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2012-03-13, 04:15 AM
Cybertron's long night is over. The centuries-long reign of tyranny and oppression is crumbling, shattered by the Decepticon resistance and their charismatic leader Megatron. The rebels have lashed out against the ruling elite, killing their oppressors and welcoming into their ranks all manner of disenfranchised free-thinkers who want nothing more than to live free from the government's oppressive boot.

Finally, they have struck a great blow for their cause. Faced by the arrogant Zeta Prime and a band of soldiers who invaded his very home, Megatron gave the Autobot leader a slow death by poison that would allow him to return home to Iacon before he died. Meanwhile, his soldiers have been dispatched to free like-minded citizens from two of the most notorious Autobot prison camps.

But the Autobots have not been idle. Their military is always dangerous, always developing new and more dangerous weapons. The Decepticons' resources are growing too, but will it be enough?

War has come to Cybertron.

2012-03-13, 06:10 AM
Prime's Shuttle:

Ironhide escorted Zeta to his seat and helped the obviously flagging Autobot leader to strap in. As he did, he said quietly, "Whut happened? Can we get ya stable usin' whut we got onboard, or should Ah have 'Rion fly us ta th' closest medcenter?"

2012-03-13, 07:22 AM
Prime's Shuttle

Nightstalker watched Ironhide anxiously from the shadows.

He sniffed Zeta Prime.

"I can smell the toxins, some kind of heavy metal I believe."

He looked at the other Autobots.

"the only thing that might save him is an oil transfusion. Are either of you the same Grade oil as Zeta?"

2012-03-13, 11:07 AM
Prison Shuttle

Obsidian nodded at Lugnut's reply. "Good." The Aerospace Commander hovered closer to the Captain. "How long until we reach the orbital prison, Captain?"

The Captain scowled, but did not argue. "In about... well, that's it coming up the viewscreen, really."

"How long, Captain?" Obsidian repeated, tapping his long index finger impatiently on the other arm where he was folding his arms.

"Umm... one and a half breem?" the Captain replied.

"Schematics for the prison. Do you have it?" Obsidian said again. The Captain nodded, and brought it up on the viewscreen of the middle of the room. Obsidian hovered to look at it, and was silent for a short while, before nodding. "It has not changed much ever since I placed the insurgents personally into the Orbital Prison. Then again, it is reasonable to assume that it would be impractical to modify a facility floating around our dear planet, hmm?"

Skywarp chuckled, but everyone else was silent.

Obsidian waved at the Captain with his long fingers. "Do tell the wardens that everything is fine."

"And when we dock?" The Captain asked

"Go with the rest of your crew into the cargo bay and do nothing. I stand by my word that none of your crew will be harmed, so long as we do not have any... zealots on board." Obsidian nodded. "We will leave Springer on board the shuttle. Grimlock, get here. We'll board the Orbital Prison in forty nano-clicks."

Skywarp shrugged. "Where do you want me to teleport, boss?"

Obsidian pointed at the map with his long, skeletal index finger. "Straight here, in the control room of the Prison. Once Grimlock gets here, teleport the four of us there." Obsidian turned to the Captain. "I trust you and your copilots will not be foolish enough to cross us, or attack Springer. Warn the wardens if you must, but I warn you, that will not be a wise thing to do."

Grimlock lumbered into the room, and Obsidian turned to Skywarp. "Now."

Skywarp snapped his fingers, and along with Obsidian, Grimlock and Lugnut he swirled into a swirl of colours...

Orbital Prison

And reappeared in the Control Room of the Orbital Prison with a loud CRACK. "BOO!" Skywarp yelled, as he leapt towards one of the officers and knocked him down with a savage punch to the head.

"Surrender, and live!" Obsidian announced, retracting his fingers, and firing laser blasts from his gauntlet into the surprised officers.

Governor's Palace

"Certainly, Megatron is much more.... controlled than you are, Predacon." Scorponok told the shorter Decepticon.

He did not share in Predacon's chuckle as he regarded Magnus. Oh, he enjoyed this, certainly... but play time was over. This was serious... fun, no doubt, but serious.

2012-03-13, 06:28 PM
Rapido boarded the shuttle and looked on as Ironhide helped Zeta to his seat. He jumped back as Nightstalker appeared from the shadows, catching him by surprise. "I don't. Any of you?" He said, turning to the others.


Altihex Prison

Thrust reviewed the tapes that the Vehicons sent to him. "Don't shoot yet. We need to get inside first. Don't speak unless you absolutely need to. Onslaught, Stormwudgher, and myself are the guards. Brick and Hammer are the 'prisoners' So make sure you act out your roles." He finished saying as he approached the landing pad. He transformed, and walked over to the intercomm. "Prisoner transfer." He spoke in as he entered the codes Ratbat had given to them into the keypad.

(OOC: Sorry if I got Storm's name slightly wrong - Is someone still controlling them, or do I need to NPC him and Onslaught?)

2012-03-13, 07:14 PM
(OOC: I was, but your allowed to if you want)

Alitex Prison

Kick-Off walked the corridors grinning, the cells all the while. "Just another day at Alitex Prison..." he said, waveing around his shock baton.

2012-03-14, 12:11 AM
Governor's Palace

While Scorponok did not share in the laughter, Tarantulas was happy to oblige and let out his signature cackle while rubbing his hands. "Oooh! This is teh moment that I have been waiting for ever since I saw Magnus at the mercy of our creation. I'm calling dibs on his brain module," he quickly added.


Prime's Shuttle

Kup sat down as the others tended to Zeta Prime. "First thing we've got to do is get back to Iacon and let them know that we're coming in with the Prime down," he said.


Prison Shuttle

"Copy that," Springer replied. Guard duty. Great. With all these abilities that I have, I'm assigned to keep the shuttle safe, Springer thought an dthat shrugged. Guess I still have to earn my place.

2012-03-14, 07:45 AM
(OOC: Ulcrain, I don't think you're allowed to pick up 'real' named characters like Kick-Off without first saying so in the character claims thread... and even then, your slot is already full even when we don't consider Selkadoom's characters... :))

Prison Shuttle

Of course, the reason Obsidian had picked Springer to guard the prisoners was not out of mistrust, but really it was because out of the four troops, Springer was the only one Obsidian trusted. Mainly because it appeared that Springer was under some kind of... leash by this 'Team Science'. Obsidian knew not to underestimate Grimlock, and Lugnut had shown to be... reluctant. And only a fool would trust Skywarp to stay still unsupervised.

Of course, Springer didn't know any of these.

The Captain and the copilots entered the cargo bay obediently enough, without alerting the orbital prison guards. However, they looked very sullen.

The Captain gave Springer an angry glare. "You don't have to do this. They'll kill the guards on board the Orbital Prison." the Captain said, his voice almost pleading.

2012-03-14, 03:45 PM
Prison Shuttle

The words from the captain rang true with Springer and he knew that probably none of his newfound collegues would leave any mech standing within the Orbital Prison. "I suppose that they will," Springer returned in a cold and nonchalant tone and not giving the captain a look.

Springer remembered his mercenary days when he fought alongside Blitzwing as a gun for hire. He never liked that world much and was always looking for some kind of purpose in his life. Right now, he feels as if he belongs somewhere. Serving a goal and not going on a rampage or some other kind of mindless destructive path, just because somebody paid him to do so.

He finally looked back at the captain. Anger. Dispair. He could see both in the optics of the mech, but for some reason, it didn't move Springer at all. Could it be that the triple changer process he underwent changed him as a mech. He knows that he would've listened to the pleas of prisoners in the past, but not right now. Fellow mercs always told him that he was more of a hero than a merc. It was as if his thought process had been altered. "There's nothing I can or will do for you," he replied.

2012-03-15, 11:46 AM
Prison Shuttle

The Captain flinched when Springer replied to his pleas with an indifferent answer.

"You don't give a whit about our fates, do you." The Captain mumbled. "Why are you people doing this? We've done you no harm."

2012-03-15, 04:01 PM
Clench was slightly peeved at the turn of events as they were playing out in the palace. His new prize in the arena, Grimlock, was being sent on military missions. That was the problem with war - it took away the best candidates for his games. He could always start doing black market energon and weapons deals, but other bots like Swindle already had a handle on those. He sighed, unsure where this new regime was going to take him.


Alitex Prison

Thrust smiled as the prison door opened, the code they had been given worked like a charm. Thrust led the way, the Vehicons presumably behind him. He mouthed so that the others could hear him. "On my signal. Not before."

Onslaught and Stormwudgher were behind the vehicons, and prodded them forward. "Hurry up scum." Onslaught barked out, making a show of it for the guards.

There were 3 in the room - one behind the desk who stood up at their entrance, one to the far right, sitting and reading the latest reports, hardly caring to glance up and pay them any attention, and the last guard who was on a call. Shouldn't be too hard, Thrust though to himself, But I'd like to make sure that guard is off his call so no early warning goes off.

(OOC: just moving the story along... if there should be more guards, let me know)

2012-03-15, 06:32 PM
Orbital Prison

"Foolish, foolish guard. You go with the explanation that best suits the argument you wish to make, in spite of your lack of data." Sparkstalker said to Stungun. "In short, you speak of things you know nothing about."

Sparkstalker then turned around, wearing his "I have nothing further to say to you" face.

These guards were beginning to get on his nerves. The opportunity to escape had better come soon.....

2012-03-15, 07:29 PM
Alitex Prison

Mindwipe turned to Thrust"I'll just go and find the main security terminal. It'l make this alot easeier" he said to the much taller Seeker.

Thundercracker just leaned on the wall from behind, keeping his Alicon optic on in case of an emergency.

Govaners Palece

Ratbat walked over to Clench "My Clench, why do you look so glum?" he said with his typical sharpness.

2012-03-16, 07:51 AM
Prime's Shuttle:

Even as Kup started speaking, Orion had the shuttle lifting off, the hatch hissing shut almost as an afterthought.

"Even if one'a us does have th' same oil codin', Nahghtstawlker, if we don't got th' equipment ta do a transfusion, it ain't gonna help." Ironhide scowled. Blaster wounds, he understood. Horrible, gaping wounds, he understood. He wasn't a doctor by any stretch of the imagination, but he knew enough basic med-tech stuff to stabilize the greviously wounded, or at least keep them from leaking out too quickly. But poisoning, as this appeared to be? Not a clue.

"I've got the engines cranked all the way up. We should make Iacon in a couple of vorns."

Ironhide nodded. Kid's holdin' up pretty well, he thought to himself. "Rapido, get on the comm an' let 'em know we're comin' in with Zeta down. Figger it's fuel system contamination so they'll be ready. Kup, grab a medscanner out'a stores an' see if ya c'n figger out whut they poisoned him with. 'Stawlker, keep sniffin'-"

"My oil should work," Orion's voice carried back from the pilot's seat. "I'm classified as a universal donor."

"An' Ah'm gonna go through whut we got an' see if we c'n pull off a transfusion." With that, the old Autobot straightened up and went to the storage area in the back.

2012-03-16, 08:06 AM
Prime's Shuttle

Nightstalker sniffed some more. He paused.

"Didn't they upgrade the shuttle with some kind of medical hologram AI thingy?"

2012-03-16, 09:31 PM
Thrust smiled inwardly as the rest of his group got spread out, able to cover the angles and the group. Onslaught went to the left, near the guard who had just hung up his call. Stormwudger was positioning himself near the guard who was reading. Mindwipe was moving forward and Thundercracker was guarding the rear. Maybe they aren't all incompetent after all

As Thrust walked forward, he pulled a datapad out. "Got two prisoners for ya." He said as he walked towards the desk. "Need ya to sign off on the transfer." As he finished the sentence, he pretended to stumble and dropped the datapad beside the guard, who bent down to pick it up.

As the guard bent to pick it up, Thrust spoke one word to his group. "Now." Thrust pulled his weapon and pointed at the guard's head, knowing his team would be doing the same to the other two guards.


Govenor's Palace

Clench looked over at Ratbat, not trying too hard to hide the disdain for the recent events in his eyes. "What do you care?" He said pointedly to the other bot. If Ratbat could read the thoughts behind his question, he might have balked at the sheer audacity.

I seem to have no place in this new regime's plan other than perhaps a common foot-soldier. My plans had almost come to fruition. I deserve more than this - begging for table scraps like some kind of common pet."


Prime's Shuttle:

Rapido turned to Kup, "Do you think it's wise to broadcast that the Prime is down? It could cause a panic."

2012-03-19, 09:52 PM
Gladiator Arena

Overlord walked sternly out of the gate, pondering what pathetic mechanoid they would pit against him, in hopes of providing a challenge. A loud voice boomed out over the din of the crowd. "My fellow Cybertronians, allow me to introduce the one man wrecking machine, the ambassador of destruction OVERLORD!" The crowd immediately erupted into a thunderous applause, yes, worship me you pitiful empties he thought gazing across stadium eyeing the crowd with contempt. His gaze was quickly caught however by the doors opening on the opposite side of the ring. Out walked one of the biggest mechs he'd seen in this contest. "In the other corner we have the titanic terror from Tarn, TANK!" the announcer shouted in mock excitement. Hmm, this one looks as stupid as his name suggest he is he thought. They're making this match far too easy on me.

The two combatants approached the center of the ring slowly, each sizing up the other. The pair began trading blows. Overlord was knocked to the ground by Tank's mighty blow. Turning and running to the other side of the ring he transformed in an attempt to finish Overlord with a shot from his tank barrel. Unfortunately he wasn't fast enough to fully transform before Overlord got up and pulled out his javelin. “What a poor decision you've made, my dim mech” he said throwing the weapon at tank's abdominal joint. “Urrgh” howled the giant mech, clutching the javelin. Before he could recover overlord was on him finishing him off with one well placed stab to the laser core. “Don't get up” he muttered.

Turning to leave he gazed at the crowd once more, Cheer while you may, one day all cybertronians will quail before me.he thought as he entered the tunnel.

2012-03-20, 01:15 PM
Governor's Palace

"You guys start on without me, I have got some... unfinished business to catch up with. Hopefully it will supply me- us with lots of new potential targets." Scorponok told Predacon and Tarantulas. "I'd appreciate it if you guys left something for me to do, though."

Striding away from the dungeons (fully aware of Sixshot's glare boring onto his back), Scorponok went back into the main body of the palace and singled out Clench.

Ignoring Ratbat, whose political connections would prove moot now that Megatron's new regime was going to be instated, where people with proper talent and use would be at a higher caste as opposed to who knew how to please others.

"Clench." Scorponok said as a way of greeting. "How do you find all this, then?" Scorponok waved his claw at the massive room, at the people murmuring and discussing about the recent happenings.

2012-03-20, 02:44 PM
Clench smiled as Scorponok walked over, keeping his innermost thoughts to himself. "Megatron is most... cunning." He said, choosing his words carefully. If Megatron doesn't mind poisoning the Prime, I had best watch my tongue if I want to keep my head...

"He play's a dangerous game. He is bold and decisive. I'm interested to see how it all shakes out." Clench replied back to Scorponok.


Alitex Prison

As Thrust pulled his gun up on the guard in front of him and gave the command, his troops went to action.

The guard nearest Onslaught made it half way out of his chair before Onslaught delivered a massive blow to the back of the guard's neck, knocking him down. He pulled out his gun and advised him not to move.

Stormwudgher had no such mercy. As his guard moved the datapad he was reading aside so that he could see what was happening, he found a blaster pointed at his face. He only had a microsecond to register the fact before Stormwudgher pulled the trigger, and the guard's head ceased to be on his shoulders.

Thrust looked over, trying not to chuckle. "If you don't want to end up like him," He told the guard, "then I would advise you to cooperate - no hero business."

2012-03-21, 12:45 PM
Prime's Shuttle

"Never heard of an encrypted transmission, kid?" Kup said to Rapido while shaking his head and grabbing a scanner.

Must be because of the stress of the current situation that the kid might have forgotten about it. Doesn't happen every day that the Prime is down. "By the way, you were with The Prime. Remember anything that Megatron could've said about Prime's current state?"


Prison shuttle

Springer glanced at the Captain. "You're right," he replied. "I don't." Which was a flat out lie. There was some concern going trough his system for the current prisoners. He didn't want to see them die, but for some reason, he couldn't dwell on it long and it seemed like he just didn't care.

"We're following a new regime. One that will change Cybertron forever." It wasn't in Springer's character to follow anybody. That's why he turned merc, because he hated following orders for too long. He wonders when it was when he made the decision to join up with the Decepticons, but he can't remember much of it.

(ooc: Is Sixshot following Scorponok or the others?)
Governor's Palace

"You don't have to tell me twice," Tarantulas giggled when Scorponok said to start without him. Tarantulas rubbed his hands in anticipation. It's been a while since he had access to a subject such as Magnus.

"So what should we do with Magnus first, Predacon? I have a million ideas, none of which he'll be able to survive though," he said laughing.


Holding Cell

Magnus sat on the floor. Meditating. It was something he was taught to do during his rookie years in the academy. It helped him heal faster and become stronger. It wasn't an obligatory class to follow, but Magnus wanted learn as much as he could during his time there. Most Cybertronians believe that mediatating is just a waste of energron, but in truth it actually helps Magnus conserve some and redirect his systems to focus on restorative procedures. It's probably what saved his life when he was defeated by Sixshot.


It was something new to Magnus. Ever since he stepped foot in the Academy, he never lost a battle. That was until one day, a new recruit from the new correctional program came in. A criminal that opted to join the army instead of doing time. This mech used a kind of strategy that he had never seen before. Very gung ho and hardly applying any strategy at all and just improvise. He could probably learn a thing or two from him. Then there was Sixshot. An unstoppable force he had never encountered before. Nothing seemed to work to stop the guy, but Magnus knew that he had to do everything to try and do so for the scientists to get away. He was successful in doing so, but it nearly cost him his life.

Magnus suddenly heard footsteps coming closer and knew that he was getting visitors.

2012-03-21, 01:20 PM
Governor's Palace

Scorponok chuckled. "We all are, my dear Clench. We all are." Scorponok's eyes glimmered. "Mark my words, Clench, history has been made here. I wasn't sure about this before, but yes, Megatron intends to see Iacon burn, and I will help him. We help him from the start, and he will trust us. He will give us greater boons in his regime."

Scorponok tapped his claw together. "Which is, well, certainly better than our positions right now, mmm? Tell me, how is your business doing?"

(OOC: Sixshot remains with Tarantulas and Predacon)

Following Predacon and Tarantulas, Sixshot regarded Magnus. His injuries seemed to have healed somewhat from his self-repair systems, but he was still clearly injured.

Sixshot's red optics narrowed.

This Magnus, strongest of the Autobots... had caused him failure of his mission. He had missed his targets.

That will not happen.

That will not happen again.

Prison shuttle

"So you don't." The Captain replied to Springer. "A new regime, huh? Hopefully it will be better than the current one... and we soldiers of the old regime, we're just an obstacle to overcome, huh? It's a shame to be soldiers on this brink of change..."

"Sir, you can't- you can't negotiate with this monster! This murderer-" One of the crew members said, and several of his fellow terrified crewmates clamped their hands over his mouth.

"He didn't mean that!" The Captain said quickly, mouth open with horror, fearful that what had happened with Lugnut and his copilot would repeat itself.

2012-03-21, 03:40 PM
"I meant a panic could happen, even in Command, if they knew what had happened to Zeta." Rapido replied back to Kup. "Even seasoned soldiers can lose it when a commander goes down."

Thinking back nto Megatron's conversation, he replied back "The only thing he said was the drink was laced with mining chemicals, and that he'd be good to make it back to Iacon and say goodbyes. He sounded pretty confident."


Governor's Palace

"Greater boons?" Clench rolled the word around, tasting it. "Business is... down." He said in reply to Scorponok. "War-time means not as many people watching the games, and the best soldiers are recruited. So if the only way forward is by helping Megatron, then I'll throw my lot in with him." Until something else better comes along He finished silently.

2012-03-21, 08:58 PM
Prime Shuttle

"There aren't that much mechs around that 're more seasoned than me and Ironhide," Kup replied to Rapido. "Prowl is our superior and he has to know in order for a medical team to be on stand by.

He scanned Zeta to identify what he has been poisened with. "Definately a mining chemical alright," he said after scanning. "[insert name] is used to seperate energon from base materials. Nasty stuff." Kup looked over his shoulder. "Orion! How long before we get to Iacon?"

2012-03-22, 04:38 AM
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Orbital Prison

Stungun watched Sparkstalker turn away, waiting until the smaller prisoner wasn't able to see before he let his anger show.

"You know," he said slowly, "most days I'd just turn and walk away right now. But today's not most days. One of you scum shivved a buddy of mine in Cell Block A, did you know that? Sent him to the infirmary leaking Energon like mad. So I think it's maybe time that someone started to teach some of you uppity crims a lesson."

He slowly unfurled his shock baton, brandishing it menacingly.

Lugnut glowered (more than usual, even) as Skywarp teleported their group out of the shuttle and into the prison itself. He hated letting the other Decepticon do that to him, but orders were orders.

He forced his face into a more neutral expression, then glanced over at Obsidian and waited for further instruction.

Governor's Palace

Megatron settled into his chambers, smiling to himself as he ran his hands over his newest possession, a gift that Deathsaurus had left for him during the reception. The fusion cannon's sleek barrel extended from a boxy reaction chamber, topped off with a pair of fuel canisters. It didn't look like much, really, other than maybe the guts of something that had been pulled out of a starship's gun mount.

In fact, that's exactly what it was -- a warship-grade cannon, downsized and fitted with it's own generator. Deathsaurus had intended it as a heavy-duty infantry weapon, but the costs of manufacturing it had made the whole project less than profitable. His dedication to the Decepticon cause was so great, though, that he'd still been willing to build and field-test a single model for Megatron's personal use.

Oh, and how much use it's going to get...

The Decepticon leader inspected the mounting brackets that the cannon hung from, then thrust his arm into them and smiled as the equipment set to work melding the weapon to his exostructure. It hurt, but it was a good pain -- the sort of pain that reminded you what you were fighting for.

Once the mounting brackets had finished, Megatron stepped back and held up his right arm, admiring the new equipment that now adorned it.

"Soon," he whispered to himself. "Oh, so soon now."

Predacon hung back, though, more than happy to let his comrades get their licks in on Magnus before he took his turn. He really wasn't one for committing torture as much as watching it, after all, and he knew that Scorponok and Tarantulas were among the best in that business.

"You go first, Tarannie," he told the other madman. "Show Sixshot how it's done! Just, you know...try not to kill him right away, OK? It's no fun if you snuff him too soon!"

Prime's Shuttle

Zeta shook his head. "No transmissions...no transfusions. Get m...me to Iacon. Only the ca-capital has the sort of equipment...they'd...need..."

He was losing the ability to focus, and he knew it.

"...to...to fix me."

Altihex Prison

(OOC: If you want to NPC the minions, Chip, that's OK by me.)

Brick and Hammer transformed to robot mode, with the former looking glum while the latter kept his expression serious and professional while trying to inject a little bit of fear into it.

OK, so I'm no Skullgrin, but hopefully it'll fool the guards...

Hammer would have been more confident, though, if he'd actually known who Skullgrin was. Still, he marched forward with the measured, slow steps of someone who was trying really hard not to get shot by the guards.

Brick glared back at Onslaught a little bit when the former tried to get him to move, just enough to make it seem like he was the more unruly of the two prisoners.

When Thrust opened fire, though, both Vehicons jumped into action and deployed their weapons to cover the entrances to the room they were in.

2012-03-22, 08:05 AM
Primes Shuttle

Nightstalker growled softly "We're trying but we need to buy you some more time."

2012-03-22, 04:33 PM
Prime's Shuttle:

Ironhide's scowl deepened. He knew what that particular chemical could do. Whoever this Megatron was, he knew what he was doing. "Only thing we can do is get him back ta Iacon. This stuff ain't just gonna eat through his fuel pump an' lahnes. It's gonna eat through awl'a his internals as well. The stuff we got on board ain't even gonna touch that."

Orion kept the shuttle heading for Iacon, it's engines wide open and screaming. "Not much longer, Kup."

(OOC: In fact, let's head back to the Iacon thread now.)

2012-03-23, 09:41 AM
Governor's Palace

Scorponok nodded at Clench's words, mouth curled a little in a sympathetic scowl. "Yes, yes, thing are the same at my end, my dear Clench. But I daresay your losses are greater than mine, hmmm?"

Scorponok chuckled. He caught the undertone in Clench's voice. Yes, yes indeed. Until something better comes along...

The larger Decepticon tapped his chin. "Of course, with the Prime's death all but certain, things are going to get very hectic, my friend. So what say you to an alliance? You scratch my back, I scratch yours. You're reliable and smart, and you'd do well not to have to watch out behind your back for, well, someone with questionable sensibilities such as myself. Information pooling, that kind of stuff."

Yes, Scorponok would gladly betray anyone who gets in his way...

Speaking of which, why hadn't his Vehicons reported in from breaking in into the weapons facility under the Iaconian War Academy? Things are odd...


What do they want to do with this 'Magnus'?

Why not kill him?

Why not?

"I... do not understand." Sixshot asked Predacon, frowning. "Why not just kill him outright? You have the power to do that."

Main Control Room, Orbital Prison

The guards were divided into several groups. Some surrendered immediately, dropping into the ground. Some are so startled that they simply stared, slack-jawed.

Several, however, brandished their weapons. Stun rods, guns... one of the guards charged Grimlock, who easily sent the guard flying across the room with a backhand. Another guard attempted to press the alarm button, but he soon found himself looking at the stump of his hand, with Obsidian pointing his five-barreled wrist at him.

There was a short moment of silence.

"Nobody here needs to get hurt." Obsidian growled, as he hovered towards the main control board, fingers curling out. "Lugnut, you and Grimlock round the prisoners up, make sure they are willing to help us. Skywarp, murder anyone who resists -- guard, prisoner or otherwise."

The guards that are ready opened fire at the Decepticons, but they were hopelessly outmatched. Obsidian drilled five holes into the skull of one of the young soldiers, sending his shot ricocheting into a monitor screen. Grimlock charged a pair of soldiers, the blasts slamming into his armour without any damage, and knocked them both aside with a backhand.

Skywarp swirled into purples and blacks, reappearing so fast behind the other firing guards, producing a short dagger and began slashing. Teleporting all over while still doing the same slash, it appeared that there are three SKywarps in the room, the effect of teleporting at a great speed. Skywarp simultaneously slit the throats of three different guards, sending them collapsing onto the ground. "Woo! A new record!"

The rest of the guards still shell-shocked, Obsidian tapped orders into the main computer, and soon, all of the prisoner cells (including that of Sparkstalker) would open, releasing an entire prison's worth of Destrons and Renegades free to maim and otherwise murder the guards who had tormented them.

The rest of the guards (those who are not on their knees, anyway), got their act together and began to charge the Decepticons en masse. "They never learn." Obsidian sighed, as he lashed out with his hand and stabbed a young Autobot through the throat with his long, needle-like fingers. "Kill them all, but make it quick. They are just soldiers following orders... who happen to be in our way."

Prisoner #00000, former second-in-command of the Renegades, watched as the doors to his prison cell opened. He thought it would be the guards, ready to deliver him another beating, but the rough whoops and cheers all around told him that it was something else.


Prisoner #00000 roared, and charged out of his cell, slamming onto the surprised Autobot guard standing in the corridor in front of him. The impact threw the Autobot over the railing down several floors. Picking up the discarded stun rod, #00000 shouted out, "Kill them all! Kill all the guards!"

There will be time to find out who had sprung them loose.

2012-03-23, 03:11 PM
"That's a generous offer." Clench replied back to Scorponok, trying not to sound too eager. "I am, indeed, interested, as long as it is mutually beneficial of course."


Altihex Prison

Thrust looked over at the guard. "I believe you have some political prisoners, mostly from Kaon, located here?" He asked the guard in front of him, who nodded. "Well, we'll need their cells opened. Can you do that?" As he asked the question, the guard below Onslaught yelled out to the other one to not cooperate, but as he finished his plea, Onslaught's gun discharged, cutting off his dieing words.

Thrust looked back at his guard. "Such a waste. Now can we get you to open those cells? I'd much rather you not end up like your friends here." The guard nodded and keyed in the code, Thrust watching and memorizing the code the guard used. As he entered the code, several areas on the grid went from red to green, indicating opening cells. "Thank you. That wasn't so hard was it?" He asked as he pulled the trigger, silencing the last guard before he had a chance to reply.

"Brick. Hammer. See to those prisoners. Thundercracker & Mindwipe - see if there is a shuttle nearby - It'll make getting out of here much easier. We won't have much time before someone sounds an alarm."

As Thrust finished giving the orders, he walked over to the controls and input the same code the guard had used to free the political prisoners into the system, but specified that all the doors be opened this time. "This should by us some time, and possibly some new recruits as well."

(OOC: Altihex prisoners are free - good jumping on point for any Decepticon allies who need introducing)

2012-03-24, 02:15 AM
Governor's Palace

"Excellent." Scorponok replied to Clench, grinning. "I would shake your hand, but that will leave you hand-less." Scorponok clacked his claws, those massive claws that could crush a normal mech's head with ease.

Scorponok leaned in and whispered. "As a free bit of information, well, we haven't really told this to the general populace or troops, but we have already attacked Iacon. I'm doubtful if our two-pronged attack on Iacon's war facilities will actually be successful, but it will put fear into the Autobots, mmm?"

2012-03-24, 07:29 PM
Orbital Prison

Sparkstalker suddenly heard the doors of his cell opening. This was unexpected, but he welcomed it.

He turned around, and transformed into his bipedal monster form. He hated that form, but he had to admit, it could be useful at times, and this was one of those times.

Sparkstalker began shooting fire at Stungun. His opportunity to escape, to get revenge, had come. And he would make good use of it.

Brave Maximus
2012-03-24, 07:58 PM
Hunter stalked the corridors of the palace, following the tracks of Megatron. He didn't need to worry about losing his prey, the traces in his system were more than enough for the old Transformer to follow him anywhere on the planet. He watched Megatron attach the weapon to his arm and smiled internally, his own large cannon swivilling. Though no where near as powerful as that ungainly weapon... Hunter had an advantage.

Turning the corner in vehicle mode, Hunter walked into Megatron's quarters:

"So... Lord Megatron... has the Darkness sung to you yet?"

2012-03-26, 03:36 AM
Orbital Prison

Stungun jumped back in shock as Sparkstalker's cell slid open before he'd had a chance to unlock it himself. He was even more surprised when the inhibitor that the prisoner wore -- that all prisoners wore -- to deactivate their built-in weapons and equipment hit the ground with a clang.

"What have you--aagh!"

The guard screamed as he was engulfed by flames, his armour deforming under the intense heat as he fired a stun shot blindly at the escaped prisoner.

Lugnut nodded, acknowledging Obsidian's orders silently. He used his massive arms to batter aside a dozen guards in a single swipe, powering up the point-singularity generators in his fists to increase the force behind his blows tenfold. Each of the guards he struck were left unmoving on the ground. Alive or dead, it wasn't his concern as long as they didn't get back up to cause any more trouble.

A couple guards were far enough away to attack him with their sidearms, but the weapons were woefully inadequate to the task they were being asked to fulfill. They would have dropped an under-energized, unarmoured prisoner in their tracks, but they barely tickled Lugnut. The machine-gun rounds he sent back at them, on the other hand, did decidedly more than that. The two guards crumpled to the ground with their chests reduced to a smoking ruin.

Governor's Palace

Megatron smiled thinly as he heard the new arrival enter his chambers.

"Just Megatron, please," he said without turning around to face Hunter. "I leave the titles of nobility to our corrupt Autobot enemies."

He let that hang in the air for a moment before he turned and faced the other Transformer. He hefted the fusion cannon now mounted to his arm, using his left hand to steady it as he looked down the scope mounted one one side and drew his aim on the intruder.

"And since I'm not a stuffed-chasis Autobot aristocrat, I don't have time for people who talk in riddles," he said in a low growl. "Tell me -- plainly -- what you have done to me or I'll test out my new toy in live-fire mode sooner than I'd planned."

(OOC: Chip, if it's alright by you once Megatron and Hunter are done Megs is going to have a mission for Clench.)

Predacon smiled at Sixshot's naivety.

"We do indeed," he told the younger Decepticon. "We do, indeed. But what does killing him gain us? There will be one less Autobot, yes. And a formidable one, at that. But so what? There are hundreds of thousands of Autobots. One more or less won't make a difference. Besides, if we just kill him they'll simply turn him into a martyr. 'The great Magnus'," he said mockingly, "'killed in combat with a Decepticon abomination'."

Predacon smiled, then. It wasn't a pleasant expression, though. It was a cruel one. "But if we break him? If we destroy his willingness to fight and pry every scrap of data about the Autobot military out of his head that we can find, then we've done something far worse than killing him. We've ruined him. And instead of being a dead hero to rally around, the Autobots will have a hollow shell of a mech whose very existence will remind them every day of how futile it is to fight us."

He tossed his head back and laughed.

"There are more ways to defeat your enemy, my dear Sixshot, than simply killing them all. Certainly, there's a place for that." He smiled slightly. "But if your enemy is too afraid to fight then the battle is yours without having to fire a shot. It's not as much fun, admittedly, but it can be very effective. Have you met my friend Venom yet? He has a word for things like this. Two words actually: psychological warfare."

Altihex Prison

Hammer nodded. "Of course, sir," he told Thrust. "You can count on us."

Brick frowned. "So do we get to kill guards too?"

Hammer groaned, then shoved his wingman through the door. "Get moving, you big lummox."

Black Shadow ground the utensil against the wall for probably the thousandth time, then examined the edge he'd created on his shiv for probably the hundredth. He'd been working on the weapon for a long time, whenever the guards weren't watching and his fellow inmates were distracted by whatever garbage they were showing on the holodisplays.

Black Shadow'd never been interested in that crap. Ever since he'd come online he'd been scrabbling in the darkest corner of Stanix's slums, trying to scrape together enough energon to get by. He'd never had time to relax, never had time for fun...at least not until the gang had come along. They'd given him hope, and for the first time they'd given him a chance to do more with his life than just survive...at least, until he'd been arrested for selling Syk to an undercover cop. Since then he'd been spending his time locked up in this hellhole of a concrete box, fighting with a handful of his gang brothers against the much-bigger gangs that controlled the prison.

That's what the shiv was for. Inhibitors kept him from using the built-in weapons that the gang had added to his frame, but nothing could stop him from taking a sharp piece of metal and driving it through one of the opposing gang leaders' optics. And after that...

His train of thought was broken when the door to his cell suddenly slid open. Panic seized him at first, and the first thought through his mind was that the guards must have seen what he was working on. But then he realized two things...that the cells across the hall were open too, and that his inhibitor had fallen to the ground.

A more thoughtful mech might have stayed in his cell and waited to find out what was going on, but Black Shadow just grinned and powered up his guns.

"Looks like we're going to have one hell of a riot!" he crowed cheerfully as he darted out of his cell and shot the nearest guard.

2012-03-26, 04:31 PM
Clench stared, a little dumbfounded. "Wow. Poisoning the Prime and several attacks in one day. He is certainly a bold one." He replied to Scorponok.

(OOC: Warcry - works for me!)


Altihex Prison

"Yes, kill anyone who gets in your way." Thrust said in reply to Brick. "We need to be out of here as quickly as possible. Iacon may be distracted, but let's not tempt them."

2012-03-26, 06:33 PM
Orbital Prison

Sparkstalker quietly chuckled as he watched Stungun fall under his onslaught of fire. The fool acted so tough, and now, he was going down.

He heard a buzzing sound, and then noticed a stun shot flying over his head. He briefly decided to stop the stream of fire.

"Resistance is futile." Sparkstalker said, then resumed his attempt to burn Stungun.

2012-03-27, 02:36 PM
Orbital Prison

Obsidian looked around the room. Between the four of them, all the guards in the room are either cowering in surrender, dead, or incapacitated. “Lugnut, Grimlock, go out there and round up all the prisoners that are willing to join us. If you are able to locate Destron and Renegade captains, the flock should follow.” Obsidian said serenely. “Use the intercoms if you require. I am sure the nice fellows in this room would oblige.”

Obsidian flexed his fingers, clenching and unclenching the skeletal fingers on his right fist.

“Anyone shows the slightest bit of resistance… prisoners or otherwise… kill them. If they are unable to cooperate now, they will be a liability later on. Accept any surrender from the guards, but the slightest hint you suspect something is not right, eliminate them.” This was punctuated by a glare at the cowering guards in the room. “Skywarp, follow me.”

“I don’t get to play in the massive prison riot chaos outside?” Skywarp asked, hopping from where he was perched on an upturned chair to where Obsidian was floating.

“You and I are going to where the Chaosmaster Bomb is placed in this facility, and secure it.” Obsidian replied to Skywarp, pointing at a room in the map he brought up on the main screen. “Let us go.”

Skywarp studied the map, frowned in deep concentration, and snapped his fingers. In a swirl of blacks and a loud “BAMF!” from the Seeker, Skywarp and Obsidian swirled into thin air.

Grimlock glared at the spot where the two had been moments ago. His head swiveled to face the guards, and once he was satisfied they weren’t pulling anything funny, the former gladiator then turned to face Lugnut.

“Me, Grimlock, not much talker. You, Lugnut, talk to prisoners.”

Governor’s Palace

Scorponok chuckled at Clench’s reaction, more than pleased that the other Decepticon was impressed.

“To be fair, some of the attacks on Iacon are instigated by yours truly… oh, with some help from my associates, I suppose. ‘Team Science’, we have been taking to calling ourselves. Very tacky, but considering the company I keep, it suits us.” Scorponok chuckled. “Of course, I keep telling myself I am the only sane one in the group… the only one that actually cares about what is going on in the world and not in the laboratory.”

Sixshot tilted his head, trying to digest what Creator Predacon had just told him. What exactly were they trying to demonstrate? Other ways. Other ways to win. Other ways to crush the enemy.

A martyr.

What is a martyr?

A symbol, a dead person, that others will rally around and use as a symbol.

Killed in battle against a Decepticon abomination.

Break him

Destroy his willingness

Far worse than killing him

Ruin him

No dead hero

A hollow shell

Futile to fight them

“Psycological warfare.” Sixshot repeated those two words, just to hear them spoken by his deep voice. He frowned. So they would turn this Magnus, this strongest soldier, and break him ruin him turn him into a hollow shell and a symbol of futility instead of a symbol of… hope?

“You are trying to crush the enemy’s willingness to fight us. That does not seem quite fair.” Sixshot said out loud, red optics regarding the prone form of Magnus. His optics narrowed. “To them.”

