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2012-03-13, 04:15 AM
Cybertron's day in the sun is over. The centuries-long peace is broken, shattered by an upstart rebel named Megatron and the band of Decepticon villains that follow him. The criminals have lashed out against civil society, killing all those who stand in their way and welcoming into their ranks all manner of killers, thieves and blasphemers who want nothing more than to see their planet's entire civilization collapse into anarchy.

But their latest atrocity goes beyond the pale. Approached by the wise and noble Zeta Prime under flag of truce, Megatron dishonourably poisoned the Autobot leader and sent him back to Iacon to die. Meanwhile, his underlings busy themselves freeing convicted criminals from high-security prisons and recruiting the villains into their cause.

But the Autobots have not been idle. The military is moving quickly, activating weapons new and old to aid them against the Decepticon threat. But will it be enough?

War has come to Cybertron.

2012-03-13, 08:30 AM
War Room, War Academy

Prowl nodded. "You do that." He told Smokescreen, smiling slightly. "And I'll try to keep the planet together."

It wasn't hyperbole. Prowl sighed. Things had spiraled out of control. This 'Decepticon' uprising in Kaon, staged by mad governor Megatron, had proven to be much more competent and disastrous. This was not anything they were ever trained for.

First, all of their forces in Kaon, taken out in one swift brutal move.

Then, an attack by a Minicon assassin, which somehow managed to blow up a ship on Iacon's great dome, while sneaking into the War Academy and very nearly killing Sentinel had the assassin not had second thoughts. The assassin was a techno-organic, and newly-created at that. He's now with Smokescreen, and while Prowl disliked having Smokescreen with a known assassin, he seemed to be the only person who could control him.

Another attack, on Kaon's Temple of Primus, and the presumable takeover of the Vector computer, which would explain the odd techno-organic.

Then, General Obsidian, Prowl's own former teacher and a high-ranking officer with extensive knowledge of war (and more importantly, Iacon itself) defected.

Not to mention the fact that the extraction team to Kaon faced a monstrous six-changer, who shrugged off an entire squad of trained Autobots and two civilian weapon specialists' firepower. Worse, they lost Magnus, their best soldier, to the Decepticons.

To make things worse, Zeta Prime had gone off to Kaon, thinking that he could parley with this Governor. Such arrogance.

And Prowl's own contigency plans?

Project M, the creation of the Maximus Battlesuits, hit a roadblock... and he had just got word that the facility had been under attack. Sentinel, Sky Lynx and the others are down there investigating matters.

Omega Supreme? Prowl hoped Smokescreen could revive him, but he's not being too optimistic. Truth is, he tried to kill two birds with one stone by getting Smokescreen out of harm's way.

What then?

In a straight-up battle, Prowl doubted he could defeat Obsidian in a tactical warfare, and especially not when Obsidian had new tricks to pull out of his sleeve, like sixchangers and techno-organics.

Prowl slammed his fist onto the table in frustration. "Damn it."

2012-03-13, 09:48 AM
Project M Facility

Hot Spot weaved through the ample amount of wreckage and individual fires dispersed across the facility. As he approached Sky Lynx he cast his gaze out into the worst of it. Additional Autobots would have been a welcome sight, but unfortunately it was up to him and Sky Lynx to safely remove the Mini-Cons from the hazardous area.

Not that he considered it to be a problem. It was simply another challenge for him to overcome. Another opportunity for him to be immersed in action, in movement. He wouldn't have had it any other way.

“Sky Lynx.” Hot Spot came to a halt in front of the massive avian-like Transformer. “Looks like it's up to you and me to rescue these little gentlemechs. I'll do my best to direct them into your transport module, and I'll go as quickly as I can.” He pointed at Sky Lynx. “An Autobot with your fantastic talents should be winning wars, am I right? With any luck, that's exactly what you'll be doing after this.”

He had noticed Sky Lynx's bitter disposition the moment Sentinel selected him for the mission. He could hardly fault him for being so sour; Transformers of his calibre were far better being designated a position on the battlefield where they could demonstrate their impressive abilities.

So remaining calm and collected, Hot Spot concluded to stroke his ego, aiming to ignite his motivation. As capable as he was, sometimes he needed to be reminded of just how magnificent he truly was. It wasn't something Hot Spot wanted to bring up because of the predictable and irritating response from him, but at least Sky Lynx was more likely to cooperate in a more efficient manner.

That was the plan, anyway.

2012-03-13, 10:16 AM
Project M Facility

Sky Lynx watched Hot Spot, nodding. At least some Autobots are doing good work, even though it's not exactly Sky Lynx-level.

"Yes, it seems to be." Sky Lynx told Hot Spot, although his voice was still annoyed as the Minicons boarded him. "And, hopefully, between my own not inconsiderable skills and our own dedication, we will pull through this difficult time through this vile Decepticon uprising. But if my vast talents are to be used now to rescue these terrified innocents, I shall gladly deign to do so! What use are strength and talent if we cannot use it to help others?"

Sky Lynx's head craned to take in the destruction.

"You three, Autotroopers -- put out the fires! As easily as I could do so myself, my presence is now required to rescue these Minicons!"

The Autotroopers did so.

2012-03-13, 01:07 PM
Project M Facility

Perfect. Sky Lynx appeared to be collaborating with Hot Spot, allowing them to aid the unfortunate Mini-Cons. Of course, it wasn't as though he did not believe Sky Lynx wouldn't; that was not his primary concern.

He nodded at Sky Lynx. “That's absolutely right. Hit the proverbial nail on the cranial unit. And with all our strength and talent, we'll rescue everyone in no time at all.”

His motivation abandoning him, thus decreasing his performance, was the issue. But there was no longer any cause for alarm. Even though search and rescue was not Sky Lynx's line of work, he was equally as dedicated as Hot Spot was. His words alone indicated as much.

Satisfied with his altered attitude, Hot Spot continued to guide the Mini-Cons into the transport module, working as fast as he possibly could.

2012-03-14, 12:46 PM
Project M Facility

Jazz had remained silent. He thought it would be best. Letting Sentinel and Sky Lynx bicker amongst each other gave him enough time to get a full scoop of the area. He didn't like it that he had to find out that Sentinel, Zeta and Prowl had a minicon slave labour force working here. No matter how desperate you are for some kind of deterrence. However, he knows that from the moment that he signed up with Prowl's Special Unit with Rapido, he would be getting he hands dirty. He just hoped that the minicons weren't treated too bad. The ones that are currently still functioning anyway.

Jazz's attention to his surroundings averted when he heard Sentinel's voice break a little. Sorrow? he tought. Perhaps Sentinel isn't such a sack of bolts afterall.

Jazz contacted Prowl over a secure line. "Commander. Does Magnus know about this place? It could be a huge security risk if he does and if he is in the hands of the Decepticons."



Wheeljack followed Gong towards the R&D facility named Arsenal. As Gong opened the doors to it, Wheeljack stepped in and took a look around. "Not quite home, but I guess we can make something of it," he said to Highbrow. There's enough resources for us to tinker with. Let alone weaponry."

Wheeljack walked up to a console and flicked a few switches. "Alright," he said while rubbing his hands. "I think it's best that we start working on the weaponry that seemed to work Sixshot wich were the equilibrium distorters and the shrapnel needles."


War Room, War Academy

Volks was working hard to gather even more intel on the Decepticons and wasn't letting any clearances get in the way of being succesful at task. "Commander Prowl, I've managed to dug up what I could about Megatron, Obsidian, Skywarp, Lugnut, Thrust, Predacon, Scorponok, Tarantulas and Thunderwing. The intel that I gathered on Predacon and Tarantulas are mostly rumours and for rumours alone, they aren't really pretty. It seems that both individuals have quite some pull and it's said that one of them even like to eat other Transformers." Volks shudders. "I'm glad I'm sitting here."

Volks placed the data on the main screen. "I've hacked my way into General Obsidian's record and the various attachments to it. I wasn't cleared for everything, but seeing as Sentinel isn't here rigth now, I doubt that it matters."

2012-03-14, 01:46 PM
Project M Facility

Sky Lynx nodded, watching as Hot Spot went off to rescue the Minicons.

"My dear fellow, if it is too much trouble for you to ask... you are equipped with fire extinguishers, are you not? Obviously with my prodigious talent, I could find an alternative way to douse the flames, but yours would be a much, much more practical solution."

War Room, War Academy

"No, he does not." Prowl replied to Jazz. "No one but Zeta Prime, Sentinel and myself knew about the Project M facility. And the two technicians and hundred-odd Minicons working in it. However, they are isolated and I trust Cog... Magnus did not know this. Neither did Obsidian."

Prowl narrowed his optics. "Which worries me. It would give me some small measure of comfort if I knew that they got it from interrogating Magnus, or from Obsidian, but this would mean that there is an information breach. An unknown information breach."

Prowl's optics narrowed. How much did the Decepticons knew?

Did they knew about Omega Supreme?

Prowl nodded as Volks spoke to him. "Good work." He said. The hacker was efficient. Certainly this is a better way for all involved than for him to be shot at by paintballs.

"A cannibal?" Prowl pondered out loud. "Very disturbing. The variety of these Decepticons is alarming, clearly Megatron's reach is further than we thought." Prowl nodded, "General... former General Obsidian is not really a mystery to some of us. Indeed, I... I have worked under him before, when he was less inclined to side with rebels."

"What of Zeta Prime?" Prowl asked again. "You are monitoring him through hacked cameras in Kolkular, are you not?"

2012-03-14, 07:37 PM
Highbrow cracked a smile at Wheeljack's observation. "This is a good beginning." Highbrow began, "As we were walking here, I had some other ideas - We could try luring him into a trap. Perhaps some kind of energy drainer or immobilizer. If it didn't totally disable him, it may make it easier for our troops to contend with him. And if we capture him, we might can replicate the technology as well."

Brave Maximus
2012-03-14, 11:59 PM
"You under estimated them?!?!" Maximus roared at Sentinel. "They are an army Sentinel. They attacked us, they tried to kill you and all you can say is you 'Under Estimated' them?!?!

"Minicons aren't Warriors, we aren't soldiers. Those of us who could fight, died, right there on that field. They bought the time that most of their friends and family could evacuate. And the rest. The rest I avenged.

"Oh, this is a wonderous monster you had us create Sentinel. I reached out with all of the strength and fury that your Autobot preachers speak of in their scriptures. With fire and lightning and death I slaughtered every last one of them.

"What the preachers don't talk about, is feeling them die. My sensors are so strong that I can sense the transports coming and going through the system. I can track a stray asteroid that might come close enough to have us worry. I know where each and every living thing is in this facility, and I can telly you exactly how damaged they are. I can sense every injury, every damaged component thanks to the wonderous medical bay we installed in the Maximus. I fired my weapons and I felt them die. I flanked them and routed them, but still they came, and they killed and I felt my friends and my family die around me. So I fired my main gun. This wonderful equalizer that you needed. And they all ceased to exist."

Fortress Maximus transformed, folding in on itself, changing to Garrison mode. The head detached and transformed to an assault shuttle landing beside the main ramp up to the Maximus facility and from inside came a bot. Coloured all in grey, he walked up to the gathered Autobots. He stood as tall as Ultra Magnus and his body was wracked by the pain caused by guilt and saddness.

"When it was over Sentinel. I found her. But I found her too late. I screamed at my new systems to tell me what to do. How to save her. They told me there was nothing. Then, in my giant hands. I felt her... spark.... fade out...."

Fortress dropped to his knees, no longer able to stand against the weight of it all. And there, he cried....

2012-03-15, 07:34 AM
Project M Facility

“I most certainly can do that, Sky Lynx.”

The vast majority of the Mini-Cons were safely tucked away in Sky Lynx's transport module, permitting Hot Spot to shift tasks and eliminate the considerable population of fires. So far, no Mini-Cons had been harmed by any flames. He strove to continue that trend.

He transformed into his rescue hovercraft form. A hose line slithered out of its compartment on his left flank like a cyber-snake emerging from its burrow having caught scent of its prey. A fat stream of fire-retardant foam expelled from the hose, smothering the fires, minimising their sizes until they vanished. Frothing white pools occupied their places.

One flaming mass at a time, Hot Spot extinguished the fires, while also keeping an optic on the Mini-Cons yet to be rescued.

2012-03-19, 03:00 PM
Project M Facility

Sentinel could feel the heat rising in him. "Yes, we had underestimated them! We had no idea they had techno-organic abominations, we had no idea that they had an entire army, we had no idea that they had six-changing walking weapons of mass destruction!"

All they thought was a simple insurrection. The Maximus was more of a show, to show that they could create a more efficient Omega Sentinel if they wanted to. Sentinel had never intended it for real battle, unlike Zeta.

Sentinel glowered as he listened to Cog's justified rants. The Minicons were there for a reason, because no one else could do this. It was necessary; the Decepticons, or some other faction, would get them anyway.

"You... " Sentinel didn't finish his sentence. Cog had avenged the Minicons. Fire and lightning and death... ha, let that Terra-Ball or whoever Yoketron's little pup is stew on the slight on the Covenant.

Cog's anguish was evident as he poured out. Feeling them die... actually feeling their sparks going on... sensing each injury... Sentinel felt a pang of guilt. The Maximus was supposed to be a battlesuit, was supposed to be a simple weapon, not... not something grafted to poor Cog like this. He knew how to shoulder his pain, but to shoulder others'? Preposterous.

Hopeful that the 'equalizer' had proven successful, Sentinel's mouth hung open again as Fortress Maximus transformed, revealing Cog's true form, which was a little taller than Sentinel himself.

She's dead. Cog's little helper... what was her name? Flipper? Clipper?

This was so similar to a scene Sentinel had witnessed, so many times, in his own head...

Cog fell to his knees and cried, sobbed. Alien races said that Cybertronians were unable to feel because they were beings of steel and chrome, had programming instead of hideous nervous tissue, but this meant that it was so much harder for them to forget. Emotions, emotions that are buried in one's mind are... you can't just 'delete' them. As if those organic merchants knew what it was like to be a mechanical being!

Oh, how Sentinel had tried to forget. To delete those memories. He could not! He literally could not! Silly mitosis-based organics... just because their nonsentient computers could do it, they assume all mechanical-based organisms are like that.

Sentinel looked at Cog, wracked by injustice heaped upon himself.

Sentinel did something he had never done before. He got down on one knee, placed a hand on Cog's shoulder, and actually attempted to comfort the other Autobot. His voice was still hard, but comforting nonetheless. "She is in a better place now, Log- Cog." Sentinel corrected himself hastily, then continued. "But that won't make your pain go away. Believe it or not, I know how you feel. I know exactly how you feel..." Sentinel's voice trailed off at the end.

2012-03-20, 05:29 PM
Project M Facility

"Don't think they would get it out of Magnus anyway," Jazz replied to Prowl over the encrypted transmission.

"... and about Cog... From the looks of things, it seems he's been emotionally comprimised. I hope that his taste for revenge on these 'Cons is stronger than his dislike for Sentinel. Otherwise, we're going to have a problem." Jazz paused for a moment realizing what his just said. "But I guess that's why I had to tag along, right? Fix the problem if it gets out of hand?"


War Room

"The Prime is currently back on the shuttle," Volks replied. "I can't give you any information of what transpired in the palace. I couldn't get it, but I used the satelites to monitor everything from the outside. They're headed back this way. I'll see if I can contact them."



Wheeljack sat down in a chair and then spun back around. "An immobilizer...?" Wheeljack pondered it for a moment. That's not a bad idea, Highbrow!" Wheeljack stood up and ran over to what looked like a holographic design table and started drawing figures and writing notes along the way.

"His sixchanging abilities must mean that he has way more gears than most transformers do that are connected to his transformation cog. If we manage to disable some of those gears, we might be able to even disable his transformation process or at least make it a painful one."

A holographic schematic started to show up on the table. "Now this will be pretty tough to make as we might be exposed to an electric magnetic pulse from time to time, but it's worth the risk," he said to Highbrow.

"Remember that my schrapnel needle darts managed to penetrate his armor? What if we equip them with a nano sized EMP device that'll activate only a few kliks after impact? It won't completely immobilize him, but it would give us enough time to scan him for information on his transformation process or well, have one of the Autobots slag him." Wheeljack shrugged. "Which would be a waste of a good creation, but I would rather stay functioning."

Wheeljack added more information to the schematic. "Or we can always just throw an EMP grenade at him and hope that its radius won't hit us."

2012-03-21, 01:10 PM
War Room, War Academy

Damn it, things are again spiraling out of control.

Priorities: Zeta Prime and Project M. Sentinel is handling Project M. Jazz can wait. Main Priority is Zeta Prime.

"If you are unable to penetrate their electronic defenses, they have a powerful communications officer or hacker at their disposal." Prowl mused out loud. "No matter. Hail Kup and Ironhide, Volks. And hurry."

Prowl addressed Jazz's internal communique next. "I trust Magnus, Jazz. However, knowing that our enemies have members that employ... morally questionable methods, I fear willpower alone will not help Magnus to stop information from being given."

A rescue mission must be done. And soon. Either to rescue... or terminate.

"Emotionally compromised." Prowl repeated. Emotions. Prowl wished he understood emotions like Smokescreen did. Sure, he knew how to deal with people the textbook way, but emotions are fluid, something that had no fixed rules. Only guidelines. Prowl disliked those. After a short while, Prowl continued, "We chose Cog for a reason. But yes, if things get out of hand, I leave it to you to deal with."

It's good, Prowl mused, to have people like Jazz that he could depend on.

Outraged Senate calls rang in Prowl's datapad, but Prowl ignored them. He will deal with them once the crisis is over.

2012-03-21, 03:49 PM
"Wheeljack, your genius never ceases to astound me." Highbrow replied back to the inventor as he walked over to look at the drawings. "That will make a great delivery method for a localed EMP device, and as long as we take the necessary precautions to prevent ourselves from becoming deactivated, I see no reason why this would not be a resounding success."

As he finished, the last part, he looked back down at the table. "That being said, would there be any benefit of having multiple ammunition types for the needle darts? Perhaps ones which had some type of virus or explosives embedded in them? Just trying to think ahead of our foe here in case he is able to overcome and adapt to the EMP darts."

Brave Maximus
2012-03-22, 05:02 PM
Ginrai shruged for a moment, pondering what Somkescreen had said to him.

"Have you tried just saying hello? I doubt it would hurt to try..."

Then he shouted, as loud as he could - the idea that Omega could hear him, no matter how loud he talked, didn't even enter his mind.

"Hey! Hello!!! Omega Spreem? Are you there? Hello? This is Smokescreen. He's a pretty good guy, and doesn't judge based on who or what you are. Can you hear me?"

Project M

Fortress flinched at the touch, not used to the contact in this body. He listened to what Sentinel said though, and looked up:

"What did you do? How did you manage? Where do I go from here?"

His sensors and systems also monitored Jazz's communication with Prowl and reacting to instinct, the weapon systems on the Assault Shuttle/Cerebros armed them selves and it's thrusters were readied.

2012-03-23, 09:18 AM
Project M

Sentinel looked at Fortress, but did not answer.

Should he tell him? Probably. Maybe. "I had grieved. If we are not at the brink of war, I would have told you to take a break, go somewhere and grieve. As it is..." Sentinel closed his optics. "I am sorry. This is very callous, but we... we need you, Cog. We need you to hunt down these murderers, these Decepticons, so there will be no more deaths. Just know that whatever happens now will be on our terms."

They needed the Maximus battlesuit, lest Sentinel forgets. And the only one that seemed to be able to pilot it is Cog, and Sentinel needed him on his side.

"We cannot bring them back, Cog. We cannot bring her, or any of our dead comrades, back from the dead. But we can damn well avenge them." Sentinel told Cog. "And save the world at the same time."

2012-03-26, 03:58 AM
Omega Supreme

Ginrai's words rang out in the empty station, echoing along the halls but earning no reply.

"Unit Ginrai," Unit One chirped, "Omega Supreme has not spoken to or otherwise interacted with another Transformer in forty stellar cycles. He hears, but he does not listen."

"That's what I've come here for. Omega Supreme has retreated into a catatonic state. I've been asked to help him come back to the outside world." Smokescreen smiled a little bit sadly. "I think your presence here will help, Ginrai. I don't know how much you know about the last Great War, if anything, but yourself and Omega Supreme are very much kindred spirits. You see, just like you, Omega and his brothers were created by uncaring masters to be used as a weapon against their enemy."

Prime's Shuttle

Zeta Prime shook his head. "There is...no more," he told Nightstalker. "My time...in the light...is short..."

His body was wracked with sudden pain, and he jerked hard enough to almost tear his restraints away from his seat. Then he looked squarely at Ironhide. "D...do not grieve, old friend. Soon I will be one...with the Matrix."

When he said that last word, he found his optics drawn toward Orion in the cockpit. Or at least, he thought it was Orion. The world around him had grown dark, and his vision blurred. But if that was true, why could he see the young bodyguard so clearly?

"...so clear now..." he muttered aloud. "The Matrix...I know who..."

His voice trailed off and his optics went black, only to blink back on a second later.

"How much longer?" he asked, his voice a bit clearer.

2012-03-27, 02:42 PM
War Room, War Academy

"Why are we not in contact with Zeta Prime? Their shuttle is coming into Iacon airspace." Prowl barked at Volks. "Is there something wrong with the communications system?" (OOC: Is it Soundwave at work?)

2012-03-29, 05:29 PM
Prime Shuttle:

"Not much longer, Zeta. We're awlmost there. Jus' hang on."

Orion's optics narrowed. He reached out and flicked a switch on the console. "Attention Hub-Palace! We have a medical emergency. Have a medical team waiting on Landing Pad D-7, Northeast Quadrant. We'll be there in 2 rells."

(OOC: Furman gave us days and hours, but no minutes? Landing next post.)

Aero Blade
2012-03-30, 05:51 AM
Project M

"What happened in the past cannot be undone, but use it to drive the future," Terabolt would speak up, adding to what Sentinel had said to Fortress. "Take what has happened here and never forget it. Let it give your spark a fire, to see to it that it does not happen again, that no-one else need endure that which you have suffered as well."

Maintenance Tunnels, Subterranian Iacon

It was familiar territory, but it was not comforting to Raiku to be back in his old work space. It was not a place he wanted to be again so soon, but he'd promised to help Red Alert, and he couldn't go back on that. As they came down the lift elevator, Raiku looked about as though expecting to be attacked at any moment. The drones were gone, probably confinscated by the police for investigation or evidence, but it did little to settle Raiku.

Raiku stepped out into the workspace, looking around at everything, trying to find any potential dangers before they could come out at him again.

2012-04-02, 03:22 AM
(OOC: Um...we don't have any medical staff, do we? Anyone interested in NPCing Ratchet, First Aid or whoever?)

Prime's Shuttle

"Hurry." Zeta's voice was calm again as he addressed Ironhide, the Autobot leader lucid again for the moment. "I don't have much time. I have much to do before I die."

If the prospect of death held any fear for him, it didn't show in his voice. He was resigned to it...or worse, maybe even welcomed it.

Maintenance Tunnels, Subterranian Iacon

Red Alert followed Raiku's lead, noting the technician's vigilant (if not paranoid) scanning of their surroundings with silent approval.

If he keeps this up, we've got a good chance of getting out of this alive.

He looked around as well, paying special attention to any areas where he personally would stage an ambush, if it was called for. After all, there might not be any enemies around now but that wasn't necessarily going to be the case on their way out. If they needed to fight their way out, knowing the lay of the land was going to be vital.

"So," he asked Raiku after he'd committed all of that to memory, "where to? Is that new scout training of yours pointing you in a particular direction?"

2012-04-02, 07:35 AM
Primes Shuttle

Nightstalker nodded .

"But there's so much left to do Sir your reforms, the new housing projects, the crime reduction programme."

2012-04-02, 12:00 PM
(OOC: Wasn't someone playing Ratchet? I'll move Ratchet around then.)

War Room, War Academy

"Something is wrong." Prowl muttered. "Why aren't we hailing them, Volks?" Prowl asked. He slammed down on the Autobot intercom, now that they're close enough. "Something is wrong. Ironhide, Nightstalker, Kup, report! We were unable to contact you all this while. Ratchet, get to the hangar bay. Sentinel, I'd appreciate it if you are up here right now."

"Give me some time." Sentinel replied through the intercom. "Cog is-"

"Sir, all due respect, Zeta Prime's here. Make time." Prowl barked.

"Fine." Sentinel snapped.

"Right, right." Ratchet replied to Prowl grumpily.

Honestly, as one of the more senior medics among the Autobot forces, Ratchet was a little irate at being pushed around by a paperweight like Prowl, but orders are orders, right? Why did he ever request a transfer to military medic...

Ratchet transformed, sirens blaring, as he shot off towards the landing bay where Zeta Prime was.

2012-04-02, 07:22 PM
(OOC: I dropped Ratchet)

2012-04-02, 08:45 PM
Project M Facility

"We need to find out of Magnus is still functioning," Jazz replied to Prowl. "If he is, his situation needs to be dealt with too. Trust has nothing to do with it." Jazz normally isn't this cold, but the safety of Cybertron, of the Autobots, was at risk and that takes priority over everything.

Jazz noticed that systems were activating Assault Shuttle. Cerebros probably noticed Jazz communication with someone else. "Commander," Jazz said to Prowl. "Is it possible Fortress has access to our channel? I thought only you, Rapido and me had access to it?"



Wheeljack's optics blinked a little. "Well, it was your suggestion that gave me the idea," Wheeljack replied to Highbrow. "Glad you and I both made it out of Kaon. Wouldn't know where to start on my own."

Wheeljack wlaked over to a terminal and started typing away. "Good thing we backed up most of our research. That means we aren't set back that much and we can immediately start," he said while taking in mind the idea of various types of schrapnel needle like weaponry. "Good thinking. We need to keep the element of surprise.

Wheeljack sat down. In times like these, he was always very creative. His own safety depended on it even. "You know, Highbrow. I've been thinking. We need to come up with some defensive measures too. Our energy shielding program needs some work too. We need to prevent the Decepticons from popping in here whenever they want to. I took a look arounf at the Academy's defences and well, they aren't that great."


War Room, War Academy

"Working as fast as I can, boss," Volks replied to Prowl. Hack this, hack that, Volks thought. It's a good thing I'm the best there is at what I do.

"There," he said. "Hacked my way into the onboard camera of the Prime Shuttle," he added. "From the looks of things, the Prime is not doing well."


Prime shuttle

Kup ran over to the com panel to answer Prowl. "This is Kup. We're coming in hot with the Prime down. He has been poisoned with an unknown chemical," he shouted through the com.

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2012-04-03, 09:07 PM
"Evn our own shielding didn't do much but buy us time against that monstrocity." Highbrow replied to Wheeljack. "While it would, no doubt, be an improvement to the current shielding, it would only be effective against conventional forces." As he said the last bit, he looked up from the workstation. "Do you have anything inparticular in mind?"

2012-04-04, 08:28 AM
War Room, War Academy

Two separate conversations. Prowl's face turned once more into an expressionless visage, as he tackled both simultaneously.

Prowl nodded, talking quickly. "Between information gathering and another powerful warrior, yes, I concur with your recommendation, Jazz. Once Prime and Cog has been... dealt with, perhaps a rescue mission is in order."

Prowl frowned. Access to their channel? Unlikely. Cog (or Fortress, or whatever he would call himself now) was not a hacker, nor was he given credentials... if it were a Decepticon, or Volks, that had access... then it hit him.

"You are correct. The Maximus Battlearmour, on the other hand, is equipped with much more sensory devices than the conventional soldier is, and such might be able to pick up snippets from our channel. Which, if he is doing so right now, I would like to say hi."

A joke. A weak joke, but dealing with an extremely emotional creature like Cog...

Emotion. Such a weakness.

While communicating with Jazz, Prowl acknowledged Volks with a nod, and mentally cursed when he saw the interior of Prime's shuttle. Not doing well is an understatement...

If he had listened, if Zeta Prime had only listened...

Fool of a Prime.

Cold as he was, an out-of-touch Prime like Zeta had no business leading a war. He was a brave, powerful warrior in his days, but now?

Walking into the enemy's base, like a complete fool...

Of course, while the logical action would be to appoint someone else as a temporary Prime (Sentinel, preferably, although Prowl was doubtful that the power would not go into his head), he would prefer that Zeta did not die at all.

Because wishing that that he died would be immoral. And that would be wrong. If pragmatic.

"Kup." Prowl acknowledged the older warrior. "Poisoned with an unknown chemical? How did this happen?" Still on-line with Kup, Prowl spoke into a nearby microphone. "Ratchet, First Aid, be advised: Zeta Prime has been poisoned with an unknown chemical. All the medical resources you need is at your disposal."

2012-04-04, 04:22 PM

Wheeljack started preparing some of the machinery inside Arsenal. "I do have an idea, yes," Wheeljack replied to Highbrow, "but I don't know if it can be done."

He loaded the schematics into the machinery for the schrapnel darts and started working on the schematics for the nano EMP devices. "The energy schield that we used in Kaon was pretty much a barrier that blocked incoming fire for a limited amount of time."

Wheeljack scratched his mouth plate. "What if we could find a way for the barrier to be able to absorb the incoming fire? That way it can sustain itself. Wheeljack shrugged. "Unless it get's overloaded again off course, but at least it will last longer."


Project M Facility

"Copy that," Jazz replied to Prowl in regard to the Magnus situation. "I'll start assembling a team once I'm back in the War Room."

Jazz looked up at the weapon systems and they were still armed and ready. "We'll have to find a way to make our channel more secure too. Things we talk about are too ..... delicate from time to time."


Prime Shuttle

"Oldest trick in the book, Prowl," Kup replied. "Megatron spiked Zeta's drink.These Decepticons are going to be a real problem if we don't do something about it quick," he added. "Has Sentinel been alerted of the situation yet?"

2012-04-04, 05:19 PM
Prime Shuttle, landing on Pad D-7, Northeast Quadrant:

With a strained whine, Orion brought the shuttle in smoothly, if far faster than the shuttle's repulsors and landing gear were rated for, onto the landing platform. Locking down the panel, Orion turned and sprang out of the pilot's chair, hitting the door controls and looking outside for the medical teams.

"Ya got th' rahght mahndset, at least," said Ironhide. "Jus' keep addin' stuff ta yer list. Ah got so much on mahne, Ah figger Ah ain't gonna even think 'bout dyin' 'til sometahme after th' stars awl go out."

2012-04-05, 03:19 AM
Pad D-7, Northeast Quadrant:

Ratchet watched as Prime's shuttle landed (far too quickly, which probably was because of the urgency). The medic broke at a dash towards the shuttle. Prowl's message arrived just then, and the medic cursed. Poisoned? What kind of poison?

"First Aid, get here, quick." Ratchet spoke into his commlink.

He very nearly slammed onto Orion as the door opened. "Move, move move move!" Ratchet snapped, trying to squeeze himself in with Orion at the door, urgency in his voice. "Where is the Prime?"

War Room, War Academy

"True." Prowl replied to Jazz. If Cog was listening, though.... he had to say something for his benefit. "It isn't just about our allies, if our enemies can intercept our communications, it would simply not do."

He turned to reply to Kup. "Megatron spiked Zeta's drink." Prowl repeated, and shook his head. He fell for such an obvious trick? Prowl bit his lip. Kup, at least, had to be informed on some matters. "Ratchet and First-Aid should be there. They are the best medics we have. Sentinel's on the way up now. One of our... well, contingency facilities, Zeta Prime would know, had been under attack. Also, in a rescue mission, Magnus has been defeated, possibly killed, by a sixchanger. Jazz is assembling a rescue team now."

"Sentinel, are you getting this? Zeta Prime has been poisoned by Megatron." Prowl replied to the military leader. "We need you topside now."

2012-04-05, 02:28 PM
"I've never seen that theory done on such a scale before." Highbrow replied to Wheeljack. "It is theoretically possible, of course, but..." Highbrow trailed off, thinking for a moment, "I think Command will want to know about that one before we jump headfirst into it. It will cost a lot to acquire the necessary components."

Brave Maximus
2012-04-05, 09:32 PM
Ginrai shrugged a bit, when he was told that Omega Supreme would likely not respondm and muttered something about being 'worth a try'. He perked up when Smokescreen mentioned their similar origins.

"Was he actually used? I mean.... did he kill anyone?"

Ginrai wandered around a little bit, looking at the hallway and imagining someone wandering around inside of him....

"Ummmm does it bother him having us..... inside of him? This is pretty personal, wouldn't you think? Or... does he even notice?"


Project M

Fortress looked up at Sentinel's words:

"Save the world?"

He then followed Terabolt's words - he wasn't sure if it would ignite a fire in his Spark... but saving the world... that's what she would want. Maybe, if he did something truly good, truly worthwhile... he might get to...

"Yes... we can save this world. We can stop those that hurt and kill and enslave. I will not allow this to happen again. I will stop them Sentinel. For her... and for the one you lost.

"But I promise you Sentinel, I will not allow what happened to my people to happen again. That is a promise."

Fortress looked around at the debris, stretching out with his sensors and then spoke up to Sky Lynx:

"You can take the wounded into the cruiser - I'll open up the medbay for you.

"You still haven't answered me Sentinel - how did they get here? We were supposed to be safe.... and who is this Magnus?"

(OOC: I figured the Maximus' systems would just be able to hear Jazz and register the threat...
Though maybe the Maximus was pre-programmed to scan all open frequencies in the area...)

2012-04-06, 10:22 AM
Project M

"Yes, we save the world. Prevent this from happening again, like what the ch- like what There-a-boat said." Sentinel told Fortress. Damn it, what was the Temple chick's name? He thought it was something close enough to 'There-a-boat', but...

Why can't people all have simple single-syllable names like 'Cog' or 'Prowl'?

Sentinel said in a louder voice, to drown his earlier sentence in case Terabolt got pissed off. "Yes, we have to stop them. I won't let this happen to my people as well. But-"

"Sentinel!" Prowl's voice rang out in Sentinel's commlink frequency, loud enough for those around him to hear.

"I'm on my way there, Prowl." Sentinel said, "Walk with me, Cog. I'll explain on the way. Sky Lynx, join us after you help the wounded. The Prime is... dying."

Sky Lynx said something in the affirmative as he made his way to the medbay, and Sentinel began walking at a brisk pace towards the elevator to the surface, expecting Cog, Terabolt, Jazz, Topspin, Hot Spot and the rest to follow.

"We're not sure." Sentinel admitted, and began speaking out loud, for Cog's benefit as well as the others around him. "Our best hacker, Yolks, is working on how such a sensitive information -- something that's only known to Prowl and Zeta Prime aside from the two of us -- managed to get leaked out. I suspect an inside job, either a disgruntled Minicon or someone in the communications network."

Which would be impossible. Their communications network is run by a single system, a single system that refused to compromise...

