View Full Version : [Prime] S02E23 Inside Job

2012-10-16, 04:58 PM
almost a french farce with all the stealing and swiping of keys.a good episode overall,with some comedy from knock out coming off worse from a tussle with smokescreen and starscream and his red energon.in terms of the overall quest arc of this season,the relics haven't really added any extra clout to either side as you might expect,with all the earlier toys forgotten in favour of chasing after four new baubles.its like trying to get hold of prime toys in the real world!i dunno,it doesn't feel as critical as the golden disks in beast wars - and at the end of the days,using keys to effectively get the motor of a planet going is both a bit woolly and not really high drama-either way the planet will be saved.

anything else - oh, yeah, its another showcase episode for 'new toy' Smokescreen whom er, hasn't got one and isn't likely to for quite some time. its funny to see the character pushed so much given the lack of any supporting product. Perhaps its all part of a masterplan to give up making toys altogether and concentrate on more lucrative entertainment revenues elsewhere, who knows. its just kind of weird to have a kids tv show doing its own thing without jamming product in your face every five minutes. some kind of indicator that the traditional toyline + cartoon = $$$$ isn't working anymore? Back on topic, there's a bit of a 'get out' to a predicament that I thought was playing a bit fast and loose with the laws of physics which I didn't care for.