“If this is their best and the rest of the troops are weakened, this war would not be very interesting.”

2012-03-27, 07:41 PM
"I hope that those attacks were 'sanctioned' by Megatron...?" Clench asked in reply to Scorponok's reveal. "I'm sure he wouldn't like 'rogue elements' conflicting with any current, or future, plans."

As he finished, Clench turned to stare out the window. "Team science?" He said, chuckling. "An apt name. Especially if they keep their faces buried in the experiments and do not see how the world is reacting and adpating to their experiments."

2012-03-29, 11:12 AM
Governor's Palace

Scorponok shrugged at Clench's comment, "Megatron's... mold-brother is one of us. A fact I was made aware to not moments ago, actually. Personally, I think as long as we don't kill anyone too important like the Prime, we're free to muck around and dole out as many walking weapons of destruction as we want. Did you see that six-changer just now?"

Scorponok grinned. "Ah, Predacon and Tarantulas may ignore the world, but not I. After all, I used to be a Senator. I know how things work in this world." Scorponok clenched and unclenched his claws. "And how to twist them to suit our needs."

2012-04-02, 04:36 AM
Orbital Prison

Stungun screamed as Sparkstalker burned him again, dropping his prod as the wave of flames knocked him back into the wall. Groaning, the guard transformed into his three-wheeled dragster mode and tried to get away.

Lugnut cracked his knuckles, then nodded to Grimlock. "Of course," he said reasonably. "I'm the natural choice. After hearing word of the glorious Megatron, what prisoners wouldn't flock to our banner?"

He walked out into the prison proper, backhanding a guard who'd been lying in wait for them into the wall so hard that he lost consciousness and not breaking stride as he did so. He looked into the cell blocks, which were milling with prisoners running amok and guards hopelessly trying to control them.

"So...which one first? Obsidian didn't really say who to ask for, did he?"

Governor's Palace

Predacon shrugged. "That's true," he told Sixshot. "But being 'fair' isn't the point of war. Having fun isn't either, although if we can have some along the way that's always a great thing." He grinned. "But the point of war is to win. Some of our soldiers will try to fill your head with ideas like honour or glory, but you should have none of it. Winning is the only thing that matters, not how you do it. And if it takes something underhanded to make that win a reality, then you need to do it without a second thought.

"Besides, the Autobots might be our enemies but that doesn't necessarily mean we want all of them dead. A lot of them could make decent Decepticons, with the right...education. Once they see that they can't win, they'll switch to the winning team."

He shrugged.

"Or not, and we'll get to kill them anyway. Either way, we win."

Altihex Prison

Brick whooped with glee, then ran toward the cells shooting anyone he saw wearing a guard's badge who wasn't already being beaten down by the escaped prisoners.

Hammer sighed, ashamed of his dimwitted brother Vehicon. Instead of attacking, he used the boosters in his feet to propel him up toward the top level of the prison. Hovering just below the ceiling, he cranked his vocorder volume up to maximum and boomed, "Now hear this! We are the Decepticons! Your freedom is a gift from us. If you want to get revenge on the society that locked you up, gather in the main courtyard and wait for our shuttle. We will take you to Kaon, and a chance to serve the Decepticon cause. The rest of you...if you want to live, don't get in our way."

He was happy to see that he'd caught the attention of the escapees, and dozens of them were streaming toward the courtyard exits. More surprisingly, he even spotted some of the guards moving in that direction with the rest of the crowd, dropping their prison insignia onto the ground as they abandoned their posts.

Black Shadow grinned as he heard the "Decepticon"'s offer. He didn't know who this strange mech was, but he didn't care. They were giving him a chance to get out and a safe place to go once he was free and by the sounds of it even a job of some kind. That was more than enough for him to throw in his lot with them, because it was more than anyone else had ever offered him, to be sure.

He left the guard he'd been brutalizing lying on the floor in a broken heap and headed for the exit.

2012-04-02, 08:46 AM
Orbital Prison

Sparkstalker chuckled once again as he saw Stungun transform and try to get away from him. He decided to let him do so. He didn't care about killing, just revenge, and he had achieved that much.

He transformed, and looked around. It looked as if his cell was not the only one to have opened, judging by the prisoners rampaging everywhere.

He also spotted a purple, one-eyed mech standing around. He didn't look like he was one of the guards, or one of the prisoners.....

Perhaps he may have something to do with all this, Sparkstalker thought, and began walking towards Lugnut.

2012-04-02, 11:53 AM
Orbital Prison

Grimlock nodded glumly, not really bothering to digest what Lugnut spoke to him about the glorious Megatron and all that. He was in this for the fights, not to kill random weaklings and the like.

He needed to be the strongest.

Grimlock shrugged, as he watched Sparkstalker approach from the corner of his vision. "Me, Grimlock not hear him say." The former soldier reached behind and pulled out the double-barreled missile launcher latched onto his back, and fired it once into the air. "Me, Grimlock, get attention."

The loud blasts from the missile launcher (the missiles which flew into a guard with an airborne changeform) got the attention of many of the prisoners and guards.

Prisoner #00000, gesturing at the Renegades not to charge the newcomers, walked up towards Lugnut and Grimlock. "Who're you punks? You're the guys that set us loose?"

Grimlock narrowed his optics. Obsidian told them to find the leader-like type. It seemed like this one is quite high in the pecking order around the prison... he could be dangerous....

Grimlock lowered his massive missile launcher, the 'Death Dealer', as it has been nicknamed by one of the commentators in the ring, but did not lower it, in case he tried anything funny.

Obsidian and Skywarp materialized out of a pinpoint in the Chaosmaster Bomb chamber with a loud crack. As Skywarp appeared out of thin air, he slammed his head on an overhanging pipe, and groaned.

Obsidian, meanwhile, hovered out of the shadows. "Surrender. This facility is ours now. This will be your only warning." The engineers nearby, however, lunged for the big red button (detonation buttons are always big and red, Obsidian mused), but before he could press it, Skywarp had moved halfway across the room and drove his knee into the Autobot's face.

The Autobot engineer slammed onto the ground, and Skywarp pulled out a collapsible Energon Mace from his hip, swinging it in an arc that caught the rest of the engineers nearby unawares, sending them flying. The Seeker then turned to face Obsidian like a puppy.

"Get rid of them." Obsidian said in a detached manner as he moved across the room. Skywarp's expression stretched into a grin. Obsidian cared not as he set himself in front of the computer, and began typing, disarming the Chaosmaster Bomb and making it inert for transport. He ignored the dying screams and loud bangs from Skywarp's weapons.

He focused on his long, skeletal fingers as they clickety-clacked across the keyboard.

Obsidian sealed the doors. The same doors meant to keep out attackers should the suicide timer be activated. The guards outside, not expecting an attack from the inside, are banging on the doors, opening fire, trying to break it down.

Gunshots. Screams. Skywarp's inane laughter. Clickety-clack. Bang.


Governor's Palace

Sixshot nodded, trying to wrap his head around Predacon's little philosophy lesson. But words flew across his head, and he was confused.


Not fair



Honour and glory



"Winning is the most important thing." Sixshot repeated, and then his optics narrowed. "Then you should have unleashed me upon these enemy Autobots. I have taken down their strongest soldier, I can easily take down a hundred more! These, these... mind games are unnecessary, is it not?"

2012-04-02, 08:15 PM
Prison shuttle

Springer shrugged. He didn't know what to think of The Captain or the other prisoners. He felt that as long as he stayed here to keep an eye on them, they would be better off than those inside. He had no reason to kill them, but for some reason, wouldn't mind if they forced his hand.

"I know he didn't," Springer replied. "In case you haven't noticed, I haven't killed anybody. Yet," he added after a dramatic pause and then gave the mechs a stern look.


Governor's Palace

Tarantulas got all giddy. He was given the first opportunity to examine Magnus by Predacon. "Ooooh, this is going to be soooo much fun!" He giggled.

He tapped on the panel next to the door to Magnus' cell. "Computer. Retrain the prisoner by placing stasis cuffs around his arms." The computer acknowledged his command and stasis cuffs were placed around teh arms of Magnus. The door to his cell slid open and Tarantulas walked in, but immediately recieved a kick in the head by Magnus, sending him flying back out and crashing into a wall.

"You'll pay for that!" Tarantulas pulled his cyber venom pistol from his subspace compartment and fired a dart at Magnus. Magnus dropped down instantly. "That should keep you calm for a while. You'll only be able to move your head. No unpleasant suprises from you," he said while rubbing his hands. "Or I can always have Sixshot cut you to pieces, but that's no fun is it?"

Tarantulas got closer to Magnus. A bit more careful this time though. "Now. The scientists that your Autobot friends saced, what purpose are they going to serve?"

"You will extract no information from me, Decepticon," Magnus spat. "I would rather be terminated than give up any information that I might have!"

Tarantulas rolled his eyes. "My my, quite the boy scout are we?" he said mockingly. "Bravery will do you no good Autobot!" Tarantulas spat in his turn. Tarantulas' hand switch to a blow torch. "Let's see how well you can withstand heat," and snickered after saying that.

Tarantulas moved the torch closer to Magnus' left optic. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger they say. Let's test that out!" With that, Tarantulas went to work on Magnus' optic and all Magnus could do was scream in agony. "Music to my ears," Tarantulas sang. "Hope somebody's recording this."


2012-04-03, 09:31 PM
Onslaught & Stormwudgheir found the shuttle before any of the others. "Thrust, the shuttle is ready." Onslaught barked into the communicator. "Or will be by the time you and everyone else is ready to leave."

"Good. Bring it to the main courtyard." Thrust replied, closing the channel. He looked around, searching until he found what he was looking for - the PA system for the prison. It took him a moment to figure out the controls. "Attention." He said, pausing for dramatic affect. "The shuttle leaving for Decepticon airspace will be leaving shortly. If you wish to join us, then make your way to the main courtyard. We will be leaving in 10 kliks."

2012-04-04, 02:41 AM
Alitex Prison

Thundercracker heard the call and turned to Mindwipe. "We have to go" He said with usaul voice, that of a grizzled, downbeat solider.

"You can go on ahead. I just have a bit of unfieshed buisness to atend to" Mindwipe said with a smirk, before scampering off.


Kick-Off coulden't belive what was happening. A prison riot? Here? Unbelivible. In all his time working at the Prison (Well, when he wasn't playing Cyber Soccer aginst his rival Krok, but whatever) he had never seen something like this happen. The closeset was the incident that got Mindwipe fired, and was swiftly adverted.

Picking up an Ion rifle from on of the fallen gaurds, Kick-Off aimed and fired at a large prisanor rampaging through the corridors. Kick-Off then saw the burly prisanor running towards him. Seeing no obvious exits, Kick-Off braced himself for impact...

...when the prisanor fell over. Looking down on him, Kick-Off could clearly see the thug had at least gone brandead. Then he looked up at who had done it. He gasped. It coulden't be. It coulden't be...


2012-04-04, 08:17 AM
Prison shuttle

The Captain returned Springer's stern look with one of his own. This... this isn't a normal terrorist or extremist thug. "No." The Captain agreed. "You haven't." He shook his head. "Which leads me to wonder, what made you throw in your lot with those murd- those- well, with them?"

The Captain shook his head in exasperation.

Governor's Palace

When Magnus kicked Creator Tarantulas in the face, Sixshot's wrist-mounted blades immediately deployed with a sharp, audible noise, and he took a step to put himself between Magnus and Tarantulas... but stopped.

It seemed that Creator Tarantulas is not as defenseless as he seemed. Sixshot watched Magnus as the venom dart took effect, then retracted his wrist blades. He remained silent even as Tarantulas name-dropped him, all the better to intimidate Magnus with.

It proved to be wholly unnecessary, though, as Tarantulas began to burn into Magnus' left optic, and the Autobot's agonized screams rang out through the corridor.

Unconsciously Sixshot raised his left hand and touched his own optic, feeling the soft, smooth glass, and tried to imagine himself undergoing the same treatment.



Whatever does not kill you makes you stronger


The price of defeat

Brave Maximus
2012-04-04, 07:56 PM

Hunter transformed into robot mode, his weapons stored and away, his big cannon slung over his shoulder, trying not to look menacing. It wasn't hard, his body was black with red parts on his thighs and shoulders, but he wasn't physically large. He was build as a mount for his cannon, to get into unusual places and fire. And when your original purpose in life is to track a target and eliminate them, being unintimidating has it's benefits.

"Forgive me.... Megatron... I haven't really needed to speak in a... long time... so putting things plainly is a bit more difficult."

He reached into compartment in his chest, opening the container inside, out of Megatron's sight, and pulled out a tiny shard. He held it up to the light and it almost glistened. It was familiar and yet so different. It absorbed light and shone with a dark intensity.

"This, quite simply, is power made form in Darkness. It is, plainly, Dark Energon. And it is the key to ruling the universe."

2012-04-05, 10:25 AM
Orbital Prison

Sparkstalker walked up to Lugnut and Grimlock.

Primitives. he thought. I'm probably not going to get much out of these two.....but it's that or nothing.

"Excuse me." he said, not addressing any one of them in particular. "I assume, given everything, that you are responsible for this breakout or at least work for whoever is. Am I correct?"

2012-04-06, 10:27 AM
Orbital Prison

Grimlock looked down at Sparkstalker and nodded.

"Yes, we responsible for breakout. You ask him, Lugnut, for details on recrui- reciu- joining up. Me, Grimlock, not much talker."

2012-04-06, 03:15 PM
Orbital Prison

Sparkstalker listened to what Grimlock was saying to him. At one point, he considered saying something along the lines of "Yes, that's obvious", but he stopped himself in case he ended up angering the large mech.

A self-preservation instinct was what separated him from the beasts, after all.....

"Joining up, eh? Sounds interesting." is what he said instead. He was intrigued. Who could possibly be interested in recruiting criminals, so interested that they were going to open up a prison to do it?

He turned to Lugnut. "So, what sort of team are you expecting me to join?"

2012-04-06, 03:58 PM
Orbital Prison

"Not team." Grimlock told Sparkstalker. Seemed like this one is not a member of the Renegades or the Destrons or the whatevertrons that are gathering around, flocking around former captains and lieutenants. Seemed quite smart.

"We revolutio- revo- bah. Current government full of scrap. We overthrow government, install proper leader. Something like that." Grimlock shrugged.

2012-04-07, 11:01 AM
Prison shuttle

Springer said nothing for a moment. He didn't really know what to reply to the Captain. He was wondering why he was letting him speak at all. Perhaps it was so that the others would remain calm in the hope that the captain would get through to him and would release them. Could that be it?

Springer shrugged. "I'm a mercenary. Don't really need a reason, do I?


Governor's Palace

Tarantulas' hand reappeared as he retracted his blowtorch. Magnus was still functioning, but clearly needed a moment.

"You.. you'll get nothing from me..," was all Magnus could utter to Tarantulas. His optic fried, his systems in shock and his frame too damaged. Whatever torture Tarantulas had planned for him, it could only hasten his termination.

Tarantulas rubbed his hands for a moment and started walking from left to right in front of Magnus. "Did you know that if somebody tries to hack his way into the Kaon Polytechnic Research institute's servers, I will get an alert message?" Tarantulas immediately stopped infront of Magnus and got in his face.

"Somebody tried to steal my research! You will answer my questions Autobot!" Tarantulas shouted "What are the scientists up to? Who was capable enough to hack the our servers? What data has been comprimised?" Tarantulas kept shouting, but it went to deaf ears. Magnus wasn't listening anymore and was only processing what Tarantulas was saying to him.

He knew of only one mech that had hacking skills good enough to get into the K.P.R.I. An annoying little mech. If the Autobots had used him to do such a thing, he probably earned his keep which means Magnus will never give him up. And if Tarantulas is so furious about Wheeljack and Highbrow, that means they made it out safe and are back in Iacon.

Magnus smiled.

"What are you smiling about?" Tarantulas shouted. "Answer me! Do you really want me to take your other optic?!" Tarantulas shook his head. "I should've brought my endoscopic claw," Tarantulas turned around. "Either of you wouldn't happen to have one on you, would you?" he asked Predacon and Sixshot

2012-04-07, 03:22 PM
Orbital Prison

Sparkstalker was faintly amused at Grimlock's explanation of his group's goal. He may have been primitive.....but at least he knew how to explain things in few words.

"Full of scrap, indeed. Corrupt, spineless scrap. You're beginning to sound like a group worthy of my support." he said.

2012-04-08, 07:51 PM
Orbital Prison

Once he realized that Sparkstalker wasn't following him, Stungun ducked into a supply closet and locked the door.

What the hell is going on here? the battered guard asked himself.

(OOC: Lugnut's based on this version of the character (http://www.tfu.info/2011/Decepticon/Lugnut/lugnut.htm) rather than the Animated design, so he's more grey-green than purple.)

Lugnut grunted at Prisoner #00000. "Yeah," he admitted. "Who's asking?"

He worked his massive fingers open and closed, balling them into fists in an attempt to show the strange robot that he was dealing with a mech that shouldn't be trifled with.

His secondary optics kept a watch on Sparkstalker as he conversed with Grimlock.

"My friend is right, even if he sounds like he took too many blows to the head in the gladiator ring. Join the Decepticons and our glorious Lord Megatron will show you the way to victory. Oppose us, and...uh, well, don't do that. I'd have to kill you."

Governor's Palace

Predacon smiled. "Winning isn't the most important thing," he told Sixshot. "It's the only thing. If you don't win, your life meant nothing. But if you win," he told the living weapon, "and don't have anything left for yourself afterwards, you didn't really win. You just lost less. You could kill a hundred Autobots, or a thousand, or ten thousand...but eventually they'll kill you. And you can't win when you're dead, because the dead can't enjoy the spoils of war. So you need to take whatever advantages you can find...which is why we made you in the first place."

He turned back just in time to see Magnus hit Tarantulas in the face, and laughed.

"No, I don't buy into any of those silly special interrogation tools," he told the other mad scientist. "You can do just as much damage with an electromagnet and a bag of nails, and it's a whole lot cheaper than a VVH or your absurd claw."

Megatron smiled thinly. "I see," he responded neutrally to Hunter. "You'll have to forgive me, then. I was expecting you to be somewhat different. I certainly didn't expect you to feed me an absurd story about the Blood of Unicron."

His speech was interrupted, though, when a familiar voice spoke in his head.

"Megatron, the Autobots are preparing an operation to rescue the prisoner Magnus."

"Thank you Soundwave," Megatron said, subvocalizing it so that Hunter wouldn't be able to listen in. "I'll take care of things...personally."

Then, aloud, he said, "But putting aside your religious nonsense for the moment, this 'Dark Energon' you claim you have...obviously it is a powerful fuel. And more...I could feel it playing to my baser instincts. With a reliable supply of it, we could rule this solar system and much, much more. But since you didn't land a tanker full of it in the palace courtyard, I'm not entirely sure what you're offering me."

Regardless of his scepticism, though, Megatron couldn't deny the hunger he felt at the sight of the purple, sparkling crystal that Hunter held out to him. But as much as he wanted to ingest it himself, he had a better use for it...

"Although if you gave me that, it would go a long way to proving your good intentions."

Altihex Prison

Brick and Hammer had reunited, and were herding the escapees out into the courtyard where the shuttle would pick them up.

"Thrust, there's a lot of them here," he reported to their team leader. "Is the shuttle going to be big enough to hold them all?"

Black Shadow pushed his way through the crowd, shanking one prisoner who was dumb enough to push him back as he worked his way to the front of the line waiting to board the shuttle.

"Freedom!" he crowed. "Whoo! Go Decepticons! Uh, I guess..."

2012-04-09, 02:12 PM
Orbital Prison

"You two make a good sales pitch." Sparkstalker joked, but quickly went back to being serious again. "Seriously though, you make a convincing case. I don't have much of a choice, I suppose.....so I'll join you."

So, Sparkstalker was now a member of a revolutionary group. This wasn't something he guessed would happen when he woke up today.

He didn't really care much about revolutions. He didn't like the government, true, but he wasn't much of a revolutionary.

But.....who said he couldn't get something out of it for himself?

2012-04-09, 09:37 PM
Thrust swore. Of course the prison wouldn't have a huge shuttle. Couldn't risk the prisoner's getting a hold of it.

"We follow our orders. The political prisoners first. After that, get the ground based units or anyone incapable of flight." As he said the last part, he sent an encrypted message to the Vehicons. "Most 'qualified' entrants first, if there isn't room." and switched the channel off. "Those who can fly can fly alongside the shuttle." He finished, back on the main channel.

2012-04-12, 11:58 AM
Prison Shuttle

The Captain looked at Springer and shrugged. The Decepticon mercenary does not seem to be quite… eager to finish him off, nor was he being at all threatening.

“So, you’re in it for the money, then? That’s it?” The Captain asked. “How much are they paying you?”

Governor's Palace

Sixshot watched Creator Tarantulas as he tortured Magnus for information. He did not really understood what Tarantulas was asking Magnus for, but he did not particularly care. He knew what he was seeing.


Pain is for the weak.

Endoscopic claw? Sixshot tilted his head and ran through a search in his database. Endoscopic claw… “Sorry, but I do not come equipped with such an equipment.” Sixshot told Tarantulas.

He turned to face Predacon again, and listened.

If he does not win, his life



Can’t win when he’s dead.

The dead can’t enjoy the spoils of war.

“I am… created to be an advantage against your enemies, then?” Sixshot asked.

Orbital Prison

Grimlock shrugged at Sparkstalker’s reply to his remark, then let Lugnut handle the talking. He glared at the others in the room, at the other prisoners, making note who seemed to be suspicious.

The gladiator glared at Prisoner #00000, who shrugged as he shook off his Inhibitor Claw. #00000 replied to Lugnut, “Name’s… oh, I’ve been called ‘Zero’ hereabouts long enough you might as well call it. Used to be Cy-Kill’s second, ‘till they shut down us Renegades. Since you guys seem to be going to go against the gov’ment and we have nothing better to do, we’re in.”

Grimlock turned and glared at Lugnut about the ‘blows to the head’ comment. He turned to face Sparkstalker again, and nodded. “Good choice. Only choice.”

Is it the only choice, though, Grimlock asked himself.

He was here just because he had nothing better to do.

If he was still in the military, he would have been on the opposite side with Lugnut and Sparkstalker and everyone else… But then, on the same side with the bastard government that disowned him. But now? He's on the same side with a teleporting amoral psychopath, mad scientists and a fanatical thug. Grimlock's been with worse.

On the other hand, Grimlock did not like Megatron. He’s a bit of a pain in the crankshafts…

Should he continue the way he was, fighting, forgetting, fighting and trying to forget who he was, the bloodthirsty beast he was, to drown himself in blood and death and gore?

Or should he try and fight his own instincts, and start to think?

Grimlock was confused.

2012-04-14, 10:44 PM
Orbital Prison

Lugnut looked over Sparkstalker, pondered his declaration of allegiance and then went, "Huh. Good. Well, uh...welcome to the team."

He combed his mind for ideas for what to do with the new Decepticon, then decided to put him to work. "If you know anyone else here who'd like to join up, point them to us."

Then he turned to Zero, shrugging. "Whatever. It's as good a name as any. Is this 'Cy-Kill'," -- What a stupid name, he thought -- "here as well? Or are you in command of the Renegades now?"

Blind to Grimlock's obvious turmoil, he continued, "You'll get your chance for revenge against the Autobots," he told the prisoners, "soon, but we'll need to return to Kaon to get new orders from the glorious Megatron first."

Governor's Palace

Predacon shrugged. "Well, not only that," he told Sixshot. "But I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a motivating factor."

He leaned in a bit more closely to his offspring, almost whispering, "But not the main reason. You're the only one of your kind, Sixshot. The only Sixchanger who ever was. Your very existence is a miracle of science...or an abomination created in defiance of the natural order, to the religious types. You're important to us as a weapon, yes, but you're more than that. You're a symbol of the advances that Zeta Prime and his cronies have denied us for so many years."

Smiling, Predacon said, "You're my legacy, Sixshot. You, and those who will follow in your footsteps. And you're still young...but not too young for me to say that I'm very, very proud of you."

Altihex Prison

Hammer nodded. "Smart plan. Will do, boss." He turned to Brick and said, "You heard the boss. Get on crowd control duty, and make sure no one gets on that shuttle if they don't look useful to us."

"Got it!" Brick smiled gleefully, then waded into the crowd and started delivering coup de grace attacks to anyone who didn't look like they were eager to get in on the Decepticons' racket.

"Not what I meant!" Hammer called out to his partner, but he was ignored.

Black Shadow grinned when Thrust said that flyers would be going to Kaon under their own power.

I haven't flown in so long, I forgot I could! Damn, it'll feel good to feel some air under my wings.

"But what way is Kaon?" he wondered out loud.

2012-04-15, 07:50 AM
Orbital Prison

Grimlock glared at Lugnut, resigning himself to glower in the background while Lugnut handled the talking, looking menacing in case some idiot thought that numbers would mean they could take down the Decepticons.

Part of him wanted to just go with the flow, just ignore all this self-introspection crap and just get on with the program.

Part of him simply couldn't ignore what they were doing.

"Cy-Kill's gone. Been gone for years." Zero told Lugnut. "I guess I'm next in line, but we're in kind of a sorry state. My men and I, we're in. Meanwhile, the Destrons-" Zero glanced aside and pointed at a gaudily-coloured Cybertronian with all sharp edges and spikes crouching some distance away.

Evidently the Destron leader, the mech, surrounded by what appeared to be his lieutenants, nodded sullenly. "I'm the Destron Emperor of- well, it doesn't matter now. We've been locked up here for far too long, we have no idea what's going on. I guess we'll throw in our lot with you guys, since you guys are obviously resourceful."

"Revenge. Yes, revenge will be good." Zero nodded, and many of the people in the crowd muttered their agreement.

More prisoners had poured out, some on lower levels, some on upper levels, watching as the larger players conversed with each other.

There were, of course, some malcontented comments being whispered around, but they were wise enough not to say them near Lugnut and Grimlock.

Meanwhile, the Orbital Station had begun to move. Obsidian and Skywarp, having deactivated the Chaosmaster Bomb from being able to be detonated by the Autobots, had teleported back to the main control room, and Obsidian began moving them (and the prison ship docked onto it) down to Kaon.

"Lugnut, Grimlock, Springer," Obsidian spoke into their commlink. "We are beginning our descent to Kaon. Lugnut, Grimlock, have you made contact with the Destron and Renegade ringleaders?"

Switching channels, Obsidian said, "Thrust, Onslaught, how goes things at your end? Do you require any assistance?"

Skywarp, meanwhile, amused himself by prodding the small group of terrified, surrendered guards, holding them at gunpoint and forcing them all to go into one of the nearby, recently-vacated prison cells.

Governor's Palace

Sixshot pondered what Predacon had said. "An advantage... I do not mind being treated as such. I live to.... to destroy. To battle."

He was unique.

He was a miracle of science, the perfect weapon, the advancement denied by others.

But an abomination to the religious types.

One of his kind.

His legacy.

"I am the only one of my kind..." Sixshot repeated what Creator Predacon had said. Predacon was proud of him... of his abilities? Sixshot's red optics narrowed. "I wonder.... this Magnus, he was the best of the Autobots. Yet all he mustered was a... small amount of resistance. Are there any more stronger, worthier opponents that I would meet in the battlefield?"

2012-04-15, 09:47 AM
Governor's Palace

Tarantulas laughed. "I suppose so, but the claw automatically puts a lot of fear in a mech," he said to Predacon. "Oh well, guess I'll just have to improvise with what I have." Tarantulas couldn't stop snickering. "Too bad that Magnus isn't allowed to die. Puts quite a limit on what I'm allowed to do and I had all these toys in mind that I would've loved to test on him."

He stepped closer to Magnus and pressed a button on the wall. Anti-grav manacles shot out the ceiling and Magnus was held by them. "Quite uncomfertable, isn't it?" Tarantulas said. "Quite an annoying position to be in, but it'll give me the freedom to do this..." Tarantulas walked up to Magnus and got close to his head. He started to emit a sonic frequency and shortly after that, Magnus was starting to react wildly to it and Tarantulas stepped back.

"I think physical torture isn't going to do much to you. You're the kind of mech that won't break, no matter what damage we do to your frame. You're willing to lay your body on the line for the job. That much was proven when you fought Sixshot," he said when he looked over to Team Science's creation. "That's why I shot you with my cyber-venom. Targets that have been shot with my cyber venom are the only ones that can hear that particular frequency. As a result, you'll be experiencing your worst nightmares as if they were real." Tarantulas started laughing.

He then turned to Sixshot, leaving Magnus to deal with his agony for a while. "You shouldn't underestimate the Autobots," Tarantulas said to Sixshot. "While I'm sure that you have the ability to defeat them, you had the element of surprise the last time. Now that Wheeljack and Highbrow have escaped your attack, they'll be prepared for you the next time. That's why you were sent there. To eliminate them, before they become a problem. Thanks to Magnus, you failed that task."


Prison Shuttle

"The money?" Springer replied to the captain. "No, not the money. I don't ...." his sentence was cut off as Obsidian's transmission came in.

"Copy that sir," he replied. "What do you want me to do with the prisoners?"

2012-04-15, 02:31 PM
Governor's Palace

Sixshot briefly wondered what it would be like to experience a 'nightmare'. Or whether he should ask his Creators for Cyber-Venom to make him stronger. But then Creator Tarantulas spoke to him.


It was his fault that Wheeljack and Highbrow got away. His targets. His task. Magnus played a role, perhaps, but it stands that it was he who let them get past his grasp.

"That is a failure I intend to correct." Sixshot told Tarantulas. "The next time I meet this Wheeljack and Highbrow, I will kill them." Sixshot's optics narrowed as his hands balled up into fists. "Let me go repair my failure and go to wherever they have ran off to and bring you their heads, so they will cease being a problem for us."

Prison Shuttle

The Captain's expression became taut when he realized that Springer has been contacted by his superior.

"We did say that if they prove cooperative, we will let them live." Obsidian told Springer. "Ask them whether any of them would join the Decepticons. Herd the rest into the escape pods, and let them go. But do not let any of the defectors out of your sight, Springer... they may be bluffing. Of course, kill anyone who causes any trouble."

Obsidian considered the merits of letting the soldiers go. On one hand, doing so would eliminate a problem that may come back later to bite them in the back, and the soldiers might give Prowl some valuable bit of information.

If Obsidian's enemies were someone other than Prowl, or Kup...

But if the soldiers return with stories of what happened, that a five-Decepticon team had taken over a ship and an entire prison, and let the crew of the ship go, it would make the Decepticon rebellion an actual enticing option... albeit a subconscious option... that might lead to defectors in the heat of the battle.

Obsidian decided that two dozen Autobot soldiers, probably mentally scarred by the encounter anyway, is a small price to pay for the little psychological advantage they will have.

Obsidian turned to Skywarp. "Stop playing. Move around the prison, listen to what the prisoners are saying, and get rid of anyone who is unhappy with the Decepticon regime. Make sure you make a spectacle. We do not need liabilities."

Skywarp teleported away from the control room, and reappeared in a swirl of black and purple on an overhanging girder in the prison, leaning forwards, resting his chin on his arms. Unnoticed by the throngs of prisoners below him, Skywarp picked out Lugnut and Grimlock several levels down, talking to a bunch of other prisoners.

Not his forte, talking or intimidating.

Obsidian told him to move stealthily, make no noise, and root out malcon- well, people unhappy with the Decepticon rule.

Honestly, Skywarp didn't get why they had to do it right that moment. Anyone unhappy with the Decepticons really had no business being in the same room with a Decepticon revolution, no? Skywarp smirked, then disappeared again, reappearing elsewhere in the prison, using the overhanging baristers as places to appear in, the faint 'pop' going unheard in the loud hubbub.

Listening to the conversation, Skywarp disappeared again. And again. On the fourth teleportation, Skywarp was greeted with this exchange.

"-I tell you, nothing good will come out of this. We should cut loose now."

"Try to take over the place? Are you crazy? Looks like, Zero and that Emperor guy, even they're playing nice, it seems!"

"They've grown soft, weak. We're cutting this joint soon as we land or whatever. Might even take a potshot at the Decepticon leaders."

"I know. Can't stand pompous, stuck-up bastards-"

Skywarp looked down at two prisoners, one bulky, one short and tiny. They were not wearing any Renegade or Destron or any gang markings... not that Skywarp cared. Obsidian told him to get rid of malcontents.

Skywarp's grin turned into a smile.

Two voices screamed in terror, and Grimlock's head whipped aside, to look opposite him, where two prisoners are falling down from an upper level, down through the void until they landed with a pair of sickening crunches.

Grimlock's optics narrowed as he raised his missile launcher. The prisoners were murmuring.

Skywarp popped into existence behind Grimlock and Lugnut. "That was me." He said cheerfully. "They were unhappy with us, talking about how they're going to shoot us, so I threw them off the railings."

Grimlock's optic band narrowed, clearly unamused by Skywarp's antics, justified or otherwise.

2012-04-17, 03:02 PM
Governor's Palace

"See to it that you do," Tarantulas replied to Sixshot. "But not now. We don't want you to run into enemy territory blind. By now they might have started to prepare for you."


Prison Shuttle

"Copy," Springer replied to Obsidian. He turned towards the captain. "Either join us or be free. That's the order I've been given. You can use the pods to escape and return home. Don't try to fight me. You will be terminated if you do."

2012-04-17, 03:37 PM
"We'll be on our way shortly." Thrust replied back to Obsidian over the comm channel. "They hardly put up a fight. The codes we were given worked perfectly."

Onslaught and Stormwudgher prepped the shuttle and sent Thrust a communication that all was ready. "Hammer, Brick - how many recruits are left? We need to be leaving."

2012-04-20, 07:30 AM
Orbital Prison

"Excellent." Obsidian replied to Thrust. "All is proceeding well at our end as well. Could you give me an estimate of the prisoners you have freed from Altihex?"

An Autobot demand of explanation, no doubt from a group of clueless officers baffled by the fact that their orbital prison just moved out of orbit, flared up in the commlink, but Obsidian ignored it.

"You're letting us go." The Captain told Springer.

"They're going to shoot us down like nanoflies if we take the escape pods!" One of the soldiers wailed.

"Zip it, soldier!" The Captain snapped, and nodded at Springer. "I shall be taking my leave, then. Anyone who is with the Autobots, let us go." The Captain moved out of the room and trooped towards the escape pods.

However, a full third of the crew had stayed behind, looking at Springer expectantly. The Captain looked behind, opened his mouth to say something, sighed, and walked away dejectedly.

Ten minutes later, the loud whoosh of escape pods being launched were heard, and six escape pods plummeted down through the atmosphere, heading towards the still Autobot-friendly area of Protihex.

Governor's Palace

"Forgive me for questioning," Sixshot replied to Tarantulas, although his voice was not apologetic at all, "But would it not be much more effective for me to kill the two engineers now, before they develop something to counter myself?"

Although, deep down, Sixshot wished they would.

He wanted a challenge.

2012-04-20, 08:39 PM
Alitex Prison

Thundercracker walked toward Thrusts shuttle, calmly anyliseing everything around him.

Everything was going well.

Mindwipe struted towards Kick-Off. "Yes, its me" he responded with a slight smile. "Where Apuron? Why are you here? Whats happening?" Kick-Off asked, dazed.

"This" Mindwipe responded before jamming the hacking prod into Kick-Off's cheast.

Everything went dark to Kick-Off as Mindwipe scampered away, leveing a statis lock trapped Kick-Off on the ground.

2012-04-21, 07:50 AM
Corridors, Governor's Palace

“Deadster, I think all of this boredom is going to kill me. I really do.”

Dead End liked to have had thought—for the first occasion in his miserable existence, perhaps—that luck finally decided to make an appearance and give him something. A gift he knew he could truly enjoy.

“Seriously, my processor's gonna shut down if I don't get to do something good soon.” Wildrider groaned. “We've been walking around for ages.”

But he was no fool. Luck was an absurd fantasy entertained by even more absurd individuals. Wildrider was not simply going to pass away owing to a severe case of boredom, nor would he be clutched by stasis-lock, affording Dead End with a lovely rest free of his highly irritable company.

Okay, so he wasn't in the cheeriest mood at the moment. But who could blame him? Like a high-strength adhesive, Wildrider was stuck to him, and Dead End was unqualified in the method required to detach his team-mate from his presence.

“You know what? I haven't seen anyone since we reported to Megatron from that mission in the outskirts.” Wildrider paused, as if recalling an important fact he'd left out by mistake. “Well, aside from Breakdown, Draggy and the boss.”

Dead End emitted a sound of displeasure. “I certainly would not count not seeing Motormaster as a loss. It is a blessing, if anything.”

Words more precise could not have flowed out of his vocaliser.

Wildrider chuckled. “It gets like that sometimes.”

He shot the terrorist with a questioning look. “Sometimes? Surely you're joking.”

Wildrider shrugged as he traversed down the corridor with Dead End. “Yeah, you're right. Pretty much all the time.”

The two Stunticons reached the end of the corridor and turned right, progressing through another. They had no particular destination in mind; they were just wandering around, hoping to come across something exciting. And at this point, anything was better than walking in circles.

“Hey, Dead, who's that?” Up ahead, Wildrider pointed to an unfamiliar Transformer who was walking towards them.

Dead End glanced at the unknown mechanoid. “I wouldn't know.”

“Let's go find out!” Wildrider said, a smile sprawled across his face-plate.

Before Dead End could offer a response, his team-mate increased his pace and approached the stranger. Wonderful. Now he had to wait and see what sort of idiotic behaviour would possess Wildrider during his conversation with this mechanoid—because he would talk. A great deal.

His very nature encouraged it. That, and it would eliminate the boredom temporarily.

“Hey there, stranger.” The terrorist flashed Starscream a broad smile. “Who might you be? I don't think I've ever seen you here before. Or ever at all.”

2012-04-22, 05:26 PM
Prison Shuttle

Springer watched the Captain and his men leave the shuttle and was suprised that some of his soldiers stayed behind and waited for orders from him. Springer scratched his head. He wasn't one to give orders or direct anybody into any kind of way. He only had worked with Blitzwing in the past and he didn't need any kind of direction from him.

Springer scratched his head. "Commander," Springer said to Obsidian over the com link. "I have some new recruits to our cause. I'll take them with me inside the orbital Prison. Do you want me to arm them or do you wish to see them first?"


Governor's Palace

Magnus was till experiencing horrific images in his mind and Tarantulas was enjoying the screams that Magnus was making. Magnjs was however starting to adapt to his current situation and managed to control his emotions and kept telling himself that it all wasn't real. It annoyed Tarantulas to no end.

