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2012-03-19, 02:29 PM
Yeah, Dungeons and Dragons style Character Alignments (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CharacterAlignment). Basically, characters generally are divided through two spectrums: good-versus-evil and order-versus-chaos. Because, well, good is not always nice and evil is not always chaotic. So the alignments are, well, Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil...

We all know what your characters' allegiances are, but what are their alignments? Discuss. (Warcry, this is all your fault)

-Sentinel: Lawful Good. He's very lawful (as long as the laws are those that he implemented) and his alignment is definitely good; everything he does he does for the Autobot cause and peace. Unfortunately, he's so high-and-mighty and a massive piece of jerk, that while his heart is in the right place, he's a pain to work with. Kind of like paladins in D&D settings.

-Prowl: I'm quite puzzled by Prowl when trying to sort him into the alignment houses. He's definitely not Lawful Good, since he's prone to working around the rules and doesn't matter what happens so long as peace is maintained... probably Lawful Neutral, or Neutral Good, perhaps? Funny, I've always thought Prowl to be a paragon of order... (Of course, he fancies himself to be Lawful Good, but we all know he's not)

-Scorponok: Neutral Evil, bordering on Chaotic considering the people he surrounds himself with. He's not exactly 'oh ha ha, let's watch the world burn and eat people' like the rest of Team Science, and is still quite sane and able to manipulate people for his own needs. Definitely evil, though.

-Sixshot: Lawful Neutral. He's not evil, because he simply does not comprehend good-versus-evil. Come on, he's a day old and he's told that his function is to mass murder people, what else can you do? Technically he is evil, sure... but he does not feel amoral about it, nor does he feel that he is doing something wrong.

-Obsidian: Lawful Neutral/Evil. He will keep Cybertron safe at all costs. Used to be Lawful Good until he went off the slippery slope and became a Decepticon who orders to kill people just to make interrogations faster. Obsidian subconsciously revels in the freedom the Decepticons give him to do his tasks.

-Skywarp: Chaotic Neutral/Chaotic Evil, depending on whether you consider not having any sort of morality as equivalent to evil or not. He's definitely chaotic, and in no way good, but considering that he's got psychological problems that leaves him with the fact that he doesn't consider killing people as wrong per se, technically he's Chaotic Neutral...

-Grimlock: A True Neutral at the moment. EDIT: Chaotic Neutral, mixed with a hint of reluctant villain. We all know he's going to be an Autobot, but he's not really going to delve into the 'Good is not Nice' part, he's still a neutral and would take lives and stuff like that, it's just going to depend on how sold he is on the Autobot code.

-The Fallen: The very deep end of the Chaotic Evil pool. Emphasis on chaotic. And evil. He's evil, he's chaotic, he wants to see the world burn, and kills people just for laughs. Still, he does try to bring more chaos into the world... by offering people deals and stuff, just to see what will happen if, say, oh... Mindwipe is given hypnotic powers. Being that thee whole 'avatar of entropy' is his shtick, well, is it a surprise?

-Seymour Simmons: We haven't seen much of him, but he's mostly Chaotic Good, I think.

2012-03-19, 03:20 PM
Topspin -Neutral Good. He wants the best but realizes it probably isn't going to happen for everyone - which is why he has a big cannon. :)

Highbrow -True Neutral. He recognizes the value of the law, but doesn't care about the politics behind it all. His logical nature makes him analyze all of the situations carefully and choose what is best in each circumstance.

Rapido - Chaotic Good. He's on the black ops team for crying out loud! He know's that sometimes the laws get in the way of protecting people.

Clench -Neutral Evil. Looking out for himself and his interests, not caring about any grand cause except what benefits him most.

Thrust -Chaotic Neutral. Struggled with this one, but I think it fits. He doesn't see what he's doing as wrong. He doesn't really have that moral compass. Wants to be free to do whatever he wants, and the Autobots get in the way of that.

2012-03-19, 09:41 PM
Overlord I'm leaning toward lawful evil because he wants to rule cybertron with an iron fist, but on the other hand he has no trouble breaking rules.

2012-03-20, 02:27 AM
Red Alert: Lawful Good...ish. He's definitely more emphatic on the Lawful half of the alignment, since he's a cop who never doubts in the righteousness of his job. But he's way more dedicated to tracking down bad guys than a neutral guy would be.

