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inflatable dalek
2012-09-19, 07:57 PM
Transformers Prime Issue 7
Megatron's Law.

Script: Roger Etherington.
Art: Dario Brizuela.
Colouring: Comicraft.


The Danakil Desert: The Nemesis arrives at the Volcano known locally as "The Gateway to Hell" with a despondent Megatron aboard.

Explaining to Starscream he thinks the Decepticons will only beat the Autobots if they weed out the weak with "Extremes of Experience", and as such has set up fights to the death between the Vehicons. And Starscream is to be put to the test as well.

Very much against his will, Starscream is thrown into a cage with Fearstorm and told only the Spark of one of them will deactivate the bombs placed on their arms.

It's a tough fight, but much to Megatron's surprise Starscream wins by using one of the bars to kill Fearstorm before ripping out his Spark. The leader welcomes back his lieutenant and orders him to make the cages tougher.

Characters Featured: Megatron, Starscream, Fearstorm (killed), Vehicons.


Megatron's interest in gladiator style combat of course relates back to his origin story.

Fearstorm is a- very briefly lived- comic created character.

There are no Autobots in the issue.

The Scraplets feature references their ability to combine from the Marvel comic.


Starscream seems to kill Fearstorm by stabbing him in... the hands? Was some violence toned down here?

Fantastic Free Gift!:

A disc bomber and stickers.


Ultimate Smackdown: Bulkhead V Arcee;
Episode Guide #7: Scrapheap;
Megatron's Law - Gladiator Game!, very complicated seeming card game complete with lots of cut out cards;
The Big Tough... Wordsearch;
The Terror of Scraplets!, guide to the metal meanies;
Scraplets Attack... Maze!, game;
Starscream's Stumpers!;
Mega-Mouth, letters page.


Whilst it's extremely predictable (did anyone think Starscream would lose?) this is a surprisingly entertaining story. Mainly because it's so much darker than anything we've had recently with some very brutal combat and Megatron cheerfully having his own troops blown up as part of training.

The small cast is also well handled, Megatron gets to be all meta in pointing out the Autobots always win; Starscream gets to be smart and Fearstorm is an musingly smug one off.

Throw in some nice art and we have the most entertaining Prime comic yet.

[Three cubes out of five]

inflatable dalek
2012-09-19, 07:58 PM
I actually wrote this one on my phone. Because I can. Whilst watching Predator on Blu Ray. Because I can.