"I tire of this torturing," the mad scientist shouted. "I understand now why this Autobot is considered to be the best they have to offer. He's adapting. That's a rare sight in an Autobot."

Tarantulas then looked over hsi shoulder to Sixshot and shook his head. "By now I think they've already put Wheeljack and Highbrow to work and have come up with a way to stop you. If only temporarily. Last time you had the element of suprise and even then you weren't able to complete your mission. What makes you think you'll be successful now when you want to attack them on their turf?"

2012-04-23, 04:33 AM
Orbital Prison

Lugnut nodded. "Well, that's too bad," he told Zero, evidently not very concerned that Cy-Kill was gone. In actual fact, he was glad -- there simply wasn't room in the Decepticons for two revolutionary leaders, so if this 'Cy-kill' was still alive Lugnut probably would have been obliged to crush his skull for Megatron at some point.

He eyed the Destrons' self-identified leader with some measure of suspicion, for the same reasons, before cocking his head to one side and saying, "You don't look like Violin Juggler. You were one of his lieutenants?"

Not waiting for an answer, he replied to Obsidian and said, "Yeah. They're with us, boss," he said gruffly. "We taking them anywhere?"

When Skywarp threw two uncooperative prisoners down from a balcony, he couldn't help but smile.

He's learning after all...

Governor's Palace

Predacon nodded. "Perhaps...perhaps," he told Sixshot. "The Autobots have vast armies, after all. This Magnus may be their most famous soldier, but he's not the only one by far. I'm sure they'll come up with a few ways to challenge you...especially once we've started winning. You see, the Autobots are big on doing what's 'right' and following their religion when everything is going well. When they're getting their afts slagged, though, things are a bit different."

He smiled. "If you're really lucky, they might build some more Supremes for you to play with."

He listened as Tarantulas pointed out that Magnus had, in a sense, actually won his confrontation with Sixshot and nodded in agreement.

"Yes, in good time you'll deal with them, but not now. Even as powerful as you are, a solitary charge into Iacon would be suicide." Almost gently, he added, "Remember, if you die you lose. No matter what minor, momentary objectives you might complete by doing it."

Altihex Prison

Hammer counted quickly, then reported to Thrust. "I count thirty-two fliers waiting for liftoff," he said. "All the groundpounders who want to come with us are aboard the shuttle, and Brick has...well, culled the herd of anyone who didn't look enthusiastic. I think we're ready to go."

2012-04-23, 02:33 PM
Orbital Prison

"Have you now?" Obsidian answered Springer, pleased at the development. Soldiers are more likely to give them information about bases, encampments, troop deployments, passwords and the like. While it was a safe bet that with the likes of Prowl on the helm that these will change, Obsidian knew responses could take some time.

In addition, trained soldiers are always a commodity they could afford to do with.

After a short pause, Obsidian replied to Springer. "Rendezvous with Lugnut, Grimlock and Skywarp in the main part of the prison. Do not arm the soldiers, I fear that if the prisoners see them with weapons they might not... take it well. Also, strip off their Autobot insignias. It would not do for them to wear those."

Obsidian's red optics narrowed. "Take note which ones are reluctant in doing so."

Obsidian then replied to Lugnut. "I have released the soldiers to spread a sense of unease to their kin. The Chaosmaster Bomb has been nulled until such that our Master decides to use it, and the Orbital Prison is now en route to Kaon. All that is left is to eliminate the remaining staff in the Prison..."

Obsidian floated towards where Skywarp had barricaded the doors into the Bomb Control Room, and with a tap on the console next to it, opened the door. The soldiers outside, having spent their ammunition on firing at the door, were taken by surprise when the door opened, and were swiftly gunned down by Obsidian.

"Something we could put our new recruits to get to doing. Springer is headed your way with Autobot defectors. See to it that they are not harmed."

The Orbital Prison entered Cybertron's atmosphere, and began to heat up upon re-entry.

Zero shrugged at Lugnut's offhand response. He was not going to start any trouble -- Lugnut and Grimlock look like they can take on entire batallions by themselves, while the strange creepy-looking Seeker had just demonstrated that these are real professionals. Not like the idiots Cy-Kill surrounded himself with.

The Destron Emperor narrowed his optics. "Lord Violen Jieger is dead. Nova Prime's little military made sure of that. Like Zero, I am- was- my master's second."

Skywarp was very, very pleased with himself. He was doing what Obsidian told him to, and Lugnut wasn't screaming at him for doing things wrongly. That means he had done something right!

Throwing people off ledges... if he knew this was what Lugnut approved off, he would have done it ages ago.

Skywarp stood, slightly crouched, in a stance that was almost rabid, as he looked at the crowd... and he laughed out loud as Lugnut said 'Violin Juggler'. "Violin Juggler!" Skywarp repeated, slapping his thigh, and ignoring the openly hostile glare from the self-proclaimed 'Emperor of Destruction'. "Oh, Lugnut, and I thought you don't do humour."

"Me, Grimlock, not think him, Lugnut, say funny name on purpose." Grimlock rumbled.

"That's what- hee hee- makes it even better!" Skywarp said, as his chuckles trailed off.

Governor's Palace

Sixshot absorbed what Tarantulas and Predacon had told him. Element of surprise, and still he could not complete his mission.

On their turf. A battle on their turf.

Without the element of surprise.

A way to stop him.

Supremes... what are Supremes? Check. Supreme-Class Sentinels: a massive, gigantic semi-sentient mechanism capable of transformation into a mobile battlestation. Used in the ages of Nova Prime [citation required] in battles against external threats...

Strong enemies.



If you die, you lose.

I will not die, Sixshot promised himself.

Sixshot addressed Creator Tarantulas first. "I... I do not know." He replied honestly. He had only been in one battle... one exhilirating battle, but indeed, he had no idea how others are. He supposed he was powerful, but he had no idea the limits of his powers. And, like Creator Predacon had said, if he died, he had lost.

Sixshot turned to Predacon, slightly... happy... at the thought of having more challenges. Especially these 'Supremes'. But the Autobots... "These Autobots... do not do as they... preach?" Sixshot asked. "What do I do now, if a strike to eliminate Target: Wheeljack and Target: Highbrow is suicide?"

2012-04-24, 11:59 AM
Orbital Prison

"Will do," Springer replied to Obsidian. "Move along recruits and welcome to the Decepticons." Springer walked to the exit of the shuttle and pointed them into the direction of the main area of the Orbital Prison. "Turn in your Autobrands when you pass me. I don't want my fellow 'Cons to start shooting you guys for thinking that you might've escaped."

Springer held out his hand and waited for the new recruits to turn in their badges.


Governor's Palace

"Aaah. Supreme-Class Sentinel's," Tarantulas said dreamy. "So immensly powerful, as they are slow," he added with a giggle. "They were good distractions during the Quintesson War."

Tarantulas usually never reveals anything about his past, but for some reason he has let some info on himself slip here in there. His involvement with the disappearance of Cy-Kill and now the letting out that he was around a long time ago during the Quint War. He needed to be careful. Must be because of all the fun things that he's currently involved in or at least has a hand in that he's opening up. He made a mental note of that so he won't make the mistake in the future.

"That's what I thought," Tarantulas replied to Sixshot. You have no plan, so the best plan right now is that we wait. If the Autobots know that Magnus is still alive, they're going to attempt a rescue. That's when we'll strike and that's when you'll get the chance to correct your mistake. If only in part."

Tarantulas looked at Magnus. "And where is Scorponok. I thought he wanted a piece of this sorry excuse of a soldier too?" he said in a mocking tone about Magnus.

2012-04-24, 01:27 PM
Orbital Prison, Entering Kaon Airspace

Obsidian nodded as Springer reported to him, then opened a comm channel to Megatron.

"Master Megatron, this is Obsidian reporting. We have taken over an orbital prison facility, and are currently bringing it over to Kaon airspace. We have upwards to sixty prisoners, former Renegades and Destrons with training, as well as several Autobot defectors. A similar breakout in the Altihex prison is likely to yield approximately forty to fifty more." Obsidian paused. "We have also acquired a Chaosmaster Bomb which has been defused and ready to be deployed should you wish to."

Obsidian said it all in the perfect way of reporting news, without any hint of pride or smugness.

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The former Autobots looked at each other, then began stripping off their Autobot insignias, and tossing them aside. Some, of course, were a little bit less eager to do so.

Governor's Palace

"You have fought Supremes before, Creator Tarantulas?" Sixshot asked, more interested in potential enemies rather than his creator's background. It did not matter to him in any way.

But Tarantulas spoke again, and Sixshot held his tongue. "Yes. And I will correct my mistake."

2012-04-24, 09:06 PM
"Good job." Thrust said to Hammer and Brick. "Time to leave." As he finished the last bit, Thrust transformed and took off to the sky. "Onslaught, Stormwudgher. Proceed to Kaon. We shall meet you there."

Now that he had the count, he sent a message back to Obsidian. "Obsidian, we have over 30 fliers, and another 20 ground soldiers in the shuttle. We are on our way."

2012-04-25, 01:27 PM
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Corridors, Governor's Palace

The unknown mech Wildrider and Dead End were heading for saw them coming and didn't slow his pace. In fact the brightly colored flier's stride became subtly more confident and deliberate the closer he got to the two mechs. Just who were these two? What side in the fast developing conflict were they from and were they on right now? Not that he expected any conflict here but he was at present someone who quite frankly, in the present political structure of Cybertron, did not really belong in this Palace, at least not without being in chains perhaps.

Starscream was also intrigued by the fact that these two mechs were the first sign of anyone else in the Palace he had seen all day. Oh he was sure there were mechs around but he had no idea where. He was after-all just a guest here and was not familiar with the active cycle activities here. He was still just trying to get the layout of this large building as it was. And from the looks of it so were the two that just stopped in front of him.

The Seeker came to what seemed like a deliberate stop, not one out of necessity. No, it was almost as if he simply chose to stop for them. The light of the corridor danced off the brilliant red of his chest and wings contrasting a bit sharply to the medium blue of his forearms. His colors a far cry from the subdued hues of the two standing in front of him now. But one thing stood out more then the contrast in colors ever could; there was no faction brand on either of his wings.

"I could ask you the same question as well, ground mech." Starscream said in a calm and rather lofty, unusually rasping voice.

2012-04-25, 04:33 PM
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Orbital Prison

Sparkstalker waded into the crowd of prisoners, looking for someone. After a while, he noticed a bot that looked quite similar to him, but slightly bulkier and with a white-and-blue paintjob. He gestured to him to approach, and he did.

"Wut is it, Spark?" Flamefeather asked.

"I told you not to call me that. Anyway, Flamefeather, you see those guys that broke us out? They're Decepticons, and we're teaming up with them."

".....we are? When did that happen?"

"Just a minute ago, you slagging idiot."

2012-04-26, 10:48 PM
Governor's Palace

"Me fighting Supremes?" Tarantulas started to laugh. "No, I haven't. I'm nowhere near powerful enough to take one on, nor do I have the desire to do so," he replied to Sixshot. "They may call me a mad scientist, but I'm not that crazy." Tarantulas started to chuckle again. "I'm sure you would've been a match for them though. As for me, I had other things to attend to back then. Aahhh, the good old days..." he said dreamy.

He then looked back at Sixshot. "Your chance to correct your mistake will come," Tarantulas said confidently. "They can't run away for ever, now can they?"

Tarantulas then turned to Predacon. "Your turn," he said as he pointed to Magnus.

2012-04-27, 05:36 PM
Governor's Palace

Legion is flying to Governor's Palace.

2012-04-27, 07:14 PM
Orbital Prison

Sparkstalker half-led, half-dragged Flamefeather over to Lugnut and Grimlock. Dumb even by standards of primitives, Flamefeather needed someone to hold his hand to prevent him from degenerating into random violence.

The two first met many cycles ago. Sparkstalker had chosen to become a hacker, and, in his arrogance, decided he needed a bodyguard in the event the security services came after him.

That was when he found Flamefeather. He was just a common thug, beating people up on the streets for no real reason. It just took a bit of convincing to get him to work for Sparkstalker.

"Hello again." Sparkstalker said as he reached Lugnut and Grimlock. "You said to point anyone who wanted to join up to you. Well, this is Flamefeather, and he wants to be a loyal Decepticon. Am I right, Flamefeather?"

"Yeah, sure." Flamefeather said and nodded.

2012-04-29, 10:10 AM
Corridors, Governor's Palace

Ground mech? That was an interesting term to use, if not an entirely derogatory one. Though the Transformer standing before him was of a greater height, forcing Wildrider to lift his gaze to meet Starscream's, he grinned in response to his remark. If this one wanted to be difficult then so be it.

Wildrider's schedule was bare, almost devoid of activity. He had all the time in the world to squeeze out at least one answer from the Seeker. Besides, he could see no displays of the Decepticon insignia resting on any area of his frame. Suddenly instilled with additional determination to press Starscream for answers, Wildrider took a step forward.

He shrugged, undeterred by Starscream's lack of a proper reply. “If it makes you happy, the name's Wildrider.” He jerked his thumb behind him, grinning. “And that ball of uncontrollable energy is Dead End.”

As the terrorist introduced himself and his team-mate, Dead End folded his arms and propped himself up against the corridor's wall. Attention anchored elsewhere, he merely grunted when Wildrider referred to him as such. And did even less to acknowledge Starscream's presence.

Less as in nothing at all.

Wildrider giggled. “Don't mind Dead,” he said to Starscream. “He's just, uh... Um...”

He paused, scrambling to put together a plausible excuse for Dead End's standoffish behaviour. He knew his team-mate, at times, could not be bothered to socialise with others. Wildrider didn't know why and would probably never understand why, even if he did explain it to him.

“He's something. But anyway, I see you're not sporting a 'Con insignia. Are you not one of us?”

2012-04-30, 01:46 PM
Governor's Palace

Sixshot digested this latest information again. Tarantulas was not powerful enough to take on a Supreme... but he was.

So why was he listening to him?

They are his creators, though.

"No. They can not." Sixshot replied to Tarantulas, confident that, in one way or another, he will murder the two targets, the two prey who moved out of his grasp. "I will hunt them down."

Orbital Prison

Grimlock's head moved, red optic band glowing as he glowered down at Sparkstalker and Flamefeather, not responding. He knew Lugnut was really the only qualified one to talk to these recruits, while Skywarp was... infinitely more chatty.

And indeed, Skywarp materialized in front of Sparkstalker and Flamefeather.

"A willing and loyal Decepticon! Excellent." Skywarp said, clapping his hands together.

2012-04-30, 03:03 PM
Governor's Palace

Legion landed on the ground and transformed into robot mode. She walked around.

2012-05-02, 05:56 AM
Orbital Prison

Lugnut shrugged. "They, uh, don't seem to be putting up a fight, boss," he told Obsidian when he mentioned eliminating the guards. "I'm pretty sure some of 'em would sign up if we gave them the chance, actually."

He set his lantern jaw and made a grumpy noise when Obsidian told him about the Autobot defectors, but didn't say anything. They were the enemy, after all, not these civilian prison guards. If anyone deserved to be killed it was them.

He avoided the uncomfortable thought by staring down at the Destron leader with his main optic. "Well, I suppose you'll do," he said gruffly. "Do you have a name?" He glared at Skywarp for his mockery, then added, "A real name, I mean, and not a bunch of random sounds mashed together?"

He gave Flamefeather an evaluating look, then shrugged. "He doesn't seem very eager..."

Governor's Palace

Predacon shrugged. "It's easy to have high-minded morals when you're living in a golden age and looking down on everyone around you," he told Sixshot, "like the Autobots are now. But when things go wrong and people need to fight for their lives, their ideals usually get left by the wayside while survival becomes priority number one."

He looked over at Magnus, then shrugged.

"I'm really more of a spectator than a performer," he told Tarantulas, "but if you insist..."

He slipped a memory card out of a storage compartment on his leg and waved it around. "Anyone want to guess what this is?"

Altihex Prison

Hammer jumped up into the air, transforming and falling behind the formation of new-recruit flyers so that he could keep his guns on them while he flew. If they noticed his paranoia they didn't say, and he couldn't blame them. They were free for the first time in who knows how long, free to do what they wanted and get revenge on those who'd locked them up. If he'd been in their place, locked up for hundreds of times longer than he'd even been functional until now, Hammer would feel the same way.

Black Shadow certainly did, as the young gangster whooped, barrel-rolled a few times for the hell of it and then shot up to the front of the pack of jets with unadulterated glee evident in his every move.

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2012-05-02, 04:27 PM
Governor's Palace

Legion continued to walked around the Governor's palace. "I know there's Decepticons in this palace." said Legion.

2012-05-03, 05:21 PM
Orbital Prison

Obsidian nodded in satisfaction, although Lugnut would not have been able to see him. "You raise a valid point, Lugnut. Get our little army to round up all the surviving guards, and then we'll decide what to do with all of our new recruits."

The Autobot defectors... of course, resentment will build against them. By defecting, they are really sentencing themselves to death. Obsidian doubted anyone of true skill had defected, or they wouldn't be stuck guarding a supply shuttle. Once their use to tell them information has expired, they will be placed in the front lines... or, well, Obsidian doubted they would last long among the rest of the rabble anyway.

Obsidian knew not every single thug and lowlife they had sprung from the Altihex and Orbital Prisons would truly be loyal... but the good thing about joining in while someone else had laid the foundations is that he can rely on people like Lugnut and Skywarp to keep an optic on the troops.

The Destron Emperor looked up at Lugnut, and shook his head, giving Skywarp a glare. "I don't have a real name. We work with codenames that Lord Violen Jieg-"

Skywarp chortled very loudly.

"Ahem. Codenames that Lord Violen Jieger gave us. Though it was not my real name, I was called Igern-"

"Emperor Igern?" Skywarp repeated, then laughed again. "And here I was, making fun of Lugnut's name when there are comedy gold like yours! I think I'm going to like you, Igern, Emperor of Destruction." Skywarp tottered away from the fuming Emperor and turned to face Flamefeather. "Mmm, Sparkstalker... He works for you?"

Governor's Palace


Sixshot frowned. Ideals. So the Autobots are hypocrites that betray their own ideals and high-minded morals. Golden Age. Looking down... in a sense, Sixshot thought he was like these Autobots. He could look down at everybody, at everybody weaker than him. Would he betray his ideals?

Does he even have ideals?

"Do you have ideals, Creators?" Sixshot spoke, uncertain if it was a polite question to ask.

2012-05-03, 05:52 PM
Orbital Prison

Sparkstalker shrugged. "That's his default facial expression. Tell him to do something, he'll do it." He then leaned over to Lugnut and whispered: "Just don't use big words, he'll be confused."

He then turned to Skywarp, and answered his question as well. "Indeed, Flamefeather works for me. And since now I work for you Decepticons....." he added, just to reinforce the message.

Meanwhile, Flamefeather awaited orders from Sparkstalker or someone else, and punched the nearest wall several times out of boredom.

2012-05-05, 12:28 PM
Governor's Palace

Tarantulas shook his head. "It's like you're on repeat," he replied to Sixshot. "I know that you'll complete your task eventually. No need to dwell on it. Maybe you need a hobby," he added with a small cackle. "And ideals?" Tarantulas' mind drifted off for a moment. "Not the ones the Autobots hold in such high regard, no. I do have certain goals I want to achieve, but I wouldn't go as far as calling them ideals. Megatron gives us more than enough freedom to do as we wish and I'm fine with that."

Predacon mentioned something about survival becoming priority number one when trouble starts and Tarantulas started to cackle. "Ahh yes. Mechs are so much fun that way. All panic and such," he added as it reminded him of something. "Poor little Cy-Kill. Had such delicious fear in his optics." He turned to Sixshot. "Tell me, did you see fear in the optics of Magnus when he realized that he wasn't going to be able to defeat you?"

Predacon then waved a memory stick in the air. "It's probably something that Magnus isn't going to enjoy," he replied to Predacon. "And something that I probably am," and started rubbing his hands and cackled along with it.


Orbital Prison

"Move along mechs!" Springer said to the Autobot defectors. Six of them. Springer was content with being allowed to spare the others though for some reason wouldn't have cared if he was asked to take them out either. The six mechs formed a single line just as they were trained to do and walked towards the main part of the Orbital prison. The last mech in the row seemed a little twitchy. Springer remembered that it was the same guy that took a little longer to remove his badge then the others did.

Springer stopped walking for a moment and continued when he was walking next to the questionable mech. "It's too late for you to turn back now. You do realize that, don't you," he said to him.

The mech looked up. Springer was quite a bit taller than he was. "I..," he stuttered, "I just signed up for this gig for the money. It was an honest job and all I had to do was carry supplies to Prison. I didn't want any of this."

"Then why stay and not leave with the others? You would've been safe back home," Springer replied. "Staying here means that you'll eventually be forced to go into battle and perhaps get slagged."

The mech cocked a brow. "Would you have believed that you would be allowed to live after seeing some of your shipmates murdered and being kept prisoner for a while? Not knowing what your fate will be? You said we were allowed to continue functioning and be free, but why should I trust you?"

Springer shrugged. He didn't know how to respond to that. There was a time when others would've believed him on his word, but now? This mech stayed here out of fear of losing his life. Not really a good motivator to sign up with another faction. The mech felt oppressed and that usually leads to rebellion. It's a variable that Springer couldn't allow. It could be a threat in the making. Springer had a firm grip on the hilt of his sword and could lop the head of the mech off with one fell swoop. All the systems in his being said that that he should do it, but somewhere deep within him, something was resisting. What was this, he wondered.

He decided not to act on it as he reached the others at the main area of the Orbital Prison.

2012-05-06, 07:11 AM
Governor's Palace

Sixshot nodded to Tarantulas. Stop saying that he will kill the Autobot scientists. Very well. No repeating.

"Hobby? My function is to eliminate all who I am directed at." Sixshot said, turning his head to one side. "I do not think I require a hobby...?"

So, Creator Tarantulas has... goals instead of ideals. Goals. Did Sixshot have a goal? Probably. To be the strongest there ever was. It's the only thing he knew, it was the only thing he could do.

Sixshot frowned at Creator Tarantulas' next query. Did he see fear in Magnus' optics? "I... suppose so, yes. He does seem not that composed when I was defeating him."

Orbital Prison

Skywarp grinned at Flamefeather, looking at the shorter Transformer punching the wall. Skywarp, undoubtedly, found this extremely amusing. Grimlock did not, and glared at the idiot Seeker's back as he hopped around like a hyperactive protodroid.

"But his name is a big word in and of itself!" He said to Sparkstalker, waving his hands wide, face contorted in mock confusion. "How does he-"

"Company." Grimlock growled, pulling out his sword... then sheathing it as he saw that it was Springer, and the six Autobot defectors. Grimlock snorted. He did not approve of defectors. Disloyal, dishonourable, spineless.


It then came into Grimlock's mind that he was a defector himself, kind of.


They dismissed him. They disowned him. They threw him out once they didn't need him. Just like what they did to Obsidian, and to many others.

Then why does Grimlock feel the same disgust he felt at the defectors directed at himself?

2012-05-06, 09:04 AM
Corridors, Governor's Palace

Starscream looked down at the shorter mech and the smile brandished across his faceplate.

Wildrider. and his gaze shifted to the mech looking like his only purpose in life was to hold up the nearby wall. Deadend

I'll say. Starscream thought to himself then looked back at Wildrider

"I am a guest of Megatron's to determine just that." The Seeker said suddenly in answer to Wildrider's question. "And speaking of my host," Starscream continued without missing a beat, "Have either of you seen him?" He glanced around and up at the ceiling slightly. He didn't exactly care for being cooped up inside like this, not without good reason and right now that good reason seemed to have vanished.

2012-05-06, 05:59 PM
Corridors, Governor's Palace

Legion saw Starscream and Wildrider. Legion approach to them. "Hello my fellow Decepticons. What's new?" Legion asked.

2012-05-07, 04:37 AM
Orbital Prison

Lugnut clenched his fists, annoyed.

Why do people keep expecting me to talk to the recruits? I'm a soldier, not a public relations dork.

Swallowing his irritation, he looked at Zero and Igern. "Please have your men round up any guards that you can find. If they're willing to join us, good. If not, kill 'em."

He glared at Skywarp, annoyed by the immature jet's abuse of their new allies.

"If the black and purple seeker annoys you, feel free to shoot him until he stops. We won't mind, I promise."

He grinned at what Sparkstalker said, then chuckled. "Got it." When Flamefeather started punching walls, Lugnut shook his head. "I have a feeling he and Skywarp won't get along very well..."

Seeing Springer arrive, he greeted the mercenary with a grunt.

Governor's Palace

Predacon smiled nervously. Sixshot's question had taken him off-guard, something which made him immensely proud. The fact that he could surprise his creators was a wonderful thing.

"Ideals? Yes, I suppose I do," he told the younger Decepticon. "In fact, you could say that you are an expression of my ideals. I want to improve myself and the rest of our species, and advances like multiple alternate modes are a huge step in that direction."

He gave Tarantulas a grin. "Part marks for guesswork, old friend." He plugged the memory card into a data projector, then aimed it at Magnus's damaged optic. "It's a sensory perception mask worm."

For Sixshot's benefit, he explained, "We use them as training shortcuts, to imprint skills on a mech's brain module without actually going to the trouble of teaching it to them. This one is...a bit different." He grinned. "The skills that it imprints are all completely useless and unrelated, and the whole program does nothing but create confusion. An old colleague of mine created it as a practical joke, but in Magnus's state it might be enough to push him to the brink of madness." He shrugged. "Or teach him the finer points of mass-driver engine repair and portable laser-guided mining drills. Either way, it'll be fun to watch."

Megatron walked out of his throne room, a small shard of Dark Energon in his hand. He still didn't trust this strange Transformer, not yet...but there was a grain of truth to his words, Megatron knew.

Just how much...we'll see.

He looked at the deep purple crystal, and had to fight off an urge to drive it deep into his chest where his systems could drink it in.

One day, perhaps. But not today.

"Soundwave," he whispered as he walked, knowing he would be heard, "I want this sample studied. Send a drone to collect it."

An idea came over him, then, and he smiled. "To collect most of it," he corrected himself. Then with one quick, sharp motion he snapped the needle-fine tip off of the crystal and held it in his free hand.

Speaking aloud now, he activated his comm. "Clench," he said, "meet me outside the cells. I have an important job for you, if you're willing."

Handing the larger chunk of Dark Energon off to the drone that arrived to collect it, he slipped the small sliver into a storage compartment in his leg and headed for the cells to pay a visit to Magnus.

Enroute to Kaon

Black Shadow whistled in shock as he saw the massive territory that they were flying toward, and the huge-mushroom-shaped city-fortress of Kolkular that jutted out above the buildings several miles away.

"Wow," he said, shocked. "Are, uh, are you sure this is Kaon? Isn't it, you know, a run-down slaghole?"

"Kaon is the jewel of the Decepticon territories," Hammer told him. "Or at least, it is now. I wasn't around to see it, but apparently Governor Megatron rebuilt it from it's previous squalor."

"M'eh," Brick retorted. "I'm more interested in breaking stuff than making it shiny."

"You would be."

Black Shadow looked down at the city again, taking it in. He still couldn't shake that sense of awe. It's...it's beautiful. What the hell is a hood like me going to do in a shiny paradise like that?

2012-05-07, 07:20 PM
Orbital Prison

Sparkstalker laughed at Skywarp's joke. "You'll have to forgive me. I'm afraid I haven't heard many jokes in my time here." He then turned to Flamefeather, and gestured at him. "Stop that. People are staring." he said.

Flamefeather stopped punching the wall, turned away from it, and muttered what may or may not have been 'Sorry'.

2012-05-08, 03:55 PM
Surprise was evident in Clench's face when Megatron called. He was surprised that Megatron had decided to give him what he, himself, deemed an 'important job'. Maybe there would be room for him in this regime after all. "I'll be right there, Lord Megatron." Clench said, and excused himself from those he was speaking with and walked towards the cells.

2012-05-08, 10:07 PM
Governor's Palace

"I wasn't serious," Tarantulas responded to Sixshot. "My my. Sarcasm is really lost on you, isn't it?" he said as he shook his head.

Tarantulas looked at Magnus. He was quite surprised that Sixshot got to see fear in Magnus' optics, because so far he hadn't seen any himself. You would think that putting a blowtorch in a mech's eye would be pretty scary but it didn't have the desired effect. Nor did the nightmares he gave him with the help of his cyber venom. "Then it seems that he fears you more than he fears me," Tarantulas spat. "That's unacceptable."

As Predacon explained what his method was, Tarantulas started to grin and rub his hands. "No matter how strong his will is, every mech will eventually break," and Tarantulas bursted out in laughter after that, tilting his head back for extra added effect.


Orbital Prison

Springer reciprocated Lugnut's grunt and Grimlock's snort with a simple nod. Of all the mechs that were currently in the main area of the Orbital Prison, the Autobot defectors really stood out. In a bad way and Springer saw it. While the twitchy mech clearly showed it, it was visible in the optics of the others. They felt out of place and still uncertain of their fate. They were promised a place within the ranks of the Decepticons, but who was to tell that this was the truth. That they would keep their word and not be killed as an example?

Springer had the six badges in his hand that he received from the Autobot defectors earlier. He went through them. Generic names. Nothing special. Though why someone would like to go by the name of Scooter was beyond him.

He walked up to Obsidian and handed him the badges. "Commander. Here are the badges of the ones that decided to stay." Springer turned his head for a moment, looking at the particular mech that he had a conversation with earlier and then turned his head back. "The last one in the row seemed a little ... reluctant."

2012-05-09, 04:05 PM
Orbital Prison

Obsidian entered the area where the others are gathered at about the same time that Springer did. Grimlock gave him a grunt, and Skywarp waved with a wild grin. Obsidian surveyed the scene, taking in the surprised gapes from some members of the Renegades and Destrons. The surprise is expected. After all, he was responsible for toppling their laughable, half-baked revolutions.

“Greetings, my new allies.” Obsidian said out loud, to Renegade, Destron and Autobot defectors alike. “Welcome to the Decepticon cause. No doubt some of you are familiar with me, but now we stand together, to tear down the corrupt cancer that is-”

One of the Destrons pulled out a blaster at Obsidian, and the High General whipped out his own hand, fingers retracting at a speed that belied his antique design, and before the Destron got off a shot drilled five blaster holes into his face and neck, sending the Destron toppling onto the ground.

“-the Autobot government.” Obsidian finished without missing a beat. “All will be made clear later, but for now, welcome to our cause.”

He turned to Springer, and nodded, accepting the badges with his free hand. “I shall remember him. Good work, Springer.” Obsidian whispered back, making a mental note to interrogate that last one Autobot. In a louder voice, he raised his arm, clutching the Autobot insignias, crushing them and tossing them away, off the railing. Obsidian knew, knew in his spark, that whatever these insignias—modeled after the visage of Vector Prime—represented, they were well and buried under the bureaucracy and corruption of the current governing system.

“I would!” Skywarp snapped at Lugnut indignantly. “I think I would terribly mind them shooting me until I stop, thank you very much!”

Skywarp grinned at Sparkstalker. “Finally, FINALLY someone who appreciates humour! Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all weekend.” The Seeker pointed at Flamefeather, and clapped his hands together. “Oh, I think I would like Featherboy here! I like punching walls too.” Skywarp punched at a nearby wall with a silly grin, which promptly disappeared as an irate Grimlock whacked him over the head, sending him falling face-first onto the floor.

Grimlock grunted.

“He has already annoyed me.” Igern told Lugnut, pulling up one of the discarded guards’ weapons, and aiming it at the fallen Skywarp’s head. “I shall send you to the Inferno, where Lord Violen Jieger will mete out judgment-”

“Stop it, you religious buffoon.” Zero snapped, striding towards the ex-Destron commander and shoving the gun away. “The big guy gave us a job to do. Come on, people. You heard the big guy. Round up all the guards, don’t kill them unless they want to kill us.”

Igern shot Obsidian one last glare before walking away. Zero may want to play goodie-goodie two shoes with these Decepticons, but Igern will never forget the fact that Obsidian killed Violen Jieger.

Governor's Palace

Improve oneself. Improve the rest of their species.


Sixshot nodded as Creator Predacon spoke. Improving himself, improving himself so that he could be the best at what he did. To be the ultimate weapon. That would be his ideal.

To improve the rest of their species…

Sixshot looked at the memory card, then filed ‘sensory perception mask worm’ in association with the object. He listened intently as Creator Predacon spoke about the object. The torture usage was… interesting, but what caught Sixshot’s attention was the implantation of skills. It would be… useful, would it not, to implement more fighting techniques?

“That mask worm… would it not be useful to educate me with more combat techniques?”

He then turned to Creator Tarantulas. “Sarcasm? I do not comprehend… but I do think I am… intrigued in seeing Magnus break.”

“So would I.” Scorponok said smoothly, as his massive legs brought him near the corridor. His conversation with Clench had proved quite fruitful, and, judging from the fact that Predacon and Tarantulas had brought out the Mask Worm—a particularly nasty torture device but by no means the worst the two had in their arsenal—and smiled.

He was no sadist like Tarantulas or Predacon, but he did enjoy seeing his enemies hurt.

“And, I think, we’ve just gotten to the good part, have we? Hello, Magnus.” Scorponok smiled, opening and closing his massive claws slowly, more a reflex now than anything. His stinger moved seemingly at its own accord as Scorponok studied Magnus through his optic visor attachment.

2012-05-11, 10:17 AM
Corridors, Governor's Palace

Starscream's smile was...different. Wildrider didn't know what set it apart from your average mech's pleasurable facial gesture, but he was certain that it contained something. Even though he was confident in his suspicion, he chose to remain silent on the matter. Best not to tease Starscream about it; inadvertently insulting him might come with consequences that Wildrider would much prefer to avoid.

He glanced at Dead End. Focus still attached elsewhere—wherever that was—his team-mate continued to stare at the floor. Must have been some pattern on that floor. Dead End's lack of interest made him grin.

Wildrider shrugged when Starscream asked him of Megatron's whereabouts. “Beats me. I mean, we did see him when we returned from our last mission, but I haven't seen the big boss since then. And I'm pretty sure Dead hasn't, either.”

2012-05-18, 01:36 AM
Orbital Prison

Lugnut shot a respectful glower in Obsidian's direction when his commander arrived, nodding curtly but saying nothing. He made no attempt to try and stop the Destron from taking a shot at the older Decepticon, since he really had no sense of loyalty to him.

And frankly, if he can't defend himself from one grizzled old prisoner I'm not going to save his ass.

Turning to Skywarp, he sighed and said, "You can teleport out of the way, idiot. How in Megatron's name do you forget how your own body works?"

Although he wasn't really built for it, he was practically pouting when Zero convinced Igern not to shoot the fallen Seeker.

Governor's Palace

"It could be at that," Predacon told Sixshot, "but it's no panacea. It can teach you the theory, but that won't make you an expert overnight. We can use it to indoctrina-er, educate new recruits and conscripts, but the best way to teach a specialist like you is to do it the traditional way. After all, you're an investment. We won't cut corners with you like we would with a disposable bulletstopper."

Predacon smiled, pleased that even the insane Tarantulas was amused by his understated method of torture. The mad scientist started setting up the equipment, but stopped and looked up when he saw someone approaching out of the corner of his optics.

"Megatron? What can we do for you?"

"Good," Megatron responded gruffly to Clench before addressing his brother. "I want to know if you three have found out anything interesting from our prisoner yet."

"Er...not as such no," Predacon said with a nervous sidelong glance at Tarantulas. "We, uh, are encountering resistance."

2012-05-18, 05:34 PM
Legion was upset! "Screw you guys! I'll talk to someone else." said Legion as she walk away.

2012-05-19, 03:31 AM
Orbital Prison

Obsidian hovered in the air, watching silently, arms crossed behind his back, as the newly-recruited mass of Decepticons were put to work. He considered Igern... he would be troublesome. Destrons are fanatics in general, and Obsidian did kill Violen Jieger...

He will be watched, Obsidian decided.

Then, he considered the four Decepticons brought with him. Their capacities for... violence and battle did not disappoint. Although Skywarp did leave something to be desired in terms of intelligence and general competence. But a teleporter... one that listens to orders to boot... would be useful.

Lugnut is loyal to Megatron. It is clear that he might have doubts about killing, but he obeys, at least. Springer is... a closed book, but insofar he had proven reliable. Grimlock, Obsidian knew, he had to keep on a short leash. Who knows what the little rampaging idiot might be thinking at the moment.

Grimlock was, at the moment, thinking how annoying Skywarp was.

Skywarp opened his hands wide. "Aww, Five-Eyes you do care! Come on, give me a-"

Skywarp never finished that sentence, as Grimlock slapped Skywarp on the backside of his head, sending the Seeker slamming face-first to the floor with a surprised yelp. Grimlock turned to Lugnut, shrugged, and said, "Him noisy."

Skywarp raised a finger, as if to say something, then let it drop.

Governor's Palace

Sixshot nodded at Predacon.

So, traditional then.

Learn everything.

Every method to kill.

Sixshot watched as Leader Megatron appeared, and stood up straight, ready to spring into action the minute his Leader (or one of his three Creators) would give him an order, but he remained silent. So did Creator Scorponok, standing, glowering, leaning against the wall. Probably not eager to piss Megatron off a second time.

2012-05-19, 01:03 PM
Governor's Palace

Tarantulas turned around. Others finally decided to join the party. Scorponok entered the scene first. "Sooooo," Tarantulas said to the large mech. "Finally decided to join us, did you? You've missed the good parts though. Lots of screaming and such." Tarantulas laughed a little. "Kind of like music to my audio receptors. Only kind of music that I like though."

Megatron then entered. As always, he was as impressive as ever. A sense of having to watch what you're saying came over almost everybody. Even Tarantulas. While he's not afraid of Megatron, he just didn't want a verbal reprimand like the one that Scorponok got earlier from him. Thanks to Megatron, Tarantulas has access to a lot of fun things for him to play with and jeopardizing that would not suit his own agenda in the least bit.

Tarantulas nodded when Predacon mentioned that they've been unsuccessful in extracting any information from Magnus. "Either he doesn't know anything or he's very well trained to resist torture of any kind," he said to Megatron. "But since the Autobots consider him their best, I would say that it's the latter."


His vision was a bit blurry and he couldn't really make out who was in the room other than the ones that were already there from the start. Tarantulas, Predacon, Sixshot. Those were the ones that he recognized. Those were the ones that he vowed to rip apart if he would ever get the chance. Though even Magnus knew that all hope was lost and that the chances of him getting out of this prison were non-existent.

