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2011-10-25, 02:36 PM
If we count the death toll as starting from the Megatron clone's rampage, then we have the following as our current death toll, suspect to expand:

EDIT: Yup, it's now five times as long as when I first start making this thread. Finale? More like massacre.

-Astrotrain: murdered by Megatron.
-Skywarp: killed by Megatron mid-warp.
-Laserbeak: killed by Megatron.
-Slugfest: killed by Megatron.
-Garboil: killed by Megatron.
-Megatron Clone: killed by massed Decepticon fire and Starscream.
-Backstab: killed by Gigatron and Scorponok.
-Monocle: killed by Imperial troops.
-Whirl: Matrix-blasted by Thunderwing.
-Repugnus: shot in the back by Skyquake.
-Vortex: Matrix-blasted by Thunderwing.
-Tomahawk: Matrix-blasted by Thunderwing.
-Shadow Striker: shot by Sideswipe.
-Slag: headshot from Thunderwing.
-Swindle: killed by Terradive.
-Monzo (?): used by Weirdwolf to intercept missiles.
-Crosshairs: sacrificed himself to stop a nuke.
-Stormhawk: killed by Starscream.
-Storm Cloud: blown up by Warworld defences.
-Webweaver: sucked into the Warworld's cannons.
-Sights: killed by Terradive.
-Afterburner: shot in the back by Eagle Eye.
-Hatchet: killed by Doublecross' Gideon's Glue.
-Naif: shot out of the sky by Flarejet.
-Skyquake: killed in combat against Shockwave.
-Onslaught: died of wounds after battle with Thunderwing.
-Haywire: torn apart by a Dread.
-Control Tower: killed by Ravage.
-Terradive: had his brain speared out by Jackpot.
-Fumarole: shot by Thunderwing.
-Heatstroke: shot by Thunderwing.
-Wingblazer: blown up by Ruination.
-Zephyr: melted into a puddle by Thunderwing.
-Galestorm: killed by Skydive's Cosmic Rust missile.
-Enemy: blown into two by Talon.
-Stormbomb: blown up in a fuel storage room by Snare.
-Backfirey: blown up in a fuel storage room by Snare.
-Thundershred: blown up in a fuel storage room by Snare.
-Hawk: head blown off by Soundwave
-Fearswoop: crushed and killed by Gigatron.
-Smokescreen: shot apart by Trakkons trying to save Bluestreak.
-Aimless: blown up by Talon.
-Air Strip: rent asunder by Buzzsaw.
-Dinobot: killed when Roadbuster's shoulder linear blaster was destroyed.
-Stalker: killed after sustained injuries from Roadbuster.
-Shadowjet: shot out of the sky and blown up by Stepper.
-Flarejet: shot down by Cog via the Steelhaven and trampled by Dreads.
-Blueshift: brought down by Dreads.
-End Run: shot down by Predators in a dogfight.
-Autostinger (?): blown away by Swoop with a Cyclone Cannon.
-Deathplay: shot out of the sky by Misfire and Imperial friendly fire.
-Windsweeper: blasted apart by Skullgrin.
-Browning: shot down by Snare.
-Frenzy: burnt to death by Squash Bison.
-Charger: punched through the chest by Thunderwing.
-Extermvinator: shot apart by Ravage.
-Scrash: stabbed through the spark by Nightflight while beheaded by Needler.
-Bomber: killed by an Imperial trooper who's converted by Icepick's speech.
-Horri-Bull: head crushed by Thunderwing.
-Robot Man X: killed by the Mayhem Attack Squad.
-Darkwing: killed by the Warworld when Polyhex is destroyed.
-Dreadwind: killed by the Warworld when Polyhex is destroyed.
-Wingthing: killed by the Warworld when Polyhex is destroyed.
-Ratbat's Head: killed by the Warworld when Polyhex is destroyed.
-Inferno: crushed by a collapsing building caused by Calcar.
-Talon: torn apart and blown up by Overkill.
-Overkill: head melted by the explosion that destroyed Talon.
-Crowbar: speared in the face and shot in the head by Siren.
-Flashwing: blown up by Misfire after sustaining damage from others.
-Autocrusher: stabbed from the back by Swoop while battling Snarl.
-Tornado: mauled by Snarler.
-Ruckus: fried by Thunderwing's lightning. (not really dead)
-Skullgrin: fried by Thunderwing's lightning.
-Fasttrack: used as a shield by Scorponok to avoid Thunderwing's lightning.
-Crankcase: bashed in the head with a girder by the Triggercon Crankcase.
