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2011-09-13, 06:07 AM
In case any of you haven't noticed, the threads in the old RPG have been split, separating the old arc with the finale.

However, the Crystal City and Polyhex threads still need intros written up for them (Iacon and Protihex don't).

This is call for anyone who is feeling creative and would like to write some brief intros for the aforementioned threads. Unless someone has already gotten to them and I didn't know, that is. If that's the case just ignore this. Otherwise, post 'em here and I'll stick 'em where they need to go.

2011-09-13, 08:47 AM
All you had to do was ask...

Crystal City:

In the aftermath of the Decepticon Civil War, Gigatron and his followers have set up shop in the former Crystal City. Turning his attention to the larger picture, Gigatron had devised numerous countermeasures, including rebuilding Trypticon, against the Imperials instead of engaging in hostilities against Megtron's brood.

Seeing himself as the sole hope against the Imperial threat, Gigatron's forces managed to strike a deal with Astrotrain from Megatron's forces, as well as a group of Autobot ambassadors led by the rogue Springer. In the meantime Cyclonus led an expedition to Stanix to recover the Decepticon Matrix from Galvatron's corpse.

Gigatron's fears came to fruition when the Imperials did arrive on Stanix and stole the Matrix from Cyclonus' hands. The Imperials then went on to invade Protihex. Gigatron dispatches Spinister, Sixshot and many of his best warriors to Protihex, while he and Cyclonus try to figure out a way to combat the Matrix-powered Thunderwing. Scorponok and Sandstorm, meanwhile, recruit the mysterious scientist Stratus (in reality Straxus in disguise) to create a clone army to combat that of the Imperials.

2011-09-13, 09:32 PM
All you had to do was ask...
Yeah, I know. Figured you'd be interested too, but just wanted to check with everyone else.

At any rate, good work. That's pretty awesome. Thank you, I'll get that up into the Crystal City thread. :up:

2011-09-15, 07:46 AM
Warcry'll need to have a look at this, because I may get some of the facts wrong.


Megatron's lieutenants, Astrotrain and Soundwave, have discovered that Megatron is really a Quintesson clone instead of the real thing. However, lnowing that Megatron's presence is a figurehead for the troops, Astrotrain struck a deal with Gigatron for the greater good of the Decepticons. A staged Imperial outbreak in Darkmount to avert Megatron's attention, however, did not deter Megatron who is determined to crush Gigatron beyond all exception.

Soundwave and Astrotrain agreed that Megatron must go. Gathering allies like Tracer, Hook and Bombshell, they intend to turn a revived Starscream on Megatron. However, Shrapnel and Kickback, while searching for an algorithm to decrypt Imperial messages, stumbled upon records of Astrotrain's meetings with Gigatron, and this was brought to Megatron's knowledge.

Shrapnel brought many Decepticons to capture the supposed traitors Astrotrain and Soundwave, but when Megatron showed up and murdered Astrotrain, the Decepticons are all informed that the Megatron they are serving under is not the real one. Megatron put up a fight that led to the deaths of Laserbeak, Skywarp, Garboil and Slugfest among others, but he was ultimately taken down by Starscream, who was placed at the throne by Soundwave...

Darkmount is in turmoil over Megatron's death, for not all the troops are aware of the reasons, nor why Starscream is back alive.

2011-09-15, 10:33 AM
@Warcry: The Polyhex summary needs to be looked at, because it's kind of fuzzy in my head who figured out Megatron was a clone first, Astrotrain or Soundwave...

2011-09-17, 03:37 AM
Got that one up, too. Thanks again. :up:

Note, I did a little tidying up on the Polyhex one. Hope that's okay. I'll edit accordingly if there's any issues.

Like you say, I'm not sure if anything else needs to be added or revised, though. I tend to gravitate toward Autobot characters and storylines, after all.

2011-09-17, 04:22 AM
@Warcry: The Polyhex summary needs to be looked at, because it's kind of fuzzy in my head who figured out Megatron was a clone first, Astrotrain or Soundwave...
Astrotrain (and Gigatron, Sixshot and Cyclonus too, I think) knew he was a clone literally from day one, although since they never did say what was in those Quintesson files they found no one knew that they knew. I don't feel like reading back to check, but in spite of his suspicions I don't think Soundwave actually knew until Astrotrain told him.

2011-09-17, 12:44 PM
Ah, ta. :)

Probably the first sentence might be changed into:

'Astrotrain has revealed to Soundwave that Megatron is in reality a Quintesson clone instead of the real thing.'

By the way, why did Gigatron let Megatron clone live after knowing of his existence? It is because of Soundwave leading a coup d'etat?