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2012-10-30, 02:05 PM
Well, having expected to pick up zero Prime figures, I now find myself rather addicted - I love the balance of movie complexity with anime aesthetics.

Which has led me to decide that I would really like an Optimus Prime to counter Megatron (I have made the stupid mistake of deciding not to pick up 'yet another of those red trucks' in my wife's words before for other lines, only to end up with a gaping hole in my collection later on that I just can't affordably fill), but looking at the options, First Edition Voyager Prime looks the far superior mould compared to RID Voyager Prime.

I'm not sure I'll be in a position to decide between the Hasbro or Takara versions, but I was wondering a couple of things:

- Is First Edition Voyager Prime going to see a western release at all?
- Where is best to try and pick one up if he's not - or am I at the mercy of eBay scalpers?

2012-10-30, 07:09 PM
Okay mate.

First off, yeah, FE Prime is superior over RID Prime. Bigger, more detailed, more accurate, accurate guns, better proportions and less obstructive kibble.

Mould has seen three releases so far, one is the hasbro version released in canada\asia, one is the takara version [japanese release], which is cast in much darker and richer colours, and last one is the shining Prime, takara colour palette cast in translucent plastic.

Most show accurate is the takara one, and generally the most pleasing to look at. Hasbro's is much lighter.

The hasbro version is seeing a US release this month if I'm not mistaken, TRU and BBTS exclusive. No info about us poor souls in Europe.

If you're lucky you CAN find a decent priced takara release, if you know the venues outside e-bay. I was able to score mine a month or so ago for a mere 6.000 yen. [Retail was 5020 yen or so]

Plus, whichever one you pick eventually, this mould has a moulded cockpit and dashboard!!!

2012-10-30, 07:14 PM
I would prefer the Takara release, for sure, and am willing to pay a bit more for it. I regret not picking him up at the same time as Bulkhead now, but at the time I didn't know if I would be financially secure in a month's time, whereas now things are looking pretty stable, touch wood.

Can you recommend places to look for a Takara version outside of eBay?

2012-10-30, 08:33 PM
Try mandarake, and just spend ten minutes in the morning and late at night each day checking their new offerings by "action figures", "plastic figures", "transformers", and by day.

You'll be surprised at WHAT you can find, doing that daily, and at what prices, most of the time.

Just note that all their items, with some exceptions, are opened but rarely used.

2012-10-30, 08:45 PM
http://ekizo.mandarake.co.jp/shop/en/ ?

2012-10-30, 08:52 PM
Yes. I've seen crazy stuff for crazy prices there.

Stuff like G2 figures, japanese transmetals, lucky draws [that green unicron], recent lines, masterpieces, you name it.

Do note however, that since half the listings are in japanese and others in English, just searching for, say, "Transformers" won't put out all the results.

2012-10-30, 09:23 PM
Wonder if the vB can cope with トランスフォーマー ... we'll see in a moment.

Mmm, 1000 yen is about eight quid at the moment -- the movie style Unicron and Ghost Masterpiece SS seem about in line with the prices I've just looked up at BBTS, but they've got Fansproject stuff there as well.

Good tip. :up:

edit: Ah, no, was looking at the 25th Anni Unicron on BBTS, the 2010 is more expensive.

edit2: If anyone's still after a copy of the Generations book;


(Although there was a Chinese reprint, wasn't there? Might not be so rare now.)

edit3: Lots of TV magazines and other photo books if anyone's into those, too.

2012-10-30, 11:39 PM
Been meaning to ask this somewhere and hijacking this briefly seems useful:

The Weaponizer Prime Prime; can those guns be folded away in robot mode or is he a full-time Gunbastard?

2012-10-31, 12:20 AM
The shoulder cannons fold away, yeah. He's got an automorphy lever in his chest that controls them.

2012-10-31, 12:31 AM
Wicked, might well pick one up - looks a better size match for the cars :)

2012-10-31, 07:46 AM
I've checked out mandrake, and while they don't current show any First Edition Voyager Primes (just a few of those clear plastic versions...), there are loads of good things there!

I was wondering though - when you click to order, you end up with a total that includes the figure and a handling fee. Does this also include postage, or is this charged on top? If so, can you cancel your order after you receive the shipping quote if it's too high?

2012-10-31, 09:19 AM
Now thinking of picking up First Edition Deluxe Bumblebee and Cliffjumper. Prices on Bumblebee seem to be mental though - 35 including P&P! I thought he packed out the shelves everywhere when they came out in the US and Japan?

Is 35 or so really the going rate for Bumblebee?

I think I'll wait for the new Hasbro release of First Edition Voyager Prime to knock prices down a bit for them though.

2012-10-31, 09:50 AM
www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251111183778 (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251111183778) at 22 doesn't seem tooo bad - I think I paid about 15-18 inc postage for mine (which against UK RRP wasn't preposterous; I can't remember whether I got there before FE was cancelled or just after). Isn't he meant to be getting a TRU exclusive release, though?

It's a good mould, though - if I was going to put down over the odds on a Prime Deluxe he'd be the one to do it for.

2012-10-31, 10:11 AM
Cheers Cliffy - don't know why I didn't come across that one when searching.

If it's still available later I'll buy it.

I checked, and no, Bumblebee is about the only one not seeing an exclusive rerelease apparently...

2012-10-31, 11:05 AM
Bumblebee and Cliffjumper [regular version] aren't getting re-released for now.

Really though, 35 GBP? I got mine not long over a year ago for 10 USD at BBTS.