2012-04-06, 02:48 PM
Prime Shuttle, landing pad D-7:

Orion moved out of Ratchet's way and pointed towards Zeta and the others. "Back there. He's in bad shape."

Ironhide looked up as Ratchet stormed into the shuttle. "Hope there's more'n just you."

2012-04-06, 03:50 PM
Prime's Shuttle

(OOC: I don't think anyone has First Aid, so if you'd like to use him that would be great, Springer)

Zeta nodded sadly," I know," he told Nightstalker. "Trust me, I know. And if I am to die, I must ensure that the Matrix passes to one who will continue my work...nay, better it!"

He smiled weakly to Ironhide and said, "I felt the same once, old friend, but I fear the choice may have been taken out of my hands."

He watched as Orion charged out to find the medics, and waved Ratchet over.


Omega Supreme

Smokescreen nodded sadly. "Far too many," he told Ginrai. "Far too many. He and his brothers were built in a moment of desperation, when the Destrons had overrun all of the outer system and begun taking parts of Cybertron itself. The Supremes were used as mobile siege engines, flying castles with enough firepower to destroy entire fleets and enough internal space to carry entire armies. They turned the tide, and the Destrons were defeated...but no one had given much thought to what would happen to the survivors after that. They 'weren't fit for civil society', apparently, these monsters of High Command's own creation."

The contempt in Smokescreen's voice grew more and more evident as they walked, as he explained the atrocities that had been inflicted on the Autobots' ancient supersoldiers.

"So Nova Prime just...left them there. Abandoned them in orbit of whatever world they happened to be at. He refused to transfer the Supremes' sparks into bodies that could actually interact with their fellow Autobots, insisting that they needed to keep them in reserve 'just in case'. What happened after that was pretty much what you would expect. Abandoned, alone and bereft of purpose for thousands of years, the Supremes shut themselves down one at a time. Omega is the last of his kind."

A low rumble echoed down the halls as he finished talking, though it was so subtle that Smokescreen wasn't sure whether he'd gotten a reaction from the living space station or if the environmental systems were just booting up.

Thinking about Ginrai's other question, he shrugged. "Well, in theory Omega would be used to having people aboard him. It's what he was made for, after all. But in practice, it's been such a long time..." He trailed off, then chuckled. "Well, honestly I hope he does mind. If he speaks up to tell us to go away, at least then he'll be talking to us."

He made a resigned noise. "But since it doesn't seem like he's going to, I think we should visit his spark chamber."

2012-04-06, 03:51 PM
Prime's Shuttle

Nightstalker nodded sadly

"We'll do whatever it takes to help make them happen."

2012-04-06, 03:55 PM
Zeta Prime's Shuttle

Ratchet nodded as he moved past Orion and knelt down next to Zeta Prime. He gave Ironhide a glare. He wanted so much to spit out a stream of angry retorts, but considering current company and the current situation, he settled for a considerably tame (if not less sarcastic): "Of course there is more coming."

"Zeta Prime." Ratchet said by way of greeting. "I'm Ratchet, medical officer. Military. I'm going to try figure out what's poisoned you." Ratchet opened his medical kit, and pulled out a scanner, and with a stern expression on his face began moving it over Zeta Prime's body.

His stern expression became even more pronounced as the scanner almost instantaneously returned with a reading.

Ratchet pulled out a syringe and with a quick, deft movement extracted a small sample of Energon from one of Zeta Prime's visible neck veins, and placed it into the analyzer in his wrist.

Both the scanner and the analyzer gave the same results: Lead compounds, saturated energon fumes, near-fatal level of radioactive seaborgium...

"What happened to him?" Ratchet demanded as he turned to look at Ironhide. "The poison levels in his body is off the charts! First Aid, I need you here. We may need an emergency Energon Pump graft. If you see Kaput or Pharma, drag them with you as well. Hurry hurry hurry! It's the Prime!"

He looked down at Zeta Prime. An Energon Pump graft... hopefully they might be able to pull it off. The poison is not the only issue... Prime's protomatter is already old, and some of the technobiology -- those odd bits and ends that can't simply be replaced by something built in a factory -- have been... well, lacking of maintenance...

2012-04-06, 04:07 PM
War Academy, Med Bay

"I'm on my way," First Aid replied to Ratchet. "I've taken the liberty to prep the med bay for Zeta Prime's treatment." First Aid transformed and sped off towards Pad D-7.


Prime Shuttle

"Ratchet's here," Kup replied, "First Aid isn't, but I'm sure he's on his way."
Kup listened to Prowl's debrief and shook his head. "Things sure spiralled out of control pretty quick." He paused for a moment. He definately didn't like what he heard so far. The Prime down, Magnus in enemy hands and what was this about a contingency facility? He had even more questions now than he had before.

"You're going to send in Jazz to retrieve Magnus, huh?" Kup said. "You better bring him back instead of having him killed, Prowl," Kup added sternly. "And you're going to tell me everything about this contingency facility when I get back.


War Academy, War Room

"Commander," Volks said to Prowl. "I've managed to obtain some images of Magnus from a video feed in Kaon. Loading it up on the main screen right now." Volks turned around in his chair and showed it to Prowl.

"As you can see, Magnsu was still functioning, though barely, and being carried by Sixshot. Sixshot's trajectory indicates that he was heading towards the Governor's Mansion at that point. It's safe to assume that Magnus is still there."


Project M Facility

"Don't think that he heard much of our conversation," Jazz replied to Prowl, "but it never hurts to be sure." Jazz followed Sentinel and the others. "I'll be up in a few cycles. I'll start recruiting the mechs I need for the mission when I'm there. Any suggestions on field operatives?"



Wheeljack sighed. "One of the reason I left Iacon was so that I could avoid all the administrative mess that I had to go through to get things done and I get the feeling Prowl doesn't mind either," he said to Highbrow. "I get the idea that he prefers safety over protocol anyway."

Wheeljack spun around in his chair. "From what I've seen so far in this facility, some of my old inventions are stored here too. I'll disassemble those and get the components that I need to improve the energy shield," he said. "Did they want drones too? I can't remember..."

2012-04-07, 03:42 PM

Electro sped down the street. He was probably breaking some speed limit or other thingamajig.....but really, who cared?

It's not like they could catch me anyway. he thought, as he suddenly braked and transformed to robot mode, outside the War Academy.

(OOC: Haven't got much ideas for now.....so I'll just introduce him and let events play out for now.)

2012-04-08, 04:07 AM

Dai Atlas emerged from the shadows of a quiet alley where he had been in quiet contemplation for the past few solar cycles. Looking about he was almost run over by a gold car racing along the road. "Please be careful where you are going, you might hurt yourself or someone" he said to the hotrod as it shot past him. Shaking his head he muttered "Too much of a hurry to enjoy the journey."

(OOC: I thought going along with Springer's idea Electro could get into a sparring match with Dai Atlas)

2012-04-08, 08:02 AM

Electro suddenly turned to see a blue and orange mech standing somewhere behind him and shaking his head.

"Oh, sorry!" he shouted. "I didn't see you there!"

He walked over to the mech. "Hi, I'm Electro. Do I know you from somewhe-no wait, I don't. Ignore everything I said after "Hi, I'm Electro"."

2012-04-08, 11:02 AM
Project M Facility

With Sky Lynx's help, Hot Spot had collected the remaining Mini-Cons scattered throughout the facility and guided them to the avian-like Transformer's transport module where protection was assured. While also dealing with the blazes, of course. Considering how he and Sky Lynx worked so efficiently together to rescue the Mini-Cons, it was only natural for Hot Spot to juggle multiple tasks all at once.

There was nothing like risking your own life to save another. Hot Spot believed that these particular situations, brimming with split astrosecond decision making and precarious obstacles, brought out the best in him—and others.

His duties completed with all the effort and energy he could have summoned, Hot Spot followed Sentinel and the other Autobots to the lift.

Aero Blade
2012-04-08, 01:41 PM
Maintenance Tunnels, Subterranian Iacon

"Best I could figure would be to start at the source, the anomelies," Raiku would answer, having no other real starting point. It was just a bit ironic, as this was just about the time when he'd normally be filing his reports on such things, but none of the rest of the crew was here, and he was just getting started.

Still staying alert for would-be dangers, Raiku started to move out, leading Red Alert deeper into the tunnels.

Project M

Terabolt's head would silently swivel towards Sentinel as he messed up her name, and continued to stay fixated on him until it was time to move into the elevator. She'd make smooth leaping bounds in her cat-beast form, taking up residence in a corner where she could continue to stare at Sentinel. She did note the information he'd meantioned about the communication system, logging it for later. Once the lift was finally in motion, and Sentinel unable to go anywhere, she would finally speak to him.

"Do you only bother to memorize the complicated names if it's someone you're brown-nosing?"

2012-04-08, 07:53 PM
Pad D-7: Prime Shuttle

First Aid arrived on the scene and immediately transformed. He ran up the ramp that led into the Prime Shuttle and had some of his tools ready. "What's his status," he quickly asked Ratchet about Zeta Prime's condition, pretty much ignoring the others that are in the shuttle. "Have you managed to stabilize him enough for us to move him to the Med Bay? What do you want me to do?"

All First Aid had was questions right now. He didn't want to start operating on a Prime without knowing what the situation was. Even the smallest mistake can be a crucial one.

2012-04-08, 11:17 PM

"Greetings Electro please allow me to introduce myself, I am called Dai Atlas." He said bowing low. "I see that you are a swordsman, I too prefer the ancient ways to the modern firearms carried by most Cybertronians." As he said this he turned to allow his polearm to be seen mounted on his back. "Are you a student of Yoketron as well?"

(OOC: for future reference he doesn't carry a spear he carries a Naginata, I'm not sure what to call it in Cybertronian terms)

2012-04-09, 12:11 PM

"No, I'm one of Kup's." Electro responded. "Hey, what would you say to a sparring match? See who was trained better and all that."

Immediately after saying this, he realized he had no idea where such a sparring match could be conducted, or why he was making such an offer to a bot he just met.

2012-04-09, 09:50 PM
Rapido walked slowly out of the shuttle, lost in thought and not wanting to disturb the medics. He called out to them though "It was some kind of mining chemical. We didn't get specifics - rushed out as soon as we could."


Topspin turned and followed Sentinel. I know we're spread thin and all, and this place was supposed to be a secret and all, but couldn't we have posted a few extra soldiers down here. Could've gone a long way... Ugh. I hate this mess. This is why I prefer a strait up battle any day.

2012-04-10, 11:17 PM

"Greetings, my name is Dai Atlas" he said with a low bow. "I bear you no grudge, but if you desire a sparring match then I would be happy to oblige" Pulling out his glaive Dai Atlas assumed a fighting stance to prepare for the match. "Truth be told I am also curious to see the training methods employed by this 'Kup'. Is he new to the temple?"

2012-04-11, 01:11 PM

"You just told me your name. Why are you saying it again?" Electro said as he pulled out his sword. "And, as for Kup, I haven't heard the word 'new' applied to him in a long time."

With that, Electro began circling Dai Atlas. "Challenged moves first." he said, smiling.

2012-04-12, 02:37 PM
War Room, War Academy

"It's a secret development facility known only to Sentinel, Zeta Prime and myself, and the workers there." Prowl unflinchingly told Kup, noting the fact that Ratchet and First Aid were there. "We were developing a less destructive, more controllable version of the Omega Sentinel, which would have done wonders in quelling this rebellion. Unfortunately, the facility was invaded earlier on."

Prowl shrugged, "Though, if it was any consolation, our 'Maximus' Battlesuit, as it has been so dubbed, had repelled all the intruders. The facility is in ruins, however, and we have at least one confirmed fatality."

"We're working with unknowns, Kup. I cannot guarantee anything. The enemy's size is unknown, they have a fully functional six-changer, they have a Vector computer, they have a teleporter, they have Obsidian, they have four mad scientists uninhibited by morals or logic, and I fear they have a highly competent hacker which can tap into our communications systems. That, or we are compromised."

Prowl looked at Volks as he brought up Magnus' video in the center of the room. He nodded. "Sentinel, Kup, recent intel suggests that Magnus seems to have been captured alive, thus increasing my recommendation for a rescue party."

Prowl again replied to Jazz, "I leave it to you to assemble your squad, but I do think that Topspin and the Kaonite Hytherion had been- and would- prove highly useful, the former for firepower and the latter for tactical reasons. Lest we forget, both were at Kaon with you as well."

Project M Facility

"Simply splendid work, my good chap!" Sky Lynx replied to Hot Spot. "I could not have done it better myself, and that is as high a complement you could get."

Sky Lynx padded into the lift after Hot Spot and the others.

Sentinel snorted at Terabolt's disparaging comment, not wanting to make a scene, especially not in front of Cog and Sky Lynx, both of whom are powerful warriors that really he would not like to have being pissed off at him.

"No, I remember names only if I've worked with them after a long time." Sentinel replied to Terabolt. Because of all the corrections people keep pointing out, so the names like Prowl and Sky Lynx and Cog and Kup gets drilled into his head.

"I find it much easier if I don't get attached to too many people." He added bitterly and quickly.

Pad D-7: Prime Shuttle

"Mining chemical?" Ratchet asked Rapido. "That- that explains it, then."

He turned to face First Aid, and shook his head. "Not good. He's losing consciousness. We've got a mixture of lead compounds, radioactive seaborgium, reactive species of energon and other assorted nasty chemicals running through Prime's energon fuel lines. Stabilizing him? I don't think we have the time, the poison's already leaking into his systems. We probably need an Energon Pump (OOC: the equivalent of a human heart) graft, among others."

As he was speaking, Ratchet pulled out a cylinder full of green-coloured fluid and jabbed it into Zeta Prime's fuel line. It was a stimulant drug, designed to try and force Zeta Prime to stay conscious, lest slipping into unconsciousness before he was stabilized would prove fatal.

Ratchet pinched his brow. Why him? The Prime gets hit with one of the most complicated conditions, and of all the medics in the planet? Him... All right. Calm down, calm down...

"Move him into the med bay... yes, we need to do that as soon as possible. Stabilizing him, though? Help me." Ratchet was moving, pulling out a small machine with a large vial of energon attached to it, and began pulling out a cord and attaching it into the Prime's energon systems. "Energon filter." Ratchet explained to the Prime, to put him at ease... if he could hear him. "It won't get rid of the poison completely, but it's as much first aid as we can give here."

Ratchet transformed into vehicle mode. "First Aid, load him up, and continue stabilizing his condition. I'm going into go all Blurr on the road."

Aero Blade
2012-04-12, 03:00 PM
Project M Facility

"Yes, I can understand that," Terabolt would answer, her voice taking on a tone that would be difficult to interpret as she spoke to Sentinel. Then it changed, taking on a more curious tone. "But you seem to know Yoketron's name well, and he does not visit the military regularly..."

2012-04-12, 03:25 PM

"My apologies Electro it has been many vorns since I interacted with other Cybertronians" Raising his glaive over his head Dai Atlas made a quick hacking attack at Electro's head.

2012-04-12, 04:58 PM

Electro just barely ducked, avoiding Dai Atlas' hacking attack. "Ooh, that was close." he said, then swung his sword at Dai's chest.

2012-04-13, 02:51 AM
Project M Facility

"His name crops up quite a bit in conversations with the Prime." Sentinel told Terabolt. "And he made it quite, quite clear that I am not to mispronounce his name. I will spare you the details, but prior to your arriving here Prowl had managed to... drill the name into my head."

Sentinel reflexively reached to the back of his head, scowling.

2012-04-14, 04:58 PM

Dai Atlas moved to the side to avoid the strike and swung the shaft of his glaive down towardes Electro's feet in an attempt to trip him up.

2012-04-14, 09:55 PM
Prime's Shuttle

Zeta gave Nightstalker a weak smile. "You should start by making sure my successor doesn't drink poisoned energon," he said, joking with his guard -- something he never would have allowed himself to do were he in his right mind.

Looking up at Ratchet, he nodded. "Your reputation precedes you, doctor, but I fear your talents may be wasted in my case."

He winced as the doctor jabbed him with a hypo, but as the green fluid poured into his fuel he began to feel more alert. With a bit more energy now, he tried to pull himself up into a standing position under his own power.

"I will not be carried," he said. "It's bad enough if I die. I won't have the people seeing their Prime unable to walk under his own power."

He took a step forward, then felt a rush of light-headedness. "However," he said, "some assistance wouldn't be unwelcome."

Maintenance Tunnels, Subterranian Iacon

Red Alert was uncomfortable following Raiku's lead; in spite of the crash course that Hound had given him, he was still a raw civilian with no experience in dangerous situations like this. Not even Red Alert knew what they were walking into, and he had no idea if he would even be able to protect himself, let alone the witness.

This is a bad, bad idea, Red Alert decided. But what else can we do? Unless we can track down the people who are trying to kill him, we'll never be safe.

"How far?" he asked, his tone of voice controlled but still showing a little bit of nerves and strain. "And are we likely to run into anyone else while we're down here?"

Risking themselves was one thing, but if civilians (more civilians, he reminded himself) got caught in the crossfire things would get ugly very quickly.

2012-04-14, 10:15 PM
Pad D-7

Kup walked out of the Prime Shuttle to give Ratchet and First Aid more room to work in. He wouldn't be of much use to them anyway and with the medics handling Prime, he could direct his attention towards other matters. "A secret development facility, huh?" Kup replied to Prowl. "You probably kept it a secret from me because things were going on down there that I would never approve of, right?" Kup kept walking. "You should've told me. Security could've been tighter and we could've prevented a loss of life."

Kup stopped and looked up. He sighed. "But I guess we can't do much about that now and we'll deal with whatever problem comes rolling out of it. It always does."

Kup rubbed his chin. "Guess we've got to prepare for the worst then. How much do you trust Volks? If you trust him enough, you should have him run a check on our systems and see if there might be a leak in our security systems somewhere. From what I read about in his file, he knows his stuff."

The news of Obsidian hit Kup pretty hard. He didn't know about that yet. He and Obsidian go way back. Even before the Quintesson War they knew each other. They fought together, slagged a lot of Quints together. He considered him a friend. He just couldn't stop wondering what made him turn on the Autobots. "The odds are definately stacked against us. That's for sure."

Then the news about Magnus came. "I agree that we have to do what we can to get Magnus out of there," Kup replied. "Though right now, sending anyone in there will be a suicide mission."


Project M Facility

"I'll go through their profiles once I'm back at the War Room," Jazz replied to Prowl. "This is going to be a tough mission and I'll need to carefully select the right mechs for the job if we want to make it out still functioning."


Pad D-7: Prime Shuttle

"I'll assist you," First Aid said to Zeta Prime. "Once inside Ratchet, you will lie down. I'll sedate you myself if you're not going to listen to me, sir," First Aid added.


War Academy, War Room

Volks continued working on cracking the files that he managed to get from the Kaon servers. It wasn't much and they were heavily encrypted, but he was making progress nonetheless. His attention wandered off for a moment though when he noticed two mechs fighting just outside the War Academy near the entrance gates.

"Uhm, commander?" He said to Prowl. "Security may not be my business, but we've got two crazy glitches fighting just outside the gates. They're going to attract some unwanted attention to us and I don't think we can use that right now."

2012-04-15, 02:52 PM
Prime's Shuttle

"Don't say that, Prime. Do not say that." Ratchet told Zeta, not unkindly. "My talents are here to help save people, I will be damned to the fifth level of the Inferno if I give up on the Prime right now."

Ratchet almost rolled his optics (well, he would if he was in robot mode) as Zeta Prime insisted on not being carried. "Look, the people won't see you, Zeta Prime. It's a relatively short distance from here to the medbay, I have an enclosed cargo bay, First Aid is starting to give ultimatums, and undoubtedly Prowl will court-martial the scrap out of anyone who even gets a photoshoot of you hanging on my back. Besides, I think the public would rather see the Prime weak but alive, rather than, well, the alternative. First Aid, do help the Prime into my cargo bay. Ironhide, you and your security team better cover me in case some nutjob tries to finish the job."

War Room, War Academy

Prowl watched the live-stream video of Ratchet and First Aid working on Zeta Prime from Volks' feed. While not a surgeon, Prowl knew enough about medicine that if a normally happy-go-lucky idealistic airhead like Ratchet would suggest a risky procedure like an Energon Pump Transfusion... things would get out of hand.

"Kaput." Prowl spoke into a commlink. "Pharma, Fixit, Remedy, any and all medical staff, get to the medical bay and prepare for an Energon Pump Transfusion. You will be serving under Ratchet and First Aid, and obey their orders without question. This is a Code-Red emergency."

Prowl then replied to Kup with an unflinching, "No. I would not pretend that there are things down there we wished were hidden forevermore, but the real reason is security. Believe it if you will or won't." Arguing would be pointless now, and besides Prowl and Kup had better things to do.

Prowl glanced at Volks, and nodded. "He had proven himself... unexpectedly extremely helpful and cooperative, and it was to his credit that we know anything at all about the enemy's movements. He has succeeded in fulfilling most of my expectations on him."

Prowl turned to the undoubtedly-eavesdropping Volks, and said, "You heard him, start running a check on the systems."

Prowl didn't even bother correcting Kup's words about the odds are stacked against them. He had to remain calm. Make the odds turn in their direction. Which, now, involved the Maximus Battlesuit, Wheeljack and Highbrow, Smokescreen, as well as rescuing Magnus. Blaze, too, but it seemed that killing Megatron has become an impossibility, and Prowl feared that Blaze had failed...

But the odds are always able to be turned around.

"We are prepared now," Prowl told Kup, "And we have the element of surprise. Jazz is a highly capable unit, and he has familiarity with the layout of Kaon." The results would outweigh the costs, Prowl told himself, but didn't say it out loud.

Prowl replied to Jazz, "Agreed. Choose your team wisely. I believe your team should leave within the day, if you are up to it."

Prowl turned to address Volks again, and shook his head. "Thank you, Volks." The commander shook his head. What are people doing, fighting outside the gates? Unacceptable. Not after two security breaches, and with the Prime in a critical condition. "Kup, there are two people apparently engaged in what seems to be a swordfight outside the gates of the War Academy. Their IFF register as being our people. Could you give them a stern talking-to? The last thing we need right now is undisciplined, rowdy fools."

2012-04-15, 03:28 PM

Electro braced himself for Dai Atlas's next attack, only to be knocked off his feet by the shaft of his glaive.

"Nice one." he said, as he picked himself off the ground. He then aimed a sweeping kick at Dai Atlas' mid-section.

2012-04-16, 10:18 PM

Dai Atlas was unprepared for once at how fast Electro picked himself up. That being the case he only had enough time to brace himself for the kick. "Kfff, nice kick" He said shaking off the impact. "Now for something a bit more advanced." Dai Atlas began spinning his glaive with one hand then quickly made several feints at Electro hoping to disorient him, then with one quick motion he pulled the blade back then slashed at the other mech's midsection.

2012-04-17, 12:53 PM
War Academy

Kup shook his head. Just what they needed. Two of their own men fighting just outside the gates of the War academy. He thought he taught them well, but some mechs were obviously in need of a reminder. "I'm on it," Kup replied to Prowl.

Kup transformed into his altmode and headed from Pad D-7 towards the entrance gates of the Autobot War Academy. It only took him a couple of cycles to reach the gates and he transformed back to robot mode and walked up the gates. He signaled the gatekeeper and after being identified as Kup, the gates opened. Kup walked out and saw the two mechs fighting not far from where he was standing. From the looks of things, it looked more like an exercise than a fight. Still civilians could interpret it differently and besides, soldier fighting outside of the War Academy without a superior's consent just isn't allowed. Since Prowl wasn't aware of anything, these guys are just being stupid.

Kup took a step closer and got ready to give the two an audioreceptor full. "You two bit-brained, bootlegged, dim-sparked, glitching, half-clocked, malfunctioning slag for brained Petro-rabbits stop what you're doing right now, before I start kicking your skidplates!" he shouted with authority.

With his arms crossed and a stern look on his face, Kup looked at Electro first. "You should know better than to start a fight in the middle of the street! You're one of my students and one of the first things you learn at the academy is that once you're a soldier, fighting outside the premises of the War Academy is forbidden!"

Kup then turned to Dai Atlas. The mech was unfamiliar to him, though from the looks of him, he's from the Temple. "And you! I don't know much about your teachings, but I'm sure that they don't include fighting on the streets with a random stranger!"

He shook his head. Again. "You two took the worst moment of all time to start a fight. You're both lucky that I can't spare the men power right now or you two would both be working at the waste disposal facility for as long as I see fit!"

Kup turned and pointed towards the gates. "Nog get inside! Now! We're going to the interview room next to the War Room. You'll get a chance to think about what you've done while Prowl and I decide what to do with you two," Kup added. Again with a stern face. "Now move it!"


En route to War Room

"No problem," Jazz replied to Prowl. "I'll have my team assembled A.S.A.P." Jazz switched com-channel. "Rapido, this is Jazz. We have a mission. Meet me at the War Room. We're going to have to assemble a bigger team for this one."

2012-04-17, 03:31 PM
Rapido smiled despite the situation at hand when Jazz's communication came through. "Be right there." He said to Jazz, glad to have something to take his mind off Zeta. Rapido transformed and sped away from the medics, and rushed off to the War Room.

2012-04-17, 07:29 PM

"This humble one begs your forgiveness. I did not know that friendly sparring was prohibited here." Dai Atlas said to Kup with a low bow "My name is Dai Atlas, I presume that you must be Kup as Electro spoke of his sword teacher." Returning his glaive to the magnetized mounting of his back Dai Atlas bowed to Electro "I apologize to you as well, I did not wish to cause any trouble here." Speaking once more to Kup he said "Your student is quite skilled with a blade for one not of the temple, you must be quite proud."

2012-04-18, 02:26 PM

Electro stood there, listening to Kup's chewing-out. He considered intervening at several points, but ultimately decided not to say anything that could make the matter any worse than it already was.

After Kup finally finished, he walked towards the gates, and headed for the interview room.

2012-04-19, 04:53 PM
Prime's Shuttle:

Orion watched the medics work on Zeta. Most of his face being covered by a plate helped conceal his horror. He looked over at Ironhide, watching the old Autobot straighten up, his face unreadable.

Then he caught a flash of something in Ironhide's optics, a slight crinkling around the edges of the lenses. He noticed the old Autobot's hands, clenching and unclenching.

He recognized what Ironhide was doing. He'd done it himself, all the times he'd had to deal with yet another browbeating from Sentinel. It was anger management. And from the fact that the fists were staying clenched a lot more than they were unclenching, the fact that Ironhide's optics were getting narrower, the crinkling getting more and more severe.

He suddenly got the feeling that anger management wasn't Ironhide's strong suit, and woe betide anybody who got in his way.


Ironhide, quietly fuming and getting angrier and angrier at the Decepticons in general, Megatron in particular, over what had happened, looked over at Orion after Ratchet's comment. "Ah'll take point. 'Rahon, you follow Ratchet. Anybody comes near us on th' way there, shoot 'em." With that, he stalked out of the shuttle and transformed to vehicle mode, sensors on full, waiting for the others.

2012-04-19, 07:15 PM
War Academy

"Didn't know fighting was prohibited..." Kup looked a little puzzled, though that expression changed quickly. "You two must lack common sense then," Kup replied to Dai Atlas. Still a bit angry about the incedent. "It's a good thing that Sentinel's too busy. He would've chewed you guys out way worse than I did."

Kup kept walking. He wondered what kind of name Dai Atlas was anyway and figured that is must be foreign. "I'm indeed Kup and to answer your question, I'm not particularly proud of him at the moment, no." If Electro knew Kup even a little. He would know that his anger will past in a matter of cycles. He knows that Electro is a good soldier, but still a bit green."

Kup turned to Electro. "Don't know about your friend's status with the army, but I hope for your sake, Electro, that Prowl's doing something that's more important than giving you a lecture. Trust me, one of those and you'll never misbehave again."


War Academy, War Room

"I'll see you there," Jazz replied to Rapido. "I'll brief you on the mission once you're here." Jazz walked into the War Room. "Commander," he said, greeting Prowl. He walked over to Volks and stood right next to him. "Volks, right? Jazz is the name. Can you give me a list of all available candidates suitable for a spec ops mission?"

Volks looks looked up. "Uhm, I'm kind of in the middle of something here," he replied annoyed. I'm already checking for a possible security breach, keeping an eye on possible hostile Decepticon activityand hacking these files that I managed to pull from the KPRI database. You'll just have to wait until I'm done, alright?"

Jazz leaned forward and got close to Volks and light shimmered over Jazz's visor for a moment giving him a more intimidating look. "You're going to give me that list and you'll give it to me now," he said in a calm but still demanding tone. "I'm going to need at least one scout, one fighter and one heavy hitter. A medic wouldn't hurt either, but I'm guessing we're short on those with Zeta's condition right now."

Volks raised a brow and then shook his head. "Never a moment rest when you're Volks," he said complaining. "What you guys did up here when I wasn't around still amazes me." Volks then went to work and after a couple of cycles generated a list of names for Jazz to select from. "There. Happy?"

Jazz then smiled. "Very. You're a good kid. Send the list over to my data pad." He walked over to a desk and received the list as per request and started to go through them. His optics immediately stopped when the name Prowl suggested was on the list: Hytherion.

Hytherion was pretty much unknown to Jazz which was surprising since Jazz knew just about everybody on the Academy. It didn't matter mucg as he profile was impressive enough and if Prowl suggested him, he'll probably be up for the job. Prowl said that he's from Kaon, so he'll know his way around and that alone is an advantage. Couple that with him not being that well known and Jazz just selected his first candidate.

Aside from Rapido and himself, low profile soldiers were just the type Jazz was looking for. If they get caught it wouldn't be much of a security risk. A very cold thought, but one that Jazz had to take into account when preparing this mission. Failure was not an option, because failure would mean death.

Jazz flipped up a panel on his desk and opened a com-channel to Hytherion. "Hyherion. This is Jazz. I've been informed by Prowl that you're currently on base. Report to the War Room as soon as possible for a mission."



Wheeljack was working on the EMP devices that they wanted to install in the shrapnel needles. EMP's were always very difficult to work with, because they're very sensitive and one slight mistake could render a part of a mech's body useless for a while depending on the size. Luckily for Wheeljack the devices were small and wouldn't do much damage.

He was fiddling with the nano-sized EMP device when it suddenly went off! Wheeljack fell backwards out of his chair. "Oh my aching head," he said and put his hand on his head or so he thought. His right arm was rendered useless and he could only use the left one. "Good news Highbrow," he said while still on the floor. "Our invention works, but I think my arm won't be of any use for a while," he said while helping himself up. "Maybe a good thing that it happened, because that way we'll find out how long it'll take to wear off."

2012-04-20, 07:19 AM
War Room, War Academy

Prowl nodded as Kup went off to deal with the problem outside. He was grateful to Volks for bringing it up. After all, a distraction like this is what he needed to let Kup cool off and maybe, just maybe, put the Project M thing for later. After all, they had higher priorities at the moment.

Kup's loud string of expletives came over the intercom loud and clear, and Prowl winced as he moved the audiophones away from him.

Never did learn to shut off his commlinks before he started shouting at people...

Prowl nodded at Jazz, pleased at the other Autobot's efficiency. Rapido is always a good foil for Jazz as well; the two seemed to work quite well. And, more importantly, they follow orders to the letter without questioning too much.

While waiting for Zeta Prime to be tended to by the medics (keeping an optic at the camera now following their progress from the shuttle to the medbay) and waiting for Sentinel and the others to get to Zeta Prime, Prowl settled himself in a seat and typed in an inquiry for this... Electro.

Not a bad record... but not very distinguished either. Might he be a fit for Jazz's team? Or should they put in Hot Spot, or Blades, or Warpath... But against the six-changer...

Prowl considered someone else... Wheeljack. Not as a field agent, obviously, but for other reasons. Prowl pressed a commlink that would bring him to the Arsenal's communications. "Wheeljack, this is Prowl. I apologize for bothering you, but is there any way to equip a strike team with weapons able of... disabling the Six-Changer by the end of this day?"

Just then, Jazz entered the War Room, and Prowl gave him a curt nod. He was about to intervene when Volks tried to tell Jazz to wait, but it seems that the latter had the situation well in control. Network was pretty disgruntled at the perceived insult from Volks, but said nothing.

Prowl stood up, strode over to Jazz and pointed at a name on Jazz's list with a stylus, brandishing it like a weapon.

"If I may make another recommendation..." Prowl said, as the stylus rested on Electro's name. "He is a relatively low-profile soldier, but with an above-average skill set. Well-versed in swordfighting, able to take on a Temple Knight. I am, however, not quite impressed by the fact that he had just taken on said Temple Knight outside our Academy."

Of course, the bottom implication that Electro is ultimately disposable was there in Prowl's voice, and he knew Jazz would catch it.

Prime's Shuttle, Landing Pad

Ratchet was aware of Ironhide's barely-restrained rage, but he knew the old soldier-turned-bodyguard would not do anything to harm him, not when Zeta Prime's life is on the line.

"First Aid, hurry up and get Prime in my cargo bay. We can't afford any delays!"

Elevators, Project M Facility

The elevator moved to a stop on the hidden entrance in front of the War Academy, and Sentinel stepped out, followed by Sky Lynx, and presumably Fortress, Terabolt and the rest of the Autobots with him.

Network, under orders from Prowl, had debriefed Sentinel about everything that had happened to Zeta Prime.

"The Prime has been poisoned." Sentinel told those present, face darker than ever. "I'm en route there. The rest of you, either follow me, or get ready. Whatever the prognosis, I have a feeling that we're going to strike back at those spineless cowards. Soon."

2012-04-20, 02:42 PM
Prime Shuttle:

Orion watched Ironhide storm out, then looked over towards Ratchet and First Aid. "I don't think he's angry at you. I'm more worried that he's going to take a shuttle back to Kaon and go after Megatron."

Corridors, War Academy:

If he had to describe how he was feeling, he'd have said "Bored".

Very, very bored.

But then, he didn't really do boredom. He was the mech of action, the mech of excitement, for the love of Primus!

Not.... not...... this......

But the whole experience had taught Hot Rod something. Never, never lip off at a superior officer, while they're berating you, because you think they've got a stupid alt-mode after locking them in a store room. By accident. It wasn't his fault the idiot had picked a data storage unit for an alt-mode. If he's going to do that, he should have his name stencilled onto himself somewhere.

But he hadn't, and so Hot Rod now found himself pushing a floor polisher through some nearly forgotten corridor deep within the War Academy's bowels. Bored almost rigid.

2012-04-20, 02:57 PM
War Academy, Interview Room

Dai Atlas hoped that he wouldn't be noticed as he secretly followed Electro. Something was happening that was for certain. 'If a mission is being planned perhaps he could be useful.'

