View Full Version : BABY BOULDERS?!?

2012-09-25, 07:37 PM

Jesus Japan, sort it out.

Nearly halfway though. Challenge is better.

inflatable dalek
2012-09-25, 08:25 PM
Revenge of Cronos?

2012-09-25, 08:35 PM
Mmmm. It's picked up slightly from the first 15 (the ones that were actually released on Western DVDs) but it's not particularly good - especially if you aren't doing MR toyline-focused background character spotting. It looks fabulous but it's worse than Challenge in its' own way though being really pretentious and dull compared to cheap and campy.

2012-11-03, 06:56 PM

Cy-Kill and Leader-1 fight side-by-side. 43 episodes I've been waiting for that combination to come up. And now I think about it they fight side by side in that Ancient Gobonauts one anyway.