he sent a questioning glance over to his old shipmate. The question was an obvious, if unspoken: "What do we do with him?"

(OOC: Skydive's heading to Protihex. The Astro Squad will be my contribution for the space battle.)

Skydive shrugged. "Well, I certainly hope so. I'd be a pretty bad commander if I didn't."

As much to ward off any further questions as anything else, he replied to Prowl. "Will do, boss. And no word yet from the scouts, but I don't expect them to be back for a few more minutes."

Switching channels, he said, "Sky Lynx, this is Skydive. Are our space forces ready to launch yet? If not, get them that way. I'm dropping off a package with Missile Master but as soon as he's ready you can get in the air."

Before he was done talking, he'd stopped outside the Micromaster deck and called up, "Missile Master, this is Flattop. He's one of Gigatron's Decepticons. He was part of the taskforce that attacked the Warworld, until his ship crash landed in Iacon. He'll be going up with the Astro Squad on your ship and should be able to get you in contact with the Decepticon forces."

"Sounds good to me, sir." Missile Master strode down from the elevated Micromaster section of the base and offered his hand to Flattop. "I don't think we've met before," he said. "The name's Missile Master. I'm the captain of the Star Arrow. Are you ready to ship out?"

Skydive had taken a few steps away and was on the comm again. "Air Raid, are the rookies ready? We're about to launch."

"As ready as they'll ever be," Air Raid told him. "I'll be honest, boss. I don't like this."

Skydive bristled a bit at being called 'boss'. "Yeah," he said softly. "Me either."

And finally, he switched over to a general broadcast channel and said, "This is Air Commander Skydive. Ground troops, prepare for departure. Optimus Prime and Prowl will be joining you shortly."

Secret Rebel Base

Firecracker chuckled and quipped offensively, "Yeah, but she doesn't need a brain. She's a dame, after all." Hearing the rest of what the ex-Decepticon had to say, he smiled. "That's great news, Maggy. Once you're in touch with him, we need you to arrange an introduction between him and a friend of ours. You've probably heard of him -- name's Slingshot, used to be an Aerialbot 'til he started shooting random folk for ticking him off. You're a bit too valuable to be doing the dirty work for us, see, so we decided he'd do nicely. We can't be too obvious about it though, not if we don't want to put up big signs 'round the Mezzanine sayin' 'Look at me, I killed Sundor!'''

He laughed at his own joke, but then added, "I dunno what the best way to get the two of 'em in the same room would be, but I was thinkin' maybe throw him a fundraiser or somethin'. Roomfuls of people, anyone who buys a ticket can get in...then it's just a tragic accident and you can pretend to mourn along with the rest of 'em."

Slingshot hadn't had any trouble finding a neutron blaster. In fact, they'd had a newer model than the one he was used to and he took a moment to appreciate how light it was. He'd also loaded fresh ammo into his wing-mounted mortars and found a truly nasty-looking energon switchblade.

"Gotta love that, eh?" he said to Blades, deploying the knife with a snkt. "No metal in it either, so I won't even have to worry about setting off weapons detectors."

2011-12-04, 08:45 AM

Flattop shook Missile MAster's hand

"Ready , willing and raring to get back into the fight."

2011-12-07, 08:51 AM
(OOC: Will hopefully make my update in the Protihex thread tomorrow.)


The Decagon

At a nearby tarmac, away from the crowd gathering in the mustering area, Sky Lynx conducted a last minute inspection of his squadron.

His flightmechs stood by neatly in a row, their posture was tight and balanced, their eyes planted firmly ahead. While the tall, four-legged Autobot moved along the aisle - an odd sight, considering he was the only mech present with a non-humanoid form - Sky Lynx offered his unique brand of encouragement.

"...Remember, that while you are proud members of my Third Air Strike Division - the unbowed elite - that you are also, most importantly, a team. And as a team--" Sky Lynx stopped midway when, from the corner of his visor, he spotted an officer slouching his shoulders forward. "Ahem." He looked down sternly. "Adjust your posture, solider. It may seem trivial, but good posture is associated with good morale, and good morale leads to confidence -- in yourself and in your fellow flightmechs."

He brought his tail forward and, with the fin, gently pushed the flightmech's shoulders back. "There we are. Perfect."


Sky Lynx was about to resume his pep talk when Skydive contacted him. "They are the Autobot Third Air Strike Division, Lieutenant* Skydive. Of course they're ready," He told the Aerialbot.

(OOC: * - He doesn't know what happened in the basement. Nobody there does.)

The Mezzanine, Border Regions

Magnificus inadvertently nodded, despite knowing full well Firecracker couldn't see him. "A fundraiser had crossed my mind as well. Glad we're on the same page then. I'll be sure to bring it up when I meet with Sundor this coming solar cycle. It'll also be the best way to get your guy in there. If anything else, we could pass Slingshot off as security detail."

Secret Rebel Base

Blades glanced over at the energon switchblade Slingshot held up. "Yeah, that's pretty cool. Got plenty of concealed knives and swords myself -- a lotta which I can pass off as alt-mode kibble when dealing with weapon detectors. Been eying this, though..."

He pulled a shotgun down from the rack and showed it to the Aerialbot. "Ever seen one of these? Designed to come apart to look like inner-workings an' crap." To demonstrate, the former-Protectobot disconnected the barrel and forend. "See that? The forend looks like a cydraulic. And, see, the stock's a fuel reserve." Blades pointed to the part he specified. "You tuck this stuff into a access panel along the thigh or forearm. Pretty clever."

Basement, Decagon

"I expected as much," Prowl answered Optimus Prime.

The General did not bother asking who Prime's successor would be, aside from it being obviously inappropriate. He knew for certain that it would not be him. Though, in truth, it mattered little to him; he wasn't interested in the title.

...Far too many compromises.

Prowl stepped inside the lift with the Autobot Leader and pressed the control panel to shut the doors.

"When and if that time comes, I too intend to resign from my post," he continued. "Similar to you, Optimus, my function is to formulate defensive strategies and to command the troops. There would be little place for me in this idealistic order -- assuming it ever comes to be."

2011-12-07, 03:24 PM
The Decagon

Pyro looked at Nightbeat, surprised that the detective had managed to creep up beside him without him knowing. "Yes, Quick Switch. Exactly that." However, Pyro visibly tensed (so did Drift and Windcharger standing nearby) in anticipation for Quick's imminent anger. "No, he doesn't mind. Optimus doesn't mind-"

-No, he doesn't. We are, after all, so very much alike, Optimus and myself--

Trailbreaker, however, was quick to defuse the situation, clapping one hand on Quick Switch's shoulder (having to reach up to do so). "Eh, you know Optimus, Quick. Freedom is the right of all beings and yadda yadda yadda. Includes freedom for someone's own sense of fashion, you know? I mean, it's not like we're going to suspend Tracks because he looked like an outdated hood ornament..."

"Good to see you too, Quick." Windcharger piped up, a bit tensely. "Now let's everyone lower the guns, the swords, the missile launchers and magnetic fists, and talk it out like friends, yes? The Autobot Civil War's over."

"True. If we don't have to defend our planet from a mad Matrix-powered tyrant, I'd treat all of you for a round in Maccadam's." Trailbreaker said, grinning. "I swiped Gears' credit card, see... ah, crap. We gotta go. What say you, Quick? Do you want to blow Thunderwing's head off first, or we see the big red guy first?"

Arcee shrugged at Burnout. "I am what I am."

Arcee turned to Artfire. "Nonsense. I'm going out as soon as- hey, wait- no fair-" Arcee's optics blacked out as the sedative took effect, and she collapsed, falling on top of a surprised Searchlight in the process.

"Uh..." Searchlight muttered under his breath as he attempted to extricate himself from underneath Arcee. "So-o-o, I guess we ship out to Protihex now?"

