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Lady Quickswitch
2011-12-06, 04:48 AM
(I've reposted this in the correct place.)

In the G1 RPG's 10+ year span, who is your favorite roleplayer? Or if you can't narrow it to one, who comes closest? I'm not into snubbing anybody, but I haven't read the whole RPG and there's a ton I've missed. You know who I think the best RPer was. But the most well-rounded and developed character would have to be Sunstreaker. Blaster has played him for probably as long as the RPG has been in existence and now in the New RPG. The characterization is tight, well developed, and it's obviously a very comfortable role for him to play. I don't agree that only one person could ever play a role extremely well, but play the same role for a decade or nearly a decade and there would be few who'd dispute the mastery of a character. This is Sunstreaker.

I also feel the same way about Roadbuster and the way Heinrad plays/ed him, that, after such a long time, Roadbuster "flows" so well he reads right off the page as the quiet Wrecker built solely for war. The conflict and intensity is palpable and it makes me care what will happen to Roadbuster once the purpose for which he was built is no longer there.

StoneCold Skywarp and Springer85 both did a great job with Springer.

Warcry and Blackjack did a great job with Whirl, though he's not one of my favorite characters.

And, of course, my predecessor Quick Switch...

2011-12-06, 11:16 PM
Most of the guys I think are great roleplayers are guys that I've RP-ed with myself. Of the people from the past, Quick Switch and Reflector are probably the ones that stand out, because they breathed life into underused characters. Flec's Constructor Squad, in particular, is awesome. So's Gigatron. In terms of older players, Stonecold Skywarp's the one who inspired me to pick up Skywarp. Brave Max's Neo-Wreckers thing is pretty great too. Go Sixwing!

Blaster's Sunstreaker is one of the most well-developed RPG characters as well.

Beyond that, though, Warcry, Heinrad, Aero Blade, Optimusskids, Clogs and most especially Zigzagger, the current staff, they're all great players.

Aero Blade's Aero Blade is the very first fanmade character that I actually cared about. Aero Blade and Stratus are so very... real, you know? And considering that she built them all from scratch.... Dirge is also great, taking what's done by a former player (was it Scout?) And developing him further. Clogs also has a way of creating unique fanmade characters like the news reporters and the like, and she's got a great handle on every single one of her characters.

Optimusskids, Heinrad and Warcry have a knack for being able to juggle around a large cast and having a healthy mix of big names and those delightful G2/Euro/Japanese guys. I never thought anyone could make the Breastforce look scarily competent, but Heinrad's portrayal of the Breastforce had solidified them as a crack Decepticon squad. Nothing could ever fix that silly name, though. Also, I like Heinrad's take on Stepper as well. And Roadbuster is one of the most developed guys around. Ditto for Nightbeat and Tracks and Ironhide.

Optimusskids' Weirdwolf, Pounce, Wingspan and Venom are awesome characters as well. Again, like many others he also brings out life in underdeveloped characters. And Squawktalk. God, I love Squawktalk. And Chainclaw too.

Warcry's got a knack for exploring his most favourite guys. Spinister, Crosshairs, Soundwave, Buzzsaw, Smokescreen... as well as continuing what Quick did with Astrotrain... all the while pulling random guys like Wingthing and Ransack to spice things up... heck, even secondary characters like Snarl, Hubcap or Afterburner get great moments with Warcry. And Whirl. Oh Whirl so much.

I feel so bad for killing Whirl. :(

But my favourite player, I think, is Zigzagger. He made every single member of the Protectobots awesome, Blades in particular is one of the most three-dimensional characters I've seen. Also, obviously I like Ziggy's Prowl so much that I picked him up in the new RPG. Go Prowl! And Ratchet... and Fort Max and Magnificus and Doubledealer... so much that I look at any other portrayal of Doubledealer and I think 'it's wrong'. Yep, Ziggy's my favourite player.

But, hey, y'all know I'm the best, right? :p