One of the new mech that was in the room sounded familiar. He had heard his name before, but in an official capacity. He sounded a bit like a politician. He even greeted him. Things suddenly turned a bit eerie as another figure entered the room. Magnus could feel that the others currently present in the room were on their guard as well. It must've been the leader or at least somebody high up the chain of command. "Is this... the... best you ...can ...do?" he said stuttering.

2012-05-20, 07:17 AM
Starscream's optics shifted over to Dead End as Wildrider looked over at him.

"I would imagine he doesn't see much." The Seeker commented almost sarcastically when Wildrider commented that he didn't think Dead had seen Megatron either.

Maybe that was for the best.

The young Seeker was here to be convinced that joining the Decepticons was the best thing for him. He was here to 'see' that the Decepticons were the right side to be on. Not the side he was working for. Perhaps though, seeing it all through their leader's optics was not the best way to see just what this faction was about. Perhaps he could learn more from the more common members of the rank and file. And these two could be the ones to let him see aspects that Megatron might have glossed over. It was then that the femme Legion walked up.

Starscream nodded toward Wildrider at her comment and then when it didnt look as if the ground mech had noticed her approach, opened his mouth to say something when she made her comment and stormed off.

"Well," he began as an aileron twitched slightly, "Some things are the same no matter what side you are on I see." he smirked slightly and called out. "Hang on!" and he stepped around Wildrider, "Is that any way to talk to someone whos new here? I don't even know your name." come to think of it, he never even gave his name when Wildrider asked for it moments before for that matter.

2012-05-20, 02:47 PM
Orbital Prison

"Did you have to do that?" Sparkstalker said to Grimlock. "He's noisy, but his noise is amusing."

He then turned to Flamefeather. "Yeah?" the larger bot said in his usual manner.

"Go help them." Sparkstalker responded.

Flamefeather then walked away to help the other Decepticons deal with the guards.

2012-05-21, 02:02 PM
Governor's Palace

Scorponok gave Tarantulas a shrug. "Considering your daily activities, it's nothing I haven't heard before." He made sure not so speak much, considering the fact that Megatron was around, and he was not keen to mouth off while the Decepticon leader was standing a few steps next to him.

Nearly one-and-a-half of Megatron's height he may be, packed to the brim with experimental weaponry, yet Scorponok doubted he could take on Megatron in a fight. He was a warrior, a fighter that rose into his position, crawling bit by bit, crushing underfoot anything in his way.

That kind of person... is best allied with.

Magnus spoke, and Scorponok turned to face the Autobot, turning to Tarantulas and raised an optic ridge, as if asking Tarantulas whether he had used up all the tricks in his barrel. He didn't like to admit it, but he knew Tarantulas long enough to know that he was a sadist, and resistance... well, those who even succeeded in resisting usually didn't have the energy to even speak...

And Scorponok didn't want to show a sub-par show in front of their leader.

Orbital Prison

Grimlock glared down... quite down... at Sparkstalker, his mask-like, expressionless face without a trace of humour. Grimlock narrowed his blood-red optic band.

"Me. Grimlock. Annoyed."

Having said that, Grimlock whirled around, stepped over the still-prone Skywarp and stalked away.

2012-05-21, 02:52 PM
Governor Palace

Legion spotted Tarantulas, Predacon and Sixshot. She approaches to them. "Hello my fellow Decepticons, what new?" asked Legion.

2012-05-21, 05:00 PM

Sixshot looked at Legion, not recognizing the other Decepticon. He did not seem high ranking, since his Creators made no visible move to straighten up, unlike when Megatron is around. He is no threat for him physically, and he isn't a member of his Creators' clique, so he must not be a scientist.

Why should he respond?

For companionship?

But this lesser Decepticon is not his equal.

Why indeed.

Sixshot spared Legion another glare, then fixed his attention back to Megatron. Scorponok flat-out ignored Legion as well, not wanting to speak any more than is necessary, not after the beating Megatron gave him.

2012-05-23, 07:20 PM
Thrust checked his sensors and saw that they were making good time back to Kaon. "Obsidian, we're almost back to the base. Is there any place in particular you'd like us to take these new 'recruits'?" He thought for a moment, "Other than those who may need medical attention, of course."

2012-05-24, 06:53 PM
Orbital Prison

Obsidian chuckled as he replied to Thrust. "Look up into the sky, dear boy. You should see us arriving."

Indeed, the skies of Kaon would be greeted by a most unusual sight. An orbital facility descended down through the skies, the re-entry heat bleeding off as it embedded itself onto the ground near Kolkular, sharp portruding decorative struts either snapping off or sinking into the surface as it did so.

"Lord Megatron, we have arrived." Obsidian opened a commlink to Megatron, sending a small datapack detailing the recruits... as well as the obtained defectors, orbital prison and a Chaosmaster bomb.

2012-05-28, 05:01 AM
Orbital Prison

Lugnut chuckled as Grimlock swatted Skywarp.

"You really need to learn when to shut up," he told the seeker after Grimlock had left. "Not everyone is as...calm as me."

Governor's Palace

Megatron responded to Obsidian with a grunt, and made a note to read through his report later. "Good," he said. "Land the prison, rally the new troops and prepare for orders."

Then the Decepticon leader arched an optic ridge as Tarantulas blamed his failure on the Autobot's training and mental fortitude. "Indeed," he said dryly. "You think so?"

He took a step forward, scowling.

"Let me suggest another possible reason. My dear brother, in all his infinite intellect, has made common cause with people who share his...proclivities. And instead of extracting information that would be useful to our cause, you three have whiled away your time torturing him for your own petty amusement." He cocked his head to the side and glared at Predacon. "Did I hit the mark?"

Predacon took a step back. "I...that is, to say..."

Megatron waved his hand, disdainfully dismissing anything that the scientist might have to say.

"Save your grovelling for some time when it's actually needed," he growled. "I have my own use for the prisoner, so it's for the best that you haven't been able to break him."

Then he smiled, turned toward Magnus and said, "No."

His fingers shifted, revealing the tip of a sharp, purple shard of Dark Energon.

"This is," he said, just before he drove the shard into Magnus's damaged eye.


Black Shadow flew around the formation of jets randomly, waiting for someone to tell them what to do. He'd spent too much time in that prison, he realized, and he simply didn't have any idea what to do with himself when he didn't have someone shouting commands at him every time he stepped out of his cell. The idea of freedom quite simply terrified him. He was happy to be out of jail, sure...but now that he'd had time to think about it, he wasn't sure he knew how to live anymore.

2012-05-29, 07:28 PM
Governor's Palace

"I never claimed to be much of an interrogator," Tarantulas said with a giggle. "I was more interested in the limits of his endurance anyway," he added as he watched Megatron jab a shard of Dark Energon into the optic socket of Magnus.


Immediately after Megatron introduced the shard of Dark Energon into Magnus he wanted to scream. He wanted to scream so loud, but Team Science did such a number on him that he was beyond screaming.

His systems were being overtaken by something he had never experienced before. An enormous amount of energy surged though his systems. His wounds started to close, but he also started to lose his focus. A purple haze started to cover his one working optic and a sensation of rage started to build up. With all his might, Magnus tried fighting off the invading energy as much as he could, but it was too much for his systems to handle. Way too much.

Magnus felt himself become stronger, faster, and more powerful and all he could think of before losing his sanity? Was to destroy.

In his berserker rage state, Magnus broke free of the shackles that held him captive and he landed on his hands and knees. He looked down, grunting heavily and energon leaking from his mouth like a rabid dog. He swiftly looked up and laid eyes on Megatron first. Magnus growled and leaped at him with all his ferocious might intending to destroy everything in his path.

(ooc: I intended to portay Magnus like The Hulk in a berserker state. Hope that came across)


As Magnus started to go through his changes, Tarantulas started to back away from Magnus slowly. Not risking to the chance of getting destroyed.

2012-06-01, 05:07 PM
Orbital Prison

Sparkstalker looked out the window. It took him a moment to recognize what he was looking at. It was different, very different from the city he knew. But it was Kaon.

"So, Kaon, eh? I like you people even more now." he said.


Meanwhile, Flamefeather was throwing open doors, looking for any guards that may be hiding, like Sparkstalker told him to.

Like Sparkstalker told him to. He always did what he was told. He just didn't know any better.

But Sparkstalker got him in jail. Why was he still doing what he told him to do?

2012-06-04, 02:05 PM
Orbital Prison

"Yeah, Eyes. I love you too." Skywarp muttered, voice partially muffled as he attempted to extract his face from the metal floor.

In case Lugnut did what Grimlock did just now, Skywarp disappeared in a puff of black and purple smoke, leaving a comical indentation of a surprised Seeker's face on the floor.

Grimlock, meanwhile, had stepped out of the now-landed Orbital Prison (having carved out an exit by smashing open a viewing window) and folded his arms, red optic band narrowed, as he glared across the group of new recruits that Thrust and Onslaught's team had gathered.

Truly, they already present a credible threat to the Autobot army, even without six-changers and triple-changers thrown into the midst. Granted, the Autobots had the home field advantage, as well as resources and whatever sneaky underhand tricks they may had...

But Grimlock relished the challenge.

But was this what he wanted? Cold-blooded deposing of an admittedly corrupt government... by murdering people who simply got into the wrong place at the wrong time?

Grimlock grunted as he fingered the purple insignia emblazoned roughly into his shoulder, brows furrowed as he looked at the rabble below.

"As you command, my lo- Megatron." Obsidian hurriedly corrected himself, too used to addressing his superiors with such titles as 'my lord' or similar epitaphs.

Obsidian chuckled as he pressed the button that would shut off the commlink connection with Megatron. Truly, he had to get used to calling his newfound leader with less... subservient titles. Megatron seemed to dislike such titles, and it would not do to irritate Cybertron's new ruler.

Obsidian allowed his rotor blades to levitate him through the Orbital Prison. "Igern. Zero. Make sure all the guards are rounded up." The Decepticon General called out, and then made a gesture at Lugnut and Springer when he spotted them. He saw Grimlock a short distance away. "Where is Skywarp? Nevermind- you three, follow me. I have an... announcement to make. Our master is... occupied at the moment, so it falls to me to welcome these newcomers into our ranks."

Obsidian's red optics narrowed as he hovered to the exit Grimlock had provided them with. "And weed out those who will not be loyal to our cause. We do not require them."

Governor's Palace

Scorponok smirked at Megatron when he slighted Predacon. Of course, he wasn't around during the interrogation-slash-torture session, and Megatron probably lumped him in with the two childish psychotics, but it's fine for now. He didn't want to make another scene.

And Tarantulas had to give that kind of answer... oh, he may be an excellent scientist, but he won't be much of a politician. Just as well.

Scorponok's optics widened when Megatron pulled out a crystalline shard of a substance Scorponok never encountered before, and curiousity got the better of him. "What is that?" He asked out loud.

His orange scanner-visor clicked into place, giving him immediate readings... and while it was similar to Energon... it was... different. "What is that?" Scorponok repeated in a quieter tone, more curious to see what would happen to Magnus than anything.

Magnus tore off his shackles- was it a drug? A performance enhancer of sorts?

Scorponok's stinger clicked out and he raised his claws, and got ready to open fire on Magnus. But not yet. Megatron and Sixshot... they are the warriors.

Sixshot held back, not saying a word, merely raising an optic ridge as Megatron pulled out the shard of... a black substance, and stabbed it into Magnus. Was this another philosophical-

Magnus broke free, though, and landed onto the ground, and leapt towards Megatron.

In an instant, Sixshot blurred into his beast mode, and, with a snarl, attempted to ram onto Magnus from the side, knocking him away from Megatron.

2012-06-04, 08:38 PM
Governor's Palace

Magnus was thrown into the wall due to Sixshot, but surprisingly the damage done didn't register that much and Magnus shrugged it off easily. He turned his head towards Sixshot and snarled. Energon was bleeding from his optics and started growling. He leapt at him with all his savagery with the sole purpose of ripping off as much parts from his assailant as he could.


Tarantulas was at a distance that was most comfortable to him. He started to analyze what overcame Magnus. The weird unidentified substance introduced to Magnus was a power source to be reckoned with. Increased strength and speed, increased endurance. It was an amazing sight.

Any sign of intelligence in Magnus was gone though and he seemed to be completely out of control. The energy source would do him no good unless he finds a way to control it. Now he was nothing more than a savage, mindless brute with only destruction on his mind.

"Fascinating," was all that he said as he watched Sixshot engage Magnus to protect Megatron.

Tarantulas' interest was piqued and he would love to have a sample of this energy for further study, but that's for later. Right now, he'd rather just watch and see how things will transpire.

2012-06-05, 12:54 AM
Orbital Prison

Lugnut spat oil onto the spot where Skywarp had just been.

"Moron," he grumbled.

When Obsidian beaconed, he followed with his lantern jaw set in a purposeful scowl.

"Yes, sir," he told the air commander, as neutrally as he could manage. "But...why would they have come if they don't want to join our glorious cause?"

Governor's Palace

Megatron smiled coldly as Magnus started to absorb the Dark Energon. It overwhelmed the battered Autobot's remaining mental barriers, turning him into a raging monster. When he charged Megatron stood his ground, arms crossed.

"That," he told Scorponok, "is Dark Energon. 'The Blood of Unicron'," he intoned mockingly. "Or so the person who gave it to me would have us believe, anyway. What is it actually?"

He watched Sixshot intercept Magnus with such calm indifference that an observer would assume that he felt completely unthreatened by the raging monster he'd apparently created.

"That's what I intend to find out."

Predacon cackled. "Dark Energon? Don't tell me you believe those ridiculous fairy tales, brother."

"If I did," Megatron said dangerously, "I would have brought it to a shaman, not a team of scientists. Study him. Perhaps, Tarantulas, you will find that more to your liking than interrogation was."

He turned to walk away, calling out over his shoulder, "Quickly. The Autobots are coming to rescue him, and I intend to let them."

The Decepticon leader walked out of the cell, then looked around for Clench.

2012-06-05, 05:11 AM
Orbital Prison

"Because we took the entire Orbital Prison down, for one. And they may just be hangers-on, people who think they could hitch a free ride while really is looking for an opportunity to replace Megatron, or sell us out to the Autobots... even those that we saw just now, they are not loyal to our cause. I am and you are, but the slightest advantage the Autobots have over us and I guarantee you idiots like Zero and Igern will defect."

Obsidian tapped his chin after his reply to Lugnut. "They need a strong leader, which is where Megatron comes in. But they haven't even met Megatron yet."

Hovering past a scowling Grimlock, Obsidian raised his hands and addressed the newly-recruited troops that Thrust liberated from Altihex.

"Your attention, please." Obsidian announced.

Governor's Palace

Sixshot returned Magnus' snarl with one of his own, and charged Magnus as well, slashing at the rabid Autobot with his razor-sharp claws.

Sixshot considered whether he should use his weapons... then decided against it.

This was more...


"Yes, yes, fascinating indeed." Scorponok agreed with Tarantulas as Magnus and Sixshot rammed onto each other.

Scorponok turned to face Megatron. "Dark Energon?" Scorponok repeated out loud. He held no stock in legends and Unicrons and stories to scare off little Protoforms when the sun sets, but he was aware of the old, ancient legend. Thankfully Megatron seemed to be just as skeptic as the claim as he was, otherwise he would have lost respect for the Governor.

"My scans show that the 'Energon' part of its name is correct, at the very least." Scorponok said, tapping his visor. "But the radiation readings are all wrong, and there seems to be a fair bit of difference in terms of, well, whatever it is doing to the Autobot... we will need samples. Yes, this is far more interesting than interrogation. All we need is to kill him and-"

Scorponok turned to face Megatron incredulously. "Wait, what? You intend to let the Autobots- ah. If you say so." A knowing grin spread across Scorponok's face.

The Decepticon scientist pulled out his anti-gravity field gun and opened fire on Magnus, intending to send him flying helplessly into the air.

2012-06-06, 09:52 AM
Starscream hated to be ignored. And he followed Legion to tell her exactly that but soon found himself at the doorway of the cell Sixshot, Predicon, Tarantulas, Scorponok and Megatron were in. He was just in time to see Megatron shove something toward the Autobots face and then the resulting change in the Autobot prisoner.

The young Seeker stood there transfixed as Magnus turned into a rabid (for want of a better word), mindless attack drone, and that was putting it mildly. He watched in fascination as Megatron didn't seem intimidated in the slightest as the insane Autobot made to attack him. Then Sixshot transformed and attacked the Autobot.

With continued intense interest, Starscream stood at the doorway and watched (and listened to) the entire unfolding situation within the room.

Energon did this? Dark Energon? The blood of Unicron? The Seeker couldn't help but snort in disbelief at his own thoughts on what he just heard. None the less, the transformation the Autobot had gone through when this 'energon' had been shoved in him (judging by the condition of the one optic it didn't take much to figure out what Megatron had done) was alarming and intriguing at the same time.

So interested in studying the change in the Autobot, the Seeker didn't realize that Megatron was walking out of the room, and into the doorway he was occupying until the larger mech was almost on him. But did he move? No. Starscream merely looked up at Megatron, noticing his interest seemed on something else that fast.

"Dark Energon?" Starscream questioned suddenly intending to bring the mech back to the events that had just happened and were still happening in the room behind him. "That can't be possible. It exists only in theory. I know, Ive spent a considerable amount of time researching this... legend." the last word was spoken almost with disdain.

In the pause while he waited for the reply, laser-fire was suddenly heard from the room and Starscream's attention was snapped back to what was going on with the mad Autobot within. Instinctively the Seeker raised his left arm cannon and the top glowed with a charge.

Send him to the Autobots, Megatron wanted? At the rate it was going there wasn't going to be much left /to/ send to the Autobots and for that reason alone, Starscream suddenly fired at Magnus. An odd yellowish, warbling sounding beam shot out of his left arm cannon. It was not your standard issue 'laser'. It was something unique that temporarily deadened electrical impulses in what it hit. Starscream had fired his Null Ray for several reasons. To preserve the Autobot for his future 'mission' and to see just what effect his custom tailored weapon would have against supposed 'Dark Energon' powered systems.

"Hard to send him back against the Autobots." Starscream began with a slightly arrogant bend to his voice, "If he's shot to pieces, isn't it? Unless you don't think Megatron would care?"

2012-06-06, 03:42 PM
Clench was propped up against the wall, a little bit down the hall from the chamber Megatron had gone into. He had been waiting patiently, and had heard the commotion, but didn't go in. They'd yell if they needed him - which he highly doubted. Megatron could handle most anything, as his gladiatorial record had proven. "Lord Megatron." Clench spoke as Megatron exited, "I trust everything is alright?"

2012-06-06, 05:41 PM
Orbital Prison

Flamefeather was still looking for hiding guards, when suddenly he got a radio call from Sparkstalker.

"Stop looking for guards and get back here, now." Sparkstalker said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm comin'." Flamefeather responded. He was hoping for someone to smash, or at least some more time not getting bossed around. But that wasn't the case, so he transformed into his beast mode and flew off in the direction he came from.

2012-06-10, 05:26 PM
Governor's Palace

Tarantulas giggled and rubbed his hands. "Oh yes I would very much love to study it." He didn't care if the power source really was the Blood of Unicron or not. He just wanted to study it and see how it could be used to their advantage.

"Guess that says enough about your researching skills," Tarantulas said to Starscream in a somewhat mocking tone as he rolled his optics and then looked at Scorponok and Predacon.

Magnus took every hit that Sixshot dished out, but it seemed to have no effect on him. The damage was there, but it just didn't register with Magnus and he went on the attack again. He quickly managed to dodge Scorponok's attack, but wasn't so lucky with Starscream's Null-Ray. For only a few kliks, Magnus was stopped dead in his tracks. Were it the case that Magnus was on control of his own functions, he would've remained motionless on the floor, but this was not the case. He was fueled by Dark Energon and the null-ray had little effect on him.

Magnus got back up to his feet. The effects of the Dark Energon started to slowly fade away. Even speed, strength and endurance than he had before and it was showing. Still not in control of himself however, he jumped at Starscream and intended to rip his arm off.


"You're such a fool, Starscream," Tarantulas said shaking his head. "The Autobot's are coming here to rescue him. No one ever said that we're sending him back."

With Magnus jumping at Starscream, Tarantulas stepped out of harm’s way and then looked at Sixshot. "Sixshot. Please end this. I've seen enough."

2012-06-11, 05:16 PM
Governor Palace

"That's it! I'm going to destroy the Autobots on Iacon." said Legion. Legion transforms into jet mode and fly off to Iacon.

2012-06-12, 02:06 AM
Orbital Prison

Lugnut frowned. "But if you didn't expect them to be loyal, why did we rescue them?"

The intricacies of politics, it would seem, were beyond the brute's grasp.

"I mean, if they're not on our side then we just made them out problem instead of the Autobots'."

When Obsidian called for attention, Black Shadow transformed to robot mode and landed, looking in the air commander's direction. However, notably, he didn't draw himself straight. As a common street thug, he simply didn't understand military protocol.

Governor's Palace

Megatron saw Starscream arrive, but didn't speak to the seeker. He was curious what the young scientist's reaction to his little experiment would be...and whether he would have any more useful observations than the band of cackling lunatics that he currently called his science department.

Nodding curtly to Clench, he said, "Everything is going wonderfully," he said genuinely. "But I have an idea that could make them go even better, if you can help me."

The Decepticon leader leaned back against the bulkhead, looking back into the cell as he spoke.

"Tell me...what do you know about a gladiator named Overlord?"

Predacon shrugged. "Mad science it is," he said to no one in particular as he activated his scanners. He quickly projected a hologram, showing the spread of the Dark Energon through Magnus's system.

"Interesting," he said. "The strange energon seems to be spreading much farther than it should be able to, considering the volume that Megatron put into his system. It appears to have tainted the normal energon in his body as well. Some sort of chemical reaction."

He looked up from his observations to respond to Starscream.

"You're right, of course. We don't want to do any permanent damage. We don't have any other vict-er, any other experimental subjects to observe. Not to mention how disheartening it'll be for the Autobots when they see their 'best soldier' reduced to this."

2012-06-12, 05:56 PM
"Overlord?" Clench asked, surprised to hear the other bot's name. "Up and comer. Brutal. If the opponent actually offers a challenge, he won't show mercy. As soon as he recognizes a tactical advantage, and knows he can win, he'll toy with them until he grows bored. A little bit like Sunstreaker in that regard, but more powerful." Clench thought back to the matches he had seen of the gladiator. "He also likes to talk too much, but that's understandable if he's marketing himself, or if he finds it all that easy. I thought about trying to promote him, but he seems too much of a loose cannon. He was scheduled to fight Grimlock in a few matches if he kept winning." Clench finished in reply to Megatron.

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2012-06-13, 07:17 AM
Governor's Palace

Sixshot growled as Magnus took slash after slash

Without showing any


Such control. It's like he's an entirely different enemy.

Sixshot admitted it unnerved him a little... what battle he had encountered had his enemies cowering in fear before his... advantage.

Was this what Creator Predacon and Creator Tarantulas told him about? That his advantage won't get him through every battle?

Sixshot glanced when Starscream opened fire, causing Magnus to halt in his tracks. He was not sure whether to take advantage of the disorientation... it was not fair, he would not have the chance to-

"Sixshot. Please end this."

Creator Tarantulas' words snapped Sixshot out of his reverie. More a reflex attack than anything, Sixshot leaped forwards, snarling, landing onto the ground where Magnus had been seconds earlier, his claws tearing into the floor.

Sixshot's red optics widened, and he bared his teeth, growling, before leaping at Magnus again, intending to intercept the Autobot before he made contact with their Seeker ally.

"Starscream, isn't it?" Scorponok asked the Seeker. The help was unexpected, but not unwelcome. The Decepticon scowled when Magnus dodged his blast. "You are one of us, now?"

A null ray, Scorponok's scanner told him. How interesting.

Scorponok aimed his weapon again, but Magnus and Sixshot are moving at such quick speeds, and Starscream is in the way...

The scientist glanced at Predacon, who was apparently scanning Magnus' system as well, albeit with visualization techniques instead of beaming it straight into his Processing Unit. "An autocatalytic conversion of conventional Energon into... well, whatever this Dark Energon is?" Scorponok asked Predacon. "This is absolutely fascinating."

Orbital Prison

Obsidian chuckled, speaking in a relatively lower voice to Lugnut (and, by extension, Springer and Grimlock). "Many reasons, Lugnut. For one, a good portion of these are Destrons and Renegades. Followers of Cy-Kill and Violen Jieger and whatever strong leader that was available at the moment. In addition, they have a grudge against the government, some, like Sparkstalker, for good reason. What better motivation could we ask for?"

Obsidian tapped his long fingers together. "But, as I said, not all of them will be loyal. Swindlers, opportunists and the like... but we need them as a whole. We need an army to take down the Autobots. And if there are, well, anyone suspicious, we eliminate them."

Obsidian chuckled. "You have no idea how disastrous leaking falsified information to the Autobots would be. Weeding out who we could manipulate into doing so, sending those that are liabilities into the front lines as fodder.... there are lots of ways to take care of the little problem."

The former High General waved his arms wide. "We have an army now. Megatron has his army, and his vision. It's up to us to make it a reality."

He turned around to face the assembled troops, ready to actually address them after the soft-toned conversation with Lugnut.

Notably many of the thugs are milling about, but his earlier address had gotten their attention.

"Good day to all of you." Obsidian announced to the crowd. "I am Obsidian, Aerospace Commander of the Decepticon Army. My men and I represent Governor Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. You have been granted freedom, and a second chance. A chance to overthrow a rotten government that is corrupting our glorious home, a chance to set a proper, strong leader in its place. In the following days, Cybertron will change, and you- we- will be the catalyst that drives it. Serve well, and you will be rewarded."

"How do we know you all ain't in cahoots with the Autobots?" a rough voice called out from the crowd.

Obsidian narrowed his optics. "Because we freed you. Anyone who does not want to work with us are free to leave... but be warned, as they said... if you do not stand with us, you stand against us. And we are not as forgiving as the Autobots as to take prisoners."

Grimlock snorted. Blah blah blah blah blah, generic motivational speech to rile up a bunch of uninterested idiots into signing up and walking into the line of fire. Typical military bullshit.

Obsidian's speech did not exactly impress him, nor did Megatron, or the assembled army. Although, admittedly, fighting against said army might prove interesting... but so would fighting Omega Sentinels...

Decisions, decisions...

Skywarp materialized, perched on a ledge of the now-landed prison facility, a manic grin in his face. His nose was cracked courtesy of Grimlock, but he didn't mind.

The army below him... once they get moving to Iacon... well, Skywarp knew it would be fun.

Explosions are fun.

2012-06-13, 12:10 PM
Orbital Prison

Flamefeather arrived just as Obsidian's speech was starting.

"Finally! The speech is about to start!" Sparkstalker yelled, to which Flamefeather replied: "Why do I even have to listen to it?"

"Because we are now loyal Decepticons.....for now, anyway. Missing a speech isn't gonna convince them that we really want to work with them. Now let's listen." Sparkstalker replied.

The two Firecons then stepped out of the Orbital Prison and into the crowd of prisoners. Like Black Shadow, they didn't draw themselves straight. Like him, they simply didn't understand military protocol.

2012-06-14, 08:19 AM
'It says exactly what I /want/ you to know about my research /skills/', Starscream had thought to himself regarding Tarantulas' comment while he had fired on Magnus. And he had given no reaction that he had even heard the remark save for a slight twitch at the left corner of his mouth that he prevented from becoming a sneer.


As Magnus paused from the hit the Seeker began scanning the Autobot eager to record the interaction between his Null ray and this 'Dark Energon'.

'Starscream isn't it? -- one of us now?' Scorponok's questions hit his audios catchign his attention. He stole a quick glance toward Megatron, "That is still being determined, if I join or not--" he looked back to ask how this Mech knew who he was (he was curious how Tarantulas knew too for that matter) and was just in time to see Magnus lunge toward him!

How was that possible? Starscream had discovered hints in his research that this substance was capable of something like this but there was really only two ways for this 'energon' to be responsive enough to an outside influence to override it. Neither theory he was willing to discuss with anyone in his line of sight or out for that matter, thats for sure.

Starscream jumped back to transform when he noticed the one he could assume was 'Sixshot' move to stop the amped up, deranged Autobot.

Moving out of the way quickly, the young Seeker got far enough away to not be caught up as collateral damage by the two mechs, or Scorponoks' weapon if he thought of following through with the shot he pulled moments before. Coolly Starscream looked from Scorponok to Predicon to Tarantulas then then his gaze settled on Tarantulas.

"Fool?" the Seeker questioned and tossed a hand around him to indicate the room, "Carrying on an experiment of this nature in such an uncontrolled manner is pretty foolish --" his voice took on a snide arrogance, "Guess that says enough about your basic skills as a scientist." He glanced back at Sixshot taking care of Magnus, "But at least you have someone to clean up after you."

And just that fast, Starscream seemed to lose interest in Tarantulas and turned toward Predicon. He smiled slightly thinking back at the slip up over /victim/. "It is what it is." he said simply and after a beat continued,

"Allowing the Autobots to come here to rescue him leaves this place an open book to them. Trust me, if any or you think the Autobots will simply be here to get him and be gone, you are sadly mistaken--" he glanced back toward Magnus and Sixshot and his lips curled into a mischievous smirk, "Why not flaunt the state you have reduced the great Ultra Magnus into before you let the Autobots have him back? I do hope there were cameras filming all of this?" he glanced around at the ceiling hoping to catch some surveillance cameras, "Invoke that sickening sense of fairness and morality and outrage over one of their own being reduced to something like this." his voice started taking on the tone of the smirk, "Dump Magnus somewhere like so much trash and lay the inevitable ambush they know will be there when they go to rescue him. What choice will they have but to knowingly walk into it?" he chuckled slightly.

2012-06-14, 08:34 PM
Governor's Palace

Magnus caught the full brunt of Sixshot's attack. He crashed into a wall and stayed there for the moment. He couldn't get up. The surge of energy that he had was gone and all that was left was the desire....

To have more.

He wanted the power again, he wanted to speed again. The endurance. He was longing for it. "Please..." he stuttered. "More... want more energon..." He was crawling on the floor and he reached up at Sixshot who was towering over him. He put his arm on his leg. "Please... do you have more for me? I need it... help me..."

All signs of the advantages that Dark Energon gave Magnus were gone and so was the madness. All that was left was a mech that was craving for more energon.


Tarantulas shook his head at the remarks of Starscream. He couldn't believe the utter stupidity of this mech. "Really?" he said in a very sarcastic tone. "So you want us to send the Autobots evidence of us torturing Magnus so that they can get the Senate's approval to invade Kaon and place Megatron out of power? Oh yes! What a plan! You should lead us from now on!" Tarantulas made no secret of it that he didn't like Starscream one bit. Although he had no particular reason to dislike him. He just proved to Tarantulas that he was of lesser intellect and that was enough for him.

"If the Autobots know that Magnus is beyond saving, they will not make the attempt to rescue him. We need the element of surprise because now they will most likely send their best soldiers to retrieve them," Tarantulas shook his head again, "and you want them to know that they're walking in an ambush?!" Tarantulas taps his forehead, indicating that he still thinks Starscream is a fool.

"The Autobots need to come here and break in to The Governor's Palace, because that'll be an unsanctioned act which will cause the Autobots to lose some, if not all their credibility in the public eye. That is a great advantage to have. Simply killing a few Autobots is not the goal here. That's just a delicious bonus," he chuckled. "You greatly lack vision." Tarantulas crossed his arms. "I'm not much of a politician or a strategist, but I know that much. You should talk to Obsidian and see if he can teach you a thing or two. Though I sincerely doubt it... "

Tarantulas looked as Sixshot took down Magnus. "Good job. I don't think that there'll be need to restrain him. He’s in far worse shape than before. You should prepare yourself. Other Autobots are coming for you to destroy," he said to him and let out his signature cackle after that.

2012-06-16, 10:59 AM
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2012-06-17, 02:15 PM
Orbital Prison

Lugnut grunted, then crossed his arms and took a few steps back to ponder what Obsidian had said. It seemed like waging a war required a lot of compromises, and Lugnut wasn't sure he liked that. Compromise wasn't something he did. He was a simple mech, and he was used to simply doing what he wanted and squashing anyone who got in his way. This...politics business made him feel dirty.

Black Shadow watched Obsidian's speech, but it went entirely over his head. Talk of politics and freedom was just too much for a simple tough like him, and he wasn't sure what the point of any of it was.

"But what do you want from us?" he asked, shouting the question before he'd even realized he was talking. But seeing that Flamefeather and Sparkstalker, among others, looked just as lost as he did, he continued. "We're not talkers, most of us, we're doers. You did good, springing us, but you didn't do it 'cause you're nice. You want us to do something for you, you come out and say it instead of hiding behind pretty words!"

Governor's Palace

Megatron nodded. "That's what I heard too," he told Clench. "Apparently I faced him in the ring while I was still competing, actually, but to be honest the faces all blended together after a while."

It was a lie, of course. He remembered their match very well, and had been very impressed, but he certainly wasn't going to admit that to anyone. Certainly not Clench, who was still his rival in many ways no matter how thoroughly Megatron had him under his thumb for the moment.

"I want him. When war breaks out, a loose cannon like him won't be able to avoid choosing a side. I'm not sure how well his attitude will fit in here, but I would rather have him as a misfit of a Decepticon than see him fighting against us. What do you think?"

Predacon nodded. "It is," he agreed with Scorponok. "It really is. It would seem that you only need a small 'seed' of Dark Energon to convert all of the fuel in a Transformer's body. So I guess the question is...how much Dark Energon can a small shard like that create?"

He threw his head back, laughing. "Imagine. Instead of invading Iacon, we drop a few grams of Dark Energon into their fuel reservoir, wait a few weeks until it's all been tainted, and then walk into the city and sweep up the corpses of all the enemies who've killed each other in the throes of whatever Magnus is feeling. It almost sounds like cheating, it'd be so easy."

He grinned.

"I like it."

Starscream's accusation was met with an indifferent shrug. "Yeah, see, the thing about that is that they're already on their way here to rescue him. We found out because our spies know everything, and we're going to show them who's boss when they get here. Giving them this pathetic wreck take home is just a bonus, to help break their spirits." He chuckled. "Also, listen to Tarannie. Sometimes he knows what he's talking about."

2012-06-18, 11:49 AM
Staracream stood there and listened to Tarantuas with optics slowly narrowing. He could care less what the public thought. They were simpletons who swayed with who ever made the most convincing speech. They were so much sheepletrons and nothing more. But he knew how the Autobots thought, he worked for them (as did other Seekers) and he was tired of it.

Here was his chance to fight against and destroy what he had to live under for so long. Megatron had offered him a chance to be what he was built to be, Starscream frankly could care less what the 'public' thought about it. He viewed this whole plan as wasted time and effort. Why try to play a wasted game of public trickery when it wouldn't matter years down the road anyway?

And the more he listened to Tarantulas the more it became evident that he did not like what was being said or the way he was being spoken to. But he managed to remain silent until the other mech was done talking. When Tarantulas finally stopped, the Seeker opened his mouth to reply when the mech suddenly looked over at Sixshot and began talking.


In one smooth motion Starscream put himself between Tarantulas' line of sight and Sixshot. Those narrowed optics now glowed and Starscreams lips curled into an exquisite sneer. "How dare you say what you have just said to /me/ and then turn away like I don't exist."

There was so much of what the mech had just said he wanted to respond to, there were too many options on where to start. But one thing did stand out from the rest;

"Have you no faith in your leader?" the Seeker questioned in mock surprise. "Do you really think they could unseat his power that easily? Or are you that unsure of Megatrons skill and abilities, that you've come up with this half built, ill thought out 'plan' to try and make the Autobots look bad?" he laughed. "All you will do is make the Decepticons look foolish -- make your leader look bad and we all know that is who would take the blame for it by this all important 'public' you are so obsessed with. Allowing the Autobots to break in here to rescue Magnus thinking it will make the public side with you is as lame as you actually thinking I would let the Autobots know beforehand that they would be walking into an ambush to get their comrade back..."

He glanced at Magnus then back at Tarantulas. "The moment he was damaged the hope of maintaining all potential credibility in the public's optic was destroyed. You have nothing left /to/ play this game with now so why bother? This is why I made my suggestion but I see it fell on uncomprehending audios."

It was then that Scorponok made his comment. Starscream looked at him while he talked and when he was done he merely flicked a wing. "Does he now?" he questioned. "He certainly fooled me. . . "

Starscream turned to head out of the room but paused as he came by Ultra Magnus. He studied the Autobot for a moment then leaned down toward the him.

"Now see, if you were my prisoner," the Seeker began in an odd tone of sarcasm and pity, "I'd give you all the Dark Energon you wanted -- as soon as you told me everything I wanted to know, and only after you told me in front of your comrades who are on their way right now to rescue you." he paused fractionally then continued, "Coming to take you away from the energon you want so badly..." he chuckled, "But you are not my prisoner so there's nothing I can do to help you. What a pity..."

Starscream leaned back up and walked out. As he entered the hallway he glanced at Megatron.

"You don't need me -- I'm done." is all he said as he started down the hall.

2012-06-18, 01:48 PM
"Most definitely, Lord Megatron." Clench replied. "A loose cannon pointing at our enemies is always preferred to a loose cannon pointing at us." He thought for a moment. "I'm unsure of what motivates him though. Did you have a particular angle in mind for recruitment?"

2012-06-18, 02:22 PM
Governor's Palace

Tarantulas shook his head. Again. The stupidity of this mech knew no boundaries. Or at least that's the way he thought about Starscream. The mech spoke before he thought and he made a mockery out of himself that way. He was about to put Starscream back in his place, but then decided against it. There was no use to it, since his arrogance prevented him from seeing the bigger picture anyway.

"Yes yes," he said waving his hand. "Tell it to somebody that cares."

He had the utmost faith in Megatron and laughed when Starscream thought that this was all his plan when in fact it was Megatron's. Megatron just used less words and Tarantulas connected the dots. Nothing more. Starscream basically called Megatron a half-wit. It's a good thing he was out of the room to hear it.

Tarantulas could care less of what the public thought of him. If Starscream knew even a little about Tarantulas, he would know that. Most in Kaon already know that he can be quite a despicable character and that suited him just fine.

He had given up on even considering paying any more attention to Starscream, but he then spoke to Magnus and said something to him that could prove to be helpful in the ambush. Magnus is an addict now. Craving Dark Energon so he wouldn't want to be far away from where it came from which is right here. If the Autobots come here to rescue him, he might even put up a fight to try and stay here. Tarantulas started to laugh.

Looking at Starscream leaving, he turned his head towards Scorponok and Predacon. "Maybe there's hope for him after all..."