Broadside shrugged. "You're competent, Skydive. For a bookworm, that is."

At Skydive's order, Broadside then tensed himself, pulling two bandoleers of ammunition from subspace and wrapping one around each shoulder. "That means me, too, right?"

2011-12-07, 05:00 PM
Lift rushing up from the Basement, Decagon:

Prime simply nodded. "Assuming we survive this, Prowl, I will be glad. Perhaps we may even enjoy retirement."


Ironhide caught Sideswipe's optic and nodded slightly, moving his hand slightly to indicate that they should position themselves to tackle Quick if he got violent, and pushed off the wall, moving through the crowd slowly, trying not to draw attention to himself.


Tracks scowled in mock annoyance. "I do not look like a hood ornament, outdated or otherwise."

2011-12-08, 07:24 AM
The Decagon

Artfire lifted Arcee as she swooned on Searchlight, throwing her over his shoulders in a fireman's carry.

"That's right," he told Searchlight. "Are you OK? If you'd like I can give you an injection of what she got, and you can sleep it off on the shuttle like she's going to."

"That's 'Commander Skydive' now," Skydive informed Sky Lynx, feigning annoyance. "Seriously, am I the only one who sets his datapad to automatically update our organizational chart every fifteen minutes?"

He smiled at Broadside, ignoring the 'bookworm' comment. It was true, after all, and the truth was something that Skydive always tried to accept. "Of course that means you! We can't hardly leave behind one of our most experienced combat pilots, can we?"

Missile Master smiled. "Follow me, then," he told Flattop. "The ship isn't far. It's probably a bit bigger than what you're used to, but I think you'll be comfortable."

He gestured toward a nearby, Micromaster-sized turbolift, then spoke into his comlink.

"Phaser, get the engines warmed up. I'll be there in a few minutes."

Secret Rebel Base

Firecracker smiled. "That sounds like a great idea? You'll let us know when everything's ready, right Maggy?"

Slingshot admired Blades' find. "Sweet," he said. "They got another one like that?"

Of course, before Blades could answer he'd already wandered off to stare at a fancy-looking cryo-cannon. He got a goofy smile on his face as he imagined icing up the arrogant Hot Spot with it.

"Oh yes," he said. "I'm going to take this one too."

Lady Quickswitch
2011-12-09, 07:42 AM
Courtyard, The Decagon

Quick chuckled along with Trailbreaker, but the references - "fashion", "credit card" and "hood ornament" had no context for him and likely would never, no matter how long the unit existed. The unit stared at them all. The unit's blasters were already lowered with the apparently reduced threat in the area.

But he didn't comprehend.

He never would.

That alone drew such terrible and anxious frustration that Quick Switch's features visibly jumped and his brow contorted. He cocked his head, winced with the sudden pain and threw askance such a confounded and worried look to Trailbreaker his emotions there were bare. He met his friend's optics with his frustrated own.

Why?! Why did they build me like this?! I don't even know what the hell my own friend and Windcharger MEAN by it, and I'm ONE of them! I'm ONE OF THEM--They MADE me, and THEY deprived me of--

It showed in the optics and the increasing waver he fought from his voice.

"Trailbreaker? I think...I.." his confused voice silenced abruptly. Despite all the time that passed, he was still prone to sudden mood shifts.

WHAT should I do. Count back from ten or such nonsense? Ridiculous. No. I've had my fill of that empty-headed psychobabble.

It was still worth a try. Quick Switch's internal chronometer ticked and he marked the time.

His stricken face worked through several fierce emotions at once. And he had yet to even see Prime.


Something did make sense. His photon blasters. They were solid beneath his hands, dependable, and as much a part of him as what he learned was his spark. Quick Switch smiled. He tightened his fingers around his blasters, pleased at their continuity with his own self. He relazed.

"I'd be happy to, Trailbreaker," he smiled, still weary and tension bleeding off somewhat, "But for one thing. Gave up drinking."

He added, "Since I'm here, I might as well see Optimus," he raised a hand and rubbed the back of it, blaster still in hand, to his face tiredly, "Could someone summon a medic... Is Ratchet available?" he sounded hopeful. The black smoke still rose out of him.

2011-12-10, 06:53 AM
The Fortune, Above Border Regions

Doubledealer's small vessel, the Fortune, flew aimlessly above the industrial settlements and neighboring projects of the Border Regions. The mercenary had no destination in mind, or gig that he had to rush off to.

He was simply letting off steam. Cruising, as the colloquialism goes...

Dealer was lost in thought, paying little heed to incoming traffic or flight regulations, perplexed by the brief conversation he just had with Magnificus

"Hey, whatever, not my problem. Mags can associate with whoever the damn hell he wants, and Blades can toss away his life for the second, third, fourth or how many damn times he wants. Fraggin' idiot."

Dealer's thoughts returned to a piece of information that the Mezzanine club owner had offhandedly divulged to him -- Firecracker required Blades 'expertise' on a specific matter.

Whether he wanted to or not, the mercenary began to consider what that could possibly mean.

"Expertise? What could that Con-hating, military scumbag want with Blades anyway?" The teal-armored mercenary mulled over this for a moment. "Well, the kid's good at killing. Plausible deniablity, maybe?"

He dreaded this likely scenario. In his experience, Doubledealer knew perfectly well what it meant -- a set up. Blades, after all, is a fugitive.

"Damn it!" He slammed his fist onto the steering apparatus. "Maybe you should've just stayed with the ISS and--"

Dealer was brought to pause.

"...Is that the connection? The ISS?" He then considered. "What the hell does an Anti-Con group, with military connections, want with an ex-ISS officer?"

Doubledealer brought the Fortune to a halt, leaving it to hover idly high above the smoking factories below. He sat back in the cockpit and stared intently off while absentmindedly fidgeting with the helm.

He then let out an exasperated groan. "Ugh! I'm such a fraggin' push over!"

Dealer once again took hold of the steering apparatus. He guided the small shuttle around and shot off from the opposite direction it was facing.


The Mezzanine, Border Regions

"Yes, of course, I'll be sure to," Magnificus replied. "I'll be speaking to you soon, Firecracker. Ta."

He tapped his audio receiver, closing his comlink.

Termac, The Decagon

"Oh," Sky Lynx answered dryly. "Congratulations then, Commander Skydive. I apologize, it just seems...well, rather sudden. But, you are of course worthy of the title. No doubt Silverbolt is proud of your achievement."

The Decagon

"Enjoy? Perhaps," Prowl politely answered.

But, as much as the General respected Optimus, he knew he didn't believe his own words. It was little more than an 'acceptable response', a courtesy - one that was shallow and meaningless.

Prowl could never 'resign', he pondered as the lift raised to the main floor, even if he truly wanted to.


It is general knowledge; with every action there will always be an equal and opposite reaction. While years may pass where not a single shot is fired, there will always be one 'rational agent' or another there to incite the masses - daring to think, to feel, and to hate.

The Decepticons and their petty inner-faction squabbling exemplifies this perfectly...


The lift soon slowed to a stop. When the doors slid open, Prowl stepped out first and motioned Optimus to follow him.

"Down the south corridor to the courtyard," he told the Autobot Leader. "Your troops are waiting for you."


...If 'true peace' can only be attained through the collective peace of individuals - provided we dare take the necessary measures, however drastic, to reach that - then we have quite a ways to go until we are even remotely close to that happening.

Until that day, I will continue to preserve Iacon from our enemies. I dare not resign.

2011-12-10, 09:26 AM
The Decagon:

Prowl wasn't happy. He could tell. He knew it wasn't ego, but simply the fact that, by this point, Prowl was probably more jaded about things than he was.