Smokescreen: Chaotic Good. He's an outsider and not much of a joiner. He's also not a huge stickler for rules, which makes his day job a lot easier (how could Lawful types get what was going through his patients' heads?). And he's so dedicated to helping people that the Good side of the ledger was never in doubt.

Omega Supreme: True Neutral, insofar as he's behaving less like a person than a location right now.

Aaaand I've had about enough of this awkward typing so I'll write up my Decepticons later...

2012-03-20, 02:55 AM
Swoop: I'd say good nutraul for now that is.

2012-03-20, 11:27 PM
Hmm... interesting thread :up: Used a wiki to help me out with this :D

(Ultra) Magnus: Lawful Good. He acts with compassion, and always with honor and a sense of duty. He may sometimes find himself faced with the dilemma of whether to obey law or good when the two conflict. Like when it could lead innocents to come to harm. Or conflicts between two orders, such as between rulers and not knowing which side to choose. (Big interrogation hint here!) ;)

Kup: Neutral good. He has no problems with co-operating with the government or follwing army procedures. In the event that doing the right thing requires bending the rules a little, he'll have no problem with it, but he won't break them.

Volks: Chaotic Good. He's a good guy at heart (spark?) and believes he does the right thing, but his methods are usually not legal.

Jazz: Chaotic Good. He's the Black Ops field leader and will do anything to keep the peace. He's a nice guy to pretty much everybody, unless Prowl puts a target on your head :p

Tarantulas: Right now, I see him as Lawful Evil. He has no problem following Megatron's orders (mostly) but he doesn't care for the rights and freedoms of other individuals and will most likely twist the rules to work in his favor. The only dilemma he'll have is figuring out if something could benefit him or if he could get caught. He's not against doing anything sadistic to a specimen, but it's just for the sake of being evil. He'll always have a purpose. Man, I love this character :D

Wheeljack: Neutral Good, I think. He is mostly guided by his conscience and wants his inventions to benefit Cybertronians instead of doing them harm. Sadly for him, it never turns out that way.

Springer: Neutral, I think. I'm still not really certain of what direction I want to take him. Pretty much the same as with Grimlock. It's going to depend on the circumstances I guess.

2012-03-21, 05:51 AM
Aaaand I've had about enough of this awkward typing so I'll write up my Decepticons later...
And now that I've got a real computer again...

Megatron: He's not Lawful, because he's happily staged an illegal secession from the legitimate government while poisoning the head-of-state. But he's not opposed to order. In fact, he likes it. It's just that he wants to impose his order on everyone else around him regardless of what they want or need. I'm sure if you asked him, he would identify as Neutral Good...but he's a deluded tyrant and what he says doesn't carry much weight. One day, a long time ago, maybe he was. But that was a long time ago, and he's not that person anymore. By the time the game started he was True Neutral, but what he did to Zeta Prime pushed him over the moral event horizon into Neutral Evil territory, for me.

Predacon: Chaotic Stupid (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ChaoticStupid). I know that's not a real alignment, but it's him in a nutshell. He's Chaotic Evil if you want to be technical about it, but so far over on the Chaotic side that it drowns out the Evil even while he's cackling about how evil he is.

Lugnut: Not really evil in his own right, since he's blindly devoted to his master's will above all else. He considers himself a soldier and recoils at the thought of hurting defenceless people or committing violence just for fun (though that doesn't stop him from enjoying violence directed at legitimate targets, or Skywarp). He's squarely in the middle of Lawful Neutral right now, but it will be a struggle for him to remain there without angering his Decepticon allies since most of the higher-ups are undeniably evil.

Soundwave: As a government-created spy program that's accidentally become sentient, Soundwave can't possibly be anything but Lawful Evil, can he? The way he manipulated Sentinel during their conversation a few months ago was, IMO, a perfect embodiment of everything the alignment stands for.

The Vehicons default to True Neutral, insofar as they're bred to serve as Decepticon soldiers and simply doing what comes naturally to them. They also lack any measure of free will (at least upon creation they do...naturally it will develop with time) so their actions wouldn't be entirely of their own choosing anyway. Individual members of the race will vary in whatever direction is convenient for the plot, though.

