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2011-02-02, 01:08 AM
Even with a newly elected governor providing a potential rallying point, the people of Protihex have seen better days. In a matter of a few years, the neutral nation has gone from being strategically insignificant to becoming a pivitol frontline.

As the city-state's self-appointed defenders lick their wounds after sucessfully driving off Black Shadow's criminal organization, a new, far more dangerous enemy has arrived. The Imperials have chosen Protihex as the staging ground for their planet-wide invasion.

Can the new Combaticons and the crew of the Steelhaven hold the line long enough until help arrives?

2011-02-18, 06:57 AM
Combaticon Warehouse

Cerebros exited the storehouse and started towards the lot where his transtector was parked. The two small shuttles he had requested had arrived only moments earlier, the crew already moving down the boarding ramps and into the building.

"In there," Cerebros pointed to the large loading door behind him. "Handle with care. The prisoners will be brought down shortly."

"Sir," one of the crew officers dutifully replied.


As the headmaster turned away, his transtector now visible from where he stood, he was alerted to an incoming transmission from the Steelhaven.

"Yes, Ratchet?"

"Well?" he anxiously said. "Is the word given? You must know won't be able to simultaneously evacuate a city-state and repel an Imperial invasion for long, even with Onslaught's people working with us. And we don't know when - or if - Gigatron will come to our aide. It's time to call in Iacon."

"I know, Ratchet, I know," Cerebros sighed, stopping in front of the center "ramp" of his transtector. "Do it."

"Right away," Ratchet answered. "And you? What will you do?"

"I need to head Downtown, near the combat. Groove's office is there," Cerebros stated. "If we intend to evacuate an entire city-state, we may need him to rally the people."

Cerebros then leapt to the air, transformed into his "communications tower" mode, and linked into the port near the transtector's main ramp.

Fortress Maximus lit up to life, immediately converting from battlestation to cruiser. "You and Cog continue to hold the fort, and offer Onslaught any assistance if he requests it."

"We'll do that," Ratchet said. "Be careful out there."


Bridge, Steelhaven

As soon as the transmission ended, Ratchet accessed the control panel at the arm of the captain's chair.

"On the main monitor," he told the automated system. "Autobase, please. And mark it as urgent."

(OOC: Continued in the Iacon thread.)


Medbay, Steelhaven

"I'm almost finished here, but good point," Hoist told Stratus.

Hoist switched off his welding tool and looked down at Aero Blade.

"Now, Aero," Hoist said consolingly. "I want you to be as comfortable as possible. Are you sure you don't want me to switch on any circuit dampeners? I can keep it localized to the areas I'm working on."

Aero Blade
2011-02-19, 03:40 AM
Medbay, Steelhaven

Aero Blade made an annoyed sound, not looking at Hoist as the other Autobot spoke. It was clear he wasn't interested, but he also knew Stratus wouldn't let up on it either.

"Fine..." Aero Blade answered, the bitter tones evident in his response. Stratus seemed more thrilled, giving a relieved sigh as his partner relent.

2011-02-21, 07:17 AM
Templar Heights

"I...I guess I'm with you two," Chopster told Road Hugger and Brawl, although he was petrified about the prospect of taking on the Imperials without Smolder at his side.


Onslaught listened to his troops report, then said, "Get here as soon as you can, Road Hugger. I'll ask the Autobots to send someone for Smolder."

He stopped talking for a few seconds as his turret swung around and blasted an Imperial scout who had been skulking through the ruins nearby, but he didn't slow down as he did it.

Opening to another channel, he put in a call to Cerebros. "Cerebros, this is Onslaught. I've got Road Hugger and Brawl here with me. Their team just had a run-in with Cryotek, of all people, and they need medical help. Can you send someone to their location? I'm piping you in with them right now."

As he got closer to the Imperials' landing zone, he was proud to see his Combaticons on the streets, getting civilians out of the line of fire while they set up defensive positions.

They're good soldiers, he thought to himself, fighting the good fight to protect their adopted home. It's just a shame that they're all going to die.

2011-02-21, 12:59 PM
Templar Heights

"Got it, boss. Brawl, Chopster, Crack Shot and myself will be going over to Uptown. We won't be much help in direct combat but we can do suppressing fire." Road Hugger told Onslaught, confirming the latter's order. "I am leaving Smolder in Servo's tender ministrations until you can get a medevac team down here."

Road Hugger bent down beside Cryotek's corpse while he waited for Onslaught's reply. The thought to try and dissect the criminal for weaponry they could use crossed his mind -- how cool would it be to have an ice gun? -- but Road Hugger shook his head, kicked the corpse on the stomach, and turned around.

"Combaticons, let's roll." Road Hugger said, transforming (rather noisily) into his vehicle mode, tires screeching and engine thrumming as he headed towards Uptown...

And possibly the last battle they'll ever see.

But Road Hugger was happy. All his Decepticon life, he never did anything that he felt was worth doing. Now, he was fighting. To save his planet. To save Cybertron itself from the Imperial vanguard. To save his race. Most of all... to save Protihex. His... home.

2011-02-21, 11:44 PM
Templar Heights

Following Road Hugger’s lead Brawl transformed noisily and awkwardly into his tank mode. The ice inside his systems hadn’t completely thawed yet, making the process more difficult than it should have been.

When the transformation had completed he loudly revved his engines as he rolled not far behind Road Hugger with Crack Shot bringing up the rear.


Servo had been listening in on the transmissions from Road Hugger and Onslaught. He looked over checking at Smoulder making sure his fellow Combaticon’s condition wasn’t getting any worse.

“Don’t worry help is on the way.” He said to an unconscious Smoulder knowing his comrade probably wasn’t well enough to hear him.

2011-02-22, 07:16 AM

Seeing the Combaticons warehouse was empty Slapdash transformed again and raced off looking for Onslaught.

2011-02-23, 12:54 PM
Templar Heights

"Well, Chopster? Hop in." Road Hugger told the Minicon, opening the driver's side of the door for the Minicon to climb in.

2011-02-27, 07:04 AM
Templar Heights

Chopster climbed into Road Hugger's interior, taking extra care not to hack up the other Combaticon's upholstery with his axe-blade feet. He fidgeted nervously for a few seconds, trying in vain to reign in his nerves.

Finally, when the Minicon figured he'd be able to speak without his voice cracking, he asked, "Do you know what we're up against?"


Onslaught rolled to a stop just outside of visual range of the Imperial ships, with a handful of other Combaticons at his side.

"What's your ETA?" he asked Road Hugger. "And what direction are you approaching from?"

His mind was spinning, absolutely full of different tactics he could use to get the most out of what little resources he had here.

This...this is what I was built for. Strategy. Battlefield tactics. Combat. Not politics and leadership.

2011-02-28, 12:06 PM
Templar Heights

"We're approaching from Templar Heights, but we're taking the side roads. Going to, anyway. ETA about ten minutes." Road Hugger replied to Onslaught as he swerved towards a side road. "Brawl aside, the rest of us aren't built for endurance, and probably wouldn't do much good in the front lines. We'll probably take a sniping position, or do a hit-and-run, see if we can disorient the Imperials by flanking them."

Taking his voice off the commlink to talk to Chopster, Road Hugger said, "Imperials. We're up against Imperials. Lots of them. Pray we'll get out of this with all limbs attached."

2011-02-28, 12:38 PM
Templar Heights

Doublecross jogged up next to Onslaught.

"Any resources you require Sir? Between Us and Swindle we can probably find you most things."

2011-03-02, 05:17 AM
Combaticon Field Bivouac, Uptown

"Contact me when you're two minutes out," Onslaught told Road Hugger. "I'll have orders for you then."

Hearing Doublecross's voice, Onslaught turned toward him.

"Honestly?" he said to the Monsterbot. "Right now, if there's anything we need we won't have time to get it. We'll have to make do with what we've got. But if you could take charge of getting ammunition stockpiles set up close to the front lines, I'd appreciate it. Swindle could do the job, sure, but I'd have to detail another set of eyes to keep him from stealing from us." Sighing, he amended, "Stealing more than the usual amount of Swindle-related theft that I budget into all of our operations, I mean."

Templar Heights

Chopster gulped, as well as a robot without a digestive tract could manage.

"We're all going to die, aren't we?"

2011-03-02, 08:31 AM
Templar Heights

"Affirmative, boss. And... It's been an honour." Road Hugger told Onslaught, the a foreboding silence settled upon him as the click of communications being cut crackled noisily in his head.

Chopster's question cut through that silence. Road Hugger wanted to scoff at it, wanted to assure the Minicon, but decided against it.

Everyone needed to know what they were fighting for.

"Yes. Probably." Road Hugger said, his voice dry and deadpan. "But remember what we're fighting for. We are fighting to defend our homes, our planet. They are second-rate impersonators who invades only in the name on conquest. They are not as desperate as us, and desperate mechs are prone to crazy heroic feats."


"Look, Minicon... there is a reason you stayed here on Cybertron. On Protihex. There is also a reason that I, a Decepticon that had the option of going back to the main forces, decided to stay. It's, simply put, hope. We hope for a better future where this bloody war doesn't have to continue. We have hope. We have spirit. And that is one advantage we have above them."


"And... if all else fails... we have Fortress Maximus on our side."

2011-03-08, 04:42 AM
Templar Heights

Chopster gulped again, but Road Hugger's words had had some effect. He still wasn't exactly calm, but he wasn't quavering with fear anymore, either.

"I'd be lying if I said that that was comforting," he told the other Decepticon. "And you're wrong about why I'm here. I didn't come to Protihex because I 'believed'. I came here so people would stop shooting at me." He sighed. "Still...if I have to die, I suppose there are worse things to die for."

2011-03-08, 07:06 AM
Combaticon Field Bivouac, Uptown

Doublecross nodded twice

"Conssssssider is done."

2011-03-08, 08:17 AM

"Me too." Road Hugger told Chopster. "Hyperdrive was too stupid to get it, but I picked this place because I was too tired to embroil myself in another Decepticon Civil War. When Hyperdrive picked up and left, I was sent at first to keep an eye out for him until the Civil War has ended. Now? Now I fight for a cause. Which is something I accepted instead of one that I was built to serve in."

Road Hugger swerved through an alley, the Imperial ships several blocks away. "How you holding up, Brawl?"

2011-03-10, 10:14 PM

“I’m fine” Brawl replied to Road Hugger, his voice showing no signs of the opposite being true. He was still damaged pretty badly from the previous fight and his internal repair systems were having trouble kicking in. But he managed to hide any signs of weakness.

“I’m just looking forward to crushing some Imperials.” He said to Road Hugger.

2011-03-17, 03:11 AM

Chopster's vocal circuits worked for a few seconds, but nothing came out of his mouth. Eventually he decided what he wanted to say...and then his words died in his mouth when he saw a pair of grey-green aircraft diving down toward them.

"Road Hugger, Brawl, watch out! Imperials!"

Combaticon Field Bivouac, Uptown

"Thank you," Onslaught said to Doublecross. "And I'm sorry for what I said earlier. You had a good reason to go behind my back. I wish you'd trusted me, but I can understand why you didn't."

2011-03-17, 08:37 AM

"Damn it!" Chopster's warnings caused Road Hugger, already tense, to act on pure instinct and swerve aside. "Brawl, Crack Shot, ventilate these Decepticon wannabes!"

Road Hugger's Plasma Cannons slid out from the sides of his hood, and opened fire at the Imperials in the sky. "Chopster, you think you can powerlink with me? We need all the edge we can get."

2011-03-17, 11:57 PM
Combaticon Field Bivouac, Uptown

Doublecross nodded.

"maybe when thissss isss over we can ssstart afressssh."

He turned

"that ammunition will be yours."


Ironworks drove up to Onslaught and transformed

"Just to let you know that you have the full supportof the film industry. I brought some holoprojjectors you might find some use for."

2011-03-22, 04:36 AM

"Uh..." Chopster was thrown a bit by Road Hugger's question. "Are you compatible? I haven't met many bulks with Powerlink ports for a long time now."

Combaticon Field Bivouac, Uptown

"Thank you," Onslaught told Doublecross again.

Then he turned to Ironworks. If he'd been equipped for it, he would have grinned.

"I appreciate your contributions," he said. "If you could set up holographic checkpoints and weapons emplacements to draw enemy fire away from our actual troopers, it would help a lot."

Approaching Protihex

Acid Storm cut through the sky over the Lunatic Fringe border region, then into the sparsely-populated Foothills region.

"You want to give your buddy a shout now?" he asked Detour.

2011-03-22, 05:39 AM
Acid Storm's Cockpit

"Sure." Detour activated his commlink system. "Hugger, it's me. Do you copy?"


"I thought so... too good to be true. I-" Whatever Road Hugger was about to say next to Chopster went unsaid when Detour's transmission came. "What the frag? I'm busy, Detour. Call me back later."

Despite his tone, Road Hugger didn't hang up on the transmission.

"We're here in Protihex, Huggy. Thought you might be able to help me. Or vice versa."

"You and Blackjack?"

"Nah. Left old 'Jack at Darkmount. We're tired of the Civil War. Blackjack works so much better alone... he uncovered a plot and-"

"Get to the point, Detour! Who's with you?"

"A Seeker by name of Acid Storm. One of Shockwave's old crew."

"Shockwave is around." Road Hugger muttered. "Tell your Seeker pal to get to these coordinates ASAP! We can't hold out much longer. The Imperials are invading our planet!"

Detour raised an optic ridge. "Oh dear. You got that, Storm?"

2011-03-22, 11:40 PM

“With pleasure.” Brawl replied to Road Hugger as began firing his tanks main cannon at the incoming Imperial fighters. He kept driving even though he knew it left him open to being dive bombed, but at this point it seemed like a better option than getting cut off from Onslaught’s forces.

Crackshot was following not far behind Brawl, seeing the threat he began firing at the Imperials.

2011-03-23, 01:23 AM

Road Hugger screeched to a stop behind what amounted to a dumpster in Cybertron and opened fire at the Imperial jets from there.

A shot slammed onto the dumpster and sprayed junk all over Road Hugger. "Oi! My finish!" The ex-Micromaster hissed, before moving away to find a different cover. He hated this. He never fought against flying enemies in large bodies before. Used to be the four of them scrambled around, finding covers in drainpipes, in ventilation shafts, in old boxes, then sniped the jets' engines from there. Good times.

"Detour, you best get your chassis here fast!"

2011-03-29, 05:09 AM

The Imperial fighters danced through the air, neatly evading Road Hugger, Crack Shot and Brawl's fire. If nothing else, though, the Combaticons' shots were keeping the fighters from lining up for a tight strafing run that would do a lot more damage than their hastily-aimed potshots could manage.

Chopster quickly rolled down his ride's window, then added his arm-mounted machine guns to the equation.

"So who are you talking to?" he asked Road Hugger.

Approaching Protihex

Acid Storm made a put-upon noise as he steered in the direction of the coordinates Detour had given him.

"This isn't what I came here for, not at all. This 'friend' of yours...is he really worth fighting for?"

2011-03-30, 09:02 AM

"Backup. I hope." Road Hugger told Chopster. "One of my old Patrol — the yellow one — and a Seeker. Will even the odds if we're luckywhoaaahholdon!"

A blast slammed close to Road Hugger's right flank. Too close for comfort as he drifted round a corner to avoid the next fussilade. "Brawl, Crack Shot, keep moving! We're more difficult targets this way!"

Opening a commlink to Onslaught, Road Hugger said, "Boss, this is R.H. We're engaging the Imps!"

Acid Storm's Cockpit

"My friend? Yeah." Detour told Acid Storm half-hearrtedly. "He's part of the Sports Car Patrol." As if that explained everything.

"Put it this way, though... if the Imperials kill them, we'll probably be next in line. Coward I may be, but I don't leave my friends in the line of fire."

2011-04-01, 12:04 PM
Decepticon shuttle

Sixshot remained impassive as the Decepticon shuttle shot from Crystal City towards Protihex, sailing over the territories that the hexchanger had never bothered to learn the names about; he was created when the Autobots had wrestled command of Cybertron away from the Decepticons, and when he was created all he had known was battle. Screw geography!

"Protihex is in sight, Commander Spinister." Sixshot growled, deep flanged voice breaking the silence as he steered the shuttle at a breakneck pace towards where the laserfire were detected.

2011-04-03, 06:12 AM

Chopster tried to grab onto something, but Road Hugger's warning came too late and he flew out of the other Combaticon's window when he swerved. He bounced across the pavement for a few seconds, then looked up to see an Imperial fighter bearing down on him.

"That's all I needed to hear," Acid Storm told Detour. What he didn't say, however, was which part of the Micromaster's speech had convinced him. "I see two Imperial jets in my sights, about a kilometre ahead. Switching to missiles...got a lock on both of them. Firing!"

Chopster was sure he was going to die, but before the Imperial could take a shot at him, the enemy jet snapped up and rocketed toward the sky. It took the Minicon a few seconds to see why: a heat-seeking missile was following in it's wake. The other Imperial fighter had similarly gone evasive.

"Now's our chance, guys! Hit 'em while they're distracted!"

The Minicon did what he suggested, opening fire with his machine guns on the nearer of the jets.

Decepticon Shuttle

"Can you see where the Imperials have made camp?" Spinister asked Sixshot. Seeing the intent way in which the hexchanger was steering the shuttle, he assumed the answer was 'yes'.

Combaticon Field Bivouac

"What's your location, and do you need backup?" Onslaught asked Road Hugger.

2011-04-03, 06:31 AM

"We're here." Road Hugger transmitted his coordinates to Onslaught. "CHOPSTER!" Road Hugger yelled as the Minicon was thrown out. Instinctively Road Hugger transformed and rushed towards the felled Minicon, Scrapmaker cannon shooting into the air to drive away the Imperial bearing down on the dimunitive Transformer.

"We're holding our own, and we've got a bunch of Decepticons coming in to help. Much as I want backup, I don't think you can spare any, boss." Road Hugger told Onslaught.

He whooped as the Imperials veered off, and opened fire with his scrapmaker at the duo of enemy jets. "Backup's here, boss."

Detour nodded. "Thanks, Storm. I appreciate it." The Micromaster said, pulling out his pinprick laser pistols. "Funny thing, isn't it? We go away from Polyhex to find peace but war finds us anyway."

He opened a commlink to Road Hugger. "Well, Huggy? Y'ain't gonna thank us?"

"Later. After we kill these bastards."

Decepticon Shuttle

"The explosions are thataway." Sixshot told Spinister, a glint in his optics. "Ergo, the Imperials are thataway." Sixshot tapped a few keys into the display computer before him. "There's something big with energy signatures matching Imperials. They are that way. Decepticons, get ready!"

2011-04-06, 02:45 PM

After Road Hugger's scrapmaker cannon blew the wing off of one of the jets, Acid Storm finished him off with a double blast from his hyperion cannons.

"Don't even joke about it, Detour. And if I find out that you knew what we were walking into, there's going to be trouble."

Chopster hobbled back toward Road Hugger. "I'm alright...I think," he said as he almost lost his footing. "Might be better if you carry me for a while, though."

He transformed into gun mode and extended a conventional handle instead of a Minicon port.

"I think you'll hit them better with me at long range."

Decepticon Shuttle

Spinister nodded. "Good work, Sixshot. I want you to fly over the Imperial camp and empty our auxiliarly energon reserves over top of them. Then point the ship skyward and use the engine exhaust to ignite the energon. That should distract the Imperials long enough for us to rendezvous with the Combaticons."

Combaticon Field Bivouac

"You're right. We're barely holding the line here as it is." Onslaught frowned. "Who came to help, Road Hugger?"

2011-04-06, 09:35 PM

Brawl had managed to avoid the attacks from the Imperials. He transformed and was about to return fire when both jets were destroyed by missile fire. Though Brawl knew that they could have taken down the imperial fighters eventually, he was relieved knowing that they would not have to waste time fighting them when there were more important battles raging.

“Friends of yours?” Brawl asked Road Hugger, unsure of who had just taken care of their problem.

2011-04-08, 07:31 AM

"I didn't." Detour told Acid Storm, deadpan. "Not until we- I- called Road Hugger anyway."

"My Patrolmate is in that Seeker." Road Hugger told Brawl. "In the nick of time, I'd say. Onslaught, do you copy? Imperials fighters destroyed. Detour came with a Seeker that took them out for us."

The ex-Micromaster picked the gun-mode Chopster up. "Yeah. I suppose so." Road Hugger sighed. "Times like this makes me wish I stayed little..."

Decepticon Shuttle

"That will leave our ship vulnerable. We can't refuel until the battle is over." Sixshot said. It wasn't a complaint, merely a cold statement of fact. They can't leave until the battle is over.

The hexachanger pushed the ship's speed to its limits and headed towards the Imperial camp. "Everybody, hold on." Sixshot said, tone almost bored. "Coming in hot into Imperial camp in five... four... three..."

Repugnus transformed into robot mode and scampered towards where Hyperdrive was, attached to a ion displacer turret in the open-air hangar bay. The Monsterbot grinned as he wrapped his arms around a safety handle and pulled out his venom blaster, pointing it outwards. Two violent psychopaths locked optics with one another and grinned. No questions were needed... It's killing time. And some time after this, I'm coming to get you.

They were facing forwards, and as soon as the Imperial camp came into view, Hyperdrive pressed the handle on his ion displacer turret, aiming to gun down one or two Imperials in sight. Repugnus likewise opened fire randomly.

"..two... one. In position. Ejecting external auxiliary Energon reserves."

The tanks attached to the bottom of the Decepticon shuttle slid open noiselessly, and Energon, in the form of a light blue fluid, poured out like a solid monsoon down upon the Imperial camp.

As soon as the Energon was ejected, Sixshot brought the shuttle to a hard turn to allow the Energon to descend a little onto the Imperial camp before pulling hard on the control stick, jerking the shuttle vertically upwards. The engines' flames shot out directly into the energon, and the shuttle was pushed upwards as well.

In the forward-pointing open-air hangar, Repugnus was thrown off his perch by the intertia, slamming to a pile of crates.

Hyperdrive was cackling like a madman.

2011-04-11, 10:47 AM
Decepticon Shuttle

As the shuttle made it's pass over the Imperial camp Submarauder let loose with the nose mounted proton cannons and strafed the enemy forces assembled below.

The Pretender was thrown back into the gunner's seat as the ship pulled up hard and flew skyward. Imperial flyers then came into view and Submarauder fired off the cannons again but with the trajectory it was difficult to get a clear shot.

2011-04-17, 05:59 AM

Acid Storm watched the last jet fall, then banked and swooped around their rescuees in a long, wide arc.

"So...what now, Detour? By the looks of it, we've flown into a war zone."

"Trust me, you've got it better now." Chopster chuckled. "Then again, you could move around in your alt-mode so maybe it wasn't so bad for you."

Decepticon Shuttle

"Yes," Spinister told Sixshot as he tightened his grip on his armrests. "That is rather the point."

Once the sixchanger had carried out his orders, Spinister raised his voice. "Sixshot, land us behind the Combaticon lines. Everyone, get ready to disembark! If it's moving and it's got an Imperial paintjob, kill it. And if it's Thunderwing, kill it twice just to be sure."

Imperial Camp

"Oh, well played..."

Several dozen of his own troops had just burst into flames and yet more of them pounded into debris by proton bursts, but Thunderwing couldn't help but smile.

They're not going to make this easy for me. Good.

"All fighters, to the skies! Ground troops, move out immediately! No quarter shall be given, and none asked! Slay them all!"

Combaticon Field Bivouac

"A seeker?" Onslaught asked. "One that you're familiar with, Road Hugger?"

Before the other Combaticon could reply, though, Onslaught's attention was drawn to the camp's forward picket line. Through the gunfire and explosions, he could clearly see the Imperials rushing his men.

Taking up his concussion rifle, he squared his shoulders and marched forward.

So it begins...

2011-04-20, 01:49 PM

"Sadly so, yes." Detour told Acid Storm. "Had it been anyone other than Hugger down there, I'd say we follow instinct and turn tail. What do you say, though?"

"I like being a tiny car." Road Hugger told Chopster. "Nobody aims for a tiny car, and you're just as fast small as big. Much easier to swerve and do crazy stunt stuff. Though tiny guns ain't as powerful as Scrapmaker miniguns."

"A bright green one with camo decals, Onslaught. And- ah, blast it." Road Hugger could hear the explosions from the commlink. "Brawl, Crackshot, let's move! Onslaught needs all the help he could get."

Decepticon Shuttle

"Aye, Commander." Sixshot told Spinister as he set the shuttle down behind the Combaticon lines. "You heard him! Take everything you can take from the shuttle, and get out there to kill the Imperials! DEATH!"

Sixshot strode towards the open hatch, transformed into his armoured ramming vehicle mode, hypersonic concussion cannons locking into place, and shot out of the shuttle, racing forwards towards the front line, aiming to charge headlong and break through the stormtroopers before doing more serious damage.

The main course.... Thunderwing.

Hyperdrive and Repugnus likewise regained their bearings. The former charged forwards, waving his bazooka like a madman, launching a shell at the swarm of flying Imperials.

Repugnus transformed into beast mode and followed Sixshot, coming onto step beside Onslaught. "Hey, fellow ex-Autobot! Remember me?" Before swinging his schytes as he leapt and hacked onto the first Imperial he saw.

2011-04-23, 06:30 AM

"What do I think?" Acid Storm asked dryly. "My head says it's time to give you another taste of my ejector seat, dump you here and take my chances anywhere else." He chuckled. "But if I listened to my head, I wouldn't be in this mess to start with. If you want to fight them, Detour, then I'm with you."

"Whereas when you're a gun or an axe," Chopster told Road Hugger, "the only time anyone cares about you is when they can use you to kill something."

Decepticon Shuttle

Where Sixshot was radiating intensely focused hat, Spinister was the epitome of calm. He strode slowly out of the cabin and collected his two Nebulan partners, then waved Needlenose over.

"What do you need me for, boss?"

"Air cover," Spinister told him. "I only saw one seeker out there on our way in. Hopefully that's not the Combaticons' entire air force. Either way, I need you to keep the fighters off of our ground troops."

"Got it," Needlenose nodded. "What 'bout you?"

"Thunderwing is our there," Spinister said, as if that was an explanation. And to Needlenose, it was.

The other Targetmaster just nodded and said, "Good hunting, boss. Try and come back in one piece."

"And you," Spinister told him before he transformed and flew off.

Combaticon Field Bivouac

"Not especially," Onslaught told Repugnus. He smashed an oncoming Imperial aside with his shield, then blasted another with his concussion rifle. "But as long as you're here to kill the guys in green, welcome to the team!"

He might have said more, but the sight of an achingly familiar, dreadfully remembered robot drew his eyes. Standing at the back of the Imperial legion that was overrunning his camp, his face alight with haughty pride, was Thunderwing himself.

"Combaticons, attack!" he shouted. "Tomahawk, Tailwhip and Windburn, give me some ground troop support! Darkstream, Sunspot, Jetblade and Skyburst, get in the air and take on those fighters! Backfire, Brimstone, Oil Pan, Payload and Chopsaw, stay behind cover and pick off any Imperials you can find. Breacher, Crankstart, Steelshot and Firetrap, transform to vehicle mode and follow me in!"

As his troops, such as they were, fell into line, Onslaught himself transformed to armoured carrier mode and charged the Imperial line. He didn't plan on slowing down until he'd sunk the blades of his minesweeper into Thunderwing's chest.

2011-04-23, 10:15 AM

Detour chuckled dryly as well. "Thanks, Storm. I really appreciate it, I really do. Now let's go protect our home."

"Smolder seems to like you a lot." Road Hugger told Chopster as he transformed back into vehicle mode, hand retracting with Chopster still on it, which caused the Minicon to end up back on the driver's seat. "My transmission is shot, but I think we can get up that building. Snipe the Imperials. Unless you want to use that fire ax mode of yours?"

Combaticon Field Bivouac

(OOC: What, no Spastic?)

Repugnus whooped. "Let's par-TAY!" the Monsterbot launched himself into the air with his powerful hind legs, bouncing off the now-mutilated Imperial, whirled in the air and landed atop Onslaught's vehicle mode, his schyte-claws and meat hooks unsheathed, ready to dive deep into Thunderwing when Onslaught impacted.

His optics shone brightly, sending his strobe effect onto any Imperial stupid enough to charge Onslaught.

Like Onslaught, Sixshot had spotted Thunderwing. His wheels ground the chest of the Imperial he had slammed to carve a way past the front lines, then he transformed into his tank mode and opened fire, tearing down several of the Imperials in his way.

He knew someone else who held a grudge... "Spinister! I have located Thunderwing." he spoke to his commlink.

The hexachanger then transformed into jet mode, took into the air and began opening fire with his hypersonic concussion cannons, sending solid energy at the former noble, former Decepticon, former leader... and now traitor to all.

Hyperdrive launched another bazooka blast towards the Imperial forces, watching with glee as two or three troopers died. When Onslaught called for a charge, the Micromaster ran like a madman possessed, making unintelligible sounds as he charged beside the Combaticons.

2011-04-30, 05:09 AM

Acid Storm was about to respond to Detour when Needlenose dropped in on his wing.

"Hi!" the Targetmaster chirped, all too cheerfully. "Looks like you guys could use a little help. Should I..." He trailed off, evidently recognizing the markings on the seeker's wings. "You two were in Kaon," he said. "You're with Megatron. We're not going to fight now, are we?"

Chopster returned to robot mode so his blades wouldn't shred Road Hugger's interior.

"You're the soldier," he said with a shrug. "Me, I just point and shoot."

Combaticon Field Bivouac

(OOC: I didn't want anyone calling the British tabloids on me...)

Onslaught rolled right over one Imperial, then blasted a second apart with his turret gun. The rest of his small armour unit did the same, forcing the Imperials' ground troops to retreat back toward defensible positions. Tactically, it was a victory. But from a personal perspective Onslaught found it vexing. If the Imperials had continued their surge, it would have been so much easier for him to tear into Thunderwing... Now, the traitor had withdrawn to the safety of the Imperial lines.

"That only means we kill more of his troops before we find him," Onslaught said to himself as his cannons fired.

"So have I," Spinister told Sixshot as he hovered over the battlefield. "Draw him away from our allies so that we can target him with the full brunt of our firepower."

2011-04-30, 07:39 AM

"Tell him we quit!" Detour all but yelped at Acid Storm when he recognized the other Decepticon. "Tell him we quit Megatron, Storm! That's Needlenose, that's a Mayhem, he'll kill us!"

Despite Needlenose being... Needlenose, Detour was all aware of the Mayhem Attack Squad's infamous reputation.

Road Hugger chuckled, revved his engines and headed towards the building he had pointed out.

Combaticon Field Bivouac

(OOC: You're Canadian. Screw the British tabloids!)

Repugnus continued to use his strobe effect to stun any Imperial troops that charged them. "You make it sound like a bad thing, Chuckles." He leapt onto a group of Imperials and used his powerful hind legs to kick him onto the ground, and slashed down with his schyte-claws at the trooper immediately in front of him. His maw flared up and he spat out a tiny fireball at another Imperial trooper. "Tell me this, Onslaught... are y'all what's left of the government here?"

"Done." Sixshot told Spinister as he banked down towards Thunderwing, and roared with rage as he launched a strafing run with his hypersonic concussion cannons, targeting all his fury at Thunderwing.

All the pain, all the betrayals... payback!

"THUNDERWING!" Sixshot roared, transforming into robot mode and hovering in the air, a concussion cannon held in one arm and his nanosword held in the other. "COME FACE ME!"

2011-05-07, 04:26 AM

Acid Storm was about to try and calm Detour down when Needlenose piped up.

"I haven't been a Mayhem in a long time, thank the Matrix, so your little buddy can calm down. I don't wanna kill anyone but Imps today."

"That makes three of us," Acid Storm told him. "Detour, I'm going to set down so that you can get out and help your buddy. Needlenose and I are going to cover you."

Combaticon Field Bivouac

Onslaught grunted to Repugnus. "Allegedly there's a mayor," he told the Monsterbot. "But considering what we're in the thick of, I wouldn't count on him or any of our Autobot allies being alive."

The Combaticon leader transformed to robot mode, swatted a grenade back at the Imperial who'd thrown it with his shield and followed up with a sonic blast from his wrist gun.

"Why do you ask?"

Thunderwing looked up at Sixshot with an expression of vague disinterest on his face even as the strafing run blasted several of his guards. "Hmm...have we met?" he asked. "I pride myself on not forgetting a face, but really I only bother to remember someone who matters. Peons like you just blur together."

Spinister was taken aback by the overconfident tone in Thunderwing's voice. He'd heard it before, along with the slight hint of madness that accompanied it. The Targetmaster he heard his former leader talking like that aboard the Ark when the power of the corrupted Matrix was flooding him, and again when he'd fallen under the sway of Unicron's life-force.

By now, Spinister thought dryly, you really think he'd have learned his lesson...

2011-05-07, 05:42 AM

"Right. No ejector seats this time?" Detour asked Acid Storm, although his tone was in no way light-hearted. He glanced at the section of the city where the Combaticon forces are fighting the main bulk of the Imperials. "This is it, then..."

Combaticon Field Bivouac

"No particular reason, I guess." Repugnus told Onslaught. "It's just that, I don't fancy hanging around the Decepticons and the Autobots have all but disowned me. Only few knew I still work for the Autobots, but you know what? They placed a Scraplet bomb in my head. So I guess I'm not feeling all too happy about either faction right now..."

Repugnus bisected an Imperial across the waist, charged forwards and headbutted a second Imperial with his head, then beheaded said Imperial with his mandibles. As the head lolled away Repugnus spat a fireball that engulfed a third Imperial.

"Ah, this is the life!"

Hyperdrive continued to charge headlong into the fray, oblivious to any damages he was receiving.

-The gall of this Pretender... no, he's trying to bait me. I will not stoop so low as to bite his bait.-

"You may deny it all you want, Thunderwing, but I showed you mercy ten years ago in Scorponok's brig, after you were used and discarded by Unicron and the Chaos Matrix like the peon you are. Even the Autobot Matrix saw you weak and used you as a peon. The Autobot Matrix!" Sixshot growled. "But then, your memory was always bad, was it? You never could remember all three of your humiliating defeats."

Sixshot transformed into his cannon mode, took aim and opened fire at Thunderwing.

Despite his bluster, Sixshot knew he couldn't take on Thunderwing himself.... where was Spinister?

2011-05-14, 04:51 AM

Acid Storm chuckled at Detour's quip. "I figured I'd be nicer this time," he told his friend as he taxied to a stop on the tarmac away from the fight. "Be careful, OK? We didn't come here just to get killed."

Combaticon Field Bivouac

Onslaught blasted an Imperial infantrymech with his wrist gun before he responded to Repugnus.

"I'm in no position to turn anyone away," he told the Monsterbot, "and frankly, Protihex could use every extra hand it can get. Besides, I have a feeling real estate prices around here are going to tank once we're done clearing out the Imperials, much to Swindle's chagrin. If you're looking for a place to stay, I could think of worse. But we won't protect you if you draw down the ire of Prime, Megatron or Gigatron on you, either."

Thunderwing transformed to space cruiser mode and rocketed into the sky, evading Sixshot's blasts even as he returned fire with his electrostatic rifles.

"Hmmm...I'm afraid you still don't ring a bell. I'm afraid you simply must understand, a mech in my position meets so many of you common folk that I just can't keep you all straight. After all, it's not as if you're people or anything. If you were your scurrilous lies might carry some weight."

Spinister continued to hover in the distance, waiting for Thunderwing to become more fully engaged with Sixshot before he joined the fight.

2011-05-14, 09:18 AM

"Yup. Same to you." Detour told Acid Storm as he hopped off the Seeker's cockpit. "Thanks. I'll buy you a drink if we both survive this."

Detour transformed and shot away. "Road Hugger, I'm on the map. Where are you?"

"Home in on my signal." Road Hugger told Detour. "We can't do much, not with me wounded and you being, well, tiny, but we can screw them up real good."

He hefted Chopster and fired off a few rounds at the Imperial armada below.

Thunderwing took to the air, and Road Hugger instinctively stopped firing, optics wide. "Not him." Clicking open his communicator, he called Detour, "Detour, this is worse than we thought. Thunderwing is here!" Road Hugger's voice is very obviously tinged with terror.

And why wouldn't it? Thunderwing was his creator. Anyone who could create something could easily destroy it.

Combaticon Field Bivouac

"Good enough. Spinister and Sixshot will assume I died in battle or hid away, and I don't think I'm high on their priority. This can't be the only Imperial force they sent, right, Onslaught?" Repugnus headbutted another Imperial, transformed into robot mode, launched a barrage of venom blasts, before swirling into beast mode again.

"I've already brought the ire of them all. Bring on Unicron!"

"While your scurrilous denials do not mean a thing to me!" Sixshot growled as he transformed into jet mode and launched himself towards Thunderwing. "I will make you eat those words as you beg for mercy beneath my feet!"

Should have never let him survive. Should have never done that. Stupid, stupid Sixshot. Stupid Gigatron for ordering me to spare him.

The electrostatic rifles slammed onto Sixshot's exostructure but bounced off without so much of an effect as blackening his thick armour. Sixshot launched several missiles at Thunderwing when he got close enough, then transformed into beast mode, using his momentum from his jet mode to try and land onto Thunderwing, claws snikt-ing as they unfurled.

2011-05-16, 10:23 AM
Combaticon Field Bivouac

Submarauder, now sheaved in his montrous Pretender shell, was fully engaged with the Imperial troops as he hacked and slashed through the enemy ranks.

After decapitating yet another foot soldier the Pretender turned to see a squad of imperials trying to outflank Hyperdrive.

"Hay, Hypes, try watching your back!" Submarauder shouted as he drove his sword through the squad leader's back.

2011-05-17, 08:21 AM
Combaticon Field Bivouac

Hyperdrive whirled around and flashed Submarauder a slasher smile. "Thanks, Subs. Enjoying the battle?" Hyperdrive pulled one of the many bazookas strapped onto his back, took aim and launched it at a particularly large Imperial tank.

"We need to hold them back from the power plants around here. Not that I care about Protihex, but a big explosion by a stray bullet will kill us all."

Hyperdrive glanced up as Thunderwing took into the air to engage Sixshot. "Well, I'll be... that's me daddy!"

2011-05-23, 03:22 PM

"Sounds like a plan."

Acid Storm answered Detour and blasted back up into the air, then looped around and found Needlenose.

"So, Targetmaster...how do you want to handle this?"

"Damned if I know," Needlenose told him. "Shoot anyone in green?"

"I'm personally offended by that," Acid Storm said flatly.

"Present company accepted obviously."

"You're really ruining the image I've got in my head of the Mayhem Attack Squad, you know."

"Yeah," Needlenose admitted. "I get that a lot."

Combaticon Field Bivouac

Onslaught chuckled. "I admire your enthusiasm, but speaking as someone who got to fight Unicron last time I have to say 'no'."

He blasted another Imperial, then asked Repugnus, "But what are you going to do here?"

"Oh, I think not," Thunderwing corkscrewed to avoid Sixshot's incoming fire, then touched off his afterburners and blasted away from the falling beast. "If my words are so meaningless to you, I wonder why you've gotten so...angry, hmm? Perhaps I've touched a nerve and you're too proud to admit it?"

As he spoke, a cloud of corrosive gas started to emit from the hoses that ran around his fuselage, dying the sky between himself and Sixshot an angry, sickly green.

2011-05-23, 09:21 PM
Combaticon Field Bivouac

Crankcase pulled up.

"More ammo from Doublecross some holoprojectors from the tridee guys and Repugnus, Doublecross says he's found you a Skullsplitter 2.

Crankcase transformed and tossed a monstrous sword / spiked meleee weapon towards Repugnus


Beastbox replaced his cannon pack with a BFG he aimed it at the Imperials before aiming it at Onslaught's back and firing before firing again at Repugnus' back.


Pounce materalised near Acid Storm.

He grinned showing his fangs

"Never give them what they expect keeps mechs off balance. Hows it going Pointy, been living it up with the Tridee stars?"

2011-05-25, 02:43 PM

"Well, that ain't good." Detour told Road Hugger flatly as he hopped up from the drain he had used as a makeshift ladder.

"You don't sound scared, brother. Funny. Usually you're the one wanting to retreat, Drive will go manic and want to plow into the battle, Jack calculates all the risks and I'm the one sane man trying to hold the team together." Road Hugger told Detour as he raised Chopster and gunned down another Imperial jet.

"Gimme some credit, Huggy. I know what to run away from, and what not to run away from."

"Why does everybody call me Huggy?"

"You go with a name with 'hug' in it and everybody will ignore the rest of your name." Detour said with a smirk as he pulled out his pinprick lasers. "Question is, what can we even do against daddy-o?"

"No idea. Hey, how'd you get so big anyway?"

"Upgrade time. Hyperdrive's big as well. I'd expect you to notice that sooner, Detour."

"Defend thyself from perceived insults before commenting on others, is great philosophy, Huggy."

"Hey, Chopster, any idea what to do?" Road Hugger asked his rifle. "This isn't getting us anywhere."

Combaticon Field Bivouac

"Not fair." Repugnus told Onslaught. "Lemme ask ya, did ya die when fighting the Great Horned One?"

Repugnus headbutted another Imperial and slashed a second one across the throat, before shoving the corpse onto the line of fire of another enemy.... they look all the same to Repugnus. "Oh, about the same thing you guys do. Beat up anyone who causes trouble."

Crankcase tossed the Skullsplitter II at Repugnus, and his optics and face widened in a grin. That crazy dragon does know him the best...

Repugnus swung the massive spiked blade and decapacitated an Imperial. "Doublecross is here, Blue?" One of the few people Repugnus considered as a friend (or rather, friends). And more conveniently, one of the few who could get in touch with Grotusque and get him the hell out of this mess... "I'm going to bounce off to find him, I-"

Beastbox's fire slammed near Repugnus' back -- too close for comfort -- "Hey, Kong! That better not be aimed at me." Repugnus hissed.

"Eat this, Daddy dearest." Hyperdrive aimed his bazooka up at Thunderwing (who hopefully would be preoccupied with Sixshot to care about the menials below) and fired.

Sixshot transformed into his giant space gun mode when his claws failed to rend metal, hover-engines stopping his fall almost instantaneously. "We don't have nerves, dolt."

Sixshot swiveled around and opened fire, a concentrated stream of energy, coupled with his hypersonic cannons, towards the cloud and hopefully Thunderwing.

2011-05-30, 04:00 AM

Needlenose scoffed. "Hardly," he told Pounce. "Spinister's been keeping my busy, just like you. Now, are we gonna kill some Imps, or are you planning on, uh, pussyfooting around? Eh?"

Acid Storm groaned at the horrible pun, then jetted away, strafing a collection of ground-based Imperials. "You're really ruining that mental image," he reiterated. "If Bludgeon was here you'd have him in tears. If he had eyes, I suppose."

Combaticon Field Bivouac

"Unicron? No, we survived that. It was the Quintessons that caused us more trouble."

Onslaught was blasted to the ground by Beastbox's fire. "What in the hell!" he bellowed as he pushed himself up and turned to face the cassette. "What are you playing at?"

Thunderwing didn't need to evade Hyperdrive's rocket because it's armour was corroded through by the gas he'd released and it detonated several dozen metres away from him. He did anyway, though, and a few seconds later he was very glad he did as Sixshot's blasts cut through his previous location.

"It's a figure of speech, cretin. If you like, we can take a break from fighting while you look that up?"

Of course, he put the lie to his words very quickly when he raked Sixshot's position with laser fire.


"You're the boss," Chopster told Road Hugger. "Me, my first instinct would be 'run away'. Which is probably when I'm the one who turns into a weapon."