Prime nodded again. "Perhaps the time will come when the war does indeed start again. It's a fact that I've been contemplating since I came to this decision. Peace is something that both sides will have to work at, both internally and externally. And if you haven't noticed, I appear to be something of a catalyst, not only in our internal politics but in our dealings with the Decepticons as well. If my stepping down will aid in that peace being gained, then so be it."

With that, he started down the corridor.

2011-12-10, 10:49 AM

Flattop took the lift up to the ship.

"anything will be bliss after sharing a craft with Skystalker. Even if we were in separate compartments."

2011-12-11, 07:03 AM
Courtyard, The Decagon

Prowl looked back at Optimus, but was unable to say anything. Time and again, the General had seen firsthand Prime perform one self-sacrificial act after another. He was renowned for it.

But, this gesture seemed so much more personal.

Somewhere, beneath the stern and cold subroutines, a small part of Prowl - the statistician from Praxus, before the war broke out - was moved by it.

When they arrived at a wide double-door at the end of the corridor, Prowl stopped and looked back at the Autobot Leader. "My capacity for sentimentalities is regretfully not my...strongest suit, but know, with the utmost sincerity, that it has been a honor to serve under you, Prime. You will be greatly missed."

The doors slid open, revealing the sea of Autobots and allied soldiers waiting in the courtyard.

Not far from the where Prowl and Optimus stood, sat a podium situated on a short platform, only a few Cybertronian feet above the crowd.

2011-12-12, 07:16 AM
The Decagon

Sideswipe had to force his hands not to ball up into fists as he returned Ironhide's nod. Quick Switch was behaving like his usual crazy self, but no matter how much they'd come to expect this sort of behaviour from the sixchanger over the decades it didn't make him any easier to deal with when it happened.

Give me 'Cons any day. At least I can just shoot them and get it over with.

Artfire left Arcee in a recovery bunk aboard one of the shuttles, then made his way back out when he heard Quick Switch call for a medic.

"I'm sure," Skydive told Sky Lynx, not interested in discussing Silverbolt's legal troubles. "I've got some other things to attend to, though, so please inform me when your troops are in the air."

Missile Master chuckled. "Yes, Skystalker and I have had the occasional run-in over the years," he agreed with Flattop. "Mostly when I was still serving under Countdown, thankfully, so I didn't need to deal with him personally very often. You have my sympathies."

Secret Rebel Base

Firecracker's expression turned sour as soon as the connection with Magnificus was cut.

"Stuffed-shirt ex-Con," he grumbled. "You'll get yours one day soon. I just hope I'll be the one pulling the trigger."

With the annoyed expression still on his face, he headed down to report to Deftwing.

ISS Holding Facility

It took a few minutes for it to click, but Silverbolt frowned when he noticed that suddenly, he had twice as many guards in his line of sight as he had before.

"Uh, Clampdown..." He asked calmly, "what's all this about?"

Clampdown shrugged. "You know Red," he replied. "He's not the type to take chances, not after what happened with Slingshot."

"I do, but--wait. What happened with Slingshot, exactly?"

"You don't know?"

Silverbolt shook his head. "Enlighten me."

"Not my place to say," Clampdown told him with a shrug. "But feel free to ask the boss. He should be down here to chat with out any minute now."

2011-12-14, 10:47 PM
ISS Holding Facility

When Red Alert arrived at the ISS Holding Facility, he was greeted by the staff that were milling about the lobby. There was more personnel present than usual, with additional guards patrolling the halls and positioned at every entrance. It was an extra measure made at the behest of the Security Director himself.

...And if the recent break-in hadn't motivated them enough to increase security, today the Holding Facility had a special guest.

As Red Alert moved past, he snapped his fingers at the functionary sitting at the window of the security station. "Open it, would you?" He pointed at the entrance to the holding cells. "What block is inmate 0A1-C50 being held in?"

"3rd block. He'll be in Cell 5. Clampdown's down there right now."

The watchmech rolled his chair across the terminal at his station and pressed a switch. The door sectioning off the lobby from the inmates unlocked one latch at a time and slid open.

As he entered, Red Alert waved back. "Thanks."


The Security Director strode through the aisles of vaults, moving from block to block, until he found Clampdown, precisely where the security officer in the lobby had said, sitting across from one of the cells.

As he approached the vault, the ISS founder said over his shoulder, "Thanks, Clampdown. I'll take it from here."

Red Alert stopped in front of the cell and looked down at the inmate inside. "Well..." He crossed his arms and smirked. "This is a fine mess you've gotten yourself into, Silverbolt."

2011-12-15, 09:31 AM
The Decagon

"I'll pass." Searchlight told Artfire, as he hopped into the shuttle beside Arcee, but frowned as Artfire made to leave. "Hey, where're you going?"

"Experienced combat pilot? Hardly. I subscribe to the Wrecker ethos of 'shoot anyone without a red insignia'. I'm hardly a combat pilot." Broadside told Skydive. "Plus, I'm afraid of heights."

He waved at a red Pretender sitting on a bench, holding his sonic schyte like a spoon, and turning it around slightly. "Yo, Sky High! You coming?"


"Yo, Sky High! You coming?"

Said the big, grey ogre barbarian with a battle ax strapped onto his back. Ogres are unpleasant creatures, but this one has been born and raised in an Alliance city.

Beside the ogre was General Skydive, current commander of the flying force. That human mage was a decent gryphon rider.

Sky High, however, knew he was better. He was a night elf, blessed with more speed and strength than a normal human. As a warlock, he was able to command the power of the demons of the Hellfire Legion and turn it against them. He smiled. He had been practicing his incantations and ritual spells with his Shadowschyte of Doom, and was about to summon a Doom Guard, but it seemed like they have need of his presence now.

Sky High uncurled his fingers, and his Shadowschyte melted into a vortex of shadow, magically transporting itself into the pouch strapped on Sky High's waist.

Two balls of black, demonic flame appeared around Sky High's head, rotating around him.

The Hellfire Legion is coming. They had even made a truce with the orcish horde, their ancient enemies.

"It is time, then?" Sky High hissed, blinking his viridian-green eyes. His irises glowed with the magical mana power within him. He tugged at the hem of his cloak, woven from the branches of the Ironwood Trees of Teldrassir and the leaves of Treants. "We shall drive the Hellfire Legion back through the Dark Portal, and kill every single one that's left here!"

He fell into step behind the ogre and the human, watching as the full scale of the Grand Alliance's army came into view. Humans, elves of all kind, dwarves, gnomes, goblins, even a couple of other races Sky High doesn't recognise...

They're going to win this.


Sky High stood up and subspaced his schyte. "It's time? Let's drive out the Imperials." And he followed the other two

"Oh, hush, you 80's Chevy." Trailbreaker shook his head at Tracks, grinning. "We all know you're outdated. I mean, the 80's for crying out loud! Sports cars change their flavour every year."

Trailbreaker's attention, however, was soon brought back to Quick Switch. The poor soul! Trailbreaker met Quick's gaze, and he understood the pain in the sixchanger's optics. He knew, somewhat, what it felt to feel like one doesn't belong. Like Trailbreaker himself, a fuel-guzzling machine in this time of energy shortage...

"You are one of us, Quick." Trailbreaker whispered quietly, "Always."

Even Trailbreaker wouldn't know when Quick Switch would suddenly change his mood, but he was prepared for it. At least Quick seemed to be calming himself down... Trailbreaker placed a hand comfortingly on Quick Switch's shoulder, and didn't even flinch as Quick Switch's emotions flurried together.

Pyro, Drift and Windcharger visibly tensed when the different emotions flared through Quick Switch's face, but Trailbreaker didn't even flinch.

