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2013-01-18, 01:33 AM
Just wondering if anyone on the board collects these or not. Over the past 2 years this has been all I've collected, mainly due to their cheap cost, but also because I haven't seen any new TFs I like and can afford.

Anyway, if you collect Marvel stuff, what do you collect?

2013-01-18, 02:24 AM
I love the Universe and 3.75inch figs. They're actually a bit hard to get hold of in Japan but last time I went back to England I picked up a load. At the moment I really want the Nova figure and the FF Spider-Man. Got most of the Dark Avengers but I still need Dak Ms. Marvel. I really like the henchmen figures too, like AIM scientist, Hand Ninja and Skrull Soldier. Nowhere to put them at home right now, one day I'll get some display space.

2013-01-18, 03:52 PM
Cool, yeah I have all the Dark Avengers except Ms Marvel as well. That figure is too pricey for me, I'm hoping they release it in a newer wave again like they have been doing with some of the older figures lately. I wouldn't have thought they were hard to get in Japan, that is interesting..

I really like the Marvel Select figures as well, but I only have one so far, the newest one..Barbarian Hulk. That is one massive and detailed figure though. My wife just happened to be at a comic shop in L.A. when they were unboxing a case of Marvel Select and just put the Hulk out on the shelf, so she got a good price on it.

2013-01-18, 11:02 PM
Oh, I saw a picture of that, looks nice. Actually, there is one select I want, that's X-Force Deadpool. Sadly, I don't have any deadpool figures yet.

The reason they're hard to find in Japan is simple, American comics and figures are quite niche here, they have enough of their own characters and associated merchandise going on in the mainstream. So any MU stuff is imported, which pushes up the price.

2013-01-19, 04:54 AM
Oh, I saw a picture of that, looks nice. Actually, there is one select I want, that's X-Force Deadpool. Sadly, I don't have any deadpool figures yet.

Yeah that Deadpool is very nice, I saw one in the Disney Store about a year ago and didn't have the spare cash to get it, never have seen one since. I have two Deadpool MU figures though, the red costume from the two pack with Taskmaster, and the X-force costume. The X-force one is more shitty in its design/quality though, unfortunately.

2013-01-19, 06:27 AM
I just have a couple. I like the 3.75" figures, but have just Spider-Man 2099 whom is all kinds of awesome. I bought the blue flame Danny Ketch Ghost Rider in the 5" scale (one of those build-a-figure jobs that has Terrax arms in the pack - Legends are they, or something?).

I like the Marvel figures since they got away from over articulating their figures. I have a Spdier-Woman figure from a few years back and she looks horrible because she's just a mess of ball joints.

Of a couple of older figures, I have a really, really cool Hobgoblin figure that came out as part of a Spider-Man line around 2002, and he looks frickin' awesome. I also have the '90s Ketch GR on his bike which I would have really liked except the bike wheels are flat and they did something rubbish to his right shoulder which leaves his arm outstretched and I have no idea why, it really bugs me because the jointt looks like it should pivot down at the shoulder like his left arm, but it doesn't. Grr. Plus, its not as impressive next to the later shipping Blaze GR on his Skull Cycle. This makes me sad as I love the '90s Rider, and he really needs a good toy to represent. Similarly, Vengeance turned out pretty rubbish. Not muscley enough! And done in purple, when his skeleton is actually black.

Wow. That was a ramble.

I did see a really cool looking Fantomex figure but passed on him.

I am saving myself for the rumoured Death's Head figure (please please please ... and don't be rubbish...!)

2013-01-19, 08:13 AM
Haha Ghost Rider is my favorite Marvel character next to Daimon Hellstorm. I have the 3rd series Marvel Legends Dan Ketch Ghost Rider, the half transformed Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider variant from Marvel Legends series 7, and the blue flame Marvel Legends one you are talking about. I also have the Marvel Universe Ghost Rider 3.75", which is really well done.

The figures that I own are ...

Marvel Universe 3.75"
-Red Hulk
-World War Hulk
-Grey Hulk
-Steve Rogers
-Scarlett Witch
-Deadpool X-Force
-Wolverine X-Force
-Warpath X-Force
-X-23 X-Force
-Kraven The Hunter
-Ghost Rider
-Iron Man w/Tony Stark head
-Thor TRU Avengers Exclusive
-Black Panther
-Doctor Strange
-Black Spider-man
-Dark Avengers Spider-man aka Venom
-Dark Avengers Hawkeye
-Dark Avengers Wolverine aka Daken
-Iron Patriot
-Beta Ray Bill
-Night Crawler
-Dark Phoenix
-Jim Lee Cyclops
-Wolverine Uncanny X-man costume
-"Mohawk" Storm
-Mr. Sinister
-Dr. Doom
-Scarlet Spider

-Sentinel 16"

Marvel Select - Barbarian Hulk

Marvel Legends

-Dan Ketch Ghost Rider
-Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider half transformed variant
-Blue Flame Ghost Rider
-Monsters box set (Dracula, Frankenstein, Zombie, Werewolf by Night)

Marvel Masterworks - 12" Venom

....I can take pics if anyone cares to see my collection, I'd like to see your collections as well.

I have a really, really cool Hobgoblin figure that came out as part of a Spider-Man line around 2002

I also have the '90s Ketch GR on his bike

I'd like to see pictures of these to see what they are. There was one Hobgoblin figure that I have always wanted from a long while back, it was like the Demogoblin from the Inferno story arc.

2013-01-19, 08:03 PM
Ooh thats quite a list...!

I forgot I also bought a bunch of Iron Man 3.75" figures when the various movie lines got remaindered. They are pretty cool. And I bought lady Sif from the Thor range, cos she seemed pretty nice and detailed. and she is, although has a rubbish bendy plastic weapon.

yeah, the Hobgoblin figure i have is the one you speak of that was later redeco'd as Demogoblin. I will see if i can get some pictures up later. i think he cost me 5 of our english pounds at the time.

Ditto GR.

2013-02-03, 11:20 AM
A bit late, but i remembered i took some photos ages ago:


2013-02-03, 11:43 AM

2013-03-29, 09:41 PM

^ Did anyone ever collect these? Amazed they ran for so long... looking at the blog there were some neat designs, and I almost tracked down a couple of the New Mutants, but the final product on the shelf was horribly disappointing.

2013-03-30, 03:23 PM
I bought just the Ghost Rider and Firestar ones. Decent little figurines done in lead. Easily chipped though if you drop them (as i found out). The mysitque one is really nice, using her 'modern' get up, rather than that silly leotard she used to prance about in.