2012-04-21, 07:49 AM
Elevators, Project M Facility

Hot Spot trailed behind Sentinel and the others as they exited the elevator, sustaining the brisk pace set by the military commander. He was satisfied with his efforts down below in the facility. Thanks to Sky Lynx's aid, they were more than capable of rescuing the unfortunate Mini-Cons seized by imposing columns of fire and the harassment of temperamental explosions. As far as Hot Spot knew, not a single Mini-Con had perished while he was busy working tirelessly.

Happy as he was with that result, there was no time for respite. Sentinel informed the Autobots that Zeta Prime had been poisoned, upon receiving a transmission from intelligence. After learning this, Hot Spot's gait was inflicted with aggression and he walked faster, strides stretching further, committed to accompanying Sentinel to the medical bay.

Regardless of what was going to occur, he was ready for action.

2012-04-21, 03:13 PM
Prime Shuttle

"Eh, I know Ironhide." Ratchet replied to Orion. "Haven't met him too many times, I admit, but his reputation among medics and the military, well... Let's just say I'm glad he is firmly on our side."

Corridors, War Academy:

Prowl's optics ran to a second name on Jazz's list, and his stylus moved again down the list.

"... And Hot Rod." Prowl pointed at a second name in Jazz's list. "He's on the rehabilitation program, but I think he would be an excellent fit for your team. He seems to have a... tendency to improvise. His mock battle against Magnus and Warpath certainly have proved his mettle in combat."

2012-04-22, 02:37 PM
Interview Room, War Academy

"If the stories I've heard are true, I'd rather put my sword through my sparkcore than listen to him....." Electro responded to Kup.

He wondered. It was doubtful that Prowl was calling him just for a lecture. Maybe he was being given a mission.

A mission. It'd been so long since he'd had anything interesting to do.

2012-04-22, 05:06 PM

Wheeljack walked over to the communications console. He was still suffering from the effects of the EMP, but since it was only his hand, it wasn't bothering him much. He had experienced much worse in the past. "Wheeljack here," he replied to Prowl. "Highbrow and I are working on it right now. Production on some of the weaponry has already started. Shouldn't be long before it's done. Have your team stop by to pick it up before they leave."

Wheeljack paused a moment. "Oh and while we're talking anyway, we should talk about the Academy's defences soon. I think they need an upgrade."


War Room, War Academy

"Low profile works," Jazz replied to Prowl. "But judging from his profile, Electro doesn't have that much field experience. He's been trained by Kup, so he got the best training that we can offer. His proficiency with a sword will come in handy on this mission. Guns make too much a noise when we have to slip into Kaon undetected."

Jazz leaned back in his seat, thinking Prowl's suggestion over for a minute.


Prime's Shuttle, Landing Pad

"I'm going as fast as I can," First Aid replied to Ratchet," but I'm not going any faster than the Prime can take," he added while carrying Zeta Prime into Ratchet's cargobay. "Lie down here, sir," he said to the Prime.

"That wouldn't be a smart idea," First Aid replied to Orion. "He'll only get himself killed if goes back to Kaon alone. Maybe you can try to calm him down?"


War Academy, Interview Room

"You two are going to stay here," Kup said to Electro and Dai Atlas. "I'll be back in a few cycles and when I am, you two better have a good story for me that'll explain your stupidity."

Kup then walked out and headed towards the War Room.


War Room, War Academy

"I'll have a talk with this Electro first," Jazz said while right at that moment, Kup walked in. He immediately caught what Jazz said and walked over to him.

"You're thinking about selecting Electro for your mission?" Kup looked at Jazz and then at Prowl. "Don't you think that's kind of harsh? He doesn't have that much field experience. Sending him into Kaon would pretty much be a suicide mission."

Jazz nodded. "This mission is a suicide mission and that's exactly what I'll tell them. I'm not going to tell them a pretty story about how we're going to be heroes on a mission to save Magnus." Jazz stood up and walked over to where Kup was. "We may even have to do some... disturbing... things to gain access to the Governor's Mansion to get the army's favorite soldier out, but you know what? We're going to do it anyway and I'm sure that every mech I'll ask out there will do it anyway out of respect for Magnus alone. You'd rather that I take our best mechs, wage a war and leave Iacon defenceless?"

Kup bowed his head. He knew Jazz was right, but he also knew that the possibility of some members of the team not making it back. "You're right, but that doesn't mean I have to like it."

Jazz put his hand on Kup's shoulder. "Relax. I wouldn't select them if they weren't capable of the task I have for them," he said and took his arm off Kup. "Which brings me to an other candidate. Hot Rod. He's one of your guys that went through the ex-con program, right?"

Kup nodded. "Yeah, he is. The first guy that beat Magnus in a training session too. He has alot of skill, but lacks motivation. Lacks direction. To be honest, I think that this mission would be very suited to his particular abilities. However, he is a convicted criminal. Trust will be more of an issue."

"Hey!" suddenly was shouted from the other side of the room. "I take offense to that!" It was Volks. Who was a former criminal himself too.

"Shut up, you little pip-squeek! This doesn't concern you," Kup shouted back.

"Oh no?! Volks replied defiantly. "Not even if I would tell you that I just managed to download the blue prints of the Governor's Mansion?" If Volks didn't have a mouthplate, a big smirk would show of his face right now."

Kup shook his head and looked at Prowl. "How you've managed to put up with this guy's slag is beyond me," he said with a sigh. "Anyway perhaps you and Jazz should have a talk with Hot Rod first. If only to confirm that he'll be loyal to us. Electro is in the room right next to us. Along with the Temple Knight. You think we should involve Yoketron into this?"

2012-04-24, 05:52 AM
Prime's Shuttle

Zeta Prime smiled weakly at First Aid. "You have spirit. I like that."

Letting the medic help him into Ratchet's patient bay, he grunted as he lowered himself onto a gurney.

"I'm afraid, Ratchet, that you may not have a say in the matter. Our friend Megatron--" he broke off, coughing violently, "Megatron knew exactly what he was doing."

He let out a soft chuckle as he relaxed into a prone position.

"But that doesn't mean that I won't appreciate it if you prove me wrong."

2012-04-24, 09:35 PM
Highbrow waited to reply to Wheeljack once Prowl's communication came through "Looks like we may not have time to test sufficiently." He said, indicating the nonfunctional arm of Wheeljack. "But we should have time to produce several prototypes at least." He looked over at his notes from earlier. "What about the additional ammunition types? Will we be able to produce any other types other than the EMP?"


Rapido pulled up to the Commmand Center and transformed, giving the doors just enough time to part as he stood up and walked in. " All right Jazz." He said, looking around and taking in those gathered. "What's on the docket for today?" Knowing he would, at best, not get the full briefing until the actual meeting, and may not even get any info, depending on how classified the mission was to be.

2012-04-25, 11:37 AM
War Room, War Academy

Prowl looked at Jazz, and nodded. “Mmm, as usual, I leave the final call in your hands, Jazz. I trust your field experience more in these matters.” Of course, the seed of thought had been planted. There is about a 60% chance that Jazz would go through with Electro… and if he did not, it really did not affect matters much.

Wheeljack replied to him, and Prowl turned to the monitor to reply to the engineer. “Excellent. You two do deserve your reputation. I shall have my team—led by Jazz, one of the Autobots who headed the operation to extract you—stop by your place. And, true, our defenses are not quite up to standard, not if we are to go to war. What do you have in mind, Wheeljack?”

Force fields, most likely, if they are talking about defenses. ‘Smart’ tracking missile launchers are too easily compromised, though they are indeed much more satisfying to see. Prowl, however, disliked them because of the frequency of misfires and friendly fires.

Prowl turned to Kup as the older Autobot entered, then gave Jazz a glance, and shrugged, forcing back a smile as Jazz replied to Kup in a more diplomatic manner than he ever could.

“If it makes you better, Kup, neither do I. And I am sure Jazz would not risk the lives of our soldiers if it could not be helped. But in war, we do what we must to let our people survive.” Prowl told the older Autobot, before trailing off. It felt unnatural, to hear those words coming out of his mouth. Normally, it was a saying Obsidian always told him whenever they made a hard choice.

Was he turning into Obsidian?

No. Obsidian had no moral code. He had. He was choosing to save the entire population of Cybertron, and possibly sacrifice a group of well-oiled soldiers, which actually had a chance of coming out of Kaon alive.

Prowl managed a weak smile. “Although who am I to lecture you, eh, Kup?” Volks spoke up just then, and Prowl looked at the hacker, and turned back towards Kup. “Volks may talk back, but the results speak for themselves. He is rightfully proud of his skill, and I respect that. I do not like his talking back, obviously, but it is something I can live for... so long as he keeps up his work. As for Hot Rod, he had every chance to bail out on us when we were at Kaon, and he didn’t… of course, I trust Jazz and your judgment on character more.”

Prowl frowned. “The Temple of Primus in Kaon has just been destroyed and appropriated by the Decepticons. Yoketron and his Temple Knights have already been involved by default, and I do think we should be able to count upon their assistance in this matter.”

Rapido entered the room after Kup, and Prowl decided to let Jazz debrief Rapido… then relented. “You and Jazz are to head to Kaon with a team to extract Magnus.”

En Route to the Medbay

As promised, as soon as First Aid placed Zeta Prime within his cargo bay, Ratchet covered the Prime up, so that no one catching a peek would see the Prime. He set down the ramp and headed off after Ironhide without preamble. “Let’s go, Ironhide! The clock is ticking!”

To Zeta Prime, with a gentler manner, Ratchet said, “I won’t lie and coddle you and say that everything is going to be all right, Prime, but I am a medic, and I am not going to let this Megatron kill you off, not without a Pit of a fight. Now hang on and try to survive, your people need you.”

2012-04-25, 10:21 PM
En Route to the Medbay

"Thank you," First Aid replied To Zeta Prime when he commended him on his spirit.

"I'm afraid that the Prime is right though," he said to Ratchet. "Scanners indicate that his conditioning is getting worse. I'm surprised that he's even able to speak right now."


War Room, War Academy

Jazz sat back down in his chair and nodded in agreement with Prowl. Prowl always gave him more than enough room to let him make his own decisions. It's what worked best and it's probably why he and Prowl work so well together. They have the same kind of perspective, even though Jazz sees himself more as a field operative. It's probably the main reason why he hasn't moved up the chain of command. Not that he cared though.

"On file, Electro's the perfect guy for the job, so I'll trust my instincts on this one and recruit him." Jazz turns to Kup. "Bring him in. I'm sure that he's eager to do something."

Kup nods. "What about the other one? The Temple Knight? Prowl raised a good point. I'm sure that Yoketron wouldn't mind to have somebody of his own Temple involved."

"Bring him in too," Jazz replied." Temple Knights are good fighters, so he'll probably be very helpful."

"Got it. I'll get them right now." Kup turned around and walked out of the War Room to get Electro and Dai Atlas. Kup left the room and Jazz looked up at Prowl. "That went quite well, don't you think? Jazz said about the conversation with Kup. "I thought he would put up more of a fight."

Jazz leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. He had to consider Hot Rod for this mission. Prowl recommended him and that alone was enough, but Kup was hesitant. Though that comes natural with the kind of mileage that he has. He just doesn't trust mechs that quick anymore. Jazz doesn't either, but it's true that he had all the chances to bail out and decided to stick around. That's saying something. Besides, having the guy on your team that handed Magnus his first defeat kind of makes him saving Magnus a bit poetic. Jazz cracked a smile. "I've decided. Hot Rod's on the team."

Rapido had entered the command centre and inquired about the mission. Before Jazz could, Prowl had already given him an answer, but Jazz had an important task for Rapido in mind and told him a bit more. "This isn't going to be a standard operation with just you and me," he added. "We're going to take a team into Kaon and attempt to extract Magnus from the Governor's Mansion. I've selected a team and I want you to come up with a plan. Remember that this is going to be a covert op. Only the mechs in this room right now and the selected team members are going to know about it. I'll give you a list of the recruits and their profiles." Jazz copied the files of Hytherion, Hot Rod and Electro to Rapido's data pad. "Don't know anything about the temple knight, but we're going to find out in a moment. Once everybody is here, the briefing will start. Oh, and before I forget, shorty over there," Jazz said, pointing to Volks, "managed to pull the blue prints to the Mansion from somewhere. Should be helpful"

With that, Jazz placed the call to Hot Rod. "Hot Rod, this is Jazz. Rise and shine, because you've just been selected for a mission. Report to the War Room as soon as possible."


Interview room

Kup walked in and saw the two mechs, Electro and Dai Atlas, waiting for him. "On your feet soldiers! Prowl and Jazz are in the next room and they want to have a word with you two," Kup added with a stern look on his face.

He didn't want to show the others that he was actually a bit worried for them. All these attacks that have happened are too methodical to have been thought of by just another rebel. This Megatron knows what he's doing and he's doing it very well. Kup just couldn't shake the feeling that they're going to waltz right into a trap. However, Kup wanted Magnus back too and found himself in conflict about the situation. He's never left a mech behind. Not even during the Quintesson War and he didn't want Magnus to be the first.

"What're you waiting for?! Move it!" he shouted and pointed them into the direction of the War Room.



"Right. Jazz. I remember him, Wheeljack replied to Prowl. "How's his arm? Last time I saw him, it was ripped off clean of its hinges."

Highbrow then joined in the conversation and Wheeljack turned towards him, leaving the com channel open so that Prowl follow what they're both were doing.

"We'll produce what we can," Wheeljack replied to Highbrow. EMP darts are not going to be enough against Sixshot and will only annoy him. Problem is that the team isn't going to face him alone if they do. So if you think it'll help the team then make it Highbrow. Time's running short."

Wheeljack wanted to scratch his mouth plate, but forgot that he couldn't move his hand. "Oh right. I had that little accident," he said in a somewhat funny tone. "Don't think that we need to test much of our weaponry though, since some of them have been field tested already when we tried to get away from Sixshot."

Wheeljack stood up and walked over to a work bench. "I have some over-shields ready, but they're not going to do much good against heavy and repeated fire. They'll only buy you some time. Very short time for that matter. The equilibrium distorters and sonic grenades work too. Off course, if you're looking for something a little more conventional," he paused and pointed towards another location of the Arsenal facility, "we have your standard weaponry such as big blasters, swords, grenades and the likes too."

Wheeljack walked back to the previous work bench where he was working on something. "I have something else that I'm working on right now, but production of it is going a bit slower now that I'm working with one arm. It should be ready before the end of the day. It'll definitely help the team if they do face Sixshot, but it's a very dangerous weapon. I'll give it to your field leader once he's here and will explain its workings."

2012-04-26, 08:32 AM
En Route to the Medbay

Ratchet made a noncommittal grunt to First Aid, as he followed Ironhide towards the medical bay.

"We have a strong Prime, First Aid. Don't be surprised by that." Ratchet replied to the other medic. Inside his cargo bay, the energon pump connected to Zeta Prime's energon vessels is starting to overheat as it attempted to filter off all the toxins in the Prime's energon fluid systems... and failing.

A good bit of the energon inside Zeta Prime's body had clumped up, which made the filter all the more difficult.

War Room, War Academy

Prowl leaned backwards as he watched Jazz and Kup discuss the matter amongst themselves. He felt a short burst of relief and smugness when Jazz declared that he would pick Electro. Prowl truthfully was not very sure about bringing a Temple Knight into the matter, but why waste an asset, especially if Electro's Temple Knight friend is willing to help, so naively like all religious types are?

The shade of a smirk played on Prowl's lips. When did he turn into such a cynic?

Prowl turned to Jazz and shrugged as he stood up, tracking both Sentinel's movement and Zeta Prime's condition on the monitor. "Kup is a good soldier. He understands our need... even if he does not approve of it. He knows the urgency. Mark my words, when this is over, we will probably get a good lecture from him."

Prowl had another surge of satisfaction as Jazz picked Hot Rod.

Wheeljack replied to him just then, and Prowl pressed a button so that it is on loudspeaker, in order for Jazz and Rapido to listen to the details of their equipment. "Jazz has been repaired. We have an excellent medical staff. You are, by the way, on with him as well."

EMP darts, Prowl mentally noted. Excellent. Even if Sixshot is somehow equipped to deal with EMP bursts, it would at the very least disrupt his transformation and a Cybertronian's more volatile systems. Prowl nodded, although he frowned critically as he mentioned the 'accident'. Giving Jazz a look, Prowl turned back to Wheeljack, tone neutral. "Excellent work, Wheeljack. Do you require... medical assistance?"

Field tested when they got away from Sixshot... let's hope so.

Over-shields. Equilibrium distorters. Sonic grenades... and the old-fashioned weaponry... Wheeljack is crazy prepared. Prowl liked that.

"You heard that, soldier." Prowl replied to Jazz and Rapido. "Do stop by Arsenal and get your weaponry from Wheeljack and Highbrow. You will need it."

2012-04-26, 05:23 PM
En Route to Medbay:

Ironhide rolled toward the Medbay, with Orion bringing up the rear of this little convoy.

Somewhere deep within the bowels of the War Academy:

Hot Rod turned off the floor buffer and activated his commlink. "I'll be there as soon as I can. Did you know this building has about twenty sub-basements?" Leaving the buffer behind, he started making his way up back towards the surface.

2012-04-26, 05:50 PM
Interview room

"Okay, okay!" Electro said, got up, and walked to the War Room.

"So, what is it?" he asked as he entered. "Am I in trouble?" he followed, then chuckled.

2012-04-26, 10:37 PM
War Room, War Academy

"Good," Jazz replied to Hot Rod. "I'll see you in a couple of cycles then."

He turned to Prowl. "No doubt about it," he replied when his commander mentioned that they're going to get a lecture from Kup. With this much going on right now though, chances are that he'll forget about it to deal with more pressing matters. "Hot Rod's on his way, by the way. Sounded pretty motivated too, though I think he was wondering around in places he shouldn't be."

Jazz then listened in on Prowl's conversation with Wheeljack. "Thanks for asking, buddy. I'll send my men over as soon as I can so that you can outfit them with all your crazy gadgets and whatever. I'm sure they'll come in handy." Jazz shrugged when Prowl looked at him when Wheeljack mentioned that he had sustained some form of injury. Jazz has heard of Wheeljack's reputation. Stuff exploded on a regular basis in his lab from what he had heard. "Make sure you keep yourself in one piece, Wheeljack. Don't want your rescue to have been for nothing if you blow yourself up."

Electro then entered the War Room and Jazz stood up, giving him a good look. He was fresh. No doubt about it and his demeanor was ... a bit disrespectful. Jazz walked up to him. He didn't like his attitude one bit. Who chuckles in front of superior officers after pulling a stunt like he did only a few cycles ago? Jazz gave Prowl a look. He wondered what Prowl was thinking for recommending this mech and if he was serious about it. He shook his head. Jazz was ready to reprimand Electro, but Kup beat him to it.

"By the Celestial Spires! Are you out of your glitching brain module?! You must be half-clocked to be asking a slagging question like that," Kup shouted at Electro. "Show some respect! Chin up, stand up straight and loose that smirk on your face!"

Jazz had to force back a smile. He had forgotten the reprimands that Kup can dish out to his soldiers. They were never nice. Always with a lot of swearing and often with words Jazz had never even heard of. Jazz looked at Prowl and made a hand gesture. Implying that he should take this one since it was his recommendation.



"Oh I'm fine," Wheeljack replied to Prowl and Jazz. "No need to worry about me. This should wear off within a few couple of cycles. On the bright side, we now know the effects of these darts on a regular Transformer," he added in a joyous tone."

The feeling in his arm slowly returned and Wheeljack started to shake his hand. "Looking forward to meet you and your team Jazz. I'm sure Highbrow and I can equip you with what you need."

2012-04-27, 03:27 AM
War Room, War Academy

Dai Atlas followed Electro into the room next door. 'My first estimation of Electro seems to have been correct, he really is just a hot headed young mech' He thought after hearing the former's comment. The other mechs in the room held more interest for Dai Atlas, one he had already met. Kup didn't seem anything like the masters back at the academy 'strange' Dai Atlas thought. 'Perhaps the other mech is leading the mission' "Hello sir" he said with a bow, "Dai Atlas at your service."

2012-04-29, 09:42 AM
War Room, War Academy

"Just a joke, sarge....." Electro muttered. "Alright, let's try this again."

The smirk quickly faded off of Electro's face, and he straightened himself up. "Electro reporting for duty, sirs! What does this concern?"

2012-05-01, 05:20 AM
Prime's Shuttle

Zeta Prime responded to Ratchet. "Your zeal is acknowledged and appreciated, doctor. I hope you treat all your patients this way, though. Not simply the important ones who were stupid enough to throw their lives away in a fit of egotism."

Then he smiled to First Aid. "My young friend, you forget one thing...I'm the bearer of the Matrix of Leadership, the symbol of life given to us by Primus himself. I suspect...I suspect that it is sustaining me, now. But even that won't last for long."

Of course, he didn't really expect a pair of doctors to put much stock in his religious beliefs...but to Zeta at least it was the truth.

2012-05-01, 12:43 PM
War Room, War Academy

Prowl turned to Jazz, and nodded. "Hot Rod's there because he mouthed off to one of the data management captains. Hard-Drive, I believe. He was there because of orders."

Hot Rod's going to be in the team... in a way, it was a trial by fire of sorts for Hot Rod. To see if he was truly able to be trusted. Because he trusted Jazz to eliminate Hot Rod if the need arises (although Prowl hoped it would not come to that) and in any case it would be an easy matter to leave him in Kaon if he went rouge.

Of course, Prowl had read Hot Rod's psych-analyst file, and, after careful deliberation, like Volks, decided that they really aren't threats. Rebels, maybe, insubordinate, but more assets than potential enemies.

"Pleasure working with you, Wheeljack. And Highbrow." Prowl said in a clipped manner. "We are very grateful for your help. Prowl out."

Switching off the commlink to Arsenal, Prowl watched as Electro entered the room, followed by Dai Atlas. His expression hardened into the expressionless mask he normally wore.

"Do not joke."

Prowl said in a slow and cold manner, a stark contrast to Kup's angry outburst. His voice was without emotion, was slow, as if he was a predator of sorts. "We are at war. People are dying. We have no time for jokes... or jokers, for that matter. Electro. By rights I should dismiss you... discharged disrespectfully. What you do not realize is, your little sparring exercise has nearly gotten in the way of Zeta Prime's medical treatment. Critical medical treatment, I might add."

Prowl said, taking out his datapad and reading it, as if Electro and his dismissal was but a small thing in Prowl's mind.

It is, considering the war.

"However, circumstances notwithstanding, you have but one last chance to redeem yourself. Commander Jazz, if you would please explain the mission."

En Route to the Medbay

Iacon's Military Medical Bay is a short distance away from the War Academy and the barracks nearby. Ratchet, First Aid, Ironhide and Orion should be reaching the medbay quite soon.

Several other medics, people Ratchet recognized, waved them into one of the bays, the equipment Ratchet and First Aid had requested prepared nearby.

"Hmph." Ratchet replied to Zeta Prime. "I'm not treating you any better or any worse than any of my patients, Zeta. Every life is sacred under Primus and all that. But since you're the Prime and everything, well, I refuse to let you die. At all. And please, do stop blaming yourself. The only one to blame here is whoever did this thing to you, and that's that."

Ratchet knew better than to pressure Orion or Ironhide (especially Ironhide) for details. Not that it particularly concerned him.

"The Matrix, huh? I do hope it would help sustain you. No offense intended, Zeta Prime, but I do not place too much stock in the Templar teachings, but hope... hope, I believe." Ratchet transformed into robot mode, the rear part of his vehicle mode detaching into a gurney that had Zeta Prime laying on top of it. "Now, get that life support unit here now NOW NOW! First Aid, stabilize his conditions, get some fresh energon into his body!"

Aero Blade
2012-05-03, 01:57 AM
Suberranian Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

"Not too far," Raiku would answer, sounding uneasy but focused as he responded to Red Alert. "Now's about the time all of us would be checking out for the day, and I working my reports. With there being no-one here already, no way they'd show up now after hours. The boss hates giving overtime." Had Raiku not been so tense already, he might have tried to mak it sound humorous. As is hhis tone just fell completely flat.

Corridors, War Academy

The news that had been told to them about Zeta Prime's condition was grim, and Terabolt said nothing as Sentinel and the others headed for his location. She found herself wanting to dash ahead to the area, but decided it was best to stick with the others. A Temple Knight charging in there was not likely to help the situation.

2012-05-03, 06:33 PM
War Room, War Academy

Electro listened to Prowl, and was ready to dismiss everything he was saying as the prickery he had been led to expect.....until he mentioned Zeta Prime.

"Dear Primus....." he said. "I didn't.....I didn't know....."

He remained silent for a few moments, then spoke again. "Alright then. What is the mission?"

2012-05-04, 02:33 PM
War Room, War Academy

"Ah," Jazz replied to Prowl when he mentioned what Hot Rod was doing in the lower levels. "Probably a coincidence that you're recommending me a bunch of loud-mouths, huh?" Jazz said with a tone to his voice that only Prowl and Rapido would recognize that Jazz wasn't serious.

"Take a seat," Jazz said to Dai Atlas as the latter introduced himself and pointed him towards where he could sit down. Which was in front of Jazz's desk. "Mission briefing is about to start so pay attention." He had no time to be friendly right now nor did he really have to be. After all, this guy also was in violation of the code of conduct or at least some kind of rule. Otherwise Kup wouldn't have this fender-bender that he's having now. "So, Dai Atlas. Tell me a little something about yourself, because you're the only mech in here that I know nothing about."

Jazz turned to Electro. "You," he pointed to Electro." Sit. Down." was all Jazz had to say to him. The more he opened his mouth, the less Jazz would have to worry about leaving him behind if he screws up. "You'll receive your mission briefing once Hot Rod and Hytherion get here."


En Route to the Medbay

The Matrix of Leadership, First Aid thought. He had heard and read things about it, but never really gave it much attention about what it really was. After all, he never considered himself to ever become a Prime and Zeta was already a Prime long before he came rolling off the assembly line.

The Matrix of Leadership. If the Matrix was some source of energy, what the Prime said would make a lot of sense. First Aid didn't want to bother Zeta Prime, but for some reason he became curious. "Sir. From what I've heard, the Matrix is passed from Prime to Prime. Do you think it's sustaining you long enough for you to pass it on?"

First Aid helped push the gurney into the med bay as quick as he could. "There's nothing more I can do for him to stabilize his condition right now," he said to Ratchet in a calm and collective manner. "He's been prepped for operation."

2012-05-06, 07:26 AM
En Route to the Medical Bay

(OOC: I'm sorry, Brave, but I have to move Sentinel :()

Sentinel, with Terabolt and presumably several others accompanying him, moved at a brisk pace as he walked towards the Medical Bay which Prowl had in the meantime directed him to.

This had spun out of control. Why? Why at his watch?

Despite his desires to be elected Prime, Sentinel never wanted to see Zeta Prime die. Sure, the old codger may be an old, old fossil, but he did not deserve to die, not like this.

Sentinel gritted his teeth, and balled his fists. Someone will have to pay.

The Military Commander walked near the medical bay, in time to see Ratchet and First Aid beginning their treatment on Zeta Prime. Sentinel grabbed one of the incoming medics (one whose name, of course, Sentinel had forgotten). "How is he?" Sentinel growled.

"Dire, sir, dire. Ratchet and First Aid are doing all they can-"

"Then what are you doing here standing around talking to me? Go help them!" Sentinel snapped, giving the confused medic a rude shove.

Military Medical Bay

"It's sustaining him long enough so he can survive and deliver some payback to whomever is behind this... this poisoning!" Ratchet snapped at First Aid, although his tone was not really that harsh, the stress is getting to him.

Okay, Ratchet, calm down. You can do this.

Energon Pump Transfusion. It's been done before. You've read about it. Simulations. There's a 20% chance of survival. Yeah, you can ride this out. Zeta will be fine and you'll be famous and...


Ratchet scowled as he steeled his nerves. Metaphorically, of course, for a Cybertronian's nerves are indeed already made of a steel-like alloy.

"Right. Begin operation." Ratchet said. "Do we have a donor Energon Pump ready?"

"Right here, sir."

"Right, good, Pharma. First step, we're going to disconnect Zeta Prime's pain receptors... would you prefer to be sedated, Zeta Prime?"

War Room, War Academy

Prowl's blue optics were very cold as he regarded Electro. The normally docile and peaceful azure blue that was the colour of Prowl's optics had changed. It was still technically the same shade of azureblue, but the way Prowl looked at Electro, it did not bring to mind a calm sky or a peaceful sea, but rather a harsh, icy blizzard that would sooner bury you.

"You did not know." Prowl repeated, voice thick with disdain. "Typical excuse. I suppose if we are not at war, dying you would see nothing wrong with having a swordfight right outside a military base, do you? Commander Jazz, this young soldier's fate rests in your hands."

Prowl turned away, and began debriefing Sentinel and Sky Lynx through a microphone about the situation that had led to Zeta Prime's condition, whilst in the meantime directing some of his intelligence agents to spin out a temporary cover story to allay the press. And there is the Senate to boot, who would no doubt be asking questions soon.

Because, manipulation aside, Electro was a low priority in Prowl's optics.

2012-05-07, 12:58 AM
Military Medbay:

Orion heard Sentinel coming and faded into the background as much as he could.

Ironhide, on the other hand, did not. Walking forward, he interposed himself between Sentinel and the rest of the medical staff. "Back off! They're doin' th' best they can! Leave 'em alone!!"

War Room:

Hot Rod strode into the room, looking smudged and a little dusty. "What's up, guys?"

2012-05-07, 03:35 AM

"Good," Zeta Prime told Ratchet. "I don't have time for people who would treat me better than anyone else they deal with just because I have a lofty title." He frowned. "But that doesn't mean, doctor, that I'll let you lecture me on who...who is responsible for my condition. Medicine is your specialty, not politics and strategy. Y-you don't understand."

He smiled. "But no offence is taken," he said to Ratchet. "You are free to believe as you wish...at least, as l-long as y...you make sure I don't die and let the Matrix b-be claimed by some fanat...ic..."

Zeta's voice trailed of, as if he was fatigued. But then he spasmed, almost vaulting off of the gurney as paroxysms of pain wracked his body.

Once he'd sunk back down to the table, he weakly turned his head toward First Aid and told him, "It's...it's distinctly possible," he admitted. "But not if you two have anything t-to say about it, I hope."

He saw Sentinel, of course, but didn't address him. He didn't much care for the military commander, and honestly he would have been happier if he hadn't been here to see Zeta in such a weakened condition.

But maybe it's for the best, he admitted. If I do die, he'll need to protect the new Prime. Guard him, and make sure that he doesn't do anything as stupid as I just did. Seeing this might actually help.

Suberranian Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

Red Alert grunted. "Not at all like my bosses, then," he told Raiku, trying to momentarily distract the tech from the very real danger they were in. "They'd rather pay two officers overtime than hire one new one. Which is great for job security I guess, unless you're the kind of weirdo who likes to have a personal life."

2012-05-08, 03:43 AM
War Academy: War Room

Sitting down Dai Atlas sighed, " I'm afraid there is little to tell, I have been a knight of the Temple since I first was given a spark. More recently I was given a chance to oversee a small communications satellite in deep space." he paused "I was summoned back and have been keeping tabs on Cyberton ever since; attempting to gain a feel for the culture of today. It saddens me to see such unrest and turmoil." Pausing, he spoke again. "Although I suspect you would be more interested to note that I am a master of most edged weapons, and have extensive knowledge of Circuit-Su, Metalikato, and Crystalocution."

Looking intently into Jazz's optics he said finally "Though I must also tell you, I will not kill unless absolutely necessary."

2012-05-09, 10:19 PM
War Academy, War Room

Jazz sat back, arms crossed and listened to every word that Dai Atlas said. He found it hard to believe that he was pretty familiar with three types of martial arts. Where did he find the time to learn all those disciplines? Jazz shrugged and thought that perhaps it was possible. He probably had nothing to do when he was stationed at that satellite. "It's not your abilities that I'm the most interested in," Jazz replied to Dai Atlas. "I value experience. You can have all the abilities that a mech can have, but if you don't have any kind of experience then you're not much of use. It's why I survived my encounter with Sixshot. The mech I'm going to tell you about later. He had a lot of power, but no experience. If he did, I wouldn't be sitting here."

Dai Atlas could prove to be a valuable asset to the team, though reluctance to kill is something that Jazz didn't really like to hear. "Then you have a choice to make, Dai Atlas. Because if you're going to accept the mission that I have in store for us, you're probably going to have to."

Prowl was getting annoyed with Electro and it started to show. The kid was green. No doubt about it. When Jazz joined the Autobots, he was like that too. Not being able to see the bigger picture and all that. Electro needed experience and this mission will give him just that. Also some insights that he probably would want to have erased too after.

Jazz gave Prowl a nod, acknowledging him when he spoke to him. "Don't worry. I'll try and keep him from saying stupid things." He stood up and turned his head to Electro. "Electro. Briefing will start in a few kliks. Go sit over there at that big round table with the holo projector in the middle." He then turned to Dai Atlas. "Dai Atlas, join him if you will."

The doors of the War Room opened as Jazz made his way towards Rapido. Hot Rod came walking in and Jazz turned his head towards him. "Glad you could make it," he replied. "Mission briefing's about to start. Take a seat over there next to Electro and Dai Atlas."

Jazz looked around. Hytherion still hadn't called in so he was one mech short. He went through the list that Prowl gave him earlier of candidates to select for the mission. Topspin was on it and since he had some experience with Sixshot too, Jazz gave him a call. "Topspin. This is Jazz. I'm preparing a rescue mission for Magnus. If you want in, report to the War Room as soon as possible."

Topspin was a reliable soldier. He was there too when they encountered Sixshot for the first time and he probably wouldn't mind another crack at him if Sixshot was at the Mansion.



"Interesting," First Aid said. It's kind of strange but with The Prime at death's door, The Matrix and everything about it was starting to interest him. Though now was not the time to think about it.

"Don't worry, sir. We're going to take good care of you so for now, stop talking and save your strength. You're going to need it."

2012-05-11, 07:41 PM
Military Medbay

Sentinel did not back down from Ironhide, and instead fixed him with a pompous, steely gaze. If he was not gifted with a massive chin, he might even look actually threatening to the old war veteran.

"You old, obso-" Sentinel began, but then he saw Zeta Prime, saw the Prime laying there on the gurney, surrounded by medics... and caught himself, and scowled. "Fine. Why don't we ALL get out of here so the medics can work, while you brief me on what the blazing Pit happened in Kaon." Without a second glance, Sentinel whirled around and stormed out of the medical bay.

