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2012-08-11, 02:40 AM
I was wondering why idw dint commission the colorist for regeneration to recolor at least the marvel issues in the 100 page special. Recolor it in the same modern style of regeneration.
Nel yomtov isn't exactly a good colorist.

recently a good number of comics are getting complete recolours. Not just remastering of the original color palette, but completely new colouring.

Xmen mutant genesis 2.0, many of the absolute editions, a number of marvel omnibus like Walt simonson's Thor, etc.
Would it work for transformers?

2012-08-11, 09:26 AM
I suspect the 100pg special wasn't recoloured as IDW are doing that for their reprint collections, and this was just a quick bit of filler to bring everyone up to speed.

As for recolouring...I dunno, I suppose its like remastering films and TV shows or enhancing them like Lucas did w/ SW but I personally find that older comics lose something magic about their artwork when they're redone in fancy modern computer colouring. I'd also say that Regeneration would look better with old school flat colouring - not in the Yomtov style, but maybe how Marvel UK did things (they recoloured the remaining issues of the US Marvel TF series which is why I was a bit disappointed with Titan's collections as I remembered the colours looking so much better).

Another thing that i find weird is that the choice of paper stock affects older colouring techniques. Compare Titan's G2 collections printed on glossy paper with the original newsprint publications and you can see that the tranisition to glossy stock has meant a lot of the grading and subtlties of Sara Mossof's colouring have almost been 'smoothed out', rendering it quite flat and almost Yomtov-esque.

I picked up DC's Batman : Knightquest (mostly collected! at last!) and was pleased that they've retained the same paper stock as the original comics so the artwork and colouring retain their 'pop' (and,er it smells really good too!).

2012-08-11, 03:50 PM
Yea, i too think that regeneration should have been in classic colors like Guido Guidi's covers.