He paused to think for a second, then said, "Maybe we should start targeting their officers? Do you see any Imperials out there with some extra splashes of paint on them?"

2011-05-31, 03:43 AM
Combaticon Field Bivouac

"Bah." Hyperdrive cursed as his rocket was dissolved. "Leave it to him to use some wacky..."

Hyperdrive's next words did not come out, as several Imperials jumped him. Roaring, Hyperdrive began rending onto the troopers with his bare hands. "You want some? Get some!"

Sixshot twirled forwards and folded into his jet mode in a well-practiced move. "Typical. You glorify yourself as a noble yet you debase yourself in the speech of filthy fleshbags."

Sixshot launched more hypersonic blasts at Thunderwing. It's a good thing he has been practicing for aerial maneuvers...


Road Hugger and Detour looked at each other and shrugged. "When did you get yourself a Mini-Con partner, you dunce?" Detour asked, then turned to Chopster. "Hi, I'm Detour."

"He's on loan." Road Hugger told his patrol-mate. "Best idea I've heard so far, so let's do it." Road Hugger took aim with Chopster and began scanning the crowd for anything out of the sea of green and white. He recognized so many familiar faces amongst the crowds. His fellow Combaticons... Crankstart and Terradive and everybody else... Onslaught... Beastbox... Doublecross... those movie maker guys... Repugnus... Repugnus?

"Huggy, I forgot to tell you-"

"I see it. We have more backup, apparently." Gigatron's forces, Road Hugger thought. Needlenose, Spinister, Sixshot, Crankcase, Submarauder... the Mayhem Attack Squad is here! And- "Hyperdrive is here too." Road Hugger chuckled. "Somebody tell Blackjack to take the next plane here, we'll reform the Patrol."

Road Hugger took aim at a differently-coloured Imperial, a black coloured jet, and opened fire with Chopster.

2011-05-31, 05:47 AM
Combaticon Field Bivouac

Beastbox fired at Onslaught and Repugnus again.

"Me fed up of being bottom of heap. Thunderwing promise to make me Commander Beastbox."

Crankcase dived forward aiming to push Repugnus out of the way.


Pounce grinned

"Sure Needle I get the point, smallest butchers bill buys the first round."

Pounce transformed and hefted his twin rocket launchers.

2011-05-31, 06:16 AM
Commander Field Bivouac

Repugnus went limp as Crankcase pushed him, carrying both of them away from Beastbox's fire. Well, apparently not all Decepticons are that bad, Repugnus told himself. While he did feel grateful, he didn't show it.

"Blue, cover my back! I'mma gonna turn this Donkey Kong into minced gorilla steak." Transforming into beast mode, Repugnus snarled as he charged like a rabid animal towards Beastbox.

2011-06-12, 05:51 AM

Needlenose scoffed. "Just so long as we both get out of here alive, Pounce, I'll be happy to buy you a round."

He fired a burst of proton missiles down into a crowd of Imperial ground troops.

"But for the record, you're not going to outscore me!"

Combaticon Field Bivouac

"Heh. If you were a person I'd almost be bothered by your slander," Thunderwing scoffed at Sixshot. He corkscrewed to avoid the sixchanger's blasts, then returned fire with his lasers.

"But as it is, you're just a minor distraction until a real enemy shows up."

This time Onslaught was ready, and he parried Beastbox's shots with his shield.

"You know...normally I'd try to convince you that the Imperials were going to backstab you and that you really shouldn't betray us," he told the cassette.

Then he charged, trying to clobber Beastbox with his shield.

"But today I think I'm just going to kill you and be done with it."


"I'm Chopster," the Minicon announced to Detour as Road Hugger fired him. "Pleasure to meet you, I'm sure. Now, if you'd be kind enough to start killing Imperials for us..."

2011-06-12, 07:00 AM
Combaticon Field Bivouac

Beastbox laughed as he rose on his hover jets retreating away from the charging Decepticons

"me know something you not know. Information is power"

Beastbox began to playback the screams and cries of all the victims he'd interrogated.

"me know that on this site used to be factory."


Pounce grinned

"Challenge accepted now lets wreak some mayhem."

Pounce fired his missile launchers at some stray Imperials.

2011-06-15, 04:56 PM
Combaticon Field Bivouac

"A real enemy?" Sixshot took the lasers in stride, as they burnt into his durable exostructure. "Tch."

Sixshot unfurled into his giant gun mode and opened fire at Thunderwing again. "Come on. What classifies as your nemesis is Nightbeat, a second-rate Autobot detective. He fragging humiliated you and stole your cyclone cannon!"

Where the frag are you, Spinister?

"Bravo, Onslaught!" Repugnus hissed as he charged forwards. "That outlook, I can admire in a mech." He spat out a fireball towards Beastbox. "Imma gonna tear you into fillet, little monkey!"

He laughed as Beastbox played the cries and screams. "You think that works on us? None of here are any stranger to torture, Decepticon, Combaticon or traitor Autobot."


"Yeah. Pleasure's all mine." Detour told Chopster. He raised his pinprick lasers and fired into the fray. "This isn't much of a sniper weapon, though."

"Onslaught, this is Road Hugger. I'm with Chopster and a... Decepticon Micromaster. A friend of mine." How odd it felt for Road Hugger not to consider himself as a Decepticon any longer. But he ignored Detour's questioning look. "Where do you need us?"

"I leave you for a month and you stop being a Decepticon?"

"Meh, now is not a time." Road Hugger muttered as he fired at another Imperial commander.

2011-06-19, 07:28 AM
Combaticon Field Bivouac

Beastbox laughed

"me only use as distraction. Factory has basement.

He fired into the ground in front of and to the left and right of the charging Onslaught and Repugnus. Hoping to drop them intothe basement.

2011-06-20, 05:08 AM
Combaticon Field Bivouac

"Good for you," Onslaught told Beastbox contemptuously. "But I know something you don't, too. Do you want to know what it is?"

He struggled to keep his footing as the cassette blasted the ground below him, doing his best to drag himself away from the newly-created sinkhole.

"I...uh...I have air support, you idiot!"

Half a second after he spoke, Acid Storm and Needlenose screamed down from the sky with their energy weapons blazing, strafing Beastbox's general position.

"Traitors count double!" Needlenose called back to Pounce as they attacked.

Onslaught didn't reply to Road Hugger right away -- he was too busy trying to keep himself from sliding any further down.

"It's so adorable how you think you can bait me," Thunderwing told Sixshot. "Sixchanger, the likes of you don't have the intelligence to even hold a parlay with an aristocrat, let alone get a rise out of one."

He split apart in the face of Sixshot's gun-mode attack, his inner robot flying off in a different direction while the shell weathered the sixchanger's supposedly world-shattering firepower with Imperial- and Matrix-enhanced ease...mostly. It glowed with the heat and several chunks of it flew off, but the damage -- which should have knocked it from the sky, but all rights -- was relatively minor.

"Now, now...if you're going to play rough, we're just going to have to see how well you do fighting two against one, won't w--agh!"

The inner robot pulled up suddenly, it's right wing smoking from the particle beam barrage it had just flown into.

"No," Spinister told him. "We're going to see how you like it. Sixshot, destroy the shell. And stop the witty banter. He's only trying to throw you off of your game."

Autobot shuttle

"Autobots, transform and roll out!"

Ultra Magnus transformed to car carrier mode and drove off, at the head of a convoy of the Autobots best -- Well, best available, he admitted to himself -- troops. Smokescreen fell into position just behind him, as did Cobalt and half a dozen other Secret Intelligence Service field agents.

2011-06-20, 09:07 PM
Combaticon Biouvac

Beastbox reeled as a shot impacted his chest and yards of magnetic tape began to unspool.

Despite his injury he still possesed animal cunning he wrapped a powerful arm around Crankcase's neck and using a combination of his thrusters and his free arm began to pull himself up the ruins of the factory chimmney heading for it's jagged top tape unspooling behind him.

2011-06-22, 07:08 AM
Combaticon Field Bivouac


Repugnus fell straight down into the basement at Beastbox's assault, landing on his side. He felt more than heard the crunch as the armour crumpled under the impact.

Repugnus shook his head and leapt back onto all four feet (well, two feet and two schyte claws, anyway). He growled when Beastbox attacked Crankcase — he didn't like the Triggercon by principle, but Crankcase had been... civil with him.

Bounding along, Repugnus leapt with his powerful hind legs towards the ruins and scramble up like some sort of nightmarish cockroach, schytes easily finding purchase in the rubble.

"Let him go, Donkey Kong!"

"What the hell."

Sixshot knew Thunderwing was powerful — he's certainly felt the receiving end of the Pretender's power before — but seeing his weapon mode's blast impact onto Thunderwing's shell and only cause minor damage, instead of blowing a hole straight through it...

This is bad. The Matrix... the Decepticon Matrix...

"Right, Spinister. I'm sorry." Sixshot growled. As his gun-mode cannons recharged, Sixshot unfurled into his sixth alternate mode, something he seldom used — the Wingwolf. "The hunt is on."

With a roar, Sixshot's afterburners activated and he shot towards Thunderwing's shell, hypersonic cannons firing to keep it busy, while his claws and teeth are extended, ready to sink into the shell.

Autobot shuttle

Arcee folded into her hover-car mode, zipping along and easily keeping in pace with Ultra Magnus.

From the Dinobot shuttle, Swoop opened the hatch. "Dinobots transform!" Making good on his orders, Swoop unfurled into his pteranodon mode, soaring above the Autobot convoy.

"Wreck and rule!" Whirl flew out of the Wrecker's shuttle backwards, incendiary missiles clicking into place. "Wreckers, our target today is Thunderwing. Everything else we leave to the Dinobots!"

"In your dreams, flyboy. Thunderwing is ours." Swoop told Whirl good-naturedly.

2011-06-22, 03:04 PM
Topspin jumped out of the Wrecker shuttle, already looking for his first target.

Ironfist jumped out and landed on the ground, taking an imperial by surprise. He opened up, and downed the soldier before he could fire back.

Highbrow flew out of the Autobot shuttle, intent on joining the fray in the air.

2011-07-02, 08:19 PM
Factory Chimney

Beastbox scrambled ever upwards hauling Crankcase awkwardly with him.

"give up my hostage me no think so."

2011-07-03, 01:09 AM
Combaticon Field Bivouac

Onslaught continued to dig himself out of the sinkhole that Beastbox had dumped him in, blasting the occasional Imperial who came too close for comfort.

"So, uh...do we shoot through him?" Needlenose asked.

"You're the Mayhem," Acid Storm told him. "Aren't you the one who's supposed to be telling me how we need to be bloodthirsty?"

"M'eh. That's more Bludgeon's thing."

"Good," Acid Storm replied. "Because I'm not planning on shooting through an ally any time soon. But I've got an idea. Cover me?"

"Sure thing!" Needlenose peeled off and fired on the nearest Imperial fliers, drawing their attention while Acid Storm turned toward the factory and opened fire -- not on Beastbox, but on the chimney above him. The acid molecules carried by his hyperion cannons' particle beams immediately went to work on the concrete, dissolving the surface layers and leaving the rest of the chimney covered with slick, corrosive slime.

"Try climbing that!"

Thunderwing's shell accelerated away from Sixshot, taking advantage of the hexchanger's unaerodynamic choice of alternate mode to put some distance between them as it weaved from side to side to dodge most of the incoming fire.

"How adorable," he commended. "Tell me, did you get stuck in that mode by accident or have you actually willingly inflicted it on yourself?"

Meanwhile, Spinister chased Thunderwing's inner robot in the other direction, firing at him but not getting especially upset when he didn't score any hits.

If we drive him far enough apart, he thought, whichever half doesn't have the Matrix will be vulnerable.

Ultra Magnus had never considered himself a tactical genius, but in this case it really didn't take much to figure out where the battle was. The explosions and weapons fire were visible from miles away, so it was fairly straightforward for him to lead his troops straight into the fray.

Approaching the Imperial lines from behind, Magnus accelerated to top speed. Then he deliberately jackknifed his trailer and he skidded horizontally through the Imperial lines, crushing a wide swath through the green and grey troops. Only then did he transform, opening fire with his laser rifle and shooting down the confused Imperials as quickly as his reflexes would allow.

But despite the damage he'd done with his dramatic entrance, he didn't hold any illusions. The Imperials outnumbered his men by a huge margin, and sooner or later they'd manage to organize themselves and meet the Autobot threat.

But not any time soon, if I can stop it!

"Autobots, attack!"

2011-07-06, 06:22 AM
Factory Chimney

Beastbox halted stymied by the corrosive acid.

Dragging an unconcious Crankcase behind him he edged awkwardly round to the other side of the chimney.

2011-07-08, 04:37 AM
Combaticon Field Bivouac

Acid Storm circled around the chimney, cannons at the ready.

"Are we really going to play this game, Beastbox? Get down from there or next time I'll be aiming for you instead of the masonry."

Onslaught lunged upwards, grabbing onto the edge of the sinkhole only for it to crumble in his hands. He started to sink back down...but stopped short. Looking up, he saw that a white hand attached to a light blue arm had taken hold of his wrist.

"Hold tight," Ultra Magnus said as he hoisted the Combaticon leader upwards. "I'll have you out of there in a few seconds."

2011-07-08, 06:11 AM
Factory Chimmney

Beastbox grimaced

"Me think me burned me bridges Acid me see no other way this may end."

2011-07-09, 12:01 PM

"Dunno. Same thing that got you stuck in a half-fleshling shell, I guess." Sixshot told Thunderwing gamely as he tailed away and opened fire again at Thunderwing. "Besides..."

Sixshot moved quickly from side to side, seeming to blur into shadows... which it did, for there were six Sixshots streaking towards Thunderwing's shell now.

"Topspin, Overdrive, and all airborne Autobots, engage the big, ugly aristrocratic freakshow!" Whirl screamed, as he whupped towards Thunderwing's inner robot upside down, and launched his incendiary missiles towards the Imperial.

Swoop flapped his wings, the missile launchers under his wings activating and opening fire towards the Pretender as well.

Combaticon Field Bivouac

"Come on, Decepticons! Pin him down!" Repugnus hissed as he leapt from where he was perched towards Beastbox, schyte-claws glinting as he tried to slash down towards the Cassettecon. "You won't be able to get yourself out of here, kong!"

Arcee drove up to Ultra Magnus and Onslaught, energy blades extending from the front end of her vehicle mode and through the Imperial trying to snipe Magnus from behind, one of the blades stabbing through the Imperial's head and through it.

Arcee transformed, pulling her blades from the now-dead Imperials. "Boss, there's Thunderwing." The female Autobot said as she pointed with her activated lightsaber towards where Thunderwing was dogfighting Spinister, and again towards where he was fighting Sixshot. "And there."

2011-07-12, 02:34 PM
Highbrow turned from what he was doing, the Imperial he had been fighting crouched behind cover and not daring to move, and made for Thunderwing's position. "This is definitely not the brightest order I have ever followed." He said to no one but himself, and opened fire on Thunderwing, taking care not to hit his allies.

Topspin finished off the Imperial he was fighting. "This should be interesting." He said, obeying Whirl's orders and taking off towards Thunderwing.

2011-07-16, 11:44 PM

"Leave," Acid Storm told Beastbox. "Put down your hostage and walk away. As long as you don't try and attack any more of our people, I won't try to stop you. I won't insult your intelligence by saying that some of our more...zealous brethren won't come looking for you once this is all over, but you'll have a long head start by then."

Thunderwing's shell chuckled as he continued to accelerate, pulling away from the Autobots that were taking the air to attack him. Whirl's missiles came up short, as did the other Autobots'.

"There's a difference," he said. "My shell is useful. You, you're all hollow tricks and empty threats. You really think there being six of you will make a difference, Sixshot? I'm a demigod now, like I was always destined to be. The Chosen of the Matrix. I'm worth a hundred of you. Do your worst."

"Trying to seperate me, hmm?" Thunderwing asked Spinister as the Targetmaster's incessant spray of ineffectual energy blasts continued to rain down on him. "You really think that'll work?"

"I know it will," Spinister shot back, no longer even bothering with the pretense.

"You can't beat me," Thunderwing replied, twisting in the air and rocketing back toward his former lieutenant.

"You think I'm the one who's supposed to beat you?" Spinister laughed dryly as he transformed and fell to the ground. As Thunderwing shot overhead, he used Singe and Hairsplitter to toast the underside of the renegade's inner robot. "Oh, you're as clueless as ever."

His inner robot wasn't nearly as well-armoured as his shell, and although the Matrix had protected him from the worst of the damage, Spinister's attack had still hurt. Transforming to robot mode, he landed on a nearby street. "Do enlighten me, then, old friend."

Spinister laughed again. Hitting the ground, he ducked behind a building. "'Old friend', is it? Oh, you're just overdosing on your delusions today, aren't you?"

"And you're surprisingly chatty. I remember a Spinister who was quiet and efficient. You sound like Skywarp. What happened to you?"

"I grew out of it," Spinister's voice called out from somewhere to Thunderwing's right. "That's something that normal, healthy sane people do, you know. They recognize their weaknesses and try to move past them. But you?" Another barking laugh punctuated Spinister's latest insult.

"Me what? Oh, this should be good..." Thunderwing didn't care what the Targetmaster had to say -- or at least, he wanted to project that image. But truthfully, Spinister had been his most loyal lieutenant and to hear him say these things was more hurtful than he would want to admit. But he had to keep the Targetmaster talking so that his voice would betray his location.

"You're exactly the same person you were thirty years ago, Thunderwing. Still arrogant. Still obsessive. Still so blindered by your sense of destiny that you'll follow wherever it leads without a thought about the damage you're doing."

Thunderwing smiled. The voice was getting closer as he walked. Laser cannon in hand, he rounded the corner around which the voice was coming...and saw nothing. Or at least, no Spinister. It took a second, but eventually he spotted the source of the voice. A small radio, propped on top of a short, round-ended cylinder.

"Still so filled with hate that it gives you tunnel vision," Spinister's disembodied voice finished. "That's a fusion bomb, by the way. I didn't want to set one off anywhere near the Combaticons, so thanks for obliging me."

"It won't kill me," Thunderwing warned, his voice angry and threatening even as he tried to hide the fear that was rising up in him. "The Matrix will heal my wounds, no matter how grave they are."

"Oh, I know," Spinister told him. "I know. But it'll hurt. A lot. And it'll give Sixshot the time he needs to kill the part of you that's actually dangerous."

"Oh, good show," Thunderwing said with genuine appreciation. "There's the cold-blooded deviousness that caught my eye when I made you my second."

"I learned from good examples," Spinister told him icily. "At least after I got away from you. And speaking of, by the time you wake up and pull yourself together a couple of those examples are going to be here to deal with you properly. You remember Gigatron and Cyclonus, don't you?

Thunderwing thought he could hear a smile in the Targetmaster's voice, something else that was unheard of in the days they worked together.

"See you soon."

As the mushroom cloud rose on the horizon, Spinister called out to Sixshot, "The connection's broken! Hit the shell with everything you've got!"

He only hoped that enough of his message survived the vicious EMP released by the explosion that the sixchanger would be able to make sense of it.

Ultra Magnus frowned as Spinister and Thunderwing's inner robot dropped below the building line, and his expression only grew deeper as the massive explosion several blocks away rocked the ground that they were standing on. His vision was momentarily overcome with static as the electromagnetic pulse washed over him.

"I think we just got an opportunity," he told Arcee and Onslaught. "Knowing Thunderwing, that won't stop him. But he'll be down for a while, and they'll be disorganized. Air troopers, attack the Pretender shell. All ground forces, charge the Imperial lines!"

Then, a bit abashedly, he turned to Onslaught and said, "Not to say that I'm trying to undermine--"

"Don't apologize," Onslaught told him. "You have more experience with Thunderwing in particular and Matrixes in general than I do." He transformed to vehicle mode and rolled toward the Imperials' drop zone, cannons firing. "As far as I'm concerned, you're calling the shots."

"Thanks." Magnus transformed as well, dropping the ramp on his trailer. "Autobots, climb aboard and use me as a gunnery platform. We're going in!"

Lady Quickswitch
2011-07-17, 03:48 AM
Skies over Protihex

A familiar Transformer flew in over the skies of Protihex in one of his six very distinctive modes.

Ice crept over the fighter-jet wings at that altitude, but this was absolutely nothing compared to the grim, icy resolve that grasped deep and frozen to the core of his central processor. The idea of returning home and seeing them--him--once again--

But then there was Cybertron speeding beneath him, and he would have wept for joy at the sight of it.

It's been so long. Too long.

He'd been gone for a deca-cycle. The former Security Director had resigned in disgust and then disappeared, leaving no trace of his whereabouts and notifying no one once he'd tendered his resignation--not even those precious few he counted as friends--of where he was going.

He regretted it. Of course he did. How couldn't he? Leaving them all in the dark like that. But it was something he had to do, and he knew it.

Better that way. Quick Switch was sure his friends would understand.

He made his descent just as Ultra Magnus was speeding toward a massive firefight far below. There were Autobot shuttles and airborne units. Quickswitch recognized many of the units.... Even some Decepticon units--?! Fighting Thunderwing??

What in Primus' name is going on...?!

He caught the Wrecker Whirl's order to the others over his open comm frequency.

I might as well join 'em, Quick decided and made ready to converge on Thunderwing's hideous visage.

He opened a frequency, "This is Quick Switch," he radioed, "I require a sit-rep whenever one of you has a moment."

2011-07-17, 03:18 PM

"I'd kill him." Repugnus muttered while Acid Storm spoke, but he added, "But we've got bigger fish. If Thunderwing wins, he'll kill us all, and I really don't want that to happen. Let Blueboy go already, Kong."

The six Sixshots, all in Wingwolf form, flew up towards Thunderwing's shell. "Everything is a hollow trick of some sort. Your shell likewise. My tricks, however, is better than yours. I'm always better than you."

Sixshot's holograms disappeared, and he transformed back into his gun mode, just as Spinister's garbled transmission came through. "And, unlike you, I'm not too proud to admit that there is strength in numbers. Not to proud to admit my mistakes. My pride. You'll die here, Thunderwing."

He charged as the mushroom cloud blossomed in the distance, and fired everything. Hypersonic concussion blasts pelted towards Thunderwing's shell, followed by the gamma blasts from his gun mode, as well as the missiles he had taken for space battles. All of them launched at Thunderwing's shell.

"Hey, hey, hey, it's our favourite crazy six changer!" Whirl replied jovially to Quick Switch, as he spun around horizontally to orient himself while Sixshot and Thunderwing dogfighted. "Big guy, we have a truce with the Decepticons here and the neutral Combaticons -- long story -- so don't shoot them. Thunderwing, on the other hand, got his grubby paws on another Matrix and the Liegespawn, so he wants to take over the universe for laughs. We're shooting his shell, shooting always works. Quick, you can't let Sixshot steal all the glory, can you?"

Whirl didn't ask or question where Quick Switch had been, or where he came from. There are times for that later.

Swoop, meanwhile, ignored the Wrecker as he swooped down beside Sixshot, launching two missiles at Thunderwing.

"FIRE EVERYTHING!" Whirl righted himself into a proper firing position -- albeit upside-down -- and launched his null ray and incendiary missiles.

Arcee nodded at Ultra Magnus silently and hopped up onto the larger Autobot. "Let's roll out!" the female Autobot said, sheathing her lightsabers (they won't do any good here). Instead, she pulled out her old blaster, and clicked it once.

Arcee looked up and saw Quick Switch's form. "Magnus, we've got another unexpected backup. It's Quick."

Monocle scrambled up Magnus as well, readying his rifle.

2011-07-17, 07:44 PM
Crankcase moved groggily

Beastbox growled

"that might be my best chance."

Crankcase flipped his guns into position their movement hit Beastbox in the face and his grip slipped.

He fell backwards trailing unreeling spool of tape


2011-07-26, 12:10 PM

As soon as Crankcase fired, Repugnus moved, leaping upwards and transforming into robot mode. Every bit of him wanted to kill Beastbox first and leave Crankcase to his fate, but he wasn't stupid. He didn't care about Crankcase, or the Autobot code, or anything... but he knew that the wimpy Mayhem, one of the photocopy-boys and the neon Seeker would kill him if he didn't try to rescue Crankcase.

So try it he did. Reaching an hand to catch Crankcase's arm, Repugnus transformed his other arm into his beast-mode's blades, stabbing it into the walls of the crevice to slow their fall. "Hang on, blue." He hissed.

2011-07-27, 05:40 AM

"Oh, for the love of..." Acid Storm grumbled as Beastbox got clobbered in spite of his impromptu attempt at diplomacy. Seriously, sometimes I wonder why I bother."

Since Repugnus was busy saving Crankcase, the seeker swooped in toward the falling Beastbox and tried to catch him with his tailfins.

Thunderwing's shell exploded in a bloom of fire as Sixshot et al's weapons raked across it's no-longer Matrix-protected hull.

Ultra Magnus raised an optic ridge at Arcee's report. "I suppose what the humans say is true: the more the merrier. I wonder where he's been all this time, though."

As he talked, he drove into (and over) a cluster of Imperial troops.

2011-07-27, 07:44 AM

"Stupid 'Con!" Repugnus shouted at Acid Storm as he pulled Crankcase out of the crevice. "Why're you saving the monkey? He's the enemy!"

Really,Repugnus would've understood if an Autobot did that, but a Decepticon? A frakkin Decepticon? What in the hell has this world come to?

Sixshot transformed into robot mode mid-air, keeping himself hovering with the afterburners in his feet, punching his fist into the air. "In your face, asshole!"

And then, "Spinister, it's me, the shell is gone." Transforming back into his wingwolf mode, Sixshot ignored the Autobots around him and shot off towards the still-blossoming nuclear mushroom.

"Magnus, this is Swoop. We have just destroyed Thunderwing. Or his shell, at least." the Dinobot said as he banked down in an effort to catch up with the much-faster Sixshot (pteranodons aren't built to match the speed of hybrid jet-animals). "Since big and ugly here isn't in a mood to stick around I'm guessing he's going for the juicy core."

For his part, Whirl twirled through the air, firing his incendiary missiles at random, yet each missile blowing through Imperial jets trying to divebomb his allies below.

His Autobot allies only. Old habits die hard.

2011-07-28, 03:41 PM
Highbrow's electronic suite was rendered useless for the time being, by the nearby bomb that had gone off. "Well, being as one of my most useful combat advantages has been taken off-line for the time being, I shall have to hope Topspin's training embedded itself in my memory sufficiently." He said, blasting an Imperial backwards with his cannon.


Topspin came alongside Ultra Magnus, blasting an Imperial that tried to rise to his feet after being run over by Magnus. "Guess I'm your escort service here." He said laughing. "Not that you need much of one if you keep driving like that."

2011-08-04, 03:22 PM

Spinister replied to Sixshot as he roared back toward the main battle, "I hoped you would. The main robot is buried under ten metres of rubble, but I think we both know that won't hold it for long. We need to take whatever time we've got and organize our response, when it comes back."

Ultra Magnus smiled. "Good work, Swoop! Stay with Sixshot and back him up, in case the worst happens."

"I appreciate it, Topspin," he said to the smaller Autobot. "It might not look like it now, but as soon as the Imperials can organize themselves again we're going to need every advantage we can get."

Almost as soon as he said it, a large group of Imperials with heavy truck alt-modes rumbled into the open square and shot right toward the small group of Autobots in a tight, disciplined formation. Weapons bolted onto their vehicle modes shot wreaths of fire at the Autobots. Meanwhile, sniper fire erupted from the nearby rooftops.

"Like now, apparently."

2011-08-04, 09:11 PM
Topspin saw the Imperial troops a moment too late. Their fire blasted the ground in front of him, causing him to flip uncontrollably, hitting some nearby rubble. Topspin transformed and stood to his feet, but fell back to the ground, momentarily dazed.


Highbrow's rear propellor was hit by one of the sniper shots, making him lose altitude fast. Highbrow transformed on the way down, drawing his weapons out. "Evidently I shall be joining the ground assault until that is repaired." He said to no one in particular.

2011-08-10, 06:06 AM

It wasn't too long after Ratchet had alerted Iacon of Protihex's most current plight, that the Steelhaven was hit by an indeterminable type of communications black-out - one that appeared to a least have affected the starcraft's channel to its crew.

On top of that and maintaining the ship's defenses, Ratchet, the stand-in captain, was also in charge of coordinating evacuation efforts of the city-state's populace, a task made all the more difficult by the aforementioned communications black-out.


In the hangar bay, Ratchet offered a nod of affirmation to one of his crewmen to wave in a ground-transport into the bay. This one, like several before it, carried Protihexians refugees -- some wounded, but certainly all frightened. It would doubtfully be the last to arrive today.

"Hoist," Ratchet pointed to the vessel. "That one over there. Help unload the wounded."

"Sure...but, err, I hate to be the bearer or more ill-news." Hoist scrunched down his head. "Have you been by the medbay? We're not only running out of space, but also the manpower and resources to accommodate them."

"I know, I know, but what would you have me do then?" exhaustion was evident in Ratchet's voice. "With radio still on the fritz, we may as well be operating blind. I won't risk launching anymore transports after what happened to the first batch of refugees we tried sending out."

Ratchet clinched his fists into a tight balls. "Hrn, damn Imperials. They're toying with us..."

"Well, look on the bright side - Iacon is on their way, aren't they? You did speak with Prowl," Hoist sympathetically told the former-medic.

"I did. They may already be here, or were intercepted by the Imperials while en route. No way of knowing for sure, that's the maddening thing," he said. "And for that matter, who knows what Fortress Maximus' status is."

"Holding his own, I would imagine. After all, at one time you helped rebuild him," Hoist warmly answered.

Ratchet, seemingly oblivious to his colleagues kind words, futily tapped his left audio receptor as he attempted to contact the bridge a few floors above...only to receive a shrill "KKKKRRRRRRRKKK!!!" for his efforts.

"Gah, for Primus' sake," he winced.

"We can't even contact anyone inside the ship?!"

"Hold on," Ratchet held up his hand to Hoist. "Cog? Cog, are you receiving me?"

"...kkkrrrk...fzzz...Ratchet - fzzz - am receiving you Ratch-," Cog answered.

"You're receiving me? Great! Does that mean you've solved our problem?"

"Fzzz - Unfortunately not...ll not bore you will the technical jargon, but to borrow a rather crude analogy, I'm piggybacking off what I believe to be one of the Combaticon's stray signals - krrk - weak, but for the moment should be safe to talk...."

"So the black-out was only directed at us?"

"It would seem so, but I can't be cer - fzzz - And before you ask," Cog quickly added. " I have no idea if Iacon has answered our call for aide - kkrrkk."

"Sigh, I figured as much," Ratchet ruefully shook his head. "Still, good work, Cog. See if you contact can Fortress Maximus. And, if possible, anyone on the field. Autobot. Combaticon (OOC: nudge, nudge). It doesn't matter. Let them know that we're still here..."

"I'll do my best."


(OOC: In the next exciting post: The Return of Fortress Maximus! Yay! Well, okay, it's not like he went anywhere, it was me that did :o Would've included it here, but I have to think of length.)

2011-08-10, 10:49 AM

"Right." Sixshot replied to Spinister. "What do we have in mind? Unless you've got a handy Matrix stashed somewhere, I doubt conventional firepower is going to do any good against him."

"Stay with-" Swoop balked at Ultra Magnus' orders, but he was savvy enough not to question them. "Right away, sir."

As Swoop left Whirl and banked up towards the air where Sixshot was flying, There were worse Decepticons to stay with. At least this was not Divebomb...

Arcee, stuck behind Ultra Magnus, had little choice but to return fire with her blasters at the enroaching Imperial formation.

Behind her, Monocle was less fortunate as the ground erupted around him. Not hanging on quite strongly enough onto Magnus, Monocle lost his grip and fell onto the ground, his gun falling off his hands.

"What are we trying to do again?" Road Hugger said.

"Well, since the three of us aren't exactly in any shape to fight bar the stray shots, I'd hoped we would be more effective trying to, say, contact Darkmount or Camp Gigatron, get more reinforcements our way." Detour sat in a jumble of wires, while Road Hugger was still aiming Chopster at any Imperials moving in. "Didn't you see the nuke just now? This is out of the league of a bunch of Micros."

"Technicality aside-" Road Hugger said, dodging a stray bullet, "Are those junk we salvaged off the bivouac actually working?"

"I- yes!" Detour smiled, giving his partner a thumbs-up of triumph. "I'm receiving a signal. It seems to be piggybacking on our frequencies, but I do hope it's help. It seems to come from... the Steelhaven?"

2011-08-11, 08:44 AM
Between Xaaron Point and Downtown - Near the Governor's Office

"I must say, Percep-Ngggh!" Fortress Maximus grunted as stray enemy fire smacked against his armor. He promptly returned the favor with his wrist-mounted battery.

"As I was saying - impeccable timing, Perceptor," he continued while sending another photon volley to the advancing Imperial forces. "And Shockwave? What is his stasis?"

Perceptor aimed his sniper rifle. "He is quite formidable, so functional more than likely," he told the large headmaster. "We were surveying a site believed to have once been annexed by Black Shadow when the Imperials first touched down. Before we were separated, it was decided that the reasonable course of action was to locate the good Governor."

"You have my thanks, Perceptor," Groove told the science officer. "Though we certainly could use him right about now. Not that I'm not grateful, but we're grossly outnumbered...Why are they attacking us, anyway? And why so many?"

Perceptor, now peering over a chunk of debris he was using for cover, fired at an Imperial solider. "That, Groove, is patently obvious," he answered. "Now please, stay close."

"Damn it. Comlink is still out," Fortress Maximus muttered.

"The Steelhaven crew may still be functional, Fortress Maximus...dire as the situation may seem. Given time, and the appropriate working space, I might be able to crack the jamming signal," Perceptor raised his rifle at a nearby Imperial infantrymech. "Though, I must confess, I am impressed..."

"Impressed?" the Autobot commander deflected an incoming bolt with the ramp kibble along his arm. "You're joking."

"Not at all," he flatly replied. "For being a detestable people, I can at least appreciate a carefully laid stratagem. Clearly The Imperials have been studying our weaknesses for sometime now." He pulled the trigger, and with startling precision took out the attacker's head. Perceptor made no attempt to disguise his smug satisfaction.

"Are you actually enjoying this?" Groove said, disturbed by the science officer's cool indifference.

"With all due respect, 'Governor' Groove, our opponents were committed to do the same to you," he snapped in retort. "Not a difficult concept to grasp; as an elected official, you have to ability to rally the citizens of Protihex - i.e, you are a strategic and rather obvious target."

"The fact that I'm here probably isn't helping matters much, either," Fortress Maximus added. "Besides, we are all targets here."

"Hmph, at any rate," Perceptor continued as he repositioned the scope of this rifle closer to his optic. "The Imperials are renowned for their massive superiority complexes and have destroyed countless species in their quest to validate said superiority. They are also not ones to 'personize' the enemy," he fired once more, again with devastating results and a icy smirk. "I have no reservations showing them the same courtesy."

Not looking away from his own target, the larger Autobot interjected, "He's correct about one thing, Groove - you were targeted. We need to get you back to Steelhaven. I have little doubt that my crew is assisting in the evacuation and your people need you."

"You are of course right. I'm..." the former-Protectobot stopped short when he glanced around the battleground. "They're trying to circle us."

Fortress Maximus took Groove's cue. "Hmm...Yes, it's a flanking maneuver," he answered. "They don't want us moving too far."

"What do we do?"

"We'll have to punch our way through," he confidently answered.

Being the walking armory that he is, Fortress Maximus deployed the full arsenal hidden throughout his body, along with his standard dual laser blaster and photon rifle, which he gripped in each hand. Facing the enemy, he glanced over his shoulder at Perceptor and Groove and said, "When it's clear, you two make a run for it. I will follow."

In rapid succession, the Steelhaven's captain then bombarded the encircling Imperial soldiers.


Bridge, Steelhaven

Cog sat at his terminal, still leeching off a stray signal from the Combaticon's channel, when a brief blip flashed on the monitor.

"So..that channel is active," Cog mused out loud. "I hope this works." He pressed a switch on the console and sent out the message he had prepared beforehand.

< This is Cog of the Steelhaven - We are currently experiencing a communications black-out - Evacuation efforts are still proceeding, but we are unable to safely launch any transports until radio is back online - Civilians casualties: 108 - Crew member casualties: 11 - Captain remains MIA - Defenses still online and operating in full capacity - Field officers available and ready to repel enemy forces - Please respond >


Between Xaaron Point and Downtown - Near the Governor's Office

As Perceptor and Groove sprinted along the ruined landscape, Fortress Maximus not far behind, a strafing Imperial flyer suddenly whizzed overhead and sprayed the ground as it made its pass.

"Unngh! B-be-hhhind m-me," Fortress Maximus groaned as he shielded the relatively smaller Autobots from the salvo.

"I was a Protectobot at one time," Groove protested, but still heeding the headmaster's order. "I can fight."

"Admirable," Perceptor dryly stated. "Though ultimately that would prove wasteful. Do as he instructs."

"I think you have the wrong idea..."

"Shh!" he quickly interrupted, catching the flyer turning back around from the corner of his optic. "He's going to make a second pass. Maximus, if you would be so kind as to maintain that pose while I attend to this pest."

Stepping away from the large headmaster, Perceptor once more raised his sniper rifle to its appropriate position and fired at the incoming Imperial's "cockpit". The flyer spiraled out of control, zoomed over the three Autobot's heads, and crashed several yards behind them.

"Impressive, if not a bit too aggrandizing for my tastes," Fortress Maximus said. "We gave them something to think about, but reinforcements won't be too far. We need to keep moving - and quickly."

The hulking Autobot then converted into his cruiser mode. "Can't risk flying, so I'll have to stay close to the ground," he continued. "Climb on you two."

2011-08-12, 06:33 AM

"Gigatron will be on his way," Spinister assured Sixshot. "He'll know what to do. All we can do for now is hold the line and try not to get ourselves killed."

Spinister transformed to robot mode and settled down on a rooftop. He looked around, more than satisfied with the view he had.

"The tallest building in ten blocks," he said. "This will do nicely."

"We're not heading back into the fight?" Singe asked, sounding almost disappointed.

"No," Spinister told him. "We're staying here. Hairsplitter is transforming to weapon mode and you're going to augment him. Then we're going to disappear, and I'm going to put a hole through the head of anyone who tries to give orders in Thunderwing's absence."

"Well...OK," the Nebulan agreed grudgingly. "As long as there's going to be killing."

"Don't you worry," Spinister assured him as they disappeared. "There's going to be a lot of killing."

Ultra Magnus tried to bull rush his way through the veritable wall of Imperial troops, but even his immense power had it's limits. Half-way through the formation he was upended, sending his passengers flying from his trailer as he crashed down onto his side and skidded to a stop against a ruined building.

A dozen Imperials swarmed in his direction, and even as he started to transform he knew he wouldn't have time to bring his weapons to bear.

Crankstart roared up beside Topspin, his dual machine guns spitting more hot lead than they'd seen in the last decade in an attempt to keep the encroaching Imperials at bay.

"You alright?" he asked the Autobot. "I'm not a big fan of this 'fighting' nonsense, so don't tell me I'm wasting bullets trying to protect a corpse!"

Onslaught was having a bit more luck than the others, but not much. Breacher and Firetrap had fallen into formation with him and were doing a good job of picking off smaller Imperials, while the Combaticon leader's own heavy cannons were keeping the larger ones at arm's length. But whatever progress they were making, it was fleeting. Steelshot, Payload and Brimstone had been blasted by enemy tanks, while Tailwhip and Windburn had been cut down by enemy snipers. Tomahawk and Vortex had been forced to land, cutting off his close air support entirely. Meanwhile their fighters -- along with Needlenose and the handful of jets that the Autobots had brought -- were fighting a losing battle against the enemy's dogfighters. Brawl and Crankstart had disappeared entirely, Swindle had fled like the coward he was and Combaticons' light ground troops were nowhere to be seen, either dead or pinned down and taken out of the fight. Even with the Decepticon and Autobot reinforcements joining the fight, even with Thunderwing taken out of the picture, the Imperials still had his men outgunned twenty or thirty to one.

Onslaught fancied himself a tactical genius, but there was something to be said for sheer weight of numbers. Sometimes it didn't matter how smart you were, if the enemy was willing to bury you alive under a mountain of corpses.

Not that I'll make it easy for them...

2011-08-12, 11:53 AM

"They are responding!" Detour whooped in joy. "The Steelhaven, it's responding!"

"Perfect." Road Hugger replied to Detour, nodding absent-mindedly as he lined up Chopster with an Imperial jet divebombing Onslaught's position below, then ducked as the reply came in hot lead that tore the rooftops' edges. "But in case you haven't gotten sight of our position, we may have to move soon. Reply to them."

"Got you." Detour told his partner. "Cog, this is... ah, Detour of the Decepticons and Road Hugger of the Combaticons. Protihex is under siege by Imperials. We need all the men we can get." Glancing at Road Hugger, he cocked his head. "Where do we need them?"

"I have no clue. I am no strategist." Road Hugger replied, then opened his comm channel to Onslaught. "Fortunately, I know one. Boss? This is Road Hugger. Stand by for the Steelhaven. They have backup." Road Hugger said, as he connected the channel to the Combaticon leader.


"That sounds like a plan." Sixshot agreed with Spinister, watching as the Mayhem leader flew away. "I'll hold the line."

Sixshot (and by proxy Swoop and Whirl as well) flew towards where Thunderwing was last seen, and chanced upon Ultra Magnus being overwhelmed by the Imperials. Arcee and the others aboard Magnus aren't faring any better. "Yo, Mags!"

Sixshot transformed into tank mode and landed atop a heavyset Imperial, and began opening fire onto the surrounding Imperials.

Rockets and incendiary missiles shot down and thinned down individual Imperials as Swoop and Whirl joined in the firefight.

"I never thought I'd see a 'Con on our side." Whirl muttered. "Does not seem right."

"Be thankful he is." Swoop replied, "Would you face Thunderwing and Sixshot?"

"Point." Whirl said as he let out a sudden loud scream and flew cockpit-first into the Imperial air squadron coming in towards them. Incendiary missiles and null rays lancing out from the suicidal maneuver.

Hyperdrive found himself pushed by the Imperial tide beside Onslaught again. "Combaticon." Hyperdrive snapped by way of greeting. "What a day to die, eh?"

The ex-Micromaster's left arm was dangling by a few wires, although it still had a bazooka strapped onto it by said wires. The other arm held the business end of a bayonet's blade, holding it with the blade pointing from the lower palm.

His skull had no less than three bullet grazes from snipers which did not find their exact mark, and his entire exostructure was pelted with cuts and shots. Yet Hyperdrive's face was contorted in a psychotic grin, as if he found the whole affair actually a fun exercise.

2011-08-12, 07:56 PM
Topspin looked up at Crankhead as the other bot fought to protect him. "Yeah, i'll be good. My bell got rung something fierce." He said, standing back up. As he did so, he saw Whirl fly above him. "Won't let that stop me though. We Wreckers have a rep to maintain." He said, bringing his weapons up and firing. "Thanks for the assist though."


Highbrow had been focusing on finding the snipers who were causing so many problems. Luckily, their attention was diverted towards the main battle, and not to those who may be coming up behind them.

Highbrow snuck through one of the buildings and up the stairs where he had spotted one of the snipers who had shot him down earlier. He doisarmed the anti-personnel measures they had left behind in the stairwell and snuck up behind the sniper that had taken residence in the building, his attention fully focused on the battle ahead. "You will not require that anymore." Highbrow said as he shot the sniper in the head.