Trailbreaker smiled as Quick Switch calmed down, and seemingly attempted to joke. Knowing it's the best he could expect from Quick Switch, Trailbreaker laughed. A genuine, happy laugh. "Gave up drinking? Come on! Stop spoiling my fun! I promise not to duct-tape you when you're drunk!"

Trailbreaker nodded. "Of course, we could see Optimus. He'll be happy to see you. As for a medic, Ratchet's in Protihex. Always in the front lines, our Ratchet, bless his spark. First Aid is around, though, you remember him, First Aid, he's red, an ambulance, a funny looking visor- hey, why is your head smoking?"

Just then, Prowl and Optimus Prime appeared. "Hey, look, Quick! There's Optimus!"

Pyro turned around and looked at Optimus Prime. Optimus!

He looked tired, though. Although who wouldn't be, faced with the pressures of being the leader of the Autobots? Pyro doubted he could stand the pressure... but he was like Prime. An Autobot. A freedom fighter.

He would do his damned best in this battle. Sacrifice himself if need be.

Drift looked at Sideswipe, and understood the other Autobot's frustration. What the heck was they supposed to do with Quick Switch?

Windcharger pulled out his commlink and dialled First Aid. "Doc? You... might want to get to the Decagon. Quick Switch is here, and, uh, smoke's kind of coming out of his head."

Lady Quickswitch
2011-12-15, 01:39 PM
Courtyard, The Decagon

His face swam once more with mounting frustration. His multi-persona were becoming out of sync and thoughts were growing even more delineated along those fracture lines because of it. He hadn't been thinking seriously about finding a medic! Yet it had come out of his own mouth, and he raged at his lack of control and would have crushed his own blasters in his tightening grip if they hadn't been made of the same dense metal as himself.

For that matter, he could have gone for a good stiff energy-brew at that moment as well.

Quick Switch looked puzzled.

"It wasn't doing me--or anyone else--any good," he replied, a small smile on his fatigued face. His expression fell when he heard Ratchet would not be present. That unit was where he belonged, and where Quick Switch should have been.

But he remembered First Aid, and nodded tiredly to Trailbreaker, "He'll do, I suppose, but--"


2011-12-15, 01:52 PM
Courtyard, The Decagon

Trailbreaker shrugged, noting Quick Switch's frustration. He really needs a medic, before he hurts himself. He returned Quick's smile with one of his own. "Probably. Still, never a mistake to unwind and relax for a bit." Trailbreaker quipped.

Trailbreaker tilted his head, not aware of Quick Switch's conflicting emotions towards Optimus Prime. "But..?" Trailbreaker said.

2011-12-15, 02:21 PM
The Decagon

Splashdown took a swig of high grade energon and wiped the back of his hand across his mouth.

"Lets go tar their hides Sky."

2011-12-15, 02:33 PM
The Decagon


Splashdown took a swig of Scottish wine, and wiped the back of his hand across his mouth.

"Let's go tar their hides, Sky", said Splashdown. Of course, Splashdown was not really his name. Just like Sky High was not really his name. They were nicknames

To be really precise, as far as the government was concerned, their names were double-oh-three and double-oh-four. 'Splashdown' and 'Sky High' was just two nicknames they came up with.

And they were here in service for their country, as part of the government agency M17.

Sky High said, smiling, tugging at his jet-black Armani suit. It wasn't really Armani, of course... Que's fitted it with some sort of Kevlar compound or somesuch that allowed him to withstand powerful weaponry... though Sky High fell asleep when Que tried to explain it to him.

Commander Sean (a.k.a. 'Skydive'), leader of this mission against a group of invaders from Brasnya, was talking to the large, bald agent from the FBI.

They were pulling all the stops to stop the invaders, but M17 wanted them to be sure, and sent both he and Splashdown in as well...

Their mission? Kill the enemy commander, a member of the Brasnyan royal family, who calls himself 'Thunderwing'. Sky High chuckled as he twirled his Walther handgun with one finger. "Of course, double-oh-three. We'll kill prince son-of-a-bitch, and we'll be back home before you know it."


"Of course, Splashdown. We'll kill prince son-of-a-glitch, and we'll be back home before you know it." Sky High said, pulling out his cannon and twirling it.

2011-12-15, 04:21 PM
The Decagon

Splashdown nodded

"that's the spirit lad, Thunderwing may think he's all powerful but I've picked up a few tricks of my own , been there seen it all got the scars to prove it. You stick with me laddo ."

Splashdown idly scratched his back with the tip of his gun.

2011-12-16, 12:38 PM
The Decagon


"That's the spirit lad, Serpentor may think he's all powerful but I've picked up a few tricks of my own, been there seen it all got the scars to prove it. You stick with me laddo." Splashdown idly scratched his back with the tip of his gun.

Really, it wasn't something that Sky High, pilot of the Dragonfly XH-1 Helicopter, would recommend doing. After all, the gun might fire and blow Splsahdown up.

But Splashdown was a Joe, just like him. Although Splashdown piloted the S.H.A.R.C. submarine instead, a master of the seas instead of the skies.

G.I. Joe was made of the very best, and while sometimes guys like Splashdown or Shipwreck or one of the others might not act like professionals, there was no doubt that G.I. Joe was made of the very best of the best of the United States' Military. They will take down every single threat to peace and freedom and the likes of them. They had access to the best military equipment, even things that seem to be out of the world.

Which, in this case, included things like Dragonflies and S.H.A.R.C.s. Not that it would do good; Serpentor's army numbered among the thousands, with genetically-engineered Vipers, as well as those monstrous creatures from the
cult of Cobra-La.

Not that impossible odds had stopped G.I. Joe before, mind...

Standing nearby was the gruff general Broadside, captain of the U.S.S. Flagg, one of the biggest aircraft carriers that the American military has on its disposal, as well as the Skystriker modified jet. Beside him was Skydive, whose real name was Lynton N. Felix, the Sky Patrol leader and the current commander of the mission.

"Oh, I've got a few tricks of my own." Sky High said, elbowing Splashdown, grinning as he chomped down on his cigar, hefting the modified assault rifle that he cradled. "You wait and see, old timer. We'll bring the pain on those Cobra bastards."


"Oh, I've got a few tricks of my own. You wait and see, old timer. We'll bring the pain on those bastards." Sky High elbowed Splashdown, hefting his cerebro-scrambling gun.

2011-12-18, 07:00 AM
The Decagon

"I didn't just sign up for paramedic training so I'd have an excuse to drug femmebots and drag them off without anyone getting suspicious," Artfire joked to Searchlight. "I've got to take care of all of the troops, even the crazy ones."

Jogging outside, he headed toward Quick Switch's location.

"Did I hear someone ask for a medic? I should be able to help, until a doctor can arrive."

He kept a safe distance away from the sixchanger, not approaching until he was invited. In his head, he was calculating how large a dose of sedative medichines he'd need to take down a large sixchanger, and hoping fervently that he wouldn't need to test his math in the real world.

Skydive gave Broadside a funny look. "If you're trying to talk your way out of going, it's not going to work."

He nodded to Sky High, muttering under his breath, "Why couldn't it have been the chirpy, enthusiastic Micromaster one?"

When Splashdown arrived, he said more loudly, "I've got a special job for you three. When we get to Protihex I need you to find Ultra Magnus and ensure his safety. He's been leading the battle in Prime's absence and we'll need him to bring us up to speed on what's going on."

His communicator beeped then, telling him that he had an incoming transmission from Sonar. he forwarded the scout's telemetry on to Prowl and started analyzing it himself at the same time as he instructed the other Aerialbot to regroup with the rest of their squadron.

Star Arrow

Missile Master led Flattop into the ship, trying not to grin as he showed his 'baby' off.