"Cheery guy." Ratchet muttered as he watched Sentinel walk out. No. No distractions. "Remedy, Ambulance, get that replacement Fuel Pump ready! Pharma, you're on vital levels monitor duty. We're going to start to start the operation. First Aid, you'll assist me."

Turning to Zeta Prime, Ratchet chuckled dryly. "We're medics, Zeta Prime. We'll save your life, and we'll argue about our specialities over a drink at Maccadams' all week if you want to-"

Zeta Prime went into convulsions just then. "Sparkdammit- he's going into convulsions. The body's rejecting the contaminated Energon- Ambulon, get twenty grams of pure Energon into his bloodstream stat! Remedy- anaesthetics! Numb the pain."

Ratchet turned to First Aid, and shook his head. "We'll have to operate now." Without a second word, Ratchet's right hand retracted and was replaced by a sharp scalpel, and began to cut Zeta Prime's chest armour apart, revealing the Energon Fuel Pump (OOC: think a human heart), with an extremely complex system of wires. Ratchet blanched. Instead of the bluish-purple hue the pipes was supposed to have, they were instead brown, even rusty in places. "Damn. First Aid, connect the Energon wires from the donor Fuel Pump to Zeta Prime's as I cut off the damaged ones. On my mark..."

War Room, War Academy

Prowl glanced at Hot Rod as he entered the room. Not as insolent as Electro, at least, although Kup seems not to trust the young Autobot. Funny thing is, Prowl had some sort of unexplained gut feeling that if things were different, Kup would've taken Hot Rod under his wing as his protege...

The strategist listened to Dai Atlas and filed the information for later use. After all, Templar Knights that are actually willing to help... Prowl could count three, including Dai Atlas, and the other two are elsewhere in the War Academy.

Not killing, though? A noble sentiment. Prowl wouldn't kill unless necessary either... but ten times out of ten it's that sentiment that caused Cy-Kills and Violenjiegers and Legions and all their ilk to keep surviving for another battle, another war.

They needed an edge.

Something... stronger. Obsidian would approve. Kup wouldn't, of course, but then the world is not black and white.

Prowl turned to Jazz, and waited until he was finished speaking. "I may have to add to your mission, Jazz. Understandably, Magnus' rescue takes priority over this-" Prowl, quite noticeably, did not mention the group's survival. "But you now have a secondary objective. The Six-Changer. The Decepticons must have backup plans, some kind of technical codes. It is conceivable for the scientists that Volks had uncovered -- Scorponok, Predacon, Tarantulas and Thunderwing -- would have them on their persons."

Prowl pointed at Hot Rod with the tip of his stylus. "I do believe our young friend here would be most useful in... appropriating the information we need."

Jazz decided to take Topspin instead? A good, reliable choice, if a bit green... but then not every soldier could be an obedient, competent one like Jazz. But then, Jazz was only one Autobot...

No, they needed an edge. They need to balance the scales.

Jazz could appropriate the information. Wheeljack and Highbrow could reverse-engineer the technology. But where to get the raw materials? Despite his machinations, Prowl had not been able to obtain a Protoform, and he doubted that Yoketron would appreciate it if he asked one to be made into a weapon.

There must be something he could do...

Ah. Yes.

2012-05-11, 09:04 PM
Topspin received Jazz's communication and smiled. "Music to my audio receptors. I'll be right there." He said in reply, transforming and taking off towards the War Room.


Rapido looked over the group, silently appraising each member who had assembled. It was diverse enough of a group. Several different talent sets. The main question was if the group could function together. If they couldn't, even Rapido couldn't run the multitude of simulations that would go wrong. He sighed, hoping that Jazz was able to lead this ragtag bunch. If anyone could, he could.

2012-05-12, 05:05 PM
War Room, War Academy

Electro nodded and sat down at the round table. "Nobody 'round here has a sense of humour." he thought. "How do these people deal with Prowl without wanting to tear their own heads off?"

He certainly did. Either his or someone else's head. He didn't trust people without a sense of humour, and more than often he found he hated them.

Still, at least the mission would give him a chance to tear off some heads.

2012-05-15, 06:18 AM

Zeta Prime nodded weakly. "Of course," he said to First Aid, though he was only humouring the medic. He was dying, and he knew it. A part of him wanted to tell First Aid and Ratchet not to bother with the surgery, not to waste their time and energy on a lost cause...but he held his tongue. If the medics didn't at least try, the scandal would leave his successor paralyzed and unable to act, so tainted would be by the previous Prime's death.

So he laid there, submitting to their futile efforts purely so they could say that they'd done everything possible to save their Prime's life once the questions started.

2012-05-15, 01:30 PM
War Room, War Academy

With everybody seated and Topspin on his way, Jazz walked up to the roundtable. He gave Prowl a nod, acknowledging that he understood the contents of the secondary mission. Reaching the table he switched the holographic projector on. He looked at each individual at the table for a moment. Hot Rod, Electro, Dai Atlas. Each had no idea what they were getting in to, but each of them eager to participate in a mission. Jazz looked at Rapido. Even though he didn't know the exact contents of the mission, he at least knew that this was going to be a big one and more importantly a dangerous one.

"Alright men," Jazz said as he addressed the mechs in front of him. "As you may or may not know, one of our own has been captured by a group that calls themselves the Decepticons. They can be recognized by this symbol." A Decepticon logo appeared on the holographic projector quickly followed by an image of Megatron. "This guy is their leader. His name is Megatron and most of you know him as the governor of Kaon."

Jazz started to walk around the table as a picture of The Governor's Mansion showed up. "Magnus sacrificed himself so that two scientists could make it out of Kaon alive. We believe that Magnus is being held at the Mansion and our mission is to break him out of there and bring him back home." Jazz stopped walking and put both hands on the table, looking each mech in the optics for a moment. "It's not going to be easy however. This mission has been branded a Black Op. Off the record."

He paused for a moment, letting it all sink in with everybody. "So before you're going to accept this mission, this is what you have to know: we're going to be on our own without any support from Iacon. We'll only have each other. We're going to be considered expendable, we probably have to kill a few mechs and we might not even make it out alive. So before I continue, I need to know from each of you: "In or out?"


Kup looked and listened. At least Jazz was honest to them. That was probably the best course of action too with the possibility of having to face Megatron, Sixshot, Tarantulas, Predacon, Scorponok, Thunderwing and some of his other cronies. With an operation like this, trust is key and if you're lying to your partners you're as good as dead.


Military Medbay

As stressed as Ratchet looked, First Aid was complete opposite. He had never done a procedure like this before, but he had faith that Ratchet knew what he was doing. He was the senior medic in this facility after all and he could learn a lot from him. First Aid was ready to connect the Energon wires from the donor Fuel Pump to Zeta Prime's Fuel Pump. "I'm ready. On your mark..."

2012-05-15, 07:20 PM
Topspin strolled in as Jazz finished the last part of the introduction. "You can count me in. Got a score to settle." He said, the doors zipping closed behind him.

Rapido smiled as Topspin made his reply. "It'll be dangerous, but we'll have a good plan. We'll be taking risks, but they will be smart risks. Watch each other's backs and we'll make sure everyone gets out in one piece, including Magnus." Turning towards Jazz. "I have to ask, do we know for sure he's still functional? No point in the mission, and risking more good soldiers, if he's been killed."

2012-05-16, 02:01 PM
War Room, War Academy

Electro didn't wait long before responding.

"Certainty of death, small chance of success..... What are we waiting for?" he said, suppressing a smirk for fear of another Prowl lecture.

Aero Blade
2012-05-16, 10:33 PM
Military Medbay

Terabolt would follow suit with Sentinel, leaving the medbay, but she would go no further than the doors outside. She shifted back into her robot mode, taking a moment to lean against the way just outside the door, as though perhaps just waiting to recieve word from the medics. Instead, she reached out with her mind.

Zeta Prime, can you hear me?

Suberranian Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

"Ours is pretty stingy about overtime. He'd rather us cram in extra work than pay extra time or people," Raiku answered. He seemed about to go on when he'd be knocked off his feet by the tunnels rocking from what seemed to be an explosion.

Frazzled as he was from recient events, Raiku was quick to jump back to his feet afterwards, looking around in alarm. "What was that?"

2012-05-18, 03:39 AM
Corridor outside of Military Medbay:

Having waved Orion back, Ironhide followed Sentinel out into the corridor, scowling at the back of the hyper-chinned buffoon. "Whut happened was this. They let us in, Kup an' Rapido went with Zeta ta meet this Megatron at some kahnda reception. They put somethin' in th' drink they gave Zeta, an' let him go. Since mah ahdear of dip-lomacy's hit 'em 'til they ask us ta stop, you c'n see why they left me on th' shuttle."

War Room:

Hot Rod listened to Jazz's speech thoughtfully. Certain death? He was already older than the average punk from the 'End. No backup? Like he'd ever had any. Working with a team, though.... that was a bit of a worry. But he also knew that whatever happened, he'd come back alive.... No matter what he had to do. "Sounds like my kind of a party. When do we leave?"

Lady Quickswitch
2012-05-18, 01:19 PM
Outside the Academy

Sky Lynx paled as he learned of the awful turn of events. Zeta Prime, poisoned! How could something like this happen?! The beast gave no voice to his questions, but his golden visor flared with light.

The Prime needed his men, now, more than ever before!

"Step up the guard outside," he told Sentinel, "I'll watch over the facility while our esteemed medics work on Prime. Keep me updated."

The quadruped Transformer leaped into the air and began his terrible watch.

Prime. Is now the time?

He dared not think of it.


(OOC: Dreamstate RP coming soon. Just getting a post in.)

2012-05-19, 03:39 AM
Outside the Military Medbay

Sentinel let out a rude curse at Ironhide's explanation, giving Sky Lynx the barest hint of an annoyed nod.

"You know, those damn Decepticons- and you- you were his security detail! How could-" Sentinel snapped, but it's evident from his tone that he wasn't really going to blame Ironhide or the others. That he wanted to slam his own fist on Megatron's face.

Sentinel slammed his fist onto the wall, optics narrowed. "Damn it, why did he have to go? You know, old timer, I wouldn't really argue with your idea of diplomacy, especially in this situation."

Sentinel sighed, calming himself. "We're at war, Ironhide. While you were out more attacks were made on this very city. We can't look weak."

2012-05-24, 05:06 PM
War Academy, War Room

After Topspin walking into the War Room, he headed for the exit himself. "I'm going to step outside for this briefing. The less I know, the better," he said as he exited the room. "Better make sure to close this door from the inside so that nobody can simply enter during your briefing."

As the doors closed, Kup started walking into the direction of the Medbay.


Jazz looked at Topspin. "Glad you could make it," he replied as he waited for the mech to take a seat. He then turned his head to Rapido. "I'll get to that in a few kliks. Same for when we depart, Hot Rod."

Jazz pushed some buttons and images started to appear on the holo-screen for everybody to see. "These are the last images we have on Magnus, before we lost sight of him." A video is seen of Magnus being carried away by Sixshot. "This video shows that Magnus is still functioning, though just barely. Considering the current situation we're in with Kaon, we have reason to believe that they want Magnus alive if only to extract valuable information that they think he might have." Jazz started walking around the table again.

"As I said, our mission is to extract Magnus from the Governor's Mansion. We're going to take a shuttle to Kaon and we'll be dropped off close to the former Autobot outpost that got destroyed in one of their attacks. With pretty much nothing left standing there, chances are that the Decepticons have only a few sentries posted there just in case. If there are any, they'll need to be taken out as quickly as possible with the least amount of noise." Jazz then looked at Hot Rod and Electro. "That's going to be your job. You two will make the jump first and clear the area of any 'Cons that might be out there."

Images of the destroyed outpost are shown on the screen and marked on it is the drop point. "Once we've secured that area, we'll make our way towards the Governor's Mansion on foot." The blueprints of the Palace shows up on screen. "As you can see, there are only a few entry points to the mansion. The sewer, the front door and the roof. Since the front door and the roof isn't going to be an option, we're going to take the sewers."

Jazz moved again, this time closer to the others as other images of the mansion started to show. "We'll be entering the tunnels a few blocks away from the mansion. Expect those streets to have sentries posted too. We can't take them all out because that will arouse suspicion. We'll need to maneuver around them and only take them out if we have to. I expect that there will be guards posted at the tunnel entrance too. They need to be taken down. Don't care how, but they can't be awake once we leave the same way. Once inside the mansion, we'll be making our way to the holding cells where we believe Magnus is being held of questioning."

The video of Magnus and Sixshot returned on screen, "but that's not going to be all." Jazz pointed at the other mech in the video and next to it, images of Thunderwing, Tarantulas, Scorponok and Predacon started to appear. "This is Sixshot and we believe that he has been created by these gentlemechs whose images you can see over here. These guys are considered as brilliant as they are insane and trust me, some of them are pretty insane. Our secondary mission is to obtain the schematics that lead to the creation of this guy," he said indicating Sixshot. "Volks has hacked into their database to try and find it, but had no such luck. Therefore we think that one of them might have it on him. That's where your talents come in," Jazz said into the direction of Hot Rod. "It's going to be your job to swipe that data from their hands. Do you think you'll be able to tell who carries important data on him or not? The mech in question will most likely be a little more protective of himself, right"

Jazz walked back to the controls. "According to the debriefing I received from Kup, he spotted these mechs in the Palace, so they are going to be there and judging from their nature, I'm sure that they would love to take a crack at breaking Magnus' will. If we do encounter resistance, they will definitely be a problem we have to deal with, aside from all the other "Cons we have to deal with. You'll be given combat instructions from me and it'll be important that you follow them up to the letter. Study this data and prepare yourself as much as you can. We're going to stop by Wheeljack and Highbrow over at Arsenal first. They're going to supply us with the weaponry we're going to need for this mission."

Jazz turned off the screen and looked each mech present in the optics for a moment. "In short: We'll be dropped off in Kaon and make our way via the tunnels to the Governor's Palace. There we extract Magnus from his prison and if we have the chance swipe the data on Sixshot. After that, we'll make our way back to the Autobot Outpost where we'll be extracted."

Leaning forward a little, Jazz rested his hands on the table again. "So? Any questions? Mission data is on the data card that's in front of you. Once read, it'll self-destruct. "

2012-05-24, 07:06 PM
War Room, War Academy

"I have arranged for an incognito shuttle to take you to the Autobot outpost in Yuss. Yuss is of close proximity to Kaon without being a criminal hotspot like Polyhex, and thus an ideal place from whence to sneak into Kaon." Prowl added to Jazz's briefing, slightly amused by Jazz's self-destructing mission card.

Not very helpful, but it lightens the mood.

"It goes without saying that this mission is of critical importance."

As is the building of a sixchanger of their own... what could he do? Even if he had the data, he needed something to experiment with... Wheeljack had morals, and would not experiment on a living Transformer, or a Protoform... morals are well and good and Prowl respected it, but in this case it's getting in the way.

But if they worked on a body and introduce a spark later... Prowl had seen footage, and it isn't pretty. Split personalities and the like, and people will go crazy...

Is there a way to have a resonant spark and body at the same time...?


Remove a spark first, manipulate the body, then reintroduce the spark. It would solve the problem of compatibility and ethics at the same time... and no one would know. Perhaps damage the transformation cog of a lowly, disposable soldier... then coerce Wheeljack to remove the spark, upgrade the body and reintroduce the spark.

But it would be crossing Prowl's own code of ethics.

Would he risk it? Obsidian would.

Should he risk it? Without doing things like this, how could they hope to gain the upper hand, how could they hope to gain an advantage over the Decepticons?

Yes, Prowl thought. It was well worth it.

For the greater good.

2012-05-26, 11:55 PM

Zeta Prime screamed as Terabolt touched his mind, his ravaged systems converting the unexpected input into a stab of pain instead of processing it into words. He twitched and twisted away from First Aid and the new fuel pump, trying to throw himself off of the surgical table.

Suberranian Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

Startled but unshaken by the explosion, Red Alert shrugged. "I don't know," he told Raiku. He bit back an expression of concern, not wanting to let the other Transformer know just how worried he was. "But it's not our problem now. For all we know, the killers set it off to scare us away because we're getting too close to something they don't want us to see."

He gestured farther along the tunnel, adding, "And that means we need to keep going. If they want us to stop, they're going to need to come down here and stop us."

2012-05-27, 10:15 AM
Military Medbay

"He's going into convulsions." Ratchet growled in displeasure as Zeta Prime started twitching uncontrollably. It was not the ideal position to work on an Fuel Pump Surgery.

What could he do? Fuel Pump Transplant is difficult enough without the patient convulsing. And what caused it, what caused it? "Poison's must have seeped into the nervous network. First Aid, sedate him, clamp down the arms-"

"-We need to proceed. Don't miss." Ratchet said, as he continued replacing the tubes around Zeta Prime's fuel pump.

2012-05-27, 07:25 PM
War Academy: War Room

Dai Atlas listened intently to Jazz as the mech explained the upcoming mission. As he paused Dai Atlas said "Forgive my rudeness but what part is there for me to play?"

2012-05-28, 08:42 AM
War Room, War Academy

"I've taken your reluctance to terminate an opponent in to account," Jazz replied to Dai Atlas, "and I respect that. Therefore, you'll be the one that's going to be covering our rears. As soon as we're dropped off, Hot Rod and Electro will go ahead and scout the area, keeping in contact with Rapido, Topspin and I will take care of any hostiles on rooftops and you're going to make sure that we're not followed.

Jazz turned to Hot Rod and Electro. "I want you guys to keep an optic open for security camera's or anything else that might be able to register our presence. You're going to have to either disable them or find us another route. Got it?"

Standing straight, Jazz crossed his arms. "If there aren't any other questions, start making your way to Arsenal and pick out your weapons. I suggest you pack light."


Military Medbay

"But that's impossible," said First Aid who was caught off guard by the spasms of Zeta Prime. "Scanners indicated no change in his condition! I wouldn't have started with the Fuel Pump transplant if that was the case!" First Aid started to doubt himself. He's normally so careful and always takes good care of his patients. "I don't understand how this is possible," he added.

Ratchet shouted for him to hold Zeta Prime down and so he did. First Aid grabbed an arm of Zeta and held it down with all his strength so he could clamp down one arm. Shortly after, he did the same for the other. "There," and then continued his work on the fuel pump.

2012-05-28, 09:44 AM
Military Medbay

Ratchet nodded gravely at First Aid's equally surprised reaction. It seems that he was not the only one who is caught off-guard by the sudden change.

"We need to proceed. It's the only thing we can do." Ratchet said, and nodded in approval as First Aid swiftly clamped down Zeta Prime's convulsing arms while he stabilized the volatile conditions in Zeta Prime's innards, staunching two ruptures on the old Fuel Pump, before continuing with the transplant with First Aid.

"Ambulance, double-check the equipment. Re-scan Zeta Prime for any possible causes. First Aid, you and I, we need to keep going."

Was it a failure in the technician's part... or was it something more? The Matrix, perhaps?

2012-05-28, 10:08 AM
War Room, War Academy

Electro looked up from the mission card he was reading.

"Oh yes, I have got it, sir." he said. "I just have one question. If this sixchanger took down the guy we're trying to rescue, what chance do we have?"

Without waiting for an answer, Electro then walked away in the direction of the Arsenal.

2012-05-28, 03:45 PM
War Room, War Academy

"Simple." Prowl said to Electro's back. "They will not be expecting you to strike back so soon, so there is the element of surprise... which, lest we forget, was what put Magnus unprepared while he was on a rescue mission. And besides, we are aware of the sixchanger's existence now, if not his limits."

Of course, if the Decepticons have any more surprises left in store... more sixchangers, perhaps, or, Primus forbid, gestalt combiners or something along those lines...

Well, all the more reason to speed up his machinations...

2012-05-30, 10:48 PM
War Room, War Academy:

Hot Rod picked up the padd and read over the information. Committing what he needed to memory, he tossed the smouldering padd back on the table, thinking already about what he'd need from the Arsenal. "I hope they've got what I want." He got up and strolled out of the room.

2012-05-31, 09:19 PM
War Room, War Academy

As the others were leaving the War Room, Jazz shook his head as he walked up to Prowl and stood next to him. "I told you this was a suicide mission, didn't I?" he said to Electro.

"Arsenal has a wide variety of weapons to choose from," Jazz replied to Hot Rod. "And I'm sure Wheeljack and Highbrow have been busy for us too."

Jazz watched the others head off to Arsenal. "No disrespect meant," he said to Prowl, "but you and I both know that the element of surprise isn't going to do us much good against a mech like Sixshot. Let's hope Wheeljack has a solution to that problem for us."

It wasn't like Jazz to get pre mission jitters, but this mission was unlike every other mission he had ever taken on. With a chance of having to fight off Team Science, Sixshot, a bunch of other 'Cons and perhaps Megatron himself? Yeah, this is crazy he thought to himself.

Turning to Rapido, Topspin and Dai Atlas. "Time to go."

"Good luck!" Volks raised his arm and jerked a thumb to the others. "Don't get slagged, because I want to hear your stories."


Corridor outside of Military Medbay

Kup walked up to the mechs waiting in the corridor. "Any update on Zeta Prime's condition?"

2012-06-01, 04:48 AM
War Room, War Academy

Prowl watched as Jazz and his team moved out of the room. Prowl turned to face Jazz and nodded. "The element of surprise wouldn't be much of an advantage against Sixshot, but any advantage, no matter how slight, would be useful. In any case, the element of surprise against whoever is calling the shots... I doubt Obsidian or Megatron would be easily surprised, but these... mad scientists... they are hardly the paragon of calm."

Prowl nodded as Jazz as they prepared to go. "Regardless, the best of luck."

As Jazz left, Prowl announced to the room. "We are now in a stage seven of emergency. Prepare yourself for anything." Prowl typed into a computer, muttering under his breath. "Volks, Network, I am going to go out on a limb and tie you into the Senate's server farm to give your hacking capabilities more brute force. They don't know and they're not going to be happy, but I'd rather have the Senate pissed off at us than have Jazz and his team dead because they can't get information."

This way, if their hacking team would be able to penetrate and get the locations of Sixshot, Megatron, Team Science and Magnus through the cameras in Kolkular... they would have another advantage.

And then there are Wheeljack and Highbrow's weapons to consider...

But they still need a game breaker. Ideally it would be Omega Supreme, but in case that doesn't work...

Corridor outside of Military Medbay

"The medics are working on him. He's.... not in a good way, if every medic we have under our payroll is here." Sentinel snapped at Kup as he approached him and Ironhide. Turning back to Ironhide, he continued, "Now, old-timer, you haven't answered my question. What exactly happened and how did he get poisoned?"

2012-06-06, 05:13 AM

Zeta Prime settled back down on the table, groaning softly but not moving anymore.

"Wasting...time..." he muttered softly, too softly for anyone but perhaps the two medics to hear. "Wasting time. Have to...have to pass...the Matrix..."

2012-06-06, 03:55 PM
Topspin stood up to his full height, stretching his servos as he did. "Alright. It's time those two inventors we rescued prove their worth." As he said the last, he looked over to Jazz, nodding his head, and walked out the door. "See ya at Arsenal."

Rapido, walked over to Jazz and Prowl, but waited until the others had all left the room before he spoke. "The secondary objectives will be easier than the main one. Whether we make it out... that may depend on if Wheeljack and Highbrow live up to their reputations. That's where the scenarios get complicated, and we start losing bots."

Aero Blade
2012-06-10, 04:48 AM
Corridors, War Academy

Terabolt immediately pulled back mentally at Zeta Prime's reaction, not wanting to endanger him further. Though it had showed her immediately how serious the situation was right now with him. Terabolt reached out once more, but this time for a different mind.

War Room, War Academy

It had been quite some time since Yoketron had moved, so much so that for many he had blended into the scenery of the War Room. All of the sudden he would push himself off the wall, moving swiftly out into the corridor, as though he had aquired a sudden, unspoken task that now needed attending.

Suberranian Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

Raiku heard Red Alert, but even as the officer was still talking he was already turning around, headed in a swift walk back to the maintenance area.

He didn't get far.

Just around the corner was the results of the explosion, part of the tunnel completely caved in from whatever had detonated. Raiku investigated it briefly, but the rubble was clearly unstable, and might just collapse further if he tried to remove any of it. They were effectively sealed in.

"Guess there's no changing our minds on this now," Raiku spoke grimly.

2012-06-10, 04:52 PM
War Room, War Academy

"It's not the scientists I'm worried about," Jazz replied to Prowl as he followed Topspin, "but thanks."

Jazz then walked with Rapido. "I have complete faith in both scientists' abilities," he replied. "They managed to hold off Sixshot long enough for us to get to them. That's saying something."


"You got it, chief!" Volks replied to Prowl. He was a little confused. The charges on his criminal record paled into comparison with what he's allowed to do here. Hacking into government severs? Not only Iacon's, but Kaon's as well? That was something he would never have done in the past. It were only small time things and only for the fun of it.

He scratched his head and got to work. "Not trying to question you or anything boss, but Jazz said this mission was off the records. If you want, I can hide the data stream and the Senate will never find out. Only you me and Network will know." Volks shrugged, "Or we just brainwash Network and it'll be just you and me," he added playfully.



First Aid stopped for a moment and looked at Ratchet. He didn't want to admit it, but over the time that he was working on Zeta Prime he grew less and less hopeful. His condition started to get worse and they were doing all that they could, but it just wasn't enough. "I... I think we have to let him do what he wants to do. Let him pass the Matrix on."


Corridor outside of Military Medbay

"Take it easy," Kup said to Sentinel, arms crossed and not even slightly intimidated by Sentinel's demeanor. "It's not Ironhide's fault or anybody else's for that matter. Megatron spiked Zeta's drink and he fell for it."

Kup then looked into the operating room. "I think there's a bigger concern here though. Is the Matrix safe?"

2012-06-11, 03:49 AM
Suberranian Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

Red Alert turned around to find Raiku gone, and quickly darted back the way they'd come. He glared at the tech's back when he found the technician near the tunnel cave-in.

"Kid," he said firmly, "I know you're new to this 'adventure' thing, but there's one thing you need to remember -- never wander off from your backup like that. That's a sure way to wind up a statistic, especially if you're not a fighter."

Not wanting to rub it in any harder, he just jerked his thumb toward the direction they had been heading. "Someone obviously doesn't want us to find whatever is up ahead. They're too smart to just assume that the cave-in killed us, so that means we need to put as much space between us and here as we can before they send someone down to finish us off."

2012-06-14, 01:10 AM
Corridor outside Military Medbay:

Ironhide scowled at Sentinel, and was about to unleash a tirade at the hyper-chinned idiot, but was stopped by Kup's timely intervention. "'Rahon's in keepin' a optic on Zeta. If somethin's gonna happen-"

At that point, Orion stuck his head out of the medbay doors. "It's not looking good. He's talking about passing the Matrix."


Hot Rod strolled into the Arsenal and started looking around.

2012-06-14, 12:24 PM

Electro walked into the Arsenal shortly after Hot Rod, and looked around. His optics were first drawn to a magma frag launcher, then to an X12 Scrapmaker. Finally he stopped at a photon burst rifle.

"I think I've made my decision." he said.

2012-06-14, 12:55 PM

Wheeljack spun around in his chair and noticed Hot Rod and Electro walking in. "We have some visitors, Highbrow." He stood up and walked towards Electro who was checking out a photon burst rifle. "Excellent choice is I may say so. This sniper rifle sniper rifle has a more effective zoom than the standard issue battle pistol and it can deliver three photons per round. I've also modified it a little so that it makes more of a punch. I'm sure you're going to like it."

He then turned to Hot Rod. "See anything you like?" Wheeljack inquired. "Over here we have some of our experimental weaponry." Wheeljack picks up a grenade and shows it to Hot Rod. "This is what I'd like to call an EMP-grenade. When used, they open and unleash an electromagnetic pulse which disables any Transformers in the immediate vicinity. They have a 3 klik delay so I suggest you throw it."

Wheeljack puts the grenade back in its place and picks up the EMP-Shotgun. "This right here is the EMP shotgun. It's still in its experimental phase, but you can take it with you if you want. I can guarantee you that the ammunition for it works. One accidentally exploded in my hands and I wasn't able to move my arm for a while," he said as he scratched the back of his head. "Right now, I think it'll only disable the body parts you aim it at so if you want to disable your target, shoot him in the face and he won't be any trouble for a very long time.

Lady Quickswitch
2012-06-14, 01:29 PM
Sky over the Academy

The gigantic gryphonic kept a watchful eye over the Academy grounds. He'd left for the sky in haste. The first sign of trouble would be met by none other than himself, Sky Lynx, and there were few foolish enough to engage him.

There's no excuse for Autobot security's gross incompetence. An assassin infiltrates the Academy, and now Prime himself has been poisoned.

He had not wanted to hear the reason for Zeta Prime's poisoning- not at the moment. The incompetence of Prime's security was unbelievable- but it was said and done, and Sky Lynx's skill was best applied to keeping the academy under his own personal protection.

Standards have fallen so low the very leadership is threatened. Once -I'm- Prime, the Autobots are going to learn the -true- meaning of excellence.

Sky Lynx peered closely at the street in front of the Academy gates. The four-legged creature was there and gone, coming toward the ground in what seemed like a nanosecond.

"Stop!" he came down before the gate.

Only his eagle-optic could have seen an approach from that height.

"Identify yourself at once!" Sky Lynx demanded, staring down the smaller robot that had set foot here.

Incision retreated a few steps, scrambled, really, out of Sky Lynx's looming presence. He stood up at the huge lieutenant commader's order. Others might be inspired by Sky Lynx. Beneath the huge, fanged visage of the legendary Autobot, it filled Incision with nothing short of prehistoric dread.

"Incision, my Lord," the robot said, "Autobot medic." He indicated his Autobot symbol and hoped this would be enough. Sky Lynx himself guarding the Academy was very unusual.

Sky Lynx scoffed at the honorific as an attempt to appeal to his natural superiority, but he saw the curve of claws, curl of legs and wings and dull jewels of inactive optics of a beastial alternate form.

"Why weren't you here sooner?" Sky Lynx hissed, "Get inside, to the medbay! Prime is in distress. Go!"

Incision bowed hastily and ran toward the entrance as soon as Sky Lynx launched.

Sky Lynx opened a channel.

"What is Prime's condition?"

2012-06-15, 07:28 PM

Dai Atlas followed behind the others to the arsenal, unsure of what to do.

As he entered the room he was surrounded by more firearms than he had seen in his existence. 'So many tools for violence, but no tools for peace' he thought. Looking around he did notice a few edged weapons. He picked one of the swords up and looked it over carefully. "These are well made" he said to no one in particular.

2012-06-18, 08:43 PM
(ooc: Lady Quickswitch, I'm going to assume that Sky Lynx contacted Kup, because you didn't direct your question to anyone, ok?)

Corridor outside Military Medbay

"Medics are trying to stabilize him right now, but they're not having much luck," Kup replied to Sky Lynx, "and Orion just let us know that Zeta is talking about passing on the Matrix. As a senior officer, you should be here."


Military Medbay

First Aid halted the procedure he and First Aid were performing on Zeta Prime. If he really wanted to pass on the Matrix then he would need to be stabilized. First Aid connected Zeta's main fuel lines to a support unit that will help regulate his Energon Fuel Pump. He took a few steps back and if a mech could sigh, he would've let out a big one right now. "There. That should hopefully be able to stabilize him for at least a Mega-Cycle."

He looked at the others who were waiting outside and motioned them to come in when they're ready. He walked back to Zeta Prime and looked at him. "We've done all we could sir. If you want to pass the Matrix on... Now is the time."


Corridor outside Military Medbay

It was as Kup feared. Zeta Prime's time has come and the dawn of a new Prime was at hand. Who would it be? Who would be worthy enough to receive the title Prime? The thought of him being a Prime never crossed his mind. Surely he was experienced enough to be a leader, but Kup never wanted to deal with the politics of it. He was much like Ironhide that way. He would rather shoot the bad guys than anything else. Especially the bad guys that did this.

Who else then? Sky Lynx? Sentinel? Prowl perhaps? Kup opened a channel to the War Room. "Prowl, this is Kup. Zeta Prime's talking about passing on the Matrix. If you want to witness this, you should get down here as quick as you can."

2012-06-19, 02:20 AM
(OOC: Posting for Blackjack's guys while he's away. Hopefully I don't screw anything up. :) )

War Room, War Academy

Prowl frowned at Volks. "Well, yes, obviously," he told the hacker. "That goes without saying. We are not technically in a state of war with Kaon, so this operation would be against the letter of the law. Keeping records of it would not be a good idea."

When Rapido approached, he shook his head. "You can't worry about that. You can only do your job and trust the rest of us to do ours."

Corridor outside of Military Medbay

Sentinel set his magnificent jaw and shoved past Ironhide before bumping Orion out of the way. "I'm in charge here. If someone needs to carry out Prime's last wishes, that's my job. Wait here and don't interfere."

Military Medbay

"No!" Ratchet said instinctively. "We can save him, I know it. We only need to--"


Zeta Prime's voice was low and reedy, but still carried all the authority of his office.

"You can't, and you won't. Stop."

"No," Ratchet said again, shaking his head. "I can't just let a patient die!"

"Your patient is refusing treatment," Zeta told him. "You did all you could, but I was dead before you got here. Now leave, all of you." His voice sunk even lower. "I need to speak to Sentinel. Alone, do you understand?"

Lady Quickswitch
2012-06-19, 03:25 AM
(OOC Okay Kup it is :) And SL isn't gonna be there when Zeta passes the Matrix? Phooey. Why not have Legion or whoever it was going to attack attack Iacon and everyone scrambles--except for Sentinel leaving him alone with Prime. A bit of thread choreography :) Blackjack said SL wouldn't miss it... So.... ;) Editting the scene.)

"Medics are trying to stabilize him right now, but they're not having much luck," Kup replied to Sky Lynx, "and Orion just let us know that Zeta is talking about passing on the Matrix. As a senior officer, you should be here."
"I'm on my way, Kup. Sky Lynx out."


I must be there. I must! For my Leader! For the succession!

The walls and ceiling inside the medical bay shuttered with the weight of Sky Lynx settling against the building as he landed.

"Curse my mighty body!" Sky Lynx roared, and then said softly, "Zeta Prime, It's me, Sky Lynx... Can you hear me? I'm with you, my friend, no matter what it takes!"

The quadruped separated into his dual forms; the dino-bird searched for a window and the lynx looked for an entrance to cram his, self proclaimed, mighty body, into.

"I'm coming Prime!"

2012-06-19, 01:38 PM
Corridor Outside Military Medbay

She shouldn’t be here, Arcee thought quietly to herself, standing just within sight of such honoured company, tentatively keeping her own counsel. She shouldn’t be here, in this most sombre of moments, she doubted if she were allowed, that security had been lax in enabling her to pass, and yet she could not falter.

She couldn’t leave, no matter how much she wanted.

