View Full Version : Looking for Primus parts

2012-01-13, 05:57 AM
I just picked up a nearly complete Cybertron Primus for $5. Only thing is, he's missing the blue flaps that make the front of his feet. Both of them. Everything else seems to be intact (except the planet lock key thing isn't there), but both feet are missing. What in the world did his previous owner do to Primus?!
Anyway, I know a good number of people used Primus for kitbashes, and I was wondering if anyone has any spare parts left that they're not using. Let me know what you want for them (given that he was only $5, I'm looking for cheap) and we'll try to work something out so my kids can have a complete Primus. Do it for the children!

2012-01-13, 01:11 PM
I remember that I saw some Primus parts on this guy yesterday

-------EDIT-----My bad wrong guy, no parts-------