Highbrow picked up the sniper rifle and looked through the scope, hoping to aid his fellow autobots using the sniper since he could no longer be in the sky.

2011-08-13, 11:37 PM
Bridge, Steelhaven

Cog anxiously leaned in closer to the console, sitting on the edge of his chair, hoping, waiting for someone to respond to his message.

Nothing. Just dead air.

Cog sighed and fell back into the backrest, his hands dropping flaccidly to the side of the chair, "The channel was weak, but I was certain that I..."

But, like a cruel prank or as if planned to happen exactly at that moment, the speakers on the terminal started to hiss and crackle, and the fuzzed but still audible voices of Detour and Road Hugger came through.

Cog, again, moved closer, "Gigatron's people are in Protihex? Glad to hear that," Cog answered Detour. "But, yes, we're aware of the Imperials. As you gathered, our communications are down. What's your position?"

But before the Decepticon could answer, Road Hugger opened his com channel and contacted Onslaught - precisely one of the mechs Cog had hoped to reach.

He waited for the Combaticon leader to respond.

2011-08-15, 09:42 AM

"I'm not with Gigatron per se, but I'm Decepticon allright." Detour told Cog. "Our position is in a bunch of rooftops-"

Road Hugger snorted. Of course Detour didn't know scrap about Protihex and its topography. "We're pinned down in several rooftops in the borders between Foothills and Grange Hills. Battle's scooped up everywhere, and someone just set off a nuke to try kill Thunderwing. A good distance to our north." Road Hugger told Cog.

2011-08-17, 05:44 AM

(OOC: Haven't forgotten about the other stuff. Needed to give space to this first)


When Cog realized which faction of Decepticons Detour belonged to, the thought of broken international treaties immediately crossed his mind.

Out of respect, he bit his proverbial tongue and said nothing. What Megatron's faction were doing in Protihex would have to be addressed at a more appropiate time, and at the moment the city-state needed as much help as it could get, unlikely as the help may be.

"Between the Foothills and Grange Hill. Conflict also north of your position," Cog reiterated what Road Hugger had told him. "Understood. I will pass that along. Do you know if anyone else has come to Protihex's aide?"



Helping with the recently arrived wounded, Hoist was making his rounds throughout the very much understaffed medbay. Aside from tending to the odd damaged limb or gushing lasceration, he had the far from enviable task of determining who was worthy of taking up the steadily shrinking space.

"Hello, Aero Blade," Hoist sung out, though it did little to disguise his exhaustion. "Sorry I haven't checked in on you. How are you feeling?"


Hangar Bay

Meanwhile, as a recently arrived transport unloaded, tensions were growing on the lower level of the ship.

"...No, I'm afraid that's all who was on the transport. But, we'll get some energon rations and a medic down here," Ratchet placed his hand on a battered refugee's sholder. "It'll be alright, I prom-"

"No! It's not alright!" the civilian swiped Ratchet's hand away. "First it was Quintesson terrorists, then it was the Space Mafia. And now it's the fraggin' Cybertronian Empire. I've lost my home, my business. My friends are all dead. For all I know our governor is dead, too. And it seems like every day, despite international law, some new faction pops up here claiming to aide us like the slaggin' Missionaries of Primus - be it you damn Iaconians, or the damn Combaticons, or those damn Decepticons from Crystal City. But, the more of you that appear, the more people die - and the more Protihex burns. So keep your charity..."

The civilian spun around and stormed off, disappearing into the crowd of civilians that began to crowd the hangar bay.

Ratchet wanted to call out to him, to comfort him, but said nothing. What good would it have done, he thought. The Protihexian's words were tinged with a bitter truth.

"Pity I'm playing captain. I sure could use a drink," Ratchet halfheartedly smiled.

Inferno approached him from behind. "Don't let it get to ya," he said consolingly. "Scapegoats come easy durin' times like this. You're doin' whatcha can."

"Thank you, I know. I have to keep telling myself that," Ratchet sighed. "Though, I must admit," he lowered his voice so as not to potentially demoralize any nearby crew members. "It's hard to disagree with statements like that. Protihex is the bystander here. I wish there was an easier way to make it right."

"Well," Inferno said. "I know radio's out an' all, and I know you think it's dangerous, but-"

"Not until Cog has-"

"An' who knows how long that's gonna take. An' we can't assume Fort Max will come an' pull our butts outta the fire this time," Inferno blurted out loud. "Er, umm, with all due respect, I mean."

Overhearing the conversion (in no small part to Inferno), all crew member's* within earshot swung their heads over to the two Autobots.

"C'mon, Ratchet, there's alotta us here that wanna be out there. Organize a response team."

(* OOC: Call for NPCs to fill out the ranks if you're interested - unless I haven't pestered you already)

2011-08-17, 07:34 AM

Detour wasn't with Megatron per se recently... considering his recent bugging out from Polyhex. Cog did not know that, of course. "Myself and a Seeker, formerly in Megatron's camp. We tried to get some peace and quiet in the neutral city, and instead we got this."

"The Combaticons are here, obviously." Road Hugger told Cog. "So is Gigatron's Mayhem Attack Squad and several assorted Decepticons. A bunch of Protihex residents have taken arms likewise. I've seen an Autobot shuttle too recently, I think Ultra Magnus is leading the party."

"Yipe!" Detour said as laser blasts scorched their position. Road Hugger took a moment to open fire on the incoming Imperial fliers.

"Got to move. Rooftops aren't fine. Are the comm units portable?"

"Y- yeah. Sure. Hiding is good." Detour hopped down as the larger Road Hugger lifted the patchworked communications device, and the two Sports Car Patrol members with presumably Chopster descended down the stairs.


Monocle struggled to reach for his gun as the waves of Imperials swarmed over them. Backup is here, that damned six-changer, the Wreckers... they had a chance. He had to get back up, to fight, had to-

A massive feet slammed down on the gun. A burly Imperial stepped on it. He looked at Monocle with a blank expression, which unnerved the Autobot informant. If he were swaggering or scowling or doing something similar, it would've been much more... much less like he's being killed by a mindless machine.

Another foot crushed down on Monocle's spine, and he cried out. Monocle felt the barrel of a gun of the Liegespawn on his back press a gun to the root of his skull.

From the edge of his vision Monocle saw Arcee getting up, activating her fiery lightsaber, dashing towards him... but Monocle knew it was too late for him.

His long life of hiding in Maccadam's... five minutes back into action, and he's going to be killed. It was the last thought in Monocle's head as the Liegespawn opened fire, and Monocle was no more.

"NO!" Arcee yelled as Monocle was killed. She did not know the informant, did not know of his recent return to the Autobot ranks, but she knew that he was a fellow Autobot.

Rage took over her, and she slashed the killer with her lightsaber, the energy blade cutting through metal cleanly as the Imperial was cut from shoulder to crotch. The edges of the metal where the lightsaber had sizzled past were still melting as Arcee leapt past the killed and stabbed the burly Imperial that stepped on Monocle's rifle in the head, burning a hole through it.

She felt the distinct WHUMP of one of the sonic blasts from Sixshot slam onto an Imperial behind her, and Arcee pulled out her second lightsaber.

It was a deadly dance, a depressing dance, as she twirled around, slashing and hacking and stabbing and tearing and hacking and slashing and swinging her swords and...

Good god, Arcee realised, these Imperial troops don't even seem alive. Unlike Decepticons, the Imperial troops, the cannon fodder anyway, have a blank face, a mindless exterior which did not betray any emotion... if they had any. It was as if the constant process of budding had sapped and diluted any form of personality in these Imperials...

2011-08-19, 05:49 AM

Transforming into his smaller robot mode, Ultra Magnus actually smiled when his old nemesis Sixshot showed up on the scene and started blasting Imperials.

"I never thought I'd be happy to see your ugly mug," he told the Sixchanger, "but I guess times change."

He fired a few shots from his rifle, then spared a look at his trailer, which had landed at the far edge of the building. Several Imperials were closing in on it, but he managed to dissuade them for now by shooting their leader's head off.

"Can you hold your position for a few minutes without my help?" he asked, already knowing the answer would be 'yes'.

Crankstart shrugged. "Just don't expect me to make a habit of it," he told Topspin as he waded back into the battle. "I came to Protihex to retire, not to fight another war."

Onslaught frowned as Road Hugger's voice crackled over his comm.

"Yes?" he asked the other Combaticon, in between firing off volleys from his cannons.

When Hyperdrive happened along, he spared a moment to tell him, "I'd really prefer not to die if it's all the same to you. Do you want me to scare up a medic to look at your...well, your everything?"

The Entertainment District

The theatre was dim and abandoned, with only the slightest trace of flickering lights on the outside to indicate that the building was in use. Smokescreen was sure, though, that he was in the right place.

As he walked through the door, he saw the sad state of disrepair that the theatre had fallen into. The ticket windows were long-since broken, the posters from the last performances faded by time and disuse. But shifting lights and raised voices carried out of one of the auditoriums, nonetheless.

"--just saying you should think about it, Bluestreak. That's all."

"Think about what? Looting what we can and running away? What's the point in that?"

"What's the point in hiding here watching children's cartoons until the Imperials show up and kill you? At least my way, we make a few shanix off of it."

"Yeah, until they track us down and kill us in Altihex, or Uraya, or Kaon. No thanks, Swindle. I'm fine right here."

Smokescreen stepped into the room and said, "I really don't think you are, Bluestreak."

The other Autobot barely looked up from the show he was watching to say, flatly, "And I'm sure you're going to tell me all about it."

"What?" Smokescreen said with false umbrage, "No 'how did you find me?' No 'how did you know where I was?' I'm disappointed, Bluestreak."

"And I don't care, Smokey. Not anymore."

"Obviously not," Smokescreen retorted bitingly, "or you'd be across town with a gun in your hand instead of here, wallowing while your friends die. Obviously you don't care...don't care what happens to Inferno or Ratchet or Magnus or Springer."

"Obviously not," Bluestreak said emotionlessly. "I'm through with caring. Everyone I care about either dies or betrays me anyway. What's the point?"

"The point is, Bluestreak, that you're a good mech and you won't be able to live with yourself if you don't do something to help them." Smokescreen crossed his arms in front of his chest. "I should know."

Bluestreak showed the first flash of emotion he'd had since Smokescreen arrived as he spat, "You're nothing like me!"

"You're right," Smokescreen said. "Not anymore. But I used to be, until I let the world get to me. It broke me down, Bluestreak. I couldn't stand the pressure, I cracked and I let the world shape me into who I am today. Not because it's who I want to be, but because it's who I needed to be, after I let the world crush the real Smokescreen until there wasn't anything left. And you know what? Unless you want to turn out just like me, you're going to get your chassis out of that chair, grab your gun and come with me to help your friends."


Swindle cut in. "Look, not to break up your little heart to heart or anything, but anyone who walks into that disaster area ain't walking back out. I'm not going to let my business partner toss his life away for nothing!"

"You're right," Smokescreen told him. "But since you're coming with us, you can watch his back."

"Why the hell would I do that?" Swindle demanded.

All hint of vulnerability gone -- if it had ever been there and not just been for show -- Smokescreen told him in a voice as cold as steel, "Because I've already paid several bounty hunters a handsome retainer to hunt you down and kill you after the battle is over. If Bluestreak and I don't survive...well, there won't be anyone left to cancel the contract, would there?"

"You wouldn't!" Swindle said furiously.

"No," Bluestreak told him. "He totally would. The bastard's blackmailing me emotionally, so why wouldn't he use a more blunt tool to get you to come along?"

"The mech knows what he's talking about," Smokescreen said with a shrug. Putting a hand on Bluestreak's shoulder, he said, "So what do you say?"

"Don't touch me," Bluestreak snarled, shoving the other Autobot away. "You make me sick, Smokescreen. I've seen what you've become, and I could never be like you...and you know damn well that's why I can't do anything but follow you now, just like Swindle has to follow because you put a gun to his head. You're a disgrace."

"So that's a yes?"

"Shut your mouth before I shut it for you," Bluestreak said, with more anger than he'd allowed himself to feel in a long time. "We'll go with you now--"

"We will?" Swindle asked, confused.

"We'll go with you now," Bluestreak continued as if he hadn't spoken, "but it's going to cost you. You've dishonoured the badge you wear for a long time, and it's going to stop. Once the Imperials are dealt with, you're through."

"I'm what?"

"You heard me, Smokescreen. Once we've beaten Thunderwing, you're going to resign."

"Why the hell would I do that?" Smokescreen asked.

"Because it's the right thing to do, and you know it," Bluestreak told him. "And more to the point, because I'm not the only one who sees what you're doing. And if you don't quit I'm going to round them up and parade them in front of Prime and the senate one by one until he boots your skidplate out onto the street in disgrace. But more importantly...because you're still my friend, Smokescreen, even after all this. Because this job, this war...it's eating you up, hollowing you out until there's nothing left. Because you need to get out while there's still some chance of you ever living a normal life again, and because I care about my friends enough to risk my lives for them in more ways than one."

"I..." Smokescreen's jaw worked for a second, as if he was unable to speak. Anger, shock, sadness and hollow emptiness vied for dominance inside, and until he spoke even he didn't realize which one of them had won out.

"Thank you."

Dragging an obviously confused Swindle behind him, the two Autobots left the ramshackle theatre behind them and headed toward the battle.

2011-08-19, 11:10 AM

Sixshot chuckled as Ultra Magnus transformed into his small robot mode. "I've never seen that form before, Little Prime." Sixshot said, as if the Imperials swarming over them were no more bother than flies. "And I never thought I'd be rescuing you of all people, Little Prime. I can hold this position. Go get dressed... there's a lady here, and it is not polite to be undressed."

Sixshot moved alongside Ultra Magnus, his turret rotating and launching hypersonic blasts into the Imperial crowd.

Arcee recovered from the short battle lust at seeing Monocle die, and moved in pace with Sixshot and Magnus, hacking and slashing at any Imperial lucky (or unlucky) enough to evade Sixshot's barrage and get close.

"Magnus, we've got a bot down." Arcee said flatly, keeping emotion from her voice.

Just how many of these Imperials are there?

Swoop physically tore through a jet that looked like the spawn of a Sweep and a Seeker, and launched a rocket onto another one. He was running low of rockets... unlike Whirl, who was happily launching ordnance into the crowd and flying in like a suicidal madman, Swoop did not come armed to the teeth.

Fortunately, he was a Dinobot, and Dinobots had other ways of fighting.

Swoop transformed, although he did not fold his wings onto his back. Energon sword ignited, and Swoop begin to charge headlong into a fleet of Imperial jets, and began to slice through wings and stab through cockpits. No less than ten Imperials plummeted to the ground at Swoop's assault.

However, Swoop was a Dinobot, and Dinobots as a rule were not very maneuverable. Powerful and durable as Swoop is, he was not able to evade the sheer amount of machinegun fire and missiles that slammed onto his frame.

One missile slammed onto Swoop's stomach, and the Dinobot was sent tumbling down towards the ground.

"Medic? No medic. I bite, medics won't come near." Hyperdrive told Onslaught. "I can't sit still when explosions are all around. Kill all enemies, that's the only goal here."

Hyperdrive stabbed with his blade at an Imperial footsoldier, and rammed his knee onto the Imperial's stomach, cackling as he did so. Machinegun fire tore at Hyperdrive, but he didn't- couldn't make a move to avoid them. Instead he raised his mangled left arm and launched the bazooka missile at the offending Imperials, scattering them.

The recoil sent bazooka and arm snapping off from Hyperdrive's shoulder and onto the ground.

"This is how I imagined I would go, you know. Death all around, everything at stake... if I die, tell... tell my old teammates I'm sorry, will ya?"

Building, Grange Hill

"Boss, you are on with Cog, de facto captain of the Steelhaven." Road Hugger told Onslaught. "They need to know where to deploy their forces."

Detour winced as the building shook. "This is not good, Huggy."

2011-08-19, 08:16 PM
Topspin sighed, knowing that it was usually those who 'came out for one last mission' who died, and wondered if Crankcase would survive this fight.

Topspin made his way closer to Ultra Magnus and Arcee. "They just keep coming don't they?" He said, blasting another Imperial's leg off, seeing no pain the the warrior's face. "They're like zombies almost. Hard to fight an enemy you can't discourage or make afraid."


Highbrow sniped two snipers on opposing buildings before they realized there was a rogue sniper amongst them. From there it began a game of cat and mouse, one which he was not used to playing, especially without his advanced sensor suite.

2011-08-20, 12:41 AM

When Fortress Maximus arrived outside of the Steelhaven - Groove and Perceptor gripping on - they found, as one would expect, that the defenses were up.

Two deflector domes layered over the Steelhaven. The closest was generated from the ship itself, while several posts positioned around the massive starship generated the outer dome. Weapons were also deployed, though because radio was still out, were being controlled manually.

Slowing down to halt, Perceptor and Groove quizzically looked around the grounds.

"If we're unable to hail anyone," Groove said "How are they supposed to let us inside?"

Perceptor replied by pointing to the several guards that were on patrol. They were currently acting as the ship's eyes while Cog worked find a more permanent solution to their technical problems, one of which who spotted the ship's captain and the two Autobots waiting outside.

Hangar Bay, Steelhaven

When Inferno uttered the words "response team", Freeway, Pointblank, Siren, and Turbofire* (OOC: among others, I'm sure) turned away from their tasks, and gathered around the red-clad Autobot and Ratchet.

(OOC: @ Springer85 and Chip1123 - Even though I'm already using them in this post, I need to make sure - if you have not dropped Freeway, Pointblank and Turbofire, say the word and they're yours again.)

"A response team?" Pointblank said. "Took you long enough. Just point me and shoot."

"Really? We're heading out, Captain Doctor*?" Freeway jumped in. (OOC: * I couldn't resist ;))

"See? What did I tell ya?" Inferno motioned to his fellow crewmen. "C'mon, you know you..."

"Alright, knock it off everyone!" Ratchet raised his voice, drawing further attention towards himself and Inferno. "I know how anxious you all are. Believe me, I know. But, I'm sure you're also aware that we're operating blind at the moment. I won't send anyone out there on a guess (OOC: after all, Protihex is a pretty large chunk of land) and while were pinned down. Supposition is what got that first transport shot down. There's people on board, right now, that need our help and protection..."

Ratchet's reasoning only served to anger the surrounding Autobots. Their voices filled the hangar, growing louder as each attempted to make their case heard over the next. If anyone else wasn't paying attention, they most certainly were now.

At that moment, to Ratchet's relief, his comlink alerted him to Cog's incoming call - still piggybacking off a stray Combaticon frequency.

"Krrk - atchet? Are you - fzzz - eiving me? I've managed to make some progress."

"I'm receiving you, Cog. What's the - " Ratchet abruptly paused, unable to contain his irritation at the growing discontent. "Enough, guys! Shut up!"

Miraculously, it silenced them - if only momentarily. "Sigh, sorry about that. You were saying?" he resumed.

"I have the - krrk - aticons on the other line, and I don't want hold up this already weak channel for much longer - fzzz - I am told they are holding the l - krrk - between the Foothills and Grange Hill - shhhrk - flict also north of their position. Also, they report that an Iaconian party led by Ultra Magnus has been sighted at - krrrrk."

"I got most of that," Ratchet said. "And Ultra Magnus is in Protihex?" He said emphatically so as to defuse some of the tension in the room. "So, Iacon has responded to our call after all."

"Not necessarily," Cog replied. "Fzzz - small Autobot party judging by Road Hugger's report, not an army. Their presence here probably isn't legal."

"At this point, that really doesn't matter. Anything else?"

"As a matter of fact, yes..."

And right on cue, Fortress Maximus, carrying Perceptor and Groove, glided into the hangar bay and stopped not far from Ratchet and the others. Cerebros then launched himself away from his transtector, transformed mid-air, and landed on his feet.

"I need maintenance and armaments down here - right now," was the first thing the headmaster said. "You have a breem. Move, people! There's a city-state out there that needs our protection. Perceptor," Cerebros looked to the science officer. "Head to the bridge and assist Cog. We need communication back online ASAP. Join us when you are finished."

"Cerebros! And Perceptor and Groove!" Ratchet said. "You have no idea how pleased I am to see that you are all functioning."

"As am I that you've held the ship, the crew and all these people together," Cerebros smiled. "I always knew you had it in you. What's the situation?"


2011-08-20, 06:36 AM

(OOC: NPC-ing Blurr, Jackpot and Brainstorm with ziggy's permission. Heinrad, if you're back and you want Brainstorm back just say the word.)

A blue blur that was Blurr zipped in beside Inferno, literally a blur. It seems that the upgrade he did to slow down his speed did not stand. "Inferno Inferno Inferno it's really about time someone told us what to do it's a whole big damned mess in this city it's supposed to be a neutral city but Imperials are landing everywhere and shooting and killing and fighting I want to help but I don't know what to do Imperials Imperials Imperials everywhere if we shoot them from the sky they are on the ground if we shoot them on the ground they come from the sky what do we do what do we do where do we go?"

Haywire, perched on Blurr's shoulder, muttered. "Of all the people to be partnered with..."

Jackpot strode in behind Blurr, Sights perched on his shoulder, a lopsided smirk on his face. He had a 50-shanix coin that he fiddled across his fingers, before tossing it into the air and catching it expertly. "I don't know what is happening, but I want in on whatever you guys are doing."

A smallish robot ran into the crowd, and towards Cerebros and company. Brainstorm's transector, in its vehicle mode, hovered above him. "Cerebros, Ratchet, everything is a mess! Are you alright?"


"Unnerving." Arcee agreed with Topspin. "I just saw them kill an Autobot without showing any emotion whatsoever."

Sixshot chuckled as he lobbed another hypersonic blast at an Imperial. "I agree, Wrecker. It's much more fun if they scream. Is why killing Autobots is much more fun."

"Watch it." Arcee hissed.

2011-08-23, 02:01 PM
"Laugh all you want." Topspin spit back at Sixshot, while still firing at the Imperial troops. "Most of you 'cons scream just as loudly when the end comes for them too. Not many embrace death with open arms."

(OOC: Feel free to use Turbofire. I dropped him some time ago)

2011-08-24, 08:29 PM
Starflare Estates

"Projection: Civilian casualties; approximately 254*, contingent upon of Steelhaven crew's continued functioning. Survival; without aide, 1.1 percent. Governor Groove; unit's role consequential, continued functioning contingent upon unit designation Perceptor's success..."

Flanking him from the left, to the right, and above, it became clear to Shockwave that the Liege-spawn's objective, aside from terminating him, was to keep him away from the battlefield. The Imperial ground forces had attempted to implement the same divide and conquer strategy on Fortress Maximus. Needless to say, they lost a few mechs in that encounter. Likewise, the former-Decepticon wouldn't stand for this, proving to be equally as formidable, if not more intimidating, as the large headmaster.

Noting that all attacks were launched from a distance, he first concentrated his efforts on the flight capable mechs, who, like angry hornets, swarmed above the tall, purple-clad mech...

"....The enemy; vast, acutely proficient, prepared military force. Enemy armaments; substantial based simply by the magnitude of enemy troops - factor the yet to emerge Warworld, the figures become boundless...."

"Retreat now," Shockwave flatly stated.

The remaining Imperial soldiers responded in a predictable fashion by firing at the the mono-optic mechanoid from a 'safe' distance. And in kind, Shockwave took to the air, transformed into ray-gun mode, and scorched to ground with a wide energy beam....

"....Protihex; inadequately prepared. Current defense; exiguous military/police force, both Combaticon and Autobot. Resorting to impromptu tactics, currently scattered. Probability of survival; left without intervention from allied nations: approximately 11.0 percent*."

As Shockwave left a charred battlefield behind him, a glimmer caught his single optic from far off in the horizon. Six starfighters, but not of the enemy's colors - no, they brandished shades of black, purple and turquoise. A common scheme among Decepticons.

"Magnify," Shockwave zoomed in on the objects, quickly determining the identity of the flyers - or rather, flyer. "Ah, Sixshot," he mused out loud. "One can then infer that Gigatron is informed of the Imperial's presence in Protihex. I may have to reevaluate my projection."

He transformed back into ray-gun mode and whizzed off towards this newer battlefield.



Hangar 1

As Ratchet gave Cerebros a situation report, more Autobots (Brainstorm, Blurr, Jackpot) had strayed from their tasks and joined the group that gathered around the recently returned commander, each wondering the same thing.

"Inferno Inferno Inferno it's really about time someone told us what to do it's a whole big damned mess in this city it's supposed to be a neutral city but....."

"Uh, yeah, what he said," Inferno jutted his thumb at Blurr. "Say the word, Cap'n."

"Sigh, see what I've had to put up with?" Ratchet mumbled.

"So I see," Cerebros dryly said. "Alright people, listen up," he raised his voice. "Hm, let's hope that the intercom system still works," he tapped a switch on his helm, connecting to the ship's PA system.

"...As you all may know, Imperial forces have invaded Protihex, our communications are currently jammed, halting all evacuation efforts, and our allies are outnumbered and are in need of reinforcements. As crew members of the Steelhaven, though many of our initial objections have changed during our time here, our primary mission remains the same. Protect Protihex and its people. I ask for volunteers to join me in Hangar Bay 1. We leave in 4 breems. Thank you."


Hangar 2

Meanwhile in the adjoining hangar, Groove moved along the floor that now served as a makeshift refugee camp.

Dire as the situation was, the former-Protectobot, now-governor maintained his usual warm smile and sanguine optimism, often stopping to assist the medical team or console a citizen. Though it did little to solve their current problem, seeing their governor alive and among them inspired hope.

(OOC: More on this later :))



...And on the bridge, Cog, with the assistance of the newly arrived Perceptor, toiled to correct Steelhaven's communications problem (OOC: Cut me some slack. I know little of subspace or communications tech. I'm working with sci fi fansites here).

"Transpectral analysis complete," Cog said.

"Thank you, Cog," Perceptor skimmed through the results. "Hmm...and you have attempted to connect to the subspace relay network, correct?"

"Yes," Cog answered. "To no avail."

"I assumed as much. If you would - system analysis of ship's subspace transmitter, please. Schematic and interface up on the display - I wish to 'have a word' with it."

"Of course. Though, I don't understand what good that would do. I already ran a diagnostic on it - it isn't damaged."

Perceptor examined the image on the screen and, seemingly on a whim, drew his conclusion, "No, but someone has been rummaging around your systems."

Cog tilted his head, "Are you sure? I didn't detect any evidence of that."

"Oh, they did not get far. Security protocol prevented them from causing any damage," Perceptor told him. "You should be pleased. You run a tight system, Cog...Quite impressive for an AI such as yourself."

Cog angrily narrowed his optics "Hrm, anyway..."

"Hm? Oh, yes, of course," Perceptor continued. "They were in long enough to get all the information they needed. It is how the Imperials have been one step ahead of every attempt to circumvent their jamming signal. But fear not, that is why Fortress Maximus enlisted my aide," he loftily raised his chin. "A few steps are required, but there is a simple enough solution."

2011-08-26, 07:52 AM
Hangar One, Steelhaven

"I believe I am able to do something about communications, Cerebros. As unqualified as I am in the battlefield, I think this is more suited to me." Brainstorm told his fellow Headmaster. "But you know if you need air support, you can count on me."

Brainstorm leapt into the air, and the Master technology from his far-flung home universe allowed him to transform into a head. The Transector likewise transformed into a headless Autobot, to which head-mode Brainstorm attached. Almost immediately as the head connected to the empty neck, wires and neural links made connections, and Brainstorm was in full control of his larger Transector body.

"Say the word, boss. You know I'm with you."

"Oh no this is terrible terrible terrible it's worse than I thought I thought the Imperials were just a small razing team like the Decepticons used to have you know what I mean like a contingent of Sweeps or Seekers or those rubbish Insecticon clones but hey Cerebros and doc Ratchet you can count on Haywire and me that's right we Autobots survived these messes before we can do it again-" Blurr said, jumping from feet to feet so fast that it looks like he's, well, a blur.

"W-W-What my partner means to say is-" Haywire said, hopping down from Blurr's shoulder to perch on Jackpot's to avoid biting his tongue. "Where do you need us?"

"Likewise us." Jackpot said, as Sights transformed in a flurry of feathers to Jackpot's gun. "Time to change the tide of battle, non? Let's raise the stakes."


"You haven't met Bludgeon, then, I take it." Sixshot told Topspin in a conversational tone one would use to discuss something trivial, like, say, kittens. "Guy keeps wanting to die in a blaze of glory. Crazy fanatic. Also, there's that Dead End guy. Primus, you thank your lucky stars Dead End's stuck with us. Five minutes with him and I want to send him to the Allspark myself."

Arcee snorted at the conversation. "Men." She said.

"Ow." Swoop said as he transformed into robot mode and tried to get up from where he had crashed. "That's embarrassing."

A squad of Imperials swooped in, chewing up the ground with small-arms fire.


Whirl whirled around as he sprayed the waves of Imperials around him with incendiary missiles and photon blasts. He was tilted on a 45 degree angle, and was having the time of his life, laughing like the maniac he is. "Wreck and rule, mother-"

Whirl did a loop-the-loop to avoid a barrage of machinegun fire, a maneuver no human could possibly replicate with a helicopter. He then banked ninety degrees aside, launching missiles at an erratic pace.

It was a terribly effective tactic, because the pile of burnt Imperial shells below Whirl's flight path was increasing at an alarming rate, as befits a Wrecker.

But it was also a very risky tactic. By charging headlong in crazy maneuvers, Whirl leaves himself very vulnerable. One shot was probably enough to bring him down.

And as good a pilot as Whirl is, he can't watch all sides.

One missile streaked past Whirl's radar. He tried to bank upwards, but the missile slammed onto his underbelly, knocking him out of the sky. "Whaaaaaaa-" Losing his balance, two more missiles slammed onto Whir.

Trailing flames, Whirl fell from the sky like a meteor, crashing through a building, and then through a swath of Imperials. He did not get up.

2011-08-31, 04:35 AM

(OOC: Sorry. Was just waiting to see if anyone wanted to post first, is all :))

Hangar 1

"Thank you, Brainstorm, you always have been," Cerebros graciously nodded to the fellow headmaster. "I already sent Perceptor up to the bridge to assist Cog on that end. But, if you think you can help, by all means then..."

"You're that confident in Perceptor's abilities?" Ratchet butted in.

"We have to be," Cerebros answered, returning his gaze to Brainstorm. "As great as the need is, I will not ask you to fight if you feel you are unable to, old friend. I want you to know that."


Peacemaker, who was naturally standing near his partner, shook his head when Blurr once again piped up.

"What do you fuel your mech up with? Sugar?" Peacemaker told Haywire in a muted tone. "Whatever it is, mind passing it along to my partner here? He can be so morose sometimes, and it's hard trying to spark up any kind of conversation with-"

"I'm standing right here, you know," Pointblank glowered down at the Targetmaster.

Freeway, eavesdropping on the exchange, chuckled loudly, "You little guys crack me up!"


As Cerebros went to address Jackpot and the others (OOC: pretty much the named bots that have been mentioned so far), the Autobot commander felt a tap on his shoulder.

When he spun around, he found a small group of bright-eyed refugees waiting - no doubt having overheard the headmaster's announcement over the PA system.

"Excuse me, sir," one refugee said. "We would like to join you."

"I appreciate your intentions, but I can't ask that of you..."

"It's our nation that's being attacked, we have every right to," he protested. "All of us served in the military before we came here. Please, let us join you."

Cerebros averted his gaze to Ratchet. They sadly looked to each other, then, reflexively, swung their heads over toward Hanger Bay 2 and found that many of the refugees had rallied around Groove....


Hangar 2

(OOC: Yes, this is all going to sound incredibly corny. It's Groove, okay)

"I can't stand this!" one civilian spoke up. "I just want them ALL out of here!"

"But I - I don't want to fight," another sheepishly interjected.

"Then you shouldn't have to," Groove warmly smiled. "Hope for a peaceful nation, then. Believe in Protihex. Is it true that as a race, Cybertronians are predisposed to war? More than likely perhaps. That does not, however, mean that we shouldn't hope."

Groove looked around at his people. Many were tired, some where angry, and some, Groove suddenly realized, wanted to take action.

"Some say that we have been unreasonable. I'd like to think we haven't," Groove told the refugees. "But, perhaps we have been fleeing from one important truth. It is the responsibility of us, the survivors of Protihex, to preserve this nation's ideals. This battle will be fought on many fronts, and not just through armed combat. It is not one that can't be decided by the soliders that have come to aide us. Not by Iacon or Crystal City, or anyone else - but by us."

2011-08-31, 08:08 AM
Hangar One, Steelhaven

"Eh, no worries, Cerebros." Brainstorm told the Headmaster. "You know me, no going back from a fight. I can't very well see these civilians die while I hide in some corner, eh?"

Brainstorm cocked his head to one side, and sighed. "I've been spending waaay too much time with Chromedome and Hardhead."

"I have no clue." Haywire told Peacemaker, shaking his head. "He was like that when I got him. From then on, my 'fuel' has always been this human product called aspirin."

Jackpot slapped Freeway and Pointblank on the back. "Hey, you two! Looks like it's just our luck to meet up here after all that brouhaha in Templar Heights, eh?"

"I swear Jackpot every sentence that you speak is in terms of luck just to make you look cool because in every sentence you say there's this chance this or luck that or odds this or cards that." Blurr said.

Jackpot rolled his eyes... or did the equivalent gesture with a visor. "When you play cards for a living, you talk like that, mon ami."

"Now you're just adding French words to your sentences just to humour my accusation that you're doing this on purpose I think you're doing this to piss me off Haywire do you think he's saying all these to piss me off because I think he is and-"

"It's so easy to wind him up, Haywire." Jackpot said, shrugging while grinning. He let his arms slide from Freeway and Pointblank, and pumped Sights-in-gun-mode into the air, "Regardless, viva la Protihex! We'll beat back the invaders!"

Aero Blade
2011-08-31, 03:27 PM
Medbay, Steelhaven

Aero Blade stirred as Hoist called out his name. He was still mentally and physically exhausted from his ordeal, and his joints had stiffened up again, but he managed to sit up and look around at he increased activity.

"What's going on?"

2011-09-01, 04:15 AM

Ultra Magnus glowered at Sixshot. "Have you been hanging out with Grimlock in your spare time?"

Nevertheless, he made the quick dash toward the spot where his trailer had landed. Several more Imperials had closed in, but they were no match for his laser rifle. Six quick shots later and the six enemies were lying dead, with six neat holes drilled precisely into their skulls. Reuniting with his trailer, he gave it a quick once-over, checking for damage as he set it back upright. Finding nothing crippling, he transformed into his super robot mode, responded to Arcee.

"I don't want to sound callous, but we're going to have a lot more down before this is over with. Can you recover him safely?"

"Rumour has it that they don't have a spark," Crankstart told Topspin. "That they've divided and subdivided themselves so many times that there's nothing left of them on the inside."

He gunned down another enemy, then said, "I certainly hope they're right. It makes it a lot easier to kill them that way."

"Like hell," Onslaught told Hyperdrive curtly. "If you want them to hear it, you're going to have to survive long enough to tell them yourself."

Speaking into his communicator, he said, "Cog, this is Onslaught. I'm a tad busy right now, so skip the pleasantries and tell me what you need."

Spinister blasted head off of a counter-sniper who'd been lining Highbrow up in his sights, dropping the Imperial with a single shot to the base of the skull.

"Amateurs," he muttered, leaving it deliberately vague whether he was talking about the Imperial or the Autobot.

Approaching Steelhaven

Smokescreen and Bluestreak twisted their way through the city's streets, heading not toward the battlefield itself but to the Autobot ship ensconced (so far, safely) on the other side of town. Swindle followed along behind them, grumbling all the while.

Since their comm channels were still mostly filled with static, the three of them transformed to robot mode and waved as they approached, hoping that the ship's security crews would recognize them and hold their fire as the trio boarded.

2011-09-01, 04:41 AM

"Blame Squawktalk for that. One little comment he hears, and next thing you know the entire Decepticon base knows about it, Little Prime." Sixshot told Ultra Magnus, before joining the Autobot City Commander in transforming into robot mode. Sixshot's nanosword flared to life, while in his other hand he held his hypersonic concussion cannon.

Arcee shook his head. "He's dead. Not to sound callous but I'm not going to risk my neck for a corpse." She narrowed her eyes. "Swoop and Whirl were both just shot down too. No idea where they landed or if they are still alive."

"If I survive, cheesecake." Hyperdrive told Onslaught, headbutting an Imperial in the face, then pulling back with pieces of the Imperial's face between his teeth. The Imperial stumbled back, clutching his ruined face, and Hyperdrive thrust his dangling arm-with-blade onto the soldier's chest.

Swoop sliced his way through the Imperials around him, although he was getting quite overwhelmed as the troopers did the primitive method of rushing blindly to overpower the Dinobot.

"Come on! I'll send you all to hell!"

But Swoop's bravado was cut short as an Imperial clocked him on the wrist with the butt of his rifle, sending his energo sword clattering away. Unarmed as he was, Swoop was still a Dinobot, and he lashed out with his fist onto Imperials, although at the rate that they were coming Swoop knew he couldn't last long.

Sorry, Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl... looks like I'll have to go first...

Approaching Steelhaven

Being who he was, Jackpot happened to look at the correct direction to see Smokescreen, Bluestreak and Swindle as they arrived. "Hey, guys? We've got more company." The Action Master's brows furrowed as he recognized Swindle. A 'Con. The worst kind, too, the one that would sell his teammates only to buy them and sell them again.

2011-09-01, 06:25 AM


Hoist tilted his head at Aero Blade, "You've been out this whole time, huh? You didn't even hear Cerebros' announcement?"

Hoist looked over the read-out on the diagnostic machine siting near the head of the technician's bed. "Then again," he added. "Considering what you've been through these past few deca-cycles, I suppose you needed the rest."

He returned his gaze to Aero Blade, his tone becoming more somber, "It's really bad out there," he said. "The Imperials have invaded Protihex. We're doing everything we can to evacuate civilians, but with most, if not all communications going out, presumably jammed, we've been operating blind. We can't risk sending any transports out - not after what happened to the first batch...."

Hoist lowered his head and sighed.

"I hear Cog, and whoever else, are working to fix that problem, though," he perked up. "And after giving us a good scare, the captain is alive. He just announced over the PA that he's forming a response unit. But, forget all that for a moment," Hoist made a sweeping motion. "How are you feeling?"



Having wrongfully assumed that he was cut-off from the stray Combaticon frequency he was earlier piggybacking off of, Cog was surprised when Onslaught commed back.

"Hm? Excuse me one moment," he told Perceptor while he took the call. "As you wish, no pleasantries," he answered Onslaught. "Then know that we are functional and are currently organizing a response team. But, as you may have figured, at the moment we're experiencing a communications black-out and..."

"A minor set back. I intend to resolve that quandary soon," Perceptor interjected.

"At any rate, if you will, send me your coordinates."



(OOC: Erm...I'm going to assume Jackpot wandered outside, then?)

Before the security crew on patrol could respond, Jackpot - with his impeccable timing - alerted them to Bluestreak, Smokescreen and Swindle's arrival.

"Lower the outer dome," one officer called out.

(OOC: There's two, in case you missed it in one of my above posts. Not going to go through the whole sequence of the guards letting Smokey and co. past one dome, wait for them to enter so it can close behind them and then repeat the same boring process with the second dome. It can happen off-page if you want :))

2011-09-01, 07:22 AM
(OOC: I figured Jackpot looked out a window or something? Hangars must be sorta open to the outside world, right? :glance: Just assume Jackpot wandered outside to greet the newcomers...)

2011-09-01, 04:41 PM
Highbrow, oblivious to the fact that Spinister had just saved his spark, settled back down to start sniping again, now that he had gotten to another safespot, 'safe being a rather relative term on this battlefield.

What he saw gave him chills. He saw Swoop fighting for his life, Imperials swarming all around him. Highbrow lined up his shots, trying to give Swoop a fighting chance against the Imperials. He took out 4 of them before the rifle clicked empty. I hope that was enough to even the playing field he thought to himself, not sure if even a Dinobot could survive those kind of odds.

2011-09-02, 03:38 PM

Swoop had no idea why four of the Imperials closest to him fell down without so much of a warning, but decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

No time for Autobot fair play or whatever. It was, as always, Dinobot time.

Swoop made use of the lull to let out a bloodcurdling screech, which, along with the sudden death of the four Imperials sniped by Highbrow, stunned the others surrounding him for a second. A second was all Swoop needed.

Swoop unfurled his beast-mode wings, crumpled as they are, from his back. His wings moved so fast that it sliced through the torso of two troopers behind him. Swoop then lunged forwards, punching upwards with his right fist onto another trooper, cracking the neck. Using the break in the formation from the dead Imperials, Swoop dashed away, swiping at the feet of the Imperials in his way in the process.

It wasn't going to be his death, Swoop realised. Someone always saved him at the last moment. Grimlock, Slag, that blasted Optimus Prime...

"Come on! I said I'll send you straight to hell!" Swoop said as his fingers closed on a piece of I-bar and he used it as a bludgeon to whip the faces of three Imperials closing on him. There was still a veritable legion, an armada of these faceless green-and-white soldiers, but Swoop was determined to kill as many of these bastards before he is inevitable brought down. He couldn't hope for another rescue... if his mysterious benefactor hadn't fired again, it was probably because he can't.

So this was it, then. One last stand, beating away the enemies, relying on his strength.

Then the Imperials pulled out their guns.


2011-09-07, 05:42 AM

"Then avenge them," Ultra Magnus growled to Arcee. "Autobot, Decepticon or Combaticon, no one kills one of us today and lives to tell the tale."

He swept his gaze across the square, then turned to look at Sixshot. "And I'm sure there's a wonderful story behind all that, but now's not the best time for gossip. Onslaught's not far away," he said, gesturing to a barely-visible figure a few hundred paces away, obscured by dozens of Imperial bodies. "We need to kill every Imperial that's standing between me and him, and we need to do it in a way that'll leave the rest if them too afraid to come near us."

He fired a shoulder mortar into a nearby crowd, sending a dozen enemies scattering from the centre of the explosion and leaving twice that number lying on the ground with severe shrapnel damage.

"You with me?"

"You'd damn well better survive," Onslaught told Hyperdrive. "You think I wasted a new body on someone who was going to run out and get himself killed the first chance he got?"

Responding to Cog, he said, "I'm not getting any GPS readings, so I can't send you exact coordinates. Don't worry, though. You'll know when you're in the right place. Just make sure everyone knows that you're friendlies, because this is quickly descending from a battle into a brawl -- the downside of chopping the head off of a numerically superior enemy force, it would seem. I wish I could give you better advice than that, but the tactical situation is too chaotic even for me."

Spinister quickly joined Highbrow in taking slow, careful shots at the Imperials attacking Swoop.

"We're seriously trying to save a Dinobot?" Singe asked.

"Yes. But if anyone asks, I'm shooting at him and have really bad aim."

"Wait...was that a joke? An actual joke? Who are you and what have you done with my dour, standoffish partner?"

"I left the last of him in an ally with Thunderwing's melted body," Spinister said, practically grinning behind his faceplate.


As they walked through the security domes, Swindle caught the last part of Jackpot's comment and said, "Hey, I resent th--actually, no, that's a pretty fair assessment all things considered."

"Quiet, you." Smokescreen glared at him, then turned to Jackpot and held out a datacard, "We got some good sensor readings when we were flying in from Iacon. I thought you guys might find them useful."

2011-09-07, 06:13 AM
Beastbox's trailing tape got tangled in Acid Storm's fins and he swung pendulum like below the other Decepticon.


Striker swooped down "Hakkaa päälle hooooooooooorahhhhhhh."