FE primes do pop up at mandarake, just very rarely. Mine was the very first I saw, followed by another one days later. They had a japanese FE Starscream this morning.

The handling fee is only if your order doesn't exceed 5.000 yen. Shipping charges come later, but if you want to cancel...you just don't pay them. Not sure about blacklisting on their part.

Bear in mind though, that if you order 2 things from two different stores, you get two separate packcages coming your way.

2012-10-31, 03:54 PM
Cheers Cliffy - that's Bumblebee ordered.

I'll keep an eye on Mandrake and eBay for Takara FE Voyager Primes, and will probably wait to pick up the Terrorcon Cliffjumper rerelease, assuming his price is less than the previously released versions, which are even more pricey than Bumblebee just now!

If anyone comes across Takara FE Voyager Prime please let me know if you're not planning to buy it yourself!

2012-10-31, 05:52 PM
The FE Cliffjumper is very impressive, much moreso than the RiD version, but I wouldn't recommend putting down much more than 20 unless you have some sort of affinity for the guy.

2012-11-01, 02:49 PM
Pondering whether I will pick up Wheeljack and Ratchet on sale too - getting a fairly decent collection going here!

With Arcee and Vehicon, which are better, First Edition or RID moulds? (Indeed, is any version of Arcee worth picking up?)

2012-11-01, 02:53 PM
FE Arcee really isn't bad. Not perfect - and a head taller than anyone else - but pretty good. The FE Vehicon looks better but the price is mental (I can tell you by experience from GI Joes that a decent army builder toy will easily outstrip the price for any named character simply because there are collectors out there who are NEVER finished buying generic troopers).

Wheeljack's decent. Ratchet's far too small and is as cheaty as ****, but is likely to be the only Ratchet we get.

2012-11-01, 03:13 PM
Hmmm... At a glance both First Edition Arcee and Vehicon seem to be going for 25 upwards. Do you think they'll come down in price after the US rerelease?

Probably best to get Cliffjumper sooner rather than later though, I'd guess, and I'll probably take advantage of the Sainsbury's offer to pick up Wheeljack and Ratchet for completeness.

Although possibly my wife will kill me first with the current TF spending spree...

2012-11-01, 03:47 PM
I checked, and no, Bumblebee is about the only one not seeing an exclusive rerelease apparently...
There's good reason for that, though. A lot of stores still have solid walls of FE Bumblebee. My local TRU still did the last time I was in there (admittedly that was at least three months ago) and I still hear lots of people complaining about how much he's shelfwarming. There's really no reason for Hasbro to include him in the new wave, and it seems like they're finally starting to catch on to that.

It's a shame that the regular FE Cliffjumper is being left out too, though, because he's a really good toy.

FE Arcee really isn't bad. Not perfect - and a head taller than anyone else - but pretty good.
FE Arcee is easily a better toy than the RiD version, but RiD Arcee is a bit more screen-accurate and is more in scale with the rest of the cast. Neither one is all that great, though.

The FE Vehicon looks better but the price is mental (I can tell you by experience from GI Joes that a decent army builder toy will easily outstrip the price for any named character simply because there are collectors out there who are NEVER finished buying generic troopers).
Both RiD and FE versions are expensive, and the RiD one being shortpacked doesn't help matters. Even in places where his wave is saturated, Vehicon is impossible to find because there are lots of collectors who want three or four or more of them. Any Vehicons that show up at retail disappear quickly, either to eBay or some fan's display case.

2012-11-01, 04:02 PM
I dunno. I think the RiD Arcee is aces. Plus her transformation's simple but fun. (not, however, simple butt fun) Plus the first edition's face is all weird.

2012-11-01, 05:09 PM
Numbat, they're out at BBTS at the moment, Arcee is around 12 USD I think and Vehicon at 24.99...

FE Arcee is a nice bikeformer, not as nice or kibble free as Animated Prowl, but decent enough. Could use more clearance around her arms, she's got the joints but not the space to use them.

Don't have a FE Vehicon in hand yet, but he's more complex and more articulated than the RID one.

Kibble\clearance\size issues aside, when there's an option of RID versus FE, I always went with FE. And so far it's good.

2012-11-01, 10:50 PM
Thanks Knightdramon. That tip off led me to just ordering the four pack of Deluxes and Voyager Prime. The savings are just too good!

I'll pick up the RID Cliffjumper with the savings from not getting Takara FE Prime, as it'll be nice to have the two different Cliffjumper moulds (with FE Terrorcon). If RID Vehicon turns up at Sainsbury's in their offer, I could still afford to buy him too without hitting the same total as I would have buying FE's individually and including Takara Prime.


another tf fan
2012-11-04, 07:15 AM
Numbat; I have the Rid Cliffy and he's a great transformer but an inaccurate represntation of Prime Cliffy in robot mode. He suffers from stoop shoulders. It's the revealer gimmicks gears that screw the shoulders up. Combine that with the freakishly long forearms and he becomes more ape like than anything else.

I actually recommend him as a fun and durable transforming toy but he ain't a looker.

2012-11-04, 12:05 PM
I picked up PRID Cliffjumper the other day, and I really like him. Those arms are a bit weird though - but they're also the most fun part of the transformation for me. I think he's a good Transformer as a toy, and not having watched the cartoon don't have a great idea of exactly how he ought to look. I will try and watch it someday - if they release DVD boxsets cheaply I'll pick them up, as I did with RID.

I look forward to comparing him with FE Terrorcon (I love the idea of a zombie Transformer anyway, so I'm more excited about owning that version of the character anyway!).