View Full Version : IDW April 2013 Solicitations (SPOILER)

Red Dave Prime
2013-01-20, 06:04 PM
Courtesy of Comic Book resources, one of each ongoing and another spotlight - but thankfully not connected to the metrotitan plot (or at least it seems)

Kind of wish I hadn't read this (as always)


inflatable dalek
2013-01-21, 09:45 PM
Boo for being called Trailcutter.


Grimlock was faking all along. Who'd have fooort it?

RID and MTMTE are looking good though.

Auntie Slag
2013-01-21, 10:33 PM
When's issue 13 of MTMTE out? I've only just got Issue 12. All the copies were on a container that got jacked in an episode from the second season of 'The Wire' and the local shop just had dead hookers on the shelves, which is fine... but not when you're keenly expecting your next slice of Whirl.

Apparently his cousin features in Issue 13, when the crew land in Europe and meet up with... Viennese Whirl.

He ain't just good looking, he's creamy.

inflatable dalek
2013-01-21, 10:38 PM
It should hopefully be out this week.

Auntie Slag
2013-01-21, 10:48 PM


Red Dave Prime
2013-01-22, 01:48 AM
How come Trailbreaker is becoming Trailcutter? Did I miss something? Is it those new legs?

inflatable dalek
2013-01-22, 06:12 AM
The Magnus Vision in the Annual established it was an alias of his, maybe this Spotlight will explain it?

Red Dave Prime
2013-01-22, 01:06 PM
Cheers, you are a true fountain of knowledge mate.