View Full Version : Transformers #26 Preview

2011-09-20, 06:27 AM
Transformers #26 preview is up @ Comic Book Resources (http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=preview&id=9836).

2011-09-20, 06:55 AM
Pretty, but the storyline hasn't really done anything to deserve epic battlez.

2011-09-20, 04:39 PM
Its looking like this is going to be some good stuff. Autobots vs Decepticons with not a single stupid Skywatch character in sight so that instantly makes it better than last issue, and I'm pretty curious as to why Galvatron wants to blast a hole into Cybertron . The arts fantastic though it is a little hard to make out which Autobot's are flying into battle with Silverbolt on that page

And Prime here seems less senile/emo than he has been so far in the ongoing. Maybe that's just me but he seems a bit more like the Prime of old. Getting off Earth has obviously been good for him

And the Autobots taking on a space ship sized weapon in space and an army of Decepticons lead by a nutter like Galvatron is the kind of stuff I want to read in my Transformers comics. Not "Let's spend 20 pages on the tedious life of some human douche and finish with him killing a Decepticon with a bottle of washing up liquid"

More Wheelie is nice too. I've grown to like him ever since his Spotlight

Red Dave Prime
2011-09-20, 07:11 PM
I like the feeling of impending doom that seems to be going on. The autobots are establishing a proper military set-up compared to the usual "let's rush into the obvious trap".

Still really enjoying the art. There is the odd panel where it is a little tricky to follow but overall it's wonderful to look at. Not sure which cover to go for, both Galvatron and Prime look brilliant on each!