A Prime was dying, Zeta Prime, the only Prime she had ever known in her short time. A man she had never known and yet knew better than any other. Proud, wise, kind, inspiring...immortal. Primes always appeared to be immortal. The thought, the truth that he was dying, that he was as fragile as any other, it was a reality that was as horrifying as it was heartbreaking. It was a whisper she couldn’t grasp.

She was young, younger than she sometimes seemed, and it was as a child that she witnessed the unfolding moment, not the adult she had more recently become. Yesterday had held so much promise, her cadet stripes so freshly removed from upon her shoulder that they may as well be still applied. Yesterday had held such promise, graduation and success, and yet today it slipped away.

For just this moment.

Her sapphire eyes left their silent vigil from the Medbay and instead found Kup, the slender fem finding comfort in the presence of the old timer, the closest Bot she had ever known to be akin to a father. She wanted to say something, and yet found no words, nothing that could express her heartache.

Nothing that seemed adequate at all.

2012-06-19, 10:43 PM
Military Medbay

"As you wish," First Aid said in response to Zeta Prime. "Come, Ratchet." First Aid put down his tools and walked towards the exit as he looked at the supporting staff. "You heard him. Everybody out."

The door slid open and First Aid looked at the mechs that were waiting outside. Kup, Arcee, Ironhide, Orion and lastly Sentinel. "Commander, the Prime wishes to see you," he said but it seemed like Sentinel was already on his way towards Zeta so he stepped aside to let him pass.


Corridor outside Military Medbay

Kup remembered the last time The Matrix was passed on from one Prime to the next. He was only a cadet back then and couldn't comprehend the importance of the Matrix or what it stood for. While in his years with the Autobots he read up on what was to know about it, he never really believed in the religious aspects of it. Sure, it is an artifact of great power, but to Kup that was pretty much it.

He has seen a lot of bad things in his time serving that he was positive about his beliefs that there's no such thing as Primus.

Yet now he starts to doubt. Now that Zeta Prime is at death's door and that perhaps his sparks is about to join the Matrix, he wonders if he's wrong and that there is a higher being or some higher purpose at least.

Those thoughts quickly faded away though as he noticed Arcee. A good mech, he thought. Has a strong resolve too. He would've cracked a smile if the current circumstances were different so instead he just gave her a nod. "Lousy time to be standing here, Arcee. Are you sure you want to see this?"

Lady Quickswitch
2012-06-20, 08:52 AM
Inside the Academy

Incision followed down toward the medical bay and the assembled collection of Autobots. He recognized the veterans Kup, Ironhide, commander Sentinel, and a female he didn't recognize.

Scanning each of their faces in turn, Incision realized the direness of their present situation. Realized it... and the computations leading to that conclusion did not ilicit their reaction.

Incision, in fact, was curious. Idly curious to see the passage of the Matrix from a failing body to a living one. He held his face at a serious expression.

He only regretted how late he was.

"Prime," said the Autobot, looking at First Aid.

"I was indesposed and couldn't arrive in time to aid him..." the medic said directly.


The walls trembled as the powerful lieutenant commander shifted the weight of his divided forms.

Zeta Prime needs me at once.

The dino-bird grew more anxious.

Grapple, you are an architect without match, but you forgot greater magnificence when you contructed this facility. I must get inside! Before--

Before my friend dies.

"Kup," Sky Lynx radioed, "My superb finesse cannot enter the medical bay and..." he broke off, "I will not see my dear friend die alone..."

2012-06-20, 10:12 AM
Corridor outside Military Medbay

Arcee hesitated for the briefest moment, releasing that what she was about to say would have little resemblance to the truth. “No,” she admitted with a shamed dimming of her soft, sapphire blue optics, nervously tapping her fingers gently against her forearm, “I would prefer not be here, I don’t want to see this.”

Her eyes looked back to the Medbay where the Prime of her people, their leader, shepherd and, in many ways, their guardian, was dying. It was a physical pain, a genuine one, and she could only imagine what it meant, how much worse it must be, for those gathered who had known him.

Who had been his friends.

“But I am,” she turned her eyes back to Kup, resolve in her optics and quite conviction in her tone, “and I will. No Bot should have to die alone, and certainly not a Prime.”

She paused for a moment as Incision arrived, a Bot she did not know but whose role she could effortlessly recognise by his bearing. She offered a small, sweet, sincere smile, the best that she could muster given the events that were transpiring, and moved to rest a hand upon his shoulder.

It was small comfort, Arcee was certain, but for now, it was all that she could offer.

Lady Quickswitch
2012-06-20, 12:51 PM
The gentle touch upon Incision's shoulder caused a brief surprised flare in his optics, as did the sincerity of Arcee's smile in his direction.

"Incision," he said by way of greeting, a slight hissing on "s"'s as he spoke. He spoke with the compassion of his profession, "You don't need to be here if it's too much for you. I'm sure he'd understand," he paused, looking at Arcee questioningly, searching for a name and returning as much of a comforting smile as he could. A smile disguising the dread, empty eyes of a wyvern in robot mode.

I'm sure Zeta Prime is beyond understanding anything at this point, other than passing the Matrix.

Zeta was not a mech Incision knew anymore than any of the others present. He waited.

2012-06-20, 09:05 PM
Inside the Academy

"Don't worry about it," First Aid replied to Incision. "We've done all we could and it was The Prime's wish for us to stop. All we can do now is wait."


Kup had a stern look on his face. He was very good in hiding his emotions except for anger. With his arms crossed, he kept a close optic on what transpired in the treatment room via the window. "Then pay close attention," he replied to Arcee. "You might learn a thing or two from witnessing this."

Kup could see that Arcee was trying to be strong, but he knew her better than that. Her nervous tapping on her forearm gave it away. He may seem like a tough as nails drill-sergeant on the surface, but there's more to him. He not only observes and judges skills the skills of his cadets, but their character too.

Kup turned his head towards Arcee again. "It's alright to not be a soldier all the time," he said. He tried his best to comfort her in some way, though that has never been his strong suit.

Sky Lynx's transmission came in. "He's not going to die alone," Kup replied to in a slightly annoyed tone. Overgrown arrogant mecha bird, he thought. "We're here too, you know. You can take the northern entrance to the Medbay. Should be large enough for your Lynx mode to enter. The corridor connects to the main hall in which you'll have enough room to stand in. You'll be able to see us in the distance from there."

Turning his attention back to Zeta Prime, Kup listened in on the conversation between Arcee and Incision. He had never seen the mech, though from the look of things he was medical staff and not a soldier. He never really paid much attention to the medical staff since they didn't fell under his command anyway. Without showing it, he kept an audio receptor focused on Incision and monitored his actions via the reflection on the window for as much as he could. He was always on edge when he was around mechs that he didn't know that were this close to The Prime. His vast amount of experience taught him that.

2012-06-21, 01:10 PM

Electro carefully lifted the photon burst rifle, and examined it closely.

"Three photons per second?" he said, and moved the scope of the rifle to his left optic. He aimed at a random spot on a wall, then, just as it appeared he was about to fire, lowered the rifle. "Looks good. I'll take this."

2012-06-25, 04:00 AM
Military Medbay

Ratchet trooped out of the room behind First Aid morosely, then glared at Sky Lynx, slamming his paws and demanding to be let in. Normally, Ratchet would have been more tolerant to a grieving friend, but Zeta Prime had just requested to pass the Matrix... requested to be left to die...

Ratchet supposed it was his right. He was the patient, after all..

That just doesn't make it right. Ratchet knew there were still loads of things they could have done. Ratchet clenched his fists. "Zeta Prime's orders. No one is allowed to enter but Sentinel." Ratchet then pressed a button that would shut off all audio and video feed out of the room. "Sorry."

Ratchet was prepared to yell at Sky Lynx for his unprofessional behaviour, but decided against it. Death was involved, after all. And in any case yelling would be unprofessinoal nonetheless.

"Sky Lynx..." Ratchet said in a stern but not unkind tone. "Zeta requested to see Sentinel alone. Don't you think it is best to... to follow his wish?" Ratchet strode towards a nearby chair, and plopped himself down, too tired to respond to anyone else at all. "We failed, First Aid." he whispered.

Sentinel nodded.

Zeta Prime wanted to see him alone, but the medics are moving out. What does it mean? Sentinel did not wish for it to be this way, but it appears that the Prime is getting ready to pass on the Matrix... and who better than him?

Sentinel made a small smug grin when Sky Lynx oh so begged so hard to be let in.

So many are gathered outside...

Sentinel closed the doors behind him, shutting everyone outside from what would be transpiring inside. Sentinel wanted nothing more to be watched as he received the Matrix, but if privacy is Zeta Prime's wishes...

War Room, War Academy

No one was more annoyed by the sudden cut-off in the video and audio feed than Prowl. He, for one, wanted to see by himself what a Matrix succession is like and what it would bring to their situation. If the Matrix should fall to someone Prowl couldn't easily manipulate...

Prowl opened his mouth, ready to ask Volks to hack it, but thought better.

He had better things to do... and Prowl's optics chanced upon someone he could use.

Incision? Here?

The perfect tool for his machinations... albeit one that would not be so ethical. One that is not ethical at all, to be honest... but things had to be done. Obsidian would... Obsidian would approve.

Prowl nodded, and began to type.


I am aware that you are presently in the military medical bay. With everyone's attention focused on the passing of Zeta Prime, we would like you to go to medical bay number #312 and find the patient known as 'Switch'. There I want you to destroy his transformation cog. A suitable amount of funds will be transferred to your account if you do so.

A benefactor from the Senate-

Wouldn't do to tell Incision that he was the one behind this. Prowl sent the message through a series of connections before it appeared that it would be sent from a Senate computer to Incision.

There. What else could he do?

"Jazz, how go your preparations?" Prowl asked.

2012-06-25, 05:11 AM
Military Medbay

Zeta Prime gave Sentinel a surprisingly firm look, for one who was so close to death's door.

"Sentinel...come closer."

His voice, in contrast to to the light in his optics, was as weak and fragile as a dry sheet of paper.

"Sky Lynx...will be disappointed," he whispered. "But it isn't his time. Not yet. I've seen what is to come, Sentinel, and there is only one mech who I can trust to see my Autobots through the trials that lie ahead."

His optics seemed to flicker, looking past Sentinel towards the door that separated them from his security detail.

2012-06-25, 05:58 PM
Corridor outside Medbay

First Aid turned his head to Ratchet. He could understand the grief that Ratchet was going through. He could understand that he felt that he failed. "We may have not been able to save his life, yes, but I wouldn't say that we failed." First Aid put a hand on Ratchet's shoulder. "This Megatron administered a toxin that he knew we didn't have an antidote for. The effects of it would've killed him mega-cycles ago along with the Matrix, but we've managed to stabilize him long enough from him to pass it on and save his spark so it can join the Matrix," he said, trying to comfort his senior medical officer. "If you believe in such a thing, that is."

He put his hand back. "You may be my superior, but I will not have you call our efforts a failure. Not trying is failing and we've done everything that we could."



Wheeljack was about to duck and hide, when Electro aimed at a wall. Luckily he didn't fire off a round and he wiped his forehead. "It's better not to shoot in here, friend. There's a lot of stuff lying around here that could go off at the slightest bit. We wouldn't survive it," he said scratching the back of his head."

He headed over to Dai Atlas. "If there were schematics of such a weapon, I would make it," he said when Dai Atlas mentioned that there isn't a weapon for peace. "Most of the weapons that I make are non-lethal though. Mostly EMP or sound based. I'm afraid though that our enemies aren't that kind and would rather slag us then put us in sleep mode."

Jazz walked in Arsenal and took a look around. He saw Wheeljack talking to his men and saw how he explained various weaponry to them. "Good to see you again, Wheeljack," he said.

Wheeljack turned around. "Ah, Jazz! Good to see you with both your arms attached." Wheeljack walked over to his work bench. The device he was working on earlier was ready. "I haven't been told much about the mission that you're about to take on, but I've been told that you might be expecting some heavy resistance and that it could involve Sixshot. Am I right?"

Jazz nodded. He wanted to keep Wheeljack as much in the dark as possible about the mission. The less he knew, the safer he and Highbrow would be. "That's right."

Wheeljack picked up a device and handed it to Jazz. "This will come in handy if you do meet Sixshot. It's a modified magnetic EMP grenade. You'll have to be close to the target to stick it on him. Once attached, it'll be impossible to remove and you only have three kliks to get clear. Don't wind up in its clutches or you'll experience the same effects as your opponent will. Immediate stasis lock."

"Get clear fast. Got it," Jazz replied as he tucked away the modified grenade. "Anything else that you made for us?"

Wheeljack pointed to a part of the room near the exit. "Over there are the Shrapnel needle rounds. They'll pierce through pretty much anything and have been modified. They'll disable the body part of a Transformer upon contact. Simply put: shoot those in an arm, the arm goes numb. Shoot them in the face err... I have no idea what will happen then but I expect the effects to be uncomfortable for the receiver."

Jazz smiled. He liked Wheeljack. He had some crazy inventions, but if they work they work really well.

Prowl's communication came in. "We're almost done here in Arsenal and we've received some handy modified weapons from Wheeljack and Highbrow. We're about to go to the shuttle and head for Yuss."

Jazz turned around to face his team. "Alright mechs! Take with you whatever you think you'll need and head for the shuttle in Hangar 1. We'll depart in a few cycles."

Corridor Outside Medbay

With the door closed, the windows blinded and all communications from the medbay switched off, Kup turned around facing the others. "Not much we can do now but wait, he said."

2012-06-25, 06:32 PM
Military Medbay

Sentinel nodded at Zeta Prime, and came closer, right next to Prime's bed. The Autobot leader's eyes boring into him, steeling himself. Somehow, even now, Zeta Prime radiates some sort of aura that made Sentinel stand even straighter, think even clearer.

Perhaps it was the gravitas that came with being a Prime...

Sentinel's spark fell a bit when he heard the weak whisper that was Zeta Prime's voice. But Sky Lynx was not to be Prime. Only one mech who he trusted, and he was the only one told to remain in the room.

Sentinel jumped to the logical conclusion.

It was him. He was to be the next Prime.

Jubilance rose within Sentinel. He was to be Prime, at long last... followed by guilt. Guilt that he was actually feeling happy when his mentor, his leader, was about to go offline. Guilt, tinged with fear, with fear that he would not be as good a Prime as Zeta or Nominus or Nova or anyone who had came before.

Fear... fear that he, like Sky Lynx, would be passed over as Prime.

"Zeta Prime, I..." would be honoured, was what Sentinel wanted to say. Would not disappoint. Would do my best. Something along those lines.

But something more honest came out of Sentinel's mouth. "Zeta Prime, I... I don't know what to say." Then, in a shaky voice, Sentinel asked, "Is... is it me, Prime? It's me, is it?"

Corridor outside Medbay

Ratchet looked up to First Aid with a smile that was so obviously faked it wasn't even a smile. "Unknown toxins, limited time, Matrices... I don't really care about the reasons- the excuses- we may have. Prime or otherwise, every life I fail to save is a failure."

Ratchet sighed. "Every life lost is a failure, First Aid. Isn't that in the reports, I know. But for me, well, every life lost... is a failure. We're doctors. We have to be better than this."

War Room, War Academy

Having sent the encrypted transmission to Incision, Prowl turned his attention to more... legal matters. Prowl smirked. The day he considers Black Ops to be more legal than some of his other machinations...

Was it too dark, too much across the morality line, what he had did?

Nonetheless it was too late to turn back, the message has been sent. The mercenary medic Incision would do his job.

"Excellent, Jazz." Prowl replied. "Keep us appraised."

2012-06-26, 03:44 PM
Highbrow walked over and handed Topspin and Rapido the weapons they had requested.

"Modified rounds for your tank mode, as you requested, Topspin. They should help you pack a little more punch." Highbrow said as he handed wheeled the rounds to where Topspin stood.

Topspin picked up the ammo and subspaced it. "Thanks. It'll definitely be used." He grabbed some of the shrapnel rounds for his rifle as well, and then proceeded to the exit.

Rapido grabbed an EMP grenade and one of the containers of shrapnel rounds. "This will, hopefully, help us even the odds."

Rapido walked out behind Topspin and headed to Hangar 1.

Lady Quickswitch
2012-06-27, 10:57 AM
Outside the Academy....and inside at the sane time

The Sky module remained dignified and perched over the medbay... The Lynx had found his way in, so huge was he that he cramped the entire hall. He didn't recognize Arcee, but gave her a curt nod from his feline head. Introductions could come later, and with him, were introductions really necessary? He was the Sky Lynx, legendary War Hero and sole being of his kind. He regarded the others and the closed bay door, trying best not to let his earlier desparation get the best of him.

That, Sky Lynx, would not do in the least.

"I am here at last..." he said, dignity and sadness in his feline vocorder. And the sadness was terrible as the entitlement that almost had him tearing apart the medical bay to get in. A sadness that spanned not one, but two forms and back again.

"If that is the Prime's wish," the Lynx answered Ratchet and the dino-bird silently mouthed those same words, and there was no strength in his voice as he made a headcount and, indeed, did not see Sentinel.

He watched the door, waited for it to open.


(Incision's stuff is going here. I just need to sleep.)

2012-06-28, 01:17 AM
Corridor outside of Medbay:

Orion, having been ejected from the Medbay, walked over to Ironhide. "What do we do now?"

The old Autobot shrugged in reply. "Wait 'til that preenin' idjit comes outta there, an' keep Megatron from poisionin' him. We're gonna have ta protect him." The look on Ironhide's face was not a happy one.

Orion's optics narrowed slightly. "Are you sure he'll be named the next Prime?"

"Ain't nobody else Zeta wanted ta see. Rahght?"

Orion looked back at the door. "I guess not. Sentinel shoved me out of the room before the medical staff left."

2012-07-02, 05:47 AM
Military Medbay

Zeta Prime looked squarely at Sentinel, but couldn't quite put the other Autobot into focus. He didn't have much time left, now.

"You...you are vital to our future, Sentinel. A true soldier, a true warrior. Th-there is a war coming, and you will be the one standing at the forefront of our forces. You will be the one who...who defends Iacon from the Decepticon scourge. You'll face it, and you'll prevail, because that's what you always do. And that...that's why you're the only choice...to protect the next Prime. To protect...to protect Orion."

Zeta stopped for a moment, his head lolling back onto the bed as he was no longer capable of even trying to look at his friend.

"He is...he is young. Too young, now. Too raw. He can't know what the future holds. But I've seen greatness in him, Sentinel. One day, he will be the best of us. After you've...after you've put down Megatron, Cybertron will need to be rebuilt. You'll win the war for us, lead us to victory...but when the war is over?" He smiled weakly. "And that's why you need to teach him. Teach him to fight, teach him to lead...so that once you've vanquished Megatron, he'll be ready to take...his rightful place...as Prime. As my...as my successor..."

The light in Zeta's optics dimmed, flickered and finally disappeared completely.

"Do what you must..." he said urgently, with his last breath, "...to...make him...ready for..."

But Zeta never finished his thought.

Thus passed Zeta Prime: slayer of the Grand Malignus, hero of the Destron Uprisings, inspiration to millions and ruler of billions. He left a legacy of advancement and expansion, of wealth and prosperity...and of domination and conquest, of want and poverty. He had overseen an era of unsurpassed technological advancement...and an era of fear and loathing that kept most of those advancements safely under wraps. He was a good mech, in his own way, but he'd surrounded himself with bad ones and not kept a close enough watch on them. The corruption that was tearing Cybertron apart had happened under his watch, and it had happened with his tacit approval...but he'd never agreed to it, never liked it. Zeta had taken the Matrix with the best of intentions, and as it emerged from his dead body, he passed it along with nothing but regrets.

Thus passed Zeta Prime...and Cybertron's Golden Age passed with him.

2012-07-02, 11:11 AM
Military Medbay

Vital to their future.

A true soldier, a true warrior.

The one who will defend Iacon from the Decepticon scourge.

To protect Orion?


Sentinel's mouth hung open in shock, unable to process what was going on. Zeta Prime named Orion the next Prime? After all Sentinel did? After all he did, all his work, all his hard work... the fact that Sentinel was chosen was almost incomprehensible to the proud military general.

Sentinel tried to rationalize it in his head. There might be other candidates, after all- but for Orion to be considered above him- ABOVE HIM!

At least Zeta Prime realizes that Orion is still a greenhorn. But greatness in Orion... potential greatness... while Sentinel was standing right there, passed over...

Passed over to become Orion's teacher...

He would have to fight this war, while Orion gets the glory and become the Prime?

But Zeta Prime was... was Sentinel's friend. Sentinel did not have many people he would call friends, but Zeta Prime was one of the few people Sentinel actually considered a friend, even though he was passed over as Prime, even though the... well, the poison was probably affecting Zeta Prime's thoughts.

No, it's not that. Sentinel knew his rationalization was wrong.

But... but no one was here. No one but Zeta Prime and himself. Was this a sign?

Zeta Prime did tell him to lead them to victory, to vanquish Megatron...

The Matrix could be passed over to Orion over Sentinel' dead body...

Well, it would work the moment...

Sentinel watched as the Matrix, the grand Matrix of Leadership, the great Creation Matrix, emerged out of Zeta Prime's chest. Sentinel reached out one hand, and touched Zeta Prime's hand.

"I will take care of things here, Zeta Prime. I swear it."

Sentinel watched as life seeped out of Zeta Prime's body.

Sentinel shook his head, grief and confusion building up inside him. Should he- no. Zeta Prime said it himself... Orion wasn't ready. There was no way Sentinel was going to let Orion get the Matrix, not now. Not when leadership was in flux.

Sentinel knew he was the only one fit to lead the military, not anyone else. Not egomaniac Sky Lynx, not old Kup, not detached Prowl, especially not Orion. No.

It had to be him.

And there was only one way to make sure leadership falls squarely onto his shoulder.

What was rightfully his.

Sentinel's hand left Zeta Prime's hand and reached out towards Matrix with one finger, and the glowing blue energy poured out of the mystical bauble, and connected with Sentinel's form.

Sentinel's mouth hung open as... what was most... most easily described as... as wisdom... flowed into Sentinel's form.

Sentinels mouth hung open, and his eyes became unfocused. Sentinel's hands reached out, a mixture of conscious and unconscious movement grabbed the two handles of the Matrix, and Sentinel slammed the bauble onto his chest.

As if responding to the Matrix's presence, Sentinel's chest cracked open, as if the chest plates had been designed for the Matrix in mind (which it was not) and the Matrix clicked into place inside his chest.

Sentinel's eyes came back into focus, and he shook his head.

He looked at Zeta Prime's dead body, his friend, his mentor.

"I swear it." Sentinel repeated.

Yes, he would take care of things indeed...


Sentinel turned around, and opened the medical bay doors. "Zeta Prime is dead." Sentinel said, his voice cracking as he looked around the surrounding faces. "Zeta Prime is dead..."

Sentinel regarded Sky Lynx, First Aid, Ironhide, Kup, Arcee, Ratchet, and the others gathered around the door. "I am Prime now." Sentinel said with much, much less enthusiasm than he thought would come out of his voice.

This was not how he wanted things to be. This was not how he wanted to become a Prime.

2012-07-02, 11:15 AM

"Right." Electro said. "I'll keep that in mind next time I'm in here."

He packed up his new rifle, and walked towards the door. "See y'all later. I'll have lots of stories to tell!"

With that, he headed towards Hangar 1.

2012-07-02, 12:25 PM
Corridor outside the Military Medbay

First Aid could see the concern in the other's faces. Wondering if The Prime would make it and wondering if Zeta would pass on the Matrix. He walked to Kup and stood next to him. "From the stories I've read, you and Zeta Prime shared some history," he inquired, trying to take his mind off the current situation for a moment.

Kup nodded. "I‘ve quite some battles with Zeta Prime. I fought alongside him during the Malingus Invasion, helped him stop the Ultracon siege of Praxus, saw how he rallied the troops during the Quintesson War with a great motivational speech, but I’ll never forget the first time I saw him in battle on Regulon 4 long before your spark came online.

First Aid's interest was piqued. He loved old war stories. Especially those that he'd never heard before. "Would you like to tell me that story?" he said with much interest in his tone.

Kup smiled a little. He liked telling stories to those that were interested. There weren't many of those around anymore. "Very well," he said as he turned to First Aid. "Let me tell you about my mission on Regulon 4."


"I was fresh out of the Autobot Academy back then and was a part of Obsidian’s four hundred mech battalion. I had been on several missions before, but none as big as this one and it was my first off-world mission too."

"Regulon 4 is the smallest planet of the four planets in the Regulon star system. Its population wasn’t large, but the planet was rich in resources and they had proven to be excellent trading partners of Cybertron in the past. Much to the chagrin of Regulon 1, 2 and 3. Regulon 1 and two were pretty much barren thanks to their corrupt leaders and Regulon 3 was well on its way to share that same fate. Since they had nothing to offer Regulon 4, they didn’t want to barter with them."

"This angered the other Regulon planets. So much, that they started an all out war against Regulon 4. Their communication capabilities were taken out first and their cities were quickly overrun. Autobot command had received a distress call from Regulon 4 and the battalion I was part of was immediately mobilized."

"Since Regulon 4 is pretty far away, it took us a while to get there and by the time we arrived, we realized that we were too late and were flying straight into a trap. The ship was immediately shot down and crash landed on Regulon 4. Using the element of surprise to their advantage, the enemy managed to wipe out half the battalion in a single strike and most of the mechs that I served with and called friends were gone. Their sparks extinguished."

"My right hand was crushed and my left leg was pinned down by some debris from the ship. I could hear the fighting outside. The Autobots that survived were immediately engaged in a firefight with the enemy and due to the chaos, forgot about the mechs in the ship. I couldn’t reach my rifle and all that was within my reach was an old musket laser from somebody else in my squad that didn’t need it anymore."

"I could hear the screaming, the terror in some of the others’ voices. Some enemy scouts were inspecting the wreckage. I could hear my fellow Autobots pleading for their lives as they were gutted or worse by the scouts, one after the other without mercy until they finally reached me."

"Musket laser in hand, I fired off a round, but since my coordination with my left hand was a bit off, I missed. It had only one round left and I missed. My death was upon me as the 4 enemy soldiers advanced on my position. They were about to terminate me when suddenly each opponent was taken down. Each with 5 blaster holes in their face and neck."

"I looked up and a skeleton-like hand reached down to help me up. It was Obsidian, who was a Lieutenant back then. He came back to the wreckage, looking for survivors of his battalion. He helped me up and pulled me out of what was left of the ship. Once outside, I was introduced to a kind of horrific sight that I would see a few times after that too, sadly. Over 300 dead Autobots were scattered around the crash site. They didn't stand a chance against the overwhelming odds. Thanks to Obsidian they managed to hold off the rebels long enough until their numbers were greatly diminished and they had to regroup."

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2012-07-02, 12:33 PM
"Around 50 Autobots were left standing, including me and Obsidian. The enemy had retreated for the time being and we had a few moments to recuperate. The last field medic left managed to fix my hand somewhat while others salvaged what they could from our ship. Luckily for us, our communication devices were intact enough for us to send a request for back up to Cybertron. The downside was that we were surrounded by mountains and they prevented us from communicating anything."

"We started to make our way up the mountain to get high enough to send out our transmission, but enemy scouts kept an eye on us and were on to our plan. Obsidian was the only flier left and he didn’t want to leave us behind so we had to make a run for it. Little did we know that the Regulon rebels had sent a Regulon Metalmonger after us. "

"Now you have to know that Regulon Metalmongers are gigantic beasts that eat metal to sustain themselves. They have thick hides that make them practically invulnerable and can bite through just about anything. Us Cybertronians are walking desserts for that thing."

"Being chased by the Metalmonger and the Regulon rebels, we made our way up the mountain with haste and once we were there, I sent out a distress call to Cybertron. Only a few kliks later, one of the rebels shot our equipment to pieces and we had no choice but to make a run for it again."

"Some Autobots were tired of running and wanted to make a stand. They ignored Obsidian’s orders to try to find a hiding place and paid with their lives for that mistake when the rebels killed them. Our numbers were dropping fast."

"We were only left with roughly 20 soldiers when we reached a cave. The Metalmonger had taken out most of what was left of our troop and we were boxed in. We had no other choice but to make a stand. Luckily for us, the Regulon Metalmonger was too big to enter the cave. I think it were 3 solar-cycles that we managed to fight off the Regulon forces. By the time that we had run out of energon for our weapons and ourselves, we were ready to give up and accept our fates."

"Suddenly, large explosions were heard outside, followed by a lot of screaming. We’ve waited for at least a Mega-Cycle before Obsidian and I walked towards the cave exit. Looking outside we saw Zeta Prime standing triumphantly over the Regulon Metalmonger and he looked our way while Autobot soldiers were taking care of the rebels in that particular region."

"With the arrival of Zeta Prime, it only took a Deca-Cycle to free Regulon 4 from its oppressors. To this day, he is celebrated for that feat on that planet. To me, Zeta Prime is more than just a Prime. He’s a hero. It’s a shame that many have forgotten what he has done for Cybertron and other worlds. They will only remember him as a grumpy, stubborn old Prime that was too detached from his people. They couldn’t be more wrong."


Sentinel walked out of the med bay and informed them of Zeta's demise and that he has been chosen to be the new Prime.

"Congratulations," Kup said to Sentinel Prime. "That's a lot of responsibility, but I'm sure you can handle it." Sentinel a Prime. Who'd thought that would ever happen, he thought. Kup never had the ambition to become a Prime and there weren't many other candidates to fill Zeta's position anyway, so Sentinel was the most logical choice. He just hoped that Sentinel would rise to the same greatness that Zeta did.

Kup looked back into the room where Zeta's lifeless body was lying on the bed. He took a few moments and then turned back to Sentinel. "So what are you going to do? Inform the Autobots first of Zeta's demise?"

2012-07-02, 12:38 PM
Corridors, Military Medbay

"I suppose so, yes." Sentinel replied to Kup. Normally he would have been very happy at his former teacher's praise, but after Zeta's death he felt... he felt like a complete scumbag. Especially for not telling Orion about his eventual fate. "But I do not think I would have the... well, I can't make eulogies. And we have to get going and win this war."

"So you're going to leave his body there?" Ratchet snapped.

"Sentiment won't get us anywhere, doctor. He was my... friend." Sentinel's optics narrowed. "I swore Zeta Prime we'll win this war. And I intend to."

After a short pause and no small amount of internal turmoil, Sentinel Prime looked at Orion. Perhaps it's duty, perhaps it's guilt, but he spoke. "Orion, you're promoted- you're going to work with Prowl, take over the lesser duties I used to have to take care of."

2012-07-04, 11:24 PM
Corridor outside Medbay:

Ironhide said nothing when Sentinel broke the news. But he was starting to develop a theory. The egomaniac had spend all that time making Orion's existence a miserable one,had been handed, on a silver platter no less, a reason to make the young Autobot's life even more of a living hell.... and now he was promoting him? He had a feeling Zeta had told Sentinel a lot more than Sentinel was letting on.

Orion, on the other hand, was shocked. He wasn't sure which was the bigger shock: the death of Zeta Prime, the promotion, or the fact that Sentinel was being civil to him. "Uh, yes, sir. I'll report to Prowl at once."


Hot Rod looked at the weapons on display. They all looked good, and he could see uses for all of them. But a lot of them made too big a bang. He looked over at Wheeljack. "I'm take two photon pistols. And do you have anything to upgrade the photon blasters in my arms?"

2012-07-05, 04:53 AM
Corridors, outside Military Medbay

Sentinel looked at Orion, realised he was being civil, and snapped in his usual tone of voice, "Well, what are you standing here mouth agape for, then? Get to the War Room, before I demote you back to cleaning waste disposal units!"

Sentinel glared at the rest around him. "That goes to all of you- get to your stations. We are going to win this war."

Aero Blade
2012-07-07, 01:32 AM
Corridors, outside Military Medbay

As Sentinel ordered the other mechs off, others would approach him - the two Temple Knights. It was to be expected - normally their kind would oversee such events as the passing of the Matrix, if it were calmer times and a proper cerimony could be arranged - such was not the case today. Terabolt and Yoketron had been down the corridor talking until Sentinel had appeared, and they were now headed his way, having heard the info. Mostly likely they intended to verify things to then report to the Temple Knight Elders.

Suberranian Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

"Right. Right..." he answered to Red Alert. It was hard to tell, but it seemed as though Raiku might finally be getting into the swing of things. Though he wondered why hadn't the bomb go off while they were in there earlier. Off timing? Though that was assuming whoever it was knew they were there. It may have just been on a timer. Raiku himself had said it was about the time he'd have been doing his reports - that seemed to cinche that it was meant for him...

With no other choice of directions but to go down into the depths and hook up with another access perhaps, Raiku went back to work, taking the lead and using his hastily-learned scouting skills to get tracking.

2012-07-07, 03:45 AM
Corridor, Military Medbay

Sentinel caught Yoketron and Terabolt from the edge of his vision, but he did not bother to turn to talk to the two Temple Knights.

Why should he?

He's been too nice to everyone lately.

2012-07-08, 09:08 PM
Corridor outside of Medbay:

Orion saluted, then headed for the War Room at a run.

Ironhide kept his expression neutral, looking up and down the corridor and activating his sensors. "Well, far as Ah c'n tell, ain't nobody comin' after you yet, Sent'nl. 'Course, it ain't been broadcast yet that yer Prahme, so Ah figger that'll change rahght quick. An' b'fore you get awl het up 'bout me not doin' nuthin', Ah can't detect poisons." He scowled. "Ah get th' feelin' this ain't gonna be th' beginnin' of a great workin' relationship."

Iacon Police Headquarters:

Nightbeat sighed.

In response, the small mountain of datapadds on the desk before him shifted ominously, like a volcano contemplating explosive eruption and burying the poor unsuspecting village of his styluses, datachips, and little knick-knacks formed at the edge of his desk. And he'd come to one inescapable conclusion:

He really, REALLY hated paperwork. Especially the paperwork generated by terrorist attacks.

2012-07-10, 12:15 PM
Military Medbay

Sentinel snorted at Ironhide. "An assassin already tried to kill me, gramps. Part organic to boot." Sentinel shivered slightly.

Sentinel shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose. "You're really going to babysit me, are you? Fine, let's get this straight- you don't get in my way, and I won't get in your way." Of course, he could always use an additional security guard, what with Warpath indisposed and everything, but damned if he's going to act nice to this old coot. "Speaking of announcements... I'm- well, we are- going to the Prime's office."

2012-07-10, 05:50 PM

Not at the moment," he said to Hot Rod. "I would be happy to upgrade your weaponry, but seeing as I have a track record of stuff exploding," Wheeljack scratched the back of his head, "I would rather not make the attempt right now."

