View Full Version : Recommendations for a dirt-cheap all-in-one printer/scanner?

2012-12-28, 11:08 AM
Could do with a new printer/scanner, preferably brand new for 40 or thereabouts as I need to start scanning some magazines to clear space. Anyone got any recommendations? Decent cartridge life preferred even if replacements can be expensive as I'm more likely to simply chuck the whole thing out rather than spend as much again on replacement cartridges.


2012-12-28, 12:33 PM
Get a (laser, depending on usage) printer and store a scanner underneath it. You kill scanners and A-I-O devices usually have shit toner/ink capacities, are expensive to run (although if a laser refilled cartridges on eBay for established models aren't too bad), fail a part at a time, etc.

For anything like this, unboxed stock in Staples may be worth a look -- USB cables and kettle leads can always be reused, and it's a way of getting slightly more durable kit.

2012-12-29, 07:37 PM
At work we have an Epson Co 405 printer scanner copier for 59, which is ppresumably a bargain.

Double Dealer
2013-01-05, 10:16 PM
I got an HP 521 all in one printer and scanner for Christmas, Its pretty cool.:up: