View Full Version : Buy things from me so I can buy more things!

2012-01-09, 03:32 PM
Not any TF bits at the mo, but will be soon. Warning: some of this is big boys' stuff.

For now:

- Robot Soul/Damashi figures - Turn A & Turn X Gundam, mint, complete, boxed, loverly. 30 pair or 15 for A, 25 for X.
- HCM Rick Dias, Full Armor Gundam, both boxed, complete, good condition - accs. removed from trees only blemish. 12 each, 20 for both.
- SKK Combination Junior Guntank + Guncannon with Gundam's legs and a couple of accessories - pic on request, 15.
- 1/48 Victory Gundam - complete, boxed, parts removed from trees 40

- Airtight (original), complete (properly complete), good condition 3
- Dial-Tone (original), complete, good condition 2
- Daina (comic pack), complete, good condition 5
- X-30 Conquest (original), complete, good condition, AF stickers 10
- Injector, missing most parts, but knocked around, 3
- Piranha Attack Boat, complete, good condition 7
- Z-Force Mobat, knackered, missing four wheels but does come with Steeler (who has his visor and uzi, but a substitute grey helmet) 10

- Padlock Robo/Metal Joe Fighter Lock, Armor Lock - both good condition, each with backing card (with instructions AND combination details) 10 each, 15 pair
- Soul of Chogokin Xabungle - one minor broken part that's been fixed and doesn't seem to affect anything, otherwise complete and boxed 25
- Ideon Tomy DX, complete and boxed 30
- Chogokin/Shogun Warriors Raideen, complete, good condition, 20

- 3180 City Octan tanker - box opened, bags sealed still 10
- 4843 Speedboat & truck - sealed 12

2012-01-12, 09:06 PM
Eager to see the TFs you'll put up. Depending on what's up, I might snag some.

2012-01-12, 09:18 PM
At the moment it's looking like being the two remaining Real Gear figs and that's it, so probably not worth getting too excited :(