2012-06-23, 04:38 AM
Governor’s Palace

A null ray? Ingenuous.

Scorponok’s own scanner-visor likewise recorded the interaction between Starscream’s Null Ray and the Dark Energon in Magnus, when Starscream replied to him. Scorponok was going to reply to Starsceram’s remark about his allegiance, but decided it should wait until they took care of the rabid Autobot.

“Do not judge us when you do not know the circumstances, Starscream.” Scorponok growled. “This… Dark Energon… was not our doing. That six-changer, on the other hand, is. Our experiments have a track record of working.”

Scorponok scanned the fallen Magnus. “Interesting. He seemed to be craving for more… almost like there is an addiction. Syk perhaps? Predacon, it appears once the initial shard has been exhausted, it takes along with it a good portion of the original Energon in the Autobot’s body, and leaves the body drained like that.”

He turned to Starscream, who was walking away while Scorponok was busy scanning the far more interesting Magnus. “Tarantulas and I don’t usually agree on things that don’t involve torture or breaking the laws of science, but this time, I do agree with him… and I don’t think we will be working together after all. Pity.” Scorponok did, however, nod in approval of Starsceam’s little temptation to Magnus.

The Seeker is dangerously useful…

Sixshot growled as he transformed into robot mode, looking down at Magnus. So powerful, and now so weak.

Was the advantage Magnus had before a weakness instead?

Sixshot did the only thing he knew how to do when Magnus grabbed his leg. He lashed out, attempting to kick Magnus away.

“Creators, what do I do with him?”

Orbital Prison

Obsidian turned around, having given his address, about to confer with Lugnut, Springer and Grimlock again, when a voice called out for him.

Obsidian turned around, red optics singling out Black Shadow, and he hovered a little higher. “You have the initiative to ask a question. Excellent. What is your name?” Obsidian folded his arms. “And… to answer your question… what do we want from you. What do we want indeed… we want you to be our army… people to lead so we can destroy the Senate, the Autobots and everything standing between us and them. I do believe many of you would be interested in such a task?”

2012-06-23, 06:11 PM
Orbital Prison

Lugnut cracked his knuckles as Black Shadow spoke up, taking a step forward in case he needed to protect Obsidian from the upstart.

Black Shadow stepped forward, showing the suicidal bravery so common in the garden-variety street thug.

"I'm Black Shadow," he said. "I run with the North Kaon Kripplerz." He shrugged. "Or at least, I did. Pretty sure I'm the only one who's not in the can somewhere, now. Guess that makes me a free agent. You guys sound like a pretty good crew. Don't 'spose joining you would be a bad idea, but most of us are just cons. Don't know much about being a soldier, you know?"

Governor's Palace

Megatron shrugged indifferently, feigning nonchalance as Starscream said he was leaving. "Your loss," he told the seeker. "If you value your life, don't go back to Prime. If you get in my way I won't hesitate to kill you."

Turning to Clench, he said, "He's a gladiator. He fights because he needs to fight, and because he needs people to know how powerful he is. Offer him a chance to turn the entire world into his stadium and show everyone on it just how powerful he is, and he should jump at it. I know I would have, before people like you showed me how the world really worked."

Predacon shrugged. "I dunno," he told Tarantulas. "Attitude like that, he and Brother Meggy aren't going to get along at all. I give it a month, tops, before he gets a fusion cannon to the back if he sticks around."

Looking over to Scorponok, he shook his head. "Similar to Syk, but different. The symptoms seem to be more psychological than psychological. It almost seems like the Dark Energon is rewriting his system, reformatting it so that it needs Dark Energon to run at full efficiency. If it is, then there's no way to break the addiction -- the changes it's making? They're permanent."

He cackled. "You're right," he said, "the Dark Energon corrupted much of the regular Energon in his system, and caused it to burn up very, very quickly. That gave him a burst of extreme strength and endurance, but once the tainted fuel was gone..." he shrugged. "If you got the dose right, you could weaponize it. Inject your enemy with enough Dark Energon, and two minutes later he'll be in stasis lock."

To Sixshot he said, "Nothing. I don't think there's anything else we can learn from him. Right now he's only good as bait."

He chuckled. "Oh, to see the look on the Autobots' faces when they realize how thoroughly we've broken their supposed 'great hero'..."

2012-06-24, 12:51 AM
Starscream considered what Scorponok had said to him as he walked out but something Tarantulas' said kept jumping back into his mind:

'maybe you should lead us'.

He hadn't thought of that but it made perfect sense. If he was in charge then things would get done his way. The Autobots would get a taste of their condescending attitude toward the Decepticons and anyone else that didn't go by their righteous laws of freedom. They had no idea they gave off that kind of attitude but they did. Who were they to impose the 'right' of freedom in such a way? Let someone decide for themselves if they wanted to be 'free' and not have it forced upon them. And what about when Autobots tried to suppress those whos ideas of freedom conflicted with theirs? Wasn't inhibiting the basic freedom of thought contradicting their believe in 'freedom'?

Starscream's spiraling train of thought on that was stopped though as something else popped into his mind. The power of being the supreme leader of all that lat before you. That was a nice thought and the more he thought about just that aspect, the more the idea appealed to him. Oh what he could do with power like that. His mind started spiraling off on that attractive idea when Megatron said what he said.

The young Seeker had not expected Megatron to answer him and he gave no outward appearance that he had heard him. As he walked his mind processed the statements methodically.

His loss?

His loss at gaining the power he just has his optics opened too...

As for getting in Megatron's way should he not join them? The Seeker could stay out of arms reach easier then one might think. He was after all a mech of the sky. Megatron looked as if he had the aerodynamics and speed of a boulder. If they did end up on opposite sides of the war that seemed inevitable, he felt staying out of the way wouldn't be that hard (course at this moment he hasn't thought of the massive fusion cannon on Megatron's arm either. Its always that last detail that will get ya..)

It was the other comment though that couldn't be explained. Starscream suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. He didn't turn around nor make a sound for a klik or two then,

"What do you mean its my life if I return to the Prime?" in the next beat he slowly turned around to face Megatron, "What did you do? They don't know I'm here. What did you do?"

(OOC Yea, megs comment of his life if he returns to Prime probably was meant differently but that's the angle I chose to take with it. Left an opening for who knows what Megs could say LOL And Tarantulas, you planted the seed for SSs, eventual never ending quest for power and leadership. LOL Also guys, I still don't know a lot about the political structure of this verse yet (I've been told a little bit though). I'm going by what I've always known in G1. I hope its not causing too many probs or maybe its working alright? If its wrong I could always say its the 'brainwashing' Starscream got working for them? Let me know either way ^_^)

2012-06-24, 06:26 PM
Governor's Palace

Tarantulas tilted his head back and laughed at Predacon's comment about Starscream getting shot. "If only we could be so lucky." He stopped laughing and looked at Magnus. "Leave him," he said to Sixshot. "He can do us no harm. Not anymore. He's been reduced to nothing more than a shadow of his former self, but like Predacon said he still has his uses."

With Sixshot still standing near Magnus, Tarantulas got closer. "It's the psychological effects that interest me the most," he said to Predacon and Scorponok. "All that power that we witnessed before is no good to us if it can't be controlled. I suppose it would require incredible willpower to fight off the psychological effects of this so-called Dark Energon."

Magnus reached out to Tarantulas, but Tarantulas kicks him in the face. "Do not touch me, you mongrel!" he shouted. Stepping outside the holding cell, Tarantulas pulls 3 Spyders from his subspace compartment and puts them on the ground. "Go, my pets. Scatter throughout the mansion and monitor every possible entrance that the Autobots might use to gain access to the Governor's Palace."

Tarantulas then tapped on the small panel on his left arm. "Time to check up on a certain someone," he said and chuckled a little after it.

Orbital Prison

What am I doing here, was what Springer kept thinking though showed no sign of it to the others. He felt obligated to be here. To perform his duty as a Decepticon, but why did he have this nagging feeling in the back of his brain module that he's in the wrong place? Doing the wrong thing?

Feelings that would quickly fade away, as if they were quickly overridden except for the memory of having them. It was strange, but Springer decided not to dwell on it much and to keep paying attention to Obsidian and the others.

"We give you a gun. We'll tell you who to point it at and then you'll shoot. It's as simple as that," Springer said to Black Shadow. Where did that come from? Springer though. It wasn't his intention to speak out of line, but he did so anyway. He had been too silent this whole time and observed the whole time. Maybe he was just annoyed with the current situation and having to deal with mechs with no sense of duty whatsoever. He looked at the General. "My apologies, sir. It won't happen again."

2012-06-25, 06:49 PM
Orbital Prison

Obsidian appreciated it when Lugnut moved forwards, preparing to defend him. He also noted a flash of blacks and purples somewhere at the edges of the crowd, no doubt Skywarp, acting more on instinct than on anything involving strategic thought.

Then Springer spoke. Obsidian turned and glared at the soldier.

What was he doing? It would sound too much of a tyrannical rule, while they have to win over these fools with words.

But they could not seem divided. Not here.

"Black Shadow, hmm?" Obsidian mulled over the mech. A thug. Like Skywarp, actions before words, although certainly this Black Shadow isn't cripplingly dependent on orders like Skywarp. "Being a soldier... well, as my compatriot said, all you need to do, really, is to have discipline and follow orders. Training regimes will be set up as we go, to ensure that as little as you don't... fall, but I daresay all of you are not lacking in battling skills, no?"

Governor's Palace

Scorponok chuckled. "I'd have to say, that Starscream would be useful, if an arrogant prick. Not that any of us are not, but we're smart enough not to badmouth someone unless we are not sure what's going on. He's useful. He's going to be useful."

'Befriending' Starscream would be a good move, Scorponok thought, but did not say it out loud.

Of course, Dark Energon was far more interesting than half-baked politics. "Indeed. My scans agree with your observation, Predacon. It's physiological indeed. Unless this... Magnus gets a spark transplant into an empty protoform, I do think he's going to be independent on this Dark Energon for a long, long time. Weaponizing it... Oh, yes, we could turn entire towns into ghost towns full of weakened, hungry civilians. And we'll be the only one with enough Dark Energon... once we corrupt enough reservoirs to turn it into a viable market."

Looking at Magnus, Scorponok tapped his visor with the tip of his claw. "I wonder... what would turning him into a techno-organic cause, mmm?"

Scorponok turned to Tarantulas. "Addiction aside, I do not think willpower has anything to do with the immediate effects. We have seen that Magnus had survived your tortures without so much of letting information slip, yet he succumbed to he Dark Energon instantly. We need more test subjects, I say. Pity we don't have any more Dark Energon to experiment with..."


Sixshot cracked his knuckles. Bait means that they are luring a prey. More prey. More Autobots.


Their strongest, broken. Begging for more of the dark substance.

Was it what Creator Predacon and Creator Scorponok and Creator Tarantulas and Leader Megatron meant for the Autobots?

Part of Sixshot felt awe at the logic and strategy behind scaring the Autobots.

Part of Sixshot felt that it was wrong

It was wrong to use such cheap shots

To enemies that don't even stand a chance in a fair fight

Sixshot narrowed his reddish purple optics, and banished these thoughts from his mind. He was an emotionless killing machine with the sole purpose of laying waste to entire battlefields. There was no room for such thoughts.

2012-07-04, 05:17 AM
Orbital Prison

Lugnut glanced sidelong at Springer, making a mental note to smack the triplechanger later for embarrassing Commander Obsidian in front of all these new recruits.

Some people don't know when to shut up. But he was surprised that there was no discipline forthcoming from their commander, either. If the Glorious Megatron was here, he'd put Springer in his place.

Black Shadow's jaw worked for a second before he managed to process what Springer had said. "I, uh...okay," he said. Spooked, he tried to melt back into the crowd. But before he got the chance, Obsidian spoke up.

"Well, sir, I..." He glanced down at the ground, embarrassed. "I wouldn't call what I used to do 'battle'. Sure, I've rolled some people for energon, beat up a few Syk dealers for my gang, stuff like that. But me and my bros, we were never really into flybys, or shootouts, or street brawls. That shit's amateur, you know? We got into the gang because we needed the shanix and a safe place to stay, not to prove how tough we were.:

Governor's Palace

"Don't they?" Megatron smiled cruelly, seeing just how the other Transformer had misread his words. "You've been here for days, Starscream. Are you honestly naive enough to think that the Autobots don't have eyes here? That they don't have people in their pay desperately scrabbling through our trash to figure out our next move?

"No, you're right. They can't possibly know that you've been willingly consorting with Zeta Prime's killer. And there's no way that they would jump to the conclusion that you conspired with me to kill him, or throw you in a spark-extraction prison after a show trial."

Megatron shrugged.

"It's your life, Starscream. If you want to throw it away be my guest." His optics narrowed and he glared at the other Transformer. "Or you can stay here, become one of my Decepticons and actually do something useful for once in your miserable existence. But you can trust me when I say those are your only two choices."

Predacon looked down at the broken Magnus, shrugged and said, "I think we're done here, unless Scorponok wants to play. I'll call some Vehicons to guard the cell."

He grinned, listening to the other Decepticon listing the different ways they could use Dark Energon as a weapon. But when his fellow scientist suggested corrupting Magnus with techno-organic systems, he held up his hand.

"I wouldn't." He chuckled. "Well, okay, that's a lie and I totally would...just not in this situation. Organic life has a troubling ability to adapt, to heal damage and filter out toxins that machine life can't match. If you injected, say, your wayward pet Ginrai with the stuff my guess is that he'd have it flushed out of his system in a few days' time. It might be fun to experiment with, but Big Brother'll be pissed if you accidentally cure Magnus for the Autobots."

2012-07-04, 03:55 PM
Orbital Prison

Obsidian’s skeletal fingers curled together as he mulled over Black Shadow’s question. A loudmouth thug, a simple money hunting lowlife. But the Decepticons needed manpower. Needed manpower like him.

“I understand you – and probably many others in this crowd – who do not have any training in battle. Those of you who are interested in joining the Decepticons can leave now… but before you do so, ask yourself – why would you join? Well, for one, we will overthrow the Autobot government. The government whose corruption forced you into a life in slums because you do not have the right connections.” Obsidian turned to Black Shadow. “Black Shadow, I ask you… would you go back to your old life beating up rival gangs, or do you want to be something more? Something greater?”

“Those without battle training will be trained. We will train you, we will equip you with weaponry. Those that are unsuited for battle but want to help, we can use you as spies, as informants and the like… there are many facets to fighting a war, and battle is but one of them.”

Blah blah blah blah blah

Talking talking talking

Get to the shooting and blowing up stuff already.

Skywarp, out of idleness, had teleported into the air, and transformed into his jet mode, flying around the area, but far enough so that Obsidian or Lugnut won’t punch him for interrupting. Flying is all well and good and fun, but Skywarp was bored.

The Seeker transformed mid-air, and disappeared in a puff of purples and blacks, and materialized near Lugnut and Springer, half-crouched, red optics narrowed as he scanned the crowd.

Skywarp had the sense to shut his mouth this time, at least.

Grimlock, likewise, was bored, but unlike Skywarp, Grimlock cared not for what the other Decepticons would think of him. The large Transformer had moved away from the Orbital Prison, slouching, and was making his way back towards Kolkular.

Might get himself a drink or something similar. Probably he’ll find a fight or something.

Governor's Palace

Scorponok snorted at Predacon. “Play with that? No thank you. I have scanned everything I need to in my omniscanner.” Scorponok tapped the side of his head. “Lots of data to go over, don’t you doubt.”

The Decepticon scowled, clenching his claws. “Mmm, yes. A possible loophole to this Dark Energon infection… not that the Autobots have any way of obtaining a Pretender shell.” Scorponok gave Magnus a withering look. “Best not to talk about this in front of our victim, no? Might get ideas. Tarantulas’ buddy, after all, might start to develop something… similar.”

Scorponok waved his claws. “Come, boys. You too, Sixshot.”

Sixshot, who had taken a step to approach Magnus, turned around to follow Scorponok and Predacon, but not before giving Magnus one last, hard stare. The fate of a defeated warrior. Broken. Sixshot gave it one long look, before turning around.

2012-07-08, 02:11 AM
Starscream stood there dumbstruck. Megatron did it. He really did it.

Zeta Prime was dead.

The young Seeker didn't think Megatron would actually go through with it and for a moment he wasn't sure whether to laugh or panic. Sure they had discussed different ways to take out the Prime but Starscream meant it only as a personal test to see just how serious, how determined, this mine worker turned warrior was in backing up his grand words with the actions required to turn those words into fact.

Zeta Prime was dead.

This mech was serious...

They know hes here...hes been here for days. They know hes here. He's not naive enough to think they don't have optics here but he was. Why would they really? Yet with a quick look toward the room he just came from, it made that charade all the more senseless. But that was a dead horsebot that was beyond bringing up again...

With an angry and determined look Starscream walked back toward Megatron.

"Worthless existence?" he nearly seethed. "I came from the highest regarded Military Hardware assembly plant on Cybertron, and from the moment I came online was educated as only the most privileged Autobot had access to. Why? Look at me! That's why." His white with red trimmed -- Autobot red trimmed wings flicked and an equally Autobot blue fist clenched. But the Decepticon red optics flared. He was a visual enigma and he knew it. The Autobots knew it and he could assume the Decepticons noticed as well but didn't care. Which was fine with him. Better actually. His upper lip curled into a sneer,

"As you scrabbled through rocks in the cold dark underground like the slave you were, I was soaring the skies and beyond, to reaches of this universe you can only now begin to comprehend. I've charted planets and seen lifeforms you can't imagine. There is nothing worthless in my existence and -- and..." his sneer became a cold grin, "You want me to join your cause? Why? Because I am Starscream --" and with a cycled air through turbines pause, the young Seeker realized something. His grin broadened. He'd get something out of this one way or another.

"Your two choices do not appeal to me but my third choice does..." he paused a beat and continued. "I will join you but not as an underling." Tarantulas' words rang through his head then 'maybe you should lead us'. He looked the massive warrior in front of him up and down. "You wouldn't know the first thing about commanding aerial forces. I do. You want me to stand at your side, I do so as your Air Commander or I walk right here, right now. Don't think too long on it. My patience is running thin."

And it was. He had been insulted, threatened, and treated as nothing all in the span of the past 20 astrominutes. He had had more than enough of it.

2012-07-10, 12:39 AM
Orbital Prison

Lugnut gave Skywarp an obligatory glare when the seeker appeared beside him. "I wouldn't do that," he said. "One of the newbies might decide you're an Autobot assassin and put a few rounds in you, if we're lucky."

Black Shadow listened to Obsidian's questions thoughtfully, digested them...and shrugged them aside as if they didn't matter. "Important stuff, I guess. But it doesn't really matter to a mech like me. All I really want is a place to recharge at night without worrying that someone's going to sneak up and shank me so they can pull out my wires and sell them to a scrap dealer. A place to belong, I guess. You offering me that?"

Governor's Palace

Megatron shrugged, indifferent to Starscream's taunts. "And yet, here we are," he told the seeker once he was done ranting. "All of your pedigree, your education, your training...and yet I'm the one who's had the mantle of greatness thrust upon him. And please, have no illusions. Whether you stay with the Decepticons or crawl back to the Autobots and somehow convince you to take you back -- either way, you're as much of a slave as I ever was. If you ever want to be more than just a cog in the machine, I can give you that. I can give you true greatness, Starscream, but first you'll need to prove your worth to me."

He turned away, looking out the large, armoured window that made up one wall of the room. "I already have an air commander. You've probably heard of him -- Obsidian, the great Autobot general who grew disillusioned with their failed society. But I have many other, equally-illustrious posts that a mech of his experience can fill -- if you can show that you deserve the job yourself. If you're serious about this, you can find him in the orbital prison facility that my troopers have landed outside. Prove your worth to him, and when he is convinced that you should be air commander the job is yours. If you are as good as you say, it won't take long at all."

He turned back to the other Transformer, saying, "Advancement in the Decepticons is based on merit, and I will not disrespect my troops by promoting you without a track record. If you are as good as you say, then you can be confident that you'll rise to the top. If not...then your life of Autobot mediocrity is waiting for you back in Iacon, if they'll have you back. But in my opinion, that would be a waste bordering on the criminal."

Predacon shrugged. "Doubt he's in any shape to understand what we're saying, even if his small, run of the mill soldier's brain could understand such high-minded scientific concepts." he told Scorponok. "But yeah, better safe than sorry, eh?"

He glanced over at the controls, making sure the Vehicons had sealed Magnus's cell before walking away with Scorponok and Sixshot. Once they were out of earshot of the cell, he added, "And Starscream? Hah! Megatron owns him. He just doesn't know it yet."

2012-07-10, 02:17 PM
Orbital Prison

Obsidian spared a withering glare at Skywarp as he unashamedly gave Lugnut a stupid grin. "Oh, they are welcome to try, aren't they? They can't ever hit me."

Obsidian turned back to regard Black Shadow, and suppressed a smile. Ah, such a simple fool... such a simple tool...

"A place to belong? Of course that is what we are offering without saying. You- all of you- will be the cogs of the grand machine that would replace the old government. A place to stay, Energon rations, an actual job..." Obsidian narrowed his optics. "Of course, anyone who even thinks of trying to backstab us, or any other member of the Decepticons can be rest assured that we will gut you first."

Governor's Palace

Scorponok nodded at Predacon's admonishment of Magnus. "Starscream is smart, he is just too proud to realize his ego is being strung along by Megatron." The Senator rumbled. "I know I've done the exact same thing several times with my former subordinates."

Sixshot clanked along behind Team Science, silent, optics glowering.

2012-07-17, 05:14 PM
Orbital Prison

Lugnut scowled.

"Right," he said to Skywarp. "If you're half as good as you say you are, then it's really surprising that I met you in jail. Or that Megatron had to break you out." He shrugged. "I guess the Autobots that caught you must've been really awesome, eh? I'd better introduce myself to 'em so we can share notes."

Black Shadow held his hands up, showing fear as he tried to make it clear he was no threat to Obsidian. "Wouldn't dream of it, boss," he told the much older Transformer. Then nervously, he asked, "So, uh...do we get a place to stay? 'Cause the black-n-whites shut down our old gang house, so..."

Governor's Palace

Predacon grinned. "Just don't try it with me, or I'll turn your corpse into a passenger vehicle for a Minicon," he told Scorponok. Then he frowned thoughtfully. "Hmmm...actually, that does sound useful. I wonder if we could find a "volunteer" to help us out with that. Imagine the fun...er, that is, the immense gains to the scope of scientific knowledge. Also, the screams."

2012-07-18, 01:21 PM
Orbital Prison

"So I teleported into a police station by mistake." Skywarp replied to Lugnut with a derisive snort. "And then they tagged me with a tracker and hounded me down to a bar when I was drunk. So what? Nobody's perfect."

Skywarp chuckled. "Don't think you'll get along with my captors, Five-Eyes. More likely than not they're gonna end up flat."

Obsidian nodded at Black Shadow. "Excellent."

The General considered the question Black Shadow posed. Quarters for these troops... They will definitely get them, but he would not presume to give orders in such matters without Megatron's approval.

"You will get your own quarters, Black Shadow- all of you. Where, I know not, currently." Obsidian replied. "But rest assured, you will have a place to stay. In the meantime, anyone requiring rest are welcome to the guards' quarters in the Orbital Prison."

Obsidian looked around the crowd, satisfied that they will be occupied with thoughts for now, and then said, "Dismissed for now." Obsidian turned around to look at Skywarp, Lugnut and Springer.

The smallish Decepticon gestured for them to re-enter the building.

Now that their conversation would not be heard by the crowd, the Aerospace Commander narrowed his red optics as he regarded Springer. "I did not made myself heard while talking to the crowd because we cannot afford to show a fracture within our opinions, but let me make this clear- the next time a superior officer is talking, do not interrupt."

Obsidian clicked open a radio channel. "Thrust, where are you? Rendezvous in the Prison complex. You and Springer will be in charge of supervising this while I talk with Megatron."

The General turned to look at the other three Decepticons. "Grimlock is gone? Hmm. I will deal with him later. Skywarp, go teleport into Kolkular and inform Governor- no. Wait. Belay that. Lugnut, you and I will go and meet Governor Megatron."

"You don't trust me with delivering a message?" Skywarp pouted.

"Yes." Obsidian turned to face Skywarp. "Summon a troop of Vehicons to guard the Chaosmaster bomb, then talk to this Black Shadow. He... interests me."

"Good cop or bad cop?"

"Excuse me?"

"You want me to be a good cop or a bad cop?"

"Do not intimidate him any further, if you please. We do want him on our side." Obsidian sighed. Skywarp grinned, gave Obsidian two thumbs-up and teleported away.

Governor's Palace

"I'm stringing all your egos, Predacon. The difference is, it isn't so much manipulation as encouragement, because even without me around you would do the exact same thing." Scorponok replied.

The former Senator chuckled. "Which sounds useful? When we are talking about many projects at the same time, you have to specify."

2012-07-18, 09:14 PM
Thrust sighed when he received Obsidian's comm message. "I'm here. Our group arrived shortly after yours. We stayed in the back. Didn't want to interrupt anything." He replied. "I'll be with you shortly." He had so hoped to get to more action. He didn't like babysitting others.He started walking over towards Obsidian.

2012-07-19, 10:12 AM
Orbital Prison

"Evidently you have more self-control than Skywarp. Or Springer." Obsidian replied to Thrust. "Patience, Thrust. I know this might seem as an inglorious task, but we need to get this rabble to understand who is in charge. And that is us. You."

Obsidian pinched the bridge of his nose. "And I do not trust Skywarp not to get into a fight."

2012-07-22, 07:09 PM
Orbital Prison

Springer still had a confused expression in his optics. Even when Obsidian addressed him. "I'm sorry commander..," he paused for a moment. "I'm normally not... I don't know what happened." Springer looked up. "I will not happen again," he said for the second time, full knowing that it was a promise that he probably couldn't keep.

"I will do my best to assist Thrust in keeping order in this area."


Governor's Palace

Tarantulas looked Scorponok up and down and giggled. "Delicious too, I'm sure," he mumbled, but loud enough to be heard. He loves how Scorponok gets freaked out by Tarantulas' habits from time to time and often does it for his own amusement.

"Ah well, you'll have the Autobots to play with once they'll arrive," Tarantulas said to Predacon. "They can be quite the screamers," he added and followed it up with a sadistic laugh.

2012-07-23, 10:39 AM
Orbital Prison

"Of course, every matter can be turned into an advantage." Obsidian told Springer. "Right now the crowd -- any who paid attention, anyway -- would view you as the more ruthless commander that sees them as nothing more than fodder. Use that to your advantage, scare any uncooperative recruits into cooperating."

After a short pause, he added, "Also, the Autobot defectors. Keep an eye out, and put a bullet in the head of any of the Autobots who tries to call their friends."

Governor's Palace

Scorponok shot Tarantulas and annoyed glare, but joined in with a harsh chuckle.

Yes, the Autobots are coming... something good to look forward to.

2012-07-25, 03:23 AM
Orbital Prison

Lugnut shrugged. "Maybe, Skywarp. Maybe. But none of us like you, so at least we'll have something in common."

He followed Obsidian back inside, ducking his head so that he didn't bash it on the door frame.

"You sure, boss? I can find Grimlock and bust his head in, if you think he's up to no good?" His voice was a bit nervous, as if he was terrified by the prospect of being in the presence of the glorious Megatron so soon after their last meeting.

Black Shadow chuckled. "Can we take their stuff too?" he asked avariciously, his question directed at no one in particular. "I mean, since they confiscated all of our stuff and put it in storage in Iacon, and all."

But Obsidian had already left, so he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "I guess that's a yes. Alright, time for a crime spree!"

Governor's Palace

Predacon chuckled. "Turning your corpse into a Minicon battle suit," he explained to Scorponok. "Try to follow along. See, then the pilot would have access to all the strength and firepower of a supreme-class chassis when they needed it, without wasting as much fuel as you do in your downtime by dragging that giant bulk of yours around everywhere."

Looking over at Tarantulas, he smiled. "I like the way you think! Sixshot, try to cleanly decapitate one of them for me, please."

2012-07-25, 11:07 AM
Orbital Prison

Obsidian glanced at the growing-restless crowd. "Thrust, Springer... make sure they don't devolve into a riot. Let them work out their arguments, let them loot the wardens' rations and weapons... but do have them out by the time we bring Megatron here... if he chooses to come, that is."

Obsidian's optics narrowed. "And keep them away from the central chamber with the Chaosmaster Bomb. Skywarp and I had sealed the door from inside, but you cannot be too careful, no?"

Skywarp gave Lugnut a raspberry as he materialized next to Lugnut, before saluting Obsidian. "The Vehicons are on their way, boss man. Imma gonna talk to this Black Shadow guy now." before disappearing.

Obsidian nodded at Skywarp as he turned to Lugnut. "Grimlock... he's just restless if there isn't a fight. Something caused by some weapon getting lodged inside his brain while he served under me. I do not think he would be a problem, at least not now. Are you quite all right, Lugnut? Your voice sounded a little nervous."

Governor's Palace

"That isn't a half-bad idea... except the whole me being dead thing." Scorponok shrugged, "Maybe we could build replicas of my body, then connect the neural inputs with Minicons? Let the Minicons ride inside the chest or the head my copies."

Sixshot nodded at Predacon's comment. "I will do so, Creator."

"How will you make the Autobots scream if Sixshot 'cleanly decapacitates' them? Because, well, several freak cases aside, clean decapacitation usually results in death, or at least death of all sensory input to the brain."

2012-07-30, 06:03 PM
Yuss, inside the shuttle

As Jazz initiates the landing procedures, he looks over his shoulder to the others. "Alright, we're here," he said. "Remember that this isn't a game. This is for real. You get slagged, you're not going to come back from it. As soon as we land, the mission is a go."

Jazz lands the ships and opens the hatch so the others can get out. You all know your part in this mission so Electro; Hot Rod; you two take point and scout the area and make sure we stay unseen until we reach the Governor's Palace in Kaon. Find the tunnel that leads to it. Dai Atlas, cover our backs. Top Spin, you keep an optic on the sky. Rapido, you stay in touch with these guys while I stay in touch with home base."

Jazz opens up a secure com link to Iacon. "Jazz to Prowl. We have landed. Commencing mission."


Orbital Prison

"I would rather use my sword," Springer replied to Obsidian with somewhat of a smirk on his face. "If I have to play the ruthless mech, that would probably be more effective, right?" he added rhetorically, not expecting an answer.

2012-07-30, 08:35 PM
Yuss, inside the shuttle

"Because we would have never realized that if it weren't for you, Commander." Electro fired back to Jazz, then positioned himself close to the landing hatch.

Beneath the snarky comments, however, Electro was a bit worried. He hadn't been on a real mission in forever. And now he was going to rescue a top soldier from an enemy stronghold.

How was he gonna hold up?

2012-07-31, 03:04 AM
Orbital Prison

"True, that." Obsidian replied to Springer as he hovered away with Lugnut. "Go. Talk."

Skywarp materialized in the crowd near Sparkstalker and Black Shadow, and did a little bow. "Hello, people. I'm Skywarp and I'm going to accompany you people in the looting, raiding and the like for this afternoon. The red guy who has a pencil for a head up there is Thrust, and the green mean killing machine is Springer."

2012-08-02, 02:28 PM
Topspin took position by the hatch, his military training settling, ready to jump out and cover his teammates.

Rapido recognized the comments from Electro for what they were and ignored them. Everyone blew off stress in their own way. "Alright bots. Shake off any last bit of nerves. Mission starts when those doors open."

2012-08-03, 04:34 AM
Orbital Prison

Lugnut swatted at Skywarp, but of course the other Decepticon had already left.

"I'm fine," he told Obsidian, a bit too quickly to be believable. Realizing that his commander would only ask further questions if he wasn't convinced, the hulking behemoth sighed.

"Don't you find Governor Megatron a bit...intimidating? Our glorious leader is so brilliant, so powerful, so charismatic...it's like being in the same room as one of the Thirteen, if the Thirteen ever actually existed. I've never known anyone like him, and, yes, I definitely get nervous in the presence of greatness. Who doesn't, except for hooligans like Skywarp?"

Black Shadow cocked his wrist back, about to punch Skywarp's lights out when he managed to restrain himself.

"Don't ever do that, bro," he told the other Decepticon. "Seriously. You do not wanna sneak up on a mech that just got out of prison, you hear? On our side or not, that'll land you a beatdown if you do it to the wrong guy."

He gestured over at Sparkstalker and said, "Hell, for all you know this guy's got a flamethrower built in and one scare's all he'll need to start crisping everyone in sight!"

Heading into the prison (it was strange to do that on purpose, he thought) he called back behind him, "You guys coming? There's lots of stuff in here that needs to be stolen."

Governor's Palace

Predacon chuckled. "No, I think it's a great idea all around," he told Scorponok. "We'd still have your body around if we need a giant, but we won't actually have to deal with you anymore. Win-win! Plus, you know, science for science's sake. And evil's."

He smiled. "I said cleanly decapitate one," he reminded his partner. "Sixshot is free to do whatever he wants to any of the others. I mean, heck, I'd do it myself but I carry a sharpened whip, not a hacking weapon. Then we glue a Minicon to the body's neural inputs and see what happens."

2012-08-03, 08:19 AM
Yuss, inside the shuttle

Electro shrugged and shook his head at Rapido. "What nerves?"


Orbital Prison

Sparkstalker shouted over at Black Shadow. "Yeah, I'm right behind ya."

He gestured at Flamefeather to follow him, then they both ran after Black Shadow.

2012-08-03, 10:17 AM
En Route to Kolkular

Obsidian waited patiently as Lugnut gathered himself before giving a longer answer.

The General (former General. Obsidian have to keep reminding himself of his new post) nodded slowly at Lugnut's assessment of Megatron. Granted, Lugnut may be a tad... overzealous with regards to Megatron, but that is a good thing. This shows that Megatron has enough... charisma to lead.

And to 'hooligans' like Skywarp? Well, Megatron either scares them silly, or idiots like Skywarp simply become loyal because they don't have anything better to do.

A powerful leader is needed indeed for Cybertron...

"I concur." Obsidian replied to Lugnut, slightly surprised at the sincerity of his own words. "Megatron is indeed what Cybertron needs. I have been around since Prime Nova's time, Lugnut, and I do think that a powerful, great leader such as Megatron is what we need right now."

Obsidian hovered slightly upwards. "Greatness, hmm? Yes, we should all revere greatness... but you should not be nervous around Megatron. You are, after all, a tool of greatness. History shall forever remember you- and me- as one of the few who supported Megatron when he first made his bid to return Cybertron back into her glorious golden age."

"Respect him, yes. Obey him, yes. Fear him... no. Not unless you are disloyal." Obsidian waved his arms dismissively. "To be shaken straight into nervousness by his presence... no matter how great... that should be saved for mere thugs like Black Shadow. Even Skywarp, for all his incompetence... or maybe because of it, respects but doesn't fear Megatron because he knows that a great leader such as he will not punish a loyal servant."

Orbital Prison

"Naw. Would've dodged the punch." Skywarp grinned at Black Shadow unashamedly. "I'm fast."

The Seeker glanced at Sparkstalker and shrugged. "His bodyguard buddy is called Cindersaur, and I'm inclined to believe that he actually has a big-ass flamethrower built in."

Skywarp skipped alongside Black Shadow. "Anyway, Obbie told me to accompany you guys, make sure no one accidentally sets off the big chaos-something nuke bomb they had inside the prison. Much more fun than listening to Obie and Five-Eyes talk about serious stuff."

Governor's Palace

Scorponok made a derisive snort. "Oh, Predacon, you will miss me when I'm gone. You know that. Who else is going to keep insulting you and your work? And we all know Tarantulas alone won't satisfy your hamminess quotient."

Scorponok shrugged. "I think I still have a few Minicon protoforms stashed back in the Acid Wastes. If Sixshot brings back a headless body let's see what we can do." Scorponok tilted his head. "Of course, if you ever try to hack off my head..."

2012-08-04, 09:56 AM
Corridors, Governor's Palace

With Starscream wandering off to wherever the corridors might guide him to—a variety of areas—Dead End neither knew nor cared where the Seeker's pointless tour would take him. What he did care about was being stuck with Wildrider. Alone. Not a prospect he was looking forward to.

Wildrider placed an actuator on his hip-plating. “That was interesting. I wonder where Screamer went...”

Dead End shot his team-mate a glance. “Does it really matter?”

Wildrider seemed to sincerely consider Dead End's question for a moment. “I guess not.”

Though he was, Dead End had to grudgingly admit, better company than the majority of the scoundrels that had pledged their allegiance to Megatron's cause—to the future of the Decepticon empire. But not by much.

“Okay. So what now?”

Dead End returned only silence. He wasn't particularly eager to embark on a new mission with Wildrider, should one suddenly pop up and they be selected for it, as he somehow managed to turn them into ridiculous adventures featuring death-defying stunts and a general struggle just to survive the chaos created by the terrorist. But he didn't think he was at risk of being sought after by Megatron for anything.

“Geez, Deadster, don't rush me with ideas all at once now. I mightn't be able to take them all on board.” Wildrider grinned. Then giggled. “Let's go and find out where Draggy and Breakdown are hiding. What do ya say?”

Dead End grunted. “I suppose we could.”

“All righty! Let's make a move.”

2012-08-05, 10:04 AM
Orbital Prison

Sparkstalker and Flamefeather walked alongside Skywarp and Black Shadow.

"Interesting. So, you are going to keep an eye on us? Surely it should be the other way around?" Sparkstalker said as Flamefeather simply glared at Skywarp.

"So, what'd you do to get arrested?" Flamefeather asked Black Shadow.

2012-08-05, 10:45 AM
Orbital Prison

"S'yeah, right. Like Obie would ever let that happen." Skywarp laughed, thinking that Sparkstalker was merely joking around and not insulting him. "No, he's worried some of the more... well, what's the word... enthusiastic ones might accidentally blow Kaon up."

Skywarp scratched his chin. "And that would be... bad."

2012-08-06, 12:09 AM
OOC.. sorry! been a bad past few weeks!! I will make a post soon to close up the conversation my char and megatron had (edit and put it here). I apolgize!!

2012-08-06, 01:06 AM
Yuss, aboard the shuttle:

Hot Rod checked his guns. Photon blasters. Not as powerful as his arm cannons, but not as shielded as they were, either.

Of course, using the handguns meant that if he was captured, they'd go for the obvious.

He moved to the shuttle doors, guns ready.

2012-08-07, 09:02 AM

With a stern look on his face, Jazz directed himself towards Electro as he stood up. "We're going to have a talk about your lack of respect for your commanding officers later. Now move out."

