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Death Wing
2012-10-08, 10:54 AM
Hello to All.
It has been about 4 years since my last contribution of figure modifications to any post. I have recently had some time on my hands, so decided to fill some of that time doing another figure Modification. This is of “Arcee” from “Transformers Prime”.
http://deathwing.topcities.com/Trasformers_Prime/Arcee_Main.html This is a direct link to "Arcee" Transformers Prime main page, bypassing my "Trasnformers Prime" Home Page which contains the “Helpful Hints” link.
I like the figure (minus a few things). She was in need of an upgrade (personal opinion). Hope you like what I have done. Done in similar fashion as my previous works. (When I look at her from the rear I think “Wapinator”).
For those who do not know my previous works go to
http://deathwing.topcities.com/TFMovieKB.htm (http://deathwing.topcities.com/TFMovieKB.html)
This link can be found on the Transformers Prime Page and Vice Versa.
For those who have trouble navigating my site or if anyone has trouble with I.E click on the “Helpful Hints” link on the "Home Page".