View Full Version : [Prime] S02E13 Triangulation

2012-05-21, 08:44 AM
An enjoyable romp. Not a lot happens really. Just more squabbling over trinkets like sale day at Debenhams. A great fight scene between Dreadwing and Optimus. Nice opening scene with Starscream wincing at the thought of performing surgery on himself...and 'Apex Armour', which will no doubt send fanboys into squealing fits of joy. I am a bit surprised that the humans were so willing to hand over the relic to the Prime though.

2012-05-21, 09:47 AM
Keep meaning to post about this one. I thought it was alright, and nice to see the quest narrative played with a tiny bit with Starscream ending up with the relic. And thank **** someone remembered Wheeljack, even if I can basically script his and Ratchet's interaction right now.

Am I the only one wondering what exactly Prime sees in Dreadwing, though? He doesn't seem especially honourable.

2012-05-21, 02:08 PM
I think he fancies him