Striker fired at the Imperials surrounding Swoop.

"Don't be greedy , share some of the fun."


Landfill swarmed up an abandoned building and settled in a sniper Eyrie. His position was roughly opposite Spinster's.

He lined up the nearest imperial and squeezed off a shot.


Crush lumbered through the Sky bombay doors starting to open.

Aero Blade
2011-09-07, 01:33 PM

"No, I didn't hear," Aero Blade answered Hoist, starting to turn himself around so he could slide himself back onto his feet. Stratus was just starting to rouse as well, equally exhausted from his own efforts to locate his partner after he'd gone missing at the hands of the smugglers.

"I've been better, but there isn't time for that now. It sounds like you need all the help you can get."

2011-09-08, 06:35 AM


"Every bit counts. But..." Hoist glanced sideways at Aero Blade. "By 'help', what exactly did you have in mind? You're not thinking of heading out with Fortress Maximus and the others are you? Your body has been through enough as it is."



"Thank you, Onslaught," Cog answered. "I will pass the word along. Good luck to all of you. Reinforcements will be along shortly."

Once the transmission ended, Cog looked over to Perceptor at the station next to him. "Shall we resume?"


Hangar 1

Ratchet and Cerebros looked on as the refugees - who only moments ago volunteered to join the response unit - followed Turbofire out of the hangar.

"Everyone here?" Turbofire said. "Okay, try to stay close. The armory's up on the next floor."

"Mm, are you sure this is a good idea?" Ratchet said, not looking away from the leaving group.

"No, not really. Honestly, I'm uncomfortable with it," Cerebros frowned. He glanced over to Hangar 2 where the refugees still rallied around Groove. "Remind me, Ratchet, to have myself or someone else speak with him."

"You're thinking he'll attempt to preform some noble deed for his nation and end up getting himself killed?"

"That's something I'd wish to prevent, yes. He's too important."

At that moment, one of the ground patrolmechs approached the headmaster and informed him that Smokescreen and the others had arrived. He thanked the officer with a polite nod, then motioned Ratchet to follow.


Outside, just underneath the open bay doors, they found Smokescreen flashing a datacard at Jackpot, who had already greeted the recent arrivals.

"Bluestreak," Ratchet said. "You disappeared some time ago. Glad to see you're still functioning."

"Swindle. Smokescreen," Cerebros nodded. "So the reports that an Iaconian unit was here were indeed true. What news do you bring?" He motioned to the datacard.



"An incisive stratagem. Astute as always, Ultra Magnus," Shockwave's cool, mechanical-like voice suddenly announced over the battlefield. "Permit me to assist you in its execution."

From the sky, a wide beam then fired down from Shockwave's barrel and scorched the ground stretching between Ultra Magnus' party and Onslaught -- surrounding the Liege-Spawn below in a fiery dome.

(OOC: What? :o)

2011-09-08, 11:48 AM

Swoop smiled weakly as Striker came in to help. "You know, chaplain, I never believed in miracles." Swoop kicked a bullet-riddled Imperial off him, and his optics widened at the flying quetzalcoatlus-slash-battlestation flying through the skies.

"Either I'm hallucinating or that is my ugly big brother that I never knew about?" Swoop asked.

And then something more absurd happened. A gaudy helicopter was shooting at the Imperials around him. "Spinister?!" Swoop asked, mouth hanging open in disbelief. Of all the Decepticons...

Arcee snorted. "You got it, Magnus."

"Personally I don't care if you Autobots die, I'm just here to collect scalps." Sixshot offered helpfully.

"Shut up, 'Con."

"I can do that, Prime Junior." Sixshot said as he transformed into jet mode. "You think too small, though." As he gained some altitude he transformed into his giant gun mode, ready to blow the block to oblivion... when Shockwave flew in, and opened fire.

"Shockwave." Arcee said.

"Oy!" Sixshot cried, one giant flying gun to another. "You? What- Not that I'm unhappy to have another powerful Decepticon on our side, but that just now kind of screwed up my crowning moment of awesome. Ah well." Sixshot opened fire, joining Shockwave's firepower with his own.

Arcee shook her head. Sixshot was so... different than when she fought him before. Instead of a soulless murderer, Sixshot was actually joking around? It reminded him... it reminded him of Springer and Hot Rod. Gritting her teeth for even comparing that monster to her closest friends, Arcee raised her hand to shield her face from the flames of the explosion.

"I left you, you know." Hyperdrive told Onslaught. "'Cause I wanna bash heads and didn't want to be no wussy peacenik."

The Decepticon snorted as he awkwardly sliced through another Imperial, grunting as laser blasts slammed onto his body. Stupid upgrade, Hyperdrive mused. If he were in his Micromaster body he'd be able to zip through these idiots...

A missile shot through the air and slammed beside Hyperdrive, sending the wounded Decepticon flying through the air, plates and pieces of armour and his remaining arm away.

The Decepticon hit the ground, spat out a glob of oil. Despite the fact that he didn't have arms, despite the fact that his left leg was bent at an awkward angle, despite the fact that there was a gaping hole on his side... the psychotic rage in his optics didn't fade. He yelled, loud and primal, as he struggled to get up.

"I'M GONNA KILL ALL OF Y'ALL!" Hyperdrive yelled.

Hyperdrive knew his time was almost up. He could almost see the Fallen, a figure wreathed in flames, beckoning from the shadows... shame he won't get to say goodbye to Blackjack, Road Hugger and Detour... those idiots...

Whirl's systems rebooted.


The crash hurt. Where was he?

Then he saw the sea of green and white moving towards him. Crap.

"Magnus? I don't want to bother you but I think I'm going to be killed here."

Radio is dead. Damn. Damn damn damn damn

Whirl tried to transform, and found that he couldn't. Well, this was embarassing, so he'll have to shoot while half-buried in a crater?

Sounds like the crazy thing he'll do. Null rays, paralyzo boxes, incendiary missiles and heat rays came online and randomly blasted everywhere. "Last ride's always the craziest, glitchheads! Bring it!"

Hangar One, Steelhaven

Blurr pointed at Groove, "Hey Freeway Pointblank Pinpointer Brainstorm Haywire bet you guys never thought little old pacifist Protectobot Groove could become a leader like this like a calm in the storm for the civilians to rally around did you did you did you because I never thought it it never crossed my mind no sir not at all."

Haywire looked at Pinpointer and shook his head. "If Transformers breathed, Blurr would be dead."

Brainstorm shrugged and followed Cerebros and Ratchet as they went out to greet Smokescreen and company.

Exterior, Steelhaven

"It is a fair assesment, mon ancien ennemi." Jackpot told Swindle.

Sights squawked.

"No, I know more than two phrases of French. Hush, you." Turning to Smokescreen, Jackpot grinned a winning smile. "Good to have you back, Smokescreen, Bluestreak. If we're lucky we'll meet Fort Max and the others pretty soon-" Jackpot accepted the datacard, just as Cerebros, Ratchet and Brainstorm arrived. As expected. "Ah, boss-people! Smokescreen here just gave us sensor readings when they arrived from Iacon. C'est bien."

Jackpot wanted to say that he was technically Iaconian as well, but decided not to complicate matters.

"And I thought the guys I hang around with was crazy." Brainstorm muttered under his breath.

2011-09-08, 06:29 PM
Striker glanced upwards .

"as long as he's on our side hallucinate away. I don't suppose you've ever had a subconcious desire to have a big familysay about another dozen big brothers if so let your imagination run wild."


Bore from his position mounted on Crush's underside swivelled his gun barrell lining up on the Imperials just as Crush released a load of bombs o n the swarm of green below.

2011-09-09, 08:22 AM

Swoop chuckled dryly at Striker. "I'm trying to imagine another half dozen of my ugly half brothers."

He shakily got up, gave an awkward wave at Spinister, but found that his right knee was locked up. Add that to his bent wings, missing weapons, and the miscellaneous dents and bullet holes on his exostructure...

It was typical Dinobot day.

A trooper rushed Swoop, and the Dinobot proved as vicious as he was wounded, lashing out with his fist and catching the hapless Imperial on the head, snapping the neck connections.

He didn't know how long he could last without reflexes, though. So, unthinkable as it is... "Striker, I don't think I can be much help in my state."

Whirl was still opening fire blindly, his crazy tactic proving effective as no Imperial on the range of thirty meters dared approached.

Then a massive tank of a trooper moved forwards.

"Damn damn damn damn" Null rays barely slowed it down. Incendiary shells and heat rays only made craters on its front... looks like his time had ran out after all. "Sorry, Roadbuster, Topspin, Twin Twist... looks like I'm going to go out first."

The tank's main turret lined itself up with Whirl...

And it was blown up by Crush's carpet bomb. Whirl had no idea what happened, but the explosion blew him clear off the crater he found himself in. Finding his rotors damaged, Whirl forced himself to transform (it hurt a lot) and scrambled for the nearest cover.

Not that the Imperials were all wiped out. Several dozen were in hot pursuit of the Wrecker.


A group of Imperial captains had been moving towards Steelhaen's parking area, wearing stealth painting to avoid the Autobot shuttle's radars.

There were a dozen of them, and none of them were the mindless rabble that the likes of Sixshot slew with ease. These were trained warriors, to the caliber of the Predators and Skyscorchers. And every one of them carried enough explosives to turn Steelhaven and everyone in it into a smoking crater.

If they made it there.

As they moved through the burning buildings, a pile of rubble burst apart from beside them, and a loud, inhuman growl preceded the slash of a schyte as the Monsterbot Repugnus slashed through the Imperial that's standing on the rear of the group.

As the rest of the group turned around, Repugnus made use of the split-second to spit out several balls of flame. Taken by surprise, two more Imperials went down.

Repugnus then used his powerful legs to launch himself like a grasshopper towards the enemy as they began to draw guns. A quick thrust of his schyte-arms to the side and a fourth Imperial's chest was pierced. His shots went wide, causing several of his comrades to duck.

Repugnus' arc sent him onto a fifth Imperial, whose head he bit off, his mandibles and rows of teeth severing the head with ease.

As he landed he turned to face the rest of the Imperials and his green optics glowed. Six of the remaining seven froze due to the strobe effect, but the seventh managed to get a shot that slammed onto Repugnus' chest.

Howling, Repugnus breathed out a tongue of flame which engulfed said Imperial, before transforming into robot mode, pulling out his venom blaster and shooting the slagger five times in the head.

He then transformed into beast mode again and sliced off the head of the still confused Imperials. One, two, three, four, five...

The final one recovered, and reached for his detonator.

Repugnus tackled him, slicing the arm off. "Ha!" But his swagger turned into a look of horror when he saw that the detonator had been pressed. "Crap!"

Transforming into robot mode, the Monsterbot held the Imperial in a chokehold. "For the Liege Maximo." The Imperial growled.

Repugnus snorted. "For Bob the Builder, slagpipe." Repugnus then used all his strength to toss the Imperial saboteur away into the sky before getting down on the ground. The explosion was impressive, and it was nowhere near the Steelhaven.

The flames washed over Repugnus, burning him... but as they dissipated the Monsterbot found himself still alive. And proud. For once, he had saved the lives of a bunch of innocent people, and the bad guys are dead. He's still an Autobot, Repugnus knew. He wouldn't mind killing, but he knows he's one of the good guys, like Doublecross and Grotusque.

One of the-


Repugnus looked at his chest, not comprehending the large, gaping hole dripping with energon there. He blinked once, then fell forwards to join the Imperial saboteurs in death.

(OOC: RIP :()

Jackpot winced as something blew up in the near distance. "What do you suppose that was?"

It's just lucky that it didn't happen in the Steelhaven...

Disgusting. Why would these throwbacks even want to consider assuming the forms of inferior beasts? Skyquake snorted as he prodded the corpse of the orange Autobot he had just shot in the back.

Skyquake was pure evil.

The Predator literally hated anything and anyone who was not like him, who was not like the Liegespawn, who were not resolute in their path of conquest. Evil was their catchphrase. He will slay everyone else.

That was why the Liegespawn were powerful, they were connected to the undiluted essence of the Maximo.

That fool Thunderwing... allowing himself to be goaded like that... but Skyquake could sense how cruel and malicious Thunderwing was, if deluded. Oh, how he hated the posturing to be subservient to that windbag...

Using his mental powers, Skyquake sent a message to the still living captains. It was his gift, connection to the other Liegespawn...

Transforming into his powerful bomber form, Skyquake shot into the sky. Take down the warriors first and there won't be anything left to defend. He knew who led this rabble. Years of undercover among the Decepticons told him that.

His targets were easily spotted even from here: Ultra Magnus. Shockwave. Onslaught. Spinister. Fortress Maximus. And reportedly Groove had risen to prominence as well.

Steelhaven is a big, fat juicy target ripe for the taking...

But the main priority is to secure their asset, Thunderwing, and the Decepticon Matrix. So Skyquake shot through the air towards the main battlefield.

Two massive floating guns, Sixshot and Shockwave, are in the air some distance away. Perfect.

2011-09-09, 07:47 PM
Highbrow made his way over to Swoop, Striker, and Spinister, surprised to find Swoop still functional.

"Nice to find you still functional. I thought you were going to be deactivated when I ran out of ammo in the sniper rifle I was using." Highbrow said to Swoop. "Their ranks have thinned considerably, but they still have us out numbered, and we haven't accounted for all of their generals yet."


Topspin looked over at Ultra Magnus and Arcee and shrugged. "If we've got a window, then use it!" He said, referring to the path Shockwave had paved for them.

2011-09-10, 07:07 AM

"That makes two of us." Swoop told Highbrow. "Nice to feel wanted."

Half limping, half falling, Swoop rested his back against a building, and snagged an Imperial's discarded blaster and began shooting potshots into the enemy. "I don't think I can fly or fight with my wings and leg busted. Anyone here know a medic?"

(OOC: This is result of the most developed characters thread, shut up)

"Crap-" Hyperdrive barely got the word out as Shockwave and Sixshot's combined attacks sent the already mangled Decepticon spinning away, slamming onto a building with a sickening crunch.

Hyperdrive shook his head. God did it hurt. Missing two arms, a part of his stomach, a good bit of his left leg, miscellaneous chunks from all over his body... Hyperdrive spat out something he didn't want to identifty from his mouth, then shook his head... to see a blade pointed towards him. "Not one of those, heh heh, mindless zombies, aren't 'cha?"

The Imperial commander, coloured a shade of blazing red, narrowed his optics. "Do not mock the Liegespawn, throwback. Your death would be a mercy killing, but now I will enjoy hearing you scream."

Hyperdrive growled. "You first." Swiping his remaining good leg, Hyperdrive took out the Imperial's footing. Surprised that the mangled Decepticon could still move, the Imperial toppled towards the ground...

Hyperdrive tried to lunge towards the Imperial, but he easily got up and kicked Hyperdrive in the face. For every single movement Hyperdrive was wracked by pain but evidently the Imperial commander was still fresh out...

Detour and Road Hugger, while managing the communication between Cog and Onslaught happened to look out of a window. Yes, out of a window, and what do they see? Hyperdrive, armless, with one leg, looking like he went through a demolition derby and a junkyard, being menaced by a red Imperial commander.

"What the Pit is he doing here?" Road Hugger asked, as he aimed his X12 Scrapmaker mounted on his shoulder towards the Imperial.

"Don't!" Detour yelled. "You'll hit Hyperdrive!"

"What do you suggest we do- wait, what are you-"

Before Road Hugger could say anything, Detour had transformed into vehicle mode and shot out of the window, aiming straight towards the battle below.

Road Hugger didn't know which one was more implausible -- Detour, the spineless coward he knew for years actually leaping onto battle, or the fact that the Micromaster actually slammed through the Imperial's skull, right through it and out the other.

Road Hugger wasn't taking any chances, though, as he raised his wrist blasters, aimed, and shot the Imperial menacing his teammates twice in the chest.

Detour didn't believe how spontaneous he acted. It wasn't that he wasn't scared for his life, but rather he couldn't see that Imperial just murder Hyperdrive like that. Despite all Hyperdrive did... they were a team.

Blackjack. Road Hugger. Detour. Hyperdrive. The Sports Car Patrol.

You take on one of them, the other three will shoot your toes. That was the way it is. Breakups, upgrades, faction swapping... they were still a team.

As he emerged from the remains of the Imperial's skull, he transformed. "Hyperdrive!"

"Dee?" Hyperdrive asked, "Did you just... I think I'm going crazy."

"You're still a jerk, so you're allright." Detour said. Turning up towards the window, where Road Hugger was leaning out with guns extended, Detour shouted, "Hugs! Help me drag him up!"

Road Hugger disappeared into the building. Hyperdrive muttered, "What do you know, Onslaught, you were right after all."

Aero Blade
2011-09-10, 02:42 PM
Medbay, Steelhaven

"I don't know what I can do," Aero Blade spoke to Hoist, having to take a moment to lean against the recovery bed for some support before standing up again. "But, I have to do something..."

Lady Quickswitch
2011-09-10, 11:17 PM

Imperials swarmed Quick Switch so thick, their numbers blotted out his view.

They surrounded him. In front, in back, top and bottom. His view was a solid wall of wings, hull and robot forms, lit by the fire in his eyes and the trading of laserfire.

These units appeared mass produced. They were mere fodder for the unit’s photon blasters and six deadly forms. They were nothing.

The Six Changer fired into the impassable swarm, utterly furious but grateful for the distraction this caused.

His mind could barely process-much less accept--what he had witnessed as it was.

S-Sixshot and Magnus.. Fighting alongside each other? Joking as if—as if..

The unnerved Six Changer could barely speak past confused disbelief.

“As if they were comrades..” Quick whispered but barely.

Treason. It was treason. Fighting alongside the Decepticons as if they were bosom allies! Unbelievable!! As if the Autobot forces weren’t strong enough to beat down and destroy the Decepticon forces, whatever pointless permutation they took.

Quickswitch barely felt the sting of laser fire as he grasped the full magnitude of what he’d stumbled into.

He was replacable.

Sixshot had taken his place—been accepted for it with open arms even in the context of their pithy ceasefire. And the Autobots—

Quick bellowed at the top of his vocorder, enraged and betrayed. His central processor thundered.

Quick cut another swath through them in sheer contempt at what the world had come to.

I knew it! I should never have left. Fools, liars and deceivers all!

The Six Changer shifted forms in mid-air and spitefully tore apart an imperial with powerful hands alone. Quick imagined it was Sixshot, imagining it was those not worth their cores—sparks either.

“Another one down,” he smiled at the satisfying shriek of rending metal. He shifted from one form to another, baffling the Imperials long enough to send a steady rain of terminated corpses to the ground.

He pressed forward, felt their bodies bounce off him as he pushed through their living death net.

There was an opening, just brief enough that Quick Switch caught sight of Ultra Magnus transforming into his robot mode. Armor retracting to reveal—

The robot mode inside was pure white and smaller, but the visage was unmistakable.

“Op--Optimus..?” Quick Switch whispered, stunned by the sight of it, “Optimus P-P-Prime..?”

What does it mean..?? Sixshot fighting with them against Thunderwing.. Magnus turning into Prime—Madness! When will it STOP??? WHY did this HAPPEN??? It’s madness!

Quick Switch felt the Imperial swarm rise above him, felt solid surface strike him soundly. He’d fallen right out of the sky in such shock that he’d changed forms without even realizing it and landed on the ground in robot mode.

He righted himself and stared right into the dull and lifeless face of an Imperial trooper, the total lack of expression of any kind.

He fired, terminating the Imperial with a single shot. No one chastised him. No one responded with ridiculous rhetoric about the Autobot Code, and for a brief moment he no longer felt any different than the rest of them.

But even this. Even this battle, this fodder, was not enough to dampen the Six Changer’s staggering despair.

He looked down at the now-dead Imperial as if he expected to be party to a great secret but saw nothing.

He was reminded so much of what he tried so hard to forget.

“No sparks?” he faintly whispered, nearly swooning as every aspect of the reality he thought he knew had been turned on its head.

It would be a fortnight before he recalled his part in the battle.

2011-09-11, 04:27 AM

Ultra Magnus couldn't help but smile when Shockwave's intimidating, logical voice boomed out above him.

"Glad to see you're still functional," he told the Decepticon who had been in many ways his opposite number among the Decepticons for so long. "If you've got any suggestions for what to do once we've united our forces, I'll be glad to hear them."

With Shockwave and Sixshot blasting away from the air, Magnus peppered the target area with shots from his laser rifle.

"And?" Onslaught shrugged. "Blast Off left me too, and he'd been with me for a lot longer that you had. Sometimes things don't work out the way you plan them, Hyperdrive. That's just life. It's certainly no reason for me to want you dead."

But the smaller Transformer had been blown away from him before he'd even finished talking.

(OOC: Just to clear things up, Spinister's actually a ways off on a rooftop.)

"Not just him," a voice announced from behind Swoop. A few seconds later, Needlenose flew into view with Triggerhappy and Slugslinger on his wings. They strafed the ground-bound Imperials, shredding half a dozen before the others who'd been standing nearby scattered in fear.

"Not quite a family reunion," he quipped, "but it'll have to do until we can dig up Misfire from whatever hole he's hiding in. Go Targetmasters!"

Acid Storm headed down toward an empty patch of ground, saying, "Try to untangle yourself, Beastie. I need to get back into the sky."

At the epicentre of the blackened, smoking cinder that marked Thunderwing's inner robot's resting place, debris started to stir. Slowly at first, but growing faster as the body underneath it grew more vital, chunks of slag and molten metal were flung aside even as others seemed to be...absorbed into the writhing mass below.

Then a hand shot up, it's dark green fingers as clean and unblemished as if they'd just rolled off of the assembly line. Another hand joined it, pulling it's body entirely free of the debris -- and revealing Thunderwing in all his immaculate glory, his wounds knitted and his Pretender shell regenerated by the Decepticon Matrix's dark power.

"A good diversion," he said to himself in a low, dangerous tone, "but nothing more. The time has come to show these foolish peons the true nature of power."


Bluestreak grinned like an idiot and threw himself at Ratchet, enveloping the other Autobot in a bear hug. "Doc, you've got no idea. It's good to see a real friendly face again."

Swindle, meanwhile, looked up the ramp as if he was inventorying everything he could see inside the Autobot starship.

"I'm hurt, Jackpot," he said. "I never thought of you as an enemy. A friendly rival who I wouldn't mind breaking down for spare parts, sure, but not an enemy."

Smokescreen smiled at Cerebros. "I recorded the lay of the land as our ship came in. This card will give you the location of our forces, as well as the Imperials' landing zone and the Combaticons' deployment. It's about half an hour out of date, but should still be at least a bit useful."

Then he shielded his eyes from the nearby explosion and said, "No idea, Jackpot. But we'd better find out."

Lady Quickswitch
2011-09-11, 05:13 AM

(OOC: I edited Quick's questions out of the post. He'll ask later.)

Quick Switch transformed to his winged feline mode and made flight leaps with his powerful legs to catch up to Magnus. It was then that the Six Changer noticed Shockwave and overheard Magnus speaking to him.

They want to JOIN FORCES??? No. No nononono NO! Absolutely unacceptable under any circumstances!

"Magnus," Quick said gruffly, "Are you CRAZY??? They're DECEPTICONS!" he cried, becoming hysterical with rage and a last ditch effort at reason, his vocorder growing louder with every enquiry, "We're supposed to KILL them--not--not join forces with them..." his voice fell and he was captive to his own wrath and fear, his vocorder--and central processor--fragile with anguish.

He almost didn't even want the answer to the questions plaguing him. But of course he needed them desperately to fill in the missing pieces.

2011-09-11, 09:08 AM
Atop a tower

Silencer fumed caught between 2 decisions. 1) Spinister had been part of the forces that killed his parents 2) He was one of the Decepticons most effective soldiers.

He made up his mind

He opened a nebulan com link

"Hairsplitter telll that big purple lunk you call a partner that there's an imperial gliding in from his 6 making some kind of silent attack run over."


Striker "hoooorahhhhh can't let the cons have all the glory."

He turned to Swoop

"what say we go talk to you half brother. Even if you can't fly you could probably find a nice niche inside to take potshots at the Imps.

2011-09-11, 09:26 AM

"Hey hey hey hey! It's my mentally disturbed knockoff!" Sixshot whooped when Quick Switch made his presence known. Not really caring who was on his side, rivalry or whatever, Sixshot continued to blast the Imperials in front of Ultra Magnus. "You know, for someone who's supposed to be freedom this and honor that, you're quite bloodthirsty, while here I am, eeeevil Decepticon, socialising with Autobots. Mass hysteria."

Then Thunderwing reappeared. Fully healed.


"Spinister, we have a big problem. Thunderwing's back up, completely healed, shell and all." Sixshot rotated mid-air and opened fire at Thunderwing, sending a stream of hypersonic blasts and energy beams. "Shockwave, you're the smart one. What do we do to stop him regrowieeah!"

Occupied with Thunderwing, Sixshot never saw the half-dozen missiles that slammed onto his left flank, sending him careening off course. He regained his balance quickly -- he wasn't a STAG for nothing -- and transformed into Wingwolf mode. "Big mistake, whoever did it."

"Ignore the small fry, open fire on Thunderwing." Arcee hissed, deactivating her lightsaber and pulling out her blasters.

This was the one. This was the bastard that broke Springer into who he is today.

"QUICK! Whatever you believe, open fire at Thunderwing!"

(OOC: Um, Swoop has good eyesight. Yeah. That's it.)

"I'm being rescued by Decepticon jets with little humans for guns." Swoop muttered as he took potshots at the Imperials. "At least none of y'all are Divebomb, or I'll be tempted to shoot you down."

Swoop looked up at Needlenose and company, and gave him a thumbs-up.


Wounded, half a dozen Imperials behind him, Whirl found himself near Ultra Magnus and company's position. "Friendly faces at last. Topspin! Get these guys off-"

Then Whirl saw Thunderwing. "Ah."

He did what any insane Wrecker would do.

"One last time, glitch... wreck and rule!" Pulling out his incendiary missile launcher and heat ray module, Whirl charged Thunderwing, opening fire.

"Look, it's daddy dearest." Hyperdrive hissed as the three Sports Car Patrol members looked out of the window of the building. "I want to rip his head off."

"Now I'm compelled to run, except that if we don't destroy Thunderwing all of us is dead anyway." Detour muttered. "What's the plan?"

Road Hugger found both Hyperdrive and Detour were looking at him. "What? I can't make plans, I'm not Blackjack."

Hyperdrive shrugged... well, as much shrugging as allowed from someone without arms. "You're second in command."

"What, you aren't taking over the team?" Road Hugger asked.

Hyperdrive snorted. "So long as I get to kill daddy dearest, I don't give a damn."

"I think... we'll just do what we always do... hit and run." Road Hugger said.

"I like the run bit." Detour quipped.


"Wanna gamble on that?" Jackpot asked Swindle, flicking a coin into the air and catching it, before turning his attention back to the other Autobots. "Yeah, we should."

Brainstorm transformed into his jet mode and shot towards the explosion. "I'll do a quick aerial sweep. You guys better catch up."

Lady Quickswitch
2011-09-12, 02:23 AM

Quick Switch snarled and sent fluid dripping in tendrils from his mechanical jaws.

"Then maybe you ought to have yourself examined for bitrot, Decepticon!" Quick hissed glacially at his Decepticon counterpart.

His questions gnawed away at his mind.

Then, there was Thunderwing.

The demented aristocrat was up to his old shenanigans, and apparently he'd garnered even more power than before.

I'm not happy with any of this mess. Once Thunderwing is a bad memory and this pathetic ceasefi--

The unit shut down all extraneous processes and shifted into photon cannon mode.
All power was diverted into the unit's massive chamber. The vocorder was cut. Pain receptors were severed. Only a few select phrases would penetrate into the unit's dampened audial range. The most rudimentary processes necessary to the unit's basic functioning were left to run.

All else was silenced.

The unit aligned his cannon in a precise shot at Thunderwing's chest.

Thunderwing will be terminated. I will prevail.

The unit fired.

2011-09-12, 03:12 AM


Hoist went to prop up Aero Blade, but backed away when he realized that the technician found his footing.

"Sigh, look at you. You're determined, I'll give you that," Hoist shook his head. "I know I'm going to end up regretting this, but come along." He gently placed his hand on Aero Blade's back. "Let's head down to the lower level. It's where most of the refugees and crew members have assembled."


Hangar 1

"YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN'T BE ENCOURAGING HIM, BLURR," Siren said in a octave typical of the headmaster (OOC: Ugh. No. Just no :nonono:).

"I agree an' all, but geez, Siren," Inferno rubbed his audio receptor. "Think you can tune it down to at least a 6 or 7?"

"Heh, heh, sorry about that."

Nonetheless, Inferno, Pointblank and Siren took Blurr's cue and looked over to Hangar 2 and listened in on Groove's rallying speech.

".....Let us not forget one crucial passage among the Protihexian Oath -- Force may be used only to correct a great evil. This includes aggression or massive violation of the basic rights of Protihex's population. To those that have chose to fight...."

Siren tilted his head as he effort to make out what was being said. "Guess that makes sense. I guess."

Pointblank hushed him.

"....and ultimately directed towards the aim of establishing lasting peace and justice....So much is at stake. We fight not only for the right to exist, but also for an ideal. One that the rest this war-worn world will one day look to. Do not, I entreat to you, fight if you are unable to or do not wish to. Please don't. I, however, am prepared to set an example. I will fight for Protihex, for that is my duty as your duly appointed governor...."

"Aw, crap," Inferno said. "I better let the captain know about this."


Most of the original 18-mech crew of the first Ark shared a bond that was equivocal to family. So when Bluestreak went to hug Ratchet, he was more than happy to respond in kind.

"Oh, I can imagine," Ratchet replied, glancing over to Swindle and Smokescreen. "You are in luck. Nothing but a bunch of a jokers here." he jutted his thumb to the open hangar behind him.

Cerebros' eyes widened when Smokescreen divulged the contents of the datacard. "You realize how valuable this information is to us right now?!" he said. "With radio temporarily out and--" the headmaster stopped short and relaxed. "Sigh, never mind that. Thank you. We will put this to good use."

Along with the recent arrivals, a nearby explosion alerted the Autobot commander and his lieutenant.

"Stay sharp, Brainstorm," he called out despite not giving the order to investigate. "Freeway, Jackpot. Go with him."

(OOC: Erm, umm, because Freeway wondered outside with Jackpot, too?)



Shockwave chose not to indulge Quick Switch, though he was patently aware that the six-changer was nearby - as was anyone else within earshot of him. But, now was neither the time or the place to discuss current factional allegiances or Protihexian politics.

"The Imperial armies have enacted a divide et impera strategy," he answered Ultra Magnus while he once more unleashed a wide electromagnetic beam down onto the remaining enemy infantrymechs. "Presently, I recommend we opt for a union of strength and regroup."

Shockwave transformed midair, dropped heavily down to ground and readied his arm-cannon. Several Imperials scampered off, though he quickly discovered that, as intimidating as he was, they did not flee from the former-Decepticon. Thunderwing had emerged from his resting place.

"Perhaps," he told Sixshot. "The energy expenditures required to achieve regeneration at a expeditious rate must be considerable. It is possible that a brief - emphatically brief - opportunity exists within the time frame required to cull nearby materials and accumulate latent Matrix energies to permit regeneration. We exploit this time frame. A direct, massive assault should speed up the process, prompting the Matrix to compensate. Once the enemy is debilitated, we extract - and destroy - the Decepticon Matrix," he said to all nearby bodies.

He transformed back to his respective ray-gun alt-form. "I am, nonetheless, perceptibly aware that that is no mean feat."

2011-09-12, 06:16 AM
Hangar One, Steelhaven

"Encouraging who Siren who are you talking about Siren why is your voice so loud it's mildly irritating do you know how hard it is for people to comprehend when you are speaking so loudly listen to Inferno yes that's much much better now where was I ah yes who were you telling me not to encourage is it Groove you're-"

"Shut up, Blurr, and look at Groove." Haywire said.

Blurr did. He shut up for all of the one or two minutes that Groove spoke, then... "He can't do that can he I mean he's a former Protectobot one of us a fighter before but by Unicron's beard he is the governor we can't risk him getting his head shot off it would be terrible terrible terrible for troop morale and Protihex citizens worst of all he's a pacifist would he freeze up in battle I've seen friends freeze up in battle you know and I-"

Exterior, Steelhaven

"Let us go then, Freeway." Jackpot said, flicking his coin into the air and catching it. "Winner gets five shannix?"

Sights squawked irritably, and Jackpot sighed.

"Duty before business and pleasure, I know, I know. I swear, one of these days I'll trade you in for Swindle." Jackpot transformed into his alternate mode of a muscle car and shot off.

Sight snapped off another irritable squawk before perching on Jackpot's roof.

Brainstorm transformed into robot mode near the explosion site, transforming into his Transector's head and combining as he landed. "Holy mother..."

No less than twelve Imperials with holding bombs dead, most of them decapacitated in some crude way. Must be a Decepticon, Brainstorm noted. He had seen his home universe's Sixshot do this to...


Brainstorm then happened upon Repugnus' corpse. The realization that an Autobot did it was quickly replaced by concern for the Autobot. Brainstorm rushed towards Repugnus, footsteps crunching the dust, and knelt beside Repugnus. He knew the Repugnus from his home universe, who was kind of irritating, but never bothered to talk to the one here.

Too late, then. Another one lost.

Shot straight through the back. Spark core and fuel pump disintegrated. He probably didn't feel any pain.

But he saved all of Steelhaven, from the looks of it. Monstrous and savage as he was, Repugnus died a hero.

Brainstorm sighed, and all this while he was hiding in his lab.

No more.

Bending down, Brainstorm cradled Repugnus' ruined body, his compound optics glazed over, and began walking towards the Steelhaven where Jackpot and Freeway would be coming from....


In Wingwolf mode, searching for the one that attacked him, Sixshot heard words from Shockwave, but more missiles slammed onto his side. "Damn it!"

A powerful-looking jet swooped towards him, and transformed into a likewise large warrior, and opened fire with his missile launcher. "Hello, Sixshot."

"Skyquake." Sixshot growled, transforming into his more maneruverable jet mode to avoid the missiles. "The little mole. I've been practicing to kill you. Every single day."

"Sad life, throwback." Skyquake transformed into jet mode, challenge accepted, and shot towards Sixshot. Two jets, on a collision course towards each other.

"Crazy plan, Shockers. We'll all probably going to die." Whirl told the former Decepticon, before laughing. "I like it. We must be brothers from a different mother."

"You're crazy." Arcee hissed.

"Doll, that's the most accurate description of me, ever." Whirl chuckled.

2011-09-12, 07:59 AM

Ultra Magnus scowled as Thunderwing rose like a phoenix from the ashes, hovering above the ruins that he'd been buried under. He scowled even deeper as Quick Switch asked his questions.

"Things have changed a lot since you left," he told the other Autobot. "I don't have time to explain them to you now, so you're just going to have to trust me when I say we don't have much choice," he gestured with one hand into the distance, "because of him!"

He nodded to acknowledge and agree with Shockwave's assessment. "We need all of our strength if we're going to battle Thunderwing. If we come at him piecemeal he's going to kill us one at a time. But we ignore the troopers, we'll be swarmed and overwhelmed."

He punctuated that thought by flattening the skull of a soldier who'd gotten too close, then stepped over his corpse to stand beside Onslaught -- whose mechs they'd finally rejoined.

"I agree with Shockwave," Olnsaught said. "Massed fire might be our only chance."

Needlenose wiggled his wings to acknowledge Swoop, then pulled up...and saw Thunderwing. He managed to keep himself from leaking oil all over the two Dinobots below him, but only just.

"Are you two alright here?" he asked. "I have a feeling that this is going to turn into an 'all hands on deck' sort of thing in a few seconds."

"Boss, he said--"

"I heard," Spinister told Hairsplitter. He threw himself down just as the Imperial's first shots soared through where the Decepticon's head had just been. The Targetmaster disappeared before he hit the ground, his cloaking device and sonic dampeners kicking in and hiding the fact that he'd transformed to helicopter mode and taken to the skies.

"Wait, what?" Hairsplitter asked. "That came in over--"

"A private Nebulan channel. Yes, I know. You don't think I monitor my partners' communications on the battlefield?"

"I...no, I really should have expected that," Hairsplitter admitted.

"Good. And our Imperial friend should have expected this," Spinister said as he decloaked -- now several dozen metres away from his former position -- and opened up on his attacker with his automatic particle beam cannons.

As he fired, he responded to Sixshot. "I know. I thought we'd have more time than this, dammit!"

Meanwhile, Hairsplitter sent a quick 'thank you' back to Silencer...and made a mental note to encrypt his comlink.

Thunderwing hovered menacingly over the landscape, smiling almost placidly as one by one the lesser Transformers took note of his presence. A deep purple glow shone from his eyes, glowing only brighter as one by one the commoners began to attack him -- Arcee first, then Whirl, then Quick Switch. Probably others too. He barely noticed, such was the warmth of the Matrix's embrace.

He floated slowly, almost casually, in his enemies' direction. As he did, the Matrix glow began to spread along his whole body, sheathing him in an aura of crackling purple energy.

"Now, then...round two, gents?"

The aura around his right hand grew brighter for a second, then erupted in a chain of purple lightning that leapt from his palm and arced toward Whirl.

"En garde!"


Bluestreak eventually loosened his grip on Ratchet and pulled away, smiling goofily. "No time to stay and chat, I guess, but when is there ever? Once more into the breach and all that. I just wish...you know, I just wish that for once, when we say it's the last time it actually was. Maybe this time..."

Swindle opened his mouth to make Jackpot an offer, but the Autobot drove off before he could say anything.

Smokescreen smiled. "I figured it might be," he told Cerebros before transforming and rolling off after Jackpot.

2011-09-12, 08:28 AM

In the warp and woof of a flowing battlefront, it's easy to get seperated from your team.

That being said, given the number of targets out there, it's not like there was a quiet moment.

Laser blasts flying, missiles and rockets arcing, tanks grinding forward..... a guy could get killed out there.

Which a human sized robot that speaks in what sounds like R2D2ese has just screamed for the umpteenth time into the right audio receptor of an Autobot that kind of looks like a negative of Jazz- ignoring the gold trim and flame decals, anyway. And if Jazz had a chatty cannon mounted on his shoulder.

"Calm down and stop panicking," Stepper muttered under his breath, plasma pulse blasters barking as he snapped off two more shots that blew through the heads of two more Imperials, while the panicking cannon on his shoulder blasted out another rapid fire burst of shells, most of them exploding and covering a rapidly advancing squad of Imperials with blazing thermite and melt under the intense heat. "That's ten more for me."

"Me think you cheat. Stupid gun aim for you." With that, Grimlock stood, levelled his Guardian blaster at a large group of oncoming Imperials.

Now, the sound of an ionized quark plasma burst(which is formed by creating baby pocket universes in a magnetic cage and destroying them, harnessing the titanic energies to power the blast.... anti-matter is so passe) is quite frankly indescribable. It's quieter than a fusion cannon, but so much more terrifying.

The effect, though..... the effect is frankly astounding.

The twenty troopers who'd been advancing on their little bunker from Grimlock's side didn't so much vanish as were torn asunder by the energy blast, their sub-atomic particles exploding..... leaving little more than dust behind.

"Me get twenty." And with that, Grimlock ducked down.

Stepper sighed. He'd never catch up. Not at this rate. And the sad part was, even with a gun capable of doing that, Grimmy was nowhere near the lead.

"Show offs, the both of you." And with that, Roadbuster popped up, shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon bucking and roaring, filling the air with bomblets as a pair of Imperial flyers tried to strafe their position, the jets exploding and raining firey debris down on their fellow Imperials. All the while, Roadbuster's assualt rifle and linear blaster cannon shredded what was left of the forty that had approached his side. Then he ducked down. "Forty."

Nebulon, perched on Stepper's shoulder, whistled.

"And this is why I don't have a fancy talking gun or a gun like Grimlock's."

The three of them - battered and dinged and wondering where everybody else was, peered up over the top of their cover.

At the far end of the little plaza they found themselves in, across the torn and burned remains of several hundred Imperials(well, on Grimlock's side, it's mostly dust), what was left of the legion of them were peering back in mute horror.

2011-09-12, 08:53 AM

Whirl shrugged. "Massed fire always works, Magnus." Incendiary missiles, null rays, paralyzo-beams, heat rays... things that would easily obliterate the most powerful Decepticons, weapons that would give Megatron a hard time... they all slammed onto Thunderwing's shield without leaving much of an impact.

"Topspin, years from now, when they ask me why I fought Thunderwing... I'll say... because he was there." Whirl said, yellow optic flashing.

Thunderwing shouted "En garde!"

With a sinking feeling Whirl found himself the target. He was always acting as the diversion, he could avoid anything. He could avoid missiles by the dozen, could maneuver himself through Decepticon and Imperial lines as thick as a solid wall. But that was in alternate mode. That was when he could fly.

Grounded, wounded... not so much.

Knowing he couldn't run, Whirl stood his ground, yellow optic narrowed onto a pinprick. Let it be known that he did not try to run away.

Sorry, Impactor, Roadbuster, Springer...

"Wreck and rul-"

The lightning lanced at the gangly Wrecker, slamming straight through his chest. Whirl shrieked, a loud, painful noise as his chest cockpit shattered, metal exostructure blackened...

And Whirl fell forwards to the ground, single optic dark.

(OOC: I did say I won't kill Whirl... but these things write themselves. :()


Arcee didn't particularly like the Wrecker, but to see the Autobot just be... blasted away like that... not another one.

It brought back memories, of Springer, being blown through the chest... just like that...

Howling with rage and grief, Arcee did the worst tactical thing anyone in her situation could have done and charged Thunderwing, opening fire with her blasters.

"Detour, Hyperdrive, stay here." Road Hugger said. "Hyperdrive, you're wounded. Don't argue. Detour, you're-"

"Too small?" Detour retorted, folding his arms.

"That's mean." Hyperdrive agreed.

"I was about to say, 'needed to maintain the communications link'." Road Hugger said flatly, folding his arms. "Besides, I'm armed with heavy-duty weapons and you are not."

"You'll die." Hypedrive growled, "Ain't gonna let ya do that."

"Oh, pish-tosh. It's not like any of us are strangers to danger..." Road Hugger said, shrugging. "Listen, guys, in case I didn't make it out? Whatever our differences are, I wouldn't trade you both or that idiot Blackjack for anyone else."

"Same here."

"Mushy, both of you." Hyperdrive snorted. "But I agree."

"Till we meet again, then." Road Hugger said, before leaping out of the window. X12 Scrapmaker on his shoulder, twin plasma blasters on his wrists, Road Hugger landed on a luckless Imperial, and opened fire on Thunderwing. "For the Combaticons, Decepticons, Protihex and Cybertron!" Road Hugger yelled. It just sounded appropriate to yell something similar. "Come on, daddy-o! Show me what you got!"

(OOC: Sorry, opskids, missed your post.)

Swoop turned to Striker and nodded. "That would be good, chaplain. My communicator's kind of shot, though. Make the call." Swoop turned up at Needlenose and shouted, "Yeah, we're all right! Go do whatever it is you guys need to do."

Skies above Battlefield

"Damn it, I need to get down there and teach Thunderwing a lesson!" Sixshot snapped as he transformed into Wingwolf mode and tried to rake at Skyquake, but the Predator barrel-rolled away.

"I am more than enough for you, throwback."

"Ah, bull. You're only here because you've got Aristrocon down there backing you up."

Skyquake's reply was to climb towards Sixshot and launch a good dozen missiles. Sixshot did the Blitzwing Maneuver -- transform into a tank mid-air to drop down like a brick. Spinister's message came at this point, "Yeah, boss. But I'm kind of caught up with our former traitor. You know, the one who's paintjob is more outlandish than yours."