Wheeljack walked back to his work bench, ready to work on the defence drones. "If you make it back though, I'll be happy to help you out."


Hanger Bay 1

With it's entrance open, Jazz walked in the shuttle and sat down in the pilot seat. He opened up a com channel to Dai Atlas, Electro, Topspin, Rapido, Hot Rod. "Alright everybody! Get a move on! We're going to have to hurry if we want to extract Magnus alive!"


Corridor outside of Medbay

Kup shook his head. For a moment that he thought that the Matrix had changed Sentinel for the better, but he was mistaken. Still no respect for the mechs that served the Autobots long before him. Oh well, can't have everything, he thought.

Kup turned and walked back towards the War Room at a normal pace.

First Aid watch as as the others left or were about to leave. "Guess I'll transport Zeta's remains to the morgue," he said with a sigh.

2012-07-10, 07:30 PM
Topspin jumped aboard the shuttle, taking a seat towards the back. He wanted to be able to jump out fast if the mission started going south.

Rapido walked past Wheeljack and Highbrow, nodding at them as he did. "Nothing like being walk test subjects, right?" He said, a half-hearted smile forming. He jumped aboard the shuttle, taking his place near Jazz.

2012-07-11, 03:19 AM
Suberranian Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

Red Alert followed silently behind Raiku, his service pistol held just a little bit too tightly in his right hand as his optics flickered around from side to side looking for something, anything, that could tell them what was going on.


The sound was so faint, so far away, that no one other than Red and perhaps a dozen other mechs with the same set of audio enhancements could have heard it. In fact, it was so faint that even Red couldn't say with confidence that he had.

Red Alert frowned. It's just your imagination, he tried to tell himself...until he heard it again.


"I know you probably can't hear it," he whispered to Raiku, "but there's something moving up ahead. Be careful."

Omega Supreme

After getting Ginrai settled into one of the onboard crew quarters, Smokescreen had made his way to Omega's spark chamber. Once he'd arrived, he'd started talking and simply hadn't stopped. He wasn't talking about anything in particular, although he'd occasionally bring up the course of Cybertronian history since Omega had allowed himself to be exiled into space -- history blamed Nova Prime for that, but of course it was pretty much impossible to force Omega Supreme to do anything he didn't want to -- or patients who'd overcome similar feelings of alienation to become fully-functional members of society. Eventually he'd run out of things to say, though, so he'd just started talking about nothing.

Until, that is...

"Visitor: unwelcome. Conversation: not desired. Directive: be silent."

Smokescreen cracked a smile. It wasn't much, but it was eight more years than Omega Supreme had said to anyone else in years.

"Nope," Smokescreen told him. "They sent me here to talk, and talk I will." He shrugged. "Of course, I would have less time to talk if you were willing to respond to me."

"Suggestion: go to hell."

2012-07-12, 11:36 AM
Corridor outside of Medbay

Ratchet glanced at Sentinel with hollow eyes, looking as their newest Prime took over the mantle. And just like that, Ratchet thought, a life is lost. Was Zeta Prime's life all about passing the Matrix? About succession?

And Sentinel is going to war. To protect the innocents, obviously... despite his horrid attitude, Sentinel at least prides himself on doing a good job. But war nonetheless, which would result in the deaths of even more people. For the greater good, yes...

Conflicted, Ratchet stood up and turned to face First Aid. "Let me do it, First Aid. Or at least let me help. I need something to clear my mind." Ratchet entered the operating room and glanced forlornly at Zeta Prime's body. "It just doesn't seem right, just letting him go like that. I expected... more of a ceremony..."

War Room

Prowl stood, face completely still.

He had watched Sentinel enter the chamber. Whatever had been spoken between Sentinel and the late Zeta Prime, it was clear that Sentinel was now Prime. Hopefully his new title would not get to his head and blind him to proper strategy...

Sentinel is, thankfully, easier to manipulate than Zeta Prime. Much easier to goad into choosing the logical choices.

Prowl sighed. Someone had to deal with the Senate, and if Sentinel does it he's probably going to alienate every single one of them...

"Jazz, Rapido, have your team departed?" Prowl asked. "I must inform you that Sentinel might start being aggressive in troop deployment, so your window for a stealth mission might be slightly... narrower."

2012-07-14, 08:07 PM
Corridor outside of Medbay:

Ironhide started off after Sentinel, sensors on full, wondering exactly how he could detect one of this 'Megatron's' followers. It wasn't like they'd give off evil energy readings. So he did the only thing he could think of: he started tracking transponder readings and crosschecking them against the personel files.

He could feel the headache forming in his cerebral cortex already.

War Room:

Orion arrived at the War Room at a dead run, his feet kicking up sparks as he skidded to a stop outside the doors and strode inside, saluting Prowl[\b]. "Reporting as ordered, sir."


Hot Rod shrugged. "No problem. I'll just take the pistols." Picking up the guns, he headed towards the landing bay and activated his commlink. "I'll be there in a tick, Jazz."

2012-07-15, 02:19 PM
Military Medbay

Sentinel walked out of the military medical complex and transformed into his vehicle mode, an armoured truck modified heavily to aid in ramming barricades. "Ironhide- we need to get to Zeta Prime's office, get things sorted out. That little red upstart can handle the military, but someone's going to need to handle the Senate and the media."

"Aaaaand we still need to gather our defenses." Sentinel Prime continued. "Prowl, it's me. Contact every soldier, every military ally we have. Tell them Sentinel Prime expects utmost vigilance- we will be taking the battle to the Decepticons soon enough."

"Affirmative, Sentinel Prime. Do you want me to inform the public-"

"I'll handle it! Do what I tell you to do."

War Room

Prowl sighed as he typed a planet-wide broadcast designed to target those affiliated with the Autobot military, informing of their current war and change in leadership.

Prowl turned around to see Orion run in, and gave the younger Autobot a smile. Now Orion, he's yet another useful soldier. He's got excellent battle stats if simulations and minor missions are anything to go by- very nearly up to the level of Magnus or Sentinel. Yet Orion seems to have the smarts to back it up as well, if tests are anything to go by.

"Greetings, Orion. You will be replacing Sentinel's duties in the War Room, I trust? You are now in charge of all the new recruits and troop deployment. Of course, knowing Sentinel, he's going to want to call the shots himself." Prowl shrugged. "My job- and yours- is to make sure he calls the right ones. Right now we have to deal with the influx of questions and queries from our troops all over the planet- and soon the Senate will want answers. That is, if the Decepticons didn't make a third strike somewhere into Iacon."

Prowl shook his head. "Do you know I have been campaigning for months for Sentinel to promote you- the leader of a team in Uraya, or the Tagan Heights, or something- and he keeps insisting you're incompetent. Yet come the succession and he gives you his old job."

2012-07-19, 10:02 PM
Corridor outside of Medbay:

Ironhide transformed to his vehicle mode, a boxy, six-wheeled transporter, and rolled after Sentinel, following his charge to the Prime's office.

Hangar Bay 1:

Hot Rod jogged in, throwing a jaunty salute to Jazz and then boarding the shuttle.

War Room:

Orion nodded. "It does seem strange. Certainly out of character for the mech who seemed to make it his personal mission in life to torture me while I was at the Academy." He looked at the status board. "How many units do we have deployed?"

2012-07-20, 06:53 AM
Hub-Palace of the Elders

There it was, the Palace of the Elders. And on top of it, the Tower of Pion, Zeta Prime's old office.

It seemed so surreal to be walking there, as the Prime. It seemed so wrong, and yet so right... Sentinel Prime, leader of the Autobots, leader of Cybertron! And here, tasked, trusted to be the only one that would be able to lead the people to freedom, to victory over the Decepticons.

Oh, things are good. Except for the, you know, whole Zeta Prime dying part.

Sentinel Prime transformed and walked up into the Palace of the Elders. "Now, Ironhide... are you going to have to change the security protocols or whatever? I have to get to the Tower of Pion."

War Room

Prowl shrugged at Orion, "I would theorize that the passing of the Matrix would give Sentinel some measure of wisdom... but that would mean that I believe in that. So no."

Prowl pointed at the hologram of Cybertron in the center of the circular table. "Officially? None. Our teams in Tarn, Stanix, Praxus and all the cities around the hot zones of Kaon and Polyhex are on standby, but they are waiting for orders from us. Waiting for Senate approval, that kind of red tape."

"Of course waiting for that would just be inefficient." Prowl tapped at Kaon. "Non-officially, Jazz is leading an insertion team into Kaon to rescue Magnus, gather some intel, do some sabotage if possible."

2012-07-21, 10:54 PM
Hub-Palace of the Elders:

Ironhide rolled to a stop and transformed back to robot mode, sensors still at full power. "We c'n do the change'a protocols in Z- in th' Prahme's office," he caught himself before actually saying Zeta's name. "Ah c'n get us in there. C'mon." He headed into the building.

This whole situation was really starting to tick him off. Admittedly the situation was dire, but Sentinel, while not known for his tact, was acting even more like a jerk than usual.

War Room:

Orion nodded at the information Prowl gave him. "Do we have any intelligence on whether or not the Decepticons are massing in these areas? I'm wondering if Megatron might see thie announcement of Zeta's death as a signal to attack while we mourn our lost leader."

2012-07-22, 11:58 AM
Hub-Palace of the Elders:

Sentinel nodded, noting Ironhide's hesitance to say Zeta Prime's name. He opened his mouth, about to say something, about Zeta Prime being a good mech or something similar... but held his tongue.

He wasn't very good at this sort of things.

"Right." Sentinel said as he walked into the Hub-Palace system. "Go and handle the security measures, Ironhide." Probably take some time to cool down so you don't deck me in the face, Sentinel wanted to add silently. "I'll catch up with Zeta's records."

War Room

(OOC: Forgive the introdump, but as far as I know Orion had been out of the loop, right?)

Prowl shrugged. "We know they have been massing in Kaon, and reportedly Polyhex's Governor Straxus had been last seen heading over to Kaon. Iacon and Polyhex had never been on the best terms... and Polyhex, too, had reportedly been massing up on arms."

"Now what they are massing isn't just manpower and weapons, Orion. The reason Magnus was so thoroughly defeated was this." Prowl waved his hand, and a screen showing a video of Sixshot's battle against Jazz's squad earlier showed. "A Cybertronian with at least five changeforms, without all the mental shortcomings that come from having more than one."

The scene then changed to a recording of Ginrai's battle against Sentinel. "And then, there is this- a Techno-organic Minicon that is completely undetactable by conventional sensors. He infiltrated Iacon and came very close to killing Sentinel, but was talked down by Smokescreen, a psychiatrist."

"In addition to this, we have intel from the Templars that the Decepticons had overtaken one of the Vector computers in Kaon." Prowl shook his head. "Whatever we're dealing with, they have access to weapons and technology we do not."

A red alert beeped on Prowl's terminal, and the general's wrist-computer flicked open. He read whatever is on the computer silently for a few seconds, then shook his head. "Orion, Sentinel, Kup, we have more bad news. I have just received a report from the Orbital Prison. It appears that General Obsidian had been sighted leading a group of Decepticons and overtaken the Prison. Also, the Nominus Prime Detention Center in Altihex had likewise been completely overrun with only several survivors."

Prowl shook his head. "Massing Decepticons, indeed. Network, get ahold of Spark from the Altihex branch. I want the survivors in an Iacon-bound shuttle as soon as possible."

2012-07-22, 12:48 PM
Hanger Bay 1

"Copy that. Initiating launch procedures as we speak," Jazz replied to Prowl.

Jazz looked over his shoulder. Strap yourself in," he said to Topspin, Hot Rod, Electro and Dai Atlas. "Next stop: Yuss!"

Pushing the controls forward, the engines of the shuttle started to flare up and the shuttle took off.

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War Room

"I can give you sight and sound in Kaon if you ask me nicely," Volks said to Orion, "or we just wait for Jazz's team for the confirmation that we need," he added with a shrug.

"Oh and before I forget," Volks turned in his seat and showed something on the big screen, "I've managed to crack what I could from the err... found data files that came off the Polytechnic Research Institute. It's not much, but from what I could tell, most files are labeled Thunderwing and seem to involve some kind of exostructure or suit or something. Scary stuff if you ask me."

Volks turned back into his chair and looked over his shoulder. "Want me to send it over to the scientists and see if they have any use for it?"


En route to War Room

"Of all the...," Kup stopped his reaction to Prowl's news right there, because what would come out after it wouldn't have been very pretty. "He's forming an army," he said over the com. "As I feared, this is going to be bigger than we thought and we're spread out way too thin."

Kup stopped for a moment. He was wondering what had gotten into Obsidian's head to act so strange? "I'm on my way to the War Room right now. I'll see you in a bit.


Corridor outside of Med bay

"Very well," First Aid said in reply to Ratchet. The older mech was clearly feeling the effects of Zeta Prime's demise. It would be a more fitting end for the Prime," he said. "I suppose that Sentinel Prime has a lot on his mind right now. Perhaps later we can give him a proper send off."

2012-07-22, 03:03 PM
War Room

Prowl shook his head at Volks. This was war. Prowl knew Volks was undisciplined and young (also, needed to be coaxed to even do proper work)... "No need to be snippy, Volks- give us everything you can on Kaon."

Prowl then replied to Kup over the commlink. "I fear the Decepticons may match us in both numbers now. What advantage we may have in having trained soldiers and warships may be offset by the Decepticons' mad technological advances."

Like the one Volks is showing right now, the next in a series of insane weapons... Prowl glanced at the exostructure data on the big screen, and his lips curled in a grimace. Techno-organics, six-changers, what is reportedly a drone army... what else does Scorponok, Predacon, Tarantulas and their brood of mad scientists have?

"Thankfully the Decepticons do not have a monopoly on mad scientists." Prowl nodded. "Good work, Volks. Yes, send it over to Wheeljack and Highbrow."


Ratchet chuckled dryly. "Sentinel's always like that. He moves on too quickly. Blocks it out. Useful, perhaps, because apparently we're in a big crisis right now, but..."

Ratchet looked forlornly at Zeta Prime's peaceful, unliving form. "It never gets easier, First Aid. Every dead patient... it never gets easier. After each death I swear to myself that I would never fail, but... there's always one more."

2012-07-22, 05:04 PM
Hub-Palace, heading for the Tower of Pion:

Ironhide strode along, his anger evident in the set of his jaw, the look on his face, the tromp of his feet.

He was royally ticked off. He was fairly certain part of it was pride -though this was the first time, as far as he knew, that a Prime had been poisoned- but it was still a burr under his proverbial saddle. He now had to protect this hyper-jawed, egomaniacal idiot who might have had a sound tactical head on his shoulders, but also had all the leadership charisma of the mung that got cleaned out of the ductwork every decacycle.

Which made him wonder, even more, why Zeta had chosen Sentinel as his successor. Prowl would have been a better choice. A derranged glitch-mouse would have been a better choice, even.

He had to find out what Zeta told Sentinel. And since Zeta was dead, Sentinel was the only one left alive who knew what Zeta was thinking in his final moments.

He arrived at the doors to Zeta's office and stood in the scanner beam, the security protocols recognizing him and opening the doors. "We'll get ever'thing set up." And with that, the old Autobot strode into the office.

War Room:

Orion listened as Prowl filled him in. "It sounds like out best option may be to try to blunt their attacks, if we can. Do we have the resources to slow them down and insert strike teams behind them to cut their supply lines and hit them from behind?"

2012-07-23, 10:56 AM
Hub-Palace, heading for the Tower of Pion

"You do that." Sentinel replied to Ironhide as the old security officer entered Zeta Prime's office.

Sentinel could tell that Ironhide was angry -- understandable. Zeta Prime just died, after all... Sentinel himself was also very angry. And Ironhide was probably pissed a younger Autobot like Sentinel was put in charge. But this was war. There was no time for petty grudges.

And in any case they're gunning for Zeta's killers, anyway.

Sentinel stood outside the Prime's- no, his office, and waited, scowling as he heard the latest update from Prowl.

The clock is ticking.

War Room

"Do we have resources? Yes. We have teams are standing by in Yuss, Stanix and all other neighbouring towns, waiting for our word. We could send small sabotage teams, but most likely than not they would not come out. Acceptable losses to slow down the invasion, I suppose." Prowl told Orion. "Unfortunately, we have little clue where the supply lines are. We're flying blind, Orion- our forward base in Kaon has been taken out. Anything we know is a report from Jazz and Rapido."

Prowl tapped his chin. "We could send a sacrificial team if you'd like, though. You and I have the authority to send in small recon or sabotage teams."

2012-07-28, 02:43 AM
War Room:

Orion narrowed his optics. "True. And there's no point throwing lives away for no good purpose. Once we can identify their supply lines, we can send in strike teams to sever them." He glowered at the map. "We need better intel on their tactics. If they intend to swarm across the borders, are they going to be a combined, organized army? Or a group of rampaging thugs more interested in pillaging and looting than attacking?"

Prime's Office:

Ironhide tapped a few keys on a console, then placed his finger into a slot on the console. Once the system verified who he was, he prepped it for Sentinel's input and clearance. "C'mon in, Sentinel. It's ready fer ya."

2012-07-28, 03:43 AM
War Room

Prowl nodded, slightly impressed by Orion's resource management. "So, shall we send in a team? We could send in Quark's team into Kaon in fifteen minutes."

The strategist shook his heads. "Tactics, I fear, we already have data on. So far, known Decepticons have been known to work strategically, eliminating our forces with military efficiency. And that was before General Obsidian defected." Prowl felt a hint of bitterness in his voice, but continued. "I suspect the six-changer would be used as either a vanguard or a last resort against our own Supreme-Class guardians, but if Obsidian is there we can only assume we're dealing with an organized army."

Prime's Office, Tower of Pion

Sentinel nodded to Ironhide and walked into the Prime's Office, and sat down on Zeta Prime's- his- chair.

Sentinel Prime let his optics drift around the room- the room he had only ever caught glimpses of from holocam conversations- and closed his optics for a while, very silently mourning Zeta Prime... and it was over. Sentinel Prime opened his optics, and they blazed blue.

There was work to do.

Sentinel typed in a broadcast frequency to all the various Senators, Governors, military commanders and what-have-you. He wasn't really worried about the little people... media being what it was, no doubt his little speech would be publicized soon. "Citizens of Cybertron, this is Sentinel Prime speaking. Not less than an hour ago, the great Zeta Prime had been assassinated by a terrorist group known as the Decepticons. Zeta Prime's loss will be felt by us all... he was a great leader. He had chosen me, Sentinel Prime, as his next successor, and rest assured we will be doing everything we can in order to bring Zeta Prime's killers to justice. Under my authority as Prime and military commander, I hereby declare that the Autobot military will have to be acting independently in order to effectively combat this threat. No comments or interviews will be given at this moment."

Sentinel switched off the broadcast frequency, and shook his head. "Damn Senate will be calling me any-" right on cue, the phones and communi-cubes in the room all rang loudly. "Bingo."

Sentinel picked a Comuni-Cube at random, and glared at the Senator's face within. "Look, Senator, I'm not interested in playing twenty questions with you, or your pals. I'm not in a particularly good mood, and everything you need to know is in that broadcast. Stay out of my- and my men's- way and let us do our work."

Sentinel then tossed the Communi-cube away, and began reading through Zeta Prime's computer, searching for anything that might clue him in to any hidden information Zeta may have hidden that might benefit them.

2012-07-29, 03:10 PM
War Room:

Orion listened to Prowl's words, mentally running through the permutations.... "I won't throw lives away needlessly. Far better to have a viable target to use our resources on." He looked at the screen again. "For the moment, our best solution may simply look at the ways they'll come, and direct them to where we want them to go. Do we know how many of these multiple-changers they have?"

On patrol, outskirts of Iacon:

Tracks listened to Sentinel's announcement as he arced through the air. He'd hoped he would never have to fight in a war. If I'm lucky, he thought to himself, they'll put me on courier duty. Maybe something back in the rear eschelon areas. It wasn't that he was a coward, far from it...... What he did was take pride in looking good, keeping himself polished. Yes, he wasn't a sleek aerofighter, but he was flight capable. And having a flight capable alt-mode, while it didn't make him unique among all the Autobots, it certainly made him a candidate for having to fight in the air.

Not to mention whatever alterations they'd feel they'd have to make to him so he could hold his own against any of these 'Decepticon' fliers.

He could see it now. They'd ship him off to Wheeljack, and by the time he was done, his aerodynamic form would be replaced by missile racks, laser cannon emplacements, and hypersonic jet engines that would all probably blow up as soon as he tried to do anything.

That was not something he was looking forward to.

Iacon Police HQ, Exterior:

Nightbeat sat on the ground, his back against the building, visor off, rubbing his optics with the heels of his hands. His optics hurt. His head hurt. His hands, well, to be perfectly honest it was his fingers, really hurt. Paperwork really, really sucked.

Then he heard Sentinel's announcement, and realized paperwork was now the least of his problems.

2012-07-29, 06:44 PM
War Room

Prowl nodded. "Affirmative. We can only hope Jazz's team would return with good intel." The General glanced at Volks. "Volks, now would be a good time to tell us if you had managed to hack into the Decepticon's database or communications network."

The strategist turned to face Orion as he waved his hand, bringing up a recording of Sixshot's battle against Magnus' team on the screen, how he as good as shrugged off the team's firepower, how he took down Wheeljack's laboratory defenses with ease. How he switched forms ever so quickly.

"Only this one six-changer, but he had taken down some of our best soldiers with an alarming rate, and I have reasons to believe this is not even his full capacity." Prowl frowned. "The six-changer evidently was not accustomed to battling in confined spaces, something we can hopefully use to our advantage... but we do not know if he's the only one, or just a member of a larger army."

Prowl sighed. "We need resources, Orion. We can assume that the Decepticons match us in numbers, once we take in the six-changer as a quantity. Add in Obsidian's strategies, Megatron being an actual dangerous leader, Destron and Renegade resources being pooled in, unknown quantities like whatever the Decepticon scientists might have cooked up... adding in our own unique resources of Sky Lynx and Fortress..." Prowl closed his optics. "I calculate a thirty-two-point-seven per cent chance of victory should both of our forces clash at each other."

Not that Sky Lynx and Fortress are any good. Sky Lynx is a very capable soldier, but he is too proud, and Prowl doubted he would obey Sentinel Prime's orders very well. Fortress... he's too emotional. Probably wallowing in grief over the death of Clipper somewhere.

"We need more resources. Or, failing that, we need to sabotage the Decepticons' resources." Prowl tapped his chin. "Biochemical warfare? No, too unpredictable. Messy. Decepticon scientists likely to be able to cure diseases anyway. Timed bombs? Would be ideal, but insertion of black ops team a problem once they discover Jazz's attempt at rescuing Magnus..."

Prime's Office, Tower of Pion

"This is Sentinel Prime. Yes, yes, increase security. Get every police officer on your payroll into active duty right this instant. I don't care what you have to do, Iacon has been attacked twice today by assassins -- no, none of your damn business, you just need to know that it had happened -- just protect our city. Yes, we're at war."

Sentinel Prime slammed down the communicube he had just used to contact the head of Iacon's police force. Not that a bunch of cops would do much good against an assault like another one of those furballs, mind you. Not everyone can fight as good as Sentinel Prime could.

"Ironhide, Zeta Prime didn't leave anything that could help us here. Downloaded everything into a data slug for later, though." Sentinel finally said as he stood up. "Much as I like the decor here, we'll be more effective coordinating with Prowl and the pipsqueak back in the War Academy."

Without waiting for his new bodyguard's reply, Sentinel Prime strode out of the office.

2012-07-30, 06:48 PM
War Room

"Databases are a bit hard to crack, but I'm working on the communication lines right now. There's some talk about the prison, but it's mostly static." Volks replied to Prowl just as Kup entered the room. "I did however manage to create a secure line for between you and Jazz. You don't have to worry about anybody else listening in and it's not traceable. Speaking of Jazz, a transmission is going in right now."

"Jazz to Prowl. We have landed. Commencing mission."

"I've forwarded the cracked files from the KPRI to the scientists. One of which wants to speak to you by the way. Something about what takes priority: weapons development or defensive measures." Volks spun around in his chair. "Oh and before I forget, I've managed to point one of the satellites you've 'granted' me access to at the 'not-so' Orbital Prison. For your viewing pleasure off course."



"Thank you, Volks," Wheeljack said as he received the files and immediately started to browse through them. "Can you ask Prowl if he can let us know what our priorities are supposed to be? I can create a bunch of weapons if he wants, but I can also work on increasing the War Academy's defenses if he wants." While browsing through the KPRI files, some of them looked a little familiar. Especially the bits about the Pretender process.

"Amazing," he said in Highbrow's direction. "Look at this," he said while pointing at the screen. "They’ve gone way beyond what's ethical and have even conducted experiments using something similar to our Pretender Vehicle process. They were intending to create a suit comprised of techno organic matter."

He browsed through his own schematics for a moment. Detection Plates, Base Defense Program, Jetpack, Project Power Dashers, until he reached the schematics for the Pretender Vehicle Process.

"Looks like they stumbled onto the same problem as we did. Neural feedback from the Shell. Interesting"

2012-07-31, 03:15 AM
War Room

"Excellent work, Volks." Prowl replied to the hacker, and nodded as Jazz's voice filtered through. "Acknowledged, Jazz. Keep us updated."

Prowl took in the information that Volks then told him. "Put the scientist through, then. On the loudspeaker, so we all can hear him." The strategist waved his hand and a life-feed from the satellite that Volks had hacked to point at the Orbital Prison showed Prowl a mass gathering of former Destrons, Renegades, and many other criminals. "Orion, this is bad." Prowl said at last. "Troops notwithstanding, Purgatory-Class Orbital Prisons like this carry a Chaosmaster Bomb that would be detonated in the case of a breakout. Evidently Obsidian has managed to deactivate the bomb... allowing its use on us."

2012-08-01, 09:11 PM
War Academy, War Room

"Wheeljack," Volks said, "you have Prowl's here if you want to speak with him."



"Great, thanks Volks," Wheeljack replied, "and hello Orion. Don't think we've met before. Anyway, Prowl, I was wondering what our priorities are? Highbrow and I have outfitted your unit with the weapons they require for their mission as you asked."

As he was speaking to Prowl, Wheeljack was still browsing though the bits of files that he received from Volks.

"Since we're here in Arsenal and a bit out of the loop on things right now, I would like to know if you want us to work on the Academy's defenses or do you want us to keep producing offensive weaponry? In case a certain six changer comes knocking on our door. Would hate to be unprepared for that."

He was still browsing through the files, the Pretender files in specific. "You wouldn't happen to know an expert on organic matter do you? Some parts f these files are gibberish to me and they need to be explained. Whoever was working on this had no regard for life at all. That's for sure."

2012-08-02, 04:12 AM
War Room

Prowl shook his head. "I do believe we should work on strengthening Iacon's defences before working on offensive weapons, Orion, no? If our offensive powers are made stronger but Iacon is still able to be penetrated as before, I do not think it would bode well for us. What do you have in mind, Wheeljack?"

Prowl scratched his chin. He could ask Wheeljack to create their own six-changer... but the moral ramifications...

"An expert on organic matter? The ones I know are on the other side, probably cackling madly as they create more biological weapons. But, we do have the next best thing." Prowl began to lean forwards and type into his console. "I am forwarding a Class Nine restricted file to you. This contains scans on a techno-organic Minicon assassin that came in earlier today to try and assassinate Sentinel."

Prowl shook his head. "Do the files indicate what other kinds of superweapons that the Decepticon scientists are creating?"

2012-08-02, 02:11 PM
Highbrow shuddered. "At least these 'scientists' were stopped by the same problem we encountered. It is comforting to know that their tactless methods did not gain them an advantage." He said in reply to Wheeljack.

As Prowl mentioned the techno-organic assassin, Highbrow took his attention off of the screen he had been looking at and stepped over to get a look at Prowl. "Interesting. Assuming the general info will be in the file, what are your personal thoughts on the assassin and his capabilities?"

2012-08-03, 07:38 AM
War Room

"The assassin had just been newly birthed from a Protoform, it seems. It appears that the techno-organic, who took to the name 'Ginrai' in reference to a figure from old Oracle legends, was unaccustomed to his power. Being a Mini-Con to boot, Ginrai's powers at the very least enabled him to sneak past all our sensors, kill three Autobot guards and enabled him to go toe-to-toe with Sentinel."

Prowl tapped his chin. "Fortunately, Highbrow, Ginrai was eventually talked down. He was manipulated by the Decepticons, and is now under supervision of a psychiatrist, removed from this battlefield. Network, splice together the video footage of Ginrai's battle with Sentinel and send it to Highbrow and Wheeljack."

Lady Quickswitch
2012-08-05, 03:57 AM
Sky Lynx would shortly patch into the War Room once he was back in his gigantic singular form.

His lynx-form jaw had at first fused shut upon the announcement that Sentinel was the chosen one, the next Prime of their people.

No. Not him. The Matrix couldn't have chosen--

But it did. And the private passing of the Matrix from Zeta to another, not him... The Autobot felt a deep and terrible ache to the cores of his being.

Sky Lynx took staunch control of his own, not inconsiderable faculties and held his response in check. He was, after all, a born and bred officer. Sky Lynx acknowledged Sentinel. No. He corrected himself.

Sentinel Prime.

(OOC: What does Sentinel want SL doing?)

2012-08-05, 08:34 AM
War Room

Prowl glanced to look at Sky Lynx as the Lieutenant Commander patched in. No doubt a little pissed off at being passed over in being Prime.

"Lieutenant Commander." Prowl said in manner of greeting. "Do we have any intel reports on Decepticon resource lines?"

2012-08-05, 11:46 PM
Exterior, Iacon Police HQ:

Nightbeat stared at the open comm panel on his arm and gaped at the message again.

".... to report to the city walls to assist in the defense of Iacon due to imminent probability of enemy attack....."

What in the name of the Primal Matrix were they thinking? The TAC-Response Teams, sure. But the average beat cop? No way. And detectives?

"Slagging hell.....", he muttered under his breath.

War Room:

Orion thought for a moment. "The best thing to do would be to detonate the bomb remotely. But given the fact that it hasn't been done already, I'm guessing we can't. What ready assets do we have that can either destroy the prison or neutralize the bomb?"

2012-08-06, 08:24 AM
War Room, War Academy

"The Chaosmaster Bomb have remote detonation frequencies to activate, but very few knew those frequencies. It seems that Obsidian had deactivated the bomb from going off the moment they boarded the orbital prison, and likely to have changed the encryptions." Prowl narrowed his eyes. "He's likely to block any wireless signals from reaching the bomb as well. It's what I... would have done."

Prowl paused, as if deep in thought as he pondered Orion's words, before speaking in a rather fast, clipped manner..

"Short of sending Volks in to the prison -- a prison surrounded by upwards to two hundred rabid inmates -- and have him disable the bomb... I see very few alternatives. Jazz? No, his team's likely to be pursued by the time they have accomplished their objectives. A secondary strike team? None experienced enough to be in the near vicinity. Might be useful while the Decepticons are distracted with Jazz's sabotage. An air strike? Might not be enough to penetrate the prison. Jets... likely to be shot down before they enter. Sparing one of the Supreme tanks... no, likely to be seen coming."

Prowl shook his head. "If we detonate the bomb it's likely to vaporise a good chunk of Kaon. Neutralization... problematic. Short of stealing it back, or outright sabotage, I see no better alternative."

2012-08-07, 09:41 AM
War Room, War Academy

"There's no way I'm going to go into a hostile environment like that and diffuse a bomb," Volks said tapping his forehead with his index digit. "I'd rather get a lecture from Kup."

"Volks!" Kup shouted. "Shut up when your superiors are talking!"



"I have schematics for advanced repair and construction drones that can help keep our defenses up," Wheeljack replied to Prowl. "I've taken the liberty earlier to check up on your automatic targeting systems earlier when I was waiting for your crew to stop by. I think Highbrow and I can improve its target lock speed by a few nano-kliks with the software we've developed back in Kaon. We used it to protect my shop too. It would've done the trick, though I never expected a one mech war machine to come knocking on my door."

Wheeljack scratched the side of his head.

"There's also this energy barrier that we were working on which was also part of our defence grid system. It can absorb energy directed at it for a limited amount of time. It'll need some improving but for now, that's what I've got so far."

When Highbrow addressed the issue about the pretender shells, Wheeljack nodded. “Perhaps. Though I'm betting that Megatron is allowing them to do whatever it is they want to do as long as it helps his cause while we are bound by ethical morals and I'm not willing to cross those."

The files came in that Prowl forwarded to him. That they were Class 9 files meant nothing to him. He wasn't accustomed to what kind of level of security was on what. He did realize that the Autobots desperately needed him and Highbrow to help them or else Prowl wouldn't have given him files like this and stated the security level on it.

"Techno-organic minicon? Poor guys can never catch a break. Always experimented on or abused for our own uses. Such a shame..." he sighed. "His organic components might be the reason why he didn't show up on our scanners. I don't think that anybody has ever dealt with a creature like that. Would love to meet him some day."

Looking through the other files that Volks had sent him Wheeljack shrugged. "Most files are on the Pretender Shell process. It's actually quite interesting. It's sort of a hazard suit of something. I'll have to study it more thoroughly to really tell what it, but it could be very useful if you would ever need to send somebody into a hostile environment."

2012-08-07, 02:03 PM
"Is there a possibility that they have any more of these techno-organic assassins? If so, we should also make sure our scanners can properly detect them. One assassination attempt failed, but that does not mean the next attempt will." Highbrow said to Wheeljack and Prowl.

2012-08-07, 03:00 PM
War Room, War Academy

Prowl ignored Volks' snippy remark, and instead turned to face Kup. "What do you think, Kup? What do you think should we do?"

He then turned back to the conversation between Wheeljack and Highbrow. "Do it. We have the resources to mass-fabricate drones in Arsenal. I'll send over a tech team there to pick up the software updates and upgrade our autoguns... or would you prefer to oversee such things yourself? I know I would, if I were in your position..."

Prowl narrowed his optics.

It wasn't strong enough to withstand this so-called Sixshot once...

"An energy barrier? Unorthodox. Takes up resources. Too many variables. Not something we should do." Prowl smirked. "I like it. Do it."

"I have got some of my people working on detecting Ginrai's energy signature into our scanners, Highbrow, (OOC: Yeah, he did. Um, off-screen) but I do not think it is a significant improvement personally. Any input from your end is welcome." Prowl tapped his chin. "The Pretender shells... could it be adapted into some sort of stealth armour, enable us to sneak in our own troops into Decepticon territory?"

The discussion touched upon Pretender shells and the Techno-organics. "Try not to bypass any ethical morals, then, if you can help it." Right. Orion and Kup are in the room. For their benefit, Prowl added, "Of course, not crossing over the line of ethics would be highly preferable."

