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2012-01-20, 07:35 AM
Just a point of reference, relating to the Autobot Army heading to Protihex and Space. And, so there's no confusion. It may come in handy for a few upcoming posts.

Feel free to make corrections or add to it.



Leader: Optimus Prime
General: Prowl

Autobot Fleet

First thru Third Squadrons*
- Air Commander: Skydive

Named vessels, dropships, etc

Calabi-Yau (Captain: Kick-Off)
Mirror-Manifold (Captain: Sprocket)
Trion (Command Ship)
Omega Sentinels 02 and 03 (also serving as dropships)

* - Numbers never specified. Also could be more squadrons.



Autobot Fleet

Third Air Strike Division
- Air Commander: Sky Lynx

Named vessels, dropships, etc

Star Arrow (Captain: Missile Master)
Veracitas (Captain: Rad)
Vigilare(Captain: Rumbler)
Integratis(Captain: Over-Run)
Galaxy Shuttle