"You dare mock the leader of the Liege's elite Predators?"

"Skyquake, I think the Liege Maximo is a toad. What do you think I consider you as?" Sixshot transformed back to jet mode and swooped down towards Thunderwing, knowing that the insult would cause Skyquake to chase him.

He strafed Thunderwing with several missiles of his own before using his hologram trick. Skyquake was powerful and smart, but he wasn't as powerful as a Matrix-powered Thunderwing.

As predicted, Skyquake opened fire on all six holograms, when in reality the real Sixshot had activated his stealth forces.

The Predator's missiles whizzed harmlessly through the holograms and towards Thunderwing. Sixshot doubted that would do much good, but, hey, Shockwave said massed fire. Plus, if Thunderwing fried Skyquake it would be cute.

Near Steelhaven

(OOC: Heinrad is back? Whee! Hein, you want Brainstorm back?)

Brainstorm strode towards where Freeway, Smokescreen and Jackpot are coming from the distance. "I think I figured it out, what happened. There was a bunch of dead Imperials, all with explosives strapped to themselves. And there was him. I think Repug just saved all of Steelhaven."

"Repugnus." Jackpot corrected Brainstorm as he transformed, Sights perching on his shoulder. "Odd. Weren't he imprisoned in Altihex Prison? I was there at the Tagan Heights incident..."

Jackpot trailed off, noticing the Decepticon insignia embalzoned at Repugnus' side. The gambler shook his head. A traitor. At least he died an Autobot death...

2011-09-12, 11:42 AM

Striker opened a com link

"Crush this is Striker Swoop need your assistance do you think you can come and pick him up."

Crush replied

"anything for Dino buddies me going to land on green bit over their."

Striker looked over.

"You do know that green bit is a platoon of Imperial soldiers."

Crush replied.

"ME know, hope they can run fast."

Crush started his landing approach.


Chainclaw loped across the battlefield medical satchelbumping against the bears side.

"Hold on Whirl medical attention is on its way."

Chainclaw was not to know that he was probably too late. (ooc is he or isn't he?)

2011-09-12, 02:07 PM

Overhearing the conversation between Crush and Striker, Swoop chuckled. "I think I'm going to like this giant half-brother of mine. Striker, you coming or are you going to stay on the ground to beat these bozos?"

Swoop began limping towards the sea of green, knowing that Crush will, well, crush all of them upon landing.

(OOC: He might be if he doesn't hurry. Honestly I haven't decided yet... ;))

2011-09-12, 05:06 PM
(OOC: Nah. You keep using him.)


Nebulon bleeped and chirped.

Stepper shrugged, his optics still narrowed at the remains of whatever massed group of Imperials stood cowering in the distance. Well, not so much cowering. Possibly they were trying to plan something. "I don't think they would know who the Legio IX Hispana is. They're probably just debating whether or not the relics over here are worth continued doomed charges." Before Nebulon could start chirping again, Stepper growled, "And I am not going to go looking for their slagging eagle."

Roadbuster and Grimlock glanced at each other, sharing a look that basically was a tacit agreement that having a talking weapon was a bad idea.

Stepper suddenly brought one of his guns up, the blaster roaring as he fired one shot.


Out of sight(or so he thought), the highest ranking surviving member of the luckless unit that had stumbled across these three Autobots had made the mistake of standing up and attempting to rally the troops. "Why are we having so much trouble? They're relics. And on top of that, they're peace-loving Autobot relics! We should have no-"BLAM! the plasma pulse entered his head through the back and exited the front of his head, ripping most of his face off as well.

The ragged cheer that came up from the surviving members of his unit was weary sounding, but pleased.


"Got another one." Stepper smirked.

Grimlock scowled while Roadbuster chuckled. "Him see too good."

Stepper swapped mags in his plasma blasters. "It's what I was built to do."

Roadbuster simply shrugged. "Face it. It's what we all were built to do."

Then they heard the scream. A scream of sheer agony, cut off.

Roadbuster was already moving, charging out of cover and transforming. "That was Whirl. Come on!"Stepper followed, transforming to vehicle mode, Nebulon locking onto the pindle mount in front of his spoiler. Both Wreckers roared forward, flinging Inferno shells and ion bolts from their pindle mounted weapons.

The Imperials scattered, the ones that weren't cut down or slagged down knocked aside by the charging Autobots.

Roadbuster and Stepper sped towards their destination.

One of the remaining Imperials staggered to his feet, looking after them, and laughed. It wasn't a very sane laugh, as laughs go, but it was there. "HA!", he yelled. "They were right! They are cowAAAARRRRIIIIIGGGGGG!!!!!!"

Grimlock, lacking a vehicle mode, simply came charging up behind the Imperial and snapped him up like a chicken would a worm, jaws chewing the Imperial's head and torso before spitting the twisted and mauled wreckage out, trying to catch up with the others. "Stupid Imperials taste worse here than back home."

Lady Quickswitch
2011-09-13, 02:22 AM

Quick Switch's solid white-hot laserfire--along with Arcee and Whirl's attacks--simply glanced off Thunderwing's Matrix-twisted form to no effect.

Shock crackled through his cannon mode.

"Trust me...little choice..." Ultra Magnus's words reached the core of his minimal processor. As did the scream, the shrill scream of Whirl before it was cut off very possibly in death. In a single Matrix-fueled shot.

He knew for certain then that there was no choice.

We're all terminated unless we--

The Six Changer spoke (OOC: I am not a military strategist OOCly, so it might come off stupid), his systems restored that much, "Magnus--We need to divide his attention--then he might become vulnerable."

(OOC: if you already tried that, oops..)

2011-09-13, 02:34 AM

"The 'Cons tried that just now. Blew up a shell and nuked him. Brought us, oh, fifteen minutes tops." Arcee told Quick Switch as she crouched down beside Whirl's prone form, not sure what to do. "With a normal enemy it might work but this... is out of our league. We need Rodi- Optimus."

Lady Quickswitch
2011-09-13, 03:31 AM

Quickswitch shivered hearing Arcee those names, like someone had tread over his not-yet-grave. To evoke the name of Optimus...

Optimus. Yes--She means the Matrix!

A knot of tangled emotions flooded the Six Changer so much so that they defied any separation.

As adaptable to any combat situation as he was, he could not cope well with changes to the status quo. Changes that created paradigm shifts. And he was no coward.

They told him it would be like this. With only his convictions and faith to guide him. There was little he could hold to but that forewarning.

It's all just details. Once this is over everything will settle back into even a semblance of what it was before. Thunderwing will fall and the war will be finished soon after.

He didn't want to think about that.

Quickswitch transformed, this time into robot mode, his photon blasters at the ready..

2011-09-13, 05:53 AM

Chainclaw bounded over to Whirl and slipped out of his shell and transformed. He started to give medical treatment to the Wrecker while Chainclaws shell watched his back.


Crush landed ignoring the screams of terror of the slower Imperial soldiers.

2011-09-13, 08:57 AM

Whirl's yellow optic blinked slightly as Chainclaw and Arcee arrived, and as medical attention was given.

"I want... a... statue...." he croaked weakly, still joking even at death's door.

For a moment, there seemed to be some hope for the crazy Wrecker...

If it were a conventional attack, Whirl would have survived. He had crashed into worse damages than today. But this was a Matrix-powered Decepticon.

"Wreckk... andd..."

But the faint glow in his eye disappeared, as his weakly pulsating spark was extinguished. Slowly but surely, the colour of death, gunmetal grey, began to spread from where Thunderwing had struck his chest...

"No." Arcee said mutely as Whirl was lost.

Not again... not again...

Kup, lost to them forever, Springer, lost to them once... Daniel, missing Primus knows where...

Swoop half-limped, half lurched towards Crush, "Thanks, big guy!" He said as he limped into one of Crush's hangar doors.

Immediately he was struck with the numerous Dinobot memorabilia inside Crush's hangar. Swoop's optics widened, "Whoa." and he grinned... always nice to have fans.

2011-09-13, 09:36 AM

Crush closed hangar doors

"No pronblem , any time for Dino buddy. If you follow Paddles Boulevard and turn left at statue of crushed Predacons and through the um cough Swoop gallery you find auxillary turret you can help shoot up Imperials. Bore will meet you there."

2011-09-13, 01:06 PM

The Dinobot chuckled as he limped across Crush's interior. As he passed Paddles Boulevard, Swoop shook his head. "We never did find out what happened to the poor sod..."

Then, Swoop saw the statue of crushed Predacons, and the Swoop gallery. Swoop's optics went large and the thought of going to the turret was forgotten for the moment. "I have a gallery for myself? This is... this is... I don't know what to say... I'm..." Swoop was smiling as he looked at pictures, little statues, his old weapons... god, the memories. One in his Divebomb body, another one on Earth... "How did you get all these inside your body, Crush?"

2011-09-13, 04:34 PM

Roadbuster and Stepper skidded to a halt, transforming to robot mode.

Roadbuster dropped to one knee next to Whirl's corpse, head bowed, optic band dimmed. "Couldn't wait for me, huh."

Stepper stood nearby, Nebulon perched on his shoulder as Grimlock strode up and transformed to robot mode.

Roadbuster stood, optic band blazing back to life, a very bright, very angry green. "Thunderwing dies today." He turned his head to take in everybody there(Quick Switch, Arcee, Chainclaw, Magnus, Shockwave, Topspin, Grimlock, Stepper, and anybody I missed). "We may not be the ones to do it, but we're sure as hell going to make him pay for everything he's done!"

"Not need fancy speech. Just shoot stupid 'Con." Grimlock strode forward, raising his Guardian blaster.

Before he could fire, Roadbuster stepped forward, forcing the barrel down. "No. It's obvious that we can't take him one on one. Massed fire from multiple directions might drain him, though. Enough so we can kill him."

Lady Quickswitch
2011-09-13, 06:02 PM
Quick Switch strode over to Whirl's corpse. The Six Changer's face was ashen, stricken by the sight of the fallen, valiant Wrecker. He bowed his head in respect.

"It is an honourable death," the unit added, vocorder subdued as he listened to Roadbuster. He regarded the Wrecker stoically for a moment that seemed to drag on indecisively. And then--

"You heard him, fellas! LET'S TAKE HIM OUT!"

2011-09-13, 09:20 PM

Crush chuckled

"me how you say big boned, and me also have full sub space upgrade me in effect bigger on inside than out me not quite understand how it work."

2011-09-14, 05:28 AM
Outside, Steelhaven

"Hope springs eternal, old friend," Ratchet told Bluestreak. "We survived Kalis (http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?p=709042#post709042), didn't we? I for one am looking forward to some well deserved R and R when this is done. And a drink. Sigh, Primus, do I ever deserve one," he smirked. "Ah, who am I fooling? After holding together this crew and half of the city-state's population, I'm thinking twenty -- and I expect you to be there, too."

Meanwhile, Cerebros, not taking part in the former-Ark crew members' sentimentalisms, perplexedly looked on as Smokescreen left with the others to investigate the site of the nearby explosion.


Freeway, along with Jackpot and Smokesreen, did not have to travel far from the star ship, however...

The Throttlebot spotted Brainstorm up ahead, now on foot, moving from the opposite direction. The headmaster was carrying a limp body in his arms.

Freeway transformed and rushed to Brainstorm's side, immediately determining the identity of the mechanoid he held.

"Repugnus. Is he...?" he began to say, though the gaping the hole through the Monsterbot's chest was telling enough. "Altihex?" he then answered Jackpot. "Yeah, totally. I saw something like that on one of the Iaconian news feeds. I remember it saying that he managed to outrun both the ISS and the Wreckers."



"...But we ignore the troopers, we'll be swarmed and overwhelmed."

"Indeed," Shockwave answered Ultra Magnus, and right on cue, Sixshot was pulled away from the group by Skyquake. The irony did not escape him.

He quickly scanned the Predator as he made his pass, determining Skyquake's weapon systems and threat level.

"Analysis; dense armor plating, assorted energy-based weaponry, air-to-air missiles, advanced sensor arrays...."

At that moment, Sixshot had managed to divert Skyquake's own attack toward Thunderwing. "...And, quite fortunately, easily exploitable. A secondary target," Shockwave stated flatly. "That does not take precedence over the immediate threat. I will attend to Skyquake momentarily. It is a task that Sixshot is more than capable of managing in the interim. "

He returned his attention to Thunderwing and fired a concentrated blast at the Pretender's chest. With more and more joining the fight, Shockwave hoped that the others would take his cue and follow in suit.

2011-09-14, 07:10 AM

Roadbuster looked over at Shockwave. "Good idea, Shockers. Just don't forget to keep moving." And with that, he started charging at an angle to the left, leveling his linear blaster cannon at Thunderwing and firing again and again as his shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon gave an almost reptilian snarl as it locked onto the Decepticon traitor and roared, flinging bomblets at the Matrix-fueled fiend.

Stepper followed Roadbuster's lead, swinging his angle wider, aiming one plasma pulse blaster at Thunderwing, emptying the clip, then switching guns in the blink of an eye and emptying the clip in the other one, all the while the Inferno Cannon on his shoulder thudding out a heavy stream of Inferno shells.

Grimlock looked at the others. "Hit him from all angles, ground and sky!" With that, he transformed to dino mode, took two running steps to the right, and leaped into the air, rising on pillars of flame from the jump jets in his dino mode legs. At the apex of his trajectory(he's picked a group of Imperials coming towards the area to land on), he transformed back to robot mode, aimed, and fired his Guardian blaster at Thunderwing.

2011-09-14, 07:58 AM
'Swoop Gallery'

(OOC: More Dinobots!)

When his fellow Dinobot walked in, Snarl grinned at Swoop. "Lovely place, isn't it?"

Sludge shook his head. "Me not happy. This much bigger than Sludge Room."

"And my room's not even on fire," Slag chimed in as he checked the fuel level in his flamethrower for the fifth time since they'd gotten there.

"Aaanyway..." Snarl said, "Glad to see you're in one piece, Swoop. Crush here was just giving us a lift. "Big guy, can you fly over Grimlock and drop us? It looks like the boss needs some help. And you know me." Snarl drew his sword. "Always happy to help."


"Right. Honestly, part of me wishes he'd asked us to stay," Needlenose chuckled. "All right, gang. There's a big, ugly slag-eater out there with a Matrix that don't belong to him. Time to knock some sense into him -- Targetmaster style!"

Spinister scoffed. "I'm insulted, Sixshot. No one's paint job is allowed to be more garish than mine. Kill him for me, would you?"

"Be more careful," Thunderwing snarled at Skyquake. "I'm not above friendly fire myself, don't you know."

After his first victim was struck down, the aristocrat allowed himself some time to gloat.

"Oh, but that seems to have touched a nerve," Thunderwing scoffed as Arcee charged him in the wake of Whirl's death. "Don't worry," He said as he sent another blast of deadly energy arcing in her direction. "You'll be joining him soon!"

He set his gaze on the leaping Grimlock next, but had to stay his hand when he found himself under fire from multiple vectors at once.

"Oh, I've missed this," he said mockingly. "Using strategy and tactics to make up for weakness and cowardice? A pathetically classic Shockwave stratagem!"

He waved his hand and a swell of Matrix energy absorbed the incoming rounds as if they were nothing, but in spite of his impressive display he knew that he couldn't keep it up for long. The Matrix was powerful, but it was still a physical object and there was a limit on how much energy it could absorb at one time.

So he laughed and said, "Fine, Shockwave. You wanted my attention? I'm all yours!"

Then he flung himself toward the one-eyed, purple Decepticon, not so much accelerating as simply willing himself up to speed with the power of the Matrix.

"I know," Ultra Magnus agreed with Quick Switch. "If we let him, he'll take us on one at a time and pick us apart. Onslaught, ideas?"

The Combaticon watched the Imperial leader send another blast at Arcee, then charge Shockwave.

"First thing's first," he said. "Quick Switch, you need to keep him from killing Shockwave. Then you need to get him out of the air, down on the ground where we can fight him on a more even playing field and come at him from all directions."


"Forget a drink," Bluestreak told Ratchet. "What we need is a vacation, preferably somewhere in another solar system. I hear Pova is great this time of the decade."

Near Steelhaven

Transforming to robot mode, Smokescreen found his optics widened with shock.

"Repugnus?" he asked softly. "What was he doing here?"

The spymaster shook his head, trying and failing to shake the unpleasant feeling that came with looking at the dead body of someone that he'd sent into danger.

Shaking his head, he said, "Get him back to the ship. The least we can do is give him a proper interment, after this is all over."

2011-09-14, 12:37 PM
Crush chuckled

"Me find flames keep setting off sprinklers but me working on something new."

He started his engines

"me just got to take off need long run to get in air. maybe I could just drive over there what you prefer?"

2011-09-14, 03:29 PM
Highbrow looked up, the scream piercing the battlefield. "It would seem we have more pressing matters to attend to. I fear that Thunderwing has rejoined the battle." His internal repair systems had restored functionality to his ECM suite, and his rotors to boot, so he took off towards the battlefield.


Topspin watched as Whirl charged, and could not glance away as he was mowed down before his eyes. Wreckers were meant to fight the toughest foes the Autobots went against, but it still hurt to lose a member.

Topspin was jarred from his thoughts as Roadbusters and the others showed up, and everyone opened fire at Thunderwing.

"WRECK AND RULE!" He said, transforming into his vehicle mode and making a beeline towards Thunderwing, firing away as he charged, intent on at least causing some damage to the other Transformer and perhaps give Shockwave, Thunderwing's current target, an opening.

2011-09-14, 04:02 PM

"This is the last spark you'll take, Thunderwing! GO! TO! HELL!" Arcee punctuated each syllable with a shot from one of her blasters. What Roadbuster and Grimlock said were true. Kill the bloody 'Con.

Mid-charge, she transformed into her vehicle mode, avoiding Thunderwing's blast (which slammed onto the ground behind her) and shot towards the opposite direction Roadbuster took, her blasters ending up on her hood and firing plasma discs at the corrupted Decepticon.

"Cowardice is hiding behind a Matrix, you hyporite."

Road Hugger transformed into vehicle mode, X12 Scrapmaker adding to the volley of firepower lancing at Thunderwing. He was out of his depth, he knew, but damned if he didn't try.

Though he knew, more than anyone, how Thunderwing could destroy...

Detour pulled out his pinprick blasters.

"Ain't gonna do a damn good thing against the Winged one." Hyperdrive said, still armless. "You know that. Our tiny guns are useless. Hence the upgrade."

Detour fixed Hyperdrive with a steely glare. "I took down Stratus, while you were goofing around in Protihex. Whatever you think of Micromasters, we're still pretty good. Coward I may be, but I don't run from something like this."

Hyperdrive howled. "That's the spirit, brother mine." The armless Decepticon shambled towards the roof. "Now attach one of those drone arms to me, so I can at least hold a gun and shoot."


"Injured? If a wimp like you can drive through skulls, I'll be damned if I sit out this battle."

"Fine." Detour said as he lobbed one of the basic arms from one of the dead Imperials. It wasn't a good match, but at least it'll suffice. "One moment, before I get to work..." Activating the commlink, Detour dialed a frequency of his Polyhexian friend... "hey, Acid Storm? Bring the rain."

"Sorry, Thunderwing." Skyquake hissed. "Won't happen again." Skyquake's superior sensory system came alive then. Ah, yess...

Skyquake could feel everything. Every blast fired, every spark pulsating, every mechanism moving... he felt them, without needing to see first. It was like a sixth sense of sorts.

Round two, throwback...

Spinister's reply caused Sixshot to roar with laughter, something that Skyquake immediately took as an insult.

"Go, Shockwave! I can handle this clown. I can-"

Half a dozen missiles slammed straight onto Sixshot, engulfing the hexchanger in a ball of fire.

Skyquake shot past, transforming into robot mode. Sixshot burst out of the flames in Wingwolf mode, snarling... but Skyquake was prepared for him.

A missile in the mouth sent the hexchanger tumbling down, but Sixshot was not a STAG for nothing.

Transforming into robot mode as well, Sixshot stabilized his angle of flight, and shot up towards Skyquake, nanosword in hand. "Let's dance, toad." he said, slicing upwards.

Skyquake dodged the slice with almost supernatural skill, and the backhand caught Sixshot square in the face.

'Swoop Gallery'

"I hear you, brother." Swoop told Crush, "Never understand science. So long as it works, it's fine."

An all-too familiar set of voices came, though, and Swoop turned to see Snarl, Sludge and Slag. Swoop smiled as he slapped Sludge on the shoulder. "You glitchheads, had to come in late so Swoop could be shot out of the sky and you guys can take the glory, didn't ya? I nearly died down there!"

It wasn't meant as a complaint, though. "I'm gonna sit this one out, guys. Leg's busted, wings're busted... I'll keep a wary eye from the top, though." glancing at Snarl, "always happy to dismember, you mean."


Jackpot shook his head at Freeway's words. "No idea what the heck he did... Tagan wasn't this terrible. But it must've been terrible if he would run away from the Autobots. Always knew him to be unstable, but still, defection?"

"I don't care what your problem is", Brainstorm snapped at Jackpot, "He saved all of us. He saved Steelhaven. He died a hero, whatever atrocities he may have done."

"A bit too late for that, ain't it, Smokey?" Jackpot asked, oblivious to Smokescreen's feelings. "Poor guy. Deserved better than a life like this. Anyone know where his pals are? They need to know."

2011-09-14, 08:24 PM

Scoop opened fire with both targetmasters as Overdrive swooped down strafing Thunderwing's position.

"Wreck and Rule!!"


Pounce materalised from the shadows behind Sqyquake and thrust both his bayonets forward aiming for the others back.


Doublecross dropped the panniers of ammo he was hauling

"NOOO Repugnussss."

He ran towards his fallen comrades body and dropped to his knees.



Quickmix emerged from his lab.

"allright chaps what's happenig some kind of crisis what !!!

2011-09-15, 01:49 AM

So focused was Skyquake on Sixshot that he almost didn't notice the sudden appearance of Pounce behind him.


That trick would've worked on almost anyone, but Skyquake was a master of senses. Skyquake turned around, aiming to catch Pounce in the face, while his other arm opened fire with his missile launcher at Sixshot. "You throwbacks sicken me. You call yourselves Decepticons?"


Jackpot wisely shut up when Doublecross arrive, glancing at Freeway and Smokescreen for help.

Brainstorm knelt down beside the living Monsterbot, and said, "My condolences, Cross. For all it's worth, he died saving us all. Your friend... our friend died a hero."

"You could say that you could say that what's your name ah yes Quickmix the mad blender chemist I've heard of you you're in that same team with Scoop and that other dump truck who looks like Wide Load but is not Wide Load what's his name ah well we have kind of a crisis the Imperials have invaded Protihex lots of people are dead and we need every Autobot every Protihexian able to fight back able to defend this city yes yes yes it's imperative no wait imperative may not be the appropriate word right now let's try it again it's essential that we work together now and-"


2011-09-15, 04:18 AM
'Swoop Gallery'

Sludge grunted. "Sludge not like new idea! Sludge was promised that he jump out of ship in air and get to land on 'Cons!" He looked around in confusion. "Also, why room talking to us?"

"That too, Swoop," Snarl chuckled. "Don't worry, Crush. Driving is OK if it'll get us there quicker."

"Oh, bitch, bitch, bitch," Slag scoffed at Swoop. "All I'm hearing is that you've gotten slow and soft enough that a bunch of Imps could give you a whooping."


(OOC: I'll wait for ziggy to reply before I move Thunderwing again)

Seemingly forgotten by Road Hugger, Chopster was doing his best to sneak away from the patrol's meeting place unseen.

After dropping Beastbox off safely on the ground, Acid Storm replied to Detour as he took off.

"Are you sure about that?" he asked the Micromaster. "It'll get Thunderwing's attention for sure, but a lot of friendlies are going to get hurt too."

Near Steelhaven

Smokescreen glared daggers at Jackpot. "That's an order, soldier. I don't care if you have to build a space bridge to get there, I want his body stored aboard the Steelhaven for safekeeping! He was one of my people and I'll be damned if you're going to leave him here to rust!"

The intelligence officer was visibly shaking with fury, his hands clenched into fasts at his sides. Setting his jaw, he took a step toward Jackpot and said, "Now get moving and cut the smartass comments. If I hear one more disparaging word come out of your mouth there'll be two bodies that need returning. Am I! Making! Myself! Clear!"

2011-09-15, 04:48 AM
'Swoop Gallery'

"Room's an Autobot, Sludge. Like Sky Lynx. His name is Crush." Swoop told the big lunk, then turned to Slag, "Well, since it's not like we're getting any younger anyway, feel free to get out there and prove me wrong, hothead."


"I wouldn't blame you for running." Detour told Chopster, folding his arms as he appeared seemingly out of nowhere (Micromasters are fast like that, especially in alternate mode), "Primus knows I run all the time. But can you live with that? Really."

Detour replied to Acid Storm, "Not on Thunderwing, Storm. On the ground troops trying to outflank our guys. Hugger, Shockers and the others have enough to handle with Thunderwing without needing to worry about the legion of stormtroopers."

Detour turned to Chopster again, waiting for the Minicon to reply. "I won't try stop you."

Hyperdrive, letting Detour talk to the Minicon, flexed the Imperial arms. The green-and-white limbs did not match him, nerve impulses felt sluggish, and they'll disrupt his transformation.

But all he needed was for his trigger finger to function, and for that the limbs would suffice. "Hoi, boss." Hyperdrive said into the communicator, contacting Onslaught, "Now's probably the time to ask... d'you have any nukes or whatever stored somewhere we could borrow?"

Near Steelhaven

Jackpot was a little taken aback, raising his arms in an attempt to calm Smokescreen down as he slowly backed away. "Okay, okay, no need to get all heated up." Jackpot jerked a thumb at Doublecross, "But I think we'll need to give him a moment first."

Brainstorm, however, was more observant than the younger Jackpot. "One of your people?" Brainstorm asked. It was an odd way of phrasing it. If Smokescreen were talking about Repugnus as an Autobot, it'd be 'one of our people' or something thereabouts. And his barely-concealed anger...

2011-09-15, 06:17 AM

Pounce grinned as he ducked under Skyquake's arm

He thrust aiming to gut Skyquake.


Crush revved his engines

"me get to crush Imperials enroute this way."

Bore wandered in to the Swoop gallery.

"Would you gentlemechs like a refreshement."

Near Steelhaven

Doublecross gently cradled Repugnus' head

"Rest in peace Puggy."


Quickmix blinked.

"um I may be able to concoct some lotions or potions that may help solve this concoction."

2011-09-15, 06:59 AM

Just as Pounce moved, Sixshot lobbed his nanosword at Skyquake

Skyquake could feel Sixshot's hand move, he could feel Pounce thrusting at his stomach with his blade. Feeling them move is not the same with avoiding them, though.

Skyquake leapt backwards, slapping away the nanosword away, but he was too slow to deflect Pounce's attack. Skyquake's hands hit Pounce's hand down. The blade didn't go into Skyquake's gut, but slammed onto his leg.

Skyqauek growled. "Throwbacks!" He lashed out with his feet, attempting to kick Pounce off him.

"Pin him down, Pounce!" Sixhot shouted. "Don't let him fly off!"

Swoop Gallery

"Hey. You." Swoop waved at Bore. "What's the strongest thing you have?"

Near Steelhaven

"Quickmix, isn't it?" Haywire said, walking up towards the Targetmaster, ignoring the concoction suggestion (Blurr is very panicky). "How's my buddies?"

2011-09-15, 10:01 AM

Hangar 1

(OOC: Continuing form here (http://tfarchive.com/community/showpost.php?p=708756&postcount=121), in case you got lost in our walls of text, Aero ;))

When Hoist returned to the lower level of ship, he found that everything was in the same state as he left it. At least, on the surface it was. A strange mood was about; a curious mixture of anxiety and...complacency perhaps?

The crew busied themselves with preparations, many gathering near the bay door as Cerebros had earlier instructed. Some were Autobots, many were Protihexian refugees. And while some were quite visibly tense, many joked - even laughed - among themselves.

Clearly they've arrived at the stage of acceptance, Hoist mused out loud. He also espied Groove speaking with the refugees in the nearby hangar, but could not make out what was being said.

Hoist made a wide, sweeping gesture to the hangar. "As you can see," he told Aero Blade. "Everyone's doing what they can to prepare - or cope - with the crisis. Some managing better than others."



"Or Spindrift. Have you seen the vapor oceans there? Beautiful," Ratchet told Bluestreak. "I hear the spume geysers...Hm?" he was brought to pause by the faint, muffled cries coming from the nearby explosion site.

(OOC: 'muffled' because, um, I figured the double energy domes block at least some sound...right? :sweatdrop)

When Ratchet looked to Cerebros, he found that the captain had moved away from them and was already walking towards scene, the second protective dome going back up as he passed.


When he arrived, Cerebros found Smokescreen and the others huddling over Repugnus. He was peripherally aware of the bodies, or rather, what remained of several Imperial mechs that were strewn throughout the still smoking site.

Brainstorm and Doublecross were mournfully knelling at the former-Autobot's side, reaffirming to the headmaster of Repugnus' passing.

"One of your people?"

"That's not important, Jackpot," Cerebros butted in, announcing his presence. His eyes remained fixed on Repugnus. "Get him into ship."

Turning away, he stopped to place his hand on Smokescreen's shoulder. "I'm sorry. I promise you he will be treated with respect."



Topspin bought Shockwave the precious seconds he needed to take Thunderwing's measure and draw from his own, nearly limitless, reserves.

He then unleashed an endless electromagnetic torrent, gradually guiding the beam downward once it made its target. He ignored his own system warning of the strain it could potentially cause to his barrel.

Though Shockwave considered the possibility that it would cause Thunderwing minimal harm, his attack, the former-Decepticon calculated, had more than enough clout to at least match the opposing energy of the quickly approaching Pretender - at best, it would shove his opponent toward the ground below.

2011-09-15, 10:27 AM
Outside, Steelhaven

Jackpot turned to Cerebros with an 'et, tu?' expression in his visor. He looked from Smokescreen to the mourning Doublecross, then looked down, a little ashamed. "Yessir."

He gently placed a hand on Doublecross' shoulder. "Doublecross? Um, I need to take Repugnus' body into the ship."

2011-09-16, 10:07 AM
Doublecross looked at Jackpot. He picked up Repugnus' weapon and slid it into subspace.

"We will take him inssside yesss. Then we will require accessss to the armoury. Sssssupply inventories show some esssoteric itemsssss to which we will require accesss. You may assssist if you wisssh."


Pounce grinned as he looked down at the blade and pulled the trigger of the rocket launcher the bayonet was attached to.

"I think you meant respected ancestors. Soooo sad when an elder outlives the younger generation."

2011-09-16, 11:37 AM
Near Steelhaven

Jackpot nodded at Doublecross' words, not wanting to anger the Monsterbot. Jackpot had a feeling angering a two-headed fire breathing dragon with a buzzsaw on his chest will not be wise.

"Sure thing, mon ami." Jackpot said, trudging towards the Steelhaven, rather pleased that Doublecross was focusing on the matter at hand. "What are we talking about?"

Brainstorm looked from Cerebros to Freeway to Smokescreen and shrugged. "Now what?"


Skyquake did not expect that the blade had a trigger, and yowled in pain as the rocket blew on his thigh. Roaring, Skyquake aimed his own missile launcher point-blank at Pounce and fired, knowing that the other Decepticon had to move or else have a hole in his chest.

"Throwbacks, the lot of you! Obsolete! Working with Autobots... pah! I'll kill all of you old Decepticon fogeys for not living up to the ideal!"

His vehicle mode's machine guns tracked Sixshot and began peppering the sixchanger with fire.

Sixshot cackled with laughter as Pounce opened fire with his bayonet. With his nanosword embedded on the ground, and he can't fire without hitting Pounce, the only thing to do is to get in close.

Fortunately he had just the thing.

"Who says you can't teach an old dog... cat... new tricks?" Sixshot whooped. "Pounce, these young hipsters make me feel old. When did they stop giving these new models brains? I swear, kids these days."

Saying that, his sharpened beast-mode claws swung out from his knuckles, and he launched himself at Skyquake, swinging his claws.

I'm the best at what I do, indeed.

2011-09-17, 05:36 AM
'Swoop Gallery'

Sludge squinted in confusion. "Sludge not understand. Room not sound like Sky Lynx. Much less arro...arra...ar...much less a bother. And much better taste."

Snarl gave Bore a disinterested shrug. "If you've got some energon, I guess. I think Crush said we'd have a bit of time to kill before we got where we were going."

"That's the plan," Slag told Swoop. "You know, being Dinobots and all."


Chopster almost sprayed Detour with a double burst of machine gun fire when the Micromaster snuck up on him.

"Hell yes!" he said. "I've already watched my partner get himself killed today. Do I look like I want to join him?"

"No," Onslaught flat-out lied to Hyperdrive, knowing perfectly well how little of the city would be left if someone like him was let within half a mile of their weapons cache.

Acid Storm thought about it for a minute, then said, "Sure, why not? It's not like it could possibly make the situation any worse."

Flying up to a higher altitude, he began to seed the atmosphere with chemicals. Within seconds, dark clouds had formed and acidic rain began to drizzle down on the Imperials.

"Really? I'm insulted, Shockwave," Thunderwing said as -- after he'd been forced to waste precious seconds dodging Topspin's ineffectual-but-distracting charge -- the powerful Decepticon managed to stop him in his tracks with an energy blast. He hung in the air for a few moments, absorbing attacks and taunts by a whole bevy of lesser beings -- including Arcee, Road Hugger, several Wreckers and countless others that he didn't care to recognize -- without blinking, such was his absolute faith in the power of the Matrix to protect him.

He didn't notice that his purple halo had started to grow brighter, the energy that formed it seeming to jump around him like lightning leaping from cloud to cloud.

"The last time I saw you," he told the purple cyclops, "you barely merited delivery boy duty." He mock-frowned as if struggling to remember. "Just how did your master Gigatron react to having Scourge's wings sent to him, I wonder?"

He waved his hand dismissively. "Never mind. The point is that you weren't even worth killing then, and a mind like yours knows perfectly well just how out of your league you are. You're incapable of courage and obviously not stupid, so why are you fighting me?"

"Does he ever shut up?" Ultra Magnus asked Onslaught rhetorically.

"Not unless you nail his jaw shut," the Combaticon leader told him.

"Well then," Magnus said as he slammed a new power pack into his laser rifle. "Let's do that!"

The two of them opened fire from a different angle than Shockwave, trying to pin the Pretender down in a crossfire.

"Force him to the ground before he recovers!" Onslaught barked. "Fliers, fire at will!"

"You don't need to tell us twice!" Tomahawk flew in from the left, machine guns and missile racks firing shot after shot. Vortex was at his side, but quickly dropped down, creating a funnel cloud that was doing all it could to suck Thunderwing downward.

"What a waste," Thunderwing said as the two helicopters attacked. "I could have made decent soldiers out of you, if you'd had the good fortune or the wisdom to be a part of my flock. But as it is..."

Bolts of purple energy burst out from his hands, wreathing the two Combaticons in deadly energy.

"...you're nothing but a roadblock standing between me and my destiny!"

The purple energy faded, and two twisted, blackened hunks of metal that used to be Combaticons arced to the ground, their ballistic flight paths making it clear that whatever intelligence had once guided them was long gone.

Near Steelhaven

"One of mine," Smokescreen told Brainstorm flatly. "A secret agent. A spy, if you want to be honest. I put him in Gigatron's camp and it cost him his life."

When Cerebros approached him, his only response was a vague grunt.


"Our cue to get out there, probably," Bluestreak told Ratchet. "You know, because it just wouldn't be right if a couple old friends got more than a few minutes to spend together before the end of the world as we know it."

2011-09-17, 08:42 AM

Springer pulled his sword out of the Imperial Soldier that he had just impaled with it. He looked as most of the Autbots and Decepticons were focussing their attention on Thunderwing and Skyquake, but had little to no success.

He just witnessed the death of Whirl at the hands Thunderwing and every fiber of his being regrets that he wasn't there to back him up or even get slagged along with him. Whirl was one of the best friends a mech could wish for and an even better comrade in arms. Whirl would follow him to the Pit and back if he asked him to, but that all changed when he abandoned his friends. Springer looks down for a moment. He takes a moment of silence to pay respect to Whirl, but knows he can't stand still for too long before he'll be attacked by random footsoldiers again.

He looked up again and saw Arcee charging Thunderwing with all she had. Death of a comrade obviously had triggered an extreme emotion within her. She's going to get herself killed if she's going to continue on like that.

2011-09-17, 12:33 PM
'Swoop Gallery'

"Focus on killing Imperials, Sludge." Swoop patted the larger Dinobot, smiling. Oh, he missed them... turning to Slag, Swoop asked, "Say, where is Grimlock, by the way? Is he out there bashing brains while the three of you wait here?"


"Nope." Detour told Chopster flatly, as he walked back towards the window where Hyperdrive was standing. "You're a runner, then. Go run. We don't need anyone not willing to defend what they believe for."

"Bloody Mini-Cons." Hyperdrive spat. "Ain't got no respect. Always runnin' away, despite all the power they have. Not like us Micros. Get out, little guy. Run, run, run. Like the rest of yet Unicron-spawned race."

"Drive! No need to be rude!" Detour called out.

"Well, it's true." Hyperdrive shrugged. He replied to Onslaught with an "Aw, boo. Then it's me and my fist against the world."

"It's raining. On top of everything, it's bloody raining." Road Hugger growled as he stopped firing on Thunderwing and transforming into robot mode. It's a good thing that with his ego Thunderwing doesn't really notice the little people, or else he might recognize him.

"So it is." Arcee said, pulling up beside Road Hugger, still firing on the chaos-powered Pretender.

"D'you know that raining is a bad sign?" Road Hugger asked Arcee, grunting.

"Probably." Arcee said.

Road Hugger chuckled as he transformed into robot mode, avoiding a stray bolt of lightning from Thunderwing's halo. "Not much of a conservationist, aren't you, girl?"

"Nope." Arcee hissed as she transformed into robot mode and activated her lightsabers. "Not anymore." She threw one of those lightsabers at Thunderwing, hoping that if energy attacks won't work, perhaps a physical object might...

Sixshot twirled in the air. "This flier is engaged... whoa." Sixshot grunted as he saw Vortex fall out of the sky. The black helicopter Sixshot didn't really care about, but he's spoken to Vortex a couple of times. Alright. No more games. Killing Autobots was one thing, killing a Decepticon... a former Decepticon...

Distracted, he didn't notice until Skyquake turned around and launched several missiles from his missile launcher at the hexchanger.

"Aaah!" Sixshot yelled as he was shot out of the sky.

"Fossils!" Skyquake hissed, as he transformed into his jet mode and shot away was Pounce, knowing that he isn't really good at physical battle. Avoiding punches can only take him so far. "I will kill all of you! Every single one of them!"

Near Steelhaven

"Ah." Brainstorm said, optics unreadable.

He stood up, and turned away from Smokescreen, and at Cerebros. He wasn't sure what to think, but at least Cerebros... Fort Max... would never send his troops into a place he wouldn't go himself. Whatever Smokescreen did, whether it was right or wrong... Brainstorm didn't care to have a mental debate with himself. "What are we to do now, Cerebros?" Brainstorm asked.

Pointing at the lightning and unnatural glow coming from the center of Protihex, Brainstorm said, "They seem to need every hand they can spare."

2011-09-17, 02:27 PM

Springer walked up from behind Arcee's and Road Hugger's position. He had his gun in one hand and his sword unsheathed, resting with the blade on his shoulder. The Autobot symbol on his chest was still shining bright and it was probably teh only thing that wasn't covered in dirt or mud. He had to be carefull. While most Imperials in the area were dealt with, it was still a hostile territory and he had to stay alert.

Standing close to them, he could hear Road Hugger mention that they weren't worth Thunderwing's attention. "Funny", Springer thought, "must be my fate to fight Thunderwing and have a Matrix involved again. Blasted things are only useful against Unicron." Images of last time he fought Thunderwing started overflowing his mind. Images of the battle, of the matrix blast ripping him in half, the pain.... He especially remembered the pain...

"Might be also be one of the advantages that we have against him right now," Springer said to Arcee and Road Hugger in response to Thunderwing not minding the smaller mechs. "I'm sure I can distract him long enough for you guys to come up with a plan to slag him," he said with his signature smile. "If not and I get slagged, well..." Springer shrugged, "I've got no friends left anyway so I might as well go out with the little dignity that I have left."

2011-09-17, 03:06 PM

"Springer!" Arcee said, happy to see her good friend at last... then hissed when she listened to Springer's suicide plan. "Don't say that. You have friends." Arcee took a sharp breath, then said, "You have me, Hot Rod, Blurr, Magnus, Roadbuster-"

Road Hugger shook his head. "Not to interrupt the moment, but you should listen to her. You are never without friends."

Arcee turned to glare at the former Decepticon, blue optics burning. "What do you know." Her lightsaber flared to life, inches from the Combaticon's nose.

"Yeah, yeah. Decepticons are heartless murderers and are not allowed to have friends." Road Hugger said, rolling his optics as he pushed the tip of the flaming blade away. "I was part of a Patrol once, guys. We broke up. We were torn apart. But no matter what happened, no matter our differences, we fight for each other. No matter who dies tonight... it won't be a lonely death. Dignity my aft. Dignity is your pal, Whirl, dying knowing you, his friend, will carry on his torch. It's your friend here, still alive. If you go like this, it'll be a self-destructive spiral. You will die for sure. Don't disappoint your friends, Wrecker."

Road Hugger turned around, shook his head. Blackjack, Hyperdrive, Detour, Onslaught, Brawl... no matter what happened, it won't be on some self-destructive death.

Arcee reached out her hand and touched Springer's Autobot insignia. "I lost you once." She whispered. "We lost Kup, we lost Daniel, we almost lost you... whatever you do, don't jump to your death."

2011-09-17, 03:54 PM
Battle Field

Springer bowed his head and smiled a little. It was good to know that Acree still cared instead of slapping him in the face again like she did back in the Hangar Bay. Altough that was probably because she still cared too. Springer looked up and shrugged. "Maybe," he said when she mentioned the names of fellow Autobots that are still his friends. "I don't know anymore," and then looked at Road Hugger. "Still, I'm glad I'm given the chance to call myself an Autobot again and prove that I still have what it takes."

Springer remained silent when Road Hugger and Arcee argued a little. "It doens't matter right now what side we're on. We have a common enemy and one that needs to be dealt with fast or he'll destroy or enslave us all. Don't think any of us sees that as an option, right?"

Arcee touching his symbol and her words moved him. Altough it didn't show. "We need an opening and we need it quick," he retorted. "The rain could be used to our advantage. It'll limit his line of sight, making him more vulnerable to suprises from a distance and seeing as he only seems to pay attention to the bigger guys, the smaller ones can constantly attack him, distracting him too."

Springer sighs. Explaining a plan of attack wasn't really one of his strong points. It was easier with the Wreckers. They used to improvise in the past and if it worked, they gave the move a name. That was much easier.

"What I'm trying to say is that if we get him to land, I'll try to attract his attention as much as I can by staying in his line of sight, while others take turns, distracting him from every side. If he's too busy dealing with attacks from all sides, he may drop his guard for only a moment and it could be enough to take him out."

He looked at Arcee and Road Hugger again. "It's the only thing I can come up with right now. Thunderwing and I have a history. I'm sure that he'll notice me." "If he hasn't already," he thought.

