View Full Version : [Prime] S02E14 Triage

2012-05-23, 04:30 AM
That wasn't bad - Ratchet and Wheeljack working together moved along nicely despite a cliched start, it was nice to see Soundwave get out of the house for the first time since early Season 1 and some of the interweaving has been nicely done (Dreadwing being back defeated before Knock-Out). Also some good fight scenes and the grenade explosion (if I was them I would have made the viewer wait until next week to see if Knock-Out survived, though).

Wheeljack's beginning to strain credibility a bit. I mean, it looks like the Autobots are in some shit next week with their muscle taken out. So is someone going to open the groundbridge and get Wheeljack in for back-up? Bet they don't.

2012-05-23, 09:30 AM
Agreed. Another decent fighty episode, neat dogfight with Lasebeak and Soundwave being all...Soundwave-y.

Spot on observation with Wheeljack. I bet he's curiously absent, concentrating on fixing up the Jackhammer. I hate stupid cartoon logic stuff like that. 'Here is an obvious solution to the problem. Let's ignore it and struggle manfully on till we're all pretty much defeated and have to rely on the guy we could have gone to in the first place to sort out the even worse mess we're now in'.

It must be a budgetry thing, c.f. Depthcharge in Beast Wars, but it still sucks balls.

Ooh! forgot that i really liked that all these little quests were shown to be happening at the same time, even though we are seeing them weeks apart. Good stuff.

2012-05-23, 02:17 PM
While I love the parallel narratives it's an insane thing for a kids' show to do - basically expecting kids to remember and work out that two weeks ago we were shown Bumblebee and Arcee were away in New York at the time of this episode now which is why they aren't there... I suspect next week's ep is going to be set after the previous three with Prime, Arcee, Bumblebee, Miko and Jack all returning near the start, but still.

With Wheeljack you've got to ask exactly what he's doing now. After "Con Job" he was off in the galaxy, no problems there. But now he's just hanging around Earth what exactly is he doing? Just joyriding around in the Jackhammer? He can't be fighting Decepticons or people would have noticed. Indeed, considering some of the shit that's gone down since "Loose Cannons" he must be actively avoiding combat when - say - the Insecticon thing was going down. You'd think he'd at least want to hang with Bulkhead from time to time.

I do love the guy, but it reminds me of all those G1 episodes where "all the Autobots" would be captured or whatever by the threat of the week, but more often than not "all the Autobots" would mean about a dozen and you wondered what the hell Red Alert, Sunstreaker and Bluestreak were up to while everyone else was in deadly peril.