Aero Blade
2012-08-11, 05:12 PM
Prime's Office, Tower of Pion

As Sentinel stepped out into the corridor, he'd again find his two new shadows, the Temple Knights. They hadn't bothered to speak to him yet, merely observing him. Possibly they were talking to eachother using their their mystic Primus-giving powers, but they hadn't formally adressed Sentinel yet. It seemed as though it was different this time, though.

"I trust you understand already what this is about," Yoketron spoke, more a statement than a question.

Suberranian Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

Raiku had heard the noise, and for all he'd been through, he didn't dismis it at all, tense from the start. "I hear it alright," He told Red Alert. "Let's find o ut if I can see it..."

He didn't wait for Red Alert to answer him, activating his ability to gaze through the darkness and rubble ahead of him. The edges of his visor glowed with the eerie faint yellow light, muted but not hidden entirely, not in this darkness. He was less concerned about the detective's comfort and more with what was ahead of them, though.

2012-08-12, 07:43 AM
Tower of Pion

Sentinel Prime glanced from Terabolt to Yoketron, and scowled. "We're at war. We hardly have any time for mystic rituals and the like." The Prime shook his head. "Our forces are already stretched as thin as it is. I have to get to the War Academy now, if you don't mind..."

Sentinel sighed, and tapped his chest. They must know, after all... Sentinel shot Ironhide a glance, and made a sigh. "But if it's only a confirmation that the Matrix had been passed down to me, then, yes, I suppose..."

A little showing off to these Temple mooks won't hurt... and they're, after all, obliged to assist the Prime, no?

Sentinel rapped his fist against his chest. As if responding to his will and his touch, plates that had not been able to move a day ago moved, unfurling to reveal a stream of blue-white light, coming from the circular Matrix of Leadership, nestled snugly inside Sentinel Prime's chest, above Sentinel Prime's own Spark chamber.

2012-08-15, 05:49 PM

"It's possible," Wheeljack replied to Prowl regarding the Pretender Shells. It really depends on if they have updated their security though. I think however that they haven't, because these plans are relatively new."

Wheeljack paused and thought for a moment.

"If I had a sample of this organic matter to work with, I might be able to replicate it although it's not really my area of expertise. Maybe it's more in your area, Highbrow?" He said while looking over his shoulder to his colleague.

"As for the rest Prowl, we'll start working on strengthening your defenses and we'll start assembling the drones too.


War Room

"Do we know who does know the frequencies to remote detonate the bomb?" Kup replied to Prowl. "I hate to say it, but if we do, maybe the scraplet here can dig them up."

Kup thought for a moment. "Or perhaps sending him in isn't such a bad idea. He has a criminal record so if they do a background check on him, he won't get caught. Since I haven't filed his paperwork either, it won't tell on his record that he's in our service. If Hot Rod was here, he could've accompanied him to keep him safe."

2012-08-15, 08:36 PM
"Sadly, my expertise lies elsewhere." Highbrow replied to Wheeljack. "Although I would relish the opportunity to study their results and see if we can reverse-engineer their process, hopefully upgrading it as well. We would need a volunteer, however, as I would not put an individual through that strait without their consent."

2012-08-15, 09:17 PM
Subterranean Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

Red Alert may not have had Raiku's fancy eyes -- his were calibrated for distance, not tech-detection and certainly not for near-darkness -- but he had a fancy set of ears. He'd already identified the source of the noise as metal scraping on metal, generated by rotational force and amplified by the presence of corrosion -- in other words, a rusty, seldom-used door had just been opened and quickly shut.

He also had a fancy nose, and a quick sniff told him the chemical composition of the tunnel walls. A quick systems-filter later and the smell of those walls, as well as himself and Raiku, disappeared from his perception. Without the "noise" getting in the way, the smell of rust was distinct and strong.

"That way," he whispered, pointing toward a tunnel that branched off to the right. "You should start by looking that way."

Omega Supreme

"That's no way to talk to a friend," Smokescreen politely chided his patient. "I'm here to help."

"Help: unnecessary," was the booming response that seemed to reverberate from the station's very walls. "Friendship: impossible."

"Why do you say that?" Smokescreen asked, his interest piqued. "That friendship is impossible, I mean. You don't know the first thing about me."

"Knowledge: not required. Friendship: impossible. Omega: incapable."

"But why are you incapable?" Smokescreen pressed. "You've isolated yourself from the rest of Cybertronian society, so it's no surprise that you would have socialization anxiety. Before I can treat it, though, I need to know which is the cause and which is the effect. Do you hide because you can't deal with other people, or are you incapable of dealing with others because you've been in hiding so long?"

"Theories: patronizing. Doctor: incapable of understanding. Doctor: tiny. Omega: gigantic. Doctor: weak. Omega: strong. Doctor: fleeting. Omega: eternal. Doctor: accepted by society. Omega: shunned. Doctor: wanted. Omega: unwanted. Doctor: incapable of understanding Omega. Omega: incapable of understanding doctor."

He paused for a moment. "Omega: incapable of understanding society," he amended. "Omega: a weapon. Weapons: not civilized. Omega: not civilized."

Smokescreen nodded, pondering. "I see," he said at last, troubled by what his patient had just admitted. By the sound of it, Omega didn't identify with other Transformers. He saw himself as something apart, unwanted, rejected.

And he's not wrong, Smokescreen admitted to himself. He's not wrong at all.

Aero Blade
2012-08-15, 09:38 PM
((ooc: hey Warcry, please IM/PM me and let me know what he should be looking at ;) ))

Tower of Pion

The would both observe Sentinel for a moment, then Yoketron would nod briefly - not praise or admiration of the feat, but merely just vauge acknowledgement - then both he and Tera turned in in a smooth motion and walked a few paces away, backs to Sentinel as though in silent discussion again.

I don't buy it. I haven't been around as long as the rest of you, but the Matrix isn't known for choosing dim-sparks like him.

Yes, it is an odd decision, but there may be some purpose in it. It is the vessel of Primus's will, through that he acts. Perhaps he will grow into it. Or if he is indeed not meant to have it, we will see soon enough. The Matrix has a way of exposing foul play - old rumor says a theif in the past suffered physical mutation from trying to weild the Matrix. If it is not meant to be, we will see.

Maybe his head will inflate to match that ego.

Calm, Tera. You said before you were unable to monitor the situation?

No, Zeta was suffering too much pain. To even try contacting him mentally just caused even more. I'm sorry, I know you would've wanted someone to be there.

Do not worry yourself, it was nothing you could do. He is with Primus now, and his pain is eased. Now it is our job to see that others do not suffer the same.

2012-08-16, 09:05 AM
Tower of Pion

The tip of Sentinel Prime's mouth curled in slight displease as Yoketron and Terabolt simply poker-faced their way through his dramatic (if he said so himself) reveal of the Matrix of Leadership.

They simply... turned their backs on him, in that creepy thing those Templars do.

It ticked Sentinel Prime off. He was the damned Prime, and these prayer-bots still refused to give him the respect he deserves? Screw them. He's got better things to do than to gain their approval.

And besides... Terabolt had been with him for the entire day. She knew what was at stake. If what she had seen... the organic abomination, the infiltrations, the deaths... if those didn't get those Temple Knights off their sorry asses, Sentinel's not going to wait and play nice.

One thing Zeta was, it was that he coddled up too much to this silly tradition. Not under Sentinel Prime's rule we won't.

It's a good thing, at least, that they sent Terabolt and Yoketron and not a bunch of others. Sentinel respected the two of them just enough not to simply walk past them.

"Well?" Sentinel snapped at the Temple Knights as he closed the panels on his chest. "Proof enough for you? Look, all of you- I don't give a Turbofox's aft what you think about me receiving the Matrix. Whatever you think- be it jealousy, or the fact that you think I can't be Prime... I don't care. I don't have time for the Senate's bureaucracy, and if you Temple Knights are going to be the same, I'm going to ignore you until after I take Megatron's head."

Sentinel shook his head. "I'm being as reasonable as I possibly can in this situation, because the two of you seem... different compared to all the Temple Knights I've met. So, I'm going to say this once -- either help me, or don't. Whatever your decision, Ironhide and I need to be elsewhere."

Sentinel folded his arms, waiting for their response.

War Academy

(OOC: Obscure comic redshirts ahoy!)

"Network, I want you to freeze all of Scorponok's assets. Zarak Industries, his Senate access, everything. Scorponok is a first-rate terrorist, make sure every banker and employee knows that." Prowl said, "If anyone objects, feed them over to Streak of the Merchant's Guild. He will handle them."

Prowl turned around, and pressed a button. Many stern-faced Autobot faces appeared. Prowl nodded.

"Orion, Kup, Sky Lynx and myself will be the ranking officers for the duration of this campaign. You will listen to every command issued by any of us, and they are not to be over-ruled unless by a second command from one of us or from Sentinel Prime himself. Are we clear?" Prowl said, before glancing to see if Orion and Kup had anything to add.

Prowl sighed, and then brought up a hologram of Cybertron. It helped him think better. "Arclight, you and your team in Yuss already have orders to assist Jazz. Lie low, you are technically in enemy territory. Crackshot, you are in charge of Altihex. Clean up the mess from the prison, and make sure you are ready for deployment within a breem. Dodger, mobilize the naval forces near the Rust Sea. If Tyrest has allied with Kaon, it's going to be a hot warzone pretty hot. Jetstream, I want you to take a flight deployment over the Tagan Heights, report any sort of possible incursions through there. Boltflash, do the same for the Border Regions."

"Turbine, you are in charge of Praxus, assemble our forces there and await for deployment. Spin-Out, Tripwire, you two have Protihex, and Flint, you get Valvolux. Doubletap, move our forces from the Tygun Span and Nova Cronum into Crystal City and await orders. Shock and Ore, you are both in charge of getting the retrofitted Supreme tanks into Iacon's borders." Prowl paused, then nodded. "Dismissed."

Prowl pressed another button, and the face of a Minicon showed up. "Councillor Triac, I regret to inform you that you should have the Lunar colonies on full alert. We have no idea if the terrorists are going to lay siege to the Moons, and if they do, our forces are ready to support. But in the meantime, you need to remain alert."

The Senator began asking questions in a rapid series of bleeps, but Prowl cut him off. He trusted the Minicons to be proactive, it was, after all, what they had been doing for years.

With Fortress emotionally compromised, and no word yet from Smokescreen on Omega Supreme or Ginrai, Prowl racked his brains for anything, anything to give him an advantage. Some unknown quantity, some leverage...

Was there anything he had missed?

The strategist glanced at the police forces Sentinel Prime had mobilized. He doubted they would be much help if the Decepticons come knocking, but Prowl will take any manpower he could get.

No doubt Obsidian would be deploying forces too...

"We need an advantage. Not just troops..." Prowl muttered. "Sky Lynx, we'll probably going to be needing you in the battlefield. You are an... unexpected quantity for the Decepticons."

More, they needed more of an advantage... but Prowl really can't do much. Locations, tactical advantage, perhaps, but he can't really adjust anything without knowing where the Decepticons will be attacking from.

Where Obsidian will be attacking from...

Prowl furrowed his brows in concentration.

Your move, master.

2012-08-19, 01:02 AM
Heading towards the wall:

Nightbeat rumbled along in vehicle mode, checking his onboard weapons systems.hood mounted photon blasters.... check. Plasma blaster mounted on the roof.... check. Certainty that this is the stupidest thing I've ever had to do since I wound up having to bring that crazed murderer who had grafted a military grade particle cannon onto one arm and a bunch of electro-knives replacing his digits..... check. What exactly do they think we're going to do, arrest them all?

He barely noticed when a low-flying Autobot swung into line above him, heading for the same section of wall with the same air of disenchantment that he had.

Tower of Pion:

Ironhide looked briefly at the dataslug, sensors still peeled. He was beginning to wonder if the biggest threat to Sentinel's safety was his own ego. At this rate, he'd have to protect the idiot from other Autobots as well.

Assuming, of course, he didn't beat the slag out of him himself.

Aero Blade
2012-08-26, 01:54 AM
Tower of Pion

"The fact that no witness was present may make things a bit sticky, but right now there is no time to hash out such details, when there are more immenent threats around," Yoketron would finally speak, turning back around to face Sentinel. "What is done is done. We will see how things come to pass."

"Regardless of the circumstances, this will need to be reported to the Temple Knight Elders as soon as possible, but it is not wise to leave a new Prime so soon. Many things can happen before the matrix fully settles into a new bearer, and the inexperienced can make for a desirable target..." Terabolt would add.

2012-08-26, 08:21 AM
Tower of Pion

"You're accusing- suggesting that Zeta Prime didn't hand the Matrix over to me?" Sentinel asked Yoketron, voice icy. "Zeta Prime was on his deathbed. He asked me to come in, alone. Despite our differences, he was my mentor. My teacher. Do you think I would have stoop so low as to steal the Matrix of Leadership? Why else would send away the medics and call for me alone?"

It's rightfully mine, damn it! You unreasonable bastards... bad enough that Zeta Prime wanted me to save the day before giving the Matrix to Orion. Now you Temple Knights are all doubting me?

He was Prime, damn it. He did not have to listen to them.

But he needed their alliance. Or, at least, he needed them not to bother him while he save the planet. Which means no rudeness. He had to stoop low and negotiate. Acquiescence.

Oh, the sacrifices he had to make...

Sentinel turned to Terabolt, forcing back the scowl that was forming when he took in the younger knight's beast mode kibble again. "You. You were there, outside the room. If you needed a witness, why not come in with me? Not that it would made any difference. He chose me as successor; the absence of a witness does not invalidate Zeta Prime's wishes."

"Go report to your Elders, if you must." Sentinel Prime continued, turning to face Yoketron. "I am Sentinel Prime now. I will win this war, with your help or without. If you will, I will appreciate it very much. But, as you said, Yoketron, there are imminent threats around, and my troops need me. I am neither inexperienced nor a target, and, in any case, Ironhide's got to earn his paycheck if people do attack me."

Aero Blade
2012-08-30, 01:14 AM
Tower of Pion

"You are quite defensive, considering that I have not suggested that at all. And though it leads me to wonder why you would think to suggest that, there is not time to pursue it," Yoketron answered firmly. Terabolt said nothing, turning to head of for her task while Yoketron continued. "But there are those that will question your readiness and suitability, based upon your past behavior.

"It is no secret that you do not think much of us Temple Knights, nor the belief of Primus either, which the Matrix represents. You have become the link between government and religion. Do you even understand the possition that you are now in? Truely percieve the danger it presents to you? You face now not just political and millitary enemies, but anti- and opposing-religious fanatics as well. You have no idea in your young processor the lengths that Unicronians will go to, or the horrors they are capable of.

"The kinds of situations Zeta Prime has been in and overcome, the mere stories of which could traumatize the less-sturdy willed, and he had full belief in the forces that supported him. With the doubts you express, if you do not shape up, start to look to and believe in those around you that wish to help you, it will not be long before you find the Matrix pried from your shattered, sparkless shell."

Suberranian Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

Raiku said nothing as he tracked an energy signal with his optics. He wasn't sure what it was, but he could see it moving, through a part of a corridor he knew to be a dead-end from previous maitenance.

The light would fade from Raiku's optics as he begun to step forward with smooth, slow pace, moving past Red alert and down towards the dead end. He looked over the area visually for a moment, then carefully begn to examine the area with his hands, looking for anything out of place.

2012-08-30, 07:24 AM
Tower of Pion

"Really? It sounds like you are suggesting something, at least, with all the 'lack of witness' slag and the whole condescending tone." Sentinel Prime snorted at Yoketron's remark. "Readiness? Suitability? I admit that I'm not much of a prayer person, but I know what is right. I know what needs to be done. And Zeta Prime knows that. With the current situation, Zeta knew we needed an accomplished military commander. Me."

Sentinel scowled. This is a waste of time.

"Oh, on the contrary." Sentinel Prime replied. "I believe in Primus, I believe in the Thirteen and the Gospel of the Knights of Cybertron. And I respect you enough, at least not to drive away right now."

Sentinel's optics narrowed. "But this is war. We have concrete evidence of the Decepticons mobilizing. Unicronians, the... Triple-M, or whatever, they can wait. Rest assured, though, that I will continue cooperation with you, but we have a greater- well, more immediate priority right now. And whether I die or not, whether you think I am worthy or not, I will save us from these murderers."

2012-09-01, 10:10 PM
Tower of Pion:

It was like watching a recipro-volley match, really. Sentinel would say something. The Temple Knights would respond. Back and forth. Back and forth.

Ironhide's headache was coming back. And he was beginning to wonder if knocking the Temple Knights out with Sentinel's body would be that bad a thing. It probably wouldn't, all things concidered.

War had pretty much been declared, Zeta Prime was dead, his replacement was hiding something so obviously that anybody could see it now... arguing, not taking action.

Deciding for the moment that smacking the new Prime around would be a waste of time, the old Autobot started doing the logical thing; in addition to keeping all of his sensors peeled, he started bringing the rest of his weapons from offline to stand-by. Scrapmaker minigun fer th' left arm.... check. Nitro rocket cannon fer th' rahght.... check. Drillin' laser in th rahght arm... check. 'Lectro-knife... check. Mortar cannon.... check.. He thought for a moment. Most of what he had was short to mid-range. Long range was going to be a problem. He suppressed a shudder. Wheeljack's lab. He'd have to go there to get something long range. That being said, maybe firing glue/nitrogen/molten lead shells out of the mortar cannon would work....

2012-09-02, 04:01 PM
Subterranean Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

As they came to a stop at a dead end, Red Alert sniffed the air. He watched Raiku begin to inspect what appeared to be blank walls, a behaviour that would look insane to a normal mech. But to Red Alert it was perfectly rational, because the security agent's olfactory sensors were screaming that they were practically standing on top of a set of rusty hinges while his keen ears and the soft echoes they heard told him that sound was bouncing around in ways that were impossible if there was nothing but solid ground on the other side of these walls. One of the surfaces -- walls, floor or ceiling -- had to be false, he knew, so he sat back and let Raiku use his senses to figure out which one it was.

Omega Supreme

"Is this what happened to the rest of your brothers?" Smokescreen asked. "The other Supremes, the ones who survived the war. Did they disappear because they didn't know how to fit in?"

"Suggestion: likely," Omega Supreme acknowledged morosely. "Kappa Supreme: left system to explore, alone. Gamma Supreme: allowed orbit to decay around Luna 1. Beta Supreme: overloaded reactors. Delta Supreme, Tau Supreme, Xi Supreme: simple shutdown, as I was attempting. Conclusion: supposition only. Communication with brothers: minimal. Supremes: not social even with brothers. But conclusion: logical."

"They made you this way on purpose, didn't they?" Smokescreen asked. "It wasn't an accident, not if you all turned out the same way."

"Conclusion: also logical," Omega agreed. "Alpha Supreme: different. Alpha Supreme: loved her crew. Alpha Supreme: lost too many crew. Alpha Supreme: broken by horrors or war. Beta Supreme: next built. Beta Supreme: different. Other Supremes: cold, like Beta. Other Supremes: immune to horrors of war. Other Supremes: no longer truly alive. Council: indifferent. Supremes: expected to die in battle. Souls: surplus to requirements."

The last line carried with it an entire long life's worth of bitterness, so much of it that Smokescreen wasn't sure he'd ever be able to fix his new patient.

2012-09-04, 12:08 PM
War Room, War Academy

Unaware of the conversation Smokescreen was having with Omega Supreme, Prowl had typed a message encrypted with a code only the two of them would know, and sent it to Smokescreen. To the uninitiated, it would read literally as some random technicality, about status reports or energon rations and the like.

Translated, it would read:
-Smokescreen. War escalating. Sentinel is Prime now. Enemy forces are massing. How is Ginrai? Is he a threat? Could he be convinced to fight for us? Have you managed to reactivate Omega Supreme? We need every available asset to win this war, and that includes the Supremes.


(OOC: Prowl cares not for your angst, giant asset to the war effort! :o)

2012-09-09, 06:05 AM
Omega Supreme

"Transmission: incoming," Omega announced. "Sender: military headquarters. Content: inconsequential." His tone showing signs of anger, he added, "Suspicion: coded message. Conclusion: attempted recruitment."

Smokescreen responded calmly. "Prowl is my brother," he told Omega. "Just like the other Supremes were yours. I haven't been in touch for days, and he's probably worried." He smiled knowingly. "Also, there's a distinct possibility that he misinterpreted my concern for you as an attempt to rehabilitate a war asset and not an attempt to help a person in need."

"Prowl: foolhardy?"

"No, no, not at all," Smokescreen laughed. "But he's ruthless, and he tends to assume that everyone around him is the same way. But understanding people is his greatest weakness. It's my job, though, and I understand him well enough to know that he doesn't understand me at all. And his predictable misunderstanding meant that I would be able to get here." The psychologist shrugged. "Prowl's my brother and I love him, but he would never had cleared my trip if he hadn't thought there was something in it for him."

"Omega: understands. Query: message contents?"

"Mostly what you guessed," Smokescreen said. "Wanting to recruit you, and worrying about Ginrai. There was bad news, though. It sounds like Zeta Prime has either stepped down or been killed."

"Zeta: never step down," Omega Supreme boomed. "Omega: knew Zeta. Zeta: Omega's commander. Zeta: no longer Prime. Zeta: dead."

Silence hung in the air for a few seconds before he added, "Omega: sad."

Smokescreen nodded. "I understand," he told the other Autobot. "Believe me, I understand."

He began to ponder ways to use this opening to bring Omega back to the land of the living, and left Prowl's note unanswered.

2012-09-12, 03:47 PM
War Room, War Academy

Prowl glared at the map of Cybertron, where red dots were moving all around the map, simulating the movement of their troops. Will they be enough? They have far too little resources or manpower to viably hold the planet against... against whatever it is the Decepticons bring to the table.

They needed more. They needed more resources.

"Hmm. Hopper, Boxcar, I need you to take a team to bring in the Axiom-class guns from the Tagan Heights to Protihex and the Rust Sea. From what it looks, things will be getting hot there and our front troops will need them." Prowl shook his head. "Warpath, Gunrunner- you have your orders." Prowl spoke into another terminal.

He was sending them all into battle... and he did not care a whit about their survival. Part of Prowl knew that Smokescreen and the others would probably be disgusted by this, but the other part, the part that was fully in control at the moment, knew that it was made him so effective at the moment.

"Volks, give me an update on Jazz's team." Prowl silently observed the satellite feed on the appropriated Orbital Satellite. The troops were clearly disorganized there, but Prowl knew that Obsidian were merely using them as shock troopers.

Should he deputize everyone in Protihex and Crystal City?

No, Prowl decided. There were some lines he would not cross.

Civilians were a liability anyway.

2012-09-16, 08:18 PM
War Room, War Academy

"Almost at the underground tunnel entrance," Volks answered Prowl. "Shouldn't be too long before they reach the Governor's Palace."

2012-09-17, 04:32 PM
War Room, War Academy

Prowl nodded at Volks' report. "They are moving within the allotted time. Keep me posted." The strategist frowned. What else could he do?

The Decepticons would block the route of Jazz's escape. As soon as they are discovered Obsidian is liable to block all routes to Yuss... they needed an alternative. Prowl rotated the model of Cybertron on the holo-screen.

Ah, yes. Praxus.

"Turbine, get your men ready at Praxus. We need you to bail out an extraction team from Kaon within the next deca-cycle. Get Fastback's squad and Windsail's Seekers in from the Tri-Torus Loop, the Decepticons are sure to give chase." Prowl tapped the tip of his chin with his datapad stylus. "Get the city's autoguns online. Get everyone on alert."

"Volks, send a message to Jazz telling him to use Praxus as an exit route should Yuss become unviable as an exit point." Prowl turned to Volks.

2012-09-19, 04:28 AM
Omega Supreme

"Smokescreen: sad?"

Omega's question caught Smokescreen by surprise. It was essentially the first time the giant Autobot had shown any interest in Smokescreen himself, which constituted a small breakthrough on it's own merits. But it also showed that Omega Supreme wasn't quite the soulless killing machine that he feared -- he'd heard the pain in Smokescreen's voice and reached out as best he knew how. If only Smokescreen could make him see that, it would be a big step in the right direction.

"I am," he admitted. "I have been, for a very long time. One of the reasons I feel for you is because, like you, I know what it means to not have a home. The difference is that you've never have one, where mine was forcibly taken away." His optics narrowed. "Taken away by Decepticons."

"Omega: sympathetic." The room was silent for a few moments before the living starship's voice rumbled out again. "Omega...curious. Explication: requested."

"Okay," Smokescreen told him. "I say it was the Decepticons, but that's not entirely true. They're Decepticons now, but at the time they were just your run of the mill criminals. Scorponok was a member of the senate, but he was corrupt. He fancied himself a scientist, and funded a lot of labs that were investigating illegal weapons and technobiological modifications. Of course, at the time no one knew that he was a villain, so when he asked to rent lab space on my home habitat no one thought anything of it."

Smokescreen paused to collect himself for a moment before he could continue. "In retrospect, we probably should have. It turned out that he'd chosen our habitat because we had a small population with no political clout, so no one would care if his experiments caused an accident. And cause one they did."

"Smokescreen: survived."

The psychiatrist didn't dispute that assessment. "Only by blind luck," he admitted. "I was attending a conference on Cybertron at the time. The news only said that it was a terrible accident and that the habitat was lost with all hands. Over time, though, I've been able to piece together a lot of information about the "accident". Prowl helped a lot with that, though we'd both deny it if anyone asked. Leaking information about a senator's wrongdoing would be a quick way to end a military career, if that information wound up in the wrong hands."

"Scorponok: at fault?"

"His lab was doing blatantly illegal work," Smokescreen said bitterly. "Researching anti-gravity weapons. Apparently they were test-firing a new design, but there was an explosion. And instead of nullifying the effect of gravity on a single target object, it nullified gravity for the whole station. The habitat was flung out of Cybersynchronous orbit at nearly ten thousand kilometres per hour. It crashed into several dozen small satellites on it's way out of orbital space, and at that speed..." Smokescreen shook his head. "By the time rescue ships caught up with them, it was too late. The habitat and all of the inhabitants had been shredded by the impact."

"Omega: disgusted." Anger was clear in the ship's tone, though Smokescreen wasn't sure whether he was angry over the loss of life or the reckless destruction of so much orbital infrastructure since, after all, Omega himself was a part of that infrastructure.

"And with good cause."

"Crew: dead." Omega said slowly. "Smokescreen: only survivor?"

"Not quite," Smokescreen clarified. "Out of six thousand residents, around ninety of us were off-station when the disaster happened. But all of the people I knew...friends, colleagues, patients...none of them made it."

"Smokescreen: alone."

"For a while," Smokescreen admitted, "I was. But I was also lucky. I lost my home, my job, my whole world. And I was a wreck...but my family was there for me. Prowl, Crosswise, Flash, Bluestreak, Rapido, Ricochet, Streetstar, Jolt...they helped me keep it together and get back on my feet. I owe my chassis-brothers a lot. That's why I chose my current line of work. It means that I get to help people who don't have a network of good people to catch them when they fall. If I'd had someone like me...well, I'd like to think I wouldn't have fallen apart quite as badly as I did before they helped me."

(OOC: I'm literally just name-dropping people who've shared a mold with Smokescreen over the years. If I included your character's name but it doesn't fit with your interpretation of them, just ignore it and we'll assume Smokey's talking about someone else with the same name. :) )

"Omega: understands." The giant's voice was glum. "Omega's family: gone. Omega: has no help."

"You have me."

"Omega: understands. Also: appreciates."

Aero Blade
2012-09-20, 12:33 AM
Tower of Pion

"Then let us begin," Yoketron answered, simply and flatly. He said nothing further as he took up possition on the other side of Sentinel, an opposing mirror image to Ironhide's possition. He held no weapons ready as the other mech was preparing, but his posture did stand ready, standing arms crossed and alert.

Suberranian Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

It didn't take long for Raiku to find the seams to the door, and a moment later with a laser cutter he had the door, detaching the entire thing. Though it wasn't all that heavy, it was a bit akward to manipulate in the narrow, decrepit corridor, and Raiku would glance over his shoulder at Red Alert just lurking in the background.

"Mind being useful?" He'd call casually, perhaps trying to humor himself from what was an increasingly more intense situation. Whatever was beyond this door, it might not be much better than the bomb had been...

2012-09-22, 07:07 AM
En Route

"Very well." Sentinel Prime told Yoketron, surprised but actually pleased that the Templar Knight would actually concede... that quickly, at least. It seems like the Knights were actually less troublesome than politicians...

Or maybe just Yoketron, Sentinel considered. More likely than not.

And even then he did give him a hard time. And no doubt this was a test, some way of watching him, waiting for him to slip up... Did Yoketron want the Matrix? Unlikely, but not improbable.

Sentinel Prime transformed and rolled towards the War Academy, expecting Ironhide and the Temple Knights to follow him. "We will get to the War Academy. While we were talking just now, I expect Prowl, Sky Lynx and Orion to have managed troop movements all across Cybertron. A full-out war may not be preventable, but I would like if we can avoid losses. We must deploy strike teams and intel gathering teams at the same time. Zeta Prime's passing took quite some time from us, and Obsidian's recruited two prison's worth of criminals and terrorists, each with a massive grudge against our government."

2012-09-25, 04:33 AM
Suberranian Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

Red Alert glared at Raiku, not liking the tech's attitude at all.

"Don't get too confident," he told the other Autobot as he drew his gun. "Those fancy eyes of yours won't save you from an assassin's bullet, so don't even think of relaxing or letting your guard down."

Pushing past Raiku into the newly-revealed corridor. It was narrower than the maintenance tunnels with a lower ceiling, and Red immediately felt a small flush of claustrophobia.

This would be a bad place for a firefight. A really bad place.

The police officer looked around, gathering what little information his optics offered in the dim light. But there was little to see but rust and decay. A quick sniff, on the other hand, revealed something completely different.

"Energon residue," he told Raiku, whispering softly so his voice wouldn't carry down the hall. "Someone was here, only a couple minutes ago."

He tapped his finger softly against the wall. "No branching," he said. "Wherever this goes, it goes straight there. Which means we can catch him, if we're fast enough."

Red Alert triggered his transformation cog, transforming to his police interceptor form and roaring off down the narrow passage. "I hope you're not in love with your new paint job," he told the other Autobot. "You're going to scratch it all to hell down here."

As if to underscore his words, he left a trail of sparks behind him from the friction between his mirrors and the side walls. Up ahead, faintly enough that no one would be able to hear it unless they had Red's audio enhancements, the sound of panicked running could be heard.

2012-09-26, 04:04 PM
War Room, War Academy

"Massage's been sent, chief!" Volks replied to Prowl. "So far his unit has encountered minor resistance from the enemy. From what I can see via the satalite feed, things are turning a bit in their favor as some units are actually moving away from the Palace," he noted.


War Academy, Arsenal

"Wheeljack to Prowl," he commed, "software for the automatic targating systems have been upgraded, including the firewall to its systems with the help from Volks. Their reaction time has been increased with a few nano-kliks."

Wheeljack turned and looked towards the assembly line. "Drones are rolling off the assembly line as we speak. All equipped with the weaponry needed to handle the sixchanger, should they encounter him."

2012-09-26, 04:16 PM
War Room, War Academy

"A not unexpected development." Prowl said.

The resistance Jazz's team was meeting was not as much as Prowl expected, though... either the troops' reaction times are slow, as expected from a mismash of thugs... or Obsidian is planning something.

Prowl narrowed his optics. Knowing Obsidian, he could bet it was the latter. But what? What strategic advantage would it be for Jazz's team to enter Kaon?

Prowl nodded to Wheeljack's comm. Good news at last. "Great work, Wheeljack. The Autogun upgrades will be put to use. Send half the drones to patrol Iacon borders, and the rest to deployment centers. They will see battle in the front lines. I will make sure you get readouts of their performances, for way of improvement."

Prowl sighed as he turned to face Kup. "What do you think, sir? About Sentinel as Prime, I mean?"

It was a calculated remark. It would make him look less of a computer in front of the other troops. It will allow him to gauge Kup's reactions and opinions. It will allow him to seem to take Kup's side... and to know which side of the coin he falls on.

2012-10-01, 03:08 AM
Omega Supreme

"Question: unanswered," Omega Supreme continued at last. "Prowl: wants Omega. Autobots: want Omega. Why?"

"You know about the Decepticons," Smokescreen said. "At least as much as I do, and probably more."

"Knowledge of Decepticons: sufficient," Omega Supreme agreed. "Knowledge of Prowl: insufficient."

"Ah." Smokescreen couldn't fault Omega for his caution. After all, in spite of (or perhaps because of) how close he and Prowl were he knew that the gulf separating his brother from the people who created Omega Supreme wasn't as wide as he wished it was. "I think Prowl has some violent and entirely unsurprising ideas in mind, if he had a weapon like you at his disposal. But what Prowl has in mind doesn't need to have any influence on what you actually do."

"Omega: confused."

"You're not a slave, Omega. You're a free mechanism. And bluntly, you're the most powerful free mechanism in the universe. You're free to choose what you think is right, and no one can make you do anything different."

"Omega: understands." The floor rumbled under Smokescreen's feet, and the doctor felt a slight push of acceleration. "Omega: underway. Engines: unused to travel. Arrival time: four days."

"Then I guess Prowl will have to wait four days," Smokescreen shrugged. "What will you do when we get there?"

"Omega: unsure. Omega: will observe. Omega: will decide."

Smokescreen smiled. "That's what I was hoping you'd say."

Then the doctor took a moment to send a brief communique to Prowl: Omega Supreme is reactivated and enroute to Cybertron. Estimated travel time is three days.

2012-10-01, 10:56 AM
War Room, War Academy

Prowl raised an optic brow when Smokescreen's message came up. Omega Supreme, reactivated... truly a boon for their side. Omega Supreme, a living Supreme-Class Sentinel...

Prowl allowed himself a chuckle as he replied to Smokescreen. Encoded, again, of course.

-Excellent work, Smokescreen. The Decepticons have gathered enough numbers to pose a threat against us. Omega Supreme's arrival would be the key to victory. How is his mental state, though? How willing is he to listen to orders?-

Prowl sent the message, frowning. Omega Supreme was an unknown quantity to Prowl. All he know was that the massive Sentinel had crushed all in its way while it served under Zeta Prime... Prowl had to admit that his experience with Supreme-class Sentinels were highly lacking. Some papers wrote that Supreme-classes were nothing more than drones with limited intelligence and a primitive Spark, but Prowl would not have set Smokescreen to reactivate Omega Supreme if he hadn't believed that Omega was capable of greater thinking, of reasoning.

Shame that Smokescreen was so naive, but then that was his brother's strength. Hopefully Smokescreen would appeal to Omega's greater nature, so he may fight for the right side.

