View Full Version : Classics Skywarp for sale

2012-10-24, 10:10 PM
I need money real fast, so who ever wants this can have it for $45 which seems to be the average ending price on ebay. I don't really have time to wait for an auction to end, I'm looking to get a paypal transfer before Friday from whoever wants this figure. It is in mint condition, never really messed with it much, just sat it on a shelf with the other seekers.

Shipping will be the actual cost of shipping depending on where you live and how fast you want it. If you want a quote msg me on here and I'll find out for you.

And to the staff..I know I have another thread in here, but I don't seem to have the power to delete it anymore, so if someone wants to delete it then go ahead.

Oh and I've dealt with a lot of people here..Denyer, Cliffjumper, Warcry, RID Scourge, Sir Auros, Stonecold Skywarp, and a shit load more that I can't think of off the top of my head.

2012-10-25, 01:12 PM
I'll take reasonable offers as well...really need to get this sold by tomorrow.. if anyone can help me out? All proceeds from the sale of this toy will go towards feeding my family this weekend.

2012-10-25, 10:38 PM
Might get much more hits on tfw2005 or listing it on ebay as a buy now...

best of luck mate

2012-10-27, 05:03 PM
Yeah I guess I should have just went eBay again, thought maybe someone here would want it. I couldn't sell a pound of gold for $1 apparently.

2012-10-27, 05:07 PM
I don't want to sound like a jerk, but I don't think the "woe is me" attitude and desperation builds much buyer confidence.

2012-10-28, 02:07 AM
I could really give two ****s what you or anyone else thinks about me. If it seems like I have a "woe is me" attitude, then I apologize for your ignorance.

As for desperation, I think anyone who has a family depending on them would be desperate in a situation where you could lose your house any given month if enough random crap isn't sold. The type of random crap people here like to buy. So excuse me for trying to sell it here, in the future I will be sure to spare anyone here any of my "woe is me" attitude or desperation, because I am aware that no one gives a **** at all about helping someone in need.

2012-10-28, 04:04 PM
If you're not a member on tfw2005 I can vouch for you there if the need arises, way more hits there than us old veterans here...

2012-10-29, 02:59 AM
If you're not a member on tfw2005 I can vouch for you there if the need arises, way more hits there than us old veterans here...

I'm not a member, no. I appreciate the help/offer. I found a box of old 90's black metal CDs this weekend. Which appear to all be first pressings and going for decent amounts of money on ebay, so I'm going to hold on to this for now, until the need arises again.

When I get around to selling more Transformers I'll go there and get signed up though, seems like most people here have what they want already, probably are more people that missed stuff like this the first time around over at the big board.

2012-10-29, 07:47 PM
eBay (and B-I-N for quick sale) are probably always going to be the best bet. Unless you're aiming to skip the one-sided feedback/resolution system and deal with just fans in general on a board not normally posted at, or just particular people here.

If and when I clear out, it'll most likely be offers here followed by charity shopping stuff... but having said that others don't seem to be encountering too many arseholes on eBay.