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Lady Quickswitch
2011-12-04, 05:17 AM
In the G1 RPG's 10+ year span, who is your favorite roleplayer? Or if you can't narrow it to one, who comes closest? I'm not into snubbing anybody, but I haven't read the whole RPG and there's a ton I've missed. You know who I think the best RPer was. But the most well-rounded and developed character would have to be Sunstreaker. Blaster has played him for probably as long as the RPG has been in existence and now in the New RPG. The characterization is tight, well developed, and it's obviously a very comfortable role for him to play. I don't agree that only one person could ever play a role extremely well, but play the same role for a decade or nearly a decade and there would be few who'd dispute the mastery of a character. This is Sunstreaker.

I also feel the same way about Roadbuster and the way Heinrad plays/ed him, that, after such a long time, Roadbuster "flows" so well he reads right off the page as the quiet Wrecker built solely for war. The conflict and intensity is palpable and it makes me care what will happen to Roadbuster once the purpose for which he was built is no longer there.

StoneCold Skywarp and Springer85 both did a great job with Springer.

Warcry and Blackjack did a great job with Whirl, though he's not one of my favorite characters.

This is it so far. Need to brush up on my old-RPG.

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2011-12-04, 05:46 AM
Zigzaggers Protectetobots. They show that you can give a bunch of random combiner members who had about three story focaseing on induvidual members (G2 Issue 1 and Anchient Relices for Blades and The Ultimate Weapon for First Aid) heavey characterisation and develepmont.