2011-09-17, 07:05 PM

Grimlock got to his feet amid the wreckage of the Imperials he'd landed on. Then he started forward, having to stop occasionally to dislodge a piece of Imperial from the teeth on his feet, optic band narrowing in annoyance, then transforming back to dino mode, looking up, aiming his now back mounted Guardian blaster up at Thunderwing. "Every dimension, it still same. Thunderwing talk too much." With another slightly muted roar(and the creation and subsequent elimination of a bunch of baby universes), the Guardian blaster fired at Thunderwing.


Stepper finished slapping new clips into his pistols, then peered over the edge of the crater he'd landed in. "What do you think?"

Nebulon bleeped and whistled.

"Not about the fact that we're probably going to get killed. Moving to that crater over there."

Nebulon chirped and tweeted.

"Just keep firing. We'll be fine." With that, Stepper holstered his pistols and vaulted over the rim of the crater, transforming to vehicle mode and roaring towards the next crater, Nebulon locked into the pindle mount and flinging Inferno shells at Thunderwing.


Roadbuster popped up, shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon, linear blaster cannon, and rapid fire assualt rifle flinging bomblets, ion bolts, and explosive rounds at the Pretender.

2011-09-17, 07:34 PM

Crush engaged his tank treads and lurched towards the sound of gunfire. In a rather bumpy fashion.

Bore used to this rather unsteady method of locomotion produced a tray of vintage energon and offered them around.

"Once you have partaken perhaps mr Swoop would care to accompany me to the gun turret."

Pounce twisted away loosing his grip on one of his rocket launchers in the process. He managed to avoid the direct shot but the blast was enough to throw him through the air.


Doublecross gently carried Repugnus towards Steelhaven.

"During my career as ssssssupply procurer I have sssalted away ccccccccertain itemssssssssssss for a rainy day. "

He looked up as the acid rain began to fall

"it would ssseeem today isss the day. Let me ssshow you sssseee if anything catchesss your fancy. Then we will avenge Repugnussssssssssssssssss."

2011-09-18, 07:31 AM

"Such is our lot, sadly," Ratchet lowered his head. "Heh, you should see the crew. On the precipice of oblivion and they all remain in high spirits." He smiled warmly. "Though, honestly, it's how I would prefer to spend these moments."

Ratchet glanced sideways at Bluestreak. "...Will you be joining Fortress Maximus' response unit as well?"


Near Steelhaven

"My earlier announcement (http://tfarchive.com/community/showpost.php?p=708592&postcount=94) still stands, Brainstorm," Cerebros said over his shoulder to the fellow headmaster. "I believe we've had ample time to prepare -- let's gather our people."

"Still think Perceptor and Cog will get radio up and running again anytime soon?" Freeway jumped in.

"I remain hopeful," Cerebros wearily smiled. "But we've delayed long enough, and the data Smokescreen has imparted to us will suffice in the meantime."

As he led the way back to his ship, the Autobot commander listened in on Jackpot and Doublecross's discussion. "Esoteric items? What items?" he cocked his left brow. "You refer to a weapon I take it...?"



With Ultra Magnus, Onslaught and the others now picking up the slack, Shockwave was able to reallocate the ambient electromagnetic energy he had drawn towards himself - channeling most to the endless beam still spouting from his barrel. The rest was distributed to the faintly visible microwave aura now surrounding the large purple ray-gun.

(OOC: To what end? Mmm, I'm not sure yet. Depends how things play out, you know :glance:)

His systems, naturally, warned him of the potential danger of doing so.

"And you were - and remain to be - merely an instrument to Liege Maximo, Thunderwing," Shockwave firmly retorted. "I do not maintain any misconceptions of my own limitations - or capabilities. Certainly not yours. You are irrefutably formidable, Thunderwing, but you are far from omnipotent."

2011-09-18, 09:35 AM

"You never left the Autobots." Arcee stated flatly, optics even. "No matter what you may think Optimus did to you."

"I'd love to do this drama all day," Road Hugger said to Arcee and Springer, "And I am really, really sorry for interrupting your moment, but I think we'd better follow his lead and open fire." Road Hugger pointed at Roadbuster. Road Hugger's X12 Scrapmaker and his arm-mounted blasters hummed to life and began to spat out rapid-fire bullets and plasma at Thunderwing.

The rain was eating at their armour, but really it was the least of their problems.

Road Hugger chuckled as Springer tried to explain a maneuver. "I'm not really hopeless, you know. I was part of the Sports Car Patrol, we do hit-and-run distraction on guys like the Aerialbots and the Triggerbots for breakfast."

Arcee nodded as she pulled out a blaster and spat out several shots. "You think Springer's plan would work?"

"Yes, though chances are Thunderwing he'll probably won't remember you. He didn't remember Sixshot, he didn't remember me..." Road Hugger shook his head. "Do you know my Patrol calls him Daddy? Screwed up family, I have. Worth a try, though... whatever you want to do, Springer, do it now."

Now that you have a clear head and aren't seeing this as a suicide opportunity.

Sixshot managed to right himself by transforming into his robot mode, though he did slam through the fifth floor of a building. "Hey, clone-boy, are you all right?" Sixshot asked Pounce through their comm system. "Seems like we underestimated rainbow boy here. Let's go for round two."

Skyquake, however, had dived down and launched several more missiles at Sixshot.

"Oh-" Sixshot transformed into his armored vehicle mode, and shot away from the building. Skyquake's missiles blew up the entire floor of the building that Sixshot had landed on, and it began to collapse.

Sixshot revved his engines as he sped up and transformed into jet mode and took to the skies. Holograms, six of them, materialized and began to shuffle around. "Pounce, I'll distract him. Take him out!" Sixshot radioed.

'Swoop Gallery'

Swoop picked a glass of vintage energon, arms reaching to hold one of the display tables for balance, and briefly wonders how all the memorabilia managed to stay intact while Crush moved.

Deciding that he didn't really want to know, Swoop nodded at Bore. "Hell yes. And don't call me with the 'mister', yeah? Formality isn't really our forte."


Jackpot smiled softly as Doublecross spoke. "Ace. I could get behind someone like you." He flicked a coin into the air, as the rain began to fall. "Don't say things like 'rainy day' when I'm around." Jackpot said, grinning even more.

Sights squawked in disapproval, but Jackpot ignored him.

"So, um, like what mini-Max said, what kind of items are you talking about? I do hope it's something along the lines of a mini-nuke or our very own Warworld..."

Brainstorm nodded at Cerebros' words, and pulled out his rifle from subspace. "Let us. Once more into the fray..." Brainstorm glanced at the storm in the distance, "one last time, hopefully."

The rain, a light drizzle, fell upon them, and Brainstorm shook his head. "It sounds cliched, but why does it always rain in dramatic moments like these?"

2011-09-18, 12:30 PM

Doublecross lowered his tone conspiriotorally

"have you ever heard of the Kimia Facility back on old Cybertron."

2011-09-19, 12:06 AM

"Can't say that I have." Jackpot told Doublecross, playing ball and lowering his tone as well. "What about it?"

2011-09-19, 12:40 AM
Near Steelhaven

As the party moved past a recess between two rising metallic surfaces, the Steelhaven became visible from where they approached, its protective energy domes still dimly glowing over the massive starship.

"I have," Cerebros answered both Doublecross and Jackpot. "It was a research and weapons development facility. Many of the Autobot's more unconventional weaponry and technology was developed there," he said in a slightly lower pitch. "There's weaponry like that aboard my ship?"

2011-09-19, 06:11 AM
Near Steelhaven

Doublecross nodded twice

"While I was in the resistance there was plenty of chancessssss to explore partsss of cybertron which would normally be inacesssible. When we were ressscued I sssstowed variousss cachesss where I thought they might one day be usssssseful. Including on the Ssssstteelhaven."

2011-09-19, 06:37 AM
Near Steelhaven

As Cerebros approached the Steelhaven, he waved to a nearby patrolmech to lower the first energy dome.

(OOC: I'm assuming everyone who is heading back will be right behind him)

As he walked, the headmaster listened to Doublecross's story. "And under my olfactory sensors this whole time," he replied.

His response, however, did not evince disapproval as one might assume. "If we were still acting as a disaster relief unit, I'd more than likely object," he continued. "But then, disaster relief protocol has been rendered moot at this point. And we need as much help as we can get. See to it, Doublecross, once Repugnus is properly tended to."

2011-09-20, 05:04 AM
'Swoop Gallery'

Snarl grabbed a flask of energon from Bore's tray, nearly spilling it as Crush started moving. Taking a sip, he said, "This is the good stuff, alright."

Sludge joined him for a drink, still visibly upset that he wasn't going to get to jump down on the Imperials.

Slag frowned at Swoop. "He's near Thunderwing. We're going to back him up. We've already been through all this. Are you sure the Imperials didn't hit you in the head a few times?"


Chopster just walked away, not even looking back to challenge Detour and Hyperdrive's accusations.

Acid Storm chuckled as the Imperial troops began to fall back, seeking shelter inside whatever nearby buildings still had a roof as they got tired of watching their comrades' metal skin melted off of them.

"Well, that'll buy us a few minutes," he said to Detour. "What else do you have planned?"

Onslaught stopped for a beat, confused. "I thought your fists were gone," he said to Hyperdrive.

"That's where you're wrong, Shockwave. With the Matrix at my command, I--ah!"

Thunderwing scowled as Arcee's sword carried through his protective field, leaving a shallow cut where it sliced across his chest. He turned to face her, infuriated, but quickly found himself distracted by the sight of Springer -- and then again when Grimlock blew up a universe in his face. When Roadbuster and Stepper joined in too, he decided that floating in the air above your enemies probably isn't the best place to be when they outnumber you fifty to one and your own troops were too busy cowering from a little acid rain to be any use.

"Enough is enough. You really think you'll have better luck fighting me at close range?"

With a flash of pseudomotion, Thunderwing shot away from his position above the crowd of Autobots, Decepticons and Combaticons. He dropped down beside Ultra Magnus, driving his fist into the side of the Autobot's head so hard that the right side of his helmet was split open to reveal the smaller, white Prime-like face underneath.

"Fine. You can have what you wished for, but don't say I didn't warn you."

"Warn this." Instead of reeling backwards, Magnus lunged toward Thunderwing, driving his fist into the Pretender's gut. Thunderwing took a step back...then fired his forehead-mounted laser straight into Ultra Magnus's chest, dropping the Autobot commander to the ground.

"Magnus!" Onslaught charged forward, concerned by the damage his Autobot counterpart had taken.

Thunderwing looked up at him, annoyed. "Wait your turn, peon. I'll thrash you next!"

"The only one getting thrashed today is you!" Lurching forward, the damaged Ultra Magnus took a swing at Thunderwing's head. The blow landed, and Thunderwing backpedalled. But only for a second. Then he righted himself, grabbed Magnus's still-extended arm at the wrist, and tore it clean off of at the shoulder. Magnus dropped again and Thunderwing swung the severed arm like a cudgel, using it to club Onslaught over the head. The Combaticon leader dropped as well, and a ball of lightning began to crackle in Thunderwing's hand as he stood over the fallen Ultra Magnus.

"Let's finish this, shall we?"

He cocked his fist back, enjoying the moment as he prepared to deliver a killing blow.

Near Steelhaven

Smokescreen didn't move, continuing to stand in place even as the other Autobots made to return to the ship.


Bluestreak shrugged. "I don't see that I've got much of a choice, Doc," he told Ratchet. "I hate this...this constant grind of war and death. But you know what I hate even more? I've gotten really, really good at it. There's a villain to be stopped and bad guys to fight, so I've got to suck it up and go shoot them no matter how much I'm going to hate myself for it in the morning."

2011-09-20, 06:11 AM

All in all, the sense of deja-vu Grimlock was experiencing was an odd one.

Admittedly, he wasn't a Pretender anymore, had no clue where Bumblebee or Jazz were(or whether or not they were Pretenders here), and wasn't on the incredibly high-gravity moon VsQs orbiting the planet Cameron. Nor was he exploring a destroyed research complex only to have Thunderwing and his lackeys show up to try to kill them all.

That being said, having the Matrix-spawn around this time to attack Thunderwing might have helped a little.

And as Grimlock loped towards where Thunderwing had come to ground to knock seven kinds of slag out of Magnus and Onslaught, he mused that he'd at least learned something since then. Shoot first, beat opponent to death with fists second.

Transforming to robot mode on the run, energo sword in one hand and Guardian blaster in the right, Grimlock aimed the gun at Thunderwing. "Me finish you first!" And with that, he pulled the trigger, flinging the massively destructive beam from the gun's maw at the traitorous Decepticon.

2011-09-20, 06:13 AM

Crush bounced across the Battlefield

"Me have an idea if Sludge want he can leap from top of turret that way he could still crush Imperials."

2011-09-20, 10:10 AM

Springer turned and looked closely as he saw Arcee's sword leave a mark on Thunderwing's chest. "That's it! We've been going about this the wrong way!" For a moment there, Thunderwing had his optics focussed on Springer, and Springer knew that he had to do something.

Springer watched as Thunderwing took out Magnus and was about to take out Onslaught too. "Arcee, your idea of hurling solid objects at him was right on the money and we know that energy based weapons don't seem to work on him. Magnus and Onslaught need to be pulled out of there or they'll be terminated and I'm not going to lose another friend to that maniac."

Springer turned to face Arcee and Road Hugger. "You guys ready? I'm going to try and distract him. You guys attack him from whatever side you think you need to attack him and if you can, try to pull Magnus and Onslaught out of there. But only if it's safe. Since energy based weapons don't work, I would suggest using something else to throw at him." Springer paused for a moment. "I know I will. Let Roadbuster and the others know what we're planning to do."

Springer took a few steps forward and grabbed a deactivated Imperial soldier by the legs and started spinning around. "Stand back." At the moment Springer felt that he had the right momentum, he let go of the Imperial soldier and hurled him at Thunderwing's position, hoping it would distract him long enough to save Onslaught in the process. "Hey Thunderbrain!" Springer yelled at Thunderwing, having just seen Grimlock fire a destructive beam at Thunderwing. "Remember me? I was killed by a Matrix before! It didn't stick! He added mockingly. "Wanna give it another try?"

Springer pulled out his sword and stood ready, bracing himself for whatever was next.

2011-09-20, 11:00 AM
'Swoop Gallery'

"The head, the chest, the wings... everywhere. More than a few times." Swoop told Slag. "Word of advice, flying isn't really a good way to fight these bastards."

Turning to Sludge[b], Swoop nodded, "That's not a half bad idea."


As Chopster left, Detour shot Hyperdrive a glare.

"What? He's a Minicon. Minicons are wusses. If your speech didn't do the trick, well, we've got bigger problems." the Decepticon said as he aimed an RPG at Thunderwing and pressed the trigger. "We're not doing much good here." Replying to Onslaught, Hyperdrive said, "I found me old team, they sort of patched me up with Imperial fists. Not as pretty, but will work. Any ideas what we can do?"

"Take down the troops." Detour told Hyperdrive, as he hopped up onto his partner's shoulder and began singling out individual Imperial troopers, sending single blasts onto their foreheads. "We're going to need more ammo soon for you."

"Tellin' me."

"I've got no idea, Storm. Planning was never my forte." Detour told Acid Storm. It was Blackjack's role in the team, Road Hugger if Blackjack is not around. Detour glanced at Hyperdrive.

"What? I'm the dumb muscle."

"Really don't know what to do. 'Drive and me, we're taking out the troops. Hugger is engaging Thunderwing, that idiot."

"YES!" Arcee hissed as her sword found her mark, as Springer regained his old self... but ducked as Thunderwing swooped down at Ultra Magnus.

"Whoa!" Road Hugger was likewise blown off his feet by the sudden movement. "Not good." The Combaticon said as he leapt back to his feet.

"MAGNUS!" Arcee yelled as the Decepticon slammed his fist onto Magnus' skull. For a moment, she thought Magnus was done for, then she remembered the 'Little Prime' that Sixshot and Grimlock had teased the City Commander for, and breathed a sigh of relief. "Springer!" Arcee glanced at her friend, nodding, following. She charged Thunderwing and transformed into vehicle mode, launching laser blasts at the Decepticon.

"ONSLAUGHT!" Road Hugger yelled likewise. He heard Springer, and nodded. "Roadbuster, Acid Storm, Grimlock- all of you, distract him! Melee weapons are the key through his shield!" Road Hugger followed through with his own advice, opening fire as he transformed into his mscle car mode, moving in the opposite direction from Arcee, revving in to save Onslaught and Magnus.


Jackpot kept his mouth shut as Cerebros and Doublecross discussed whatever it is they are going on about.

Brainstorm looked at the prone Smokescreen and shook his head. "Come, Freeway. Leave him be." The Headmaster said as he walked back towards Steelhaven. "We have a world to save."

2011-09-20, 01:36 PM
Topspin stopped dead in his tracks from Thunderwing's attack. His body was smoking, but he was thankful he didn't end up like the Combaticon's did moments later. He transformed and stumbled away, as if the wind had been knocked out of him. He saw Thunderwing come down near Magnus, and watched in horror as he beat the Autobot down badly.

He tried to transform, but his circuits were, at least momentarily, still fried from Thunderwing's blast and his last transformation. He wouldn't be rushing in, in vehicle mode anyways, to save his friends.

2011-09-21, 03:52 AM

"Come, Freeway. Leave him be..."

Freeway took Brainstorm's cue and stopped to glance behind him. "Huh. Didn't even notice. I'm sure Smokey has his reasons," He shrugged. "He'll be along when he's ready."

The Throttlebot turned away and made his way to the open hangar bay.


Ratchet looked away from Bluestreak as Cerebros and the others returned. "Back already? Well, I'm glad you're all alright," he smiled. "What's the situation?"

The captain nudged his head toward Doublecross, who carried the deceased Repugnus in his arms.

Ratchet's warm expression immediately vanished from his face. "I-I see. I'm so sorry."

"He just may have saved the hundreds abroad the ship," Cerebros said. "Unfortunately, now is not the time to mourn. We're heading out."

He motioned Ratchet to follow him back into ship. "I'll need you and Cog to upload the data that Smokescreen brought to us."

"Of course. Mind if I ask what for?"

"As a last resort, mind you, but we may have to move the Steelhaven." Cerebros frowned. "I would prefer radio and communications be back online before we attempt to do that, but if Repugnus' sacrifice is a sign of things to come, we cannot afford to wait much longer. We have the safety of hundreds of refuges and non-combatants to think of."

"I understand," Ratchet nodded. "And, in the event of this hypothetical scenario, where would we be moving the ship to?"

"The Wastelands. The Manganese Mountains to be specific. It's safer than here, at any rate."

The two Autobots soon stopped in front of Fortress Maximus and looked on as several maintenance mechs worked over the larger transtector.

Noticing the Autobot commander and his lieutenant, the lead mechanic leapt off the large transtector. "Hey, captain." He waved to the others to stop. "Just a little bit of touching up here, but no worries. The big guy's refueled, rearmed, repaired and ready to go."

"Thank you - all of you. I'll take it from here, then."

Quickly packing up their tools and climbing off the mighty Autobot, the mechanics cleared away as the transtector lit up, initialized and, along with Cerebros, transform and merge into Fortress Maximus.

The Autobot commander then looked to the opened bay door of Hangar 1 where many of his fellow crewmen, as well as refugees, had gathered. "Are all volunteer's accounted for?"

(OOC: That means NPCs and anyone who's heading out with Fort Max)


"Perhaps I should have specified; ranged massive assault," Shockwave mused as he watched Thunderwing make short work of Ultra Magnus and Onslaught. Many more, he soon noticed, began to engage the Matrix-fueled Pretender - Grimlock, Arcee and Springer in particular readying for a melee attack.

Still hovering above, Shockwave transformed. "Very well. Ambient energies will now have to be re-channeled..."

While causing a wide, thermo-concussive explosion was now out of the question - lest he melt or incinerate the "friendlies" now swarming dangerously close to the enemy - the purple-clad cyclopean redirected the microwave aura still encircling him to his arm cannon.

Shining with Matrix energy like a dark beacon, Thunderwing provided Shockwave with the target he required - his hand, which the Pretender raised haughtily to the air.

With his microwave energies refocused, Shockwave projected a thermo-concussive 'blast' to Thunderwing's arm.

What affect it would have on a Matrix-infused despot, the former-Decepticon could only theorize. He was at least certain that it could melt most standard Cybertronian armor.

2011-09-21, 06:32 AM

"Follow me Swoop and I will conduct you to the turret."

Crush swerved in order to crush a platoon of too slow moving Imperial troops.

2011-09-21, 10:45 AM

"Yes." Brainstorm replied to Freeway as the two of them entered the hangar bay, leaving Smokescreen behind. The Headmaster was pleased that the Throttlebot didn't make light of the situation at all.

Once Brainstorm was sure that the other Autobot was out of earshot, Brainstorm lowered his voice, "It seems that Smokescreen had a hand in Repugnus' dispatchment, though I have no idea how and am not interested why."

Brainstorm waved at Fort Max as his old friend began asking for the status of the volunteers.

Jackpot watched the proceedings with interest, wandering towards Fortress Maximus, and whistling as he took in the massive transector armour. "Yeah, Maxie. It's payback time." Glancing at Doublecross, "Once you get what you came here for, that is."

"Oh Fortress Maximus you can bet that nobody is readier than I am nobody nobody nobody you see me and Haywire as well as Pointblank and his partner Pinpointer and Inferno and Siren and Turbofire and Jackpot there and his partner Sights and Doublecross by Primus is that Repugnus what a loss pity no Autobot deserved that kind of death but as you said he died a hero and we need to go and fight and avenge Repugnus ahem there is also Freeway and Brainstorm and of course yourselves Fortress Maximus a-k-a Cerebros and doctor Ratchet as well as Perceptor way up in the control room and Governor Groove and his volunteers wait a sec wait a sec we're missing one Bot where is Smokescreen by the way-"

(OOC: Leave the roll call to the guy who can't stop speaking)

Inside Crush

"Yeah, Bore." Swoop said as he turned to follow the Shockwavesque Autobot. "Slag, Snarl, Sludge, clock Thunderwing in the head for me."



Skyquake opened fire with his missiles, sent out precisely, at the six holograms that he knew that were Sixshot. It might've fooled anyone with lesser senses, but not Skyquake. The holograms disappeared as the hard-light mesh was disrupted by the missiles.

The seventh one was the real... wait, that too is a hologram. Skyquake increased speed and shot through the fake Sixshot, and transformed into robot mode, pulling out his missile launcher.

No fooling him.

Skyquake lashed backwards, seeming to fire blindly into the air.

However, the single missile exploded in Sixshot's chest, sending his blasts away. "Aaah!"

Skyquake's green optics narrowed. "Pitiful. Really, throwback, I'd expect you to realize at least my superior tracking senses would never be beaten by a primitive cloaking device such as yours, nor paltry tricks like holograms. Thunderwing alone could destroy you all."

Sixshot let out a growl as he transformed into Wingwolf mode and charged Skyquake, opening fire constantly in the process, barrel-rolling to evade the stream of missiles that Skyquake fired. Pounce, anytime now... take him out! He transmitted silently.

2011-09-21, 11:56 AM

Pounce who had recovered pounced from behind a heap of rubble

Launching himself claws and teeth targeting Skyquakes knees hoping to cripple the Imperial anmd also disbale his leg boosters.



"Me see Thunderwing and Grimlock and other aprrocaching. All those wishing to jump down on Imperials please follow the yellow arrows now.

Green holographic arrows appeared on the floor.

"Sorry me mean green arrows."



Doublecross trotted up the ramp.

"revenge will be ssssssssssssssweettt."

2011-09-22, 05:06 AM
'Swoop Gallery'

"Me Sludge like talky room's idea," the childish Dinobot said. "Me follow Swoop and Friendly Shockwave?"

Snarl sighed. "Yeah, go with them. Me an' Slag will see you on the other side. That way we go at 'em from both sides. Pincer movemen, right?"

"Huh?" Sludge asked.

"Just go," Snarl told him with a small smile on his face.

Slag frowned. "Last I checked, Dinobots are tougher than that," he teased Swoop. "What, you're gonna let a little thing like almost dying slow you down?"


Acid Storm transformed to robot mode, coming to a landing beside Hyperdrive and Detour. "I don't know either. Maybe Road Hugger has the right idea. But you think we should be taking out the troopers first?"

Then he heard Road Hugger bellow out at him. "Right. No offence, but 'melee' and 'seeker' don't go together."

Thunderwing stumbled, knocked back from the strength of Grimlock's attack.

"Oh, Grimlock," he said with a laugh. "Still the subtle master of pronouns that I met all those years ago, I see. Don't you remember what happened the last time we fought?"

Then an Imperial soldier's corpse clonked him in the chest, knocking him down. Turning to face the source of the debris, he said, "And Springer! Oh, how I've missed your childish, over-earnest heroism. Missed laughing at it, that is. Shockwave's futile antics as well, as it happens. Haven't your logic circuits figured out yet that energy weapons won't do anything but annoy me?"

Then Hyperdrive's rocket hit him in the chest as he was getting up, at the same time as he was peppered by Arcee's blasters. "I'm not even sure who you are, but good show. Not that I'm not having a good time, but we really need to move on from all this. You see, I really must be killing Ultra Magnus, and I just can't have the likes of you getting in the way. So I'm afraid that the next one of you fools who distracts me from my work is going to have to die."

The Matrix-powered tyrant rose back to his feet and began to advance ominously on the prone Autobot.


An unhappy Bluestreak checked the ammo charge in his weapon, then followed Cerebros into the hangar where the troops had been gathered.

Giving Blurr a smile that didn't really have any warmth to it, he said, "I think you forgot to add me to the list. Does that mean I get to take today off?"

2011-09-22, 06:16 PM

Springer was a little suprised that the others hadn't figured out that energy based weapons had no effect. While throwing an Imperial soldier had an even less effect, it still connected and knocked Thunderwing off his feet.

Onslaught was saved for the moment. "Road Hugger! Get Onslaught out of there!" Springer yelled. When Thunderwing turned his attention back at Ultra Magnus, Spinger charged at Thunderwing full speed. There's no way I'm going to let you lay another hand on Magnus, he thought. With his sword in his hand, Springer got in close and was ready to impale Thunderwing with a forward thrust aimed at his back. "Yeah? Well laugh at this, you maniac!"

Attacking somebody in the back wasn't the most honorable thing to do, but right now Springer took every chance that he could get. He contacted Arcee over his com: "Arcee, position yourself. If this one connects, get ready to hit him with whatever you got."

2011-09-22, 07:34 PM

Roadbuster scowled. The big problem with his weapons, he'd realized once, was that his energy weapons were a lot more exact than his ammo based weapons.

At least, at a distance.

Like the man says, 'Who wants to live forever?'

A voice hissed back from the general direction of his shoulder cannon. Fools.... and Vermin.

Deciding to ask what that meant if they survived this, he holstered the linear blaster cannon, pulled his grenade launcher. "STEPPER!!!! COVER ME!!!" He leapt out of cover and started charging towards Thunderwing.


Nebulon chriped a status report.

Stepper scowled. "So lock down the leaks."

Nebulon whistled and bleeped.

"Okay, so acid rain wasn't something they hardened your coolant system against. Reroute through everything that's shielded and keep firing. The boss needs cover fire." With that, he popped up, leveled both plasma pulse blasters and aimed his Blaze Cannon at Thunderwing, and opened fire.


"Stupid 'Con. If anybody gonna kill Little Prime, it ME! Only reason him still alive is Me not ready to kill him yet!" Subspacing his Guardian blaster and replacing it with his tail/club, he strode forward, club in one hand, energo-sword in the other.

2011-09-23, 01:10 PM
Topspin rushed over to Ultra Magnus' side, shocked to see the amount of damage Thunderwing had done. He propped the wounded bot against him, hoping the others would distract their enemy so that he could get him clear of the battlefield before Thunderwing caught up with them.

2011-09-24, 02:18 AM

When Topspin went to remove Ultra Magnus from the fray, the habitually observant Shockwave took the Wrecker's cue.

The former-Decepticon lowered himself to the ground. "An imprudent maneuver," he silently mused. "Nonetheless, Ultra Magnus and Onslaught's termination is probable -- ergo, I am obligated to prevent it."

While Stepper and Nebulan provided them cover fire, Shockwave, against his better judgement, joined Grimlock, Roadbuster and Springer in their attack, opting to run circularly around Thunderwing while continuously firing thermo-concussive blasts.



Fortress Maximus looked down at Bluestreak. "If that is what you wish. I, of course, would appreciate it -- but no one is under any obligation to follow me out there and I certainly will not hold it against you." The large Autobot's tone was calm and sincere. "Nor will anyone else. These people are our responsibility and there is still much work to be done here aboard the Steelhaven. However..."

He then turned to address Blurr. "No, Ratchet will not be joining us. He has been assigned an equally, if not more so, important role and is required here."

The Autobot commander gazed out into the crowd that had gathered with him in the hangar bay, silently naming off each as he sketched out a, admittedly impromptu, strategy in his head.

"Thank you, all of you..."

(OOC: A second roll call below. This one, however, lists off most characters that have been established as Steelhaven crew members or as Autobots based in Protihex over the past 3 to 4 years. Fanmades and nameless NPCs notwithstanding. If I missed anyone and/or you wish to join Fort Max, speak up or forever hold your peace.)

Inferno was of course there, wearing an anxious grin as well as multiple bullet sashes. Turbofire, Siren, Pointblank, Wheelie, Mirage, Tap-Out, Blurr, Doubleheader* and Freeway stood nearby, along with Jackpot and his partner Sights. There then came Countdown, Red Hot, Full Barrel and his partner Overflow, Groundshaker, Stake-Out and Hot House - all micromasters. And, as always, Brainstorm was present too, a loyal friend of the captain's and one of the Steelhaven's original crew members from way back....

(OOC: Aero Blade, too?)

"Brainstorm, Doubleheader, Groundshaker, Hot House - you're aerial support and recon," Fortress Maximus said. "Now, who else is..."

When he looked back out into the crowd, the Autobot commander found that there were also many faces he did not immediately recognize. The Protihexian refugees that insisted on volunteering, yes, of course. He did, nonetheless, recognize the one who inspired this "noble" decision among the group - Groove.

The captain gave the Protihexian Governor a stern glare. "Hrm, damn it," he quietly grumbled.

"I know. Don't worry," Ratchet said. "I'll take care of it."

"Thank you."

Fortress Maximus' attention was diverted when Doublecross moved up the ramp into the hangar. "Doublecross, have Hoist assist you with Repugnus," he told the Monsterbot. "Hurry to the armory once you are finished. We'll wait for you - though do be mindful of the time."

(OOC: * Doubleheader retroactively added.)


Hoist's head perked up when Fortress Maximus uttered his name, still standing near the entrance to the lower level with Aero Blade.

"Sorry, I need to help him," he told the technician. "Take care, Aero, alright."

Hoist waved, then sprinted off toward where Fortress Maximus and the others convened and went to Doublecross's side.

2011-09-24, 12:31 PM

"I see you and your paltry tricks." Skyquake rumbled. He lashed out with his leg, trying to knee Pounce in the chin. "Don't you understand? We are much more powerful than you throwbacks. Stronger, better-"

Skyquake lashed out with his hand and grabbed the charging Sixshot's wolf-mode face with his hand, crushing the beast mode's head in the process and attempted to slam the stunned Sixshot down onto Pounce. "-Faster."

Taking the forms of animals... disgusting.

Inside Crush

Swoop nodded as he pushed Sludge along, smiling at his childlike friend and gesturing Bore to lead the way. "Yes, Sludge. Follow Swoop and Friendly Shockwave. Then you bash Imperials, okay?"

Turning to Slag, Swoop rolled his optics. "Oh, shut up, Swarm-boy, and go get them. And, uh, see you on the other side."


"This your friend?" Hyperdrive asked, tense and ready to launch himself at Acid Storm.

"Yes." Detour said, "Storm, Hyperdrive. Drive, Acid Storm."

"He's got one hell of an optic-searing paint job." Hyperdrive said, growling when he saw that his rocket didn't even dent Thunderwing.

Detour ignored Hyperdrive as he replied to Acid Storm. "Really I don't know what to do, this is a bit beyond me, Storm. All we little people can do is just try and save the likes of Onslaught and Magnus... I mean, like you say, we don't do melee."

"I want to, but I don't fancy being blown up again." Hyperdrive offered. "Anyone got an I-bar I can chuck at him?"

"Or maybe..." Detour pointed at Skyquake, Sixshot and Pounce fighting above them, "We can help take out something closer to our caliber."

Ground Zero

"I'm Thunderwing, who're you?" Arcee snapped at Thunderwing, hoping that it'll annoy the egomaniac enough to give Springer a better chance.

'Roger that, Springer.' she replied to her friend silently as she transformed, pulling out her remaining lightsaber and activating it as she charged Thunderwing's flank, holding the lightsaber in a one-handed grip, darting towards the madman. Grimlock was striding towards Thunderwing, Roadbuster, like her, charging the Matrix-powered Decepticon, Stepper covering them with flames... even Shockwave and the group of 'Cons on the nearby building are helping out.

Come on, Springer. Get this guy.

"Grimlock, 'Buster, let's go! Let's kill this idiot!"

"Got it!" Road Hugger said as he screeched to a stop beside Onslaught, transforming into robot mode, pulling Onslaught up in such a way that when he transformed next the Combaticon leader was sprawled atop his vehicle mode. It was a maneuver Micromaters practiced often. He zipped away, shouting at Topspin, "Autobot, get Magnus out of here, go go go!"

Boss, you'll be all right. I swear it.

Blackjack wouldn't want him to fail.


"Bluestreak Bluestreak Bluestreak!" Blurr turned to the other Autobot, clearly not comprehending the look on his face. "Sorry sorry sorry I really did not mean to forget you it's a really honest mistake really honestly truly but it kind of slipped my mind that you and Smokescreen and Swindle arrived though that's more like-"

Fortress Maximus began to speak and Blurr immediately shut up, knowing things well enough not to interrupt in this conversation.

"Of course." Brainstorm nodded at Fortress Maximus. A different Maximus from the one from his home universe, but every bit as honorable. All the important ones the same that really Brainstorm felt as much loyalty to this Maximus than the one back in his original universe.

Since when had he stopped thinking of it as his 'home universe'?

Trusting Doublecross to handle Repugnus (and frankly the Monsterbot creeped him out), Jackpot strode to stand beside Freeway and Pointblank and look all officious-like.

2011-09-24, 01:24 PM
Pounce plunged his jaws down hoping to bite deep into Skyquakes leg.



"not far now gentlemechs the turret is adjacent to the roof access panel."



"let ussss avenge our comrade lead ussss swiftly Hoissssssssssssssst to our destination."

Doubcross cradled Repugnus tenderly

2011-09-24, 01:32 PM

Skyquake raised his leg, aiming to burn Pounce's face with the jets on his boots, before trying to slam the unconscious Sixshot down onto Pounce again.

"Futile! The Empire is stronger than you!"

Inside Crush

"See, Sludge? That's your cue." Swoop said as he limped after Bore.

2011-09-24, 01:45 PM

Pounce dodged sideways hoping 1 to avoid becoming a crispy critter and 2 to see Skyquake pound his own leg with a very large Sixchanger.

"Sure that makes sense the Empire must be made up of thousands of mechs at least they're bound to be stronger than lil ole me. However how strong do you feel Skyquake."

2011-09-24, 02:01 PM

Skyquake's improvised living weapon missed Pounce, and the Predator had the good reflexes to let go of Sixshot. As he did so to avoid hitting himself on the leg, Skyquake activated his jet boosters to fly slightly upwards, sending the still-unconscious Sixshot hurtling down towards the ground zero where Thunderwing was.

"Stronger than you." Skyquake growled, green optics glowing. "I just took out one of your strongest warriors. How strong do you feel, clone?"

2011-09-26, 04:01 AM

Hoist looked down at Doublecross's arms at the fallen Repugnus. While it wasn't the first deceased body he had seen today, and more than likely wouldn't be the last, the fact that such a sight had become routine - almost to the point nonchalance - angered the generally amicable Hoist.

Nevertheless, the Autobot mechanic kept his feelings in check and motioned the Monsterbot to follow.

"This way, Doublecross," he said. "Up on the next level. A ceremonial stasis pod* seems suiting, unless you had something else in mind."

(OOC: * For fallen soldiers. It'd be decorative.)


(OOC: Attending to one more loose end)

While Fortress Maximus spoke to his crewmen, Groove stood at the edge of the crowd with the refugees that had volunteered to join the charge against the Imperial threat.

"Is it not their nation that is being invaded?" the Protihexian Governor silently contended. "Is it not their - or my right and duty to defend it?"

Groove made no attempt to conceal himself from Fortress Maximus' gaze, as if flagrantly telling the Steelhaven captain "I govern these people, who are you to deny them? Who are you to deny me?"

As he looked on and listened to the Autobot commander, Groove felt a gentle, but still firm tug on his arm.

"A word with you, Governor Groove?" Ratchet said in a hushed tone. "Preferably away from the others." He nudged his head toward the corner of the hangar.

Groove gave Ratchet a bewildered look. "Um, sure. Is there a problem?"

"I suppose you could say that. Listen -- it's bad enough you've twisted mine and Cerebros' arm to allow these civilians to take up arms, but it stops with them. I'll have to insist you remain here."

"Sigh, Ratchet..."

"This is serious. You could die out there." He shook his head. "No, correction, you will die if you go out there."

"This again, eh?" Groove crossed his arms and smiled. "If that is what is required to defend the rights of the many that have suffered so much already, then so be it. I’m ready to die for this cause. I'll not compromise mine or this nation's principles for these Imperial monsters - or anyone else for that matter. I am willing to set an example for the justice of my people."

"Oh for Primus' sake, do come off it!" Ratchet snapped. "It was your choice to run for office. Your choice! Did you not consider what taking that oath entailed - or, hell, what the repercussions would be? This isn't a game! These people are looking to you as a beacon of hope, something to fight for. You're a figurehead, an ideology personified. That should be enough. Accept it! You're not a Prime marching head-long into battle, so quit setting yourself up as a damn martyr. It's not fair to anyone."

Groove scowled. "I never claimed to be, you know that. What would you have me do then, Ratchet? Run?"

"No. We're expecting you to survive." Ratchet's expression softened. "And to show the planet that Protihex's ideals are resilient. Do you understand?" he looked Groove squarely in the eyes. "If you die, Protihex dies with you. You have all the makings to be great governor. You're focused on leading change and you listen to your people. You would better serve them if you live. So, please, let us do the fighting for you."

2011-09-27, 05:12 AM
'Swoop Gallery'

Sludge went along with Swoop obligingly. When Bore pointed out the rooftop access, he stared at it dumbly for a second before he realized what he had wanted to do.

"Right. Me Sludge go through there, then jump out and attack!"

"Not if I see you first," Slag muttered after Swoop had left.

"Oh, grow up," Snarl told him. "And get ready. We're almost there."


Acid Storm gave Skyquake a glance, as if sizing him up. "He's probably out of our league too," he said hesitantly, "but at least we'd have a chance against him."

He transformed back to jet mode and blasted off.

"I'll try to lead him back here. When I do, hit him with everything you've got."

He fired a few shots at Skyquake to get his attention, then said, "Oh, and Detour? Tell your buddy he's not exactly a looker himself."

"Oh, very good, Grimlock," Thunderwing said to the Dinobot commander. "When all else fails, hit it with a stick. Is that it?"

He fired a bolt of his killer lightning at the encroaching Dinobot, then hefted Ultra Magnus's severed arm and threw it at Topspin. "Bad dog," he said tartly. "That's my chew toy, not yours."

He held up his now-empty hand, projecting an umbrella of energy with it that deflected the rain of fire that Shockwave was inflicting on him from above. Explosions rung out around him as the blasts curved along new trajectories, one of them blasting Onslaught's chest open as Road Hugger was driving off with him.

He saw Arcee charging and lashed out, trying to backhand her across the face. "How droll. A shame for you that I don't mind hitting a girl, no matter how funny she thinks she is. You'll fall just like the rest of them."

He smiled as Sixshot's body slammed into the ground.

"Just like him. You'll fall, all of you!"

Then Springer stabbed him in the back.

Thunderwing pitched forward, falling to the ground with the blade still inside him.


Bluestreak smiled. "Don't worry, Blurr," he said, giving the fast-talking Autobot a friendly pat on the shoulder. "I'm just teasing."

2011-09-27, 06:18 AM

Pounce grinned

"never was the strong type , cunning yes . You see all I had to do was..

There was a snick from behind Skyquake

Weirdwolf launched 6 missiles from his shoulder launchers

"die now you will."

"to keep you talking while my comrade with the unfortunate speech defect got in range."



Doublecross nodded

"yesssssssssss that would ssssssseeem appropriate."

2011-09-27, 06:53 AM

Roadbuster stormed up, dodging and weaving around the incoming fire, stopping just out of arm's reach of the fallen Decepticon. "Funny thing is, Thunderwing, I just don't feel like falling today. I do feel like blowing some holes in you, though." With that, he quickly swapped his grenade launcher for his linear blaster cannon, aiming it along with his rapid-fire assualt rifle and shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon at Thunderwing's body, and opened fire, flinging explosive armor piercing rounds, ion bolts, and bomblets at point-blank range at the Pretender.

Then he got an idea. "Stepper, get up here."


Grimlock, for his part, ducked and rolled under the lightning blast, bringing the energo-sword down point first, intending to drive it through the Pretender's upper back as he swung the tail-club down in a brutal arc at the back of Thunderwing's head. "Thunderwing use stick, Me use club. Me have to wonder what Imperials see in stupid 'Con."


Stepper, having ducked back down to slap fresh clips into his pistols, popped back up again, vaulting out of the crater and running up to join the Thunderwing beat down.

2011-09-28, 10:28 AM
'Swoop Gallery'

"Go, Sludge! Crack some skulls for me, buddy!" Swoop called out after his larger friend as he followed Bore, "I'll watch your back!"


"You got it." Detour said.

"I still look better than you, popsicle boy!" Hyperdrive yelled after Acid Storm as he reloaded his bazooka. His patched arms hurt like hell, but the Decepticon was too stubborn to even consider giving up.

"Stop antagonizing him." Detour told Hyperdrive.

"Oh, you've got a new best buddy now? Hyperdrive is all forgotten?"

"Not really, but I don't fancy having acid dropping on my head."

Skyquake growled as he lunged at Pounce, but Weirdwolf's missiles all slammed onto his back. It sent a jolt of pain through him as one of the missiles blew up on his nerve radar on his back, one of his weaker points.

So many of them, Skyquake noted. "Dogs!" The Predator leader yelled. He launched several missiles at Pounce, then whirled around to fire a few at Weirdwolf before transforming...

But even this was cut short as Acid Storm's missiles slammed onto him.



Falcon chuckled. The dark green Imperial had been flying in low orbit above Protihex, watching, observing. The former Predator leader found it a delicious irony that Skyquake was unable to handle four Decepticons.

-What's the matter, Skyquake?- Falcon sent through their mind link. -Can't handle three Primitives? And you call yourself our leader!-

Falcon banked down and shot through Cybertron's atmosphere. The Predator's systems tracked Weirdwolf and opened fire with his missiles.

"ONSLAUGHT-" Road Hugger called out his commander's name, but the impact of the blast sent the Combaticon careening off the road and flipping over, sending Onslaught slamming to the ground next to him.

Road Hugger transformed and rushed onto Onslaught's side. "Boss? Boss, talk to me!"

Arcee took Thunderwing's backhand full on, and the strength of the blow sent her slamming onto the ground, leaving a small crater on the ground. "That was called a distraction, you dog." She spat out, rubbing the ruined side of her face with one arm.