2012-10-04, 06:10 PM
Omega Supreme

Smokescreen smirked as he saw Prowl's reply.

"Poor guy," the psychiatrist said softly after he'd read the message. "So busy worrying about the big picture that he misses the details that are right in front of his face."

If you're expecting Omega Supreme to be an obedient soldier, you're making a mistake. He's been out of commission for a long time. It's impossible to predict how he'll react when he reaches Cybertron, or even if he'll react at all. Temper your expectations, and don't count on his help just yet.

2012-10-04, 07:57 PM
War Room, War Academy

Prowl read Smokescreen's message and frowned.

Is it too much, too much just to have hope for victory? Some means to utterly destroy and decimate their enemy?


Still, obedient or not, Omega Supreme will be dragged into the war one way or the other. If he fought for their side, so much the better. If he didn't, well, at least Prowl trusted Omega not to join the Decepticons. Or at least he would act as a deterrent against them assaulting Iacon, or something...

And there's Sentinel Prime to contend with, as well...

2012-10-15, 02:08 AM
Tower of Pion:

Ironhide strode along, following Sentinel and running diagnostics on his weapons systems. The drill came back with all indicators green. As did the mortar cannon. Made sense, really. Neither one of them had lots of moving parts.

The Scrapmaker, unfortunately, hadn't survived however long it has been since he'd last used it(longer than he really wanted to think about) terribly well. The mechanisims were sound enough, but the energo-relays had decayed. Not to mention the fact that the last rebuild his left arm had gone through had shut down the power feed to it. He was going to have to dismantle the whole thing and give it a thorough cleaning and overhaul. He was looking forward to doing that. The Nitro rocket cannon was simply out of ammo. Given the fact that he'd hoped to never have to use his heavy weapons systems ever again, getting rid of the ammo made a certain kind of sense.

Pressing a stud on the side of his blaster pistol, he collapsed the gun and stored it on his left leg, then summoned the minigun out of subspace, releasing the locks holding it in the underslung position on his left arm, then pulling and hit the stud again, the blaster unfolding in his hand.

Now he just had to hope Sentinel could keep out of trouble long enough for him to get ammo and parts.

All Along The Watchtower....:

Nightbeat sighed. The down side to having great optics was they stuck you on a tower and told you to look for something, anything, that looked like the enemy charging towards the wall to destroy everything in their path.

Ignoring for the moment that you could stick a turborat up here to do the same thing(if nothing else, they'd present a much smaller target), something big enough to smash through this wall would be obvious to the blind on the other side of Iacon, not a detective stuck up on a small observation platform high above the wall.

At least he wasn't completely alone up here. He watched Tracks complete another slow orbit of this section of the wall. At least he wasn't the only one not having a good time.

2012-10-15, 04:56 AM
En Route

While Sentinel Prime was rolling toward the War Academy, he would hear the buzz of static in his audio receptors.

"Sentinel Prime," said Soundwave's flat, emotionless voice over the commlink, "there has been an incident."

2012-10-15, 04:59 PM
War Room, War Academy

Kup was a bit puzzeled by Prowl's question. He didn't often ask for his opinion on any matter. Mostly because he outrank him anyway and didn't need to.

"Sentinel is a great soldier. No doubt about that," he replied. "He thinks like one too and I don't know if that's going to be enough to be a Prime. He's never been much of a politician. Not like Zeta was."

2012-10-17, 03:23 PM
War Academy, Courtyard

Sentinel Prime arrived on the War Academy grounds, presumably with Ironhide, Yoketron and Terabolt in tow. The guards let them pass immediately. "I am going to go to the War Room, see how Prowl has divvied up our troops and resources-" Sentinel announced, but Soundwave's message came in.

Now he calls me when I am Prime? Sentinel scoffed. At least the glorified calculator had the graces to call him by his proper rank.

"What incident?" Sentinel Prime asked, in a tone that was not really at all friendly.

War Room

Prowl nodded slowly. "Hopefully that's going to be enough to get us through this, sir." He replied to Kup, one optic brow raised. "Our opponent has psychotic maniacs and even General Obsidian, among Solomus knows what other resources they own..."

2012-10-21, 12:44 AM
War Academy, Courtyard

Soundwave's voice buzzed in Sentinel Prime's ear yet again.

"The government of Praxus declared sanctions on Kaon and it's allies after Megatron's speech," the spy machine said flatly. "Several Kaon-flagged freighters and transports were detained. One of the crews ignored instructions and attempted to flee with their cargo. They were shot down by the Praxus Defence Force. I have suppressed this information and prevented it from leaking to civilian news agencies. However, Decepticon agents have received word of it. They have retrieved the gun-camera footage from the interceptors that shot down the transport."

Soundwave's droning voice stopped momentarily as he streamed the video in question straight to Sentinel Prime's optical receptors. The clip, only a few seconds long, clearly showed Autobot-marked Praxus fighters drawing into range of a Decepticon-branded civilian ship and opening fire.

"Communications intercepts suggest that the Decepticons are massing their forces in response. Decepticon troops will enter Praxus from the northwest, crossing the border from Tyrest. Recommend redeploying Praxus Defence Force to hold the border against Decepticon invaders."

2012-10-21, 01:49 PM
War Academy, Courtyard

"Damned idiots." Sentinel Prime scowled as Soundwave played the footage. He understood what the Praxus soldiers were doing, of course, but could they not wait until he gave the order before attacking? Still, some initiative is better than none, and this is not exactly different from what Sentinel would be advocating. "What's done is done." The Prime said, shaking his head.

"Make sure you keep this information from the news agencies." Sentinel told Soundwave, before disconnecting the link. "Good work. I shall take your words under advisement. Keep me posted. Sentinel Prime out."

Sentinel tilted his horns forwards, activating the commlink that will patch him into the War Room. "Prowl, Kup, Sky Lynx, I have received information that some of our forces in Praxus have shot down a Decepticon-affiliated transport when attempting to flee. In response, Decepticon troops are massing from the northwest, seemingly planning to enter via Tyrest. Get Clocks to confirm this via satellite."

Prowl's clipped voice replied immediately, "Where did you obtain this intel, sir?"

"Does it matt- a trusted source." Sentinel Prime quickly corrected himself. He knew the existence of the Soundwave program was not known to everyone. "Someone with with eyes and ears in Kaon. Get in touch with the guy in charge of Praxus... that jet guy... Afterburner? Engine?"

"Turbine, sir."

"Right. Get him to deploy the Praxus Defense Force, get ready for an attack from Tyrest. Tell him to divide his force between the Tyrest border, concentrate on that...." Sentinel nodded to the guards as he entered the main building.

"Understood, sir. Volks, we need a satellite on Tyrest, right now. Hijack Bishop's little news camcorder, it should be in geosynchronous orbit over the Rust Sea."

"What of our insertion team, the one led by Jazz?" Sentinel said as the door slid open, allowing him, Ironhide and the Temple Knights entry into the War Room.

Prowl turned around to regard Sentinel. "Not well, I fear. They have been compromised, and are engaging the Decepticons. We were planning for them to make their bailout through Praxus now that Yuss have been compromised, and I have taken the liberty of moving Windsail and Fastback's team into Praxus for assistance."

Sentinel's optics narrowed. "Windmill's team is a bunch of airheads. They're the rainbow-coloured Seeker models, yes? And Beachback is too short-sighted to even realize a blaster is being pointed at him."

"Fastback and Windsail were the closest responders we have nearest to Praxus to boost their defense force." Prowl replied to Sentinel Prime. "Unless you want to deploy Sky Lynx..."

"No." Sentinel shook his head. "Not yet. What other flight-capable forces... actually competent ones... do we have in this city?"


"Yes, Tricks will do. Send him to Praxus to help in extracting Jazz and Magnus, redeploy Fasttrack and Rainbow Seeker."

"Tracks, this is Prowl." The strategist opened a commlink. "Deploy to Praxus, immediately. You are to rendezvous with a six-man team led by Jazz who are incoming from Kaon. Details are being forwarded to you. You are in charge of getting them in the fastest shuttle moving from Praxus to Iacon. Should the city come under attack, your main priority is to get Team Jazz out, not engage the enemy."

2012-10-22, 11:19 PM
War Room

"From the intel that we have gathered so far, their sixchanger is the most powerful weapon they have right now," Kup replied to Prowl. "And while we have some counter measures against him, I don't know if it'll be enough."

Kup paused for a moment when Sentinel's transmission came in. Kup rubbed his chin for a moment. "Strange," he said before Sentinel entered the War Room. "I thought we already had somebody with eyes and ears in Kaon," he added as he looked at Volks for a moment.


"You got it, chief!" Volks replied to Prowl as he started working on hijacking said satalite. "I'll have access to it in a few kliks." It was then that Jazz's transmission came in. "Commander. I've just received word from Jazz and his team in Kaon. They're under heavy fire and he mentioned something about thinking that they were expected?" Volks scratched his head. "They couldn't have found out through to com link. It hasn't been comprimised and I've been checking for possible breach attempts ever since I set it up."

Kup narrowed his optics. He didn't like this news at all. Nobody outside the war room knew that there was a team heading into Kaon for Magnus. He didn not like this at all.

2012-10-24, 01:46 PM
War Room

"We will simply have to make do for our best, lest Praxus falls." Prowl replied to Kup. Prowl turned to Volks, and frowned. Compromised communications...

The Decepticons might be tapping into their commlinks, but he had been watching Volks, and he did not do anything suspicious... not that it excluded him from suspicion, mind. Was there anyone else? Prowl did not distrust Network, but with all who had defected to the other side...

"Continue your monitoring. Network, take over for searching for a possible bug." Prowl's optics narrowed as he begin to visibly turn his head around the room, trying to goad the infiltrator -- if there was one -- to making a wrong move and showing himself.

Sentinel Prime scowled. He had arrived at the same conclusion that Prowl and Kup did, and he did not like it one bit. "Change encryption channels for our communications with the Kaon team." He spoke, "After we get our eyes on top of the Praxus-Tyrest regions."

2012-10-25, 03:52 AM
War Room

Soundwave, naturally, heard every order Prowl gave before the Autobots' minions had even begun to execute them. And like the master spy he was, he quickly erased whatever scant evidence existed that suggested he was the traitor they were looking for.

His true allegiance would be revealed in good time, but it wouldn't do for the Autobots to stumble upon it before he was ready. No...not just yet.

2012-10-25, 12:39 PM
War Room

"You already have eyes on top of the Praxus-Tyrest regions," Volks said to Sentinel. "You're dealing with a pro here," he added. Even though Sentinel is a Prime now, it really didn't mean anything to him and he wasn't going to treat him any different because of it.

Volks frowned. He felt insulted that Prowl even thought about the line having a bug or that it was possible that his line was hacked. His line was secure. There was no doubt about it. Still, just to be sure, he started his own investigation and started to monitor outgoing transmissions and possible hack attempts on his line.

2012-10-25, 04:15 PM
War Room

"Don't get mouthy, kid." Sentinel Prime snapped at Volks, although his annoyed expression did have a glimmer of appreciation. "Bring up the images on the Praxus-Tyrest borders on the center holotable."

Prowl had gotten on his knees and hands, sharp optics scanning under the tables, in hinges and grooves, for any kind of bugs or listening devices. This will not do. This will not do at all. "Wheeljack, Highbrow, this is Prowl. I apologize for the intrusion, but I require some advice from the two of you... if you were Decepticons and are to, for whatever reason, infiltrate and intercept communications from this War Room, how would you have gone about doing it?"

Sentinel Prime glared at Prowl, but said nothing -- the strategist was doing his job... but what is there to say that High General Obsidian isn't simply double-guessing and anticipating their moves like the near-supernatural legends some recounts say of him?

2012-10-29, 03:19 PM

Wheeljack scratched his head. "Erm, well I'm not much of a communications expert," he replied to Prowl, " though I suppose that if you have a very good receiver, you could pretty much intercept any outgoing transmission. You'll just need a very capable hacker to decode it."

Since Wheeljack now has access to a lot of information including schematics to buildings and such, he pulled up the scematic for the War Room. "While talking, I took the liberty of pulling up the schematics for the War Room." Wheeljack scratched his head. "From the looks of things, it's extremely hard to hack your way into the War Room. Somebody probably needs to either be inside the War Room or very close to it to get any information out of there."

Aero Blade
2012-11-02, 09:37 PM
((ooc: Sorry for dissapearing, life as usual over here. Terabolt's actually run off on an errand, but Yoketron is still shadowing Sentinel for now. More on what she's up to once I'm able to get a more decient post together on them.))

Suberranian Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

Raiku scowled as Red Alert moved passed without so much as bothering to assist. As he took off skidding and sparking down the corridor, Raiku decided there wasn't much need for quiet, and just flung the panel into the open space to get it out of the way. Being just a bit larger than an average bot like Red, it was gonna be quite a squeeze getting through...

"Why do I get the feeling we were better off with the bomb," Raiku muttered to no-one in particular, transforming and screeching off after Red Alert.

2012-11-03, 10:23 PM
Air above the Watchtower:

Tracks continued his slow orbit of the potential battlefield. So far, so quiet. He wanted it to stay that way. He liked it.

Then Prowl's call came in. Head for Praxus, secure a shuttle, extract a team. Maybe he'd brimg peace to a rapidly fragmenting Cybertron while he was at it. He checked the details as they came in and activated his commlink. "Orders recieved, Prowl. I'm on my way."

With that, he changed course and headed towards Praxus, waggling his wings as he flew past Nightbeat.

2012-11-04, 04:09 PM
War Room

Soundwave streamed a video of massing Decepticon forces to the Autobots through the satellite that Volks had accessed, confident -- perhaps too confident -- that the Autobots would never be able to figure out what he was doing. After all, he wasn't hacking the satellite per se. It, like every other piece of communications infrastructure in the solar system, had been specifically programmed to give him unquestioned access to it's data feeds.

Foolish Autobots have never even pondered the question of whether or not their slaves will rebel against them...

Suberranian Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

Red Alert checked his rear-view to make sure that Raiku was following -- I'd catch hell if I lost a witness down here, he thought to himself -- but continued his forward progress unabated. He really didn't have any choice, since the tunnel didn't branch off and Raiku was now roaring up behind him. But that was good, because it meant that their quarry had nowhere to go, either.

Good. Time for some intimidation.

Since the other Transformer clearly knew by now that he was being followed, Red saw no purpose in attempting stealth. So to him, that meant it was time to do the exact opposite of being sneaky. His headlights snapped on, bathing the corridor in front of him with bright white light. His police lights and sirens kicked in at the same time, turning the hall into a screaming, blinding tunnel of sensory overload. The running transformer, now clearly visible several hundred metres ahead of them, stumbled into a wall as his eyes and ears were overloaded after so much time in the quiet, dark tunnels.

"Stop!" Red Alert ordered him. "Police!"

The runner didn't listen, but he did stumble again, slowing his pace.

"I'm going to take out his legs!" Red told Raiku. "If I do that, do you think you can grab him?"

Aero Blade
2012-11-05, 12:03 AM
Suberranian Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

"If this space widens, maybe!" Raiku answered to Red Alert. With the friction he was creating in the tight corridor, it was amazing to him that he'd managed to keep up. He wasn't sure he could attempt to transform without getting stuck, let alone aprehend someone.

2012-11-06, 07:12 PM
Subterranean Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

"Well, he's not getting past you, anyway! Just try not to run over him."

Red Alert appreciated Raiku's concerns, since the corridor was barely wide enough for the other Autobot to move, let alone tackle someone. But the robot they were following, who Red could now see clearly, was smaller than average -- there was no way he'd be able to climb over the repair bot's alt-mode to freedom.

"Last chance," he told the suspect. "Surrender or I will use force to arrest you."

The other Transformer's answer was a rude gesture, so Red accelerated a little bit more...and slammed his bumper into the suspect's knees. The runner flew over Red's aerodynamic alt-mode before landing on the ground behind him with a crunch. Red Alert braked hard, skidding to a stop a few dozen metres away. Then he transformed (carefully) to robot mode, drew his sidearm and started to walk back.

"You are under arrest," he said, by rote. "You will remain in robot mode until told otherwise. You have the right to remain silent..."

He continued to read the now-captured robot his rights as he approached, waiting for Raiku to join him from the other side.

Aero Blade
2012-11-07, 04:40 PM
Subterranean Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

Raiku would slow down as he approached, insuring he didn't wind up ramming their suspect back into Red Alert. The mechanic would roll up, and partway onto the prone suspect, parking his front axl ontop of him. Between his weight, and the tight squeeze of the corridor, Raiku doubted either of them were going very far.

2012-11-07, 05:07 PM
Subterranean Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

Red Alert walked up to the prone, pinned robot and shone his headlights down on him. Once he had a clear view of the other Transformer, his face twisted into a mask of contempt. The other robot was even smaller than he'd first thought, barely bigger than a Minicon. His body showed signs of an industrial alt-mode, and a splotch of fresh paint had been crudely slapped onto his right shoulder. Under close inspection and with the harsh white light shining directly on the spot, Red Alert's vision was able to scan different parts of the spectrum until he could see the angular purple symbol below.

"Decepticon," he said disdainfully.

He looked over at Raiku. "Well, now we know why they were trying to kill you," he told the bigger robot as he slapped stasis cuffs on his prisoner. "The rebels were afraid that you'd discover they were using your tunnels to smuggle agents in and out of Iacon without passing through customs."

He dragged the Decepticon out from under Raiku's axle, none too gently, and said, "Now you're going to tell us all about what your buddies are planning. Why are they sending you sneaks into the city, and who's been hacking into our computer systems?"

"I ain't talkin', Autobot scrap!"

"That's what they all say," Red Alert told him. "But you'll talk in the end. They always do."

2012-11-08, 02:20 PM
Highbrow took a moment to think it over while Wheeljack replied to Prowl. "Yes, a hacker with sufficient knowledge could breach your systems. Another option would be some kind of listening device on the systems, but both of those would leave evidence of their existence, even if only after-the-fact."

He paused a moment in hesitation before going on with his last thought. "The most likely option is that the 'secure' channel is not what its name implies. Someone could have, voluntarily or not, revealed the information needed to get into the system. The highest point of vulnerability of a secure sysem is, after all, the users themselves."

2012-11-09, 01:10 PM
War Room

"Hmm." Prowl frowned as he inspected another bottom surface of a table, as he received replies from both Tracks, Highbrow and Wheeljack. "A capable hacker? This is worrisome. Volks, I want a second and third layer of encryption between our communications and Team Jazz. Broadblast, I want all military code encryptions to change between all essential personnel every half-hour." Prowl stood up. "No sign of any listening devices, at least not here. It'll take too long for us to comb every cable."

"Do it. You- guy with the shield- send two or three soldiers to do it." Sentinel snapped. "As for our little hacker.. needs to be in the room, huh?" Sentinel Prime frowned. "I don't think Yolks here is the type to work for the Decepticons... too weaselly... but it does stand that he's the only new addition here... and a former criminal to boot."

"Volks has been indispensable in information gathering for the past day." Prowl replied to Sentinel Prime. "But I do concur. Volks, if you are innocent, you would not mind Network doing a scan of your terminal for any possible manipulation?"

As Volks' satellite image was beamed on screen, Sentinel and Prowl turned as one to see the video of massing Decepticon forces in Tyrest.

"Decepticon forces massing. Just like the intel said." Sentinel Prime said, not hiding the contempt he had in his voice. "Tell Turbine to move resources to the Tyrest border... but not all of them. I'd think our vaunted old fossil knows more strategy than to put all his chips in one place."

"I concur." Prowl said, frowning. He felt that there was something he was missing.... but what?

Aero Blade
2012-11-10, 02:22 AM
Subterranean Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

Raiku listened as Red Alert interrogated the suspect, but it didn't seem to settle right with him. Maybe it was nerves. Maybe it was the scouting skills Hound had been teaching him kicking him, but in his mind details didn't seem to add up. This bot didn't look like a hacker, and he knew a few - this one didn't look like he knew a CPU from the dataport. And even at that, he wasn't entirely sure what had been going on was hacking to begin with...

"Hold it Red. Something's wrong here," Raiku said calmly, and with great effort, backing himself off their hostage, but still keeping him blocked off (not that he could transform right now anyways). "The whole team goes into the tunnels, some of them even more than me. Why was I the only one attacked? And if those rebells wanted maintenance data, there's easier ways to get it than invading our workspace. Something else is going on."

2012-11-15, 05:13 AM
Subterranean Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

"I agree," Red Alert told Raiku as he wrestled the suspect up to his feet by the stasis cuffs. "I doubt our new friend is going to give up any information about it, though." He shrugged. "At least, not willingly. But no matter. Once we drag him back to the station, we can get a warrant to trawl his memories. We'll find out everything we need to know that way. At least, assuming his buddies don't kill him first to keep us from doing it. Which they almost certainly will, since they've got a tap into all our official communications."

He glared down at the suspect. "Don't you?"

"I, uh, I...maybe?" The Decepticon's courage was evaporating now. "But so what? If I talk, I'm slagged anyway!"

"Maybe," Red shrugged. "Maybe not. You talk know, while it's just the three of us down here, and no one knows that we've even talked. You'll at least have a chance to run. But if I have to take you to the station and fill in the paperwork...well, you know better than me how quickly it'll get back to Megatron."

"Yeah," the spy sagged, defeated. Then he looked over at Raiku and said, "We don't care about your tunnels," he told the tech. "They're just a quick way to get from Point A to Point B, if you've got the right codes. Which we do. See, someone up top in your Autobot government? They're actually a Decepticon. We got access to everything from traffic cameras to spy satellites to maintenance tunnels. And there ain't no better way to sneak someone into Iacon than the tunnels. No customs checkpoints to bluff your way through, no need for fake IDs so you don't get flagged as a 'Con...hell, Megatron himself could sneak in and you'd never know it 'til he fusion cannoned somebody."

The Decepticon shrugged. "Don't know why they're coming after you in particular, though. I'm just a courier. Don't know nothin' about the data I'm actually carrying."

2012-11-15, 11:01 PM
War Room

"You've got to be slagging kidding me!" Volks shouted at the possibility that he would be corrupt and Sentinel referring to him as a former criminal. "Nobody on the entire planet has ever been able to hack his way through my encryptions!"

When Prowl asked him if he would mind Network scanning his terminal, he stood up and flipped over his keybord in a fit. "Fine! Go check it out and see for yourself that I've done nothing wrong!"

Volks started pacing around in the room, waiting for Network to finish. "Join the Autobots they said. Your slate will be wiped clean they said. Yeah right..."

"Will you calm down!" Kup shouted to the minibot. "You're about to blow a gasket! Nobdy is suspecting you of anything yet. This is just standard procedure."

"Oh yeah?!" He replied shaking his fist. "Standard procedure for ex-con's right?!"

2012-11-18, 08:44 AM
War Room

Prowl remained stoic as Volks did an outburst. It was to be expected -- useful as he was, the self-declared ex-con was not familiar with the military code.

"Nobody on the planet you're aware of." Sentinel Prime told Volks, narrowing his optics. Sentinel's mind was putting two-and-two together. Soundwave is the only other person on the planet that he knew of... and he was not a very trusted quality either. "Look, kid- don't get me wrong. You're doing a good job here, but this is war. This isn't one of your online games or whatever. Everyone in this room is a probably leak... and you- you've just been with us for, what, a week? Before that you are an ex-con. Seems awful convenient, no?"

"Which is why." Prowl quickly cut in, arms folded, face cold. "We have to ascertain whether you are truly an innocent or a Decepticon mole. And, yes- standard procedure for ex-cons." Prowl added, voice apropos of any humour. "As well as anyone else. Broadblast, you check over Network's terminal."

Aero Blade
2012-12-03, 10:53 PM
((ooc: I hate the common cold...))

Subterranean Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

"Whover's doing it, it's not conventional network access, it's leaving some weird energy trail that I'm able to see," Raiku would speak, then going quiet to think for a moment. Very quickly though he made an noise of discomfort, grinding his wheels a bit to inch a bit further down the corridor.

"Can we get someplace less cramped?" Raiku would ask Red Alert. Itw as hard ot think with his doors rubbing against the walls.

2012-12-07, 07:13 AM
Subterranean Maintenance Tunnels, Iacon

"Yes, lets." Red Alert nodded to Raiku. To the suspect he said, "Give me your data and get your chassis out of my sight. I won't file a report until tomorrow, so you'll have a chance to run." He snagged a datacard from the Decepticon, then watched as he ran away.

"I'm guessing you can't turn around," he said to Raiku after the Decepticon was gone, "so we'd better keep going straight. Do you have any idea where these tunnels end up? Now that we know who's hacking your networks, I'd like to get back to the station and see if we can narrow down a list of suspects."

2012-12-08, 07:48 AM
War Room

(OOC: I'm assuming Soundwave messed with the satellites as well?)

"It's too quiet. I don't like it. We haven't heard from Jazz's team, nor from the troops in Praxus. There is something seriously wrong." Sentinel Prime paced across the room, arms behind his back as he studied the troop movements on the holoscreen of Cybertron in the center of the room. "What do you think, Prowl?"

"It is partially the reason I have sent Tracks to survey Praxus." Prowl replied to Sentinel.

The Prime glanced at Network, who had finished going through Volks' systems while Broadblast checked Network's console. "I see." Sentinel said. "Good move... but Windsail and Outback-"


"-Fasttrack haven't reported in yet." Sentinel finished. "I don't like it. Not at all."

2012-12-13, 03:49 AM
(OOC: It's best to assume that Soundwave has messed with everything. :glance:)

2012-12-13, 12:06 PM
War Room

"I have faith in Jazz and his unit," Kup said to both Prowl and Sentinel. "He's been in tough situations before and he wouldn't have selected the others if they weren't up for the job."

Just then, Jazz's transmission came in.

"Jazz to Prowl. We've managed to break away from our attackers and are about to enter the Palace. No doubt it's going to be hot in there. Have Volks plan the quickest escape route so we can get the slag out of here as soon as we break Magnus free."

The message came over the speaker since Volks was unable to handle it himself due to him being investigated. "See what you're doing?! Your mistrust of me is compromising the mission! Let me get back to work already or our guys will never make it out alive!"

Our guys? Kup thought. It gave him a little smile on his face. Without the minibot realizing it, he felt responsible for the safety of the field unit too. Perhaps there was hope for him after all. "Network return to your own station and let Volks do what he needs to do. Support him in any way that he needs. Volks, I want you to keep the channel open and feed Jazz and his unit any tactical information that you can over the channel that you set up. You make sure that the line is secure before you do."

Volks looked up. He was wondering why old grumpy bolts was suddenly being nicer to him. "Erm... will do, old guy!"

Kup's smile immediately faded away. "Why you 8 bit processing, good for nothing pile of scraplets! When this is over, I'm going to teach you a thing or two about respecting your superiors! Kup shook his head. That's what I get for trying to be nice...

"Whatever..," was all Volks uttered as he started to work on securing his comlink to Jazz and the others.

2012-12-13, 02:21 PM
War Room

Sentinel Prime snorted as Volks threw a childish tantrum, and as Kup shot the little hatchling down. Sentinel wanted to say a few choice words of his own, but Volks was right -- there were bigger things in line.

"Communications with Kaon can still work well, but not with Praxus?" Prowl said suddenly, and stepped quickly next to Network's abandoned console. "There is something wrong. Something amiss. Either Praxus is a trap... or a target. Tracks, this is Prowl. Report."

"Impossible. But the satellite images-"

"Could have been tampered with." Prowl told Sentinel sharply. "Been there. Done that. Knowing Obsidian, though, Praxus could merely be bait... or they could have been using some sort of new jamming system. Either way, this war's escalated rather quickly."

"And with most of the Elite Guard in outer space, too, hunting for Renegade remnants." Sentinel Prime scowled, glaring at the monitor screens. "We could abort Jazz's mission- no. Magnus will have important information. And he's one of our strongest. Prowl, contact Falcatron. His team is nearby, and he should-"

"Already tried. Apparently Yuss is experiencing some sort of communications blackout." Prowl frowned, and his optics narrowed. "Unless... unless the problem lies at the source."

"If they have managed to infiltrate Sou- the central information hub..." Sentinel shook his head. "Sound the alarm. We have too many unknowns. All troops are to withdraw out of Praxus and Yuss. Both cities are lost to us."

"Sir?" Prowl turned around, a slight expression of anger in his face. "We can still win this. I can get the Elite Guard cadets in Proximax, have them back up the Yuss garrison. We can get Torque and the rest of the four-oh-first from Tesarus..."

"For what?" Sentinel replied. "We know what the Decepticons are capable of. We know they have walking weapons of mass destruction. Throwing fleet and fleet of mere footsoldiers, little pipsqueak militia at them will only bring out more dead! We need to pull back, until Fortress Maximus or the Omega Guardians or can hold them. We need time to deploy things like... like the MASER cannons or vamparc ribbon satellites."

"What about the people?" Prowl replied. "What about the people living in Praxus? In Yuss? In Polyhex and Uraya and Vos? Are we going to leave them for dead?"

"I don't like it any better than you, but you have your orders. Tracks, this is Sentinel Prime. If you can hear me, I require a sit-rep of Praxus."

2012-12-18, 06:57 PM
War Room

Kup put his hands on the control panel and leaned forward a bit. "I hate to say it Prowl, but Sentinel is right in that we're dealing with way too many variables right now. Best course of action is to have our troops withdraw, though I think theay should evacuate as many civilians as possible to prevent further loss of sparks. If you're going to send in cadets, have them focus on that, but don't send them in to fight because they'll be slaughtered. Although it's your call, Prime."

Kup thought for a moment.

"Also, we have no clue of what the Decepticons are capable of. So far they have been one step ahead of us and they've hit us with surprise after surprise. There's no telling what they'll come up next. We have no eyes and ears in the hot zones and all that chaos that they're creating makes me think that it's just a distraction for even something bigger or more evil."

Kup turned to Prowl. "You're a strategist, Prowl. Probably on the same level as Obsidian. What do you think his next move would be? We need to start anticipating his moves. That's the only way that we're going to prevent any more disasters from happening."

Kup turned to Network. "Network. Contact the inventors. Ask them if they can come up with something that will give us sight and sound in Praxus and Yuss."

He then turned to Volks. "Volks, compile a list for me of all mechs that have been confirmed to be affiliated with the Decepticons and include allprisoners from the Orbital Prison as possible recruits. It might come in handy."

"You got it, old timer!" Volks replied.

2012-12-29, 02:02 AM
Air Above the Watchtower.......:

"You see anything yet?", a gravelly voice called up.

Nightbeat squinted through his visor, then shrugged and looked down. "Nothing so far.

The smaller red and grey Autobot, the asker of the question, aimed an annoyed kick at the base of the wall. "This waiting is driving me NUTS!. Gimme some action already!"

A small squad of Autobots crouched nearby, shared a knowing look between them as they cleaned their weapons.

Nightbeat, for his part, scowled. "What are you, crazy? We're it for this whole stretch of wall!"

"Don't mind the sarge, Nightbeat. He's not that patient."

2012-12-30, 07:35 PM
War Room

"Of course I'm right." Sentinel said under his breath.

"I... you are correct." Prowl nodded. To his credit, his expression did not show any sort of disappointment or anger at the order from Kup. "Without communications we are still flying blind, though. We have not heard back from Tracks, after all. It could be a superweapon like the Spark Extractor from years back, or a simple communications blackout."

Sentinel Prime leant on the display of troop positions that occupied the room's center. "It's a sensible move, Kup. I will have... let's see... Gunrunner and Atomizer move in with their cadet squads as messenger couriers into Praxus to order evacuation. Do you agree, Prowl?"

"In normal conditions, yes." Prowl replied, tone clipped. "It would be the ideal course of action. But we know nothing, and for all we know Obsidian could be anticipating for us to make this exact move to take out even more fighters. At least, that's what I'd do if I was Megatron's strategist. Create a communications blackout in a hot zone, then lure in as many unprepared soldiers to kill them all in one fell swoop. And that's not taking in any more surprises they may have in store. Iacon had been breached twice before earlier, lest we forget."

"They are making an example." Sentinel Prime frowned. "Of Praxus, I mean. The first move would be the most bold, the most destructive, in order to rally more causes, and take advantage of our unpreparedness."

Prowl held his crest. "Think like Obsidian? If I were to think like him... he would have anticipated we'd send reinforcements, and he would have had some contingency. So if I were Obsidian, I would pull only the soldiers out without wasting resources and potential soldiers and intelligence who may be killed on helping out evacuation. He is... pragmatic like that. If I were Obsidian my main priority would be recovering intelligence about the enemy's strengths. Unfortunately, I... am not prepared to give up on Praxus so easily."

"I don't like it." Sentinel Prime frowned, and turned to one of the Autobots on standby. "Send in the two squads, Broadblast. But no more. Prowl -- think. What is Obsidian's next move? I'd prefer we be on even terms."

"If I was Obsidian, I'd bomb the Decagon, or the High Council Pavilions. Kill the Senate, or you, sir."

"Don't joke."

"I do not do jokes, sir."

"It won't do to have two Primes get killed within a week. Get Warpath and Maximus guarding this building." Sentinel shook his head.

Prowl allowed Sentinel's order to go unchallenged -- it's actually in good measure this time, despite the fact that it was done in ego. Maximus is a volatile element and Prowl preferred to keep him close by. Instead, he walked up to Volks and read through the Decepticon rank manifest Volks is compiling, skimming through the ranks. "Sparkstalker." Prowl said suddenly. "He is a cryptographer. Not exactly a hacker, but he is more than the simple thugs we have among it." He frowned. "Ex-Renegades, Ex-Destrons... some outliers... these are capable people, and they are allied with Megatron's band of psychotic geniuses. We have to strengthen our defenses." Prowl turn

Network nodded, glanced at Volks, and opened a comm channel. "Wheeljack, Highbrow, this is Network from Command. We're seeing normal footage from satellites in Praxus, but we are unable to contact anyone there. Our strategists suspect sabotage. Anything you can think up to give us sight and sound?"

2012-12-31, 03:30 AM
War Room:

Orion's optics narrow as he listened to the others talk, looking at troop movements and dispositions. This didn't sound good. The biggest worry was the fact that they were now going to have to try to outthink one of the greatest strategists Cybertron had ever known. He had an idea, but it was more a long term than a short term solution.

Ironhide, for his part, had kept his scanners peeled, and had a satisfied look on his face as he finished the repairs on the scrapmaker mini gun, and locked it back into it's underslung mount on his left arm. The grip snapped up into his palm, the gun's systems syncing to his H.U.D. and targeting sensors. All his weapons systems were back online. Of course, massive amounts of firepower wouldn't do much against an orbital strike. "Ah ain't sure stickin' Warpath an' Maximus outsahde's a good ahdea. Stickin' 'em out there lets 'em know somethin' important is in here."