When on a mission, Jazz was all business. Everything had to go the way he wanted it to go. Everything had to go according to plan or else lives would be lost. Knowing full well that this is practically a suicide mission, he still had every intention to try and get every mech on his team out function at the end of it.


Governor's Palace

"You would be too slow to even see it coming," Tarantulas joked. He found it interesting that Scorponok had access to minicon protoforms. Something he had never had in the past and was wondering how Scorponok has that kind of resources. It must have something to do with his political connections as a former senator or Scorponok is hiding something. Something Tarantulas would love to find out what that is precisely.

2012-08-07, 02:06 PM
Thrust looked over at Springer. "Well, how do you want to go about this? We could make an example of someone. That usually gets most bots to tone it down." Thrust looked out over the crowd. "Granted, that may not work on the crazed inmates."

2012-08-07, 02:46 PM
Governor's Palace

Scorponok shook his head at Tarantulas' comment. "I'm a big brute, remember? I have a thick neck. Doubtful you'll be able to hack it off with any kind of speed."

Scorponok glanced around. "I'm curious. Does the Governor's little palace have any proper laboratories at all? We haven't made an abomination of nature in, oh, four hours and I'm getting antsy."

Orbital Prison

Skywarp, unaware of the conversation going on between Thrust and Springer, waved like a little child up at them with a silly grin.

2012-08-07, 05:08 PM

Electro wanted to laugh at Jazz for not getting the joke. But he didn't bother. Instead, he just followed Jazz out of the shuttle.


Orbital Prison

"And you're not enthusiastic?" Sparkstalker asked Skywarp, "From what I've seen, you're hardly a ball of apathy sitting in a corner."

2012-08-08, 01:37 AM

Dai Atlas sighed as he listened to Electro and Jazz's brief dialog. 'how can they be so calm before the possibility of violence?' he thought. He had fought many times before this, but never with the intent to cause harm. They had always been sparring matches. This, this was something different; and for the first time in many solar cycles Dai Atlas felt fear eating away at his resolve, causing him to question all of his training. 'Perhaps I should not have come' he thought finally.

2012-08-08, 03:54 AM
Orbital Prison

"Disloyal!" Lugnut roared. "I would never--"

He cut himself off as he realized that Obsidian was just stating a fact, not making an accusation.

"I'm sorry. What I mean to say is, I serve Megatron to the best of my abilities. I always will. It's just that...what if I'm not good enough? What if I fail him? I want to live up to the example he's set, but I don't think I can. I don't know if any of us can. Sir."

"Sweet," Black Shadow said as Sparkstalker and Flamefeather joined him. "So what do you guys wanna loot? I'm down for grabbin' any high-grade fuel we find. You know, to sell to other folks later and make some shanix."

He grinned. "Also guns. Lots of guns. I don't think this stun baton I grabbed is gonna cut it in the army."

Glancing over at Skywarp, he got an interested look on his face. "A nuke? Here? Care to show it to me later? I've always wanted to see one."

He thought about what Flamefeather asked, then laughed. "About five hundred paces south of here, if you'll believe that," he told the other new recruit. "One of my gang's top bangers took a couple of us young guys along as backup on a syk buy. Except it turned out that the syk slingers were cops, and our boss got lured in 'cause he was trying to make a run at the top job an' got sloppy." He winced. "Guy didn't last long in the joint before the real boss put a hit on him. Don't think they ever found all the pieces."

His voice had grown introspective, maybe even morose, but all of a sudden he brightened up and said, "Well, the past's the past, right? He got what was comin' anyway. What about you two? How'd you wind up in the big house?"

Governor's Palace

Predacon shrugged. "So I'll have to hang out with Thunderwing more," he told Scorponok. "I'll adapt. If there's anything I'm good at it's that, plus cackling."

He did that, then said, "Don't worry Scorpy, I'd need a ladder to reach all the way up there."

Seeing the obvious lust in Tarantulas's optics, he chuckled and said, "You know Tarannie, we have Vector Theta. We can make our own Minicons now. Can even program 'em to turn into all sorts of useful things, like power supplies or control units or..." Predacon's optics lit up, "oooh...even guns. Imagine that. Guns that don't need ammo and can aim themselves. We can call them Triggercons or Blastmasters or something."

2012-08-08, 07:35 PM
Orbital Prison

"I'm down with that" Sparkstalker replied to Black Shadow. "I'd also like to take a look through their computers, y'know, just for fun. That's what they got us for, looking through computers that weren't ours and selling the info."

"Uh..." Flamefeather began to say, but Sparkstalker stopped him. "Yeah, Flamey here isn't much of a hacker. He's more of the physical type, if ya know what I mean."



Electro looked around, then inspected his photon burst rifle.

"Nice choice of landing spot, by the way", he said to Jazz, "The scenery is beautiful."

2012-08-09, 10:08 AM
En Route to Megatron

Obsidian chuckled without a trace of humour as Lugnut... overreacted to the mere mention of the word 'disloyal'.

Oh, this brute is useful, all right. Power and intelligence packed into one, just like Grimlock, except with all possibility of renegade thought replaced with an overzealous, unyielding loyalty... a great pawn indeed. A great pawn. Megatron played his cards well.

"No need to apologize." Obsidian replied to Lugnut. "It is rare to find anyone so wholly dedicated to a cause, for most of the time people have their own agendas and... reasons. I am pleased that Megatron has you. We both will be tools to usher in Cybertron's- Megatron's Golden Age." Obsidian said this last word slowly and softly, red optics burning brightly.

The Aerospace Commander tilted his head at Lugnut's queries. "Not good enough? Fail him? That is what you are afraid of, Lugnut? That your best will never be enough?" Obsidian shook his head. "Our best will never be enough, my friend. Neither mine, nor yours."

Obsidian lifted one skeletal finger. "Take this example. I am a strategist. Some may say, the best of my time. But does that mean I have never failed? That my victories all come without losses? That I never fail?" Obsidian shook his head. "To do our best does not mean that we never lose...."

Obsidian paused. "Far from it. To do our best means that we win with the most minimal losses. To be afraid of losing even one battle... may cost you the entire war. And we do not want that. Megatron would not want that. To be Megatron's perfect tool... we must not be afraid to fail. We must be convinced that everything we do will- must succeed, because if we don't, we will set Megatron back."

"And if we don't..." Obsidian's optics were equal parts determined and relaxed, as if stating a simple fact of life. "Then we will simply die trying."

Orbital Prison

Skywarp laughed at Sparkstalker's comment. "Enthusiastic? Me? I'm the very embodiment of enthusiasm!"

The Seeker grinned as he walked alongside Black Shadow and the Firecons. "Keep the fuel. The boss already have plenty. Obie seems to be the kind of guy who's not too strung up on these sort of things, anyway." Of course, anything actually of strategic value had been removed and stored in the Chaosmaster Bomb chamber.

And Skywarp did, somewhere within the bunch of circuits he calls a brain, understand that Obsidian would want these former prisoners to catch a break, sort of.

"Stun batons? Ah ha ha! We've got high-grade weapons. We've got the craziest eggheads working for us, and their weapons are simply the cream of the crop." Skywarp patted the machineguns mounted on his shoulders. "This? This is a Mattock-Class variable-caliber machine gun. Usually only Iacon marines and the like have access to these babies."

Skywarp clapped his hands together. "We can see the outside of the chamber, it's got this awesome name- Chaos something or other. But Obie said no one gets in until the boss decides which city to drop it on." The Seeker grinned, as if the prospect of wiping out a city was no more sinister than shooting a paintball. "I do hope it's Praxus. I hate those crystal gardens or whatever."

Skywarp chuckled, and said in a sing-song voice at Black Shadow's story, "If you guys decide to screw the Big M, well, let's say being killed will be the least of your problems. But I'm loyal, so Megatron won't kill me."

Skywarp grinned as he gave Flamefeather a thumbs up. "I'm not much of a hacker, but I do get what you mean. Think you'll get along well with my best friend Lugnut."

Governor's Palace

Scorponok made a derisive snort. "Please. Thunderwing's like me only he's more about the right of the upper class to rule than the right of the smart to abolish the laws of nature."

Scorponok took a moment to glance backwards to make sure Thunderwing wasn't standing there with a four-barreled cyclone cannon or something pointed at the back of his head.

"He won't last two minutes alone with you, Predacon, before you turn him into mincemeat."

Scorponok chuckled as Predacon and Tarantulas began discussing about creating new Minicons. "I like the name Triggercons. It's got personality. Although some part of me seem to think that the name's not quite appropriate... ah well. What about power sources? We could use the little buggers as some sort of emergency backup power sources. Minicons generally don't carry much Energon, but with modification I do think we can adapt them into what is basically tiny little Energon tanks."

Scorponok tapped his chin with the tip of his claw. "Course, it will kill the Minicon when we absorb their energon to make force fields or something, but I've always been against Minicon rights in the Senate." The former Senator shrugged. "Mmm, seems like more of a long-term plan. These... 'Triggercon' idea intrigue me. Let's experiment."

2012-08-09, 08:09 PM
Yuss: Outside the shuttle

We're not here for the scenery," Jazz replied to Electro. "You're our scout. Quit stalling and move out," Jazz added with a stern tone. "Avoid enemy contact if you can. Hot Rod, back him up. The coordinates will lead you straight to the entrance tunnel to the Governor's Palace."


Governor's Palace

"Bah!" Tarantulas said when Thunderwing's name was mentioned. "His scientific contributions pale into comparison with ours. Wherever he is, I'm glad he's somewhere else," he spat.

He tapped his fingers against each other when Scorponok and Predacon were talking about Minicons and their possible uses. "The Vector Theta computer, yes. We should put it to work again. All this talk about Minicons and experimenting is making me hungry. The Autobots better be here soon. So much to maim, so little time," he said with a cackle.


Orbital Prison

"I don't think Obsidian wants us to be tyrants," Springer replied to Thrust, "so I don't think we sould kill anybody. How about we give them a little room to move and have them raid the quarters of the Prison's staff and let them keep whatever they can find?"

2012-08-09, 09:18 PM
"I didnt mean that we would kill them. Just beat them to a pulp. Why waste a possible asset?" Thrust said, turning his attention back to Springer. "But your suggestion works too. Anything of strategic value though - let them notify us. We'll check it out, see if it's worth bringing up to Obsidian."


Yuss: Outside the shuttle

"Topspin, make sure you're watching the skies. We don't need anyone seeing us before we get too close." Rapido said to their fire support for this mission, before he turned and addressed the team. "If one of the scouts tells us to fall back, or get to cover, I expect it to be done immediately. Watch for cameras and sensors. We should be safe till we get inside, but no use in taking chances and ruining the element of surprise."

2012-08-10, 08:15 PM

Electro barely stopped himself muttering something under his breath. It really wasn't worth it arguing with people with no sense of humour.

"Yessir." he said, and moved out towards the location indicated by the coordinates.


Orbital Prison

Unprompted by anyone, Flamefeather suddenly transformed, and shot fire at a nearby wall.

"Don't worry," Sparkstalker said, "he does that all the time."

2012-08-11, 07:38 AM
Governor's Palace

Scorponok shrugged at Tarantulas' comment. "True, that. Thunderwing's goals were more... personal. He was aiming for revenge against Iacon, no? Not science for the sake of science. Of course, Iacon is a goal in my head, but I'm not as obsessed with Iacon as compared to bending all the rules of silence." Scorponok glanced at Sixshot. "Not so much bending as testing the limits, but, you get the point."

"Do you think we should deploy more Vehicons... or one of us... to Vector Theta? The Autobots no doubt know we have seized control of it, and they may try to sabotage it while attempting to rescue Magnus, no?"

Orbital Prison

Skywarp disappeared with a 'VVOP' and reappeared next to the charred wall, hovering upside-down, tucking in his lower legs to keep his engines pointing towards the ground.

The Seeker grinned as he poked the charred wall with a finger, and pulled the finger away.

"By golly, Shadow, you're right! This Cindersaur- I mean, Flamefeather- does have a flamethrower built in." Skywarp's grin grew wider. "A pretty good one too."

2012-08-14, 04:43 AM
(OOC: If anyone needs two incompetent Stunticons for anything, they're ready to go. Or as much as two unreliable 'Cons can be.)

Governor's Palace

The search for their remaining team-mates was proving to be as unproductive as the conversation Wildrider conjured to accompany them as they travelled through the corridors of the great palace. Megatron certainly had not held back on his sanctuary's design; the palace was immense, a labyrinth of sorts to the pair of Stunticons whose visits to this place tallied no more than three or four. These few appearances here were quite telling.

“So after he told me to get fragged, I slugged him square in his ugly—” Wildrider's story came to a halt. His arm, drawn back to deliver a punch, adding further emphasis to his tale, dropped to his side. “Uh, where are we? Or are we lost?”

Lost. It was the truth. They were lost.

“Most likely, yes,” Dead End said, taking in the unfamiliar area.

Not that is mattered. Because Dead End had been lost ever since he was forced to join that group composed exclusively of thugs and psychopaths. That group, of course, being the Stunticons, the official title Wildrider somehow managed to give them. More incredibly, Motormaster had taken a liking to the title and that never ceased to amaze Dead End.

He thought it sounded awful, but never expressed his opinion. Grave consequences awaited those who were neglectful of their words.

“Typical, huh, Dead? No luck yet again.” Wildrider chuckled. “Ah, it's no biggie. I'll just send Draggy and Breakster a message on the ol' link, see where those suckers are hiding at.”

Choices were a foreign concept to Motormaster. It was either submit peacefully and join or get the slag beaten out of you and join. Like his team-mates, Dead End selected the former of the options, the promise of violence all too real for refusing.

The dour Stunticon sighed. His past was an embarrassing and atrocious period in which he banished to the back of his memory files in order to forget. The present, however, was shaping up to be the same.

And the future? Well, Dead End didn't even want to take a guess at this point.

2012-08-15, 08:42 PM
Rapido was following behind the scouts a few meters away when his sensors picked up an energy signature ahead. He held his hand up for the rest of the squad to stop. "Hot Rod. Electro. Picking up two energy signatures ahead. Most likely sentries. Verify if they are, and if we can get around them or if we must go through them. Remember - stealth is the utmost priority here."

2012-08-15, 09:43 PM
(OOC: The Stunticons can run into Megatron, if they dare. :glance: )

(Also OOC: Where did Clench go?)

Orbital Prison

Lugnut made a disgusted noise. "Megatron saved me from exile," he said. "He saved a bunch of us. We were getting shipped off to some rock on the other side of the galaxy for no reason, but he saved us." The loyal Decepticon shrugged. "He's a hero, Obsidian. Of course I'll serve him loyally. I owe him my freedom. How could any mech do less? If I was worried about making things better for me, what kind of a person would I be?"

His spine straightened as Obsidian gave his pep talk.

"I...I cannot fail. I won't allow it. If that means I die trying, then that's a price I'll gladly pay to serve the glorious Megatron."

The largest of his optics glowed with the light of what could only be called fanaticism.

"So he's your bodyguard?" Black Shadow asked Sparkstalker. "Cool. Every good criminal needs one of those."

He looked around the prison, shrugging. "Don't know much about computers myself. I'll just bet these 'Deceptorcons', or whatever, will have a lot of jobs for a guy like you though. Me, I like to steal things the old-fashioned way."

As they walked into the guards' barracks, he used his stolen baton to snap the padlock off of a storage locker.

"And you didn't think the baton would be useful," he laughed at Skywarp as he rifled through the contents of the locker. Grinning, he pulled out a pair of heavy blasters. "Particle blast modules. And look..." He opened up his forearm cowlings and dropped them inside. "They're just my size. Woo! Feel better already."

When Flamefeather torched the wall and set a bulletin board on fire, the thug burst out laughing.

"I like this guy!"

Governor's Palace

Predacon shrugged. "I dunno," he said to Scorponok. "I kinda like the guy. He's too dumb to realize he's not smarter than we are, and it's funny. Maybe we could let him hang out with us sometimes, you know, as a junior partner."

He laughed when Tarantulas spoke of Vector Theta. "Again? Buddy, it hasn't stopped pumping out Vehicons since we left. Why do you suppose there's one on every street corner now? The Autobots won't know what hit them!"

2012-08-16, 08:58 AM
Governor's Palace

"Indeed he has." Obsidian replied to Lugnut. "And he is going to save this planet from the brink of destruction. From injustice. The world sees Megatron as a mere governor with ambitions, but you and I, we know better."

I saw someone that can change this planet, Obsidian mused.

Obsidian watched with pleased amusement as Lugnut straightened himself. "Good chap." The Air Commander said, nodding in approval. "It's a price we all must be willing to pay. Cybertron forbid you actually die, of course, as that would be a great loss... no use in never saying 'die', but no use in being a death seeker. No?"

Obsidian and Lugnut would soon reach where Megatron was talking to a Transformer with a Seeker bodyframe, and Obsidian did a short bow, before saluting the Governor. "Governor Megatron." Obsidian said, "We have delivered some two hundred new recruits with various training to your cause, as well as the Chaosmaster Bomb embedded within the Orbital Prison. We all await your command."

Obsidian's red optics flared bright red in anticipation. He had plans, of course. Battle scenarios and troop deployments were already playing out in his head, but he needed to know more tactical information. He needed to know what more resources Megatron possessed, where he had allies...

Obsidian never felt more alive. He had useful pawns. Lugnut. Skywarp. Thrust. Onslaught. Springer. Grimlock. The prisoners. Whatever bioweapons those maniac scientists churned out...

He would be playing against Ironhide, Kup, Prowl and the rest of his old friends. He will be battling against Iacon, the great dome itself. Against Omega Sentinels. The strategist that was Obsidian relished the challenge, although he had to admit, he had an unfair advantage by playing on known quantities... while Prowl was flying blind.

Of course, this wasn't exactly a game. This was a rekindling of Cybertron's Golden Age. Obsidian will take every advantage he could possibly have.

Soon, Strika.


Orbital Prison

Skywarp nodded as he disappeared and reappeared next to Black Shadow and Sparkstalker again. "Decepticons." He repeated, the thought that Black Shadow might have been making fun of the name lost on the dense Seeker.

Skywarp grinned. "Not much for computers myself, and yes, the old-fashioned way is indeed the best." Skywarp tapped his chin. "Won't want to just stun, though..." The Seeker looked the particle blasts modules appraisingly and grinned. "Ooo, new toys! Try them out, try them out!"

The Seeker glanced at the fallen body of one of the guards, and pulled out the guard's stun baton and swung it experimentally, shook his head, and tossed it back.

"Too... springy. Too light. I already have a light melee weapon." Skywarp tapped the collapsed switchblade on his hip. "But I want a bigger hand-to-hand weapon. Maybe something... heavier. A club? A mace?"

Skywarp grinned as he picked up what looked like a thicker version of the stun baton, and pressed a button. Plates shifted and extended, until Skywarp was holding a fully extended mace. Skywarp gave it an experimental swing, and caved in the skull of a dead Autobot's corpse. It was quite heavy... just about right. "I like this." Skywarp said, and with a button it collapsed back into its smaller form. Skywarp placed it on his hip next to the switchblade. "I think I'll keep it."

Governor's Palace

Scorponok shrugged. "Wasn't about to say that we shouldn't let him hang with us. It's just that, well, I just don't like the guy. Then again, I don't particularly like any of you, I just find that you two are the only ones around here with enough intellectual capacity to carry an actual conversation with me, which is why I socialize with the two of you."

Of course, Scorponok had grown... fond of Predacon and Tarantulas. It just won't do him any favours to be all mushy and friendly.

He had a reputation as a grumpy bastard to maintain, after all.

Scorponok chuckled deeply. "Frankly, I am surprised the Autobots and their happy temple friends haven't had some sort of contingency to blow up or deactivate the Vector computers. You'd think being tools of the great god or something like that, they'd come with a self-destruct device or something."

2012-08-16, 11:48 PM

Hot Rod moved forward cautiously, waving back at Rapido to whisper. "Shhh," he hissed back. "We should be able to get around them."

2012-08-17, 12:23 PM
Governor's Palace

The Creators were conversing. Creating new creations. Destroying the enemy. Destroying the Autobots.

Sixshot followed silently behind them, mulling.


He had never really thought before. After all, he had only been online... a day? Two? And most of the time online he spent talking to the Creators, or killing the enemy.

Now that he had a time to think... he felt a hollowness within him. He lacked purpose now that his services as a destroyer was not called upon.

So he tried to occupy his mind. By thinking.

What was it Leader Megatron and Creator Predacon had said? That Creator Tarantulas had elaborated, that Creator Scorponok had imprinted?

That merely eliminating an enemy is not enough. That you had to destroy him, so utterly, both physically and mentally... through subterfuge, through trickery, through attacks to the psyche...

Sixshot accepted these. They are logical, sound tactics.

But he had been thinking.

Trickery... the thought of underhanded means brought an... emotion? Was that the correct word? It brought an emotion. A negative correlation. Sixshot found that he... disliked the underhanded means that Creator Predacon and Creator Scorponok was proposing.

But he did not speak it out loud. He would not dare to think that he should correct his creators in terms of strategy.

Yet the thought nagged him, and intrigued him.

He had spared Magnus.

No doubt Magnus would want revenge, if, when, he gets better.


He will get stronger.

He will get stronger, and he will fight Sixshot.

A worthy opponent.


Letting the enemy live.

If their hopes are crushed. Good.

If their hopes are not. Even better. A worthy opponent will be born.


Sixshot could live with that. Spare enemies with potential.

Allow them to improve.

Or crush the others with their hopelessness.

A word floated past Sixshot's mind. 'Honour'. Perhaps this sentiment was similar to the concept.

Yes, he will be a warrior, he will deal devastation upon cities, he will kill all the enemies he meets... but he will do so with his own code of honour. Sixshot will not be a mere tool.

Grimlock felt hollowness within him. It was a different sort of hollowness than the one Sixshot experienced, because Grimlock did not even have a purpose. Why had he joined the Decepticons?

Clench said it would get him bigger fights. Set him against Sunstreaker or Megatron, maybe. The real big battles. Instead he found himself working under General Obsidian again, bashing the brains of pitifully weak Autobot tin soldiers. Pitiful. Weak.

They don't deserve to be spared in battle, of course. But they don't deserve to die like that either.

The thought of murdering those idiots, those weaklings that have no idea what they are doing, who are only there for a job and energon and somewhere to belong... it felt disgustingly low to Grimlock. In the arena, every single one of his opponent knew what they were getting at. Knew that it was a fight-to-the-finish battle, and even then Grimlock usually did not kill his opponents.

This? Obsidian was treating it like another military exercise, like as if the Autobots were the Destrons or something. But the Destrons and the Renegades and the Thetacons, they knew the risks they were taking. They knew that they will be fighting against the army. While the Autobots? The ones now, at least, are nothing more than a glorified police force. They are no threat, no serious threat.

This wasn't what Grimlock wanted. He hated to admit it, but he knew what was right and wrong. He had a sense of morality, albeit one he ignored most of the time.

Damn his raging episodes.

Fighting with the Decepticons felt wrong... but then the Autobots did throw him out. The Senate did, at least. Hnn. What would Obsidian do? He would dissect the situation logically, find the way out... but then Obsidian was always all about Cybertron and preserving it. Grimlock... needed a purpose.

Something to direct his anger, his rage, at.

An... acceptable target, if you will.

And what he just heard from the corridors nearby, the screaming, the shouting... Grimlock had waited until those involved had left, and then walked into see for himself the poor tortured Autobot warrior. He didn't get too close, not with the guards, but what he just heard... and his memories of the psychopathic Skywarp and the zealous Lugnut... has just made the Decepticons... an acceptable target.

Grimlock's red optic band narrowed.

The fact that he was thinking of fighting back onto the side of the angels... to fight with the Autobots again... was not a pleasant thought.


It was so much simpler when the biggest worry was which head to bash in first.

2012-08-17, 04:36 PM

"Or through 'em." Electro whispered to Hot Rod.

He continued walking towards the sentries, until he could see them from afar.

(OOC: someone tell me what I'm seeing, please)


Orbital Prison

Sparkstalker laughed too. "That's half the reason I keep him around too" he said to Black Shadow. "Of course, the other half is because he can fry anyone I want him to."

2012-08-19, 01:07 PM
Orbital Prison

"Sounds like a plan to me," Springer replied to Thrust a little absent minded. He didn't care much for the task that he had been assigned to nor the company he was in. He would've rather tried to find out what was getting in to him from time to time. Why it was that he had no control over himself. He had never experienced such a thing before and he wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible.

He was, however, assigned to guard duty and since he doesn't like to get get shot he just went along with what they wanted from him.

(ooc @TLB80: just use your imagination, lol)


"Then move around them if you can," Jazz replied to Hot Rod and Electro. "We shouldn't be too far away from the tunnel entrance that we need. At the time of day, there shouldn't be too many mechs occupying the streets so we can get in unseen. There are some large buildings on the street so keep an eye out for sentries on the rooftops."

Jazz stopped and signalled the others to wait so Electro and Hot Rod had enough time to secure a path for them.

When we reach the tunnel, it's almost a straight line towards the Goveror's Palace. We should be able to transform and make our way there faster."


Governor's Palace

"The Autobots..." Tarantulas hummed. "Yes yes, the Autobots are coming and we need to be prepared," he giggled. I might have some interesting toys I want to try out on them," he added while rubbing his hands.

2012-08-19, 01:18 PM
Yuss/Kaon Border

(OOC: I'll play the Vehicon Sentries if you guys need someone to. ;))

The two ground-mode Vehicons stood straight, on guard on the borders between Kaon and Yuss. There are several more Vehicons milling on the Kaon side of the border, but the only ones really on attention are the two standing, arms transformed into rifles, facing Yuss.

They had orders to stop and question anyone who tries to enter Kaon, and shoot down anyone who refuses to give identification.

Also, anyone with an Autobot insignia.

Neither were aware, of course, of Electro or the rest of the Autobot team actually coming their way...

2012-08-22, 03:32 AM
Orbital Prison

(OOC: Not making fun, he really is that ignorant.)

Black Shadow flexed his hands experimentally as the new guns' drivers loaded onto his internal hard drives, then smiled as he felt his body integrate them into it's systems.

"Try 'em out?" he asked Skywarp with a grin. "OK."

He aimed the new guns at the ground just in front of Skywarp's feet and fired, curious to see if the 'Decepticon' would jump or not.

"Frying stuff can be fun too," he agreed with Sparkstalker. "I remember one time me and the boys tossed an energon cocktail through some mook's front window. Burned his whole store to the ground 'cause he couldn't pay his protection, or somethin'. I was never really clear on the 'why' part of what we did, you know?"

Governor's Palace

"Yeah, yeah," Predacon laughed at Scorponok. "We love you too, don't worry. No need to get mushy on us."

He pondered the other scientist's question, then punctuated his thoughts with another laugh. "Self-destruct their holy site? They'd sooner die." He shrugged. "And I'll be happy to help them with that, if they do. Especially if Tarannie's going to use some of his toys on them."

Lugnut nodded, agreeing with Obsidian's assessment. Someone who was trying to get themselves killed was no more use than a coward who ran way from fights. But they were in Megatron's presence, now, and he was terrified to speak out of turn so he said nothing.

Megatron gave the two arriving Decepticons an evaluating look, then smiled. "My friends," he said, the word sending a shiver up Lugnut's spine, "I see that you've returned victorious. Your service to the cause will not be forgotten."

Fixing his glance on Obsidian, the Decepticon leader asked, "Truthfully, what is your assessment of the new troops? Lugnut here was one of the prisoners we liberated from Kaon's lockup after my election, but I don't expect all of our troops to be as reliable or loyal as he."

Lugnut practically swooned from the complement, but did his best to hide it, setting his feet wide apart, locking his jaw and clasping his massive hands behind his back in the closest an awkwardly-built mech such as he could come to a military posture. He simply stared forward, giving Megatron a slight nod but not trusting himself to respond to the show of respect from his master.

2012-08-22, 05:33 AM
Orbital Prison

To his credit, Skywarp didn't so much as jump as disappear with a puff, reappearing behind Black Shadow, club activating in one swift draw... but when he saw that Black Shadow was only fooling around, chuckled good-naturedly and collapsed the club back into its compact shape.

"Throwing cocktails sounds fun." Skywarp replied to Black Shadow. "Though, well, I'd rather drink it than throw it, you know? Especially if it's set on fire. Mmmmm.... Probably won't be able to speak for a decacycle or two, but totally worth it."

Governor's Palace

Scorponok shook his head and made a noncommittal grunt.

"Bloody prayerheads." Scorponok muttered, spitting on the ground. "Completely daft. I ask you- where is their silly god now? Where is Primus? We've conquered their holy sites, killed their Temple Knights... hell, the next Vector Computer we meet, I vote we turn into a site for techno-organic research. And we keep the Temple Knights alive, and feed them to Tarantulas piece by piece."

Obsidian's red optics glimmered with an unsettling madness. "I care not whether we are remembered, so long as Cybertron is restored to its original glory..."

When Megatron asked him the question, the glimmer died down to a more saner glow. The Air Commander considered, as he glanced up at Lugnut, nodding slightly in approval as the soldier straightened himself. "Lugnut is a very excellent asset, Megatron. He is completely devoted to the cause, with reasons that are not easily swayed. Moreover, he is a powerful combatant, and is, from what I've seen, devoted to you as a leader. A great asset."

"Skywarp... he is an idiot, but he, like Lugnut, is extremely loyal for reasons that's more than simple money or fear -- and, more importantly, he obeys orders to the letter. With his unique ability, he is also an asset." Obsidian tilted his head. "Thrust as well. He was left to his own command, and he managed to smoothly conquer Altihex prison without any assistance from me. Might be a great squad commander someday, hmm?"

"Onslaught is a known quantity, and his seamless cooperation with Thrust... also a valuable asset, although he's been rather quiet." Obsidian shook his head. "Grimlock, I had served with during the wars, but it seems that he's a little lacking in resolve or devotion. He is a truly fierce warrior, and his capacity for destruction has not been lost, but I fear he may be... a wild card of sorts. The Triple-Changer as well. Both he and Grimlock obeys orders, yes, but unlike Skywarp or Lugnut, they simply do it without any... zeal. The Triple-Changer in particular seemed distant, although that may be because of your scientists' experimentations."

Obsidian curled and uncurled his fingers. "Your new troops are... untrained. Some of them are members of the Destrons and Renegades, and most of them simply flock to the strongest leader around, being you. I believe that they would make good, disposable troops alongside the Vehicons, and we can easily weed out those with potential from them and promote them."

2012-08-22, 03:48 PM
Orbital Prison

Sparkstalker laughed at Black Shadow and Skywarp. These two, however primitive, were amusing.



Electro squinted, looking at the Vehicon sentries for a moment. "No problem there." he muttered, patting his rifle. "We can get around 'em."

He slowly headed in the direction of the tunnel, carefully inspecting the area as he did so.

2012-08-24, 12:28 PM
(OOC: Thanks, Warcry! I'll do my best to make sure they behave. :0)

Governor's Palace

Wildrider frowned when his attempt to contact his team-mates was received with the grainy wash of static swimming through the channel. He tried a second time, but that only served to increase the intensity of his annoyed expression.

“Looks like Breaks and Drags turned off their com-links.” Wildrider prodded his own com-link as if the action would magically activate it, thus opening a line to them. He gave up. “Oh, yeah. Down, all right. Or off. Or whatever.”

“It is possible that Motormaster ordered them to turn their com-links off,” Dead End said, unsure of even why he chose to offer an explanation. “All for his own amusement, no doubt.”

Wildrider nodded. Given how Motormaster delighted in their suffering, and went out of his way to provide it indiscriminately to his subordinates, the possibility of this latest act of cruelty gathered more truth than not. Fortunately, however, the Stunticon leader had decided to go easy on them. Had cut them some slack, he probably would have said.

Wildrider shrugged. “Ah, well. The show must go on, as it were.” Near a chamber he had yet to enter, he approached the door. “Now let's see what's behind door number fourteen!”

The terrorist grinned upon opening the door. It dropped off the instant his optics latched on to the three figures occupying the room. He stared at them for several astroseconds, a mixture of surprise and curiosity seizing his mobility.

Regaining his composure, he smiled sheepishly. “Uh...sorry, folks. And especially to you, lord. Boss. Megatron.” He let out a soft chuckle. “Must have taken the wrong left.”

Sweeping the room with his gaze, Wildrider recognised Starscream—fancy that!—having just bumped into him a short while ago, but the other mechanoid, a big, brutal looking psycho of a thing, startled him slightly. Once his memory recovered from the initial shock, it rustled up a name. Clench.

“You see, Dead End and I were looking for our team-mates, but we kinda got lost and ended up here. ”Wildrider smiled nervously. “A massive place you have here, boss. I mean, Megatron.”

Dead End, standing next to Wildrider, simply shook his cranial unit.

2012-08-24, 12:44 PM
Governor's Palace

Obsidian turned his head slightly, the bunch of wires that make up his primitive (compared to younger Cybertronians like Lugnut) neck extending to allow him to move. The former General regarded Wildrider and Dead End with a mild curiosity, but he did not address them, nor ask Megatron about them.

Megatron would introduce them, or he would not, or the two soldiers would introduce themselves, it did not matter.

Mere peons.

2012-08-24, 02:56 PM
Clench was surprised when the door swung open, but it didn't show on his face. His arm had twitched towards his weapons compartment, but stopped when he saw who the 'intruders' were. Not that he knew them, just knew that they were their own soldiers, and nothing to be concerned about.

"Seems like this party has ended up a spectacular success, Govenor." Clench said to Megatron.

2012-08-24, 10:21 PM
Orbital Prison

Black Shadow laughed when Skywarp teleported. "How do you do that, anyway?" he asked. "That's a neat trick."

He chuckled at the thought of someone drinking burning energon. "Yeah, don't do that," he said. "Not unless you want to get a new face afterwards. When Energon burns, it burns, you hear me? Not something you'd wanna to, unless you were making someone you don't like drink it. Like a dude from a rival gang, or one'a them Autaborts or something."

Governor's Palace

Predacon laughed along with Scorponok. "He's where he's always been, Scorpy -- nowhere, because he doesn't exist! You'd think they'd realize that, when he didn't smite us down with lightning..."

Lugnut puffed up with pride as Obsidian praised him to Megatron, but fear clawed at his guts as he pondered how hard it was going to be to live up to those lofty words.

Megatron absorbed the information he was given, but before he could respond Windrider and Dead End showed up on the scene. The Decepticon leader chuckled as he thought of just how many troops he'd gathered around him. These two wore the badge of his Decepticons, the badge that Venom had designed for them, and yet he didn't actually know who they were.

Lugnut moved to put himself between the new arrivals and his leader, but Megatron caught his eye and shook his head, telling him to stay put.

"Just 'Megatron' will do," he told the Stunticons, affecting his most statesmech-like voice. "But I'm ashamed to say that I don't know your names. I don't believe we've met before, have we?" He smiled, an unnatural expression for him but one that he'd had to trot out far too often as he was building his forces. "The palace is quite large and ostentatious, but unlike the elitist fools who occupied it before me I have little use for such ego-stroking excess. All of my followers have the run of the palace and all that it has to offer...except for the corridors guarded by armed Vehicons, naturally."

His expression grew more stern. "But please, don't go anywhere. We have guests coming -- uninvited ones this time -- and I'll need good troops to give them a proper welcome."

Turning to Clench, he nodded. "Just as I'd hoped," he said. "Our gathering and my declaration has provoked even more panic among the Autobots than I'd thought. But unfortunately, that means my task for you may have to wait."

(OOC: In other words, I haven't seen Sasquatch post for a while and I'm not sure if he still wants Overlord.)

He gestured back toward Magnus's cell. "The Autobots are coming for him. I want them to have him...but they can't know that we're letting them win. That's where you three come in. Clench, I want you to take these two..." he gestured toward the Stunticons, "and meet the Autobots in battle. My sources," he said, referring obliquely to Soundwave, "tell me that they'll be approaching from the Stanix border. Find them, fight them...and let them win. Then get back here and join me. Once they have Magnus, I intend to give them a welcome they'll never forget."

Finally he spoke to Obsidian. "Do what you can to make our new troops battleworthy in the time we've got. The Autobots won't have sent anything but their best, and we can't afford to see our new recruits slaughtered." Gesturing to the Seeker, he said, "Starscream here may be joining you...assuming he's interested in becoming the sort of Decepticon I know he can be."

2012-08-25, 04:10 AM
Orbital Prison

Skywarp shrugged. "Dunno. Been able to teleport ever since I could remember. Anyone else equipped with a teleportation device usually end up getting themselves fused into a wall or getting their insides warped or vomiting out their voice boxes or something."

The Seeker scratched the back of his head. "Mind you, my memory's really fuzzy. If this was a Skullgrin movie, it'll probably turn out that a long long time ago I was part of some secret government experiment or something, some wacky spy stuff." Skywarp shrugged. "Doubt it, though."

Skywarp grinned.

"Oh, you've just given me a new prank to play with. Awesomely much more fun than pushing people down stairs, yes? Yo! Destron guy with a weird name! You want a drink?" The Seeker waved at Igern, who was sitting on a bench, whispering with some of the former Destrons. Igern glared at Skywarp and gave him a rude gesture. Skywarp's happy grin grew even wider. "Oooh, I am so going to get him to drink burning pentane-grade energon..."

Governor's Palace

Scorponok chuckled at Predacon's words.

"Wonder what the prayabots' rationalization would be. Are they not faithful enough? Was Primus playing cards with, oh, the Necrobot or Nexus Maximus or something? Is Primus, in reality, a self-absorbed melodramatic and aloof glitch-head who doesn't care what happens to his priests?" Scorponok paused. "Of course, he doesn't exist, but it'd be fun to listen in to their conversation. Hey, Taranie, you think you can sneak one of those spider-cams into the Iacon Temple and listen to their debate? I can just picture it in my head."

Scorponok threw his claws up in the air in a very mocking impression of a priest of Primus. "Oh, woe is us, woe is us! Primus spare our sparks! Primus, please smite our enemies! Oh, woe is us!"

Obsidian gave Lugnut an approving nod when he instinctively moved in to protect Megatron. Good soldier, this. Truly believes in his cause and leader.

Megatron mentioned the Vehicons, and Obsidian's mind began to drift. How could he use these Vehicons? They had sparks, yes, but extremely limited intelligence. How useful! What good peons they make! They are far superior than the rabble outside, if only by virtue that they would obey orders without question... but one cannot be the leader of mere drones, which was why Obsidian had recruited the prisoners to the Decepticon cause.

Obsidian tilted his head, listening to Megatron. Good. He has his own plans working. Many times, Obsidian's 'superiors' did not bother to take the initiative and left all planning to Strika and him.