"I'm... not... quite... dead... YET!" Sixshot roared as he transformed into robot mode, red optics blazing with rage, armour dented and cracked all over. He was still burning in some places, and his bent wings meant he won't be flying anytime soon. Allright, time to pull another thing from his bag of tricks.

Sixshot outstretched his arm and allowed all the rage he had to boil up to the surface. Rage at Thunderwing, at Skyquake, at Protihex in general, at working with the Autobots, at Quick Switch... to materialize as pure power.

And from the burnt rubble of a collapsed building, Sixshot's nanosword flew out like a bullet and found its place in the hexchanger's open hand.

Metalikato, bitch.

"You'll die here, Thunderwing." He growled, as he stalked towards where Springer and Grimlock had Thunderwing at his mercy. "Finish the bastard off, Dinobot."

"Do you really need that many guns, Autobot drudge?" Stalker growled as he charged Roadbuster in his vehicle mode. "Personally I always think one big one is enough."

The Predator transformed into robot mode, propelled forwards by the momentum of his movement and attempted to tackle Roadbuster onto the floor.

-So this is 'mighty Thunderwing, brothers- Stalker asked with derision through their mental link. -Honestly, the six of us could've done as much damage as he did.-

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" A pink jet peeled off from the Combaticon ranks, selected another Combaticon at random, and opened fire with a missile that exploded and revealed three smaller missiles inside. "FALL FALL FALL FALL!"

Skydive, the Predator's resident scientist, swooped towards the battlefield, and selected two targets: Topspin and Grimlock, because Skydive liked their names most.

His machinegun swivelled at Topspin and opened fire, but for Grimlock he was saving one of his inventions.

He spat out bullets of flash-freeze grenades at the Dinobot, cackling as he does so.


"Oh really that's really good I mean super good because your expression doesn't look like you're teasing in fact you look quite angry but then ah I better shut up now, don't I?" Blurr rambled to Bluestreak.

2011-09-28, 09:16 PM
Topspin stumbled as Ultra Magnus's arm, the one he wasn't currently using to support his downed comrade, was thrown at him by Thunderwing, hitting his back. The stumble was fortunately timed, as Skydive chose to target him right at the same time. Most of the bullets missed, but a few bit into his back, the armor holding... for now. He hoped Ultra Magnus was just as fortunate.

2011-09-29, 06:26 AM

Pounce flew backwards as th emissiles impacted him.


Weirdwolf leaped and twisted as he ran away from Falcon's missiles.

As he ran away he fired his missiles back at Falcon.

2011-09-29, 06:43 AM

-Predators, take down their leaders-

-Can't. I'mma fighting Roadbuster-

-I have Magnus and Grimlock in my sights! Does any of you wonder what are the chances of-

-Shut up, Skydive-

-You shut up, Stalker-

-I should be leader-

-Go to hell, Falcon-

"Wah-hee, whee!" Skydive whooped as he pulled back. "Come get me, throwbacks! You know, we Predators have this thing called Megavisors. I developed it myself, thank you very much!"

Even though really there wasn't anyone nearby that could hear the insane Predator.

Taking another aim at Topspin and Ultra Magnus, Skydive spat out a missile. It contained a corrosive rust strain based on cosmic rust, only it acts more quickly. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Hmph." Skyquake growled. He beat down Sixshot and Pounce. He shot away from those primitives, taking higher into the skies. That idiot Falcon can handle them.

Although, being who he is, he took aim at Pounce and launched another set of missiles.

Then he turned his attention to Acid Storm... "you've got great sense of appearance, Seeker boy. Pity I'll have to kill you."

Falcon twirled expertly in the air, missiles exploding near him, some of the explosions missing him by inches. How dare Skyquake? Leadership of the Predators should be his!

Not that commanding Stalker and Skydive and Talon and Snare are any picnic, mind...

But leadership nonetheless.

He'll make Thunderwing, he'll make Liege Maximo, everybody, see that he was as good as Skyquake. Hell, he was good enough to become Liege Centuro!

He'll take down everybody in his path. Starting with this backwards-talking primitive idiot Weirdwolf, then he'll mercy-kill the Combaticons, then the Steelhaven... for starters. Fling low, Falcon took aim at Weirdwolf and opened fire again.

2011-09-29, 07:18 AM

After a short elevator ride a few floors up, Hoist, with Doublecross trailing closely behind, strode down a corridor, passing the entrance to the medbay along the way, until they arrived outside the ship's mortuary.

Inside, a despairing, yet strangely serene blue glow filled the room that emitted from the rows of vertically standing stasis pods. Many of the capsules were occupied, containing mechs damaged beyond repair and awaiting interment.

Hoist sighed. "This way," he told Doublecross.

He led the Monsterbot to an adjoining area where several empty stasis pods, lined up neatly, waited. These, however, were different from the ones in the next room. These were works of art.

While being the casket-like shape that most stasis pods adhere to, these vessels were polished black and opaque rather than being transparent enclosures. Decorative Cybertronian lettering scrolled beautifully along the sides, with delicate swirling designs adorning the base and a silver Autobot crest emblazoning the head.

Hoist pressed a switch on a nearby standing control panel to lower the pod. Once it reached a horizontal position, the hatch of the capsule slowly hissed open.

He graciously stepped aside to allow Doublecross to place Repugnus' body inside.


Shockwave - once again against his better judgement - readied himself to follow Grimlock, Sixshot, Springer and Arcee's example and charge Thunderwing.

But, as he drew in more ambient electromagnetic energy towards himself to replenish the microwave aura still flowing around his body, Skydive and Stalker entered the fray - and, once again, the targets were the injured Ultra Magnus and Onslaught.

The purple-clad cyclopean looked to Thunderwing, then to the assailing Predators -- and back to Thunderwing.

"Quite the conundrum," Shockwave said. "But a momentary delay, in any manner."

Shockwave took to the air, transformed back into ray-gun mode, and fired a concentrated beam at Skydive.

2011-09-29, 12:21 PM

Seconds before the impact from the blast coming from the former Decepticon, Skydive banked away, doing a loop-the-loop as he did so, causing Shockwave's blast to go harmlessly away.

"An electromagnetic blast, with a hint of gamma radiation." Skydive said out loud. "Ha ha ha, typical. You must be the infamous Shockwave."

The pink jet shot towards Shockwave, and two little cannons locked into place, and spat out a series of glowing, sparkling beams. "Now, gramps, these... now these are agitated, concentrated blasts of positrons. Fair warning, these positrons ain't gonna mix well with that nuclear reactor in your chest."

(OOC: Skydive versus Shockwave... not quite Skyquake versus Shockwave, but this looks like fun :))

2011-09-29, 04:13 PM

"What-" Roadbuster turned as Stalker charged towards him, bracing himself as the bulky Predator slammed into him, pushing him back, wrapping his arms around Stalker to keep him from getting away. "More guns, more FUN!!!" The shoulder-mounted shrapnel cannon snapped down with an almost reptilian snarl of anticipation, the cannon bucking and roaring, firing point blank at the Predator's head.

Stepper scowled as he charged towards Thunderwing. Roadbuster's plan was fairly obvious: Pick one of the many holes now riddling the Pretender's body and fire a few inferno rounds into it, let the thermite do it's work.

Of course, that had been before the rejects from Ginyu Force had shown up.

In less time than it took to process the thought, Stepper's arms snapped up, phased plasma pulse blasters aimed and firing at Falcon, even as he looked up, shoulder mounted Blaze Cannon roaring as it flings 20 Inferno shells at the flying Predator.


Grimlock dove and rolled away from the freezing grenades, subspacing the club and pulling his Guardian blaster, aiming up at the flying Skyquake. "Easier to just let us kill Thunderwing. You thank us later." He pulled the trigger, unleashing another overwhelming blast of energy fueled by the destruction of baby universes at the flying Predator.

2011-09-29, 08:44 PM

Springer pulled his sword out of Thunderwing. "How do you like me now, huh?" and jumped backwards to let Roadbuster and Stepper do what they do best: being Wreckers.

He was happy that his plan seemed to work and that he managed to strike a blow to Thunderwing. Pretty sure I got his attention now, he thought.

He headed back towards Arcee's position who got knocked down in the attack. He extended his arm to help her up. "Great job Arcee, but we're not out of the woods just yet. This was only round 1," he said to her.

It was then that Imperial back up had arrived and Springer looked up. "Here comes trouble." The Imperials would only distract them from terminating Thunderwing and that was something Springer couldn't allow to happen. Thunderwing was down and he needed to be taken out. Springer looked around. Topspin was taking care of Ultra Magnus and Road Hugger was looking after Onslaught. Under the circumstances, they were doing a very good job. He then noticed Sixshot. He was looked pretty banged up. "Hey Sixshot! Ready for round two? This is nothing like the sim you ran in Crystal City!" he said with a smile. "We're going to need you provide cover fire when we're going to attack Thunderwing again!

2011-09-30, 02:59 PM

Stalker saw Roadbuster's cannon move and moved himself, the only maneuver someone can do in his position. He snapped his head forwards, trying to headbutt Roadbuster in the face.

"Eat PAIN!"

-Stalker. Garble. Now.- Skyquake's voice rang out in his head.

Right. Garble system.

Stalker's satellite dishes begin to emit a high-pitched ultrasonic whine that would disrupt all of the Autobots, Decepticons and Combaticons' communication systems.

"What in the name of the Liege Fabulo-"

Falcon tried to sidewinder aside, but so focused was his attention on Weirdwolf that five of Stepper's inferno shells landed on him and ignited, the phosphorus charge (?) engulfing the Predator in flames.

-Phosphorus shells, I reckon, Falcon. Generates flames. Self-regenerating, spreads a goo that's really very hard to extinguish.- Skydive's voice rang out in Falcon's head, not that the higher-ranking Predator was paying attention.


-Idiot, y'can't fly into high atmosphere. You can't smother the flames that way. It doesn't burn on oxygen.- Skydive called out.

-Use yourself as a burning missile! Die for the cause!- Skyquake snarled.

Breaking away from his pursuit of Weirdwolf, Falcon broke ranks, flying upwards to try and shake off the flames. "I hate you, Skyquake."

-Bit rude, aren't you?-

-Yes, Skydive, I--

Skyquake never completed his thought, as Grimlock's blast of energy screamed upwards at him. Almost literally. However, Skyquake detected Grimlock's movement when he pulled the trigger, allowing him to swerve sideways, avoiding the blast of energy.

-Now that, that is a beautiful weapon. I want it, I want to know how it works. Ha ha ha ha ha, it's like something I'd invent. It seems that it generates it's power from the destruction of alternate baby universes which in theory--

-Shut up, Skydive.- Skyquake replied, annoyed at his subordinate's lack of focus.

"Ah, Primitive." Skyquake growled. "Unlike you, Thunderwing has embraced the inevitable transformation into a new world order! Perish with the rest of yours!" Though Skyquake loathed Thunderwing, and his tone of voice made it rather clear, he didn't dare insult the aristrocrat whilst he held the Matrix.

-All Predator units, MOVE IN.-

Skyquake launched a barrage of a dozen missiles at Grimlock, before pulling back up.

Several groups of jets similar in form to Skydive and Snare but in differing colours swooped in from the general direction of Crystal City.

The lesser Predators. (OOC: Or rather, the slightly-stronger cannon fodder)

A group tracked Needlenose and the other Targetmasters and began to open fire on them. Another group descended on the Dinobots from the sky. Several others opened fire on Crush. A fleet set off to the Steelhaven. But they mostly, rather wisely, avoided the Ground Zero, leaving it to Thunderwing and Skyquake.

Arcee accepted Springer's arm and using him as leverage, pulled herself up. "We lost Whirl and a bunch of others in round one. I'd hate to see what round two would be like." She muttered darkly. "Let's kill this glitch."

Arcee reactivated her lightsaber. "Let's go, Springer."

"I... yes, round two." Sixshot replied to Springer, still dizzy from the crash.

He looked a a nearby chunk of debris, and lifted a finger. It floated slightly upwards, but Sixshot broke his concentration and allowed it to fall. So, Metallikato indeed.

"Cover fire incoming."

Sixshot deactivated his nanosword and folded forwards into his tank mode, his ten turrets tracking Thunderwing, nearby Autobots be damned, and opened fire. "STAY DOWN!"

2011-09-30, 03:51 PM
(OOC: Falcon may want to try deep space...... :D )


Roadbuster's head rocked back with the impact from Stalker's, sending him back a couple of steps, shoulder-mounted shrapnel cannon still tracking the Predator and firing like an autoshotgun from hell.

But with distance comes more firepower, as he brought up the rapid fire assualt rifle and the linear blaster cannon, adding a hellacious mix of armor piercing explosive shells and heavy ion bolts to the shoulder cannon's buckshot bomblets.


Stepper smirked as Falcon broke off and went screaming upwards, pivoting to track Skydive with his phased plasma pulse blasters and emptying what was left in the clips of both guns.

Nebulon chirped a question as steam vented from his Blaze Cannon mode.

"I don't think we'll get that lucky again. Not unless everybody can keep these guys focused and ignoring us."

He kept moving, looking for cover.


Grimlock dove away from the missile impacts, aiming and firing at Skyquake again with his Guardian blaster. "All Thunderwing want is power, and him gladly kill you to get it!"

2011-09-30, 04:08 PM
(OOC: Falcon isn't that smart. Good thing the Preds have Skydive. :D)



Stalker moved, and the shoulder-mounted shrapnel cannon's fire rocketed over his head. The armor piercing explosive shells rammed themselves onto Stalker's armor, blowing several pieces off and the ion bolts scorched a bunch of others. "Fine. Here's my big gun."

He wanted so much to blow Roadbuster up with his massive missile, but that's too big. Pulling out his own missile shotgun, Stalker began returning fire.

Two shoulder-mounted missiles tracked Roadbuster and launched.

"Please. I'm smarter than that idiot. And better armed."

Panels on Skydive's underside clicked open and a swarm of tiny ball bearings were ejected. These rained down on the blasters, intercepting the blasts and absorbing the energy from them, causing not a single blast to reach Skydive.

"You're not the only one with funky toys, Autobot." Skydive told Stepper. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have Shockwave to deal with."

"I know."

Skyquake told Grimlock. "And frankly, it's tomorrow's problem. Today's problem is wiping you Autobots out."

Skyquake sensed Grimlock's finger pressing on the trigger, and moved away, and the blast sailed past him. He returned fire with his mounted machineguns, Megavisor tech tracking Grimlock. "Really, give up and submit to us. Don't be a fool."


Falcon transformed, smothering some of the inferno shell goo with the moving plates, but he still burned like the damn Fallen. "AAAAAAAA"

-I'd appreciate it if you don't shout. We all can hear you just fine.- Stalker muttered through their mind link. -Trying to kill a Wrecker here.-

-Were Wreckers fifty or forty points?- Snare's voice piped up. -Boss, I'm bored. When do I get deployed?-

-Falcon, fly to outer space and pull one of Talon's movement. Lack of air means there's nothing to burn. Hopefully, ha ha ha ha!- Skydive said.

Falcon did so, shooting upwards towards space.

2011-09-30, 09:31 PM
Topspin saw Skydive's missile heading his way as he struggled to haul Ultra Magnus towards the safety of a nearby building. He reached the edge as the missle exploded, sending corrosive rust over the area. He threw Magnus in first and dove in after him. That was WAY too close He thought to himself.

"Magnus, my friend, I'm gonna have to leave you here. If I don't help the others, we may all be slagged. You'll be safe enough here. I hope." The rust particles were still falling the way he had come in, so he went out the back of the building and entered the battlefield once more.


Highbrow had been dismayed when Thunderwing's reinforcements had come in, unsure of the best way to help. His communication systems picked up significant chatter between the group, so he his own systems to working out a way to counter their signal, and what other damage he could cause them. Our best warriors are having a hard enough time, what chance do I have against them he thought to himself. But strength isn't everything in this battle...

He sent a feedback loop into the channel that would hopefully disrupt their communication, at least temporarily, while he worked on a way to cause further disruption.

2011-10-01, 05:51 AM

Doublecross layed Repugnus gently inside.



"Me being attacked me gonna have to get into air everyone out."

Bore scrambled towards a hatch.

"Thats my queue to go play targetmaster."

He looked at Swoop

"THe gun controls are very easy good hunting."

2011-10-01, 07:25 AM

Roadbuster's shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon switched targets, tracking the missiles as they left Stalker's shoulder launchers, firing and destroying the missiles. Jumping back in a clumsy effort to dodge the blast from the missile shotgun, Roadbuster winced as the damage from the explosions gouged into his armor. "Like things that make you go boom, huh?" Subspacing the assualt rifle, he pulled the grenade launcher from his leg holster, adding both high-ex plasma and disorientating smoke grenades to the linear blaster cannon's heavy ion bolts.


"Suits me fine." Stepper dove into cover, more out of habit than anybody actually shooting at him. Ejecting the empty mags from his handguns, he slapped two more home, slides snapping forward, both guns once again cocked, locked, and ready to rock, this time taking aim at Stalker. Both guns roared as he pulled the triggers again and again, his Blaze Cannon joining in, flinging 15 Inferno shells at the big predator.


Grimlock snorted and continued to track Skyquake, firing again. "It not that hard, you know. We help you make killing Thunderwing look like accident."

2011-10-01, 07:32 AM
(OOC: I'm getting all itchy and anxious. I'd really like to get Fortress Maximus and company on the field soon. Like, within a week at most. Just letting you folks know.)


In a classical case of equally matched matter vs anti-matter based-attacks cancelling each other out, a quick electron particle burst emanating from Shockwave was more than enough to repel Skydive's "positronic" attack.

"You miscalculated my capabilities, Predator..."

Shockwave propelled himself at Skydive, all the while channeling his energies to the tip of his barrel. But instead of immediately releasing it, he contained it within a tight magnetic field, creating a ball electromagnetic energy.

"A folly that you will not have the opportunity to rectify."

As he hurtled closer to his opponent, Shockwave transformed and gathered the EMP bomb he created to his hand.

He then extended his arm, and, with a powerful magnetic shove, launched the energy bomb at Skydive.

2011-10-01, 11:23 PM

"Don't lie to yourself," Acid Storm said to Hyperdrive. "You look awful. But all isn't lost. I've have painful acids that can burn your horrible paint job off."

He flicked his full attention back to the fight as soon as Skyquake called out to him.

"I like your style too," he admitted. "Gee, I wonder if we should start a new faction and only let in mechs that are as fabulous as we are."

Then he fired his hyperion cannons at the other jet's nosecone.


Grimlock's blade and club both struck home. The back of Thunderwing's head caved in and his upper back was cut open...but Thunderwing got back up as if he hadn't even noticed.

"Oh, they don't see anything in me," he told Grimlock. "In fact, you could say that I'm just an empty shell."

Then he was bombarded by Roadbuster and Stepper. The blasts tore through the Matrix energy that shielded him, and ripped into his body. Once the smoke had cleared, it was obvious to anyone who was watching that the Thunderwing they were fighting was just a hollow shell.

"Oh, did I mention?" the grotesquely deformed remnants of the shell slurred. "The problems we have with damage to a shell feedbacking to the owner? I fixed those. No point in making so many spares if every scratch is going to fill you with pain, after all..."

Then Sixshot's fire walked across what remained of his chest, and the shell collapsed to the ground.

"Thanks for the help, Topspin. I can handle myself from here."

With Thunderwing dropped, Ultra Magnus managed to pull himself back up to his feet, shaking off the extra damage he'd taken from Skydive's machine gun. He gestured toward Thunderwing's shell. "Autobots, grab it!" he said. "If we can figure out how he's transferring Matrix power to it, we can--"

Then Sludge dropped onto him from above, crushing the battered and broken Pretender shell into the ground.

"Me Sludge do good?" he asked the crowd of gathered Autobots and Decepticons obliviously.

Magnus groaned. "...never mind."

Snarl and Slag ran out of Crush, ready to respectively hack and incinerate Thunderwing...only to see that Sludge had beaten then to it.

"Guess he had the right idea after all..."

Onslaught groaned.

"Don't worry," he told Road Hugger. "I'm tougher than I look. And I...I hear I look pretty tough as it is. I'm not dying on you just...yet..."

The Combaticon leader's optics widened as a new shape appeared behind Road Hugger. The new arrival dropped a hand on the ex-Micromaster's shoulder and growled, "Why hello, son."

Then Thunderwing -- another Thunderwing, indistinguishable from the shell that had just been destroyed -- tried to tighten his grip on Road Hugger and toss him away.

"Run along. It's time the grown-ups had a talk."

Needlenose swung toward the newly-arrived Thunderwing with Slugslinger and Triggerhappy on his wings.

"Alright, here's the plan. We concentrate our fire on--agh!"

He snap-rolled and dropped, spiralling out of the stream of laser fire that had raked across the formation. In his peripheral vision he saw the other two Targetmasters doing the same.

"OK, new plan," he amended. "You two find Spinny. He'll tell you what to do about Thunderwing...er, Thunderwings."

"What about you?" Triggerhappy asked.

"I'm going to burn these idiots outta the sky."

Pulling back up, he accelerated and drove toward the Predators who'd attacked him. His wings gleamed as Zigzag fired off electrostatic discharges and Sunbeam illuminated the squadron with burning bursts of light.

"You mooks are gonna eat dirt, dig?"


"I'm complicated," Bluestreak told Blurr. "I'm sure you've figured that out by now."

2011-10-02, 09:17 AM

-Autobots are messing with our conventional commlink systems.- Skyquake informed the group. -Predators' mind link is more or less unaffected, but it's annoying the fodders. Deal with it, Stalker.-

-Working on it.-

Swoop nodded at Bore. "Stay safe." Swoop said as he mounted the gun, and wrapped his hands around the triggers. Like Bore said, the controls are easy. Trigger means shoot.

Swoop began to angle the cannon towards the air, and began picking off Predators. "Crush, let's get this party started!"

So, it seemed that while Roadbuster would be his rival in terms of physical strength, another Autobot (Highbrow) was to be his rival in communications skills. Fun.

Stalker sent out even more of his 'Garble' disruption signal, trying to counteract Highbrow's interference, but this was cut short by the battle he was in.

"Nice gun." Stalker pointed at the shoulder cannon. "Smart tracker."

Stalker likewise jumped backwards awkwardly, as grenades slammed onto his armour. Though like Roadbuster, it didn't do much more harm than to burn off pieces off his exostructure and sending a jolt of pain.

Stalker aimed his missile shotgun and fired again, and again-

-Stalker, I just wanted to say that the guy who fried my ass is shooting at you. Oh, right now.- Falcon's voice, full of calmness, reverberated in Stalker's head.

"Sonofa-" Stalker turned around and launched several missiles, taking out some of the Stepper's inferno shells, but several set fire onto Stalker.

Irate, the IMBC (that big cannon missile thing) on Stalker's back clicked into position and the Predator launched the massive payload at Stepper's general direction.

-There's a damn lot of these Autobots. Where the hell are Snare and Talon? We're outnumbered three to one, and the strongest go for us Predators.- Stalker told his teammates.

-Scared, Stalker?- Falcon mocked.

-We're assigned elsewhere.- Snare told Stalker. -For what it's worth, big guy, Skydive's ahead of you by ten points. Get the Wrecker already.-

-Easy for you to say.-

"I'm baaaaaaaaa-ck" Falcon roared down from space, in the way that his fellow Predator Talon liked to do. His entire paintjob was scorched and scarred, and he was really, really, pissed off.

Megavisor tech tracked Stepper and Weirdwolf and he launched several missiles as he descended downwards at high speed.

Distracted with firing at Topspin, giving commentary to inferno shells and the like, the easily distracted Skydive almost forgot that he fired at Shockwave. Thankfully, the reaction between positrons and electrons were loud enough to jolt his attention.

"Really. I'd have-"

Skydive's smart retort was cut short when Shockwave transformed.

Ah well, he wanted to use his gravity-shells, which in theory would nullify the effects of an EMP-

Not that he had the time. The EMP slammed onto him, deactivating a good portion of his systems. He transformed, and fell down towards the ground like a dead rock, trying desperately to activate his thrusters. "Fragfragfragfragfrag"

Skyquake swooped closer to Grimlock, transforming into robot mode and launching a missile at the Dinobot half-heartedly "Evidently you can't do that... you can't even destroy the shell, but... done deal."

Skyquake transformed back into jet mode, leaving Grimlock, and shot towards Shockwave, who was peppering Skydive. If Grimlock could make good his threat, well, Thunderwing is dead. If he couldn't, well, it's still the same old story.

Acid Storm's hyperion blasts slammed onto his nosecone, and he growled. "A Seeker? You throwbacks are sending a Seeker after me? Not worth my time." Skyquake launched several missiles at the Seeker, before flying towards another Decepticon in the battlefield.

Skyquake tracked Shockwave. "Now, fossil, why don't you contend with me? I'm a much more suitable match for you than our resident mad scientist."

"Blah." Hyperdrive replied to Acid Storm. "That guy's an asshole... Storm? Blast." Stalker's interference had cut off communications between the Micromasters and the Seeker.

"Seems like the Predator wants to gun for big guys. Well, we'll see how he fares against the little ones." Detour murmured. "Say, that Skyquake fellow looks like Stratus... don't you think... Hyperdrive, you ever watch human movies?"


"You know what a fastball special is?"

"You're joking."


Seconds later, a vehicle mode Detour had been launched into the sky by Hyperdrive, shooting upwards into the sky. All Decepticons can fly, in limited distances, in robot mode, but it's always good to have the boost. Detour transformed mid-air, and flew the short distance to catch up with Acid Storm. "Change of plan. Open the hatch, we'll do what we did with that joker in Kaon. This idiot's head better not be a tiny guy."

"Hell." Arcee cursed as Thunderwing did his monologue. "We're not out of the woods yet, people. That was just a shell."

All the work... and it's only a shell.

Sixshot chuckled as Sludge crushed the Thunderwing shell flat. "I like your style, Dinobot. Crush everything, ask questions later." The hexchanger transformed into beast mode, and turned to the nearest ranking-types nearby, Grimlock, Magnus and Springer. "What now?"

Road Hugger was just about to reply to Onslaught when an all-too familiar voice spoke behind me.

Torn between the smartass remarks of 'oh, please, don't say 'Luke I'm your father'' and 'please tell me I'm adopted', what came out instead was, "What the hell?"

Thunderwing, still alive...

The shock and surprise, compounded with the fear, allowed Thunderwing easily to toss Road Hugger aside. Years of training (and being flicked off by larger Decepticons), however, meant that he landed on his feet, arm-mounted blasters and shoulder-mounted Scrapmaker at ready. Smartass remark, now, since he's been denied the first two. "You know, daddy, I'm at this rebellious stage. Blame it on your poor parenting skills."

Ineffective as he knew it would be, Road Hugger opened fire on Thunderwing.

Hyperdrive watched as Detour went to take on Skyquake, marvelling at his little friend's courage. Go, Detour. Go. "Storm, you better take care of him, you hear?" Hyperdrive muttered...

Then he turned his attention to the scuffle nearby. Thunderwing? He was tossing Road Hugger, and about to kill Onslaught... not on his watch.

Screaming like a madman, Hyperdrive leapt from the building, trying to physically land on the Thunderwing shell menacing the Combaticons. "Daddy, look how big widdle Hypewdwive is now!"


"Why yes Bluestreak you are a complicated Autobot not that the other Autobots aren't complicated or are simple minded of course not they are not simpletons but what I think we both meant to say is that you're much more complicated than the average Autobot and has more on your thought." Blurr babbled. "When are we setting off anyway Ultra Magnus is fighting and I don't want to leave him hanging we used to be inseparable you know Rodimus Kup Magnus Springer Arcee and me just like I'm sure you and your Ark crew was Bluestreak but now everybody's gone their own way Kup died Springer died and came back Arcee sulks around Hot Rod runs for mayor it's like the world can't allow us to be happy one minute at all."

"That's life." Haywire agreed.

Jackpot shrugged, "Complicated, mon ami? I've always been told by those around me that Bluestreak was a tamer version of Blurr." The young Autobot struck out a hand to Bluestreak. "Pleased to meet you for the first time, sire."

Aero Blade
2011-10-02, 03:16 PM

Despite Hoist's worries of his condition, Aero Blade was determined to get into something he felt was going to do some good, especially after having been out of action for so long. Perhaps he could have done that around the ship as well, but there was still some loose ends he had to tie up in Protihex, people unaccounted for...

By the time he managed to join the muster around Fortress Maximus, he'd managed to be able to work out his stiffness, to walk and stand like any other able-bodied Autobot that was present. Stratus still showed some concern, but said nothing to disuade his partner.

2011-10-03, 03:13 AM

High above the battlefield, Shockwave coolly readied his arm cannon and aimed it down at the fallen Skydive.

But, before he could finish the Predator off, the purple-clad cyclopean espied Skyquake rapidly approaching.

Composedly, Shockwave turned to face the advancing Imperial jet, but did little else. He did not raise his weapon, he did not adjust his stance, he did not offer a 'witty' retort -- he simply hovered unwaveringly in place and intently watched the Predator's leader draw closer.

Then, when Skyquake was less than a quarter of a mile away, the former-Decepticon ignited the thrusters at his feet and 'flipped' over the Imperial as he streaked by.

Part way through his revolution - as his head pointed towards the ground - Shockwave fired down at the passing Skyquake.



Due to his height, Fortress Maximus had a clear view of the crowd gathering around him, so naturally, he'd notice when Aero Blade and Stratus joined the others.

"Aero Blade. Stratus," the large headmaster said. "I appreciate that you've both volunteered. Are you sure you're up for this?"

(OOC: Last call, folks! No more waiting. I'm thinking that they'll be heading out in my next post or thereabouts :))

2011-10-03, 05:23 AM

Roadbuster kept moving, firing both his grenade launcher and shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon at Stalker, diving into a crater as the Inferno shells screamed in and detonated, popping back up and firing a 'Holy Primus' shot at the IMBC as it launches and ducking back down, hoping two things: 1, that the ion bolt will punch through the missile's armor and destroy both the rocket engine and the fuel supply, preferably all over Stalker; and 2, the Imperial weapon systems have limiter safties while launching.


Stepper, suddenly aware of being the center of attention, vaulted out of cover again, transformed to vehicle mode and charged towards where Skydive was plummetting groundward, Blaze Cannon locked into it's pindle mount, screaming franticly, flinging 20 Inferno shells at the falling Predator.


Grimlock watched Skyuake fly off, tsking to himself. "Stupid 'Con." Switching targets, he aimed as the scortched Falcon with his Guardian blaster, and fired.

2011-10-03, 06:57 AM

Acid Storm fired his hyperion cannons in a wide-beam spread in front of him, corroding the guidance sensors on the missiles Skyquake had fired at him and sending them hopelessly off course.

"You know, you remind me of someone," he said. "Arrogant bugger, didn't think much of seekers. Looked a lot like you, actually. Last I saw of him, all he had left to his name was about a head's worth of mass."

He switched weapon modes and fired a pair of corrosion missiles into of the larger jet's flight path, hoping the acid would eat into his control surfaces.

"What I'm saying is, you should probably pay a bit more attention to the little old seeker."

Then Detour started to arc towards him. Acid Storm was so surprised that he almost shot him out of the sky before he realized who it was. Opening his cockpit canopy, he caught the Micromaster as gently as he could.

"You sure that's is a good idea? I'm pretty sure you made me promise not to do this again."

Sludge transformed to robot mode, then frowned at Sixshot. "Me Sludge not know you, but me Sludge already not like you."

"A good judge of character," Ultra Magnus muttered under his breath. He turned to look at Grimlock, then realized that he could barely see the Dinobot leader through his shattered helmet -- and more importantly, that he was moving about as fast as a gut-shot wildebeest. Reaching up with his one good arm, he tore the helmet off and let the broken armour fall to the ground.

"Two things," he said to the Dinobot leader. "First, we have fliers in the air for a reason. You turn into a dinosaur and hit people with a sword. Concentrate on doing what you do best and leave the enemy aircraft to them."

His optics narrowed. "Second, if you even think about saying 'Little Prime', I'm going to hire Swindle and have him flood the planet with commemorative statues of your Pretender shell."

He turned to Sixshot, but before he could answer the hexchanger's question Slugslinger ran onto the scene.

"Not to alarm you," he said, "but there's another Thunderwing and it's beating the hell out of Road Hugger and Onslaught. Oh, and a bunch of jets that look like Fruit Loops are shooting up Needlenose. The situation looked pretty grim, so I scarpered. Figure we should probably..." He trailed off, then looked at Magnus. "When did Prime get here, and why did he spray himself with an anti-Hate Plague coating?"

Ultra Magnus buried his head in his hands. "Gnnn...we'd better rescue them, I guess. Sixshot, Springer, Arcee, you're with me. The rest of you, keep an eye out for any others. Blue Misfire, lead the way."

An outraged-looking Slugslinger huffed and said, "Follow me!" before dashing off.

The new Thunderwing shell let out a sharp laugh as Road Hugger came up firing.

"Poor parenting? Ha! If you'd paid attention to anything I taught you, you'd be on my side instead of fighting a suicidal battle against impossible odds."

The ex-Micromaster's gunfire had him staggering back, and the newly-arrived Hyperdrive's mass was enough to drop Thunderwing to his knees. But he didn't fire back.

"But since you fancy yourselves such big boys, you can deliver my message instead. You've seen what it took to destroy one of me. There are more than twenty others where that came from, and thanks to the power of the Matrix I can control all of them at once just as easily as I can control my own body. So I'll give you a choice: you can bow to me as your lord and master or you can die like Onslaught here. Whose life, I hasten to add, would have been spared if only you'd minced away like the Micromaster cowards that I know you are at heart."

Then the shell lunged, driving itself forward on all fours and sinking it's vicious, serrated teeth into the top of Onslaught's skull.

Triggerhappy ran toward the alleyway where his sensors told him Spinister was holed up.

"Boss, you here? Needlenose said to find you. Sluggy was supposed to come to, but he...well, he's Slugslinger, you know? Anyway, there's more than one Thunderwing running around, so--"

Spinister cut him off. "Yes," he said, his voice strained. "I gathered."

"But how...oh."

Triggerhappy ran around the corner only to see his fellow Targetmaster and former commander hanging in the air, hoisted up by yet another Thunderwing. Singe and Hairsplitter lay on the ground nearby, stunned but slowly starting to move.

The Pretender's attention, along with his fury-twisted visage, turned toward Triggerhappy. "You dare to interrupt my vengeance?"

"Well, you know me," Triggerhappy told him. "I'm big on vengeance. You gotta be if you're going to hang out with Slugslinger. But I've got a rule about that." His face set into a determined mask. "No revengin' on the boss!"

His right arm snapped up and he fired, sending burst after burst of compressed air into Thunderwing's torso. The Pretender staggered, losing his grip on Spinister as he fell backward through a plate-glass window.

"I'm guessing that won't slow him down for long?"

"You guess right," Spinister said as he ran his hands along his neck to check for damage. Bending over to collect his two Nebulan partners, he added, "We don't stand a chance of stopping him without the rest of the team as backup."

"Then what do we do?"

"We run."


Bluestreak couldn't help but laugh at Blurr's assessment of the situation.

"There are days, Blurr, when I feel exactly the same way. Bumblebee and Sunstreaker are criminals, Prowl spends all his time scheming, Wheeljack's inventions haven't blown anyone up in years and I swear I saw Gears crack a smile before I left Iacon."

He shook Jackpot's hand, but gave the other Autobot a funny look.

"Sire? Was I made king when I wasn't looking? Because as entertaining as that could be for a little while at least, I don't think I'd be very good at the job." He smiled. "And assuming I haven't...then it's just Bluestreak, my new friend, and the pleasure's all mine. You're Jackpot, right?"

2011-10-03, 08:12 AM

(OOC: Stalker shot the IMBC to Stepper, but I think we can work with this. :))

Stalker transformed into vehicle mode and hit reverse,not wanting to be victim to his own IMBC's aftermath. "Hull's reinforced, fool! You ain't gonna break it with just a bunch of flames..." But while the ion bolt did not do much but scorch the IMBC, the combined explosions and weapons fire did knock the missile off-course, sending it careening onto a nearby building instead of onto Roadbuster. The IMBC detonated on the front floor of the building, sending flames and debris everywhere and causing the building to collapse upon itself.

Another IMBC appeared from subspace on Stalker's vehicle mode, and he took aim and fired again.

"We Predators... never give up, fool!"

"Not- fair-" Skydive's engines started to kick in again with short bursts of flames. phut- phut- phut-

Skydive's engines flared to life just at about the right moment before the Inferno shells hit him. He deployed flares, cryo-shells, and a bunny doll from his underbelly, intercepting the inferno shells so they detonated before hitting the Predator. Though several flamey goo did attach itself to Skydive, it was by far preferable than bearing the brunt of the entire attack.

"Oh, you like flames, fossil boy? Then burn! Ha ha ha ha ha!" Skydive launched several missiles at Stepper's general direction before pulling up. How far is the range of the shells, the Predator wondered...

-Stop getting yourself distracted, you scraplet.-

-Look, Snare, stop being such a backseat pilot! If you got the bearings, get your aft down here!- Skydive retorted.

-Warworld duty, 'Dive.-

Falcon dodged Grimlock's blast rather easily since he's flying at an altitude. "Skydive, bug off! Fireboy is mine."

Falcon swooped towards Stepper and opened fire with his machinegun at the Wrecker.

Skyquake ignored Acid Storm's babblings. Throwback, ancient obsolete mass-produced unit.

And Shockwave... so sure in his outdated logic circuits, produced five million years ago... hah!

No match for Skyquake's own senses. He sensed as the clamps on Acid Storm's missile clicked off so the missile could be fired, he sensed the combustion of flames in Shockwave's rocket boots... Skyquake abruptly transformed, allowing the Seeker's missiles to fly harmlessly in front of him. He braved Shockwave's blast, raising his arms to shield his face, roaring as the purple blast tore at his frame.

Then he ignited his jet boosters and he was out of the column-like beam. He was smoking, some of his paint were melted off, but he was still up and kicking.

Can't let Thunderwing kill them all now, can we?

Skyquake raised his missile launcher and launched several more blasts at Shockwave.

"I did, didn't I?" Detour asked Acid Storm. "Then again, who wants to live forever? Better to die a hero than to live with the knowledge that I ran, right?"

Something Blackjack overheard from an Autobot or another, Detour knew, but whatever. Fits the occassion.

"Now I figure, a big Predator like him must have a weak point. 'Sides, it's not the biggest Cybertronian my Patrol have been up against."

"And they say you're stupid." Arcee chuckled as Sludge commented on Sixshot.

Sixshot ignored Sludge, and looked at Ultra Magnus and chuckled. "Don't bother, Prime Junior. I'll hire Swindle myself and do that anyway.Him and Starscream both."

Arcee walked up to Magnus and placed a hand on the Primesque Autobot's shoulder. "One of these days we need to reformat you into your proper body instead of just making it a suit of armour, Mags."

Sixshot turned to see Slugslinger, and shook his head. "You know, for someone who talks a good fight, Slug..."

"He's a Doubleheader knockoff." Arcee told Magnus, as she transformed into her vehicle mode and shot off after Slugslinger. Sixshot folded into his armoured car mode and followed suit.

"Please tell me I'm adopted." Road Hugger muttered under his breath, then said in a louder voice, "You know, for someone who had his ass handed to him by Nightbeat of all people, I'd take my chances here thank you very much." Hugger continued to open fire, but he didn't feel quite as confident. There were twenty more Thunderwings? He needed to tell someone, but comms are down... wait, there's a respite. Unbeknowst to him, Stalker's attention meant that garble couldn't stay online for quite that long. "Highbrow, you need to inform Magnus that there are about twenty more Thunderwing shells-"

Hyperdrive tried to hang onto the Thunderwing shell, ignoring the words and trying to claw the shell apart with his (well, not his) hands, but that wasn't enough to keep Thunderwing from leaping towards Onslaught. Hyperdrive cursed as the Pretender bit Onslaught, then growled himself. "Follow you? Okay, daddy." Hyperdrive growled and followed suit, trying to bite Thunderwing's head off.

"NO!" Road Hugger yelled, charging Thunderwing and aiming to knock him off the Combaticon leader with the impact. "Kill this bastard, Hyperdrive!"


"That really is rather horrible horrible horrible I must say Bluestreak but I am sure Bumblebee and Sunstreaker are misunderstood Bumblebee especially he doesn't seem like the guy to do whatever he was convincted of Prowl poor Prowl really his job is getting to him it is rather tragic I must say while Wheeljack well Wheeljack now that is strange really it is not him if he's not blowing up anyone Gears must've been happy that we're back in Cybertron oh wait wait wait wait that's Huffer that misses Cybertron Gears is the complainer but my point still stands-"

"Sire- Sir. Sir." Jackpot rephrased, rolling his tongue around a bit. "Sorry 'bout that. Yeah, I'm Jackpot."

Sights squawked.

"Shaddap, you. There's nothing wrong with my accent."

"That's not even a French accent you dope you are just using random accents to attract attention that's despicable despicable despicable." Blurr snorted.

2011-10-03, 11:49 AM

Doublecross sighed

"Now sssshow me the armoury then the ssshuttle bay."


Pounce groaned as he stageered out of a crater.


Weirdwolf bounded along using his leaping ability to bound along like a psychopathic tigger to try and escape the pursuing missile.

He grinned

"me like you Monzo never "

He ejected Monzo from his passenger compartment to lleave the hapless nebulan drifting down on a parachute a sudden and very warm target.

2011-10-03, 12:05 PM

As he and Arcee prepared to move through the streets, Sixshot spied Pounce staggering out of a crater. Arcee paid the clone no heed than a cursory glance to see if he's alive, but Sixshot stopped for a while. "Pounce, are you functional? Hop on and let's go hunt us some more Thunderwing shells."

He watched as Weirdwolf ejected his human partner to almost certain death to the missile from Falcon. "... doesn't the fleshbag turn into his head?" Sixshot mused out loud.

Arcee, used to be a Headmaster herself, spat out a curse at the sight but didn't do anything about it.

Aero Blade
2011-10-03, 02:04 PM

Aero Blade noddd as Fort Max acknowledged him, coming to attention. "I'm ready to do what you need of me."

2011-10-03, 07:08 PM

Crush staggered into the air and charged a squadron of imperials all weapons firing.

The Quetzocoatl head snapped back revealing the barrel of his main tank cannon targetting an imperial flyer he fired.


Two Decepticons stood watching the developing dogfight

One turned to the other.

"7 for technical prowess but style a mere 3."

Dazzle nodded

"not everyone can be stylish as you Razzle.Shall we join the fun?"

Razzle shrugged "don't suppose the Cybertronian Empire needs a PR firm."

Dazzle grinned "bit subtle for them."

Razzle smiled "lets stir things up.

He shrugged and his colours shimmered changing to Imperial livery ashis holoprojectors subtly alterd his form.

Transforming he took off and climbing joined the rear of an Imperial formation before opening fire into the centre of the formation.

Dazzle muttered "flash git" but his voice was filled with pride

He too took off his bombay opening as he rotated his weapon stores selecting missiles.

He initiated the thousands of lights embedded all over him creating a dazzling stroboscopic effect that would disorientate any mech who looked at him too long.

2011-10-04, 01:40 AM


"Hm? The armory?" Hoist quizzically looked to Doublecross. "I thought you knew where that was." The Autobot mechanic pensively rubbed his chin. "Come to think of it, I can't recollect the last time I was in there. Where was it again...?"

Hoist then snapped his fingers. "Ah ha! That's right, I remember now. Right this way." He motioned the Monsterbot to follow."

He exited the mortuary and made his way back down the corridor to the lift.

