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2012-04-20, 09:26 AM
Matt Moylan, who some of you might know as the creator of http://www.lilformers.com, has posted few pages from the unpublished issues of War Within v3:

He also posted some stories from the time he worked for DW:






2012-04-20, 09:43 AM
Matt Moylan's a pretty difficult person to like, isn't he? Same sort of Mad Brick "we went along with it at the time for the money, now we're not getting any we're going to speak up" vibe.

Turns out Age of Wrath would have been shit on toast after all (if anyone's stupid enough to cough up for Furman's scripts, let us know just what recycled ideas would have been distorted by Crazy Joe). Thought Pat's Armada swipes were well-known too.

Still, interesting to hear about the Red Alert thing, though it still doesn't really explain why they then put him in War & Peace anyway apart from because all the other Season 2 Autobots were there.

inflatable dalek
2012-04-20, 12:19 PM
Matt Moylan's a pretty difficult person to like, isn't he? Same sort of Mad Brick "we went along with it at the time for the money, now we're not getting any we're going to speak up" vibe.

There's certainly some overly emotive stuff in there, pitching for the GI Joe licence when it was coming up for renewal is hardly "stealing" it, and indeed that's how IDW got it isn't it? Considering the big success both Joes and TF had enjoyed with the initial relaunch I doubt they were the only small publisher who had a punt with the licence ending.

And would Hasbro have really been bothered with both properties being at Dreamwave? They don't seem to have had a huge amount more freedom than IDW, and the only real "Power" they had over the franchise other than their own books was Hasbro and Takara using their art on the reissue boxes. Which only stopped in Takara's case with the dropping of the book design, not the change of publisher. I suspect Devil's Due kept it simply because the Joe book had been a great success and there wasn't much point in breaking up a winning partnership.

EDIT: Though the "We don't want both at one publisher" thing could have just been the official reason/brush off Hasbro gave Dreamwave I suppose.

I think the Red Alert thing had previously been confirmed by Mad Brick, though the explanation of the substitution art is new and surprisingly well done. Though as you say, why put him in book 2?

Oh, and "Correcting characters eye colours", as just keeping them consistent from issue to issue wouldn't require a fan in residence why do I have a terrible feeling it was to go for the blue/good red/evil cartoon combo?

I'm also dubious as to how many people didn't know they were ghosting for Lee, of the various names mentioned It's only Milne who seems to have been caught unaware. Or at least the only person bothered enough to complain after the fact.

As for War Within.... Hey, Grimlock wasn't dead! Who'd have thunk it?

2012-04-20, 01:31 PM
Mmmm, there does seem a concerted attempt to say "Everything bad with the company was directly down to Pat and Roger". I'm not about to apologise for either of them, but a lot of people only seem to have located their conscience once they were sure they weren't badmouthing a current/potential employer. I suppose people have got to look after their jobs, but then turning around and going "THE HORROR!!!!" is a bit much.

inflatable dalek
2012-04-20, 01:40 PM
And indeed, wasn't there one ex-staffer who was rigorously defending the Lee boys when Brad and Mick turned up to go "We'd love to tell you how our story would have ended if you give us money?"

It's been the better part of a decade now, Lee seems to have had karma visit him with the whole funding his girlfriends beauty pageant before she dumped him thing and everyone at Dreamwave is unlikely to see any cash at this stage, but most have gone on to do at least some work for IDW. It's probably time to move on and, unless some amazing new revelations come out about the behind the scenes shenanigans, just let the comics stand and fall on their own merits.

2012-04-20, 02:30 PM
You know, the last link about using "Stat Panels" on Transformers Armada doesn't seem like such a horrid thing.

DW was just staying true to the original anime series which had numerous re-used scenes.

If the anime can re-use stock footage, battle poses and backgrounds, it is only right that the comics use them. If not, it won't be "true to the original"