"Curious." Obsidian spoke up. "What advantage do you propose we shall obtain in allowing the Autobots to rescue one of their own? And what is to stop them from causing more damage than simply rescuing their soldier?"

The Stanix border. Once the Autobots had gotten in, it will have to be heavily guarded.

Obsidian nodded when Megatron gave him his orders. "I shall make no promises -- the Renegades and Destrons are, obviously, combat-trained, but many of them are simple-minded street thugs given a second chance. I shall weed out your troops, Megatron. They will serve you. Do I have your permission to begin assigning resources for their training and living quarters? Or is there somewhere you have in mind?"

Obsidian glanced to Starscream, and nodded. "Starscream, is it? My name is Obsidian, former High General of Cybertron, now Aerospace Commander of the Decepticon Army. What skills do you bring to the table, my friend?"

2012-08-25, 11:14 AM
(OOC: It's official. I'm blind. I didn't realise that Lugnut and Obsidian were there, too. Sorry, guys. ^_^;)

Governor's Palace

Hyperactivity, a physical state in which Wildrider found himself in more often than not, played a critical role in his continued functioning. Owing to an apparently unlimited fund of energy to draw upon, it had helped him survive in one of the harshest areas in Kaon before he had pledged his allegiance to the Decepticons. From eluding law enforcement to fighting off thugs belonging to gangs, hyperactivity had lent him its prodigious physicality to squirm out of trouble.

What it hadn't given Wildrider, however, was a respectable attention span. Or, in this case of bursting into one of Megatron's personal chambers uninvited, a working pair of optics.

Because the freaky Clench had distracted him, Wildrider failed to register the fourth and fifth individuals present in the room. How he missed Lugnut and Obsidian was a mystery in itself. But his concerns lay with Megatron and how he could prevent himself from further embarrassment.

Wildrider nodded. “Okay, just Megatron. Got it.” An unintentional pause. “Uh, the name's Wildrider and this here's Dead End. We're part of the Stunticon unit. You've probably spoken with Motormaster, our leader, a few times, just haven't seen the rest of us around.”

Remaining silent, he listened to Megatron. When the governor finished speaking, Wildrider's enthusiasm had been inflamed. He liked what Megatron had prepared for the Autobots; couldn't wait to get out there and dish out the hurt. And cause a good old general ruckus.

But the whole “let them win” thing didn't sit too well with him. That he could have done without.

All in all, though, eagerness could be viewed on his face-plate.

He flashed a bright smile. “We're definitely in! You can count on us, Megatron!”

2012-08-25, 12:25 PM
Governor's Palace

"I must confess I have never heard of this Stunticon unit before." Obsidian said to Wildrider, looking the Stunticon and his partner up and down. "Would you be so kind as to elaborate what your unit's specialties and members are?"

Probably some sort of high-speed ground alternate mode, Obsidian noted. And, judging by their name, they are either a group of acrobats, which is unlikely to be recruited by Megatron, or a group of high-speed warriors. Since it was a military operation, the latter is far more likely.

Of course, sometimes, like Skywarp had proven, despite their idiocy, these younger Cybertronians do have some... untapped potential which may prove very, very useful indeed...

And Megatron has his plans... this was turning into a very exciting evening indeed. Obsidian knew he should be more focused on his goal, toppling Iacon and installing Megatron at its head... but he cannot help but feel like a young Cybertronian again, as if he had just been spat out of Vector Lambda. This game of war... it's intoxicating.

Grimlock grunted as he gave Magnus one last glance before moving away. He did not need to see this... this pathetic wreck of a soldier left here.

It was... disgusting.


The Autobots took prisoners, yes, but they did not humiliate them. They don't torture them. Of course, this Magnus was a weakling, and he deserved the loss, but instead of an honorable death, or inprisonment, what they did to Magnus...

Grimlock knew why they did it, of course. Probably to send a message. Tell the Autobots what they were capable of doing.

It was, Grimlock thought, a coward's tactic.

Just like shooting down those beat cops.

Grimlock wasn't one of those Circuit-Su or Tekkaido honor-bound cowards. In battle, every advantage counts. Terrain. Weaponry. Numbers. But this... this is simply just...


That was the word. Wrong. As in right and wrong.

Grimlock did not know what he wanted for his life... he did not particularly care which side would win, but he did know this. The Decepticons, and what they did, they were wrong.

Grimlock extended a thick, powerful finger and traced out the purple insignia branded onto his chest. It looked pretty sharp, very simple. A far cry from the elaborate designs of the Council, of the Senate, of the Emirates... but it was not right.


Grimlock wanted strong opponents. Strong adversaries. He wanted to fight. That was why he was in the Gauntlet, that was why he was in the Forge, that was why he was here. He was no longer a tool! He was no longer the Autobots' tool, he was no longer the Council's tool... and now here he was, taking order from that buckethead Megatron and Obsidian again.

Grimlock slowly walked away from the corridor, looking down at the ground, arms hanging, thinking, thinking. Vehicons, Megatron's guests and troops and toadies and lackeys walked past and around him.

What would he do? He couldn't damn well escape, Megatron's troops will stop him, shoot him down. By now Obsidian would've noticed his hesitation.

If he stayed, no doubt Obsidian would try to get rid of him. Send him on some random suicide mission. And while Grimlock relished a challenge, he was not a fool. One on one he rated his chances against Megatron pretty well. Lugnut as well. The two of them at the same time? Maybe. But an entire army? He'll probably kill fifty or a hundred before Megatron or Lugnut or Clench arrives and puts him down....

Something slammed against Grimlock's shoulder, and he made a low growl as he glared at the Decepticon who bumped into him. A large Decepticon, with massive tank treads folded up his arms and a giant cannon strapped onto his back, glared at him.

Grimlock, disinterested, looked away and took a step away. The large Decepticon's arm shot out and grabbed Grimlock's shoulder. Grimlock's optic visor narrowed. "Don't. Touch. Me." Grimlock growled, punctuating each syllable slowly.

The burly Decepticon snorted as he pulled Grimlock around to face him. "Whassat? You're not going to say sorry? Listen t'me, boy. You don't just run into Maul and not say sorry. You don't just run into Maul and survive with your face all pretty. We're gonna rule this planet, an' I'm not gonna be dissed by a primitive, yeah?"

Grimlock's optics narrowed. "What you call me?"

A primitive? It was a slur. A derogatory insult given to those Cybertronians who live in the Wastelands, to tribes like the Dreads or the Terrorcons or the Microcons... Cybertronians who adapted a beast mode, and have little more intelligence than the beasts they adapted.

"A primitive. That's right, you can't even speak properly!" Maul roared in laughter. "Honestly, what hole did you crawl out of? You're what they call 'the Badass', right? 'King' Grim-something or other? Ffft, you don't look very badass to me, your majesty. Come on, do your worst."


Grimlock let out a growl. His vision turned red. Rage overtook him. His left hand lashed out and wrapped around the arm that was still touching his shoulder. Grimlock squeezed. Maul screamed. Pistons snapped, metal armour creaked as Grimlock crushed. Maul's fingers went limp as Grimlock let go. The arm hung loosely, connected by a mangled mess of wires, plates and hydraulics.


Maul roared as he took a step back, pulling out a trident from his back with his good arm. "You glitch! You're going to pay for that!"

Grimlock growled as he pulled out his own Energo-Blade from his back, swinging it and hacking off Maul's injured arm. Maul roared in pain as he stabbed blindly with the trident. Grimlock easily sidestepped the charge, and aimed a savage kick to Maul's stomach, before driving his elbow down onto Maul's back. Maul fell face-down onto the ground, losing his grip on the trident.

Grimlock planted his foot against Maul's back, and he leant in. "Me. Grimlock. KING!"

The gladiator then brought his fist down onto Maul's head, the impact knocking the Decepticon out. It was pitiful, really. This one is weak, relying on strength and bluster. Grimlock walked away, stomping and snapping Maul's trident apart out of spite, leaving the unconscious Decepticon behind.

Honestly. Are all Decepticons like this? Egomaniacal thugs full of themselves? Yet the likes of Lugnut and Springer seem different... no, Grimlock realized. Maul was as much a tool as the trident was. So was Grimlock.

"Me. Grimlock. Not tool." The former soldier growled under his breath, as he stalked out of Kolkular. "King. Never tool."

2012-08-27, 11:01 AM
Governor's Palace

Another mechanoid present in the chamber spoke. Wildrider had been so focused on listening to Megatron and providing him with a response after he'd finished speaking that the terrorist almost didn't catch the question Obsidian had directed at him.

Glorious scenes of chaos on display in his core processor had stolen his attention, a result of the task proposed to Wildrider. But Obsidian's question had extracted him from his dreamlike state, placing him back into reality. Only just.

He smiled at Obsidian. “Since you asked so nicely, sure I can! Okay, let's see... Where to begin...Where to begin...” He paused, thinking. “Okay, we're a group of five made up of high-performance vehicles, pretty much all designed to move fast. Except for Motormaster, 'cause he's a semi-trailer. But he still does pick up speed quicker than you'd think.

“Aside from being fast, we have these special force fields that allow us to take a fair bit of punishment and pull off the craziest manoeuvres on the road. No, seriously, you should see some of the insane slag we can—”

While Wildrider was striving to reply to the best of his ability, sometimes a new thought compelled him to deviate from the main issue, consequently causing him to lose track of what he was originally talking about. Fortunately he stopped himself before another topic took over.

“Uh, anyway, having these shields makes us decent shock troopers, the kind of guys good at stirring up mayhem and confusion on the battlefield.” He grinned. “At least in my case it does.

“Yeah, so Motormaster's our team leader, Breakdown's our scout, Dead End and Drag Strip are our warriors, and I'm the terrorist.”

Wildrider glanced at Dead End. His team-mate appeared to have no interest in contributing to the answer he was trying to give Obsidian. Same old Dead End.

“Well,” he said, uncertain if he had left out any vital information. “If there's something else you want to ask, go for it.”

2012-08-28, 04:11 PM
Clench stared, a little shocked by the orders Megatron had given. Letting them win wasn't necessarily a bad thing - armies feigned defeats and had alterior motives in battles before this one, and would continue to do so - it just shocked him Megatron didn't want to crush the Autobots more after having so thoroughly humiliating them earlier.

"Of course Govenor." Clench replied, cracking his knuckles. He turned to look at the Stunticons - his new 'allies' for this mission, before turning back to Megatron. "Should we engage them before they reach the mansion, or once they're inside?"

2012-08-30, 02:03 PM
Governor's Palace

Obsidian waited until Wildrider was finished, silently judging the soldier's mannerisms. He was certainly proud of himself, his capabilities and his team, yet cooperative enough with his allies. Certainly. A fast speed team with specialties in road battles... they could use that. With a good bit of Cybertron being made out of roads, a highly effective road wrecker team would certainly come in handy.

Force fields which allow them to take punishment in vehicular mode. Hmm. Teleportation, atomic punches... Obsidian felt a little twinge of realisation that he was long past his prime in battling. Yet he will not stop defending Cybertron.

"A terrorist?" Obsidian mused. The term has had mostly-negative connotations, but Obsidian knew that spreading terror and fear amongst the enemy is one of the most effective -- if morally questionable -- tactics. One he had few opportunities to use while serving with the Autobot army. "Excellent." Obsidian said. "I would certainly like to see your capabilities in battle, Wildrider, is it?"

The other Stunticon, Dead End, seemed rather... apathetic to the situation. Either he is a follower of orders, or he is also silently sizing up the other Decepticons like Obsidian was. Either one would be desirable, provided the Stunticons stay loyal, of course.

Obsidian turned to study Clench. With a sturdy bodyframe, no doubt this one had seen many battles, although he had the same look in him that indicated intelligence. A leader, then. Similar to Obsidian. His lips curled into a smile. So many unknowns. Oh, what great fun!

2012-09-01, 05:19 PM
(ooc: yes, I'd still like to play Overlord)

2012-09-03, 03:48 AM

Hot Rod moved silently along behind Electro, motioning the others to follow . Quietly, he hoped.

Governor's Palace:

He had waited. He had observed.

And to be honest, he wasn't quite sure what to think.

Cybertron was sliding towards chaos. He knew that much, had seen it happening in other city-states. He'd stopped it in his own, but he knew that the rest of the planet going to the inferno in a hovercart would take Polyhex down with it, no matter how iron-fisted his rule. Fron what he'd seen, Megatron would bring order from the chaos.

But it was starting to look like the chaos was winning around here.

Straxus, Lord High Governor of the city-state of Polyhex(motto: The most Peaceful Place on Cybertron, Break the Rules and Die) mused quietly to himself. As nice as it was, Megatron's new order wouldn't last unless Order was imposed on it. That being said, Straxus could always impose his own order later.

For now, he still needed to see Megatron and pledge his support. He strode down the corridor, energo-axe resting on his right shoulder.

"Hkk... p..pl....ease..."

The traitor, whom he'd stumbled across purely by accident(well, the luckless fool had made the mistake of wondering if Megatron's grand scheme was taking it a bit too far) hung, twitching spasmodically, from the uppermost spike of Straxus' axe as he strode down the corridor. "Perhaps, in your next life, you will be more satisfied with your lot."

2012-09-04, 03:30 AM
Orbital Prison

Black Shadow shrugged. "Skullgrin? Never heard of 'im." He thought about what Skywarp had to say, then shrugged. "Well, I guess you must be the brainy one then. I mean, if they've all smeared themselves but you're still alive, right?"

When the seeker ran off to try and get one of their new allies to burn his face off, the gangster sighed and said, "Or maybe not..."

Shrugging, the gangster waved vaguely at the seeker, then strode deeper into the prison and started levering open more storage lockers.

"Hey Sparky," he said to Sparkstalker. "Some'o these have electronic locks, eh? You wanna pop 'em?"

Governor's Palace

Predacon shrugged. "From where I'm standing we're more powerful than their so-called god anyway," he told Scorponok. "Real or not, he could only create transformers with one alternate mode. We've given Sixshot here five of them. And Tarannie even improved on one of the normal 'Primus-built' Transformers. Obviously we are the new gods here."

Lugnut returned Obsidian's nod, although truth be told the general's approval meant nothing to him. Only Megatron's expectations carried any weight.

(OOC: In that case, I can see to Overlord personally. Sorry this has taken so long.)

Megatron smiled. "My plan is twofold, Obsidian. Firstly, a propaganda victory. Magnus is nothing but a broken shell of his former self, beaten and addicted to this so-called "Dark Energon". Secondly, a simple distraction. If their best soldiers are here, trying to free one of their own, they won't be able to mount a full-fledged defence when we launch our assault on Iacon and it's allies."

He continued to smile when he responded to Wildrider, but his eyes went cold. "I knew I could count on you," he told the Stunticon, as if even the mere suggestion that they might not obey was treading dangerously close to a challenge to his authority. But the moment passed and his pleasant demeanour returned when the smaller Decepticon mentioned his proclivity for terrorism. "I think I can find a special job for you later. Something particularly suited to your skills."

Turning his attention to Clench, he said, "Attack them before they get here. I want you to pursue them. Drive them in this direction so that they don't have a chance to gather any useful intelligence on us or our troops."

As he spoke, his chamberlain arrived and whispered softly, "Sir, Lord Straxus has arrived for your meeting."

"Good, good. I'll meet him here." Turning back to his visitors with a more serious expression, he said, "A ruler's work is never done. I'm afraid I'll have to take my leave of you. Clench, you have your orders. See to the Autobots. Obsidian, prepare the rest of our forces for them, and for the battle that will follow. Starscream, make your choice quickly. Lugnut, stay. I've got a job for you."

Lugnut looked like he was going to faint, but he just nodded in acknowledgement and stayed where he was.

2012-09-04, 02:45 PM
Orbital Prison

"Oh, he's one of those macho-type movie actors. Makes a whole big deal about action scenes and explosions. Usually plays villains or traitor heroes or something." Skywarp chuckled as Black Shadow 'complimented' his intelligence.

"Of course I'm the brainy one! Although the smart laughing guy who has a helmet like Megatron's says that it's a freak incident that my equilibrium circuits are attuned or something or other."

Skywarp gave Igern one last rude gesture, before warping and hovering a few inches above the ground next to Black Shadow and Sparkstalker, moving along with their walking pace. "Ooo, ooo, unlock something really valuable! Obbie will probably reward us. You. Us. Mostly you, actually."

Governor's Palace

Scorponok laughed. "Tarantulas as a god? He will be one of those who demands hatchling blood sacrifices every seventh day of the week or something."

Scorponok clenched his claws reflexively, glancing behind at their creation, the silent, brooding Sixshot keeping pace with them. "I bet we can go even higher than five if we tried to. I've had a design for a prototype I've dubbed 'Devil Gigatron', with twelve alternate modes, but most of them are... bestial. Inspired by the legend of Primal Ginrai. And I thought we'd do something more traditional first."

Scorponok waved his claw, gesturing at a pair of emotionless Vehicons walking past. "The Vehicons seem to be progressing just fine. What shall we do next? Turn one of the moons into a giant Transformer, mayhaps?"

Obsidian nodded slowly. "I would query more about the reliability of this 'Dark Energon', for I have heard of a similarly-named substance. You imply that it is an addictive drug, most likely crippling... similar to... similar substances from legend. But I question not the validity of legends, so long as we can use them to our advantage, my lord. And Magnus' utter defeat, both mental and physical... indeed, it would be a much more unexpected and heavy blow to Autobot morale."

Obsidian nodded, sparing Wildrider a glance. Indeed, Obsidian could think of a lot of uses for a terrorist. The Tagan Heights, perhaps, would be a great point of explosion that would strike fear to civilian and military alike... but would it be good for Cybertron? Questionable. Best to keep silent for now. "True. Herding their best soldiers -- albeit a squad of them, at least, for I doubt my protege would send everyone on a suicide mission -- is a great tactical move." Obsidian nodded. "If Clench and the Stunticons can make the chase convincing enough, and drive them here, we can make it out of this with minimal loss in intelligence." Obsidian steepled his fingers together. "Although, Clench... if you and your men kill one or two of the Autobot footmen, it would not be a problem. It would, in fact, be a greater blow to the Autobot cause... just leave enough to make the rescue believable."

"Ah, Governor Straxus of Polyhex?" Obsidian said, "Interesting. If I had not my own duties to attend to, I would be interested to meet him. I absolutely love how he has restored Polyhex to its glory, not the bureaucratic mess that Iacon is..." When Megatron gave him his orders, Obsidian bowed low, crossing his arms across his chest in an old-fashioned gesture of supplication. "By your leave, Lord Megatron."

Calling Megatron 'Lord' and doing the gesture was something... personal to Obsidian. During the late ages of Guardian Prime's reign, calling someone 'Lord' and crossing one's arms and bowing -- thereby making oneself completely vulnerable to the Lord -- was the ultimate gesture of loyalty and supplication. The gesture is moot now that many younger Cybertronians have back-mounted weaponry, but back then when most weapons are attached to the wrists and legs...

And the title 'Lord' was reserved only to the Prime and his top viziers, as well as the Temple Knights. By doing the gesture, Obsidian had accepted Megatron as equal in standing with a Prime.

"I shall not tarry on and waste your valuable time, Governor." Obsidian turned to Lugnut and nodded, "Lugnut." The former High General turned to face Starscream, and crossed his arms against his back. "If you should decide to join our and Cybertron's cause, Seeker, follow me."

2012-09-05, 02:16 PM
Clench smiled as Megatron and Obsidian made his orders clear. "Good. Having wounded or dead comrades only makes the farce more convincing."

Clench turned towards the stunticons. "Hurry." He growled. "We haven't much time." Clench turned and strode towards the exit.



Rapido kept his scanners pealed as he followed behind Electro and Hot Rod, deftly avoiding anything that would make noise or draw attention to their area.

Topspin followed up the last of the group, making sure everything was clear and that no one followed them as they made their way past the sentries.

2012-09-07, 03:13 AM

Dai-Atlas stuck with the group, occasionally ranging out a ways to see if any opposition stood before them. It was times like this that he was thankful for his training, not that he ever begrudged his teachers, but by treating the area as an obtsacle course he was able to not only remain near the group, but was higher and able to see possible enemies.

2012-09-09, 05:27 AM
Orbital Prison

Black Shadow frowned. "Who's Mega-torn?" he asked Skywarp. "Another actor? Never heard of the guy."

Rooting around another weapons locker, he pulled out a pair of missile launchers. Grinning, he shouted, "Score!"

He looked at the two launchers for a second, then snapped them onto the hardpoints at the end of his wings. Then he looked in the mirror, frowning.

"Something's missing here..." He scratched his chin, then smirked and rubbed his hands together. "Oh, I got it."

His wings snapped into open position, spreading themselves wide away from Black Shadow's body. The missile launchers spread even wider, giving the gangster the look of a bird preparing for flight and giving his small frame the appearance of much more bulk.

"Oh yeah," he said, admiring himself. "Badass..."

Governor's Palace

Predacon frowned. "Since your pet hasn't come back, we haven't had a chance to examine his organic systems for flaws," he told Scorponok. "For all we know, he spontaneously melted a few miles past the city gates. I'd suggest a few other experiments first, before we try and combine the tech with something useful."

He chuckled at Scorponok's next suggestion. "No, I don't think we're going to let you experiment on anything that's in orbit. Don't think I've forgotten what happened last time. It was hilarious, OK, but if we send an entire moon floating out of the solar system Megatron will be pissed."

Megatron listened to Obsidian's concerns about the Dark Energon, but said nothing. With the last fragment safely in Soundwave's hands, he knew he would soon have a clearer picture of what it was and what it could do. Even the thought of it filled Megatron with a hunger that he couldn't deny, but he was strong enough both mentally and physically to ignore it until it passed. The thought of those same symptoms wracking Magnus's ruined body, amplified tenfold by the size of the dose he'd been given, filled the Decepticon leader with petty glee. He certainly wouldn't show such base emotions in front of his followers, though. He had an image as an unflappable, supremely confident and collected ruler and he couldn't undermine that without running the risk of losing control over his underlings. So he simply met the general's gaze, nodded curtly and told him, "Thank you, Obsidian. You're dismissed."

With his immediate business attended to, he turned to Lugnut.

"My task for you is a simple one, my friend. Before your arrest you were a gladiator, yes?"

Lugnut nodded. "I was. Not of the same renown as you, of course."

"Nonsense," Megatron waved his hand. "The 'Kaon Crusher' was a rising star before the Temple Knights tried to shut down the arena. What did they call it, a "cesspool of immorality"? Something like that, anyway." He smiled. "Not that you made it easy for them. How many did you kill, exactly?"

"Just one," Lugnut told him bashfully. "I mangled a few others, but they outnumbered us. Taking time to finish them seemed...a bad choice." His expression became even more uncomfortable, if that was even possible. "Glorious Megatron, if I may ask..."

"You want to know why I'm asking questions I already know the answer to." Megatron smiled. "A mere segue, my friend. During your time at the arena, did you meet a mechanism named Overlord?"

Lugnut nodded. "He was one of the top fighters," he told Megatron. "Not a main-event guy, but close. I never fought him, personally. I was still making my way up the mid-card when the Knights came, and after I pulverized them I couldn't stay to keep competing. I haven't had a chance to check out the fights since you freed me, but when the Autobots finally caught up with me he was set to challenge for the heavyweight title."

"He won it, actually," Megatron told him. "In fact, some commentators have declared him the second-best fighter of our generation." He smiled. "Next to me, of course. I could use a person like that."

Lugnut smiled, finally figuring out what Megatron was getting at. "He'll join us or die, my master."

Megatron sighed. "Don't call me 'master'," he repeated for what felt like the hundredth time today. "I'm just Megatron. And please don't try to fight him. I have every confidence in you as a warrior, but it would be a shame if either one of you died. If he doesn't agree to come with you, report back and I'll take matters into my own hands."

Lugnut looked confused, as if he wasn't sure whether he should apologize or be offended. Eventually he settled on bowing curtly and saying, "Yes, my liege. Your will shall be done."


Once Lugnut was out of earshot, Megatron sighed and muttered, "Are all my minions like that?"

2012-09-09, 04:25 PM
Orbital Prison

Skywarp looked at Black Shadow, a slightly incredulous look on his face. "You haven't heard of Megatron? Oh, right. Prison."

Skywarp boosted into the air, and perched on a cabinet, grinning as he watched Black Shadow looting the weapons locker and adding two missile launchers to his skin. "Would work better if you flexed your shoulders so. Make you look even bigger." Skywarp suggested.

"See, back to topic... Megatron is our big honcho. The big boss. The brawn and the brain. He single-handedly freed me, Pencilhead and Five-Eyes from a Class-Seven Autobot Prison ship. He's the unquestioned champion of the underground gladiator ring, with a grand total of zero losses. He's the governor of Kaon." Skywarp's red optics glinted with pride as he spoke about his leader. It wasn't quite the fanaticism Lugnut exhibited, but Skywarp was unmistakably proud of Megatron. He looked from Black Shadow, to Sparkstalker, to Flamefeather and to some of the others who's come to hear Skywarp's little story.

"And... he's the one who's killed Zeta Prime." Skywarp said, punctuating that with a punch into the air. "And he's going to be the new leader of Cybertron. We're going to help him do it."

(OOC: I'll post with Obsidian tomorrow)

Zero stood with the former Renegades, who were disciplined enough to mill around the entrance after obtaining weaponry, and scowled at Skywarp, a frowning expression on his face. "Megatron, huh? Can't be any worse than Cy-Kill."

Igern, sitting with several of the Destrons... those who hadn't joined the rabble, anyway. Igern really didn't have the fear Violen Jygar had over the troops. Only the smarter ones stayed around where he sat. Igern glared at Skywarp with hatred. "Lenja, Vion... we need to talk."

Governor's Palace

Scorponok shrugged noncommittally. "No big loss if he did so. It's a pity, Mini-Con protoforms are difficult to come by... but Sixshot is a far superior weapon, and Vector Theta can make us more regardless."

Scorponok scratched his chin with the tip of his claw. "Probably the integration had not achieved full balance. This requires more testing. Probably not all the systems have to be intermixed with organic matter?"

Scorponok chuckled. "Oh, Predacon, do not try and drag me into being guilty for that little accident. I was, if you would remember, still in the Senate at the moment. I merely funded your little weapons testing ground and paid off the media to spin a cover story. You were wholly and fully responsible for sending the entire orbital colony flying aimlessly to the space, dooming them to a slow and painful death."

Scorponok shrugged. "Damn funny, though. You should see it, Tarantulas. The colonists were screaming, shouting for help, but really, what could anyone do? Even we would be hard-pressed, even if we had wanted to help... which we didn't."

2012-09-12, 06:24 PM

Jazz followed the others in line as they moved forward towards the destination coordinates. "This is taking too long," Jazz said to Rapido. "We have to move faster. Who knows what these 'Cons are doing to Magnus."

Jazz moved forward in line towards Hot Rod and Electro. "I'm going to take lead. Stay here and wait for my signal. When you get it, move like lightning towards the tunnel entrance, but don't make a lot of noise doing so."

With that Jazz started to move forward swiftly in a type of way that his footsteps could hardly be heard. It was a temple knight trick and he was positive that Dai Atlas would notice it and would probably have questions about that too. That's was something to worry about later though as he spotted a sentry patrolling in the distance.

He stopped and scouted the area. All clear save for the sentry and no camera's either. At least, none registered on his scanners and optics. Time to move in.

He slowly moved closer to his target and got behind him. Once close enough, he tapped the sentry on his shoulder and as he turned around, Jazz punched his lights out with a swift blow to the side of its neck. "Sorry about that, but you were in the way," he said.

He grabbed the mech by its feet and dragged him towards what seemed to be a dumpster and dropped him in it. "All clear. Move on towards my posistion. We're only a few kliks away from the entrance to the tunnels. Get moving."


Governor's Palace

"One of the moons....?" Tarantulas said to no one in particular. "Weren't they infested with Quintessons during the War? Might be some niice things to play with over there," he added. "Too bad the Autobots prevent us from taking a trip to the moon. They must be hiding something there...."

Tarantulas snickered. "Not the remains of Cy-Kill though," he said as he cackled.

2012-09-13, 12:16 PM
Orbital Prison

"Obliterate." Obsidian said as he transformed back into his robot mode, the command activating his Transformation Cog. "Attention!" He called out to the rabble... yes, that was the only word that came to mind. "Attention!"

Obsidian glanced at Thrust and Springer, noting with distaste that Grimlock is not present, and neither was Skywarp.

"Lord Megatron has given me a task. It is to train all of you into fighting form. Anyone who thinks they are confident enough to wield a gun, move over there with the Renegades." Obsidian gestured towards where Zero and his men were standing. "Anyone who is not used to fighting with firearms... Zero, if you would be so kind as to spare a dozen of your troops to train them? You shall be in charge of training them."

Zero smirked. It was not a pretty smile, but he liked how Obsidian referred them as 'his troops'. Following these people might be good after all. The Renegade nodded and began giving orders to his troops.

"On to our second manner... where is Black Shadow?" Obsidian called out. "Anyone who has a flight-capable changeform is to report to Black Shadow, and then gather near me. Thrust, Springer, come."

Obsidian tilted his head. "And anyone who wishes to have a more passive role... intelligence and information gathering, you shall report to... hmm, yes. Sparkstalker." Truth be told, Sparkstalker was an unknown amount, and Obsidian did not like working with unknown amounts, but Skywarp vouched for him. He would have to take the fool on his word.

2012-09-13, 09:16 PM
Thrust looked over at Springer. "You heard the General. Let's go." He said, turning to walk towards Obsidian, assuming Springer was following. "Hopefully we'll be getting some more action, and Energon - Not necessarily in that order." He said, chuckling to himself.

2012-09-15, 03:02 PM
Orbital Prison

Obsidian looked around for Starscream, awaiting the younger Cybertronian to arrive. He spoke in a low tone so as not to let the new recruits overhear... although any who did listen would be judged good enough in Obsidian's books for a speedy promotion.

"Thrust, Springer... where is Skywarp? Ah, probably mingling with our new recruits. No matter. Megatron has a plan. We are to herd the Autobots towards Governor's Palace, and not anywhere else in Kaon where they may cause additional problems. Megatron wants them to rescue Ultra Magnus with a trap... and we are to get the troops ready. The Stunticons and Clench will run primary interference, but should they be in jeopardy, we must be ready to assist."

Obsidian pointed a skeleta finger at Thrust. "Thrust, you shall be my first lieutenant in flight command. I have given it some thought. You have proven yourself capable of leading an operation by yourself, and all the flight-capable warriors I have worked with seem to respect or tolerate you. You shall assist Black Shadow in managing the flight-capable recruits."

2012-09-19, 05:11 AM
Orbital Prison

Black Shadow sneered at Skywarp. "Flex? I don't need to flex to look scary, boy." He wasn't that impressed with Skywarp's list of Megatron's accomplishments, either. "Eh. Whatever you say, buddy. But the gang bosses I used to work for? They had the same big list and they were just as tough...right up until the redbadges cornered 'em and they started crying for mercy and sellin' out their bros. So me? I'm not gonna fawn over this guy just yet, 'kay?"

When he heard Obsidian's orders through the Decepticon comm channels, he was shocked. "Uh...yeah." Glad to find that his transmitter was switched off, he looked over at Skywarp and Sparkstalker to ask, "Uh...did he just put me in charge of something?"

Governor's Palace

Predacon laughed. "You've got a bad memory, Clawful," he told Scorponok. "You tried to get me there but I didn't want anything to do with that disaster waiting to happen that you called a lab. Good thing too, since your schematics got everyone aboard killed. I'm kinda attached to living."

He laughed at Tarantulas. "The way I heard it, Guardian Prime turned Cy-Kill's brain module into a necklace and wore it 'round his neck for as long as he was in charge. He did have a fortress on Luna 2, though, so who knows what's lurking up there?"

Kaon Amphitheatre

Lugnut transformed to robot mode and landed heavily outside newly-built stadium's entrance. A security guard tried to stop him from entering, but after he crushed the idiot's shoulder and shoved a Decepticon badge in his face no one else tried to get in his way.

Unfortunately, that made it difficult for him to find someone when he had questions to ask. Eventually, though, he managed to catch an usher who wasn't paying attention. Looming over the smaller robot, he demanded, "Where is Overlord?"

"He, uh...he's not competing today," the usher said. "His next match--"

"I'm not here to watch the fights," Lugnut told him. "I used to be in the fights. And so was my master."

"You're uh, a..."

"I'm a Decepticon," Lugnut said impatiently. "And I want to speak to Overlord."

"I'm not sure if I can...that's to say..."

"Really?" Lugnut grabbed the usher, raised him off the ground and slammed him into a wall. "You would defy the will of the Almighty Megatron? You traitorous swine!"

"No, I, er, that is..." The usher squirmed. "I can...page him, I guess? Maybe he'll come?"

"He'd better," Lugnut told him. "For your sake. If I have to go looking for him I won't be gentle on you."

Lugnut dropped the usher, who ran off as fast as he could. Moments later his voice rang out over the intercom: "Overlord, you have a visitor in Box #1. I repeat, you have a visitor in Box #1."

Lugnut let himself into the appointed box, which was empty at the moment but always held on reserve in case Megatron or any of his agents showed up to watch the fights. Relaxing in an oversized chair, the soldier sipped on a cube of energon and waited for his appointment to arrive.

2012-09-19, 09:34 AM
Orbital Prison

Skywarp shrugged and grinned. “I get that. I’ve worked with gang bosses, Shadow. And then there’s Megatron. I didn’t think much of him at first. Trust me… you’ll feel different. You’ll see.” Skywarp shrugged. “If you don’t, well, at least it’s a job.”

Skywarp raised a finger. “Word of advice. In front of Lugnut – that’s the big guy with five eyes and ridiculously large arms – never, ever say anything bad about Megatron. Hell, don’t even imply that you don’t worship Megatron… just smile and nod at whatever he says. Contrail laughed at Megatron once and Lugnut punched him. He’s got point-singularity generators in his fists. By the time the smoke cleared, Thrust and I only found his booties.”

“Eh, Obbie wants to find the best people for an army. That means people like me. He said that you were brave enough to speak out, which means you’re smarter than most of these bozos.” Skywarp shrugged. “Which means he’s going to put you on a small leadership position. It’s probably a test. Do it well and you just might get a quick promotion. Otherwise you’ll get stuck with the other idiots here. Become cannon fodder when we invade Crystal City or Iacon or something. Shine, and you'll lead a gang of your own.”

Skywarp grinned, and winked. “Rooting for you, Shadow. VVOP!”

The Seeker disappeared in a puff of black and purple smoke and whirling colours… and reappeared in the air next to Obsidian, hovering next to the Aerospace Commander.

Meanwhile, a couple dozen former prisoners who had visible wing or afterburner kibble had begun to mill around Black Shadow.

Governor's Palace

Scorponok shrugged. “Details, Buckethead. And anyway, none of that would have happened if I had been there personally. My stupid employees botched things up. It was a good thing that none of our names were implicated.” The Senator laughed. “Bureaucracy, Predacon. It is a highly useful… if tasteless… weapon.”

Scorponok patted the large rifle mounted on his hip. “Nothing beats good old-fashioned polarity-reversing anti-gravity guns, though.”

2012-09-19, 03:25 PM
Thrust nodded as Obsidian went over the details. "We should be able to drag Skywarp along, if you think he is necessary. However, too many guns involved and the Autobots surviving? At best they'll think we're incompetent. At worst? They'll realize it's a trap."


Outside of the Governor's Palace

(OOC - For convenience's sake, I'm going to assume the Stunticon's followed Clench)

Clench transformed outside the tunnels, glad to see he had beaten the Autobots to the entrance. He surveyed the area, looking for spots to plan an ambush. It wouldn't do to get caught in a narrow tunnel, especially with them having the suprior numbers.

"Stunticons - spread out and keep quiet. We have little time."

2012-09-19, 05:16 PM
Orbital Prison

"We will not engage the Autobots unless the Stunticons prove incompetent." Obsidian replied to Thrust, voice still quiet enough so the rabble would not hear. "But if in any way the Autobots manage to evade the Stunticons, I would like us and our new recruits to be ready to move in and herd the Autobots to Governor's Palace. Understand -- we are the backup plan. Clench runs the show at the moment, and I do believe he is competent enough, otherwise Megatron would not have entrusted him with this task."

"Someone say my name? My audios are burning." Skywarp said as he materialized, grinning unabashedly.

Obsidian glared at Skywarp. "No, I do not think Skywarp is necessary at the moment. No use pooling all our warriors in one flank. What if the Autobots have a secondary team? We cannot assume that they do not. Thrust, take Springer, a squadron of the fliers. Allow Black Shadow to choose his men, and take him along. He seems promising to be a squad commander. Perhaps your second-in-command, mmm, Thrust?"

Skywarp smiled a little. He had guessed Obsidian correctly... and he had warned Black Shadow. It was all up to the younger flier to impress Obsidian. Skywarp really wasn't that dumb. He understood things. He just didn't care.

Meanwhile, across the field the rabble had already begun to break apart in groups as Obsidian had ordered. Those without firearm training had gathered around Zero and his men, while the rest gathered in small groups centering on old gang allegiances and the like. Fliers, meanwhile, all drifted towards Black Shadow.

2012-09-21, 10:15 AM
Kaon streets

As Jazz kept moving forward towards the tunnel entrance, he suddenly stopped. "Autobots, I have a visual on the tunnel entrance," he said as quiet as possible. "Everybody move towards it. I'll cover you."

2012-09-23, 04:56 PM
Kaon Streets

Vehicon #72 glanced upwards as he walked down the streets, his purple-coloured optic band reflecting the dim lights of the broken neon lights on the streets. The Vehicons were all coloured in a strong shade of dark purple, had spikes jutting out of their shoulders and knees, and their silver heads are expressionless... the very model of a perfect soldier.

He thought he heard a noise, so he stopped. The perfect clank-clank-clank that only a proper machine could do stopped, and the silence attracted the attention of Vehicon #87, standing across the street. #87 had sharp wings protruding out of his back, like that of a Seeker, and had a jet changeform.

"Is there a problem?" #87 queried.

"The other unit patrolling this area has not returned yet." #72 replied. It was the first words he had spoken since Vector Theta spawned it. The rather high-pitched timbre of his voice, as opposed to #87's low drawl, surprised him. "Uncertain if it is a problem."

"Investigate. This unit will remain in this area." #87 suggested.

"Affirmative." #72 was not sure why he was taking orders from the other Vehicon, but his limited thinking capacity thought of the same thing to do, and his right arm transformed into a triangular-barreled energy rifle, and he began to walk in the same mechanical pace towards where his partner should have been patrolling.