"As you can see, the ship was designed and built solely with a Micromaster crew in mind," he told the Decepticon. "It was designed as a long-range explorer and scout ship, and building the inhabitable sections at this scale let us reduce the ship's mass by 28%. That means we burn a lot less energon than a bulk ship built with all the same features, and it frees up a lot more power for the engines, weapons and defensive shields. She can accommodate a crew of up to a hundred comfortably, but you only need six mechs to operate her at full capacity. Usually it's just me and the rest of the Astro Squad, so it's nice to have a new face around."

Secret Rebel Base

Firecracker popped into the armoury, disrupting the two ex-Autobots in their weapon-scrounging.

"Sorry to barge in, guys, but I just talked to our buddy Maggy." He looked over at Blades before shifting his eyes to Deftwing. "We've hatched a plan. Magnificus is going to meet with Sundor and offer to throw a fundraiser for him. Slingshot here gets hired on as security with a fake ID, and we make sure he gets a chance to pop Sunny right between his beady little eyes. Sound good?"

"It could certainly work," Deftwing nodded in approval.

ISS Holding Facility

Clampdown gave Red Alert a casual salute, saying, "You got it, boss. I'll be right around the corner if you need me."

Silverbolt looked up at Red Alert once the other officer was gone, a sour expression on his face. "Don't give me that crap," he told the security officer without much rancour. "Prowl wanted to send my entire training squadron to their deaths, and he provoked me into a fight so he could have an excuse to lock me up long enough that I wouldn't be able to stop it. Why do you suppose he had me locked up here instead of in the Autobase security compound where I'd be too close for comfort and might have been able to get an audience with Prime?"

He sighed.

"And now you're here instead of some jumped-up whelp of a JAG lawyer, and instead of reading off a list of criminal charges you're going to tell me how I'm miraculously going to get off with a slap on the wrist now that Prowl's managed to manipulate a naïve Skydive into doing his bidding. I've known Prowl for years, Red, and I've seen this movie before. Tell me I'm wrong."

(OOC: Obviously there are times when Prowl's reputation does all the work for him. :glance: )

2011-12-18, 08:46 AM
The Decagon

Searchlight shrugged, and hopped off from the shuttle and trotted after Artfire. Mainly because he did not know what to do while in a shuttle with the unconscious Arcee. What if she wakes up and attacks him? Not exactly a position where Searchlight wants to find himself in. “So, uh… what is it with him anyway?” Searchlight whispered as they neared where the confrontation seems to be.

He glanced from Quick Switch to Optimus Prime and back again, and gulped. Searchlight hoped that he does blend into the crowd pretty well should Quick snap…

“Nobody understands the pain of us acrophobics.” Broadside said, melodramatically placing a hand against his forehead. “What a cruel, cruel world we live in.” He glanced at Splashdown and gave the other aquatic Autobot a lazy salute. “How you doing, Splashy?”


“If you’re trying to talk your way out of going, it’s not going to work.” Said the Secretary of Defense.

“Nobody understands the pain of us agents.” Said the gigantic man who Sky High only knew as Broadside. It’s not a good thing to be on a first-name basis; after all, secret identities are there for a reason. “What a cruel, cruel world we live in.”

Broadside then gave Sky High’s close friend, the aquatic Atlantis-born superhero known as Splashdown, a lazy salute and said, “How you doing, Splashy?”

The Secretary of Defense turned to look at Sky High, and muttered something under his breath. No doubt wondering why he was on this mission, after he screwed up that mission in Abu Dhabi. A couple of dead civilians, and that alien parasite that got away... But that was on an uncontrolled situation. Nobody expected the Cult of the Snake to interfere. This one will be different, this one will be a penance, of sorts.

And the League better succeed. For if Darkseid takes over the world…

Not that it’s going to be an easy battle. Despite all the wacky superpowers that Earth’s superheroes have, the endless army of para-demons under Darkseid’s command….

The Secretary of Defense spoke more loudly. “I’ve got a special job for you three. When we get to Los Angeles, I need you to find Ultra Magnus and ensure his safety. He’s been leading the battle in Superman’s absence and we’ll need him to bring us up to speed on what’s going on.”

Sky High nodded as he put on his domino mask. “You got it, Mr. Secretary.” Time to fly, then… Sky High mentally ordered his body to levitate, and he did. Flight, it was something not all men know how to do. It was a gift, and a curse at the same time…

“Stop showing off, kid.” Broadside snorted. “Not all of us like flying.”

“You’re just jealous that you can’t fly.” Sky High said, and chuckled as Broadside opened his mouth to speak, then shut up. Poor Broadside… all he can do is control earthquakes and water and stuff like that. Impressive, no doubt, but nothing beats the joy of flying.


“You got it, Skydive.” Sky High said, his Pretender shell’s helmet covering his face. He hovered in place.

“You okay, kid?” Broadside asked, tilting his head. “You know, just because I said I didn’t like flying doesn’t mean you have to show off.”

“You’re just jealous that you can’t fly.” Sky High replied.

Broadside seemed to want to reply, then shook his head and gave Skydive a look that said 'what is wrong with this fella?'

2011-12-18, 10:17 AM
Star Arrow

"Nice Ship, very nice ."

Flattop paused.

"But what happens if one of you is injured if it needs six mechs to fly it."



Splashdown nodded to Broadside swigging some more energon from a flask.

"flying the flag for us old rustdogs. Keeping the flyboys and the groundpounders in their place. Been seconded to space command recently. Course some flyboys need keeping closer to the ground than others.

He flicked his optics towards Sky High

Lady Quickswitch
2011-12-18, 10:38 AM
(OOC: I'm sorry... I've made a mockery of Quick Switch...)

Quick Switch's lip curled, his eyes fixed on where Prime was emerging to make his appearance. The dock worker was coming. Those same eyes flared with alarm as Artfire drew closer. Then - thank Primus - Artfire stopped at a short distance.

The unit had two choices.

He fixed Artfire with a short, steely gaze.

"Proceed," the unit said.

The medic would be watched.

2011-12-18, 12:54 PM
The Decagon

Broadside chuckled. "How does a naval guy like you get into space command- never mind, I don't want to know. I don't want to go to space... the sea and the sky, too much adventure even for a Wrecker, you know?"

Broadside nodded. "I'd stay closer to the ground too, you know what I mean? I'm a bloody aircraft carrier, aircraft carriers are not meant to fly around like a butterfly."

Broadside leaned down, closer to Splashdown, and glanced at Sky High, who was now flying forwards with one hand outstretched, as if he was Superman. "Your buddy there... is he okay? Or is that one of the, you know..."

Trailbreaker watched the sudden change in Quick Switch's expression with a slight alarm. Why was he so angry with Optimus Prime? Why-

Then Artfire came by. Trailbreaker knew better than to tell Quick Switch to calm down, he knows that doing so multiple times often had the reverse effect than intended.

That, and he believed that Quick Switch could control himself... Mind, if Quick goes loose, it's a good thing he has a forcefield generator ready...

Windcharger leaned close to Artfire. "Quick's head is smoking. That normal, Artfire?"

2011-12-18, 06:17 PM
The Decagon

Splashdown tucked his flask into subspace

"Well ya know Broadside I'm not one of these Blue Army fanatics. Far from it but there ain't a lot of opportunities for us naval types and underwater in space has enough similarities to make even a battered old rustdog like myself useful."

Splashdown glanced at Sky High.

"Not too sure theres some gaps in his history, not sure if its shell shock or if its a coping mechanism, theres a possibilty that he was in a Con prison camp. One theory is it was his way of making it through the cycles but he's ok in a fight even if he thinks hes killing bug eyed slugs rather than Cons."

2011-12-19, 04:20 AM
Courtyard, Decagon

(OOC: Optimus Prime's speech? Need any suggestions?)

