View Full Version : [KREON] Vanguard's Custom Kreons

2012-12-10, 11:54 PM
Hot Shot
Saw a few of these cutoms floating around the internet (finally) and decided to try my hand at making one. So, naturally, I took the most 'popular' of the ones I saw and one of the easiest to make with the parts I had. Kre-O Hot Shot!

This is a Cliffjumper body with Bumblebee arms and legs. Bumblebee II's face is used and the helmet is, sadly, a leftover Lego racing helmet. The new chest sticker is a new form piece I made (*yay*) to make customizing other bots a little easier in the future.

I included an Axel-Zooka made from a couple of various vehicle parts, and it clips onto the back (though loosely) with the inclusion of the usual gray-garmet piece used on most of the first wave of Microchangers.

2012-12-11, 06:35 PM
Cool! I like it.

2012-12-24, 12:02 AM
Well, once I got this together I realized I should have used a black torso piece for this one.. but didn't have one to spare, dangit! Ah well... I'll revisit this once I get more Kreon pieces to play with, but for now, here's Jackpot with Sights

2012-12-28, 12:46 AM
Taken from Galvatron, Bludgeon, and a Vehicon. Custom printed legs and chest.