View Full Version : TRIPLE JIM!

2012-01-24, 07:23 PM
Finally got one of the Machine Robo toys I've always been curious about, and for mondo cheapo too: -

Triple Jim, I believe devised especially to tie in with Leina Stol's rubbish robot butler in the Revenge of Cronos anime. God knows how that guy got hold of him (he was also selling a RoC Devil Satan Six [Monsterous recolour]) without actually knowing who he was (and thankfully didn't put Triple Jim, mentioned on the stickers, in the listing).

He's rubbish, with an awful helicopter mode, a really odd robot mode (he isn't mistransformed much in the auction picture - the helicopter tail should be tucked away, but the legs and stomach are right) and a general lack of verve considering the stuff Bandai were coming up with at the time (they produced Throttle and Night Fright the same year for Tonka). But I genuinely never expected to own one - they rarely come up and are often expensive (though this one is missing his parts, notably the helicopter blades) so I'm super-duper chuffed.

inflatable dalek
2012-01-24, 07:31 PM
Awww, he's so cute.

2012-01-24, 07:40 PM
He actually looks pretty cool on the shelf next to DotM Leadfoot; it's like they're alternate universe versions of each other or something.