Iacon Medical and Research Institute

First Aid raised his brow at Windcharger's description of Quickswitch's injuries.

"Smoke? Emitting from his head?" First Aid answered. "There's plenty of things that could be. None of which are good or a easily mended, I'm afraid. Certainly not at your current location. He needs to be brought to the IMR immediately. I'll send a medic unit right away."

Secret Rebel Base

Blades looked back at Firecracker "Uh, yeah, great," a tinge of suspicion was in his voice. "Sounds like he came through as always."

He he shifted his gaze over to Deftwing. "You still need me for this thing? Where am I going to be when this is all going down?"

ISS Holding Facility

(OOC: Sorry if it seems like he's not letting Silverbolt get a word in edgewise, there was just so much I wanted Red to say. I guess I got a little carried away.)

"Oh, don't get me wrong," Red Alert replied. "I have my own...grievances, I guess you could say, with Prowl. And, yeah, he has a certain talent of being able to passive-aggressively push my buttons. But, what you did, heh heh..."

Red Alert took Clampdown's seat and dragged it in front of Silverbolt's cell. Once he situated himself - locking his arms behind is head and crossing his legs into a figure four position - the Security Director continued.

"Let me get this straight -- you honestly believe Prowl somehow, premeditatedly, went to all this trouble to piss you off?" the Security Director chuckled lightly. "I think you might be giving him far too much credit. Sure, Prowl schemes, he manipulates, he condescends, he-- "

Red Alert paused when he realized what he had just said.

"Actually, scratch that - that very much sounds like something he would do. But still, Silverbolt -- attempting to assassinate a General at a military facility, soldiers and Decagon staff all around, and from what I've also been told, Optimus Prime himself?" He shook his head. "With all due respect, I don't care what bold statement you were trying to make, Silverbolt, or whether you think you were in the right -- that was, well, incredibly stupid. I'm surprised Prowl's goons didn't just kill you right there on the spot. They would've been well within their rights to."

"Oh, and you're only partially correct," he then told the Aerialbot. "While, yes, you are catching a break, it's only because I decided to stick my olfactory sensors where they didn't belong. And, also because the JAG lawyer we usually go through when dealing with you military thugs was conveniently unavailable..."

The ISS founder frowned. "Which is just as well. There's something about that Deftwing fellow that makes me itchy. Mind you, this is probably 'crazy Red's paranoid ramblings', but after all that bad business with Slingshot, the last thing I wanted was having him handling your case. Fortunately, I know a thing or two about law - both civilian and military - so, I made a few calls, finagled a less-experienced JAG and, ta-da, here I am."

"I'll tell you one thing, though -- you being here; it wasn't Prowl's doing. My guess, his excellence is too busy making grand proclamations and readying his damn legion to even bother showing leniency to the mech that just tried to kill him. No, I suspect someone else thought it best you be transferred to our facility*. Though, I must confess, at first I wasn't particularly stoked about having another Aerialbot being held here - not after the mess last one made...

But, more on that in a little bit."

(OOC: * - Instead of being Prowl, it could've been Optimus Prime. Just a thought. He was there, after all, but didn't step in, even after Silverbolt was carted off. Maybe he was making arrangements with the ISS while Prowl and Skydive were talking. Maybe he was trying to keep Silverbolt safe. Just putting that out there. Or we can ignore that, and chalk it up as mere supposition.)

Red Alert leaned forward in his chair and stared the Aerialbot squarely in the eyes.

"Here's the situation -- You've been stripped of your rank and you have no recourse. The reality is, no JAG in their right mind would ever bother defending you. After all, you just tried to assassinate not only the most arrogant and prickish of all Autobots, but also one of their highest ranking. And even if there was a trial, it would be brief. For now, you're here until the Prison Bureau figures out where to ship you off to -- worse case scenario; you'll have your spark shoved in some cubbyhole at that new detention archive in Uraya..."

He dolefully looked to Silverbolt. "I'm...truly sorry. But, whether you like it or not, I'm the last hope you got. So, please -- rein that crappy attitude of yours in, all right? I'm not your enemy." He sat up straight. "I have a proposition for you."

2011-12-19, 07:13 AM
The Decagon

Broadside shrugged at Splashdown's reply. "Meh, naval warfare is bad enough, what with me getting sea-sick and everything, but space? Like, no gravity or any kind of medium to fly or swim through? Thanks but no thanks, I keep my feet close to ground, or relatively close to it, anyway."

Broadside winced as he regarded Sky High as he touched down, and started looking around, a worried expression on his shell's face. "I've seen some similar cases. Quite sad... so he thinks he's, like, what, thinking he's shooting slugs instead of Decepticons?"


Han Solo and that giant furry Wookie were talking about him, Luke was sure. They seemed to be discussing something about fighting on the water versus space, but Luke wasn't paying enough attention to the conversation to care.

They had to move soon. To the Death Star, to face the dreaded Empire.

And it's thousands and thousands of faceless Stormtroopers and Death Troopers and clone troopers and torture droids and genetically engineered experiments and god knows what.

Not to mention Darth Vader.

Not to mention that bloody Death Star hovering above Yavin right now.

Luke glanced at the Rebel Alliance assembled in front of them. Members of every species. Humans, Wookies... well, Luke wasn't much of a xenobiologist so he really can't name any other than those...

He was a farm boy from Tatooine, for crying out loud! The biggest excitement he ever had was fending off the Tusken raiders or Jabba's bloody goons.

And now, he was somehow gang-pressed into the Rebel Alliance. Gang-pressed might not be the correct word, mind... he had to admit, avenging Uncle Lars, Aunt Beru and old Ben Kenobi might have played some part in so readily agreeing to this mission.

Pilot a bloody X-Wing. What was he thinking?

Luke watched Admiral Ackbar, walking some distance in front. Their assignment was to find the Commander of the current Rebel force in Ground Zero and rendezvous with him.

Then they had to take out Vader.

And the Death Star.

No pressure.

Luke gripped his newly-crafted lightsaber. His father's one, Ben told him. He fingered the hilt, and with a snap-hiss it activated, expanding into a glowing blue blade.

And there was the matter of him being force-sensitive, or whatever, being the offspring of one of the greatest Jedi Knights...

No pressure.


"No pressure." Sky High muttered, his schyte materializing from subspace.

"Don't think that's going to be possible, doc." Windcharger told First Aid, moving away from the center of the courtyard so Quick Switch wouldn't overhear the conversation. "Y'see, this is Quick we're talking about. I don't think we can just 'bring' him to the IMR, not without injecting him with enough sedative to knock out Devastator. And if you do that, he'll be angry. You won't like him when he's angry."

Room, inside the Decagon

Bumblebee put his feet up on the table, and drummed his fingers on the table, waiting. Just waiting.

What would Prowl want with him?

Bumblebee knew Prowl was the type to cut deals with unstable members of the force. Like, oh, say, Repugnus or Hubcap or something. But Bumblebee wasn't like Repugnus, it wasn't like he had anything to offer. Not services, certainly, his attempt at black ops nearly blew up Protihex and Iacon. Not intel, no one in their right mind would want intelligence from Bumblebee...

So why?

Bumblebee wanted to believe that Prowl drew him out of the frying pan out of the goodness of his heart, but Bumblebee doubted it.

He's known Prowl for far too long.

There was something Prowl wanted, but Bumblebee had no idea what value he had.

2011-12-19, 08:03 AM
The Decagon

"Thank you."

Artfire took a step closer to Quick Switch. His left hand retracted and was replaced by a scanner attachment.

"No, Windcharger. Smoke coming from the head is not normal and you know it."

