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2012-08-02, 08:52 PM
Well, finally got around to trying the demo for a little bit. It still sucks to be low-level in this game. You're extremely squishy. Gameplay is pretty much exactly like the last two High Moon installments, so no real surprises. There's a little bit more customization in characters, but they're all fairly 'generically-blocky' and identically 'over-textured' making them look pretty much the same when in action. The extremely limited color set for each side doesn't help.

Seriously, more parts, more colors. Everything is generically put-together anyway, so I'm not sure why these sets are so insanely limited. Also, no Arcee or Slipstream models... but that's due to all the parts being so generically put-together, and the female bits wouldn't work right. Feh.

Cheaters are back with a vengeance, again, using huge amounts of exploits and outright hacks, particularly in PC. I got hit a little by this, with yet another auto-hit hack, but it was largely endurable. Lots of messages on the scroller about perma-banning hackers and cheaters this time, but we'll see how that holds up. They haven't had a great track record thus far.

Haven't tried the two story modes yet. I think I'm going to wait for the actual game release for the campaigns.

I just made this sound worse than it is. It was light fun, but extremely similar to WfC at this point, and not much new. For all the hoopla about customizing your Transformer, there's surprisingly little to do there. Hopefully there's more in the actual game (though showing what's LOCKED in the demo doesn't lend itself to hope here), but this is REALLY limited.

2012-08-03, 05:07 AM
I can tell you right now that High Moon has that the colors in the demo are only some of those available in the full game. I'd wager that the variety of parts, abilities, and weapons in the demo (including those that are locked) are only part of what we'll see in the final game. Considering how they've been bigging up the customization, you can't seriously expect they'll show everything in the demo and have people churn through all of it before release.
Graphics similarly won't be up to snuff as it's a demo and some sacrifices were likely made to keep the file size down.

I think it's sufficiently different from WFC. Everyone having a dash and a recharging shield does change up combat fair bit from what we're used to. I'm not thrilled with the lack of movement abilities in vehicle mode (like the scientist's barrel roll), but I can learn to live with it. Though supposedly High Moon is looking into putting them back.

I've also been hearing something about the demo getting an update soon (atleast for PS3), like in a week or so, with more guns and maps. So gonna have to see what they add.