View Full Version : Just curious if anyone has one they'd part with...

God Jinrai
2012-10-19, 10:54 PM
It's been forever since I reared my head here... but I'm sure more than one of the ancients here remembers me.

So as to what I'm hunting so desperately now... hopefully at a decent price...

Is the Matrix of Leadership replica that Diamond put out several years ago.

I dun suppose anyone out there has one they'd be willing to part with, or could point me in the direction of one that won't end up costing me my arms and legs?

thanks folks.

2012-10-21, 04:18 PM
Yeesh, $700 including shipping on eBay... $550 on Amazon.com, and yet back when BBTS had them they were reduced to $160 to clear...

Maybe email the usual store sites and ask if they ever have them in when they buy collections?

God Jinrai
2012-10-22, 06:59 PM
probably my best bet then...

Much thanks for th reply, D-man. been forever since I was around here, was sorta afraid no one would remember me, and as such think me some ranting crazy... or at least, delusional. *shrug*