Looking back at Quick Switch, he said, "You're suffering from an acute overheating in your brain module. Judging from the microfractures and subatomic warping that my sensors are picking up, this isn't the first time you've had to deal with it, either. If I had to guess, I'd say that your non-standard transformation systems take so many CPU cycles and computations to manage that your brain needs to overclock itself just to keep up. I've seen Triplechangers and Jumpstarters who've suffered from the same problem, but never this bad."

He sighed.

"Just about the only thing I can do is recommend a day's rest in a recharge booth. Your brain needs time to cool down again."

Skydive excused himself from the two Pretenders and the Wrecker and headed for the rally point where his fellow Aerialbots were meeting.

Star Arrow

Missile Master shrugged. "Then the rest of us don't get much downtime until we can get a replacement, let's put it that way."

He led Flattop out onto the ship's bridge.

"But since we rarely get out of Cybertron orbit, it's not a huge worry. If we ever get the chance to take her out on a proper exploration cruise, we'll need to take more than a skeleton crew along."

"You got that right," Barrage grunted from the tactical station.

Missile Master smiled thinly. "Always cutting right to the point, aren't you?" He gestured toward the other Micromaster. "Flattop, this is Barrage, our tactical officer. He's a bit...eager, but he means well."

Then he introduced the rest of the crew. "The mech at the helm is my second in command, Phaser. Blast Master is his partner, and our cargo handler."

The two Autobot Micromasters both looked up and said their hellos.

"Moonrock is the relaxed-looking guy in the back who's pretending to read an engineering manual."

If Moonrock even noticed the introduction, he didn't notice.

"And last but not least this is Heave, our science officer."

The bookish Autobot looked up and waved shyly.

"Heave here is also our communications specialist, so he should be able to help you with contacting your fellow Decepticons."

Secret Rebel Base

Deftwing smiled transparently at Blades. "I could see you working on the security detail as well," he told the ex-Protectobot. "The more of our people we can have there the better, and since you've got an employment record with Magnificus already we won't have to worry about dummying up any new credentials for you."

Firecracker nodded. "Yeah, if something goes wrong we could definitely use a mech like you to help clean up the mess."

ISS Holding Facility

Silverbolt shrugged. "It's only stupid because I failed. If I'd stopped him, it'd be heroic. Next time I'll use my missile launchers instead."

He listened to what Red Alert had to say, but didn't really pay attention. He wasn't saying anything that Silverbolt was interested in hearing. After all, if he'd wanted to listen to officious bureaucratese he wouldn't have taken a shot at Prowl to begin with. Once Red stopped talking, Silverbolt waited a few seconds before he even thought about answering.

"You seem to be under the mistaken impression," he told the security officer at last, "that I care about what happens to me. I don't. Prowl might as well stand me up against a wall and shoot me, since he's murdering every other Aerialbot to advance his insane schemes. My job was to keep them safe and I failed. Unless your 'proposition' involves giving me another chance to stop your insane boss, you're just wasting my time. Without my Aerialbots to protect, I have no reason to even think about leaving."

2011-12-19, 12:34 PM
The Decagon

Windcharger shrugged. "It could be normal, you know. I mean, just saying." He shrugged at the strange look Drift was giving him. "Just trying to diffuse the tension."

"You're no Trailbreaker." Drift said, an amused look on his face.

Windcharger shrugged again. "I know."

Trailbreaker glanced at Artfire, and winced. Quick Switch would not take well to being left out of the action, or being ordered around... although really it depends on which Quick Switch, exactly, are they talking to right then...

Trailbreaker itched to use his force field. Things might get ugly...

"Quick, I don't think you've met Artfire." Trailbreaker said, "Artfire, Quick Switch. Quick, Artfire. Although he looks like Inferno after I dropped a bag of flour on him, Artfire is one of our top field medics. He's a nice guy. Even if he looks like an albino version of Inferno."

2011-12-21, 05:11 AM
Iacon Medical and Research Institute

First Aid listened in on Artfire's assessment of Quickswitch before answering Windcharger.

"Exactly! Quickswitch risks permanent neurological damage if he remains there," he said. "I do not mean to discredit you and your on-site medic's abilities, but he requires care that only our facilities can provide. The medic unit will be there in under a breem. Do what you can to keep him from doing anything strenuous in the meantime."

Room 118, A Wing - The Decagon

Small Foot leaned with one leg kicked up against the wall near the entrance of the small conference room, whistling a peppy Rosanna tune to herself. Her eyes fell onto the waiting Bumblebee, who for good reason had grown impatient.

"Umm...Hey, Ranger. You messaged Prowl, right?"

"Sure did. Still haven't received a reply," Road Ranger told both his partner and Bumblebee. "I'm pretty sure he got it, though."

Small Foot looked back at yellow and black Autobot. "Yeah, and besides a lotta stuff's been happening here today. Prowl didn't forget about you. He'll be by, I promise." She smiled.

ISS Holding Facility

(OOC: This one's a doozy, too. Sorry. Just humor me. It's not often Red gets a chance to exposit like this. EDIT: Slight revisions made.)

"Believe it or not, I can identify," Red Alert told Silverbolt. "Let me tell you story. And for Primus sake, try to listen this time, okay? It might give you some perspective..."

The ISS Director leaned back in his chair.

"When the ISS was initially formed after the Reclamation, I was guaranteed that there would be minimal military intervention. The ISS was developed not only to police Iacon's then-rapidly growing population, but also as something people could, you know, recognize and trust."

He tapped his finger on the the red and grey ISS emblem emblazoned on his chest.

"And for awhile, it seemed like Autobase granted us the semi-autonomy required to do just that -- until that incident with Devastator. Prowl used it as an excuse to better monitor us, said he wasn't happy with the state of Iacon's security. Next thing I know, the ISS was being co-opted for military missions. Often this would happen behind my back, without me even knowing until after the fact." Red Alert frowned. "The ISS, whose sole purpose was to protect the people of Iacon, was being used as cannon fodder...

"I lost a lot of good mechs through that 'arrangement' with Prowl before I finally said 'enough' and began severing ties to the military -- save the liaison between myself and his excellence," he said. "Ransom, Kingbolt, Checkpoint, Dice, Quasar, Stockade, Kedge, Bullpen, the entire 'Aegis' SWAT unit, Tocsin. I could go on. I remember them all..."

(OCC: There's a few generic names I tossed in there. Just for the sake of drama.)

For a moment, Red Alert stared off as he recalled the officers whose names he had just mentioned. He smiled reminiscently, then shifted his gaze back to Silverbolt where his expression instantly soured.

"You think you got a crummy deal, Silverbolt?" He narrowed his eyes. "Tss, please. You're not the only one who's been screwed over by Prowl. And what's worse, you actually thought this assassination attempt would make you some kind of hero?! Are your Aerialbot's any safer because your decision?! Of all the egocentric, selfish--"

Red Alert's face puckered up as if forcing back the obscenities he wanted to shout at the Aerialbot Leader. But, the ISS founder resisted -- he was the 'authority figure' here, after all.

He then deeply 'inhaled', gracefully held his hand up to Silverbolt, and exhaled.

"...Trust me when I say that I've contemplated doing the same to Prowl myself," he said soberly. "Oh ho, you have no idea. But, what good would that do me or the ISS? Especially if I failed? Who in the ISS, who truly understands Prowl, would be able stand up to him? While I would gladly take a bullet for each and everyone of them, I also have a responsibility to these officers. They look to me for leadership. Just as you have a responsibility to your Aerialbots. Even now, in this cell, you have a responsibility to them.

...With that said, I think that's a good segue back to that little proposition of mine."

He motioned to a patrolling guard at the other end of the corridor.

"In case you haven't already noticed, security's been tightened since you've arrived. You see, this past solar cycle an Aerialbot - Slingshot to be specific - broke out of here. Messed up the security personnel on shift pretty good too. Surveillance equipment was taken out, but it's a safe bet he had help. Possibly a connection from the inside - either the ISS, or Autobase. I have a few theories who that might be. Not a whole lot of 'why's', though, so I can't exactly substantiate that claim."