2012-03-21, 08:42 AM
Chaotic Stupid (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ChaoticStupid).

Now we know what Skywarp's true alignment is.

(though that doesn't stop him from enjoying violence directed at legitimate targets, or Skywarp).


But Skywarp likes Lugnut. He's like his big brother.

Lady Quickswitch
2012-03-21, 11:54 AM
Quickswitch: Not that he's been created, but you wouldn't believe me if I told you!

Sky Lynx: Self-Righteous Glorious Good. He stands for all things right and good under unshakable law. A law Sentinel and Prowl just flagrantly violated!

Incision/Cutthroat: Neutral Evil. The guy just doesn't care, and he's grown bored with the business of repair after repair.

2012-06-19, 05:17 PM

Imma gonna go with...*thoughtful ponder*...Neutral Good.

Arcee does fully believe that any society needs laws and structures in order to survive in anything resembling a just state of affairs, but she also believes that no laws and structure are immune to questioning. There may be a perfect combination of standards and regulations that lead to a perfect community, but the Cybertronian Race has yet to find it, and when faults are found, a Bot should feel free to amend them, or bypass them for the greater good.

If a law leads to the underserved suffering of others, then it is not a law worth upholding.

She is also fully committed to the ideal that every mech has the inherent right to choice ones place within any given structure or, at the very least, has the right, and the potential means (including the possibility of failing to do so) to achieve it.

2012-06-20, 02:22 AM
(Any) Starscreams alignment is complex.

Now its been some years since Ive really sat and pondered alignment via D&D standards (Im a AD&D 2nd gen player by the way but haven't played in some time) so I did some reading to reacquaint myself with it.

So, going by the refresher course and going by how long Ive been RPing G1 SS in some variation or another (depending on the universe I'm in) Id like to think I'm somewhat qualified in saying that putting Starscreams alignment into one category is pretty much impossible. He has traits from several alignment categories and it took some thinking to try and pin it down. (least for me) But after pondering, Ive tentatively settled on a split alignment of:

Chaotic Evil w/Neutral Evil tendencies

Evil and evil. Chaotic and Neutral. Yea, we got a volatile and dangerous combination there for sure but it fits him the best out of all the combinations he could have been put into.

I could sit here and explain why I gave him that alignment but the article I read on wiki really summed it up too good to pass up. So below is the articles definitions on the alignments that I chose for my char:

Chaotic Evil

Chaotic Evil is referred to as the "Destroyer" or "Demonic" alignment. Characters of this alignment tend to have no respect for rules, other people's lives, or anything but their own desires, which are typically selfish and cruel. They set a high value on personal freedom, but do not have any regard for the lives or freedom of other people. They do not work well in groups, as they resent being given orders, and usually behave themselves only out of fear of punishment.

Neutral Evil

Neutral Evil is called the "Malefactor" alignment. Characters of this alignment are typically selfish and have no qualms about turning on their allies-of-the-moment. They have no compunctions about harming others to get what they want, but neither will they go out of their way to cause carnage or mayhem when they see no direct benefit to it. They abide by laws for only as long as it is convenient for them. A villain of this alignment can be more dangerous than either Lawful or Chaotic Evil characters, since she or he is neither bound by any sort of honor or tradition nor disorganized and pointlessly violent.

2012-07-29, 03:57 PM
Good question. Let's see here.......

Nightbeat: Probably some odd combination of Chaotic/Lawful Good. Inherently, he's a detective. The only reason he's a cop is the simple fact that it pays better. The down side is paperwork.

Hot Rod: Definately Chaotic Neutral. He might feel bad about some of the things he does,, but it won't stop him from doing them.

Orion: Lawful Good with a touch of Chaotic Good. He will become the Prime, after all.

Ironhide: Good is Not Nice. Specifically, Good is Not Nice #4. He's old, he's ornery, and he ain't gonna cuddle anybody.

Tracks: I think Tracks would just generally fall under the heading of Neutral Good. With a hint of Narsissim.

Straxus: Lawful Evil. Very Lawful Evil.

Bludgeon: True Neutral. The only reason he's a Decepticon is the simple fact that the Autobots don't duel much.

Roadbuster: Another Good is Not Nice #4 type, but less likely to punch you in the head.