2012-09-24, 04:36 AM
Kaon Ampitheatre

Overlord's optic sensors snapped on at the sound of his name. 'I have no fights today' he thought. 'How unfortunate for the mech calling me, it looks like I will be killing someone today'

He rose from his throne (as he called it) and began running systems diagnostics to ensure he was in perfect operating condition, as per usual.

Walking down the hallway to the public entrance Overlord at once spotted the Usher, and and laughed. "Speak now worm, why have you called me?'"

"The...There's a someone here to see you" the usher said, hoping to turn the gladiator's attention elsewhere. "He is in box #1"

'Hmm, that's Megatron's private box' Intrigued Overlord opened the door only to be disappointed by the sight of the purple mech standing before him.

"You are not Megatron" "And by what right do you have to summon me?"

Kaon Streets

Dai Atlas moved swiftly toward the entrance along with his companions. 'For trained soldiers these mechs make quite alot of noise' Doubling his pace he swiftly took the lead and silently stole through the door.

2012-09-25, 03:59 PM
Clench waited till Dai Atlas was almost through the door, seperated from his companions, and then sent a communication to the Stunticons "I do believe that we have some trespassers. Let's give them a warm welcome." As he said the last, he stood up and opened fire on the Autobots who had broken cover to get to the tunnel entrance, fully expecting the Stunticons to follow his orders. "Where do you think you're going?" He said to the unexpecting Autobots.

(OOC: Hopefully the Stunticons help, or Clench will be retreating much faster than anticipated!)

2012-09-26, 04:39 AM
Orbital Prison

Black Shadow shrugged. "Yeah, I'm not much of a believer," he admitted to Skywarp. "I'm all for kicking Autobot ass, and I'm definitely all for gettin' paid for it, though. I--"

Looking over, he saw that Skywarp had disappeared.

"Slagger," he said, shaking his head. "Whatever."

Waving at the other flyers who came over in his direction and trying not to look too panicked, Black Shadow put on his best business face and said, "So youse wanna be Decepticons? Stick with me and you'll see how it's done! We're flyers, see, so we're gonna be an important part o' the boss's plans."

The gangster had absolutely no idea what he was saying, but the crowd seemed to lap it up.

Governor's Palace

"I prefer a whiplash cutlass, personally," Predacon told Scorponok. "But anything'll do in a pinch."

Before he could make another joke, Megatron's voice boomed from the intercom.

"Scorponok, Tarantulas, Predacon, stop whatever childish games you're busy with and get ready to travel. Take your new creation Sixshot and a battalion of Vehicons with you and go to the Stanix/Praxus border. Once the Autobots 'escape' from Kaon, I want you to give them a small demonstration of the power that they've crossed."

Kaon Amphitheatre

Lugnut didn't really turn around to face Overlord, since he could see the other fighter clearly out of one of his peripheral optic sensors.

"I didn't summon," he said bluntly. "I just invited. The arena staff are jumpy. They don't like it when one of us plays rough." He gestured over toward the Energon kegs on the far wall. "Have a drink. It's the best in all of Kaon."

Lugnut sipped at his own (prodigiously large) glass and wiped a stray drop from his massive chin before turning his chair to face Overlord. He didn't smile, because one such has him simply didn't smile unless he was hurting his master's enemy. As a fellow fighter, he was sure Overlord would understand.

"Megatron wanted to meet you himself, but something came up. I'm Lugnut. Megatron sent me because this couldn't wait." Setting down his tankard of Energon, he crossed his arms and said, "He wants you on the team. As a Decepticon."

2012-09-26, 02:09 PM
Orbital Prison

Obsidian watched as Black Shadow began to speak to the mindless pawns that would make up their air command. Perfect. Thrust would be the more experienced lieutenant, whereas Black Shadow will be the more down-to-earth one closer to the troops, so to speak. That would reduce the need for Obsidian to actually interact with the pawns and cloud his judgment.

Such sentiments... had cost him before.

He decided to give Black Shadow some more time to get familiar with the troops, before telling him what to do.

Skywarp grinned as he perched atop an outcropping, turning to Springer and Thrust. "Exciting, yes?"

Governor's Palace

"I would say something about how unorthodox a whiplash cutlass is, but then I'm one to talk, am I not?" Scorponok replied to Predacon, chuckling while Megatron's announcement boomed.

"Ah, good. Our great leader summons us. Come, Sixshot." Scorponok's visor flipped down over his optics, and fed him technical data. "Vehicon squads eight, nine and twelve, transform and assemble at these coordinates as soon as possible." Scorponok spoke through the commlink, and smirked as the datafeeds showed the barely-sentient troops moving almost immediately. Perfect.

"A small demonstration? Oh, Sixshot, it is your time to shine!" Scorponok chuckled, his claws opening and closing in anticipation.

Sixshot merely nodded, and continued to follow his creators. A small demonstration of the power they possessed... meaning him and these troop-like Vehicons.

Finally. The time has come to do what he was built to do. To say that Sixshot was excited was an understatement, but he did not show anything outwardly.

Grimlock heard the announcement. The Stanix/Praxus border? Autobots escaping from Kaon? The gladiator narrowed his red optics. Something... interesting... something involving a fight was coming that way.

The gladiator made a grunting noise before turning around and striding towards the exit of Governor's Palace.

2012-09-26, 03:39 PM
Kaon Streets

As Dai Atlas was spotted by Clench who opened fire, Jazz quickly hid out of sight and contacted Dai Atlas via the secure com link that Volks had set up. "Dai Altas, do you read me?" he said. "I want you to neutralize the threat to our mission any way you see fit. If you know a non-lethal method then by all means do so, but do it fast!"

He then contacted the rest of the group. "Autobots, we have to act quickly. Topspin, if Dai Atlas doesn't take care of the problem within a few kliks, you have my permission to take down the enemy with your rifle. Hot Rod, Electro, Rapido, what's your status? Any more enemies in the area?"


Governor's Palace

Tarantulas rubbed his hands together. "Finally!" he shouted. "new source material to work with," he added and then cackled. "This is going to be sooo much fun," and then cackled some more as he made he way out of the Palace.


Orbital Prison

Springer listened closely to the conversation between Thrust and Obsidian. The Autobots willing to go to such risk to save one of their own was quite commendable. He must mean a great deal to them, he thought. Skywarp then spoke to him.

"Yes, it is," he replied. "Finally something to instead of guard duty and terrorizing prisoners. I used to be a merc, a mech of action. I hate guard duty more than anything else."

2012-09-26, 03:54 PM
Kaon Streets

(OOC: Cannon fodder by any other name...)

Vehicon #72 gestured at the others nearby. "Gunfire." The Vehicon began to walk at a faster pace, followed by the others nearby. "Commander Obsidian, gunfire at Quadrant Four-B."

"Ah, excellent. That would be Clench. Stay around him as backup fire, but do let him and the Stunticons engage the Autobots."

#72 nodded, and with #87 and three other Vehicons, he strode into position next to Clench. "Commander Clench." the Vehicon saluted briskly, before opening fire at Jazz's team.

Orbital Prison

Looking up after communicating with the Vehicon, Obsidian turned around to face Springer. "You do, don't you? Well, far be it from me to assign you a duty you dislike -- it would be ineffective. Therefore, while Thrust and Skywarp stay here, you can go to the Governor's Palace. The Autobots will attempt to infiltrate, no doubt herded there by Clench and the Stunticons. You will engage them, but do not kill more than one or two. We require them to rescure Magnus. Retreat when you see fit."

The scientists' creation would be an excellent pawn indeed. The introduction of a triple-changer would be another excellent blow to the Autobots' morale.

"Can I come?" Skywarp said, grinning.

Obsidian shook his head. "You and Thrust stay here. I have something in mind for all of you."

2012-09-26, 07:32 PM
Orbital Prison

Triggerhappy stood with the other fliers that gathered around Black Shadow. "Don't care what I've got to be, as long as I get to shoot stuff in the process," he said. "Been holed up in this thing far too long and my trigger digits are way too itchy right now."


"Thank you commander," Springer replied. "The Autobots won't know what hit them." Springer transformed into his flight mode and took off.

2012-09-27, 09:57 AM
Orbital Prison

"Remember -- do not kill too many of the Autobots. It will defeat the whole purpose of herding them here." Obsidian called off after Springer as the Triple Changer flew away.

"Silent, broody chap, isn't he?" Skywarp chuckled. "That's going to be his nickname, then. Broody."

Obsidian glanced at Skywarp and gave him a withering look. "Could you possibly be less serious? Look at them. Even our new recruit Black Shadow is doing something productive."

Skywarp grinned unashamedly. "Eh, boss, just tell me what to do, and I'll do it. Beat someone up, kill some Autobots, get in a dogfight, fly to Iacon and kill whoever they made Prime after Zeta kicked the bucket... anything. No reason to get all broody like Broody, hmm?"

Osidian made an expression that could charitably be called a scowl. "If I gave you a mission of highest importance... would you be able to carry it out?"

"Of course. I'll do it or die." Skywarp said, grinning, optics bright. "I'm, like, Lugnut, but without all the hyperbole. In Megatron we trust and all that."

Obsidian nodded, narrowing his optics as the pieces on the imaginary chessboard in his head moved. "For now you will fly with Thrust, Black Shadow and myself. But I have something in mind for you later."

2012-09-27, 07:45 PM
Rapido was about to reply to Jazz when one of the Vehicons' fire hit near him, silencing him for the moment. "I think that's an affirmative." He said in reply to Jazz's question, taking cover.

Topspin listened as Jazz gave his orders, transforming into his more heavily armored tank mode. He held his fire, for now, waiting on Dai Atlas to get clear.


Orbital Prison

Thrust sighed as Skywarp kept using the nickname for Springer. At least the other mech hadn't decided to give him some awful name yet. There was at least that much to be thankful for.

Turning to Obsidian, "What's next on the agenda?"

2012-09-27, 09:57 PM
Kaon Streets

Jazz took a peek from where he was hiding. "I'm counting five, 6 if you're counting the one that's engaging Dai Atlas," he replied to Rapido. "Hot Rod, Electro, Topspin, Rapido: Take them out."

With that, Jazz came out of hiding, took aim at Vehicon #72's head and fired off a round with his rifle.


2012-09-28, 11:26 AM
Orbital Prison

"What's with the sigh, Pencilhead? We all know I give names to people I love!" Skywarp grinned unashamedly as he gave Thrust two thumbs up.

Obsidian ignored Skywarp and turned to Thrust. "The Autobots must have forces lying in wait in Yuss. Once Clench's men had driven them clear, I shall send the ground forces here to go with the Vehicons to Yuss, and impose martial law. It will serve a two-pronged strike -- we eliminate Autobot resources in Yuss, kill off any sympathizers and stop the insertion team's original escape plan."

Obsidian pointed towards the direction of the Praxus-Stanix border. "Meanwhile, we can assume that the insertion team will try to make a secondary escape through Praxus, once they are informed of our troops movement towards there. The Decepticon's so-called Team Science is headed there, but I intend to bring the two of you, as well as Black Shadow's flight squadron, there to personally ensure that Lord Megatron's machinations go as planned... that is, to deal a blow to the Autobot morale. Which is imperative now to see which of our fliers are combat capable."

Kaon Streets

#72 ducked out of instinct as Jazz's shot sailed over his head. It slammed onto #87's chest, burning a hole straight into the jet-changeform Vehicon's inner workings. #87 reached for his chest with his clawed arm, before crumpling onto the ground without a word. #72 and the other four remaining Vehicons said nothing, did not react to their comrade's death. One of them even stepped over #87's corpse as he moved to get a clear shot.

#72 pointed at Jazz's team. "Do not let the intruders escape. Fliers, convert and engage."

Two jet-form Vehicons did so, transforming into their jet mode and shooting forwards, strafing Jazz, Rapido and Topspin's position.

2012-09-28, 02:47 PM
"I like it." Thrust said in reply to Obsidian, ignoring Skywarp for the moment. "The Autobots won't know what hit them." Thrust grinned as he said the last.


Kaon Streets

Clench's anger that the Stunticons had not surfaced yet was starting to get the better of him. This was not a drill, and while the Autobots may not have the numbers in their favor, they certainly had the quality, even with the added Vehicon support.

As the last thought formed, one of the Vehicons was drilled and fell to the ground. Clench turned his neutron rifle's fire towards Jazz, trying to make him duck back into cover again.


Rapido threw himself forward, transforming as he did so, missing the Vehicon strafing run by mere feet. He shot off towards Dai Atlas's position.

Topspin was not as lucky, already in his tank mode, and made a not so agile target. His armor absorbed the hits without too much issue, the hits causing some coring and burns, and he shot off a tank round towards the encroaching Vehicon force not already in the air.

2012-09-28, 03:15 PM
Orbital Prison

"Definitely. Between Sixshot, the broken Magnus and this little show of superiority in numbers, I believe this would suffice as a simple exercise of flexing our pistons." Obsidian punctuated this by waving an arm grandiosely at the troops already dividing into groups.

"And, Thrust, on the contrary... the Autobots will know what hit them. They will know... they will spread the word... and they will be afraid. Fear, Thrust. Fear. It is as potent a weapon as ballistics and lasers." Obsidian chuckled, a hard laugh that said he didn't entirely approve of what they will be doing. "When we kill hope... we kill the enemy's victory."

Kaon Streets

Topspin's shot slammed onto the wingtip of one of the flying Vehicons. It was merely a glancing shot, but for a fragile jet flying at such high speeds, it proved fatal. The Vehicon spun around helplessly as his wing was torn apart by both the explosion and the sudden movement, before crashing and exploding on the ground.

The remaining airborne Vehicon looped around and opened fire at a strafing run down on the Autobots.

#72 and the other ground-bound Vehicon rushed towards Clench's side, opening fire at the Autobots. "Orders, sir."

2012-10-03, 12:11 AM
Kaon Streets:

Hot Rod scowled. He held a photon blaster in his left hand, the other blaster hanging from a mag-holster on his right hip, leaning against the corner of a building. The visor slid down over his optics as he pulled the other photon blaster, leaned around the corner of the building and opened fire at Vehicon #72.

2012-10-03, 03:20 AM
Orbital Prison

Black Shadow spent some time getting to know his crew, most of whom were petty thugs like he was, locked up for the same sort of gangster crap that he'd been. Some of them had even been in rival gangs from his 'hood in Kaon, but none of that really mattered anymore. They were all together in this new "Decepticon" gang, after all, and their old leaders had mostly been spark-extracted. The ex-hoodlums had much more in common than they did differences.

Of course, it had also helped quite a bit when the first idiot who got uppity had wound up being fed his own teeth.

"Yo, Mr. Obsidian," he called into his comlink, "your gangsta air wing is ready to kick ass."

When Triggerhappy spoke up, Black Shadow took a second to decide if what he'd said was insubordinate. It was hard to tell, really...some of the gang bosses he'd worked with had been slagging nuts, shooting their own mechs for looking at them the wrong way. But this 'Obsidian' didn't seem the type, which suited Black Shadow just fine -- he'd rather be the sort of mech whose gang actually liked him.

Plus, he really liked the sound of shooting stuff too.

"Me too, buddy. Me too." He gave Triggerhappy and evaluating look. "Seems like you're ready to do it, too. How'd they ever lock a mech like you up anyway?"

Governor's Palace

Predacon practically beamed. "Oh, I can hardly wait! You're going to make us so proud, Sixshot! The destruction, glorious destruction...it'll be beautiful!"

Predacon vaulted out of the nearest window, transforming into his vehicle mode -- an awkward-looking combination of mining tank and tilt-rotor helicopter that only a mad scientist could conceive of -- and flew off to meet the Vehicon hordes.

2012-10-04, 01:02 AM
Kaon Ampitheatre

Overlord took the drink that was offered to him. Sipping it he sized up the one called Lugnut. 'definitely a fighter' he thought. "I fight for none but myself, I have no need for others" Perhaps you as a former fighter can understand. With that Overlord turned to leave. "Also, if your master wants to beg for my services he should at least have the courtesy to do it himself" He said as a final remark.

Kaon Streets

Dai Atlas moved quickly to cover. Luckily he had grabbed what he assumed was a smoke grenade from Wheeljack's lab. "Here's hoping these are like the ones we used in training" he said arming the grenade then lobbing it at CLench

The grenade detonated with a cloud of red smoke obscuring the view of his foe. Dai Atlas shut his optics and listened for the tell tale signs of an opponent. His auditory sensors picked up the sound of metal scraping against metal. Reacting quickly he threw a kick in the direction of the sound.

2012-10-04, 06:48 PM
Kaon Amphitheatre

"I do understand!" Lugnut barked at Overlord as the fighter tried to leave, his primary optic narrowing with zealous intensity. "I understand that you are ten times the fighter of anyone else in this building, other than maybe me. I understand that you're bored with kicking the oil out of the worthless jobbers that they run out for you to crush every week. I understand that there's no point in even showing up to your fights anymore because no one believes you'll lose."

The Decepticon got up and walked over to the keg to get a refill. He was silent for a moment or two, ignoring Overlord as the energon flowed so that the gladiator would have time to think over what he'd said. He was absolutely sure that Overlord would stop and listen, because he was a fighter himself and he did understand how Overlord felt. He'd been the same way until Megatron had shown him the light.

"I understand," he said at last, " that you need a challenge. You're the best fighter here, Overlord. By a mile. No one and nothing can stand against you. You've accomplished everything you can in the arena! Join the glorious Megatron -- who you will respect, by the way -- and you can prove that you're really one of the best fighters on Cybertron! Or stay here and be a big Sharkticon in a small pit."

Lugnut downed the drink in one chug, then slammed the glass down on the table with his gigantic hand. When he finally looked back toward Overlord, his voice had taken on a clearly fanatical tone. "It's your choice, Overlord. But there's a war coming. And if you sit it out you'll spend the rest of your life wondering what you missed."

2012-10-04, 07:48 PM
Kaon Streets

Vehicon #72 saw Hot Rod's shot coming towards him, and attempted to duck to the side. The photon blast slammed against his right shoulder, blowing off his wheel and armour as it threw him onto the ground.

As he attempted to regain his footing, the other two ground-bound Vehicons raised their weapons and continued to open fire at Hot Rod and the other Autobots.

Orbital Prison

Obsidian watched as Black Shadow made his authority known with a good dose of physical violence, and nodded in approval. Normally he'd prefer simple disciplinary action, but with time as scarce as it is...

"Excellent, Black Shadow. Have your squadron transform and fly up. We are going to the Praxus-Stanix border. I would like to see how good your wingmates can cooperate. Our senior fliers like Thrust and Skyw-" Obsidian was interrupted rudely when Skywarp bolted in front of him, opening fire at a Turbofox that happened to inspect the area.

Obsidian harrumphed. "As I was saying, our senior fliers like Thrust will decide squadron divisions based on the upcoming mission. We will fly there, rendezvous with Predacon's group and wait in standby for the order from Megatron."

Skywarp bounded back towards Obsidian, carrying the bullet-ridden corpse of the Turbofox by the scruff of its neck. "What're we going to do in Praxus or Stanix?"

"We are to demolish Praxus and kill everyone in it."

"Oh. Cool! I never took you as a joker. No, boss, seriously."

"I do not joke."

"Still cool."

Governor's Palace

"Destruction, yes..." Sixshot said, his voice very hypnotic as he followed Predacon's example, transforming into his beast mode, bounding through the window, and transforming into jet mode as soon as his arc of jump took him outside Governor's Palace, easily catching up and keeping in pace with Predacon.

Scorponok shook his head, glanced at Tarantulas, and shrugged as he walked out of one of the gates. "You know, Predacon, doors are here for a reason. You're giving the baby a bad example."

Scorponok himself transformed into his construction vehicle alternate mode. Senators generally prefer skyskiffs or jets or the like as alternate modes, but Scorponok knew the power of having a combat ready alternate mode. Scorponok's construction vehicle had two massive scoop buckets that formed his claws in robot mode, the giant tail formed a massive elevated gun emplacement, and his main body is positively bristling with weapons. He rolled on the ground on treads towards Praxus/Stanix.

2012-10-05, 03:34 PM
Clench cursed as his view of Dai Atlas was obscured. Turning to the Vehicon who had asked for orders, "Kill a few if you can, but we'll retreat if we lose a few more bots."

Things were already going south, faster than anticipated, without the Stunticons. "Try and herd them towards the tunnel." He said to the Vehicons, his fire still focused towards Jazz's location.

2012-10-05, 04:27 PM
Governor's Palace

"Commander Clench, do you require any assistance or manpower? We are prepared to provide any should you need." Obsidian opened a commlink to Clench, speaking in a way that intoned no malice or condescending whatsoever.

Hopefully Clench wouldn't see it as Obsidian questioning his capability... well, if the other commander was too proud to ask for help, it was his own skin he risked. And such folly was better off extricated from the cause. If Clench should refuse Obsidian's help and survive, then he was good enough to be trusted with such missions. If he did not, there was no big loss.

Koan Streets

As #72 got up to his feet, his left shoulder sparking and twitching slightly, he turned to face Clench. "Affirmative." #72, showing no signs of the pain shooting through his cerebral cortices, stood straight up and continued to return fire. The other Vehicons did likewise.

The airborne Vehicon swooped down for another strafing run.

2012-10-07, 10:36 PM
Kaon Streets:

Hot Rod pulled back around the corner, one shot grazing the side of his head before he could completely duck back into cover. Wincing, he growled and swung his blasters up and opened fire at the airborne Vehicon.

2012-10-08, 01:52 PM
Kaon Streets

The airborne Vehicon blew up rather spectacularly as Hot Rod's photon blasts ruptured something critical, sending the purple jet tumbling out of the sky, breaking apart into burning chunks as it did so.

"Evasive." #72 said, and the three ground-bound Vehicons leaped away from the falling debris. "Reacquiring target." It said again as it took aim and fired another series of shots at Hot Rod.

2012-10-09, 08:46 PM
"We've lost several Vehicons so far. No casualties on their end." Clench replied back tersely to Obsidian, ducking below enemy fire as he said the last. "No longer outnumber them. Will need reinforcements if you want us to delay them much longer."

2012-10-09, 11:29 PM
Kaon Streets:

Hot Rod fell back as return fire from the Vehicons chewed into the corner of the building he was using for cover. "Slag", he hissed under his breath. This was not going well. There was a difference between fighting other thugs and trained soldiers. Maybe the trick was to do the unexpected. He transformed to vehicle mode, one of the blasters locking into place on his hood, the photon blaster blazing away as he roared around the corner of the building, charging towards the Vehicons.

Governor's Palace:

Straxus strode into the outer chamber of the Governor's offices, taking a seat, waiting to see Megatron.

2012-10-10, 03:20 PM
Grounded Orbital Station

Not too proud, then. Smart enough to call for backup. Good.

"Acknowledged." Obsidian turned to face Thrust and Skywarp, and nodded. "Clench requires reinforcements. Black Shadow!" Obsidian called out to the gangster-turned-Decepticon. "You are to bring a dozen of fliers with you. Pick who you think are the best. Divide into two flights, and go to these coordinates. You are to assist Commander Clench and the Vehicons. Drive the Autobots towards the Palace over there."

"Don't kill all of them!" Skywarp cheerily chirped. "Or, well, don't all of you get killed by them!"

Obsidian turned to face Skywarp. "You will be flying to observe them, as well as to act as backup should any of them fall. Thrust, you, I and the rest of the fliers will meet Team Science. Zero, Igern, send the bulk of the ground troops to wait near the Forge, and once I give the signal, move them to block the Autobots' escape to Yuss."

Kaon Streets

Unprogrammed for an illogical move such as this, #72 and the other two Vehicons were stunned by Hot Rod's sudden charge, and instinctively turned and attempted to open fire at Hot Rod...

The delay was costly, and the Vehicon standing next to #72 burst apart as a photon burst ripped through its chest. The dead Vehicon spun around and wordlessly crumpled onto the ground, parts breaking apart and shattering as it did so.

#72 and the remaining Vehicon poured blast after blast at the incoming Hot Rod.

2012-10-10, 11:21 PM
Kaon Streets:

Hot Rod cut hard to the right, transforming into a shoulder roll, trying to dodge the incoming fire, one shot drilling into the wing on his back, another catching him high in the right arm, another burning across the side of his left thigh, wincing as he brings the photon blaster in his left hand up, blazing away at the remaining Vehicons.

2012-10-11, 05:39 PM
Kaon Streets

"Disperse. Evade."

Vehicons #72 and #73 were slightly more prepared for this maneuver; at least this time they could see Hot Rod transform. Both ducked and rolled towards opposite sides, making themselves further apart in order to draw Hot Rod's fire.

One of Hot Rod's blasts caught #73 by the leg, blowing apart through actuators and pistons, and a second one sheared off the wheel attached to it. Although #73 managed to regain his footing. Ignoring the pain shooting through his maimed leg, #73 joined #72 in firing at Hot Rod.

2012-10-12, 03:34 AM
Grounded Orbital Prison

"Gotcha, boss." Black Shadow looked around at his makeshift squad of hoodlums, thugs and Triggerhappy. "Yo, you heard the boss, guys. Jet modes and get flyin'!"

He waved his hand at one bunch. "You guys, go with Triggerhappy. Youse," he pointed at another group, "wit me. We gonna thump some Autobots!"

"I'm gonna head in from the east," he told Triggerhappy. "You and your boys, from the west. Skywarp, since you're comin' wit us try not to get in the way, alright? We'll handle this gangsta style."


"Doors? Ha!" Predacon barked. "Doors are tools the Autobot establishment use to keep us in our place. I scoff at doors. Scoff, I say!"

He laughed.

"Besides, Scorponok, I've always wanted to do that." Laughing again, he added, "Oh, I'm so looking forward to going to Praxus. I used to teach at the university there, you know, before they fired me for...well, honestly, what didn't they fire me for? I'm looking forward to stopping in, visiting the old gang, ripping their fuel pumps out and setting the place on fire."

Governor's Palace

Megatron walked into his office, a stony expression on his face.

"Straxus," he said flatly in acknowledgement of his fellow governor. "You've left me waiting, my friend. I can only hope that your answer makes the wait worthwhile. Does Polyhex stand with us?"

Megatron kept walking as he talked, leading Straxus into his inner sanctum. Once inside, he turned around and settled down onto his simple iron throne, musing as he did that he would need to get a Decepticon-themed one installed soon.

2012-10-13, 03:44 AM
Kaon Ampitheatre

Overlord hesitated at Lugnut's words. They very same ideas had been in the back of his processor ever since his last fight. The end all of end all fights it had been billed. The only thing that ended was that over-hyped fighter's spark. Thinking back Overlord couldn't even remember his name. Not that it mattered, the fight was nothing. The fighter was nothing.

All of this flashed through Overlord's mind as he turned around. "Perhaps I have grown bored here, the quality of fighters has certainly been decreasing of late" "I suppose I have Megatron and yourself to blame for that".

"If there is a war coming, It will take more than the dregs that you've no doubt recruited to win." 'And it will take a better warrior than Megatron' he thought. 'He's done the work, perhaps it is time for Overlord to become conqueror of Cybertron.'

"You have changed my mind Lugnut, it is time for me to aspire to greater heights than this."

2012-10-14, 08:46 AM
Grounded Orbital Prison

"Remember, goad them towards Governor's Palace. And if Clench tells you to do something, you do it." Obsidian told Black Shadow as the newly-appointed squad leader began to give orders.

Obsidian turned to Thrust and gave him an approving nod. "It seems that Black Shadow is a good choice after all, don't you think so?"

Skywarp grinned as he ignited his jet-boots and shot into the air from where he was perching. "No worries, shadowboy... Won't get in your way. See you guys around." The Seeker then disappeared in a puff of black and purple smoke and a loud VVOPP.


Scorponok would have rolled his optics had they been accessible in his vehicular configuration. Instead he made a disgusted yet amused grunt. "You're crazy, Predacon." Scorponok muttered. "Then again, I am one to talk."

"Personally, one of Praxus' Senators swindled a good deal of shanix from me. Mind you, I personally toppled two of his companies and hired thugs to set fire to one of his warehouse, but the point stands that he stole from me." Scorponok sighed. "Can't remember the chap's name. Something uncreative and wholly boring. Hell, he probably called himself 'Praxus' for all I know."

2012-10-14, 11:04 PM
Kaon Streets:

Hot Rod transformed again, engine roaring as he charged at #72, the photon blaster mounted on his hood pivoting and blasting away at #73.

No matter how this worked out, it was going to hurt.

Governor's Palace, Megatron's Throne Room:

Straxus followed Megatron into the room, noting the austere throne and approving. No need for showmanship when ruling with an iron fist.

"Yes, Megatron, I have come with my decision." He dropped to one knee, the top of his energo-axe on the floor, his hands folded across the grip. "I swear Polyhex to your cause. For only you can bring order out of the chaos."

2012-10-15, 04:51 AM

"Right boss, gotcha," Black Shadow agreed with Obsidian. He wasn't really worried about any of that, though. More than anything else he was just happy to get a chance to kick some Autobot butt.

Throw me in jail, will you?

He and his jets roared overhead, hoping the sound of their engines rumbling in concert would be enough to spook the Autobot soldiers.

(Other) Streets

"Crazy? No, I'm a Decepticon," Predacon told Scorponok. "Come on, we've all gotta beat the 'oppression' drum once in a while to remind the little mech why we're fighting, right? If we say, 'hooray, we get to test our new toys on civilians' they might get a little disillusioned."

He chuckled.

"Besides, the real reason we're going to Praxus is because their governor pissed off Brother Megs somehow..."

Governor's Palace

Megatron nodded gravely. "Good," he said, letting his left hand fall on Straxus's shoulder for a moment. "Your allegiance is appreciated, my friend. Appreciated and needed, because things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. My sources tell me there's been an...incident in Praxus, and the Decepticons will need to respond to it with force."

His slight smile indicated that whatever had happened had been at his direction.

Kaon Amphitheatre

Lugnut nodded, his lantern-jawed face curving into a smile. "I knew you'd see it my way," he told Overlord. "After all, you're a fighter like myself and the glorious Megatron -- not an entertainer." He practically spat the last word. "You're the last great fighter left here. The rest have already joined our cause, like you say. Not that any of the others are in the class of yourself and Megatron. Certainly not me."

He gestured toward the door. "In that case, we should go back to the governor's palace. Megatron would like to see you immediately."

2012-10-15, 03:12 PM
Now-Grounded Orbital Prison

"Zero, Igern, Onslaught, direct the ground troops towards the Yuss region as soon as Black Shadow, Clench or myself give you the go. Thrust- you, I and the remaining airborne troops shall travel to Praxus." Obsidian's rotors spun faster as he gained altitude.

"Obsidian: Obliterate!" The voice-activated transformation caused a million metal plates to reform instantly, reconfiguring Obsidian into his twin-rotor warship alternate mode. Time to lead a new campaign. He felt... exhilarated. Excited. "Fliers, with me!"

(Other) Streets

"Blowing up other scientists, subjugating a city, defying the laws of nature, creating techno-organic abominations, drinking the blood of our enemy, yes!" Scorponok replied to Predacon. "I draw the line at jumping out of windows!"

Scorponok shrugged. "Say the civvies are Autobot sympathizers or something. Propaganda always works. So long as you pay the right people."

The former Senator chuckled. "What did the Governor of Praxus do, then? Curious minds. Also, I want to prepare a jibe for Mister Praxus or whoever the chap in charge is."

2012-10-15, 04:53 PM
Orbital Prison

Triggerhappy scratched the back of his head. "I...," he paused for a moment. "I ran out of ammo," he said ashamed.

He was a bit surprised when Black Shadow told him to lead a group of mech on an attack. "I don't know the slightest thing about leading anybody. All I've ever been told is what to shoot, but I'll give it my best try!"

He stepped outside and waved over to the mechs. "Alright everybody! Form up on me, transform and get into position!"



Clench's fire upon Jazz made it impossible for him to move forward. "Autobots! We've got them outnumbered! Time to move! Topspin! Cover me!"

Trying to create an opening for the others, Jazz moved out first. He transformed to vehicle mode and headed straight for Clench with the intention to ram him.

2012-10-16, 04:09 PM
Thrust grunted as Obsidian asked about Black Shadow. "Promising, but I want to see how he does in live-fire." As he said the last, he transformed and followed Obsidian into the sky. "Still, he has potential."



Rapido's sensors registered the Decepticon reinforcements before they reached the area. "Jazz, we're about to have a lot of airborne company!" He yelled to the leader. "We need to end this - quickly!" As he said the last, he popped up behind the cover he had taken and fired rounds at the Vehicons which were shooting at Hot Rod.


Topspin laughed as another round clicked into the chamber. When Jazz ordered covering fire, he adjusted his aim and directed the shell towards the Vehicon's with the best angle at Jazz.


Clench saw Jazz transform and take off towards him and smiled. The Autobot fool had no clue who he was messing with. "Vehicons. Keep the others busy. This one is mine." Saying the last, he transformed into his armored vehicle mode and charged Jazz, knowing he would easily get the better of a ramming competition.

2012-10-17, 03:07 PM

"As do I." Obsidian conferred to Thrust in a low voice as they flew towards Praxus, "Hence sending them out on this mission. It is critical, but not critical enough that their failure would unravel all of Megatron's plans. Skywarp or the Vehicons can take up their place in but a moment should they fail... and if they do succeed, it would be a boost in both morale and skills."

"And besides... think of it as... survival of the fittest."


The two Vehicons were unable to reply to Clench. Hot Rod's photon blasts slammed onto #73 squarely on the chest, sending him twisting around and slamming onto a chunk of debris, the photon blast burning through the internal mechanisms.

#72 braced himself for Hot Rod's charge, about to transform himself, but Rapido's shot slammed onto his arm and ignited the energy packs in his weapon, creating an explosion which left the Vehicon with a burning stump for a hand.

Slightly shocked by the impact, #72 was forced several steps backwards.

Topspin's shell tore through the smoke left by his hand, and it impacted onto his chest. "Oh." The Vehicon said in surprise, right before the shell blew #72 apart in a spectacular explosion which also engulfed the twitching #73.

2012-10-19, 11:33 AM

Topspin was providing Jazz with the cover fire that he needed and proceeded with the attack on Clench. His armored vehicle mode was more than a match for Jazz and he had no intention to get scraped on this mission. Just before the two mechs would hit, Jazz transformed and used his speed to jump over Clench's vehicle mode. Landing behind him, he grabbed one of Wheeljack's sonic grenades from subspace and threw it at him.

"Then we are going to end it now," he yelled back at Rapido. "Everybody into the tunnels now,'' he barked. "We're going to seal the entrace behind us when all of us are in. We need to be out of here before the fliers arrive!"


(Other) Streets

"Everybody pisses off Brother Megs somehow," Tarantulas said in response to Predacon. "Not that I mind, it means more work for us," he said with a giggle as he followed the others in his vehicle mode.

2012-10-20, 06:39 AM
En Route to Praxus

Scorponok allowed his twin shovels to do an approximation of a shrug at Tarantulas. "More work? Look at it this way -- more resources to test our new toys on."

2012-10-21, 04:45 AM

"Scrap, man, I don't know nothin' either," Black Shadow told Triggerhappy. "But they put me in charge, so I figger you're just as good as me."

When Jazz and company didn't spook at the sound of their engines, Black Shadow was a bit confused.

Guess these guys are tougher than they look.

"Alright, boys, start shootin'! Just, you know, don't kill 'em all..."

He targeted the nearest of the Autobots (Topspin, as it turned out) with his ion cannons and fired off several rounds at them.

"Run, you cowards! Run!"

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"Oh, stop being such an adult," Predacon told Scorponok. "You're allowed to enjoy things other than causing pain and suffering, you know."

He shrugged. "I dunno. He didn't join us, isn't that enough? Autobot scrap, that's what he and his people are. And that's good enough for me!"

Predacon grinned. "And you too, Tarannie. Seriously, you people...work, work, work... Vehicons are more fun, I swear."

"See, I told you the Creator loves us!" Brick shouted to Hammer as the two Vehicons joined the group of their brethren who had fallen in behind Team Science.

2012-10-21, 01:20 PM
(Other) Streets

Scorponok let out a disapproving snort at Predacon. "I do have other enjoyments, but none of you find politics even remotely interesting." Scorponok chuckled. "But, yes, this new hierarchy is far, far better than the silly bureaucratic nonsense we were saddled with. If you're not with us, we vape you."

Scorponok spared a slight glance at Brick and Hammer as the Vehicon group moved into place behind them, and chuckled.

He was starting to have quite a lot of... children.

Sixshot flew in pace with Brick and Hammer, more bored than curious about his... lesser... lesser? About his brethren.

"It seems that we share the same creators." Why was he socializing with the Vehicons? They were ground troops, Sixshot was a one-man army. "Pray tell, do you have any designations?"

2012-10-22, 10:58 PM

"Either way, let's give these guys hell!" Triggerhappy replied to Black Shadow as he unleashed a salvo on the Autobots, though nobody in particular. He just liked the sound of gunfire.

"Kill 'em all!" Triggerhappy shouted to his subjects.


"Jazz jumped to cover as he didn't want to stand around to get scrapped. Even though oe of the fliers aim wasn't that good, he didn't want to risk it. "Autobots! Move into the tunnels! Now!"

As he barked his orders, Jazz made a break for the tunnel. "Jazz to Volks," he said as he contacted him over the secure line. "Things are heating up big time over here. Let Prowl know that I suspect that we were being expected. I'll contact you again as soon as I get the chance."


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"But work can be so much fun," Tarantulas replied to Predacon. "Can't remember that I've ever been this busy and had so much fun in one time." Tarantulas laughed. He didn't care whether anybody thought that he was a workaholic or not. He enjoyed his work and gladly showed it to others. In his mind it was superior to anybody else's anyway.

"Work, resources, slaves, guinea mechs," he said to Scorponok. "All the same different names for the same thing," Tarantulas laughed. "I just hope there's enough left of the Autobots for us to work with."

2012-10-24, 01:50 PM
Near the Battlezone

There was an old structure which was a dome covered with spikes. What purpose it may have used to serve -- be it a religious temple, or a haven for the arts -- was lost by the parts of it which had crumbled or been vandalized, or had been repurposed as shops or hideouts.

Skywarp did not particularly care. He materialized on top of one of the spikes and perched there, and watched as Black Shadow and Triggerhappy began their assault, grinning.

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"It's not that we have a shortage of Autobots, Tarantulas." Scorponok replied to the other scientist. "Not to mention civilians. I'm sure Megatron wouldn't mind if one or two of the unproductive civilians were to disappear off the streets, mmm?"