"It's just a floor underneath us," Hoist said as he pressed the control panel next to the elevator door.



When they arrived at the lower floor, Hoist and Doublecross moved down yet another corridor until they stopped in front of a pair of large, and quite thick looking, blast doors.

Disregarding the security camera hanging just above the archway, Hoist went to the nearby key pad.

He hovered his hand in front the control panel, brought to pause while he recalled the correct password. "Hm. Now what was it...?" Hoist muttered.

He punched in a few incorrect sequences - each time with an obnoxiously shrill alert sounding from the keypad - before the wide blast doors yawned open.

"Oh! There we go." Hoist playfully bowed to Doublecross. "After you."


Hangar 1

Fortress Maximus smiled halfheartedly. "Sigh, very well, Aero Blade."

While the Steelhaven captain could not afford to refuse help, it nevertheless distressed him that the generally mild-natured Aero was being made to fight. The technician had, after all, been through so much already, and was now volunteering only breems after leaving the medbay.

"Brainstorm, Doubleheader, Groundshaker and Hot House will be providing aerial support and recon during our approach. If you wish, Aero, you and Stratus may join them. Or, if you prefer, you may remain with the ground forces."


Following his aerobatic display, Shockwave spun back around to face Skyquake, raised his arm cannon, and with mechanical like precision, took out the first row of his opponent's missiles.

The explosion set off a chain reaction, destroying the farther off projectiles and resulting in a rather impressive fiery ball that separated the two combatants.

Not waiting for the flames to completely dissipate, Shockwave launched himself through the blaze and quickly appeared at the other side, leaving a smoky trail behind him.

As he accelerated, Shockwave jutted out his elbow as he drew closer to Skyquake.

2011-10-04, 07:04 AM

"I don't care if the stupid thing's armored or not. I'm just doing this to keep you focused on me!"

Which you seem to have accomplished quite well...... a voice growled at the edge of his consciousness.

Roadbuster vaulted out of the crater as the IMBC launched, transforming to vehicle mode and roaring forward, smoke and plasma grenades launching from the rack on his side, linear blaster cannon blazing away at Stalker.


Had he been in robot mode, Stepper would have be smiling as the flame-scarred form of Falcon swooped down towards him as he zigged and zagged to dodge the machine guns rounds. If these guys had any idea what they were dealing with, they would have gone after him far more than they were by now. Using the zoom function in the Blaze Cannon's targeting system, he locked the locations of Falcon's engine intakes and sensor heads into his targeting system. "Go ahead, punk. Make my day."

Nebulon, for his part, had stopped firing and was concentrating more on not getting motion sick. Yes, while it was true that he was a completely robotic system, Stepper's wild ride was making him dizzy. And given that the only thing he could see was the bobbing and weaving form of Falcon diving towards him, he wasn't feeling any better. And he had a feeling it was only going to get worse.

How right he was.

Stepper suddenly transformed, keeping his forward momentum as he spun in mid-air, both phased plasma pulse blasters drawn and firing at the targeted engine intakes and sensor heads of the Predator, then completing the spin and transforming back to vehicle mode, the stunned Nebulon, who spent the whole sequence screaming in terror, sitting in the passenger seat with a dazed look on his face.


Grimlock scowled. Mainly as an attempt to keep from laughing. "So what me supposed to call you? Ultra Prime? Optimus Magnus? Wanna-be Prime?" Then he looked at the rest of the Dinobots. "What you want to do? Munch Thunderwing or Imperial lackeys?"

2011-10-04, 10:45 AM
Hangar 1, Steelhaven

Brainstorm looked up from the gun he was reassembling when he heard his name called out, looked at Fortress Maximus, and then at Aero Blade and gave a little wave.

He looked at the gun, his hands trembling slightly, before clamping it onto his waist.

It has been too long...


"Oh dear me." Skyquake said as he moved away from the fireball (and thus Shockwave and Acid Storm) with his boot jets. "What a show-off."

Not attempting to dodge the charge, Skyquake reached out his right hand to block the elbow. The Predator knew Shockwave's greatest asset was his firepower...

And his left hand lashed out to try and rip Shockwave's reactor cable off, paying attention that the Decepticon's gun arm was angled away from him. (OOC: That thing from his cannon to his back)

"Nice." Swoop nodded approvingly at Crush's cannon. "I never thought you'd hide a gun there, to be honest."

Looking down at Grimlock, Swoop yelled, "Tell Pepsi Prime we wnat to munch Thunderwing, boss!"

"I'll have to tell you, it's working, Wrecker boy." Stalker mocked Roadbuster.

He continued to reverse. Swerving away was not really an option with his cumbersome vehicle mode and the debris lying all around. He scowled. Looks like even the Wrecker was a bit too nimble for his large missiles... oh well.

More of the smaller missiles slid out from the side of his vehicle mode and were launched at Roadbuster.

Several plasma bolts tore onto Stalker's tank treads, chewing through it and causing the Predator's wheels to screech madly on the ground. The grenades blew up all around and on him, tearing chunks of armour apart.

"You know, we could do this all day. Pull out bigger weapons until one of us runs out of ammo or dies."

"What the f-"

Thankfully for Falcon, Stepper was not the only one with zoom function. The Predator's Megavisor alerted him, albeit a bit too belatedly, when Stepper moved.

By the time Falcon managed to even try to pull up, the target lock was broken, but the plasma pulses still hit him. The one targeting the engine intake sheared a chunk of his rear wings, and the one targeting the sensor head slammed onto the cockpit of his F117 stealth jet alternate mode, tearing apart the glass and causing a sheared, blackened spot where the pilot seat used to be.

This wasn't what was supposed to happen...

"Who in the name of the Liege are you?"

Falcon barrel-rolled, and dived down, tracking and launching his own salvo of missiles before pulling away. "Damn it."

-Stalker!- Falcon yelled through the mental link.

-Busy, Eff-

-I don't think I can take out mine, and both Skyquake and Skydive are having a ball. Castling?-

-You were the one who wanted to get the sniper!- Skydive retorted.

-Much as I would love to, I don't think you'd last a minute with Roadbuster.- Stalker said.

-Weaklings! Keep fighting! For the Liege!- Skyquake roared.

-I like raids like this as much as you, mighty leader- Falcon said, with no small amount of sarcasm, -But what in the name of the Maximo did we bring Thunderwing along if we're going to get killed?-

2011-10-04, 04:09 PM

Nebulon shook his head emphatically.

Stepper slewed around, his rear tires kicking up a rooster tail of debris, swerving, before finally skidding around and transforming, Nebulon clattering to the ground as Stepper snapped his blasters up, targeted the incoming missiles, and picked them off, then ejecting the empty clips and slapping in new ones. "If you want to get through this alive, just do your job. The faster we pick that flying idiot off, the faster we can start picking everybody else off."

Nebulon picked himself up, sighed, and jumped up, transforming to Blaze Cannon mode and locking into the assembly behind Stepper's right shoulder, coolant lines connecting, hydraulics locking in, gimbals and servos synching to Stepper's optics.

Stepper looked up, his Blaze Cannon following where he was looking, barrel humming as it extended to increase range, looking at Falcon, cannon roaring as he fired 20 Inferno shells at the fleeing Predator.


Roadbuster transformed back to robot mode, still moving forward, shrapnel cannon blasting the missiles, switching the grenade launcher for his laser rifle, firing both the laser rifle and the linear blaster cannon at Stalker. "We could just beat the slag out of each other with our bare hands."

2011-10-05, 07:11 AM

Acid Storm laughed. "You know, that platitude might carry a bit more weight if we hadn't just run away from the fighting in Darkmount," he told Detour. "But it's your call, so..."

He ignited his afterburners, accelerating at Skyquake as fast as he could so Detour wouldn't get the chance to change his mind.

Snarl turned to Grimlock. "I dunno, boss. It sounds like Thunderwing is covered, so--"

He broke off in mid-sentence when he saw Spinister and Triggerhappy run out of an alley, firing desperately back into it at the Thunderwing shell that was pursuing them.

"You know what? Scratch that." He drew his sword. "Thunderwing it is."

Ultra Magnus shook his head. "No, Arcee. If my armour gets shot up I can drop it and still fight. If it was me that took all that damage you'd be moving your stuff into my office and getting used to everyone calling you 'City Commander' when you got back to Iacon."

Slugslinger quietly seethed at the insults from Sixshot and Arcee, but knew that there was nothing he could do about it while he was so badly outnumbered.

But when I get you alone...

Transforming, he flew back toward the battle with the mixed group of Autobots and Decepticons in tow.

Thunderwing was amused by Hyperdrive's feeble attempts to bite him, but for once he didn't say anything because it would have interfered with his plans to rip Onslaught's brain module out with his teeth. But when Road Hugger's charge knocked him off of his intended victim, he spat a mouthful of circuit boards and wires out and said, "Adopted? I should certainly hope so! You two are a disgrace."

Heavy footsteps sounded behind Stepper as a flier transformed and landed.

"Now, now. Be realistic," said a third Thunderwing shell. "Getting through this alive is something that happens to other people. Not you."

Thunderwing raised his cyclone cannon and fired.


Bluestreak couldn't help but laugh at Blurr's babble. "Calm down," he said, including Jackpot as well, "both of you. I know you're nervous but that's no reason to get angry at each other. Save it for the Imperials."

2011-10-05, 10:24 AM

"You aint going to burn me twice, grandpa!"

Falcon snarled, aware of Stepper's signature, painful inferno shells. He pulled up, and allowed the shells to fly past him.

He took aim and launched several more missiles. This sniper is way too good for him alone, he was more accustomed to raids, to melee battles. A well prepared enemy is not exactly his forte.


"Thunderwing? Ah, good."

Good. Now this, this was more of what he was meant to do.

Stalker likewise transformed into robot mode, growling. "Done deal."

Ignoring the explosions that racked his heavily-armoured body, the Predator launched two more shoulder missiles, then charged Roadbuster again, trying to deliver a right hook to the Wrecker's face.

-Falcon, get here and shoot this tool in the back-

-Don't wanna. Don't wanna look bad in front of Thunderwing-

-For someone who wants so much to be leader...-

"The fighting in Darkmount is self-destructive, just killing our own to rule the rest. Imperials, on the other hand, want to kill us all." Detour told Acid Storm. "Or something like thaaaaaaa-"

A pink streat loomed behind Acid Storm like some kind of predatory bird. Skydive took aim and launched two rust missiles at the Seeker.

"Storm, we have companeeeeeee!" Detour yelled.

"That doesn't sound half bad. Your office has a comfortable chair." Arcee told Magnus. "But I like you around better... but must your inner body look like a white Optimus Prime?"

She transformed and pulled out her blasters and opened fire on the Thunderwing menacing the Decepticon Targetmasters.

Sixshot tracked the Thunderwing shell menacing Spinister and Triggerhappy and opens fire with his hypersonic cannons. "Come on! How many times must we nuke this glitchhead? Is this a game where we need to kill him three times-"

Then he saw the Thunderwing attacking the Jazz lookalike, and another one battling the ex-Micromasters.

"Well, two can play at that game. Hopefully."

Sixshot's holographic generator generated five additional hard-light lookalikes of Sixshot, just for kicks.

Road Hugger's reply was to angle his Scrapmaker minigun towards the side of Thunderwing's head and open fire, point blank.

Hyperdrive, knowing what his partner is doing, let go of the shell's head and attempted to wrestle Thunderwing down with his weight.


Brainstorm transformed into vehicle mode, his head disconnecting and turning into robot mode, sitting on the cockpit of his transector. "Ready at your command, Maxie."

"Oui." Jackpot said, flipping a coin through the air. "Once more into the fray, and all that, eh? Let's hope we're all lucky enough to keep our heads."

"Definitely absolutely positively definitely absolutely positively-" Blurr babbled. "I do hope we get out of this all alive all three of us nay all five of us counting our little partners nay everybody from Steelhaven and really from Iacon Protihex and even the Decepticons helping out they are scum and murderers but the Imperials are worse scum at least Decepticons nowadays can be civil but the Imperials are like crazy single minded Sharkticons-"

2011-10-05, 04:30 PM

Roadbuster's shrapnel cannon picked the incoming missiles out of the air as he subspaced the laser rifle and linear blaster cannon. Clenching his fists, the bracers on his forearms extending slightly(think brass knuckles), he brought his left arm up to block the incoming fist, driving his right fist forward in an attempt to put it through Stalker's head.


Stepper was already tracking the missiles when he heard Thunderwing behind him. No point in letting them go to waste...... He dove to the side as Thunderwing fired, scrambling around behind the Pretender clone. "So what does this make you, Jango Fett? Do I need to get a lightsaber and cut your head off?"


Grimlock watched another Thunderwing land behind Stepper. "Me have bad feeling about this......." He narrowed his optic band. "Slag, Snarl, go kill that one," he said, pointing at the one coming out of the alleyway. "Sludge, you with me. We go kill that one. Crush, you see any more Thunderwings, eat them! Come, Sludge." And with that, he started off towards the Thunderwing that was fighting Stepper.

2011-10-05, 06:21 PM

"me be thinking if Sludge can crush Thunderwing what could Crush do.What say you Swoop?"


Striker ran after Grimlock

"hhooohahhhhhh Thunderwing let me show you the light of my laser saber."

2011-10-06, 07:31 AM

Stalker grunted as his fist slammed harmlessly onto Roadbuster's left arm, then mimicked the Wrecker's movement when the Autobot attacked...

But wasn't quite as successful. The bracer slammed and dented Stalker's upraised arm, and he grunted. Green optics blazing, he lashed out with his leg, attempting to swipe Roadbuster's feet off the ground.

"Swoop say, with Dinobots, we don't think. We fight." Swoop told Crush. "Instinct is always better than brains. Do what you think will kill these Thunderwings, big guy."

2011-10-06, 08:13 AM

Realizing that opting for a more direct approach hadn't gone quite how he had imagined - an error he would not repeat - Shockwave reduced his speed and repositioned the thrusters along his feet.

While the former-Decepticon was well aware of the amount of stress the reactor cable feeding into his arm could withstand, he was not about to give Skyquake the chance to test its limits himself.

Shockwave quickly raised his knees to his chest and, with a boost from the inbuilt rockets at his feet, kicked him self away from the Predator.



"Ready at your command, Maxie."

"Thank you, Brainstorm," Fortress Maximus replied. "Ratchet..." Fortress Maximus looked down to his lieutenant. "You have your instructions. I'm depending on you."

Ratchet nodded. "The Manganese Mountains, I know. Don't worry, I'll keep them safe."

"Thank you. It will be your job to carry on if we-"

Ratchet shook his finger. "Don't even. I'll have none of that, you hear?" He then faced the group. "That goes for the rest of you." Ratchet slowly moved his head from left to right as he regarded his fellow Autobots and the refugees among the small crowd. "Good luck and come back safe, alright."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, 'til all are one, and so on and so forth," Freeway blurted out in a pseudo-thespian tone. "May our wires never cross and our luster nev--OW!" Inferno smacked the Throttlebot over his head.

"Shut it, you clown." He looked back to Ratchet. "Yeah, I definitely will be seein' you soon. I figure some folks here want this day done an' over with, right? So the quicker we take out the Impies, the quicker we can get back to our lives."

"Not quite how I would have put it, Inferno, but thank you," Fortress Maximus interjected -- though, privately, he agreed with the Autobot's sentiments.

For a moment, the Steelhaven captain fell silent as he gazed out into the group of volunteers rallying in front of him one last time. Though he would have challenged the Imperial invaders alone if he had to, it was a respectable turnout. Many of them - Autobots, fellow crew members and refugees - were eager and willing to follow him.

He was also aware of those that did not share the others' enthusiasm, to whom the Captain silently sympathized with.

"It has been an honor," he finally said. "I am proud - so very proud of all of you."

Fortress Maximus then turned away and proceeded to move down the ramp leading out of the hangar. "Autobots. Protihexians. Follow me."

(OOC: More below)


Standing far off at the other end of the hangar, Groove silently looked on as members of his community - fellow Protihexians who chose to fight - followed the large Autobot out of the starship.

He wanted so much to be among them, to defend the nation he loved and its ideals alongside them.

It felt wrong. While the situation itself was also wrong, so too, it seemed, that the leader of a nation was being forced to remain behind while others went off to die.

Groove sighed and lowered his head.


As Fortress Maximus and the others marched out from under the open hangar and away from the Steelhaven, the first deflector field lowered allowing them to pass.

Even from its partially concealed location, an ominous smoke rising from the far-off battle was visible from where the Autobots stood.

"Wow. Will you look at that," Siren whispered.

"...Brainstorm, Doubleheader, Groundshaker, Hot House, Aero Blade, Stratus. You have you orders. Make sure our approach is clear. The rest of you (OOC: i.e ground forces) -- wide formation!" Fortress Maximus shouted.

"Quintesson terrorists, Space Mafia, Imperials," Turbofire quipped. "It has to be said; it's been one hell of a job keeping this place together."

"Then let's confirm that we are worthy of defending this nation," Fortress Maximus answered. "This be the hour, my friends!" he then called out. "Autobots. Protihexians. Move out!"


(OOC: Can I assume Doublecross got what he needed in the armory (http://tfarchive.com/community/showpost.php?p=710211&postcount=220) and joined everyone in the hangar? I've held this off far too long. It's that, or he can head off with Perceptor when he's done on the bridge.)

2011-10-06, 01:53 PM

"Running? How logical." Skyquake mocked Shockwave as the kick caused him to lose his grip on Shockwave's reactor cable as well as putting some distance between the two of them.

Skyquake transformed into jet mode again, and shot at Shockwave, Megavisor tracking the relic and launching several missiles at the Decepticon.

"You are past your age, Shockwave! It is only logical for a new, healthy, superior breed to take over! Don't be a fool, embrace it!"

Departing from the Steelhaven

"You know Freeway quoting that till all are one and may our wires never cross and our luster never dull was actually a rather inspiring move had your tone not been so sarcastic which knowing you I am sure you were being sarcastic are you not- ow ow ow why did you do that for you blasted nucleon addict!"

"Shut it, you clown." Jackpot mimicked Inferno as he dope-slapped the back of Blurr's head. He sighed. "I say we're lucky if we can survive these odds. It's not something I'd put my money on..."

"Shut up shut up shut up don't make the morale any more lower than it is!"

"Sorry." Jackpot said. "That said, Let's kill these bastards..."

Both Autobots were stunned to silence when they saw the smoke.

"Once more into the breach then guys good luck good luck good luck for Protihex for Iacon for the Autobots for freedom for justice for peace for Cybertron heck for the whole universe!" Blurr transformed into his vehicle mode, Haywire dropped unceremoniously into the driver's seat and shot towards the battlefield.

Brainstorm looked at Groove. He knew the governor, and gave him a simple, encouraging nod from his cockpit as he shot out into the air.

"You heard Fort Max. Fliers, with me!" Brainstorm said, then narrowed his optics as he gripped the control sticks tighter. "Looks like we've been spotted. The rainbow brigade is coming!"

Brainstorm began to open fire at the squadron of Predator fliers that are swooping towards the Steelhaven. "Max! They're trying to get to the 'haven!"

2011-10-06, 01:59 PM
Highbrow received the message about multiple shells and sighed. This makes our current dilemma infinitely worse He thought to himself.

"Ultra Magnus. Grimlock. Sixshot. Anyone else in command. I have urgent news. There are multiple shells. I have been told to relay this information to you. There could be upwards of 20 shells to contend with."

As he said this, he worked on causing more feedback in the Imperial channels. Already he was encountering resistance, but he was making headway into the Predator's communication channels and would keep at it. Best case? I can disable their communications. Worst case? I become an annoyance and can distract them.

(OOC: Did you want me to NPC Turbofire as part of Fort Max/Ratchet's crew, or was someone else doing that?)

2011-10-06, 03:23 PM

-There's somebody in our comm systems. I can't reach the troops. Stalker!- Falcon yelled.

-Fighting- Stalker replied.

-Not good, guys. I can't communicate with the troops, and only our mental bonds keep this mindlink up.- Falcon said.

-I'm still around. I get to shoot the Warworld's cannon at people!- Snare said half-cheerily.

-Shut up, Snare.- Skyquake's gravelly voice came in. -Falcon, since you're not doing anything important, find the source of this disturbance and kill it.-


-DO IT!-

2011-10-06, 03:41 PM

There wasn't much Roadbuster could do about the leg sweeping his legs out from beneath him.

Maybe if he'd been into martial arts he could do something, but as it was...... he'd do what Wreckers always did. Improvise.

He reached out to grab Stalker as he fell, figuring that being on one leg would compromise the Predator's balance as well, attempting to drag him down as well.

The shoulder cannon seemed to have it's own ideas, trying to regain a lock on Stalker's head.

2011-10-06, 06:26 PM
Hangar bay

Doublecross carefully mated the feeds for the Gideon's glue dispenser to the shuttles hardpoints.

He was mad very mad and being there was two of him that was a hell of alot of mad. So what if the weapon was banned on most planets."


Crush lumbered through the sky getting over one of the Thunderwing Shells then cut his engines.

He plummeted straight down.

2011-10-07, 10:25 AM

"Nuh-uh." He could see what Roadbuster was trying to do. Stalker side-stepped backwards, avoiding Roadbuster's attempt to grab him, weaving to avoid the target lock from the seemingly-alive shoulder cannon...

His own missiles locked onto Roadbuster's head. At this point, firing them would mean almost certain death for the Wrecker...

...then Stalker tripped over something as he moved backwards and fell flat onto his back, slamming his head onto the ground. The missile flew into the air and exploded harmlessly.


Laying near Stalker's legs was Whirl's corpse, his one blank optic aimed towards Stalker. But Stalker could have sworn that the dead optic looked smug....

2011-10-07, 03:32 PM

Roadbuster, not one to dwell on a near miss, leapt to his feet, shoulder mounted shrapnel cannon already bucking and roaring as it fires at Stalker, even as he pulls both his linear blaster cannon and his laser rifle, laser blasts and ion bolts joining the hellish spray of explosive bomblets from the shoulder cannon, all aimed at Stalker.

2011-10-07, 04:52 PM

Stalker grunts as the weapons fire from Roadbuster raked against his fallen form, blowing off pieces of armour off.

He raised his right hand to protect his face while shoulder missiles fired blindly at Roadbuster. In desperation the Predator summoned another IMBC from subspace, and fired it in the general direction.

2011-10-08, 06:50 PM

"No," Acid Storm told Detour. "Just me. You've got a date, remember? Now go give Skyquake a smooch for me."

Rolling, the seeker fired off his ejector seat with Detour inside it for the second time in as many battles. Then he twisted and dove, trying to avoid the missiles that Skydive had fired at him.

"That's some cowardly work if I've ever seen it," he squawked back at the Predator. "What are you trying to shoot me with, anyway?"

Ultra Magnus groaned. "If it makes such a difference," he told Arcee, "I'll have it painted to match my armour once the fight is over."

Transforming to vehicle mode, he accelerated toward the Thunderwing who was attacking the Micromasters.

Slugslinger strafed the Pretender's position, but fear made his aim unsteady and he didn't do a very good job keeping his projectiles away from Road Hugger and Hyperdrive.

That Thunderwing, meanwhile, staggered under Hyperdrive's weight. When Road Hugger opened fire on him, he was unable to evade. The cannon fire ruined Thunderwing's gleaming golden face, reducing it to a blackened mess. With a roar of rage, the shell simply let it's legs give out so that it could fall and pin Hyperdrive to the ground.

"I'll kill both of you!" he said furiously.

Overhead, Needlenose was still dogfighting with the Predators, dodging and returning fire in a desperate fight for his life.

Spinister fired over his shoulder at the Thunderwing that had been chasing them, hitting the shell in the chest with a laser blast but not doing any appreciable damage. Beside him, Triggerhappy snapped off a few more rounds from Caliburst.

"Why does it always have to be Thunderwing?" he asked no one in particular. "Why couldn't it be Scorponok or Overlord who goes insane and tries to destroy the world, just for a change of pace?"

Spinister laughed, and Triggerhappy stared at him in shock for a second before joining him.

Sixshot and Arcee's fire sent the shell staggering back, just in time for Slag to show up and bathe the shell in flames. Beside him, Snarl crowed victoriously before letting loose with a blast from his metal-rending shrapnel rifle.

"Eat that, traitor!"

"Alright." Thunderwing walked through the torrent of heavy weapons fire, charred, dented and riddled with chunks of shrapnel. He punched Snarl in the chest before the Dinobot could react, sending him toppling backwards as he tore the rifle out of his hands. The Pretender bit the barrel in half with his teeth, then dropped the ruined weapon to the ground.

"Now, as for you, Sixshot...let's play fair, shall we?"

His free hand came up, sending an arc of lightning out at each of the six Sixshots now visible. The individual bolts wouldn't be strong enough to kill outright -- not when divided among six targets -- but certainly would hurt if they landed.

"If you insist on having six of you, I'm going to have to call up five more of me to even the score. You don't want that, do you?"

The third Thunderwing staggered as the missiles that Stepper had dodged exploded far too close to him for comfort -- they had been swatted down by tendrils of purple Matrix energy, but only just.

"It might be worth a try," he said mockingly. "Your other weapons certainly won't do much...good."

He scowled, wondering why it had grown so dark all of a sudden. Then he looked up and saw Crush falling down at him.

"Oh, bother," was all he had time to say before the Dinobot landed.

(OOC: opskids, I couldn't tell which Thunderwing you were after so I guessed this one. Hopefully that's OK. :) )


Bluestreak chuckled. "I hope we can, Jackpot. I never really had much ambition to become a Headmaster." Then he grinned at Blurr. "You're right, you know? I never had the best impression of Decepticons, but some of the ones I've met here..."

He shook his head.

"Well, let's just say I like them more than some of the Autobots I know."

With that thought in mind as he followed Fortress Maximus out, he looked around for Smokescreen and was surprised to find him nowhere in sight. But what he did see was the wave of oncoming Predators, about half a second after Brainstorm reported them.

"Dammit, dammit!" he said. But even as a part of him -- the small part that was still a civilian, the small part of him that had emerged from the ruins of Praxus a broken mess -- tried to panic, he felt a dreadful calm take over. He'd seen this before, he'd survived this before and he knew what he had to do to survive it again. "OK. Jackpot and Blurr, we need to spread out! We're too easy of a target to strafe if we stay together! And don't shoot them unless you're sure you won't hit our own guys!"

As he was shouting, Bluestreak's missile launchers popped up and swung into place on either side of his head. Moments later they both fired, each one sending a rocket up into the sky at a different Predator.

Lady Quickswitch
2011-10-09, 01:56 AM

"Sixshot, you IDIOT!" Quick Switch roared at his fellow Six Changer as Sixshot spawned five other holograms of himself, "Now we'll have five more of him to deal with." the Assault Warrior groaned, and he enunciated each word like a sledgehammer, "Five. More. Very. REAL. FASCIMILE-SHELLS for your pointless antics! MORON!"

Quickswitch was already barely tolerating the other Six Changer. He transformed back into robot mode and called out to Magnus, "This is pointless! Thunderwing is just wearing us down unit by unit! He'll end up destroying everyone!"

We can't keep this up forever....if it keeps moving at this pace there won't be enough of us to terminate him... We need someone with orbital reach...

"Is Blast Off still functional?" he asked, "I say we gather all the heavy hitters in one place, all of us, get every unit with the capacity to attack from orbit, gather these fraggin SHELLS together and nuke em from here to the abyss! Is that sufficient enough for you, Magnus? Visage of Optimus, pale effigy HIDING behind armor ALL THIS TIME!"

Quick aimed his photon blasters at the same shell Sixshot was taunting and fired at its head, already knowing it would be a fruitless undertaking.

2011-10-09, 07:03 AM

"That is disturbing." Detour told Acid Storm. "See you around."

The Seeker ejected the Micromaster out, and he sailed towards Skyquake. Opening a short-burst comm link, he commed Shockwave, "Shockers, this is the little Micromaster shooting at the Predator leader. I'll try to tear into his joints, his weak points... do what you can!"

Why am I doing this this is a bad idea bad idea bad idea bad idea

Skyquake felt everything.

From the ejector seat firing, to the little Micromaster disengaging from the seat, transforming and flying at him...

Skyquake raised his arm, intending to pluck the Micromaster out of the air.

The Micromaster transformed, using the momentum to get to Skyquake's arm, using it as a jumping board...

Detour landed on Skyquake's shoulder kibble, pulled out his pinprick cannons and began firing towards Skyquake's head region.

For all the good it did.

"You familiar with the Cosmic Rust, relic?" Skydive asked Acid Storm. "No? Well, you seem to like rain, so here, have a taste of your own medicine, weatherman!"

Having collected some of Acid Storm's rain clouds during his disguise as a Combaticon, Skydive launched a missile containing the cloud towards Acid Storm. In theory the missile should cover Acid Storm with the concentrated acid upon impact, eating the Seeker with his own weaponry.

In theory.

"Boom headshot!" Road Hugger yelled at he hit Thunderwing on the face.

Hyperdrive gagged as the Thunderwing shell pinned him onto the ground.

"Get off him!" Road Hugger yelled, leaping up onto Thunderwing's back and trying to tip the shell's balance onto the other side.

Swoop yelled, "Snarl!" When he saw Thunderwing attack his comrade, then winced as Crush landed on another Thunderwing.

This was not going to bode well...

"Better to take on everything at once while we are still fresh." All six Sixshots retorted at Quick Switch. "You think we haven't tried nuking him? We did. We nuked his inner robot and he is STILL MOVING. And gathering everyone in orbit? The Warworld will blow us out with one shot. STOP COMPLAINING AND SHOOT, SOLDIER! Does your precious Optimus Prime insult his fellow Autobots every time he goes to battle?"

Such an amateur...

Sixshot growled as the bolts tore through all six of his him...

But all of them disappeared.

The real Sixshot had engaged his stealth circuits, and is moving through the battlefield in his wingwolf mode... what's left of it, anyway, for the beast mode's face had been ruined by Skyquake.

A trick he used before against Skyquake, but the Predator's extrasensory had cut it short. Let's try this on Thunderwing then.

He found himself behind Thunderwing, in robot mode, and activated his nanosword, and attempted to pull off a Springer and drive the blade through Thunderwing's head.


"Yeah sucks to be in this world right now things are so screwed up Decepticons watching our backs Autobots going off the deep end the worse of two evils what is evil anyway now I just don't know now now whoa whoa whoa whoa incoming incoming incoming"

"Transform, you idiot!" Haywire screamed. Blurr did, and Haywire found himself deposited into the driver's seat as Blurr did so, following Bluestreak's orders.

The Autobot messenger shot into the distance. "Haywire Haywire Haywire"

"I got you." Blurr's hatch popped open and Haywire transformed into weapon mode, locking onto his hardpoint, and began picking off Predators with deadly accuracy only a Targetmaster can achieve. Haywire focused on picking off jets, Blurr focused on avoiding blasts.


Jackpot, nowhere as efficient as Bluestreak or Blurr, nevertheless did move. He rolled forwards, just at the instant that a photon blast sailed through where his head was a nanosecond ago. Sights transformed with a squawk and combined with Jackpot's photon cannon.

"Eat bird poop, Imperials!" Jackpot yelled as he opened fire on a Predator trailing Brainstorm.

2011-10-09, 12:00 PM

Crush engaged his tracks and ground forward

"Me think that work ok, so who shall we attack next Swoop."

Aero Blade
2011-10-09, 01:38 PM

Aero Blade had been ready to take to the air at Fort Max's command for scouting, but with the appearance of the new enemy Aero Blade instead hung back. Aside from having been just out of medbay, he was still a light weight in the fighting department, and the two things combined he wasn't quite ready yet to get in a scuffle. He looked about rapidly trying to analyze the situation, to see if there was anything he thought he could do to help the situation.

2011-10-09, 06:10 PM

Stepper groaned.

Every part of him hurt.

And having Nebulon trill dizzily into his audio pickups was annoying his semi-unconscious state. "Nag, nag, nag........"

Nebulon razzed him.

That didn't help his mood any. "Nice. So what happened?"

A trill this time.

"Since we're still alive, I'm guessing that Thunderwing is dead. Anything else?"

A warbling bleep, followed by some chirps and a squeal.

"What almost landed on us?" Then he felt a hand grab him by the coolant/support systems for his Blaze Cannon on his back and, without much effort, pull him out of the pile of rubble that his careening, mad dash to get away from the falling form of Crush had made him crash into.

"Crush almost land on you. Him not that bright, but him make up for it with enth.... enthu....achoo...." A snort of disgust. "Him eager."

Stepper opened his optics to find himself dangling from Grimlock's grip, Nebulon dangling precariously from a death grip on his right shoulder tire rim.

"Stupid gun scream too much." He lowered Stepper to the ground.

"You get used to it."


While the shoulder cannon was able to pick off the shoulder missiles, nothing Roadbuster had in his armory could easily punch through the armor of the IMBC, nor did he feel nuts enough to try to catch it and then club the Predator to death with it. Not that he didn't like the idea...... but he wasn't sure if he wanted to be at ground zero when the warhead went off.

Dodging slightly to the side as the missile screamed by him, he kept pouring laser blasts and ion bolts at Stalker.

2011-10-09, 06:30 PM

Crush rumbled across towards Grimlock and Stepper.

"you ok almost Jazz? me not see you down there."

Lady Quickswitch
2011-10-09, 07:29 PM
(OOC: "Amateur"; that would be me, never held a command character)


Quick Switch trembled, felt his valves constrict, so awash was he in wrath at being lectured to.

Denounce me! Me! "Amateur"!--

"I was the Autobot Chief of SECURITY!" Quick yelled back, vocorder frayed with indignation and apoplexy. He glared sidelong at Sixshot, dental plate grating so severely it sparked. This folly would end, be it at the hands of the Pretender Monstrousity or at

He transformed to assault beast mode, scraping the ground with his claws and generating high pitched lashings of metal to metal, "DO IT!" the beast snarled, and Quick was unsure what he actually meant at that moment, valves so tight they pounded to the point his rage and frustration manifest physically. Behind his optics, a fuse burst and smoke rose through the green and grey and red armor. The beast mode shook his head, "I-I can't..." he murmured to himself.

"Just do it, Magnus," Quick said tiredly, depleated of energy and rapidly of morale.

2011-10-10, 05:52 AM
Above the Battlefield

Shockwave accelerated as the Skyquake's missiles tailed him. He performed various aerobatics to out-fly them while firing from behind, picking off each projectile one by one.

Detour soon arrived on the scene, informing the purple cyclopean of his presence.

"That is appreciated. However-Ngh!" Shockwave was cut short when one of the pursuing missiles exploded.

While he was not caught in the burst - the cloud of flame just barely licking his feet - the violent shock wave produced from it pushed the former-Decepticon off course, causing him careen and lose altitude.

"A rather curious sensation. A synthetic equivalent of...exasperation? Fascinating..."

Shockwave converted into his respective ray-gun mode and ignited his rear engines. He swung his barrel toward his opponent to stabilize himself. Then, with a blast, he thrust himself back at Skyquake.

The distance he had to cover, while not far, provided sufficient enough time for him to calculate his approach -- and a rather simple approach at that. Detour's diversion had given Shockwave the advantage he needed.

When the Micromaster was clear, the former-Decepticon fired an concentrated ionic beam at Skyquake while he was caught unawares.


Near Steelhaven

(OOC: Geez, Blackjack. They barely got out the front door ;))

Fortress Maximus narrowed his eyes at the approaching Imperials on the horizon. "They won't get a chance," he answered Brainstorm. "Autobots, spread out!" He shouted to the rest of the troops.

Since the attackers needed to be kept as far away from the Steelhaven as possible, there was little point in an Autobot his size (or strength) running for cover or 'holding his position'. Deploying the concealed batteries along his arms and reaching for the two giant photon rifles magnetized to his back, Fortress Maximus brought his arms up and bombarded the incoming Predators.

Meanwhile, in the skies, Doubleheader, Groundshaker and Hot House approached the Imperials with far more zeal than the Autobot commander as they zoomed ahead of the ground forces.

"Well, that didn't take long at all, did it?" Hot House said.

"Nope," Groundshaker replied. "Awfully courteous of 'em, innit? Welcomin' us like this."

"We oughta thank them," Hot House quipped. "C'mon!" He opened fire in rapid succession.

While Doubleheader, remaining characteristically calm and cool, chose not to partake in his fellow Autobot flyer's bantering, he did join them in their onslaught, adeptly maneuvering around the Predators and laying fire upon them as he streaked through.

2011-10-10, 08:03 AM

Swoop winced as he peered over the railings on where he was seated on Crush. "Is Stepper okay down there?" He patted Crush's work. "Nice work, big guy. You got rid of a Thunderwing shell for us."

That leaves, oh, about eighteen more of them to go.

Stalker took the distraction to get back to his feet, and dash away, trying to find cover from the rabid Roadbuster. This was, he decided, very humiliating.

Two of his shoulder missiles armed themselves, locked-on and fired at Roadbuster as he leapt into one of the craters that were caused by the battle.

He ignored the mockings from Falcon and Skydive in his head.


Arcee darted towards Quick Switch's side, keeping her blaster level at the Thunderwing who Sixshot is about to attack. "Quick, calm down- damn it." She hissed. "Magnus, Quick Switch's fried his mind!"

Bad idea bad idea bad idea

Detour kept repeating the phrase in his head, as the little pinprick blasts slammed onto Skyquake's crown and face, although it did nothing but irritate the Predator.

Skyquake reached up to grab Detour, and the Micromaster leapt.

Bad idea bead idea bad idea

Still, if he couldn't hurt the Predator at least he distracted him enough for Shockwave to regain his stability and open fire.

The concentrated ionic blast slammed onto Skyquake's torso, causing the Predator to spit out a curse as he was thrown backwards. Detour barely hung on to the folded-up wing on Skyquake's left shoulder, letting the momentum carry him.

One of his pinprick blasters fell down to Primus knows where, while he had a death grip on the other one.

Weak point weak point got to find a weak point

This mite was no harm to him. Skyquake growled. His weapons are too weak to even make a difference, aside from distracting him.

He won't make the same mistake twice.

Growling, he ignited the jet boosters on his shoulders, attempting to fry Detour. In response the Micromaster, like the worm he is, adjusted his position and scampered somewhere towards his back...

And there's the pain on his chest as well.

That last blast from Shockwave hurt. The green chest armour on Skyquake's chest was torn apart by the blast, but the important bits of armour held.

"You cannot kill me! I am SKYQUAKE!"

The Predator took aim and launched another salvo of missiles at Shockwave, whilst activating his boosters and charging forwards, attempting to take the battle to a melee again.

Near Steelhaven

"Do not let them anywhere near the Steelhaven! Imperial soldiers are disposable and it is highly likely that many are equipped with suicidal bombs!"

His high-energy photon pulse cannons took aim at a gaudily-coloured Predator (briefly Brainstorm considered the usage of such odd paint schemes, then decided that now is hardly the time) and opened fire, sending twin blasts of red-hot photons onto the Predator.

It blew up, with the same efficiency that Brainstorm did in his projects.

It was unnerving, to see himself like this. Usually it was Chromedome, or Hardhead, or Roadbuster who did this...

2011-10-10, 05:54 PM

Doublecross' shuttle weaved across the battlefield heading for the largest concentration of Imperials.

"Realeasssssssing the glue now"

A thick viscous liquid trailed out after the sssshuttle.

Lady Quickswitch
2011-10-10, 11:00 PM

Quick Switch found a moment at last to address Arcee next to him.

"My mind...is fine," he breathed, firing off a few more white-hot beams of light in the Thunderwing's direction, "Don't worry, Arcee..."

It's just a blown fuse. Nothing to fuss over. The medics would laugh if I walked in over something so trivial.

But he was still constricted by the doubts which had to wait, and the insanity unveiled around him.

2011-10-11, 05:39 AM

Acid Storm laughed. "Oh, is that all you're doing?"

He immediately stopped evading, turning to face the incoming fire.

"Funny thing," he said conversationally. "I'm not an idiot. You think I'd have agreed to this whole 'acid rain' shtick without insisting on a corrosion-proof coating? So your toys there? I'm immune, thanks." Then he fired a few blasts from his hyperion cannons at Skydive's nosecone.

"Whereas my guns? Even if you're acid-proof? They're still particle beams. Enjoy."

The Thunderwing that had Hyperdrive pinned completely ignored Road Hugger's added weight as he cocked one arm back and tried to drive Hyperdrive's brain out the back of his skull.

Ultra Magnus didn't answer Quick Switch or Arcee. It wasn't that he didn't want to -- in fact, right now he wanted nothing more than to slap the sixchanger upside the head and tell him to calm down. But sadly, this sort of behaviour was exactly what Magnus had come to expect from him. He'd put up with Quick's airs while he was serving as security chief because Prime had evidently seen something in him that he wanted to nurture and Magnus had been obliged to follow his leader's wishes. But that had all ended a long time ago, and here, now, that attitude could get Quick Switch killed -- and others beside him.

The reason why Ultra Magnus didn't say anything was that he slammed full-speed into Thunderwing a second after he threw the punch at Hyperdrive. Slamming into the shell, he sent it flying a safe distance away from the two ex-Micromasters.

Then he answered.

"Quick Switch," he said as he transformed back to robot mode, his voice as cold as the other Autobot's was hot, "there thousands, if not tens of thousands, of civilians in the city. I will not sacrifice their lives on the altar of expediency, and if you honestly think we should then I don't even know what to say. Even the Decepticons know that that's wrong."

Slugslinger, meanwhile, peeled off and joined Needlenose in his dogfight, blasting away at the exposed rears of a pair of Predator jets.

Snarl pushed himself up, more annoyed than anything else by Thunderwing's childish reaction. "Well, if you're going to be like that I'm just going to have to hack off your arm and take your cyclone cannon."

"I like the way you think." Slag transformed to robot mode and the two Dinobots drew swords in unison and charged. But Thunderwing somehow managed to dodge both of their blades -- and Sixshot's -- as if they were moving in slow motion.

"Oh, come now," Thunderwing quipped. "You can't honestly believe that silly trick will work twice, can you?"

"Oh, would you just shut up and fight already?" Spinister's angry voice snapped like a whip as he fired a blast from Hairsplitter at the base of Thunderwing's neck.

Triggerhappy, meanwhile, fired at the shell's legs in the hopes that his compressed air bursts would shake Thunderwing's footing enough that the Dinobots or Sixshot would be able to get a chop in.

If nothing else, the all-out attack kept Thunderwing from saying whatever arrogant quip he'd been preparing to use on Quick Switch.

As Crush rolled forward, it became clear that the Thunderwing he had 'crushed' wasn't quite so crushed after all. It was clear because there was a neat, Thunderwing-shaped hole where the shell had been standing -- and no sign of the shell's remains in the sewer tunnel that was now exposed below.

Sludge looked down into the tunnel, frowning. "Why him not dead? Me Sludge crush shell easy enough."

"Because the shell you crushed was already dead, you simpleton!" came Thunderwing's roar as he blasted up through the ground ten yards behind the Dinobot and knocked him away with a cyclone cannon blast.


"Whatever you say, Brainstorm," Bluestreak told the Headmaster. "You're the flier after all, you know the tactics better than I do."

Not wanting to unleash his ion rifle into the furball above when so many of his comrades were involved, he flipped his missile launchers back, waited for the mechanisms in his 'backpack' to reload them and then fired again as soon as he had a clear shot.

"But I do have to tell you, I wasn't planning on them getting past me anyway. I might be a groundpounder, but I can just about guarantee that I'm the best shot in the fight. On either side, mind you. There's probably something ironic about that considering how much I dislike actually shooting anyone, but that's war for you I guess."