View Full Version : [New RPG] Biggest regret?

Lady Quickswitch
2011-11-01, 05:25 PM
Have any regrets or moments in either RPG that you wish had been different? I've got one. Giving up Sky Lynx in the old RPG. I claimed him but didn't think there'd be time to play him, so dropped him. Went to pick him up again but zigzagger's his new player now. Oh the ideas I had! ;) Have fun, ziggy! :)

2011-11-03, 10:06 AM
Killing off Whirl.

2011-11-04, 11:54 PM
I regret not playing the Aerialbots. I'm using them as NPCs in the old game, and enjoying it, but honestly it feels like I'm writing the end to a story that I never got to start.

When we saw them in the cartoon, the Aerialbots were children -- impulsive, immature and petty. I always liked the idea of seeing them 'grow up' and become mature adults (it's an idea I've played with in my fanfic as well, although mostly focusing on Skydive). I'm RPing them now as young adults who are finding their place in the world, and I'm having a ball...but a part of me wishes I'd been able to have them for a few years and slowly develop them to this point instead of starting off from here.

Of course, time is the issue and I simply didn't have enough of it. I've spent the last few years building up Cyclonus, Crosshairs, Smokescreen and Soundwave, and to a lesser extent Spinister and Astrotrain (who'd already had a lot of development in previous years but have gotten more recently as well), and if I'd focused on the Aerialbots it would have been at the expense of those guys.

But Crosshairs is dead now and I have room for one more, and this thread has convinced me to promote Skydive from NPC to take his spot.

Playing him in the new RPG would be tempting as well, but I'd regret just as much dropping someone else to take him -- and honestly, without the other Aerialbots around I don't think it would be the same.

2011-11-08, 01:43 PM
Mmm, if it's in terms of not choosing characters, then for me it would be the Constructicons, or the Monstructor Six.

See, I've always been interested in the very varied personalities among the Constructicons and the Pretender Monsters, but unlike, say, the Stunticons or the Combaticons who had a decent amount of appearances, even in modern material the Constructicons and Pretender Monsters are lumped into single character archetypes: the Constructicons are all invariably sadistic construction workers who can also function as medics or scientists if plot demands; the Monstructor Six are all generic RAWR Decepticon goons.

But really, in the old RPG while I eventually picked up Bonecrusher (and very recently, like, a few minutes ago, adopted up the rest of the orphaned Constructicons) I don't think I could handle playing a gestalt team all by myself, not without sacrificing some characters like the Sports Car Patrol or the Insecticons.

I very nearly picked up Slog for the new RPG, truth be told, but due to my indecision and stuff like that, I ended up with Grimlock.

Also, I regret not playing Ratchet. He would've been great fun to muck around with...

Of course, I also regret not picking up Ratbat, Shrapnel, Road Hugger, Bombshell, Kickback, Thundercracker, Whirl, Repugnus, Detour, Blackjack, Hyperdrive, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Blades, Jackpot, Jetfire, Swindle, Beast Wars Rampage, Blurr, Broadside (shut up Warcry), Blitzwing, Vector Prime, Leader-One the Mini-Con, Laserbeak, Skydive, Cosmos, Windcharger, Bluestreak, Fearswoop, Spinister, Needlenose, Quick Switch, Misfire, Overlord, Ironfist, Getaway, Guzzle, the Predators, the Terrorcons, the Combaticons, the Stunticons, Beast Wars Waspinator, Dinobot, Inferno, Rampage, Quickstrike, Silverbolt, Spittor, Manterror and a whole host of others in the New RPG, so they're not alone at least.

EDIT: Damn, Warcry already made a post listing a bunch of characters he wanted to play. :mad: