View Full Version : [Original RPG] List of Combaticons (or: alas, poor unfortunate redshirts)

2012-02-14, 06:09 AM
List of Combaticons participating in the Protihex Battle. Because I need one to keep track. Mostly the troops consist of toy-only Scouts from the ROTF, 2010 and PCC lines. If Hasbro wanted to give us free generics, why not use them, right?
-Onslaught (leader, deceased)
-Road Hugger (second-in-command, de facto leader)
-Vortex (deceased)
-Blast Off
-Swindle (deceased)
-Bluestreak (resigned)
-Beastbox (defected)
-Smolder (incapacitated)
-Chopster (left Protihex)
-Tomahawk (deceased)
-Dune Runner (deceased)
-Dirt Boss (deceased)
-Jetblade (deceased)
-Deep Dive (deceased)
-Sunspot (deceased)
-Knock Out
-Bodyblock (deceased)
-Blue Maximus (deceased)
-Tailwhip (deceased)
-Deadlift (deceased)
-Drydock (deceased)
-Oil Pan
-Salvage (deceased)
-Steelshot (deceased)
-Windburn (deceased)
-Backwind (deceased)

Other MIA Combaticons:
-Chop Shop