He looked expectantly to the Aerialbot. "I hope you see where I'm going with this. I need your help, Silverbolt."

2011-12-22, 03:10 PM
The Decagon

"Keeping him from doing anything strenuous might be easy. Getting him to come along with the doctors, well, that's going to be a doozy. You sure you can't come, doc? He seems to trust you. He doesn't trust the others. The last thing we need is for him to blow a fuse and kill others. He seems to have attacked other Autobots in Protihex already." Windcharger told First Aid, and presumably Artfire as well, if he's on the same wavelength.

Briefly Windcharger wondered how he became involved in a medical-related discussion.

Room 118, A Wing, The Decagon

"No worries, guys. I don't mind waiting." Bumblebee told Small Foot and Road Ranger. "No doubt Prowl is saving the world from whatever disaster we have right about now. Or, like, uh, probably shuffling paperwork. Yeah."

Bumblebee shifted in his chair, and scratched his cheek.

"You guys don't happen to, like, have, a magazine or a news feed or anything here, do you?"

2011-12-23, 07:24 AM
The Decagon

Artfire considered jogging Quick Switch's memory by reminding the sixchanger that he'd been one of Skyfall's team of new Wreckers, but decided against it. Considering the attitude they'd had to Autobot leadership in general and Quick in particular, that wasn't a memory he wanted to bring to the forefront.

Sideswipe tried to catch Windcharger's attention, waving at the other Autobot in an attempt to get him to come close enough that they could speak without Quick Switch overhearing.

It took Skydive about half a second to notice that Fireflight hadn't joined the rest of the Aerialbots once he'd arrived. He waved Air Raid over.

"Fireflight didn't come back?"

"Nope," Air Raid told him. "Just Sonar."

"That's bad." Skydive walked over to the young recruit and asked, "Sonar, why isn't Fireflight with us?"

"I'm sorry, sir," Sonar told him. "As we were departing, Fireflight inadvertently drifted into the combat zone. He refused to let me help him, and ordered me to leave so that at least one of us would make it back with our sensor data."

"Mm-hmm," Skydive nodded. "And I'm sure you've got recordings to back that up?"

"No, sir," Sonar shuffled his feet nervously. "You see, sir, Fireflight wasn't attacked until shortly after we turned our recorders off and headed for home."

"Did he?" Skydive gave the rookie a sharp look that made it completely clear that he saw right through his transparent lies, then waved his hand in dismissal. "Go refuel, then get back here on the double. Wheels up in three minutes!"

"Aye sir!" Sonar retreated from his commander's presence faster than he would have from an Imperial legion.

"That kid is the worst liar ever," Air Raid chuckled.

"Yeah," Skydive agreed. "I just hope Fireflight hasn't bitten off more than he can chew."

"When doesn't he?" Air Raid asked rhetorically. "But he's always made it through before."


ISS Holding Facility

Outside the door, Clampdown bristled at the mention of his dead partner Kingbolt.

Of all the lousy ways to make a point, he fumed. Trotting out the dead like they're some kind of statistic...

Silverbolt chuckled dryly. "No, Red Alert. I said killing him would be heroic. That doesn't mean I'd expect to be treated like a hero. I'd be sitting here no matter what, but for the chance to put a stop to Prowl's machinations that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. My freedom is a small price to pay to save the lives of everyone he'll send out to die for his own reasons between now and when someone else finally stops him. But obviously you don't feel the same way, or we wouldn't be having this conversation."

Silverbolt laughed. "You need my help? That's rich, Red. Especially when we're sitting on opposite sides of jail cell bars. So now's where you offer to let me out if only I'll betray my friend and turn him in to you?"

The Aerialbot leader -- former leader, now -- shrugged indifferently. "So Slingshot escaped? Good for him, I say." He leaned back, reclining against the cell wall. "Not my problem, Red. He's flamboyant enough, he can't stay hidden for long. Just be sure to come back and tell me how many of your boys he kills when you finally catch up with him."

Silverbolt let that cold assessment hang in the air for a while before he continued. "Of course, I might be willing to change my mind if you offered me something that I value as much as you value your officers' lives. But since we've established that I don't care one way or another about my freedom, I'm afraid it will cost you a bit more than that. So here's the deal: I'll help you deal with Slingshot. And when that's done, you, Red Alert, are going to help me deal with Prowl."

2011-12-23, 07:28 AM
Star Arrow

Flattop waved to all the micromasters

"names Flatop maritime attack pleased to make you aquaintance, so you guys connect together , how does that work for you. i mean I haven't had alot to do with combiners except see this hilarious viral on the interweb of a jet combined with a dump truck and one of submarine combined with a tank. I couldn't stop laughing but I'm sure your experiences are more practical."

2011-12-26, 04:19 AM
The Decagon

Windcharger moved quickly beside Sideswipe, glancing at Quick Switch all the time. "What do you have in mind?" Windcharger whispered.

He's known Sideswipe for most of his life, and while the red Autobot might be a little brash at times, Sideswipe usually knew what to do.

2011-12-28, 08:20 AM
(OOC: I think I've got a speech. I hope it's a good one....)

Prime strode forward, stepping up on the raised platform and looking over the assembled Autobots. He could see the scattering of emotions- some were afraid, some were ramped up and ready to fight, some were waiting with quiet resignation- but then they all looked to him.

And with that realization that he was there, he saw the other look.

The one that recently had come to fill some small part of his spark with an uncertain dread.


There was one other reason he was planning to step down. One that he hadn't told Hot Rod or Prowl. He'd commanded the Autobots for so long, seen them through so many ups and downs.... so many deaths and near deaths..... part of him wondered if they could function without him. And that worry, that niggling little doubt, that he was so important to everything the Autobots did, made him wonder at what point that particular piece of self-important ego stroking turned the Autobots from fighting to stop tyrrany to imposing tyrrany in the name of freedom.

All this flashed through his processors in a picosecond as he took in the faces turning towards him.

Dear Primus, don't let me screw this up..... he thought to himself.

2011-12-28, 09:37 AM
The Decagon

It was an emotional moment for Pyro.

It's not that Pyro had never seen Optimus Prime before, but every time he saw Optimus was an emotional moment.

Optimus Prime, the beacon of hope, of freedom for all sentient beings, of peace, of equality...

Pyro is the same with Optimus. Pyro knew that. Both of them upheld the same ideals, the same values... but Pyro doubted he could be as great as Optimus Prime. That doesn't mean he won't try to be, though.

Optimus Prime, boldly sacrificing his own life for others... slamming the Ark to Earth so that Megatron won't take it over... single handedly wiping out the Decepticon advance force in Autobot City... dueling Megatron to the death... returning to life to stop the Hate Plague... everything Optimus Prime did, saved so many lives!

When would Pyro be given that chance, to sacrifice himself for others?

And if he was given that chance, would he be as noble as Optimus Prime and sacrifice himself?

"Optimus Prime..." Pyro whispered, Quick Switch forgotten for the moment.

Drift looked at Pyro, then looked back at Optimus Prime. The Autobot leader who had given him a second shot at life, at repairing his life. At redemption. Drift certainly didn't hero-worship Optimus Prime like Pyro did, but he respected the Autobot leader a great deal.

After all, he gave Drift a second chance. The short-sighted might say that Optimus Prime would not turn down a powerful warrior that would bolster his army, but Drift knew better.

Optimus Prime saw that he was truly sorry, truly blinded by Megatron's propaganda.

He gave him, literally, the chance to start all over again as a new identity. Freedom to choose. To think for himself.

And for that, Drift would never betray the Autobots.