-Ironfist: stabbed through the chest by Crankcase the Dread.
-Ransack: fried by Thunderwing's lightning. (not really dead)
-Python: shot by Whisper and Blackjack.
-Scorponok: blown up into dust by Thunderwing.
-Gutcruncher: internals ripped apart by Slog.
-Calcar: brains shot apart by Perceptor.
-Cindersaur: swatted away by a giant Thunderwing and blew up.
-Flamefeather: swatted away by a giant Thunderwing and blew up.
-Landquake: head blown apart by Ultra Magnus.
-Deep Dive: blown up by the burning Flamefeather corpse.
-Swoop: knocked off the sky by Thunderwing after sustaining heavy damage.
-Heavy Load: accidentally crushed under a building destroyed by Bonecrusher.
-Bonecrusher: sustained heavy injuries; sniped by Skydive. (not really dead)
-Bodyblock: consumed by Scraplets.
-Blue Maximus: shot by a missile from a Hate Plague infected Jetblade.
-Deadlift: blasted apart by a Hate Plague infected Steelshot.
-Drydock: head shot apart by Brawl.
-Aquablast: killed by Morphobots.
-Hydradread: infected by the Hate Plague then shot in the head by Rage.
-Windburn: killed by evil Skydive's Scraplet missile.
-Motormaster: ripped apart by Dead End and Drag Strip while still combined.
-Dune Runner: head crushed by an infected Jackpot.
-Dead End: choked to death by Drag Strip.
-Great Cannon: head blown apart by Falcon.
-Leyland: eaten by Morphobots and Scraplets.
-Backwind: infected and stabbed by Hyperdrive with a dagger.
-Huffer (?): assassinated by Triton.
-Brisko (Fangry too?): killed when Thunderwing punched through his chest.
-Drill Bit: squashed by a meteor.
-Sandstorm (the Seeker): shot out of the sky by Dust Storm and friends.
-Drag Strip: head cleaved apart by Rage.
-Buckethead: meteor flew through his head.
-Blurr: stabbed through the chest by an infected Snarl.
-Salvage: infected and mercy-killed by Shockwave.
-Jetblade: infected and mercy-killed by Shockwave.
-Gears: blasted apart by Arclight's missiles.
-Dust Storm: crash-landed from wounds inflicted by Sandstorm the Seeker.
-Hyena: shot out of the sky by Artfire.
-Soundwave: punched through the chest by Thunderwing.
-Eagle Eye: eye-blasted by Thunderwing.
-Barricade: stabbed through the chest by a Morphobot.
-Sunspot: infected and eaten by Morphobots.
-Tailwhip: infected and shot by Rage.
-Trap: murdered by Griffe.
-Griffe: killed by the explosion from Trap.
-Demon: torn apart by Demons.
-Warpath: blown apart by Tidal Wave's turrets.
-Sky High: shot through the chest by Skydive the Predator.
-Skydive: shot himself in the face, after numerous wounds from many fliers.
-Wildrider: infected and torn apart by Rippersnapper.
-Buzzard: stabbed through the face by Drift.
-Arcalight: stabbed through the head by Arcee.
-Rumble: thrown by Thunderwing across the room.
-Black Battle Convoy: grabbed and disintegrated by Thunderwing.
-Arcee: died of wounds from Falcon's missiles.
-Twin Twist: stabbed through the head by Phopys.
-Falcon: stabbed through the chest and beheaded by Springer.
-Turbofire: killed by Morphobots and Scraplets.
-Freeway: [technically barely alive] mortally wounded by Morphobots.
-Darkstream: shot down by Mirage.
-Phopys: ran down by Topspin.
-Battletrap: shot down by Shockfleet.
-Shockfleet: head blown apart by Archforce and Skydive.
-Bad Boy: shot down by Rotorstorm.
-Omega Sentinel 03: shot through the chest by Tidal Wave.
-Tidal Wave: head blasted apart by Omega Sentinel 03.
-Bombshell: bomb in head detonated by Kickback.
-Dreadwing (the Imperial): head blown up by Skydive then stabbed by Springer.
-Salvo: blown up alongside the Warworld.
-Shothole: blown up alongside the Warworld.
-Zaptrap: blown up alongside the Warworld.
-Hyperdrive: succumbed to mortal wounds while battling Dark Fleet.
-Dark Fleet: blown up by Fortress Maximus, Shockwave and Combaticons.
-Skram: shot down by Shock Wave.
-Volt: shot down by Shock Wave.
-Mirage the Imperial: killed by Acid Storm's created rainstorm.
-Starscream: vaporized by Thunderwing.
-Shock Wave: components blown up by various Autobots.

