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2013-01-26, 03:21 PM
A line brought to my attention by one of the many avid readers of Counter-X.net, world's number one website for Revenge of Cronos, the 1984 Formula One season and people who don't spell Zanbot 3 properly.


About the size of Gobots (scum translation: Legends), all-plastic but featuring paint rather than plastic that's vaguely the right colour. Adorable IMO, and the pterodactyl is what Graphy should have looked like - and transforms into something more awesome than a box with a drawing of a cassette on the back.

2013-01-26, 07:35 PM
Quite funky... they look quite small from the detail; wouldn't mind chipping in for one of the dino or bird ones if you're doing an order.

Box launched in your direction BTW.

inflatable dalek
2013-01-26, 08:10 PM
The truck one is shell formery but yeah, pretty cute. A rouge 80's line or more recent?

Presumably it's pronounced in a nice dramatic "DIE ROBO!" way?

2013-01-26, 08:12 PM
I'm thinking of grabbing whichever one is cheapest on ebay for a quality check and going from there, but yeh, My Source says about the same size as small Gobots. Which is kinda nice - the amount of robot designs I've seen in recent years (like that Hot Wheels one) that've been made too large is annoying.

Cheers - will hopefully have something coming to you soon once co-workers sheepishly admit that a bit of snow wasn't actually the apocalypse and they might deign to walk 400 yards to work.

2013-01-26, 08:31 PM
There's quite a lot more on eBay... just scored an ambulance that turns into a T-Rex for ten bucks. Including 'diapet' gets a few not otherwise included, although it's a more generic term.

Look at seller 'thecrowgirl'.

Weirdwolf and Monzo
2013-10-19, 08:06 PM
I've got the entire first wave of these awesome little guys. I'm going to do a photo shoot of them soon, I'll post them here when I get it done.

2013-10-20, 10:07 AM
These look adorable!