View Full Version : Oh for F*ck's sake...broken my oldest figure!

2013-01-03, 07:53 PM
Title is a bit misleading, as my Takara First goddamn issue MP Skywarp isn't really my oldest figure, but from everything I've bought and sold since I got into the hobby again, he's the longest surviving figure on my shelves.

And I happened to break him as I tried to move him around today. The entire right shoulder [with arm] just snapped off the round hinge, the knurled pin inside must have been eating the plastic. Turns out it's impossible [for me] to insert it back in, best I can do is try to carefully "force" him back to eternal jet mode.

Damn it, nearly 7 years old figure.

Will post pictures in a little while. Assuming I can work out a temporary fix or permanent mode lock, does anybody want him or should I just throw him away?

Goddamn it man, longest living damn figure on the collection...

inflatable dalek
2013-01-03, 08:54 PM
Cue Cliffy smugly pointing out his 500 year old Machine Robo's are indestructible compared to current Hastak QC....

2013-01-03, 11:05 PM
To be fair, 500 year old robots have about 50 less moving parts per limb :lol:

Managed to pry Skywarp back in jet mode. Ring that the pin rested on is completely torn on one end, so no robot mode unless I use blu-tac or something to hold it up.

As I held his arm around to re-attach it I found the probable cause for the breakage; an EXTREMELY stiff shoulder ratchet joint probably pulled on the knurled pin on ways it ate up the plastic in the ways I manhandled the figure around. I had difficulty moving the detached ratchet around while grabbing hold of the entire arm.

Still SUCKS royally, but at least he can stay in jet mode without looking broken. I admit it was a tiiiiiiiiiny bit fun going all CSI on him trying to figure out why on earth it broke. Meh.