2011-10-25, 07:08 PM
Wait, when did Vortex die? I mean which since I don't think I read it.

2011-10-26, 03:26 PM
Onslaught ordered the Combaticons to attack Thunderwing (the second shell that everyone thought was the real deal) and while blasting Arcee and Road Hugger and Grimlock and the others Vortex and Tomahawk blasted Thunderwing. Thunderwing raised one hand, lightning flared, and no more Vortex and Tomahawk.

2011-11-04, 07:33 AM
Onslught recently kicked it.

2011-11-05, 11:47 PM
I just feel like like listing all the charatchers who died prior. List will incrse as I read through the archives.

-Derby: Blasted through the cheast by Galvatron
-Whitespeed: Died in med-bay from wounds attempting to sneak attack Galvatron
-Harbringer: Engulthed in his consoles explosion
-A: Blasted by Roadbuster
-C: Biesected from behind by Hardhead
-B: Gunned down by Nightbeat
-Skylark: Dies transporting his energey into a blast
-Stealth: Torn into slag by Unicron
-Sinker: Killed by Thrust
-Line: Inmpaled in EMP wiplash
-Hook (Unicron): Killed by Astrotrain
-Deathblade: Killed by Unicron
-Unicron: Ruptured by the matrix
-Scrouge: Died fighting Thunderwing
-Rodimus: Sacrifcied himself to defeat the Matrix
-Sixwing: Died in athnospere and was possed by Rampage
-Sparkstalker: Killed by Ratbat
-Ratbat: Decapitated by Sqeezeplay
-Metrotrain: Destroyed in the Wreckers raid on him
-Lokos: Stabbed by Bludgon
-Sqeezeplay: Hacked apart by Bludgon
-Kup: Died of his wounds stopping a Decepticon attack
-Bugly: Shot in the back by Roadgrabber
-Metroplex: Died combating Fortress X
-Fortress X: Self destructed
-Warcry: Crushed within his Pretenter shell
-Ginrai: Gave up his life to defeat the Quintessons
-Delibreta: Died following Ginrai's sacrifice
-Apeface: Maurdered by Starscream
-Pinpointer: Killed in a Space Mafia raid

2011-11-06, 12:07 AM
Everything else had been listed in the RPG site, I think. Pretty sure there's a whole lot more than those, too... :)

2011-11-20, 11:14 AM

2011-12-01, 04:43 AM
Never expected Needler to kill Scrash. I mean, its freaking NEEDLER!

Lady Quickswitch
2011-12-01, 04:47 AM
Never expected Needler to kill Scrash. I mean, its freaking NEEDLER!

That's some deadly cuteness.

2011-12-01, 06:26 AM
What, can't cuddly widdle Needler and Nightflight kill big mean Fuhrer Scrash? Y'all expected my boys Shrapnel and Bombshell to do it, didn't you? No chance...

Needler is TEH LOVELIESTEST BEETLE IN WHOLE UNIVEWSE! No force of hate can stand against Needler!

Although to be fair, Needler only happened to pull at the same time that Nightflight killed Scrash, but I like that scene. So.

2011-12-01, 07:43 AM
Windsweeper and Horri Bull kicked the bucket.

2011-12-07, 04:45 AM
Robot Man X has brought the farm via the Mayhams but manged to nuke Polyhex, takeing at least Wingthing and the Powermasters down!

2011-12-15, 08:36 AM
Loved Talon and Overkills deaths. Seriosly, that was a hardcore way to die.

2011-12-15, 08:48 AM
I'll miss Overkill. :(

EDIT: Good god, we really trashed the roster, didn't we? :o Even without considering fanmades, that death list is rapidly expanding, and I still haven't murdered all of my Predators yet.

2011-12-21, 12:10 PM
We need some mechs not to die at least until they're in the Hospital As we've got possibly the largest concentration of medics ever in the RPG and 2 patients.

Although some are more suited to medical duties than others.

2011-12-21, 03:04 PM
You've got one on the way - Topspin!

2011-12-21, 04:15 PM
Blurr can bring Siren over there.

And Hyperdrive's quite wounded too, I can toss him thataway. More patients for Hook!

2011-12-21, 05:42 PM
Anyone know what happend to Hightower and Bombshock, i'm curios as to where my poor cons went? on a side note Terradive has ridiculously brutal death up there, getting your brains speared out is freaking brutal.

2011-12-21, 11:15 PM
Hightower survived the fight with Megatron. Buzzsaw actually saved his life in a fit of altruism, and he's been kicking himself for it ever since. He's in Protihex with the rest of the Constructicons now.

Bombshock...no idea. I guess either he's gone to Protihex with Rage's crew, or he died when Darkmount got blown up.

2011-12-22, 02:34 AM
Well, I guess I'll keep both HT and Bombshock, HT is a decent medic/scientist, and Bombers my muscles, so i'll probably have him join the fray in combat soon.

2012-01-11, 07:33 PM
Sharpedges gone. And it looks like Gutcrunchers going to go too.

2012-01-27, 07:36 AM
Updated list of pre fanaile causiltes.

2012-02-27, 03:08 PM
If i was a Decepticon I'd be getting a little annoyed at the Autobots for letting so many Cons die compared to the Autobots

2012-02-28, 08:59 AM
Oh, the Autobots did take their sweet time in getting to Protihex, didn't they? When/If peace talks between the two factions come up, we're going to have quite a lot of disgruntled 'Cons...

Still, do expect to see quite a bit more Autobot deaths on my part. Soon.

2012-02-28, 08:06 PM
Still, do expect to see quite a bit more Autobot deaths on my part. Soon.

Okay, I suppose I'm partially to blame for the lack of Autobot deaths and all, but I don't think you should force it either.

2012-02-28, 11:27 PM
Nah, don't worry, no one will miss Gears.

2012-03-15, 07:31 AM
Hell, the reason I had Mindset shoot at Gears so much was to make him a causlty. Insted I had Triton kill Huffer. Because no one cares for Huffer.

Oh, and Fangry is dead.

2012-04-12, 05:19 AM
Heh, heh. Gears is now dead. Good.

Poor Soundwave.